Recipe Box: 4 Perfect Picnic Sandwiches

Recipe Box: 4 Perfect Picnic Sandwiches

When the weather is nice and the days are long, I can’t think of anything more pleasant than a picnic. I often find myself packing a portable feast to accompany an outdoor movie or concert this time of year, but a picnic can be an activity all on its own. Talk about a quintessential way to spend a summer day…

Along with some fresh summer fruit, crudités, kettle-popped chips, and a beverage of choice, my picnics almost always include a selection of mini sandwiches. There’s a reason the sandwich is such a picnic staple, after all. It’s an easy-to-eat, quick-to-make finger food, and the flavor options are endless. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a cooking novice, a sandwich is pretty hard to mess up.

Today I’m sharing four of Team LC’s favorite sandwich recipes. While plain old PB&J will always be a classic, we decided to give our picnic sandwiches a bit of a gourmet twist. Check out these winning sandwich combos below…

Goat cheese + Cucumber + Balsamic Vinegar

A classic tea sandwich

Recipe Box: 4 Perfect Picnic Sandwiches

Hummus + Avocado + Cucumber + Red Pepper Flakes + A Squeeze of Fresh Lemon

A vegetarian delight

Recipe Box: 4 Perfect Picnic Sandwiches

Egg Salad + Smoked Salmon + Dill

Aka Danish egg salad

Recipe Box: 4 Perfect Picnic Sandwiches

Almond Butter + Jam + Shredded Coconut

A healthier, gourmet twist on the classic PB&J

Recipe Box: 4 Perfect Picnic Sandwiches

Bon appétit!

Do you have any other tasty sandwich recipes?

Share them in the comments below so I can give them a try!

xo Ilana
Team LC

P.S. If you’re looking for a cute picnic basket or blanket for your outdoor meal, I love the ones from The Little Market.

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  • Cassidy Short

    These all look AMAZING! I think the first one is my favorite, I will definitely need to try!



  • Laurel Loves

    Yum! As a self confessed bread addict, sandwiches are my favourite, expecially ones as delicious looking as these. I fancy the hummus and avocado one right now.

  • daria

    why is there a LEMON in a sandwich? #confused.

    • Jillian Conley

      maybe put it on the side and squeeze it on later? I didn’t even notice that! haha

    • LaurenConradOnline

      We put a slice there so you could see it in the photo, but just use a squeeze of fresh lemon juice when you’re making it!

  • sharonredpoppypinkpeony

    All of these sandwiches look and sound amazing! I like how they’re (mostly) vegetarian as well.

  • Grace

    These are so cute! I love how they’re super unique :) well, at least for me

  • Cassie

    Peanut Butter & Banana!!


  • Brittany Williams Martin

    The sandwich with Hummus is something I need to try RIGHT NOW.

    Brittany |

  • Kailee Ann

    In my family we make a chicken, apple, curry, salad that is DELISHOUS. When we bring it out with us we usually bring the salad and than various serving options like bread, crackers, apples, and sometimes we eat it alone.

  • Lucy O

    These all look so yummy! :) One of my favourites that I grew up with and that is a little British staple, is the cucumber and cheese sandwich, they are light and refreshing and perfect for a picnic! :) xx

  • Alice

    These look so delicious and fun to serve. Can’t wait to make some!


  • Siham Hamdan

    They look delicious! I think I’ll try these for lunch today haha :) X

    | |

  • Petite Modeista

    all of them look delicious!!

  • Arianna

    Oh, they all look so good!!


  • Aniqa

    My favorite sandwich is made of humous, spinach leaves, avocado, sliced almonds and a bit of pepper. I use wholemeal bread and it fills me with energy.

  • Neha

    Absolutely darling! Actually, since I am at work or university for most of my day, these sandwiches would make for the perfect lunch to prepare during busy mornings.

  • Ashley of Dream.Live.Repeat.

    Oh my, these all sound so delicious!!

  • Jade Lee Wright

    Goat cheese + Cucumber + Balsamic Vinegar……….. SOLD.

  • Tracy

    I must try them all, as they are looking amazingly delicious!

  • Carian

    It all looks so delicious. It makes my mouth water! Definitely going to try them.

  • Nathalia Kalil

    It seem delicious! Great recipes!


  • Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.

    Yum!! These all look awesome.

    I also like to make egg salad by using avocado instead of mayo. So good, so healthy!

    xo – Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A.

  • saradujour

    Never thought to put shredded coconut on a PB&J before. Great idea!


  • veryallegra

    These look so so yummy!

    Check out my handmade jewelry & style blog!

  • Kristen Bell

    Pesto Tuna Sandwich. I created this on the fly in college, and I am by no means a chef in the least! Mix one can of tuna (in water, not oil, of course!) with 1 tbsp. light mayo, 1 tbsp. pesto sauce, a splash of lemon juice and s&p to taste. Pair it with your favorite bread, and you have one fantastic, healthy sandwich.

    Also, if you want to get really fancy, you can add some yummy provolone cheese and put it under a panini press (If no panini press, the poor man’s trick of two skillets together works just fine, too). De-lish.

  • Suzii Ramirez

    My favorite sandwich contains ham and grilled cheese.

  • Jeffrey Dowling

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  • Lizzy Lou

    I made tea sandwiches for a small engagement party last week. I used French bread. One side was dijon and the other side was Earth Balance. The filling was deli ham, thinly sliced green apple, and brie. I made cucumber/hummus ones and smoked salmon ones as well.

    My go to sandwich lately has been turkey, avocado, hummus, red onion, and tomato as a wrap or pita or on a crusty roll (depending on what I’m in the mood for).

    Also, tuna salad with tuna, a little olive oil, red onion, chopped kalamata olives, parsley, capers, pepper and salt, searched on a a crusty roll or pita is awesome. Sometimes I add chopped cherry tomatoes or red pepper.



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