Explore: The Secret Language of Flowers

A fresh floral arrangement is one of our favorite little luxuries here at LaurenConrad.com. It’s the perfect easy way to add a pop of color and a fresh burst of fragrance to your space. But if you’ve been picking out blooms based on appearance alone, it’s time to take a look at the meaning behind them. From Victorian era Britain to ancient Japan, many cultures throughout history have assigned meaning to flowers. Whether you’re decoding the arrangement the new guy you’re seeing sent or deciding which blooms belong in your bridal bouquet, the language of flowers is both interesting and surprisingly useful, too. Take a peek…

Explore: The Secret Language of Flowers

  • Anemone – unfading love; anticipation
  • Camellia – perfect loveliness
  • Chrysanthemum – joy; optimism
  • Dahlia – elegance; dignity
  • Gardenia – purity
  • Lavender – luck
  • Lily (white) –innocence; purity
  • Orchid – rare beauty; luxury
  • Peony –Prosperity; bashfulness
  • Rose (pink) –gratitude; admiration
  • Rose (coral or orange) – desire
  • Rose (yellow) – friendship

Now that you know what each bloom means, it’s time to put your flower arranging skills to the test…

What does your favorite flower mean?

Share it in the comments.

xo Ilana

P.S. You can watch Lauren’s flower arranging tutorial video here!

Photo: Ilana Saul for LaurenConrad.com
Sources: The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss, Wikipedia, Teleflora
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