Halloween: DIY Costume Contest!



Since last year’s DIY Halloween Costume Contest was such a great success, I thought I’d hold another one this year! (Plus, when I asked you guys if I should do the contest on my Facebook page a few days ago. everyone said yes!)

Last year, we had the pleasure of learning how to make a Rock, Paper, Scissors costume (Genius!), a sweet Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume, a pretty peacock costume, and one of my favorites, a Carrie Bradshaw costume. You guys were so creative so I am very excited to see what you come up with this year!

Do you have a great costume idea and think you have what it takes to guest blog for LaurenConrad.com?

If so, submit your DIY costume tutorial for a chance to be featured on the site and win a personalized signed copy of my new book, Lauren Conrad Beauty!

Throughout the month of October my team and I will select 3 of the best step-by-step DIY Halloween costume tutorials to feature in my DIY Halloween Costume series.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. You must be a registered LaurenConrad.com member. Click here to join now! (It’s easy and takes less than a minute.)
  2. Send ONE email to [email protected] with the following:-In the body of the email, include a list of numbered, step-by-step written instructions (these instructions must match the photos you’ve submitted)
    – Attach 4-12 clear photos for each step. (Note: JPEGs are preferred; photos must be plain and graphic-free; white background is best) Your images must match up with the written instructions. Click here for an example.
    – The email subject should be: COSTUME CONTEST- [Name of Costume] by [Your First Name]
    – At the end of the email please include your full name, email address, and a link to your LaurenConrad.com profile page
  3. You must be the person in the photos doing the tutorial.
  4. One entry per person. Buddy costumes and entries are welcome!
  5. You will be judged on originality, technical skill (keep it simple!), and how easy your instructions are to follow.


All entries must be submitted by or before October 14th at midnight PST.

The winning tutorials will be posted throughout the month of October so be sure to keep an eye out… I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with!

So snag a friend, grab a camera, and get your craft on! Good luck!

Let me know if you’re going to enter in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Photo: “Tim Burton’s Tricks & Treats” photographed by Tim Walker for Harper’s Bazaar

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  • Melissa Panici

    So glad you are doing this again Lauren! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  • Deanne Castro


  • Kelby Peachey

    EEEP!!! October 14th????? I need to get on this RIGHT AWAY!!



  • Deek Labelle

    I’m gonna do my best to enter. My boyfriend and I have come up with a unique costume idea and we just hope we can pull it off!!

  • Elle Pearson

    Loved this competition last year, can’t wait to see what inspiring ideas everyone comes up with this year!


  • Cesie Alvarez

    I wish I was craftier! I did a super cute and easy mickey mouse costume last year but it didn’t really involve crafts. I just used my friends clothes (like a red mini skirt and black lacy crop top). So easy and inexpensive! I love coming up with unique costumes.

    (Click for some Monday Inspiration!)

  • Hailey Anderson

    I can’t wait to see the winners!

    xo, Hailey


  • Manon Bourdon

    The period of Halloween makes me so sad.
    In France, we do not celebrate Halloween.
    It’s so cool though. I hope to celebrate in true one day, in usa.

  • Giselle Escamilla

    Sounds so much fun! I’m excited to see who are the winners:)

  • Mallory

    I love this contest! Can’t wait to see the winning costumes!



  • Breanna Filson

    So Excited for this contest! I am all about DIY Halloween costumes and all my friends say that they don’t know anyone else that gets as excited as I do about making my costumes every year! I just sent in my DIY Costume for the contest!

  • i10

    I am now planning to make a sum like this one lol!

  • Kaycee Radjewski

    First time making my Halloween costume! I had an idea, & went with it! Can’t wait to show you my super cute DIY Costume!!

  • Lauren Conrad

    Already getting so many incredible entries!! Keep them coming guys :-)

  • Sarah Chase

    this is great! I’m making my son’s costume. i’ll have to take pictures of each step.



  • Trends With Benefits

    We are definitely entering! We are from the UK are we still okay to send our ideas in? x

  • May Sanchez

    Love the costume

  • Allie King

    I can’t wait to enter!!:) I’m having so much fun making this costume:) As a younger child I would always tell my parents what I wanted to be for Halloween and they would make the cutest costumes that always fit my visions perfectly…now I’m making my own costume..:) yippy for DIYs


    Where do we post pics of our costumes?!

  • Deston Hand

    I just entered and crossing my fingers everyone likes my costume! it was so fun and easy to make, either way it was definitely worth it!

  • Awais Seo

    This costume is like my mother. I want to buy it.


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