Member Spotlight: Jennifer’s Peepshi


Thank you so much to member, Jennifer Villarreal , for submitting photos of your Peepshi inspired by my Sweet Peep Sushi blog ! I was so excited when I came across your photo submission a few days ago. You and your sister did such a great job. I especially love the Fruit by the Foot handrolls you two made. Cute!

Hope everyone enjoyed your Peepshi treats!

XO Lauren

Photo: Jennifer Villarreal
Categories: Dine, Member Spotlight
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  • Jennifer Villarreal

    AH!!:D this is so exciting thanks for the spotlight! you made my day, i am not going to be able to stop smiling all day!!!! But i owe it to you thanks for the great idea!! & Everyone loved them!!

  • Gabriela Mina

    they are totally awesome!!! and I

  • Jennifer Houlahan

    Those are adorable! Sushi restaurants need to start serving Peepshi for dessert! :)

  • Lauren Cornelus

    Good job! they look nice! haha :)

  • monet simone

    I think its adorable as well as visually edible great idea, I love sushi.

  • Vita

    Last week was not such a good week. But my favorite things was knowing that im not alone through all the problems. I have my family and friends, helps me get off the floor and take a deep breath and keep going.



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