Get Fit: It’s Bikini Boot Camp Time!

Get Fit: It's Bikini Boot Camp Time!
It’s that time again, ladies…time for Bikini Boot Camp! Last year I was really pleased to see that many of you tried my Boot Camp Plan and saw amazing results when it came time to tie on those bikinis. I’m hoping this year will be the same. We will be approaching bikini season with the mentality that healthy, consistent habits will lead to the most rewarding changes in the way you look and feel. That doesn’t mean go on some crazy grapefruit diet for weeks until you get to your goal weight. Quite the opposite, in fact. With this healthy lifestyle plan, you should be feeling confident and fit before you can even say “two piece.”

If you read my Bikini Boot Camp Plan from last year as well as my 7 Days to Skinny Jeans plan, this should sound pretty familiar. This year, I’ll be including some expert tips and recipes from the girls at Tone It Up, too. Overall, if you can remember to stay focused, eat healthy, and exercise regularly, this should be a piece of cake.

Ready to dive in? Here we go…

My Bikini Boot Camp Plan

A Refresher of the Rules

  • This is a lifestyle change, so do not think of it as a diet. Try to stick with this as long as you can!
  • Don’t lose sight of your goals. You can do this!
  • Drink lots and lots of water. {Tone It Up tip: “Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. If you have trouble remembering to drink water, get that calendar out and mark it down to remind yourself.}
  • As soon as you wake up, have one cup of lemon water. Make sure you drink it at least 30 minutes before you eat.
  • Pick one exercise to do every day (save one day for rest). Need a little inspo? Listen to my workout mix!
  • Do all of the exercises listed under “Everyday Exercises” each day in addition to your selected workout.
  • Pick one meal from each category for each day.
  • Pick one snack for each day.

The Off-Limits List

  • No white breads, large portions of cheese or fried foods. {Tone It Up tip: Try to limit these but don’t become obsessive—leave a little wiggle room for your favorite foods.}
  • No candy, baked goods, or ice cream. Ideally, no sugar! (Learn how to curb your sweet tooth by clicking here.)
  • No soda or flavored drinks.
  • No eating 2-3 hours before you to go bed.

Breakfast Options

Lunch & Dinner Options


  • 1 cup Greek yogurt with ½ cup strawberries
  • 2 stalks of celery with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a few raisins
  • Revitalizing Kale Smoothie
  • Raw veggies with 3 generous tablespoons of hummus {Tone It Up tip: Load up on veggies, fruits & nuts instead of chips or crackers. Most crackers are high in fat and butter—even the all-natural kinds. Check your labels!}
  • Sweet & Slim Grapefruit
  • ½ cup of bran cereal with almond milk and a few berries
  • ½ avocado with a handful of sunflower seeds and 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Grapes & Grahams

Exercise Options

Everyday Exercises

  • 50 crunches in the morning, 50 crunches at night
  • 60 second plank in the morning, 60 second side plank on each side at night {Tone It Up tip: Side planks will blast your love handles! Pulse your hips to the floor and back up to increase the intensity.}

If you follow this plan pretty strictly, you will be ready to tie on your bikini by the time Memorial Day weekend rolls around. Stay focused and remember that the overall goal of this Bikini Boot Camp plan is to feel confident, fuel your body with healthy foods, stick to your workout plan, stay hydrated, and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it!?

Just like last year, I will be checking in with you over the next few weeks to see how you are doing. I will also be sharing some tips on how to perfect your crunches as well as more exclusive exercise tips from the Tone It Up girls. So stay tuned, get excited, and get ready to flaunt your Bikini Boot Camp figure in a few weeks.

Are you going to join me in my Bikini Boot Camp Plan?

Tell me how you’re going to stay focused achieve your goals in the comments below!

XO Lauren

Photo: Glamour Magazine
All Tone It Up Recipes are from
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  • Monica_in_Heels

    OMG I love love love this plan! I AM definitely following this for the next few months!!! Thanks!!

  • Melissa Dunn

    I’m going to pin a picture of Lauren in a bikini to my mirror to keep my motivated! X

  • Addi Binns

    I saw this post last year and never got around to properly doing it. Feeling it’s tie for a lifestyle change this year, excited to start it with this! x

  • Ashley

    I LOVE the emphasis on this being a lifestyle choice, and not a crash diet!

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  • Shelby Jean

    I plan on following every guideline possible!! I’m kinda of picky when it comes to food but I will try my best!!

  • Amanda Lea

    my wedding day is 19 days away! time to kick it into high gear. i’m not looking to lose a lot of weight, but i could drop 5 pounds and tone everything up before june 1st! =)

  • Lindseyn86

    I am changing my entire lifestyle around now and this is a great addition to it! I can’t wait to start. I began doing yoga about two months ago, but lately I haven’t been motivated to keep up with it. I’m going on vacation in July so I definitely need to tone up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Courtney Tayon

    I’m for the life-style change. I’m going to get my mom and sister on this too. Thank you Lauren.
    Hope y’all have a great day.
    Love, Courtney :)

  • L. Maria

    Hi Lauren,

    Love your book! But the Bikini Boot Camp Plan.. How can I keep up?
    I always start 2 weeks and after the 2 weeks my discipline is gone..
    What is your motivation for keep on going?

    Love, L
    (Living in Hongkong city!)

  • minarous

    We bought Ezekiel muffins and they’re great but super pricey compared to all other breads. I eat spring-water rye usually (a good option in the bread department)
    Any not everyone can stop eating at that time, due to stomach issues I really have to be careful about that, but I suppose that for many it might work although it’s not a proven thing to be ‘healthy’ – if you’re hungry eat something.
    Other than that…what you follow is pretty valid and I love doing the oatmeal over night!

  • Lauren Baxter

    So many things in my life are changing and I can’t wait to start eating healthier. Great Post Lauren!

  • Candace

    I was diagnosed with cancer at age 29 and as a result had to have a liver transplant. My goal is to continue on this journey of health by eating clean and exercising, and being a energetic mother of 3 boys! Motivation=to be here for my boys!

  • Amy Favela

    Worth a shot!

  • Katrina Zekulin

    I’m starting today! pretty nervous because I tend to do most of my eating late at night… how do you break bad habits and survive no food 3 hours before bed?! Ready for a lifestyle change though!!(:

  • CassieMcG

    love Tone It Up! im so excited to start!

  • Rachel Trampel

    The best way for me to stay focused is to plan ahead! I write down what I have going on in the week and then I try to focus on what I need to accomplish. Tonight my friend wants to hang out, so instead of going to get drinks or just lay around, we are going to take my dog for a walk around the lake (which is 3 miles) also to plan ahead meals that are delicious AND healthy! Then planning my workout schedule the rest of the week! Trying to get back into a good healthy routine :)

  • Danielle Demers

    I am totally starting this today :)

  • Kristen Chuber

    Glad you have some vegetarian friendly recipes on here, it’s hard to find ‘get fit’ plans that take into account that some of us don’t eat meat!

    I live out of my planner so the best way for me to stay on track is to write things down – when my gym classes are, what I should be eating for lunch and dinner, etc. If it’s in my schedule for the day, I’m much more likely to get around to making time for a workout or eating right.

  • Kristen Chuber

    Glad you have some vegetarian friendly recipes on here, it’s hard to find ‘get fit’ plans that take into account that some of us don’t eat meat!

    I live out of my planner so the best way for me to stay on track is to write things down – when my gym classes are, what I should be eating for lunch and dinner, etc. If it’s in my schedule for the day, I’m much more likely to get around to making time for a workout or eating right.

  • Audrey S

    Love this plan- so inspirational! :)

  • Flor Garcia

    Love this! Definitely getting in shape and staying that way is a lifestyle change and adoption!


  • Samantha Brown

    Starting today! :)

  • My Style Diary

    I would love to do this, but it’s hard for me to eat most of the meals at school and on the go..

  • Deanne Castro

    I want to try this out! Thanks for sharing!

    Need more fashion and beauty tips? Check out my blog: Today’s post: Walmart Frugal Heroes Challenge – The Tropics

    Follow me on Twitter & Instagram @MyFash Avenue


  • thisGirlLo

    I will be starting today! Thank you for all the positive words.

  • Katelynadair

    This is day 1 of my Bikini Boot camp (I found out about this from previous posts) and I am sooo very excited! I did not have all the ingredients for my lunch from the recipe options so I ate tuna on Romain lettuce rolls! SOOOOO delicious!

    2 Organic Romain Lettuce Leaves
    1 Can Of Tuna
    1 TBSP Of Organic Mayonnaise

    I mixed the mayonnaise into my tuna and mashed it so it was easy to spread. I then spread it on my lettuce and rolled it!

    SOOOOO DELICIOUS! A MUST try for a quick and easy healthy lunch!
    I figured that even though this was not one of the recipes, it went along with the plan… High protein, Vegetables,Gluten Free, ect.


  • Marcy Brazin

    That sounds like an awesome lunch! I try swapping mustard for mayo when I eat tuna, most mustard has zero fat and very minimal calories!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I am very excited to start this! I am going to the beach in July and plan on being swimsuit ready!

  • Yaressy Ramos

    Totally going to join this camp cause I really need it :) would be great

  • Kayla Kacer

    I have one of your previous plan workouts scheduled for today so ill likely be starting this tomorrow :-) it feels good to get back on the exercise horse I fell off the wagon a month and a half ago when I got sick an lost all the hard work I’ve done since last July but it wasn’t a difficult to start back up again as I thought :-)

  • Leanne

    I’m already in full swing with my workouts. I don’t feel like myself unless I’ve had a good gym session.

    Love from South Africa

  • Megan

    I am so exited to start this! I was so happy when I found this in my mail box this morning! I am working my way into eating 100% organic and seeing these recipes just made my day! Thank you so much Lauren! :)

  • hooleywithaz

    i’ve been incredibly busy with work travel which equals schedule mania. i try to get at least one workout in at the hotel, and have been compensating by eating especially healthy…salads and lean proteins all the way, even though letting those burgers go unordered is tough!

  • Sofia Alleyne
  • Lizzie

    I actually started this a month or so ago for my June 1st wedding. I’ve been eating healthy and exercising 5 days a week.
    I recommend Amanda Russell (You can find her on YouTube, Facebook) she has new workouts every week, they are intense, short and easy to do from your living room. They have been a life saver for me trying to get to my wedding body!

  • Jen E

    Love it!! I started your Get Fit Quick plan last week and have had great results!! Going to keep it up and add the updates from your 2013 version! Thank you for the tips & inspiration!

  • Valeria Dlr

    Had my lemon water & veggies ommelet today! #motivated :)

  • Kellie Norton

    I started this about a month ago and am LOVING the way I feel. I’m definitely going to keep doing it, as it is a lifestyle change!

    One question though: I love toning up and losing weight, but I don’t want to lose the “”curves”” (aka butt) that I have… what’s the best way to slim down without losing that little area? ;-)


  • Ruby Sterland

    Definitely trying this! I have an internship in summer and want to get slim before I go shopping for new workwear! x

  • Christina:)

    I’m in!! I didn’t join last summer, so I’m so excited to be a part of this now:)

  • Casey Wade

    Is there a way to make these meals more vegetarian friendly?

  • Martin M

    Finally it

  • Allegra

    going to try this this summer! check out my jewelry style blog

  • Cassie Bananas

    awesome, thank you. great advice!

  • Lauren

    Can’t wait to do this this summer! I’m already in a “”boot camp”” class at my gym twice a week, but I’ll definitely be doing these exercises the other three days! :)

  • Marie Rangel

    I join but I just have a little question, a friend told me that drinking water early at the morning can give you gastritis is that true???

  • Eliza Ann

    Totally doing it! Thanks for your help! Super exited to try it! :)

  • MissAweesha

    I am all in. Halfway through Couch to 5k and will add in this plan. Looking forward to feeling even better!!

  • hannah shamansky

    wouldn’t this be too less of calories for a day? i’ve read and been told you need AT LEAST 1200 calories or you’ll screw your body up, and this sure doesn’t seem like 1200 calories. . .any thoughts on that?

  • hannah shamansky

    and, running for 45 mins a day plus a exercise, i mean man you’d have to have a workout snack too!

  • Sarah

    Love it! Am starting tomorrow. Can NOT wait to try the overnight oatmeal!

  • Roxy Buckmiller

    I’m totally in! A good friend of mine is a crossfit gym instructor and she’s doing a summer bootcamp for all of her friends. It’s going to be intense and with me being in hygiene school, I need motivation and good time management to do everything!!! For the lemon water, does it matter if it is cold or warm? I’ve heard different things. What do you think LC?

  • Anna Dolby

    I’m going to start this tomorrow as well! Even though in NY we have gone back to fall & it does not feel like time to get in bikini shape! :-p

  • Molly Jane

    I really want to give this a shot…therefore, I really have to find the time…so I will (senior in college finishing up over here!)
    I’m really glad you included the Busy Girl recipes – the dishes are not only delicious but convenient, haha.
    Anyways, gonna do it!

  • Jessica Roney

    This all sounds really awesome but one question… You are supposed to run for 45 mins a day and then choose another workout such as running for another 45 mins or an hour of spin class, etc? I don’t always have time to work out for 2 hours a day. Is there an error here?

  • Samantha

    I’m so in! this sounds awesome :)

  • hannah shamansky

    exactly! i think thats wayyy too much working out, mostly just because you aren’t eating very much. .

  • AllisaO

    Day 1 starts tomorrow…Im so excited and pumped!!!!!!

  • Jessica Roney

    Yeah it just seems a bit excessive to me….who wants to run for 45 mins and then take an hour long kickboxing class? I feel like they goofed up on this one a bit. I can see doing the crunches and planks in the am & pm and then picking like an hour of something else to do for the day but not this. I hope they will respond to clear up the confusion! Or maybe Lauren is really trying to whip our butts in shape! Haha

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  • Maria Legge


  • Maria Legge

    That’s true definitely never less than 1200 a day. I hear a good rule of thumb is whatever weight you want to be add a zero at the end. So if 130 is your goal you can eat 1300 calories. But never less than 1200. I think running 45 minutes a couple days a week is ok but not every day plus another workout! Especially for ppl who don’t run regularly! That’s an easy way to get an injury!

  • Maria Legge

    Just keep up with squats and lunges! It’ll add lift and maintain the butt!

  • Emily English

    I am seeing an old flame Memorial Day weekend… so this is the perfect way to help me look amazing so he regrets ever letting me go!

  • Lisa G

    Doing it! Had a great first day with oats, celery with pb and raisins, homemade grapefruit juice from LC recipe, rosemary chicken and veggies, carrots and hummus, plus lots of water & a 60 min spinning class! Feeling good…just need to keep up the inspo for consistency. Thanks for sharing before Memorial Day :)

  • Malaya Brown

    Going to try it! Good luck to everyone!

  • Amy

    So excited to try this! This is something that actually seems do-able!

  • Mel

    They just mean pick one workout a day alongside they ‘everyday’ workout, which are the crunches and planks. Hope this helps :)

  • Becca

    im doing this!! :)

  • Rachel Grosset

    I want to do this!!

  • Jennifer Marshall

    I’m so excited to start getting back on a healthy meal plan. This is motivation to keep me on track! Thanks!

  • shellski6

    Am loving some of the recipes off this. For example, the busy girl breakfast muffins – instead of using 6 full eggs, I used 2 full eggs and 6 egg whites. I added zucchini, spinach and some white onion to fill – absolutely delicious! So thank you for this, although in Australia and its too cold to be thinking bikini’s, there’s no harm in getting a jump on next summer :)

  • shellski6

    I’m with Mel, I find adding the crunches or the 60 second planks a lot less time consuming. So maybe opt for those, stay motivated, any fitness will help :)

  • Joanne Kim


  • Ver

    I’m going to start right now :D!

  • Cassie

    Hi! I’m thinking of giving this a go! I know this is a bit of a silly Q, but how much cheese is a LARGE portion of cheese? A cheese stick? Obviously I’m a cheese fanatic!


    Hi Jessica! You were totally right, the 45 minute run was not meant to be included in the every day exercises–it’s supposed to be an exercise option! We fixed this so that it makes more sense :-) Thanks for brining this to our attention and let us know if you’re going to give Boot Camp a try!

  • Cassie

    I also noticed that not a lot of questions in this thread have been answered… I’m new here, do member questions usually get addressed?

  • hannah shamansky

    Oh good! I was gonna say a 45 min run plus a excerise then The regular everyday excerise a would’ve been crazy! I wish there were more recipes, or like if there was listed how many calories we should have for meals like a calorie range. Since some of the meals are kinda like too fancy and look really good!! But, there harder to take for lunch. More options or calorie range would be great! :)

  • Katherine McCarthy

    I started this bootcamp and I’m already enjoying myself. I’m a HUGE fan of using hummus in recipes! My mother is Jordanian, so we always had homemade hummus in the house. The overnight oats are also SO easy to prepare ahead of time, and it’s definitely holding me over until lunch.

  • Nat

    I think I’m going to start this boot-camp. It sounds fun and even though I am already pretty slim, I definitely think I could eat healthier! The recipes sound easy and yummy- perfect! I can’t wait!

  • Priscila Luna 93

    today I’m going to star this boot-camp. :)

  • NidLid

    Love this! It’s so specific!

    And I would love it if you guys checked out my fashion/beauty blog! :)

  • Rachel Elkins

    Hi Lauren!
    I’m in! I just read this post and I was thinking, tomorrow is my starting day! :) So excited!
    xx, Rachel

  • Stephanie Kingston

    Hi Lauren!
    I am in! I just read though the post and am planning on starting tomorrow! Yay!

    xoxo Stephanie

  • Karina Zajac

    I love your bikini boot camp and I’m ready to do this! Last time I lost 16 pounds :)

  • Courtney Miranda

    I’m ready to feel good all the time.

  • phiphi

    I am very excited to try this!! My toughest part is sticking to the routine! I have my days that i just feel like napping after work but hopefully my best friend and I can help motivate :) thanks for the tips LC :)

  • Janna Renee

    I’m in! I have a bikini contest in a week, so I have to tighten up, and I think this is just the ticket! I live by this lifestyle, but needed a little motivation to stay on track ;)

  • Shelby

    Started this today and am determined to stick with it!

  • Selina amy

    Yes! This comes in really handy, with the Busy Girl eating options! Considering school is kicking ass these days haha. Goodluck everyone ! :)

  • Tika

    I love all the ideas! Perfect guide for my healthy planning!

  • Leener

    I’m really looking forward to trying to try this properly as of tomorrow! I have my graduation in July and this looks like a great way to lose weight and get fit in time for it! Thanks and good luck everyone!

  • MissAweesha

    My focus for Bikini Boot Camp is the ring I am 100% sure my boyfriend has bought for me :) Why not get started right this moment? Now I am going to pour myself a nice glass of lemon water.

  • Shamika Murray

    I am going to try this! I have never been in a bikini before and I want to stay focused and get in better than high school shape for summer! :B

  • Ana Ricart

    I’m in!

  • Abigail Clemmer

    I love the suggestions!! LC — come out with a swimwear line!! I would buy it!!

  • Benjamina Haksabanovic

    count me in!

  • Patty CatCake

    Oh, this is just the right moment for the new bikini boot camp plan. As I have started my healthy life plan the beginning of the year but broke up with it as school got too time intensive.

    Does anybody has a tip that I can truly stick to it this time?

    xoxo, Patty

    PS: I am so in the boot camp this year!

  • Kelsea Sears

    I’m super pumped! I had overnight oats this morning…delicious! I am curious if I can have a breakfast option for dinner or lunch? I love eggs but don’t have time to cook them during the week mornings because I have summer class 8-12.

  • Laura Holtz

    I’m ready for this! I haven’t tried it yet and hope it will tone me for the summer:)

  • Cathleen

    I can’t wait to try this!

  • Michelle T

    Thank you so much!! This is a plan I will definitely follow through with!:)

  • Kylee Bieber

    I’m ready

  • sarah ashley

    So ready to get in shape for summer! I’m going to try my best to stick with this routine!!

  • Zippity.A

    I started Bikini Boot Camp today and though I didn’t do great at following the eating plans, I did some cardio and the Aussie Babe Sunseeker Workout and I feel great! Thanks Lauren for putting out such a fun and doable plan!!!

  • Chelsie

    I love that this is a healthy lifestyle plan, not a fad diet. I am in!

  • drinkingtheofficecoffee

    I’m doing this, I pseudo started today.

  • Katherine

    Can you write a post about how to eat out without breaking this plan please?

  • Kristen0280

    i tried it both ways and it was delicious :) THNKS GIRLS!

  • KatrynaKouture

    Thanks Lauren for creating such a fun and effective boot camp. I am def doing this:) love ya

  • KatrynaKouture

    Could you post something about school lunches. The lunches at school are in the off limits category. :) thanks

  • Remy Kennedy

    I have a question. I am really good at staying away from refined anything, but I always break my rules when it comes time to go out — I’m talking drinking about alcohol! Do you have any suggestions for what type of drinks to stick to at the bars that won’t ruin my diet?

  • Jack Mills

    L.C is the most underrated bombshell in Hollyweird.

  • Crissy Grande

    I want to be fit

  • Crissy Grande

    I am staring this tomorrow…I probably wont do this every day though ahahah

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  • Beth Lynch

    the best advice I can give you is make the switch to vodka, soda water & lime, it’s a great low cal option. gin & tonic is another good one (but vodka soda is my personal fav).
    It’s always good to have water in between drinks if you are clubbing/dancing or just drinking a lot of alcohol.
    You will feel a million times better in the morning after :P

  • Autumn Charles

    Well, I know it’s already the beginning of bikini season, but I am starting this bikini bootcamp today! I always sit around and think about living a healthier lifestyle and looking better, but I never act on it. That changes today, May 26, 2013, because I really want to follow this plan and live healthier!!
    Thank you LC!!!!

  • ElsaLynnMaris

    Hey! What are your thoughts/recommendations about dietary supplements like herbalife?

  • SteffiCheek

    This is probably one of the easier life style changes. I think I can do this one :) I’m going to college and I need to change my life style or I will be one of those students that packs on the pounds. Thank you again :)

  • elcarter

    I totally agree with the vodka soda, great option. I also make my drinks ‘pressed’ to reduce calorie intake and make sure I’m sneaking some water in there. I suggest staying away from tonic though, it’s full of sugar! :) Good luck!

  • Katiebaby723

    Started this yesterday! Going to try my hardest to keep up, You should do a post on alcoholic summer drinks b/c that’s what always weighs me down. I never know whats a low cal drink when i’m out to dinner or at a bar with friends, margaritas? beer? wine? what are some good summer drinks that can still help everyone stay on track without putting that weight on through drinking! thanks!

  • Sarah Chelsey

    Starting this plan first thing tomorrow morning can’t wait xxx.

  • Sam

    Can’t wait to start! Tomorrow is my day. Good luck to all you trying it.
    Thanks Lauren

  • Emcar30

    Id love to start this! i am doing the tone it up challened as well but the more motivation the better!!!

  • Paola Vazquez

    I will start it tomorrow, love this!

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  • Carlee Hartley

    Starting tomorrow! The hardest part for me will be getting 8 hours of sleep. I’m a working mom with a three month old that likes to wake up in the night :)

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    Sunglasses for $18,
    wallet for $19,
    belt for $18,
    T-shirts for $20,
    Jeans for $39,
    Rolex watch $99,
    NFL/MLB/NBA jerseys for $25,

  • Chelle Belle

    I’ve decided to start this boot camp and have a healthier lifestyle.

    But i did have one quick question, should we be eating 3 meals a day and a snack or 2 meals a day and a snack?

    I’ve decided that I’m going to plan out my meals for the entire week to stay on to of the plan. :)

  • Chelsea Davis

    What if you can’t do crunches (for medical reasons)?? What is a good alternative??

  • Chrystal Adams

    I’m in!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • lisa_sunshine

    I`m in too…hopefully i can make it!

  • Emma Acomb

    Count me in!

  • Amanda Shaw

    This sounds easy and great for a girl with a busy lifestyle like myself! I’m excited!

  • Diana Thomas

    I can’t wait to start!!

  • Diana Coman

    I am definitely going to join you in your Bikini Boot Camp Plan! It sounds awesome , can’t wait to get fit !

  • Kate Warren

    I’m only 14 and most of my family runs on the bigger side. Of course I don’t want to turn out like that when i’m older, so i want to transform my lifestyle at a young age. Just knowing my genes & that i control my lifestyle is going to help me stay devoted to getting & staying fit.

  • Knicbax

    I ended up printing everything out and keeping it in a binder so I could easily look up foods before shopping or workouts while I was at the gym. It might be nice for next year if all the meals and workouts as well as the guidelines were compiled in a PDF document that we could download :)

  • Aroosa Hussain

    im in!!

  • ShaniseW

    Yeah, I would like to know this as well!

  • Akasha Jayde

    I’m in ;) all the way from oz!!

  • Imogen

    I am so going to start this tomorrow!

  • Jazz

    well, after attempting a 30 day juice cleanse.. Fail. Going on the 7 Day Diet.. Fail and finally, taking a stab at becoming a cold turkey vegan. I have decided to try this Boot Camp, as it makes more sense to do something that is healthy, realistic and will produce long-term results. I read first line of the rules .. “”this is a lifestyle change..”” and was set. I’m starting next Monday, Can’t wait to begin! Although, my bikini body won’t arrive until September, its sunny somewhere ;)

  • iwill-be-healthydany

    i’m gonna start this next week! After i finish a seven-day cleanse i’m doing!

  • Mckenna_bubolz

    I definitely want to do this, despite the fact it’s already July. I’ve struggled with health problems and sticking to workouts for quite a while and this sounds like a great plan. [:

  • Maddieknockonwood

    I was reading this, and it sounds really awesome. A problem I have always struggled with is doing a workout for a week and then stopping. Do you have any suggestions to keep going? I am already relatively skinny and comfortable with my body, so I do not really have any fitness goals, but I have a tummy pudge that just appears when I sit down, which really bothers me. Does anyone have any motivational tips for keeping on a workout? I am a very motivated person, except when it comes to exercising. I loathe exercising, entirely.

  • Samantha Buckley

    You should be eating 3 meals a day and snacking in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. This keeps your metabolism going and your blood sugar at healthy levels.

    You definitely need the 3 meals to make sure you’re getting enough calories. Especially when combined with working out otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and will hold onto any of the calories you’re consuming (no weight loss!!) and may eventually start eating away at your muscles! Hope this helps!!

  • Pauline Saisirikul

    i just saw this posted on tumblr and pinterest so, i came here to read about your get fit advice and it is so motivating. i’ve always had trouble sticking to a plan or i never have enough motivation to keep going. i am definitely going to give this a shot and all your other advices on how to lose weight and get fit. thank you! <3

  • Vanessa Alvarado

    love this <3

  • Lauren yvonne

    Really want to do this but I don’t have the money myself to buy all the stuff I’d need also I think it would be easier to do if I lived alone. I’ll try and give it a shot though :) xx

  • Lauren yvonne

    Really want to do this but I don’t have the money myself to buy all the stuff I’d need also I think it would be easier to do if I lived alone. I’ll try and give it a shot though :) xx

  • Rose berger

    This is such a great way to lose those extra pounds gained from winter “”””hibernating””. I am definitely going to try my best to follow this guide as well as my budget will allow. Thanks for sharing with us:)

  • Ireland Stone-smith

    I’ve already started this! Can’t wait for the results!!

  • Carolyn Yang

    I love this!

  • Tazzler

    How long do we do it for? :)

  • sarah walton

    Going to start the bikini boot camp today! so excited to see the results! yay! :)

  • Brooke722

    Starting the plan today along with the Advocare Cleanse to prepare for my wedding on November 1st! So excited

  • emilylouise

    starting this today, cant wait to see the result at end of it. Will be worth it for my
    holiday :)

  • emilylouise

    starting this today, cant wait to see the result at end of it. Will be worth it for my
    holiday :)

  • Katie

    Starting this today Lauren. Will send you updates from Cape Town, South Africa, about how it works out. :) Wish me luck ladies. xxx

  • Katie

    Hello LC Team!
    Just wanted to update you on how its going with my Bikini Bootcamp. (Summer’s approaching here in South Africa, so I’m right on track if I stick with your bootcamp plan!)
    I started on Monday, 9th Sept (weight 142.5 pounds) and I’ve been sticking to the routine and really enjoying it, and today, I’m feeling so motivated, because the scale’s down to 141.00 pounds! I’ll admit my abs are burning, but its a great kind of sore. I also took my “”Before”” pic and will be sure to keep you posted on my progress.
    Thanks for the lovely website! :)

  • Katie

    Hello Team LC!

    I just wanted to thank you for the encouragement and motivation! I have started this on the 9th of September (Gearing up for Summer in South Africa) and I’ve been sticking to it as much as possible! and I am seeing such great results! Also, because I’ve been committed to doing an hour of exercise a day (and I love running) since I’ve started your Bikini Bootcamp, I’ve managed to run and complete 2 half marathon races!!! Will surely send before/after pics once I find the perfect new bikini!

    Much love!

  • Katie

    Just to let you guys know – I’ve really stuck to this, and already lost 8 pounds! :) What a great lifestyle plan!

    • Erin Marie

      how long did it take you to lose those first eight pounds!?

  • aasiya magsi

    I have one question in the exercise options do i just choose one and keep doing that or do i do a different exercise each day?

  • Breanna R.

    That’s awesome! Good for you! You’ve inspired me to try this too! Even though it’s not summer here :)

  • Ivaryyy

    Does this mean only eating 2 meals? Breakfast and either lunch or dinner? I’m just a bit confused!

    • malpal

      no you chose a different meal but l
      unch and dinner are kinda the same,so they are in the same catergory

  • Danni

    I wish I could do this but living on campus and eating campus food does not allow for such flexibility

  • Crystal

    Going to start this new boot camp tomorrow!!!!!

  • Rachel Starks

    Starting this today. My wedding is May 9th, 2015!!! <3



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