Slim Down Challenge: Three Moves, Three Weeks

Slim Down Challenge: Three Moves, Three Weeks
I’m still in disbelief that we’re already in the second week of September. It seems like yesterday that I was writing my Bikini Boot Camp Plan and getting in gear for summer. I loved hearing positive feedback from all of the members who followed my Boot Camp Plan, and I hope you enjoyed my post on how to maintain your bikini body long after summer is over. With the idea of “maintaining your summer body” in mind, I recently thought up a fun new challenge that I think you will all enjoy. It’s called Three Moves, Three Weeks, and it will help you to see major results in your diet and exercise routine.

The challenge at hand is to do three fitness tasks every day for three weeks. To really see results, you can’t skip a single day! All three of these “moves” are easy to do. Just make sure you are doing them along with the diet challenge too. Without further ago, here are the guidelines…

My Three Week Challenge

  • 100 Crunches Per Day. Do 100 crunches per day, at any time of day. You will feel major results in your abdominal muscles and maybe even end up with a six-pack. Click here to read about how to do crunches correctly.
  • Take The Stairs Whenever You Can. For three weeks, make a point of always taking the stairs whenever you can. This means at the mall, at the airport, at your apartment. You will burn so many more calories each day and your body will feel healthier and more active. Keep this reasonable—if you work in a 26-story building, that’s unrealistic. Keep it to a 5-story minimum.
  • 25 Push-Ups Per Day. Challenge yourself to do 25 push-ups per day. Just like with your crunches, you will notice your arms and shoulders getting stronger, leaner, and more toned in a matter of days. I suggest doing your push-ups right after your crunches to knock out both challenges in one sitting.

And last but not least, add a healthy element to this fitness challenge by drinking three glasses of lemon water each day—one before breakfast, one before lunch, and one before dinner. It will detox your body and help you to feel full and not overeat during each meal. You can read more about the benefits of lemon water here.

Will you take on this challenge? (I hope so!)

Let me know if you like this challenge in the comments below. If you all find it helpful and fun, I might make it a monthly series!

XO Lauren

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  • Bpkitchen

    I absolutely love this challenge! With the busyness of going back to school and what not, it’s hard to get back into the routine and find time to workout, but these simple little things are so easy to fit in after waking up or even before bed! Thanks so much for this!


  • These Peach Roses

    Great plan! I’m going to try it.
    I already do 14 flights of stairs twice a day with coworkers on my work breaks!

  • Tanisha

    this sounds a great idea i cant wait to try it

  • Ashley

    This challenge sounds fun!

    I post about healhy food and exercise tips often. :)

  • Kelly Lynne

    Even with my busy schedule, I can do this!

  • vilma anna

    sounds good, i think i will try this. :)

  • Deanne Castro

    Love this! I just might take the challenge!

    For more on fashion and beauty, check out my blog:

    Follow me on Twitter: and Instagram:


  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I may give this a try! #2 is really speaking to me…I live on upper campus and there are a ton of stairs to climb but I always opt for the bus. Maybe I will give the stairs a shot again!


  • nastaja johnson

    I will definitely try this 3 week challenge!

  • Sarah Kay

    I think that’s a great Challenge and I’ll do it, too! :)


    That’s amazing! Great work. :)

  • Laura Buying

    I am in!

  • Lauren Winslet

    Sounds great – nice and simple.

  • Rachel Trampel

    Great ideas! I like anything that is easy to remember to do!

  • beamer

    I love this challenge! It is so important to do something active even on the days you do not go to the gym. I wish the link for the correct crunch was working though. I never see many results from crunches; I may substitute toe touches.

  • Christi

    I’m so excited for this challenge! Definitely make it a monthly thing!

  • jgunter0411

    I am in! Starting tonight :)

  • Ashley S Wilson

    Definitely trying this! I also vote for a monthly challenge

  • Ishtare

    Challenge Accepted :)

  • Amber k

    Love a challenge, I’ll be doing it. :) You SHOULD make a monthly series–that would be great!

  • DCarey12

    I love this challenge! It seems easy and also a quick workout which is always helpful :)

  • Jayne Becca

    This is a great challenge, I am heading to Malta in 3 weeks so my mind is 100% focused on my bikini body! Great tips & I would love a mini fitness series xx

  • Nanou

    Great ! I’ll start tomorrow … Regular challenges is a great idea to stay motivated and break the routine. I’m getting married in four weeks, it’s now or never.

  • Samantha Johnson

    Starting today! I’m excited! Thank you

  • Kate mcelhare

    Already did my workout for the day, but will start this tomorrow!

  • Lexy Kn

    Starting tomorrow!!!!!!!

  • lin88nc

    I would love if there was a challenge every month! Starting this challenge tomorrow morning!

  • Jen

    I’m in!

  • Vane

    Yes i will join! Ready to take on the challenge

  • Lauren Caron

    I like the structure of challenges, so this will be good for me to try to do! It would be great for you to make this a monthly thing!

    Here goes me trying these moves for 3 weeks!

  • Mandy

    Here I go!

  • Karin Pv

    Let’s see if it works!! But, where do I click to read about how to do crunches correctly?

  • Ali

    I’m in sooo excited :)

    Bring it on!! Have to stack up on the lemons

  • Stacy Jane

    Challenge accepted <3

  • Hailey G

    Love these!

    Hailey from

  • Lorettahollis

    Challenged accepted!!

  • jchahl

    I’ll take you up on this challenge. I need some motivation to get moving ;)

  • pink?sugar

    Totally!! Except the situps might take like, an hour. :D I’m a dancer and have NO arm strengh whatsoever :) I’ll try, tho, lauren!! XOXO

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  • oceangirl25

    I use the elliptical lately, but would consider adding the push-ups and crunches to my routine! Crunches are easy and I would like stronger arms and shoulders too :)

  • Melanie Gaver

    Lauren and Members,
    I’ll be honest I’ve been CONSTANTLY, looking at the ‘Get Fit’ section of the blog for weeks now wanting to find SOME motivation to challenge myself physically and mentally. I’m NOT a fan of working out because I can’t replace the thought of exercise and diet as a lifestyle change WITH the thought of it being ‘Work’! Out. However, I find the blog extremely helpful and a great resource for motivation. So, I’m going to suck it up and put myself to the three week, three moves challenge. The only, question I have is that would it be a possibility to start a member, motivation check in every week to share our accomplishments, difficulties, and advice from you, Team LC, and members? Please, get back to me and let me know if this request is a possibility? You’re the best and Thank You for ALL that you do for fans! You’re an inspiration and so is

    Much Love,
    Melanie G.

  • Lysha

    I will defieney take on this challenge. Pumped to try it. Would love if it were to become a monthly series!!!

  • Jessie

    I’ll definitely try to take on the challenge! I’ve been slacking lately on my exercise. Trying to adjust to my new work schedule! Yikes! ;)

  • jessica armstrong

    starting the challenge today… motivate me!

  • Mel

    Starting the challenge today I can’t wait I love this idea!!

  • Leanne

    Great tips! We’re heading into summer this side of the world so I’m getting bikini ready now!

    Love from South Africa

  • christy medina

    Yay! but I cant even do one push-up! Definitely gonna work on this!!

  • Marianne kennedy

    Sounds good,nearly bed time here in Australia, so will start first thing.

  • Claudia f

    I definitely will do it! It sounds super.

  • Alicia Willbo

    I will definitely try this! I’ll tell you my results in three weeks :)

  • AJ

    Keep writing your healthy eating post, I love reading them!!

  • Taraho

    there is no link on how to do crunches correctly!

  • Victoria Lea

    Me and my colleague are starting tomorrow! Can’t wait to see the results :)

  • “V”

    This is a great challenge, and I am going to give it a try. But since I don’t have to do a lot of stairs in my daily life, I think I will try and do 100 squats instead. Hopefully that will give me my leg work out instead.

  • Daria Perak

    love it! i am going to try it and i am starting tomorrow! :D

  • Rachael Yanta

    This is a great and fairly simple challenge.. definitely on board! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jackelin

    This is such a simple work out plan that I think I won’t have trouble keeping it up and I absolutely love the lemon water!

  • Mia Boyd

    I’m so going to try this. I’m trying to build some muscle. So excited about this plan. I’m also going to jog three times a week! Thanks so much LC!

  • Annie sabean

    Im gonna try it :)

  • Tara Hogan

    so excited to start this challenge. I definitely think it should be a monthly series

  • paulina

    im joining, starting today

  • Annika Wilson

    Doing this! But instead of taking the stairs, I am going to walk a mile.

  • Samantha

    What would be a good alternative for stairs? If you don’t go anywhere that has stairs?

  • ellapea

    I love this! Please make it a monthly series!

  • ellapea

    Someone mentioned they were going to walk a mile a day instead of the stairs. That’s a good alternative!

  • Thomas

    This seems easy enough! I cannot wait to try. Actually I won’t wait, I am starting tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you posted!

    Xoxo Thomas

  • Kristen Geer

    I am in!

  • bleslie021

    I don’t think the link for proper crunches is working!

  • Brooke

    Is the acid in Lemon Water bad for your teeth or is it fine to drink everyday?

  • Meliamelia

    I’m in! I know if I do this without giving up ill will se and feel results after a week, I can’t wait to see myself after 3! :) thanks for the challenge!

  • Harmony

    Count me in but I have to adjust crunches due to chronic pain and arthritis in my neck.

  • Harmony

    I just joined they have over 100 fitness classes online for 10 a month, you download to your TV receiver, computer or Kindle. looking forward to adding these three to

  • Brooke

    I agree, that is what I am doing.

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  • Kate Noto

    I will try this challenge hoping it doesn’t hurt my back when I try to do it.

  • Taanjaa

    Thank you for the tips, I will at least try the crunches! :)

  • Jaclyn Last name

    I love these fitness challenges! I intend on starting this weekend with my bf :-)

  • Tessa D’haene

    I’m in!

  • Es

    I’m always up for a challenge :)

  • Pearl

    I can barely do 2 push-ups!! Okay, I guess I’m in…:)

  • jessica aguirre

    Ok im in! I guess i need this!

  • genwaoyi genwao

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  • Danielle middlebrooks

    Im in! I just had my 3rd baby 8 weeks ago and couldnuse the workout!

  • Alisha

    I’m in!

  • Alicia k

    Yayyy!! Im in and I definitely think you should make this a monthly series!!

  • Jackiemarie

    Have to give this a try I’m all in!!

  • k a s e y ~ <3

    could you possibly do a post about some exercises that target your lower abs?
    thanks :)

  • Emily

    hopefully this works, nothing else seems to :/

  • Claire

    What’s a good alternative to crunches that wouldn’t stress the neck?

  • Rachel Formella

    Yes! Please make this monthly, I love love love it! Fitness challenges are exactly what keep me excited to work out. Thank you for posting this, Lauren. :-)

  • danielle

    Challenge accepted! Starting today!

  • megan taylor

    Starting this today!

  • Kristanna Xiong

    Good thing I looked at this today…tomorrow is Monday and it’s the perfect day to begin this challenge! Excited!

  • Michelle Piedrahita

    Day one! crunches and pushup check…and I’ll still be going to the gym!

  • Noeris Gil

    I’m starting this today!!! So, Excited! Will update in 3 weeks. I’ve been also trying to do 300 jumping jacks a day.

  • Grace Yeon

    Challenge accepted! I love these challenges!!! They motivate me to keep me in shape! Thanks! Looking forward towards more! :)

  • donna

    This is sooooo awesome… mos def doing this!
    Thanks xoxo

  • Jarede

    Joined your site today. ��

    The challenge is on! Starting this morning….thank you.

  • Liz

    Omg Lauren this is so good!
    I love this because it’s straightforward and simple. Can’t wait to see how things change for me in three weeks!

    Please make a monthly series!

  • hannahmeyer89

    Just did my crunches and push ups. Hopefully can keep it up for 3 weeks. Gotta try and keep focused!

  • kalamityray

    awesome article! it’s the little things that count, and I can bet that once you see some results, you’ll ad more moves to your daily routine! Feeling like punishing yourself? Add in a few burpees–nothing will make you hate life more :)

  • Cailee

    I am so excited to do this!!

  • Cailee

    I am so excited to do this!!
    sincerely, cailee

  • claire Wagner

    one week down.. two to go!

  • Pia Pernille

    1 day down, 20 to go ^_^

  • kitty

    i’m starting the 3 week challenge today so from today i will be done on oct 9th…
    this seems like a good one for me… i have extra tummy i so want to get rid of…

    thank you

  • megan Fenton

    im on it! this seems so doable… :)

  • Melissa christian

    Totally doing this!

  • Adriana luciano

    I am taking this challenge

  • rozemarijn haverkate

    gonna do it !

  • fanfan

    do these monthly! so good!

  • Lele

    i’m definitely going to start this tomorrow but there isn’t a link to click on to read how to do crunches correctly.

  • Anna n

    definitely doing it


    This seems so easy and simple, yet it will trim everyone down! Love it and definitely doing it! I’ve been loking for something simple and easy to stick to for a while!

  • kcheidi

    i’m in! i can’t wait to c results!

  • Cassie

    Going to try this!!!! starting Monday C:

  • Miranda martin

    I’m doing it! Starting tonight :)

  • ladyjo14

    I am in!! Starting today :)

  • Nichola Smiles

    I have felt so rotten all day and even missed my 2 body sculpt classes as I felt so low and unmotivated. Then I came across your site lauren and it has really picked me up…thank you. this challenge is amazing, im so excited I have done the push-ups already as well as wrote a shopping list to try some of these amazing recipes on here. this site is so amazing im buzzing I found it.
    Bing on the challenge and the changes…this girl is back on it xxx

  • Vanessa Lynn

    I’m on my 5th day and still going strong!

  • Taylor

    I am going to start this on monday the last day of Semptember!! I am also going to put this on my pinterest. So easy that will deffinately make a difference over time!

  • Djam

    I will def add this to my regimen.

  • rehina reh

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  • meena

    I am starting Monday (tomorrow) too! I’ve got a few co-workers and friends joining me good luck!

  • Taylor

    How cool! I always feel more obligated to do something if people are doing it with me. Lol. Good luck to you guys too!

  • kitty

    I’m loving this challenge ! it is motivating me to want to do more !

  • claire Beckford

    challenge accepted.

    my names claire and i have put on 25kg in 12 months. over the last 5 i have activly changed my life style and decided to get healthy and determind to get my pre baby bikini body back. so far i have lost 6.1kg in that time and going hard. am looking forward to seeing the results from this challenge :)

  • Reagan

    I’m beginning today! I work part time as a secretary on the 6th floor of an office building… And now I feel less motivated to head to the breakroom on the 2nd floor! Yay for burning calories and not adding them back on! :P

  • nicole Smith

    I will definitely take this challenge!

  • Lindsay ward

    I think I will do this. I already try to do as many crunches as I can after each meal, I don’t have many steps and I live in the middle of the country, so the 7 back porch steps I have will have to work, over and over.

  • Steph Williams

    I have been detoxing for 5 months now and it’s amazing how much better you feel. I am ready to start an exercise program. I am a hairdresser so walking around won’t be a problem.

  • Ellen Faith

    I am so giving this a go! :) This will be a great little routine to do when I don’t have the time to do a bigger routine!

  • geekyfit

    I start Monday! :D

  • danni Clark

    Starting the challenge, really excited, sounds great! xxx

  • Nina seine

    I like this a lot because it’s simple and short. I feel much more motivated to try something like this then something with a bunch of moves.

  • Kat

    Definitely trying this!!

  • Dana

    I’ve started running and have lost some weight. This might help with my last 7 pounds and tone up. Challenge accepted!

  • Samara wilson

    Looking for fun ways to make some serious changes on my life. I’m going to give this a shot as a starting point. Excited!

  • Curlylo

    Okay–I’m in…starting today…but my ice cream will still need to be a part of my life! :)))) Thanks Lauren!! xo

  • Lexi

    I think you should make these a monthly challenge. I like it and I haven’t seen a challenge like this since this one and only one!

  • Simplyadrienneyo

    starting this tomorrow :D set a reminder on my phone too!

  • Courtney C

    Started today :) You should definitely try having a new 3 week thing every month. Very easy but it works!

  • Lindsey gonzales

    Maybe a little late to the party, but starting today!!

  • Aly Sid

    wow, 100 crunches… But I’m up for the challenge!

  • lucbeattie95

    Starting this in the morning!!

  • Annika Wilson

    I’m going to try this! I really need to! Instead of the stairs (because I am never around them), I am going to do 50 squats per day!

  • Imogen

    Going to start this tomorrow for Christmas. Can’t wait for the end result! :)

  • Breanna Keele

    Starting this today!

  • Dorothy Russell

    Starting tomorrow!! :)

  • traymond

    starting today!

  • jeannette perez

    Starting today!!

  • Jamie Brewer

    Tryin this out starting today.. As a young mother of three this will definitely fit right in.. Thank you

  • Autumn

    Starting today!!

  • Tiffany Jurgensmeier

    Starting today!!! I would love to have more 3 week challenges to follow after this one!

  • Rachel

    starting this tomorrow, so excited!

  • lizzy

    my friend and i agreed we are doing this!!!so pumped. :)

  • Mickie

    Gonna Do This Tomorrow Along With My AB And Booty Challenge.



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