5 Things to Try This Month

Happy Wednesday, everyone! For those of you who enjoyed our weekly series called 5 Things to Try This Weekend, we really loved reading your feedback. Some of you said that you wanted this series to become a monthly feature, and we totally agree with you! That said, you can look forward to this new and improved series called 5 Things to Try This Month, where we will share a few inspiring ideas and activities to put on your monthly bucket list.

Without further ado, here are some things to try this month…

1. Take a tennis lesson. If you aren’t a master with the racket, try a round of golf or a game of beach volleyball. Learning how to play a new sport can open up new horizons, like making new friends or finding your new hobby.

5 Things to Try This Month

2. Try a bold eyeliner makeup look. Take a break from your usual black winged liner and go for a bold color or a cool gradient. Create the look below by clicking here and following the gradient winged liner tutorial on Makeup.com.

5 Things to Try This Month

3. Whip up a batch of these s’mores fudge bars. It’s no secret that all of us here at LaurenConrad.com are a bit obsessed with s’mores (exhibit A and exhibit B). So when I spotted these treats, I put them on my own to-do list for this month. Find the recipe here.

5 Things to Try This Month

4. Save up for something special. Saving up means not spending money on silly purchases that you don’t really need. Make an effort to put some money away this month and reward yourself at the end of September by splurging on that purse you’ve been eyeing all summer.

5 Things to Try This Month

5. Organize your desk and give it a makeover. I always find that I am so much more inspired to work when I am sitting at a lovely workspace. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers, put them in a pretty vase, and start an inspiration board. I guarantee you will have more fun while you work!

5 Things to Try This Month

What do you have on your bucket list this month?

List off your five things in the comments below!

Team LC

Photos: Vogue Australia, Makeup.com, Handle the Heat, Real Simple, The Every Girl
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  • Katelin Absher

    My bucket list this week is nothing because I’m traveling all this week but next week is to give my office a makeover by Turning it into a closet/makeup room/ office!! My husband just loves my projects!! :)


  • Ashley

    After recently moving, there are tons of things to do! This month/week I will finish organizing my bedroom and decorate it as well. I also need to re-organize my make-up storage. I’ll read the book City of Ashes (LOVED the movie and book for City of Bones, check those out!!). I’ll get back into exercising an hour daily and find a second job all while blogging away!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Those s’mores bars look delicious. I am also trying to keep my workspace organized (which has proven difficult!)


  • pretty classy

    Loving the gradient bright eyeliner :) Something to try on my holiday takeaway next week! Also the s’mores bars look sooo yummy.

    ♡: Anni

  • lydia

    This month is cleaning my messed up room. Bye bye summer and hello school :/
    And ofcourse, those colored winged eyeliner :D

  • pretty classy

    Loving the gradual bright eyeliner :) Something to try on my holiday getaway next week! Also the s’mores bars look super yummy.

    love, Anni


  • Ana Sofia

    Nice ideas :) we have to enjoy this last days of summer!!


  • Kelly Lynne

    This is the most perfect list ever. A co-worker and I recently decided to play tennis a few times a month. I just organized and rearranged my desk and work and home!
    I have made a goal for myself to start saving up instead of spending on things I don’t need.
    & I may have to try a new eyeliner color. Hm, thanks for the ideas!

  • hooleywithaz

    thank you for the reminder to organize my desk haha. we are in the middle of busy season at work and even though it’s a hassle to try and organize, it’s so helpful for keeping your sanity.

  • Megan R.

    The main thing I have on my to-do list this month is finish decorating my new apartment. I always get everything put away within the first week, but putting up the pictures and finalizing the decor always takes me a bit longer because I am always looking for the “”right”” piece. I love gold desk accessories though!


  • LaurenConrad.com

    We agree! It can be really refreshing, too.

  • LC

    cant wait to try all of these. all good suggestions and all good things I haven’t done in a while…

  • Dani marie

    Well my desk at work is ALWAYS organized and I actually just freshened it up last week by rearranging my accessories. Too bad they are only generic and not GOLD!! <3 lol

    The other suggestions I will certainly give a try this month! I love the idea of a monthly bucket list too. :)

    Keep it comin’ ladies!

    Dani Marie

  • Rachel Trampel

    I would love to do a desk makeover! Monthly bucket lists are a good idea!


  • Katie

    You’ve inspired me to makeover my desk … Especially with classes starting this week. Thanks <3

  • photosbyjaana

    need to organize my desk too! and not just organize it, but make a pretty work space!

  • Allison Norton

    So glad you are inspired! Snap a photo of your organized desk and upload it to your profile :-)

  • Allison Norton

    Glad you like them! xx

  • Allison Norton

    Yes we do! xx

  • stephaniesstyle

    im going to try to sav money and clean my desk this month :D i promise! LOL
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  • Chelsea Teutsch

    Absolutely obsessed with that desk. Too bad my work desk isn’t like that! Or desk at home! Love love love!

    xx Chelsea http://theaimlesstales.wordpress.com/

  • k a s e y ~ <3

    I have been saving since the middle of August and at the end of this month I can get Uggs and a pair of Vans! :)

  • Jenny McCain

    I love that desk! I love that everything furniture and decor wise seems to be trending toward being bright and crisp and clean! I put fake flowers on my desk so I always have something pretty to look at and don’t have to worry about them wilting too quickly.

  • Ashley burke

    Those fudge s’mores bars look incredible!! What an awesome fall party treat, campfire or not! xoxo

  • Jenna Stratman

    LOVE this list. Especially the idea for desk organizing. We ran a piece on ways to freshen up your desk over at Regale Magazine the other week, too!

  • TStrahlendberg

    I am in! And I totally agree. 2 years ago I moved to Bamberg, Germany and there was no dance studio available that I liked. I guess it was serendipity that I fell in love with the amazingly green and open tennis courts close by which convinced me to give it a try! 2 years, lots of burned calories and one ball that hit my nose later :) I am a keen tennis player. Love this sport and am exceptionally excited to have tried something new!
    xx Taty

    I’ll try to write about my success of trying new things on my blog :)

  • Pearl

    Those s’mores bars look awesome!! Will be trying!! This is the beginning of school and a reorganized workplace will definitely amp up the grades :)

  • nastaja johnson

    Go to a fall festival and go apple picking!

  • Norra Talatham

    Really love this list! Starting a crossFit classes this month. I really do like the idea of saving to splurge for something special… like a new bag :)

    Keep this series going.

  • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash

    Saving money is always number 1 on my list but I am definitely going to try a different color eyeliner this fall! I was thinking of a dark purple :)

    Ash xo,

  • Emma denton

    Going to re decorate my bedroom and study this weekend! Please check out my beauty blog from australia it means a lot! http://www.rosycheekssite.wordpress.com and follow me xx

  • Nikki

    Ooo! The gradient eye liner looks amazing!

  • Jacqueline Jax

    This month I plan to rearrange my closets. Posting my closet ideas on http://www.jaxcouture.com hope you come for a visit. Xoxo, Jax

  • Vanessa

    Lauren has been such a huge inspiration of mine. She is so creative, fashionable, up to date and into all things beauty much like myself. I have been inspired to start my own blog and post all of the things I love and enjoy from DIY to everyday things that spark a need to share.
    thank you for your inspiration

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  • Sanna Atran

    Love the post, but why can’t I pin the last three pictures? :)

  • Jenny

    Thank u! I love Sept, and these are great ways to make it even better!!!!

  • Raven Locks

    I’m currently reorganizing my desk! That’s something I’d been meaning to do for a while :)

    PS. Those s’mores fudge bars look delicious!

    xo Azu


  • Laura

    I am currently saving up money to go on a weekend trip with my bf!
    I would love to try a different colored eye liner like olive green or plum for fall.

  • Erin Hughes

    I love re-arranging my office, desk, and living space. It’s good to change up the flow and improve the feng shui!


  • Katy Allaire

    This month I need to completely re-organize myself! Everything from my apartment to my closet to my job to my workout routine. I have my Lilly Pulitzer agenda to help me on my way!


  • Latasha

    Where are those accessories on the desk from?.. They are fabulous!

  • maddy t

    This month I am going to re-do my bedroom. I need some beautiful inspiration on my side!! This website definitely helps :)

  • vomdlop vomd

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  • Harmony

    I just moved into a new house with my Moms antiques since she passed away. I have not been able to open her dresser and organize it. This month I am making myself do her dresser which is my last task that has to do with her death. It will be sad but has to be done.

    I love the saving money idea. I am on a strict no spending budget.

  • Roxanne

    Thank you for inviting me. I love all treats, tips & Styles.
    Be Kind & Enjoy the Day!


    I have a fall bucket list!

    1. Buy fall scented candles
    2. Take a picture in a pile of leaves
    3. Build a fort
    4. Go to a football game
    5.Try 5 new recipes

  • ericag

    Does anyone know where the desk accessories are from? I am currently refurnishing my room and that desk is exactly what I need to bring a little luxe into the dull workspace.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Danielle

      You can find all the sources in my home tour on The Everygirl. Just search “Danielle Moss home tour” – it’s actually my desk.


    I am going to:
    - Redo my memory board
    - Make an effort to get enough sleep each night
    - Make an effort to study more French
    - Try and eat healthier
    - Drink more water each day!


  • Celina Luna

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