Banksy! The one and only. The British street artist infamously known for his satirical graffiti was back in LA earlier this year. He left behind trails of stenciled artwork, which are finally being recognized as local treasures (some cities are even putting plexiglass over his work to protect it). I am a huge fan of his work–not because he is a big name, but because his art is downright brilliant! Some of it is a tad controversial, but it’s still super creative…

I think my favorite work by Banksy is the stencil he did of the maid sweeping soot under the wall (image below). How did he think of that?


As intimidating as it might seem, I think it’s important to expose yourself to different types of art. A great way to do this is by embracing young, innovative creators like Banksy. Not only is his stuff cool and fun to look at, it engages you in something that is culturally relevant and interesting.

What’s your favorite thing Banksy has done? If you aren’t familiar with his art, check it out at or watch his award winning documentary Exit Through The Giftshop and let me know what you think!