Ladylike Laws: Blind Date Escape Etiquette

Ladylike Laws: Blind Date Escape Etiquette

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than a blind date? Let’s be honest here—it can go one of two (very different) ways. Way #1: You and your date hit it off and the rest is history. Way #2: The entire thing is awkward and there isn’t any chemistry. Either way it’s a gamble and you have to accept the fact that you can’t always win. So what is a girl to do when she draws an unlucky card? There is a lot of debate as to how one should escape a bad blind date. Some say that it’s best to leave the suitor high and dry while others think it’s best to stick it out to the bitter end. Whatever camp you side with, here are a few points of etiquette to consider when plotting an exit strategy or dodging a follow up date…

If the date is going terribly (as in you’re crawling in your skin to leave—now!)…

Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and have the courage to end it. Ultimately, if you are not interested (or you can tell the other party isn’t into it at all), it might be best to accept it and make a clean break. The important thing is to be kind and honest. Faking an emergency exit is not only a lie, it is hurtful and rude too.

If the date isn’t great, but not horrible (but you’re definitely not into it)…

Stick it out if you can. If your date is a pleasant person and they seem to be enjoying your company, the kind thing to do is to be nice and finish the date.

If the date wants to go out again and you don’t…

Let them know that it was really nice meeting them, however, it’s just not a good match and you’d rather not waste their time. If your date is a reasonable person, they will appreciate your frankness and honesty instead of leading them on. If not, it’s probably a good thing you are calling it quits anyway.

Needless to say, even though the thought of going out with a total stranger can be terrifying, blind dates can be a wonderful opportunity to meet someone new. Just be sure to go somewhere public for your date and let a friend or family member know where you are going (just in case). If your blind date offers to give you a ride, you should kindly decline and let them know that you’ll meet them there. Getting in a car with a stranger is not the safest option! It’s also a good idea to pick an activity that will only last for a finite period of time (concert, coffee, drinks, appetizers) instead of a drawn out dinner.

Have you ever had a blind date go horribly astray? Share your blind date horror stories below!

Also, do you have an etiquette question? Leave it below—Ill do my best to cover it in an upcoming post!

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XO Lauren

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  • Alyssa

    I agree that it is extremely rude to fake an emergency and leave a blind date. If you’re not into it, just be honest! The guy will appreciate it more in the long run (in a way…)

  • Sarah Pickell

    I’ve never been on a blind date before, although I’ve had my fair share of bad dates.

    I actually had an etiquette question…I am currently in an internship where my bosses love me, and the work is great experience, but the social situation is not so great, (horrible really). I’m just wondering when is it appropriate to call it quits to any job? I only have a few months left for the internship, so I am sticking it out, but if in the future this happens again at a full-time job, is it ok to leave the job because the social scene is not healthy?


  • Megan M

    I went on a blind date that was awful one time. He asked me to meet him at a family style Italian restaurant so the tables were really close together and he started talking about how his plan was to be a millionaire so he does side jobs to make extra money and he was considering doing phone sex with gay men and started to talk about that. Directly next to us was a large table of grandparents, parents and a few children and some of the adults were looking at us – I wanted to hide, I have never been so mortified because I am on the shy side and more conservative and could never imagine that someone would do something like that in public! Couldn’t get out of that date fast enough!

  • chelseasuttle

    You should definitely stick it out until the end of the internship. It can be difficult to get along with people in a working environment when you more than likely wouldn’t spend time with them outside of work, but it can be done. Just be conscious of your actions (you’re the only one responsible for yourself anyway), and when you get frustrated, remember to be the bigger person. The bottom line is, that as long as you’re doing the best job you can AND keeping a positive outlook on it daily and not letting the little annoyances get you down, your work ethic will speak for itself. Ultimately, that can give you a fair advantage over your cliche counterparts and their unwarranted dramatics….if, I’m assuming, that’s the case. Your boss will be the one either offering you a permanent position, or referring you in the future anyway, so give him/her a great reason to!

  • Sarah Cook

    The important thing to remember, when you are in a full time job, part time job, or any work situation, is to understand that it is a two-way street. Not only does the company have to like you and want to hire you, but you also have to like them and enjoy the work environment and what you do. I have experienced a situation slightly different from yours, in that I liked the people I worked with and the work environment, but did not enjoy the work I was doing. Ultimately you have to do what makes you happy. They will be able to find someone else.

    Before you decide to leave for any reason, however, make sure you have an open dialogue with your boss or manager and let them know what is bothering you. It may be something that they can change to make your work experience more enjoyable, including the social situation. Also, when leaving a full time job, make sure you leave with the proper amount of notice. Sometimes it is more appropriate to provide longer than two weeks notice if you know you are going to leave. Whatever you do, you don’t want to burn any bridges so that they may provide a good reference for you in the future.

    Hope that’s helpful!


  • Ali

    To the young women at the internship I agree, I work at a magazine and we have interns on staff all the time. It would not look good to end it early and not a good idea if you are getting good work experience. Is the social part that bad? Egads I can not imagine. Can you politely decline the social aspects of the job?

  • Wendy

    public transport etiquette please :)

  • Miri

    Thankfully, I’ve never had to deal with bad blind date. However, I’ve set up a few blind dates that didn’t end well. I have a tendency of looking at friends & thinking “”they’d make a cute couple, I should set them up!”” rather than looking at personal attributes & common interests.

  • ssingh

    so do you tell your blind date that your still a virgin even doh you are still 28 years….

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