Giveaway: Win Lauren’s Fall Bag!

Giveaway: Win Lauren's Fall Bag!

UPDATE: We have our winner! Congrats to LC member Alexis!

We are over the moon excited (!!!) to announce today’s fabulous fall giveaway! In honor of October and the lovely fall weather, Lauren has put together an amazing prize package that you’re not going to want to miss out on.

Lauren personally handpicked each and every item to include in this giveaway and we are already super jealous of whoever wins! The bag Lauren is giving away is filled with all the essentials you will need to stay glamorous and gorgeous in the crispy fall weather.

Here’s what you could win:

A brown leather Cambridge Satchel (just like the one Lauren has) filled with the following items:

Approximate Value: $500

Do you want to win Lauren’s fall goodie bag?

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Sign up! If you haven’t already, you must be a registered member of Click here to sign up now!
  2. Comment. Leave one comment with a fall or holiday themed question that you would love the see answered by Lauren here on the website.
  3. Wait! Lauren will announce the winner on Tuesday, October 16th.

Good luck everyone!

XO Team LC

  • You must be a registered member to enter. Learn how to sign up by clicking here.
  • This contest is open to US residents only. Sorry international fans!
  • Winners will be contacted via private message to their inbox and by email. If our team does not hear back within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected in your place.
  • Limit one comment per entry. Multiple comment entries will not be considered.
  • This giveaway ends at midnight PST on Oct 15th 2012.
  • This is not a sponsored giveaway in any way.


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  • Ashley Neeser

    what is your favorite fall drink?

  • grata christine

    Hi Lauren!

    What do you suggest for making my hair healthy again after the summer. I feel like its dry and damaged and lifeless from the heat, beach, pool, etc. I need to fallify it, lol!!

  • Anokhi Shah

    I would love to have a post about the best and AFFORDABLE places to find holiday dresses!

  • Alyssa Brindisi

    November is synonymous with homecomings and reunions. What is your advice for the perfect high school or college reunion outfit that shows sophistication but at the same time an edge of sex appeal?

  • Diana Smith

    What is your favorite outfit for fall?

  • Christina Waters

    What is your favorite fall weekend activity?

  • Jennifer Ickovics

    What is your favorite fall activity/date idea?

  • Hannah Miller

    How can I pull off the ultra-dark vampy lip shades? I love how red and burgundy lip color looks, but I am VERY German with ultra blonde hair, fair skin, and green eyes. It seems like every shade I try is too overwhelming for my coloring. Help! :)

  • Caitlin McDonah

    i abolutly love fall boots but i have wide calfs do you have any suggestions on where to find affordable boots with a wide calf??

  • Sasha Herrera

    what is your favorite thing to do to get ready for the Holiday’s?

  • Marissa Cutaia

    What are your favorite boots for this fall; Combat, riding, heel, etc?

  • brittany parrella

    Does the fall weather bring back memories for you? It always does for me :)

  • Michelle Bell

    I would like to see a post on how to throw an inexpensive holiday party: decorations, place settings (or not), drinks, and food. The whole nine from start to finish for the girl on a budget. :-)

  • Amanda Gongleski

    What are your favorite treats to make come Christmas-time? Some healthier options would be great considering I usually splurge on fatty and calorie-filled goodies!!!

  • Kaitlyn Ward

    After the humidity of the summer, the crisp dry air of the fall always dries out my skin and hair. What are your fall beauty tips for keeping your skin fresh?

  • daniela palma ramos

    What is your favorite fall/holiday movie?

  • Haley Barr Jones

    What is your favorite holiday treat??

  • Lauren D

    Out of all the holiday movies that will be shown in the next three months, which movie do you wish could be remade and have a role in?

  • Jessii Terra

    What is your favorite fall drink and what is the recipe/ where can you buy it?

  • Emily OShea

    Hi Lauren,

    I would love to know what jacket trends are best this season. I have a Northface, and sometimes it just seems to be the easiest coat to put on in the winter as a college student. However, I would love to get a fall/winter fashionable coat that I can wear with jeans and boots and look more put together on the outside!

  • Kaja Flisar

    What are your favourite colours for fall clothes?

  • Madalina Plesoiu

    How can I decorate my house for fall without spending a lot of money?

  • Kalmus Alicia

    Hi Lauren!

    It’s getting cold, so our hair gets stubborn and dry very quick by the heating air, what are your hints taht this doesn’t happen?

    grettings from Germany, Alicia

  • Jaqueline Delgadillo

    What is theperfect outfit for a date on this season?

  • Elizabeth Zick

    What is your favorite Halloween look for redheads??

  • Jamie Gage

    what is your favorite holiday themed activity to do with friends or your boyfriend?

  • Melissa Panici

    What an awesome giveaway!! How about some DIY holiday decoration ideas! That would be amazing! Thanks Lauren!

  • Katie

    What are some different ways to wear fashion scarves for the Fall?

  • Kelly McHale

    While I love almost all things fall, I find it hard around the holidays to stay away or find a healthier alternative for treats. Do you have any suggestions/recipies for “”lighter”” treats? If you could indulge yourself with one treat, what would it be?

  • Miriam

    What are your favorite things to do during fall?

  • Victoria VanBuskirk

    With thanksgiving coming up, what are you most thankful for? Love the bag!

  • monikapov

    Hey! What would you recommend for the New Year’s outfit? Thanks xxx

  • tmd636

    I would love to see a holiday party attire tutorial. We all go to different functions, some work-related and others social. And to vary by age…what’s appropriate for a 20-something may not be appropriate for 30-something. Or even types of holiday attire by body shape?

  • Alka Mysore

    How do you keep yourself motivated, eating healthy and getting pretty on a gloomy rainy fall day?

  • Samantha Gasz

    I love all your dining tips! If Lauren could, I’d love for her to share some of her favorite fall inspired dishes. How can I incoroprate all the gourd-geous winter gords and squash I see at the farmers market into my autumn menu?

  • teresa boccis

    how to protect your face when it’s cold?

    love from italy!

  • Sharon Shaffer

    Nothing is better than lighting some candles and curling up with a book and a blanket on a chilly afternoon. What are your favorite fall/winter candles?

  • Mackenzie Walker

    I’m having trouble pairing skirts with boots. I feel like they make my legs look short. Any suggestions?

  • Rebekkah Huberty

    What is your favorite way to wear boots & what type of socks do you wear?

  • Ugne Anuzyte

    Hello Lauren,

    I would like to know which autumn was the best for you , when you felt like the happiest person in the world ? 😉

    P.S. Sorry, if I left several mistakes :)

  • manuela parisi

    what have been your Halloween traditions since you was a child?

  • Stephanie Gushlaw

    What are some healthy options for Thanksgiving desserts? Thanks!

  • Lexit33

    Gift etiquette: with all the holidays approaching, what is the best gifts to give to the host of the party?

  • Christine Stirrat

    What ideas do you have for carving pumpkins? Its a fave holiday tradition of mine, but can’t decide what I want to carve this year.

  • Marie Fournier

    Can you show us some idea of outfit for a date or party for the season ? or Can you do DIY about halloween, fall & Holiday decoration please ? If you do a post about one of this two question it will be amazing ! Thank you for this amazing giveaway !

  • Bhavashnie Naidoo

    whats the best fall make up style for olive skin tones?

  • Jennero

    I have a holiday entertaining question: I love to plan, decorate for and throw parties, but I am always too tired to enjoy the actual event! I have several fall parties coming up. How can I have as much fun partying as I do planning?

  • TBB

    Now that fall is fully here, I’d love to see a post about how to wrap/wear/style scarves so it looks casually “”done””…

  • Mackenzie Swanhart

    This is a seriously cute bag and is perfect for the fall season!

    My question is: What is on you’re fall bucket list this fall?

    Fall is one of my favorite seasons and every fall I come up with a list of things to to embrace the season! This year some of the things on my list include apple picking and hosting a fall themed dinner party. Check out the rest of the things on my bucket list here–!

  • Arika Mullis

    What is one of your favorite Holiday memories growing up?

  • krisss

    what is your scariest, funniest, and the most memorable halloween experience ever? :)

  • Eleni Ma

    Hey Lauren! I would like to ask you what face beauty treatments do you think are essential for women in their 20s after summer?

  • Bailey Gerrits

    Fantastic giveaway.

    Fall Question: What is the best way to transition from summer to fall to winter???

  • Allison Gitto

    Do you have any DIY costume ideas for halloween?

  • Valeria Alvarez

    I would love to see a hair tutorial for fall!! everyone is talking about make up, but forgets about the hair!

  • Danielle Lenz

    How can you make your own creative wreath?

  • Eliza Bellock

    How do you incorporate your summer favorites into the fall and winter seasons?

  • Jennifer Lyden

    What are your go to Winter Holiday pajamas?

  • Cindy Gomez

    What are some great DIY gift ideas for new coworkers?

  • Joyce Ceron

    What would be your advice about layering clothes? Fall inspires me to add layers in my daily outfits including jackets and scarves :)

  • Aubrey Miller

    I have such a hard time coming up with gift ideas for the men in my life (brother, dad, boyfriend, etc.) What are some cool ideas for guy’s gifts?

  • Jennifer Battista

    I love the whole bootie look, but I wonder…what do you think is the best way to style them?

  • jasmin

    I’m throwing a Halloween party this year and am already really excited about it :-) Do you know any delicious, not-so-unhealthy and easy to make Halloween treats I could make for my guests?

  • Dora Baranyai

    This bag is soo cute!:)
    My question is : What are your favourite pieces in your fall/winter clothes? :)

  • redheadrachel

    Lauren, what is your favorite candy to snack on at Halloween?

  • Thiravigah Thiraviarajah

    Are you gonna do any DIY Halloween costumes? 😀 <3

  • Jammy Benter

    When do you do your holiday shopping and how do you make sure to get the best bang for your buck?

  • Pheebs623

    this year, i’m hosting my girlfriends’ annual FriendsGiving, but I’m already worried about how feasting season (halloween through new years) is going to affect my eating habits! any ideas on how to serve a delicious yet waistline friendly meal?

  • kara roberts

    Holiday Party question: I want to throw a themed Holiday PJ party with my friends for Christmas, complete with the classic Christmas movies. What kind of alcoholic drinks and appetizers would best compliment the cozy, Holiday theme?

  • Maha Gonzalez

    What are good affordable holiday present ideas to give to my co-workers (I have about 15)?

  • Gia Pecoraro

    What is your favorite way to tie a scarf? I always have trouble picking a certain way!

  • Tuesday

    Finally the cool weather has hit CA. I just wore my first cords of the season and they felt fantastic against my skin. I went out and bought two more, navy and bone. I work in a casual setting (no jeans). I would like to have some help with finding cute ways to style these pants up. They are bootcut, not skinny. Thanks!

  • Amanda Lehrke

    I would love some ideas AFFORDABLE gifts for the holidays!

  • Ashley S Wilson

    What are some great fall decor ideas that with a little DIY-ing can be easily transitioned into winter decor as well. or Summer to Fall…

  • Hanna Henson

    I’m in love with pumpkin latte’s and once the winter comes, egg nog drinks. Are there any healthier ways to enjoy these treats?

  • Kathleen Hunt

    Which woul be a better investment: brown or black leather ridding boots?

  • Ally Rosin

    what are some of your favorite fall decorations?

  • Doggie29

    My question is regarding Trick-or-treating. My son is 2 1/2 and an only child with no cousins… is it ok if I dressed up and went with him so he doesn’t feel “”alone”” while out and about? I just take him to family and friends houses.

  • julief

    I just moved to an apartment from my parents house. What is the best way to decorate a small space for Christmas?

  • Carrie Garrison

    This is an awesome giveaway! My question for Lauren is: Out of all the newest fall trends, which one is most similar to your famous classic and Lauren Conrad style? I’d like to try some of the trends…but trying to figure out how to include them in my classic and simple style.

  • Katie McCoy

    If it’s chilly enough for a beanie or cozy warm hat, do you match it with a scarf, your coat, or shoes?

  • Amanda Ebersole

    Hey Lauren, I would love to see you do another DIY on making either holiday ornaments or a possible gift for someone. I know for me, around the holidays money can be really tight & I would love to have some creative gift ideas that I could make for people or decorations I could use as presents or for myself. Thanks!!! :)

  • Annie Moon

    What is your favorite time of the year and why?

  • DMichelle

    Hi all,

    The company I just started working for has a costume party on Halloween, and I’m told that last year there were some fabulous costumes and almost everyone dressed up!

    What are your suggestions for work-friendly Halloween costumes? Obviously these need to be comfortable, economical, and boss approved!

    Thank you :)

  • Amanda Weibel

    How do you decorate your apartment for Halloween?

  • Kimberly Michel

    What are your must-have gifts for this Christmas season? I need to know what to buy everyone!!

  • Lauren Buettner

    I would like to see your top gift ideas for Men and Women (mothers, fathers, siblings, best friends) all under $50. 😀

  • Laura Suarez

    My question will be: What is your all-time favorite hairstyle for any occasion?

  • Brittany Stewart

    I love to see new creative holiday decorations. Its getting to be my favorite time of year and the decorations are about to come out!

  • Delta88

    What summer items could you incoporate into your fall wardrobe?

  • Meeri Lee

    Since the holiday season is coming up soon, what are some cute DIY ways to wrap gifts and also to decorate the house?

  • Yuni Song

    What is your go-to accessory/outfit for the fall?

  • Joselle Cortez

    OMG I love the bag and every pieces included! So me :)

    I would just like to see what Lauren does on halloween and the holidays. I’m such a huge fan and getting to see a bit of what’s going on in her life is enough for me. Thanks!

  • Sarah Hannigan

    What would you suggest as more of a fashion statement in icey conditions, Wellington boots or Riding boots?

  • Amy Breckenridge

    wow, this giveaway looks awesome! :) lauren, could you suggest some cute winter jackets for those of us who live in really cold climates? most of the waterproof/insulated ones make us look shapeless and like we are wearing a sleeping bag, haha! do you have any suggestions?


  • Madelaine Guzman

    When you and your family get together for the holidays, what do you typically make for lunch/dinner?

  • aamandaa

    What’s the best thing about christmas?

  • Cassie Lynne

    What are the best investment pieces one can buy (on a budget) for the fall/winter?

  • Andrea W

    What are some ways to do chic DIY gift wrap for the holidays?

  • Dani English

    With Christmas right around the corner, what are some crafty home made gift ideas???

  • Jessica Jones

    Some common holiday party edicate for office and friends.

  • Latrice Benson

    Hi Lauren!

    How do you style printed/pattern tights for fall?

  • Christina Greiner

    Im in college right now and i would love to see a post about cute and cheap fall decoration ideas for our little dorm room :)

  • Regina Reed

    Are sequin shorts appropraite to wear in December (with a long sleeved shirt)?

  • Aris De Paz

    What are your favorite fall drinks? Maybe a yummy pumpkin spice latte, which I have been having almost everyday since Starbucks starting selling these for the Fall….love Lauren’s giveawaya…hope I can win this one

  • Agnes Fekete

    Holy Giveaway. Every girls dream come true.

    I have become pretty obsessed with nail polish, what do you think are this fall nail trends?

    Thanks so much


  • gatorgirl7

    This giveaway looks AMAZING! I love the bag and love Moxie as well (I have it in a few different shades already!) I’d like to know more about hosting a holiday gathering on a budget. Maybe you could do a post with a specific budget (ie. $100) and see what kind of foods and decorations could be put together. Thanks!

  • Jane Kukackova

    What is your fave hot drink for the cold days? Do you prefer coffee or a cup of lovely hot chocolate?

  • Julia Powell

    What is a great DIY fall home decor project?

  • Hannah Derreth

    What are the best ways to wear patterned tights during the colder weather?

  • Catherine Donovan

    I would love to see a post on your favorite fall activities (apple picking, pumpkin carving, etc.) and outfit options that you would wear to each of these activities.

  • Shannon Taylor

    This looks to die for perfect to brighten up a dreay london day.. I would love to know how to dress for being a tall girl in winter and stay sexy without wearing heels as you just cant get around london. Plus how to layer and look hot…. xxx

  • Olena Kania

    Hey Lauren !

    I’m new to this site but im really excited to see all your creations for holidays or recipies. I just joned today! When I found out about your contest that you were giving away your bag with products in it, I was excited. What could I do to win this magnificent prize? So here are some of my questions to you!

    1) I recently just got highlights in my hair and the products that I use are not so great. I want to protect my hair but I dont know how. Please help.

    2) What is the best halloween costume? My choices are a Ballerina, Miss Piggy, Waldo or the Mad Hatter. If you have any tips for these costumes, please sumit them to me.

    3) I really love fall so it would be nice to have some fall accesorie ideas aswell as fashion ideas.

    4) I want to create some fall treats aswell as winter treats for my friends and family. They have supported me so much in my life and I just want to give back to them. What are some good ideas?

    4) Im in 8 grade which means that I will be graduating in June. I want to make it the best year of my life. I am still suffering from negative energy around my piers. They dont respect as much as I deserve to be. It may sound tacky but its definetly true. I want to make it the best year EVER before I go to high school.

    So that’s all of the questions that I have for you. I really hope that after you read this, an image will come to your mind of a 13 year old girl just trying to make the most of it. If I win this prize, you dont even know how ecstatic I would be. Every time I enter contests, everybody wants to win. It always ends up going to a little girl or a 17 year old. I never won a prize like this and it would be great if you gave me this prize. Thank you for reading my questons and I wish you the best!

    Love you Lauren!

    Olena Kania

  • samara jimenez

    what is the best fall boot to wear with a work outfit.

  • Malina Khamvongsa

    Super cute bag + goodies!

    I know you love pumpkin treats for the fall. What are some new recipies you have that are pumpkin themed?

  • Codi Reyes

    I am going to Las Vegas as a mini Honeymoon with my husband around Christmas this year! I am so excited but worried about the cold and still looking amazing. Any tips on how to brave the cold and still look great when goig out? Thank you!


  • Allison Cameron

    I live in southern Alabama and it never gets really cold here. How can I dress fall appropriate without dying of heat? Most of the time it is in the 60’s during the winter months at night but sometime during the day it can get to the mid- 70’s and 80’s. Help Lauren!! Fall and winter are my favorite time of the year when it comes to clothing but I need adivde on how to stay cool, but not look like I think it is July still! Thanks Lauren and thank you for your awesome giveaways!

  • kbee210

    When it gets REALLY cold how do you stay warm but still cute & fashionable?!

  • Panpan Wang

    What are you gonna be for Halloween? =D

  • Giulia De Luca

    I have a question for New Yera Eve. What can I do to organize a big eve without spendig a lot of money? Have you any suggestion for a couple of fianc

  • Jennie Waller

    What are your favorite holiday cocktails? Do you have any recipes to share?

  • Elisabeth Bender

    Um, giveaway, yes please!!!

    I would like to know what are your favorite candle scents that you like to use around the holiday season?? And What is Chloe going to be for Halloween this year :)

  • Claire Zolkoski

    What is your favorite gift you have received for Christmas? Mine would have to be my combo dvd/vcr player I got when I was in junior high. I still use it and I get to watch my old Mary-Kate and Ashley videos!!


  • Anisa Mohammed

    Hi Lauren, I saw that you’ve recently added knitting to your list of hobbies. Can you post a tutorial in your DIY series and fun gifts which can be made from knitwear.


  • Julia Renkert

    This is a fantastic giveaway!! Here’s my fall question for Lauren: What are your favorite scenes or faces to carve into your pumpkin for Halloween? It’s always fun to have something different than everyone else and I’m sure you have some good ideas up your creative sleeve!


  • Amanda Silva

    I would love to win this!! finger crossed!!!

  • Whitney Baker

    I’d love to know what boots are on Lauren’s must-have list for this fall and how she plans to wear them!

  • Patty Voight

    Hi Lauren! Since the fear of falling off a healthy track around the holidays, the one question I have for you is:

    What are some healthy, yet festive food ideas to take to holiday parties?

    I hope you pick my question to answer!

  • Rachel Hammar

    this is the best giveaway yet! My question is… What are some good tips for throwing holiday themed parties, as far as decorating without being too cheesy and what are some good recipes for this season?

  • Amanda Lynn Redfern

    I have a Christmas party coming up at the end of November. What are some of your favourite cocktail dresses? I’d love some ideas!

  • Kathleen Barrett

    Recipes for holiday party drinks (spiced sangria, punches, etc!)

  • Gina

    With the holidays soon to be aproaching, what are some of your favorite recipies that you like to cook for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Also what are some ways to take a healthier approach to some of those classic staples, for example, pumpkin pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and egg nog?

    What a great bag! Something I don’t have and would make a really nice edition to my waredrobe along with all the fabulous things inside! :)

  • Miss Ci

    I love the bag and all the goodies!

    LC, what are some creative ways to style hair in the fall?

  • Camila Valenzuela

    What are your favourite candies for halloween? and also it would be nice to get some ideas on how to throw a halloween party with healthier options!

  • Gloria Raudabaugh

    Hi Lauren, I would love to see you do some DIY crafts. Maybe like a small gift to pass out during Thanksgiving?

  • Bethany Kreiter

    Do you have any holiday traditions you ALWAYS do with your family?

  • Brooke

    How do you transition into fall/winter in regards to workout apparel? I would love to see some fashionable workout clothes that keep me warm and still looking good!

  • Brenna Gray

    Hi Lauren! I am in love with this bag! It’s so chic!

    During the fall I love to wear sweaters however, my skin is so dry and so is my hair. When I pull a sweater over my head my hair gets staticy and frizzy. How can I tame this messy problem? Any suggestions? Also, what body lotion do you use to keep your skin from cracking?

    Thanks Lauren!


  • Jackie Blake

    Hi Lauren, love this price! I’ve been lusting after a cambridge satchel for so long (just a bit out of my pocket book range) and would love this one. The colour is perfect for fall.

    My question for you is skin care changes for summer vs winter, but what about fall? It’s quite not cold enough for you skin to become chapped and dried out but it still needs it’s own prescription. What do you recommend for perfect fall skin?

    And along those same lines, what is your go to makeup look for autumn?

    Can’t wait to see who wins and what you answer. Good luck everyone!

  • Jessica Morales

    what are a few of your favorite holiday movies? One of my faves is Just Friends!

  • Bethie.rust

    What are some DIY Christmas decor & Christmas gift ideas?

  • urska verc

    Hi, Lauren!

    I just moved to NYC one month ago from Europe and I think I desperately need a makeover:) Can you please give me some tips to start my fall/winter NYC makover and not spend a fortune. Thanks XOXO

  • SIRIPA Shimada

    On days when you don’t feel like dressing up, how do you get motivated? What would be the most effortless style but yet trendy look for you?

  • SydM

    what an awesome giveaway! i’d love it if Lauren could post some of her favorite DIY gifts for the holidays.

  • Maggie Butcher

    what are your favorite colors for winter scarves? how do you wear them?

  • Andrea Roiniotis

    Do you have some good recipe’s for leftover turkey? After Thanksgiving, my family has a ton of leftovers and is eating turkey for days!

  • Lauren Paget

    Love all the items. What are your favorite makeup looks for the fall (I’m really digging the oxtail red lips and even some deep purples, but wondering what kind of eyes and lips you like to combine)? thanks!

  • Anastacia Vazhenin

    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for this sweepstakes! My question is what is your favorite fall outfit? If you had to choose one when it gets chilly outside, what are you go-to peices?



  • Anntasha Crotty

    Hi Lauren,

    I just bought a condo with my boyfriend, and its so plain. Do you have any advice or some DIY for the hoildays to help perk our space up?

    Thanks, it would help me out a lot!

    <3 Tasha

  • Anne Cuddy

    I’m trying to budget for Christmas gifts and already getting nervous. I just want my gifts to show how much I love my family and friends, without hurting my own bank account. I also want to give gifts to coworkers and the other people in my life that make a difference- the maitenance man in my apartment building, the security guard in my office building that greets me each day, etc. I want these people to really know how much I appreciate them, without overspending. Do you have any suggestions on how to stay in the holiday spirit while staying in budget?

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    I am on a journey to lose weight and get healthy, and I would LOVE for Lauren to share some healthier versions (with recipes!) of all the delicious Thanksgiving staple foods!! I am SO looking forward to walking into my house Thanksgiving Day, in front of my entire family, pounds lighter! And I would like to keep as much of that weight off, even after our Thanksgiving feast! Haha :)

  • Chloe D

    LOVE the goodies with the BAG!

    what is your favourite nail and eye colours in the winter season??


  • Gentry S

    What staples do you add to your purse or your car or your suitcase during the fall and winter? Many times the new season sneaks up and we forget to change up our must-haves.

  • Cecilia Cueva

    hello!!! what are the most trendy colors in nail polish and a diy decorations for your nails this fall???

  • Angela Domenico


    Could you do a post about the best holiday outfits for your body type in reference to this year’s upcoming styles?


  • Meghan OReilly

    I’m in college and so Halloween is a pretty big deal and people usually dress up multiple nights. Do you have any costumes that can easily transform into something else using the same pieces?

  • Sarah Thaman

    I love this bag!

    What are your favorite holiday cocktails for serving at a party?

  • Jo Stevenson

    I am a lover of trends as well as classic staples! How do you mix in different trends to a more class chic style wardrobe? Loving this bag! Thanks for the opportunity <3

  • Elizabeth Roy

    Happy fall LC! With the holiday season approaching, what are some fun ideas for small gifts for doormen, hair stylists, and other vendors? I typically give them wine but want to try something new this year. Cheers!

  • lila k

    i absolutely love this bag not to mention the the essentials of fall time.Now about my fall question: What are your favourites fall hair-looks for this time of year?i mean we all wake up on a rainy day and our hair looks anything but right on “”shape””…so any advice on how to conquer frizzy hair and look super cute would be more than ideal to me :)

  • Diana Mainieri

    How do you wear fun fall and winter trends when you live in a warm climate and it’s in the 80s every day?

    Thanks! :)

  • Megan R.

    Holiday Question: With your new crafty creation videos what are some easy DIY holiday presents for hosts and for friends that won’t break the bank? I would love to cut back on the gift spending this season and love crafting so any suggestions would be amazing!!


  • csross

    Hi Lauren!

    I live in a very cold state (Maine), and would love some tips on how to look chic while dressing warm! Between snow boots, parkas and winter gloves, it can be hard to look cute. What is your advice?


  • Kavita Patel

    What is the best way to wear patterned tights. I bought these really pretty grey tights that are thick (perfect for the cold weather) but I am not sure what to wear them with to either work or play? Maybe do a from work to after work guide with patterned tights.

  • Tash

    Hi lauren, what are your best ways of brightening up a dark rainy day? we get alot of them here in the UK.

  • Rachael Yanta

    This is such a fabulous giveaway!! LOVE the purse and all the goodies inside. What is your favorite fall inspired cocktail? I always feel it’s easier for me to come up with yummy ideas in the summer and would love some new ideas for fall. Thanks and can’t wait to see who the winner is!!

  • Rose Malonzo

    What a great giveaway to kick off fall!

    My question for Lauren is what are some of your creative date night ideas for when it’s cold and rainy outside? It’s certainly not rainy where I am (San Jose, CA), but we’re starting to have chilly fall evenings!

    Rose M.

  • Hannah Newcomb

    Hey Lauren,

    I am in love with that satchel! I have two questions for you. What is the best thing to wear to a holiday office party? Also, is it okay to exchange gifts with coworkers?


  • Jennifer Coco

    Hey Lauren,

    I love the bag! What is your favorite trend in home decore for fall??

  • Dee Melville

    What do you consider to be the top color to have in our wardrobes for this Fall/Winter; and, what accessory do you recommend for the upcoming holidays?

  • Brittany Young

    Love this and love you Lauren! I love that you are so CLASSY AND STYLISH. SO refreshing to see someone my age i can go to for fashion and everyday advice :) I really enjoy your website! Im a new mom and sometimes i get suck in a fashion rut and cant figure out what to wear or what to do with my hair!!

    SO my question is:

    What are your favorite shoes for fall? I usually get suck wearing UGG boots everyday when the weather changes. I need to venture out and find more cute styles for fall…its too cold for sandles! Thanks :)

    Brittany Young

  • Connie Leonard

    Hi Lauren! What a fun giveaway. What do you do to celebrate fall in LA?

  • Megan Reed

    Love the bag!!
    What are your essential wardrobe pieces for fall??

  • heatherwhenever

    That bag is PERFECT for fall and the goodies are icing on the cake!

    My question is: What are some ways that I can transition my makeup look from warm weather to cool, specifically in regards to eye shadows, lip colors, and blushes? I know there are some fun colors in season now but would love some advice on how to incorporate.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  • Holistic healer

    love the bag! what are the best fall coat styles that are not too warm but still protect against the wind, and are stylish!

  • Jennifer Soifer

    Hi Lauren! Love the bag and all the other little goodies! I’ve been struggling to find the perfect coat for fall..what is your favorite fall coat? One that works for dress up and dress down occasions! Thanks :).

  • Catherine Gan

    I love staying warm but hate looking bulky! Any tips on how to stay fashionable during these long winter months? Thanks :)

  • Sarah C

    What are some different ways you incorporate pumpkin (whether canned or spice) into your drinks/food?

  • Eileen OConnor

    I love wearing hats in the fall/winter. What’s the best way to style your hair with a hat? Thanks!!

  • Maura Lydon

    Hi Lauren! How do you incorporate sequins into your work wardrobe without overdoing the glam factor?

  • Yenercis Polanco

    What is the must have item for this holiday season?

  • Carrie Pence

    I would love to know what is the biggest trend you’re seeing for fall? And is there anything special you’re seeing for the holidays also?

  • Mithra

    Hi Lauren!:)
    Can you do a nail tutorial inspired by the fall colours??;)

  • Kelly Fischer

    Love it all!! What is your must have fall accessory that you absolutely can’t leave home without?!

  • Elvia Castro Roche

    Personally what I like the most of holidays are the different meaning they have and how made and/or make an impact in your life, so it’s really interesting knowing some holidays from other cultures… what’s your favorite holiday not celebrated in USA and why?? 😀

  • Jessica Galfo

    I want to see a post about cute outfits to wear on THANKSGIVING :)

  • Jennifer Lyden

    What are your go to Winter Holiday pajamas?

  • Jasmin khatoon

    Lovely Giveaway! Hmm, Okay my Autumn or Holiday Question is:

    In hard times such as these, we all need to spend our money much more wisely, therefore …

    What do you think are the MUST HAVE items that we will all be needing for Autumn or Winter time, that will see us through all types of weather?

    This could be applied for makeup, clothes, accessories etc. I live in the UK and the weather here is unpredictable at the BEST of times. So I would like to know things Ijust need to have to prepare me for most days.

    Thank You!

  • Brooke Adler

    Hi Lauren,

    Love your site and love you! Awesome giveaway – my question for fall would be – can you put together your favorite looks of leggings, boots, and scarves for fall? I know you’ve put some great ones together in the past and I always look to you for my style inspiration.



  • Rachel Civ

    OMG! I love everything in there! That is a wonderful gift, Lauren! Thank you so much!

    So, my question: I want to make a little change in my room, so since Fall is full of inspiration, what would you recomend to do for a pretty fall bedroom makeover?


  • Taylor Denaburg

    Whats cute and easy ways to layer differnet clothing items for fall and cooler days without looking frumpy?

  • Crystal Cierlak

    That Cambridge Satchel is on my Christmas list! Me gusta.

    While Lauren always has great beauty and fashion advice, what I really love is her decor sense. What DIY projects can I do to turn my apartment into a festive place rich with color? I’m on a grad student budget, so that is key for me.

  • Angie

    I’d love to see some New Years Eve outfits for different events.. dinner out, party, wedding.

  • Jessica Franks

    Oh my word I am loving this! The bag is such a classic piece and such fun stuff inside!

  • Wendy Wei

    Hi Lauren!!

    LA weather has been so confusing lately and I’ve put away my winter clothes because I don’t have much closet space, but once in a blue moon the rain will come! Can you give me your essentials pieces that should be put in the closet at times like these when the weather has been so undecided?

    Thank you!

  • Stephanie

    I love love love this! Two questions for you, first – do you have any ideas on unique hostess gifts for the holiday season? And also, any good recipes on healthy dishes to make at a party? I’m stuck on fruit and veggie trays and can’t think of much else that would be healthy!

  • Christina Reiko Napier

    Hi Lauren!

    I absolutely love red and green but I feel the two paired together can get a little overdone during Christmas. Do you recommend and classy or subtle way to pair the two?



  • Jessica Franks

    Can you give us unique craft and recipe ideas for a Halloween party with friends?

  • Jessica White

    Really love the bag and items!! My question is how you keep your hair style kept up all day with this fall weather. It seems like if I straighten it in the morning when I leave the house it gets frizzy and wavy. Or if I curl my hair it goes flat and frizzy. I can’t keep the hair style I nicely did before I left the house.

  • KayJay at Refined and Polished

    I’d love to see a post on transitioning summer outfits into great fall looks.

  • Lola

    I LOVE all of your beauty tips, but I think an interesting change would be posting different things to do now that the weather is cooling off! Like visiting pumpkin patches or fairs (if there even are any)…. I think fall is the greatest season (fashion & weather wise) and I’d love some tips on how to enjoy it to the fullest!

  • Joanna Weiss

    I love this idea, perfect bag for autumn :)

  • Taylor

    Are there healthier options for our favorite holiday foods?

  • Michelle V

    What are some holiday gift ideas to give to your boss? co-workers?

  • Aryelle Morgan

    I would love to know how to wear printed pants in the Fall, I see it’s a big trend!

  • Clarissa Laskey

    What are some of your fall/winter go to hairstyles? Especially to help beat the fall static and frizz. Also some fashionable tips for scarf wearing!

  • Lauren Allan

    Amazing giveaway!

    What is the best way to stay fit in the holiday/cold season? Obviously I can go to the gym, but it gets boring!

  • Fatima Hassan

    Now that the summer shades have faded, what are some color schemes and new ideas to try for fall make-up? What colors are in this autumn?

  • Mallory Paige

    Hey Lauren!

    Cambridge Satchel : a m a z i n g ! Christmas comes early in LC Land :)

    What I would love to know, is how to balance your budget during the Holiday Season and all of its festivites?

    + parties (what should you ask your guests to bring, while ensuring the party will be fabulous?)

    + wardrobe (how do you rotate outfits from summer and fall to create a Holiday Wardrobe that will dazzle? ideas for transitional staple pieces?)

    + NYE (Is the LBD still what to wear? I want to be THE Best Dressed)

    + the infamous Work Holiday Party (Tips, Do’s & Don’ts?)

    Thank You SO much LC; you’re such an inspiration and a role model. The world needs a million more of you!

  • Dorota Sauerova

    What should I wear for the day, if it is really cold in the mornin (about 5

  • Jessica Spear

    I hope I win this bag!! So fall worthy!! My question is what are your suggestions on what to wear to any cocktail holiday parties?

  • N Tour

    Lauren, the holidays are fast approaching and decorating is on my mind! Do you have any good tips for making a chic and easy garland? Or maybe even a centerpiece? Thanks!
    ps: that bag is toooo cute!

  • Camille

    I love hats and scarves for fall/winter, so can you show us different ways to tie scraves and accesorize with hats and gloves?

  • Liz

    Hi Lauren,

    Love your site and the great fashion/decorating tips! What I would love to see is a project on decorating for Christmas geared toward a small space. What are the best ways to stage an apartment for the holidays while staying in a budget?

  • Rachel Trampel

    WHAT AN AMAZING GIVEAWAY! I love the satchel! One question I have or ideas I would like are for how to stay looking chic when it snows!? I know that’ not something everyone has to worry about but it is such a pain. Maybe cute snowboot ideas? Or how to style and not look frumpy on these days! Thanks! :)


  • Sally Campbell

    What are the best hair products to use during the winter months to keep your hair volumized and static free? I always have a problem with my hair going flat and then clinging to my face and coat when I’m bundled up, then I have to pull out the bobby pins and hair ties to pull it up.

  • Dustbunny

    Hey! Lovely giveaway! What was the wackiest Halloween outfit you ever wore?

  • Mary-Elizabeth Moshier

    I’d love some reccomendations on how to stay warm in NY without having to wear boots 24/7 :-)

    Also, some reccomendations for skin care with the weather changes :-)

  • Lauren Campbell

    I’ve been dying to see some ways to wear colour in the fall! Love this giveaway :)

  • Lynn Zimmerman

    Hi Lauren! I am hosting my company’s holiday party this year at an off-site, swanky venue, and I want to wear something classy and sophisticated, yet fun and comfortable! Any ideas?

  • Amanda OBrien

    I would love to know: How do I incorporate the fall trend of brightly colored tights in a work environment?

    Great giveaway, so exciting!

  • Shilin Coffin

    Hello there lovely lady! I am a huge fan wishing you happy holidays. However, I have one certain question that I have yet to have answered: Does shopping early for the holidays save you money?

    Thanks so much miss Lauren!

  • nada cherkaoui malki

    Hi Lauren ! My question is : what are the make-up trends or beauty idoms for fall?

    Thanks !

  • Erin Brennan

    Hi Lauren!

    This giveaway is truly amazing! I love the fall – it is absolutely my favorite time of the year. I have seen a lot of Navy and shades of Navy out this season and paired together. Do you have any suggestions for pairing different shades of the same color together for this fall??



  • Anna Schnerre

    My family is very laid-back but I’d still like to look cute when I go to Thanksgiving at my grandma’s. Any cute outfit ideas that are effortless and comfortable, but still look put-together?

  • Alexa Basinger

    Hey Lauren! Love this bag, so cute, and perfect for fall! I have two questions! One, how do you feel about Uggs? Do you think those are good fall shoes, or would you stick with just regular boots? And two, skinny jeans or boot cut jeans?

    Let me know!



  • Stacy Piggott

    I love all the goodies! So cute. My holiday question is with all the festivities coming up, what are some thoughtful hostess gifts to bring? Between family, friends and company parties, it’s hard to nail down a general idea!

  • mhon89

    What are your favorite new pieces for your Kohls collection?

    What is a favorite healthy Holiday recipe? :)

  • Katie Coupens

    hi lauren!

    with fall and winter right around the corner, I think a great piece to write about would be the fall/winter trends and how to mix the two. Mix and match patterns, how to layer your pieces for the season and for the weather. Also some of your outwear must-haves to stay stylish.

    great giveaway!

  • jni

    What are the must wear colors this fall and since it’s getting more chilly, what are some of your layering tips?

  • Rebecca Pollard

    I love the health posts you have been featuring recently. Do you have some suggestions for healthy/flat belly foods that are in season in the colder months? I love fresh fruit and veggies, but there are always limited choices this time of year. Thanks!

  • courtney lynne

    What is the best dish/recipe to bring to a Christmas potluck? Thanks!

  • Hiba Ismail

    Hey amazing giveaway, would be overjoyed to win! My question is;

    what are your favourite ways of beating off the winter blues as the weather starts to get colder and winter’s close by? xx

  • Holly Diehl

    What are some of your favorite scarf/coat combos for fall? I’m always looking for new ideas/patterns/textures/etc. Thanks, Lauren! :)

  • Amber

    What is your favorite holiday themed party!? Halloween, Christmas, New years? Also what are some great outfits to wear to these holiday parties?

    Love this giveaway and love LC!

  • Alicia Trelles

    Hi LC Team!

    What do you plan on doing for Halloween and what is your favorite guilt-free Halloween drink? :)


  • Christina Bautista

    Hi Lauren!

    I was wondering if there is any Summer clothing that I can still wear come Fall. If so, which pieces can I keep in my closet and incorporate into my Fall and maybe Winter wardrobe, and not pack away for next summer?

    Thank you!!

  • Ashlee Lentini

    What is something you loved to do as a kid on Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas that you still do as an adult?

  • Emmanuelle

    Nice satchel <3

    Why not making a post about the slippers trend ? What are your favorite and how to wear them ?

  • Torrie Ornelas

    What is good to pair an oversized sweater with without making the sweater look too big?

  • Britt Chamberlin

    Fun! I would love to know: are there some fun and easy ways to incorporate your clothing from other seasons into your fall/winter wardrobe? Budget friendly and creative! :)

  • Lindsay Advincula

    What are some ideas and ways we can incorporate our spring/summer wardrobe into our fall wardrobe?

  • Ashley Smith

    Great bag and goodies!

    What are some key staple pieces to being warm, cozy and still stylish during the cooler days ahead?

    Additionally, since most of us are starting our holiday shopping now, any ideas on some crafty gifts for co-workers that won’t break the bank?

  • Sole Piana

    Oh, this giveaway is amazing! I love it!
    Fall is my favourite season i love the weather, but i would love to see new ideas to spice up the coat+boots look, it gets boring as the days go by.

    Love this website!

  • Genna Mathieson

    Such a great giveaway! Since cold weather is fast approaching, my question is how would you incorporate the leftovers of your summer wardrobe into a fall outfit? I have some really fantasticly colored tops and skirts that I feel would go to waste just being stored away! Any tips on keeping them alive and kicking in the coming chilly months?



  • Nicole Selzer

    what is your favorite fall recipe that uses pumpkin or squash as seasonal ingredients??

  • Courtney Gray

    How do you change your closet wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter? I know some people change out their closet and store their clothes from the opposite seasons. Space is limited for me in my small apartment so I am looking for inventive ideas! What do you think works best?

  • Malia Cramer

    Lauren! Every year the girls at the office start a mass email trying to figure out what we should wear to the holiday party. We’re a fashion forward office but want to keep it classy. What are your tips for holiday party attire?

  • Zuleando

    Hey Lauren, this coming november I will be attending to my first fancy wedding experiences and I’m clueless about what to wear. Would you make an articule about fall cutefull cocktail dresses that are perfect for a afternoon-evening wedding? I”ll love your help. Thanks.

  • Ashley Triglia

    This giveaway is absolutely amazing!

    What are some ideas/suggestions for preparing your first large holiday dinner for your friends or family?

  • alicia flynn

    It would be great if you could do a post on appropriate holiday attire for parties, ranging from work events to friend get togethers!

  • Alivia Harrison

    Women’s halloween costumes tend to be, well let’s just say it, on the extreme sexy side. What would you suggest for a down-to-earth, simple, classy costume?

  • Kim-Mai Nguyen

    Hi Lauren,

    I live in San Francisco and it tends to get warmer here in the Oct/Nov months…what are some trasitional pieces that I can wear when it’s warm out but still make it feel like autumn?

  • Brianna Zimmerman

    What is your favorite fall themed beverage?

  • Lauren Pinchin

    Hey girl! Your DIY video tutorials have been awesome! Can you teach us how to take an old sweater and make it into something new like a scarf or cowl?

    Thanks! The bag of goodies looks FABULOUS!

  • Alexandra Franco

    What are some good fall color nail polishes?

  • Samantha Tananbaum

    Would love to see a roundup of cute, weatherproof shoes and boots! Also, skincare for winter. Thanks Lauren!

  • Tricia Derose

    What are some homemade gifts you can do at Christmas time?

  • Tori Nixon

    Hi Lauren,

    Wow this looks stunning! I’d love to see you put together the latest on trend fall jackets that are both stylish but practical as the weather is getting cold fast!!!


  • Amanda Tran

    I will be hosting my parents at my place this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I’m on a budget so what are you easy crafts and place settings I can do to spruce up the dinner table? Thanks!!

  • Leslie Arriaza

    that bag is perfect!

    will leg warmers still in?? if so, how can you wear them?

  • Sharon Levine

    Hey, Lauren! I love decorating for the holidays, (Halloween and Thanksgiving in particular) but I’m on a fairly tight budget. Can you give me any recommendations? Thank you!

  • Dorina

    Hey Lauren!
    It would be great if you could help me: what to do with my hair in this weather?!
    I live in central Europe and at this time the weather is changing from hour to hour…
    I have as long hair as you and i really like to have some good hairdo…and i usually do it…but when you start your day at 8 a.m. and finish around 7 p.m. i allways end up with a messy ponytale…
    can’t wait your ideas!

  • Lauren Ashley

    How can you stay warm but still look pretty?

  • Jennifer Woodring

    Do you have any ideas for dressing warm while still looking cute as the fall weather cools down?

  • Marcela Garcia

    One theme I would be interested in is how to dress in a tropical country inspired by fall’s main trends. The thing is, where I live is very hot most of the time so I can’t dress in thick sweaters, as beautiful as they are. So how could I adapt my closet to a theme-inspired look that won’t have me dying of heat?

  • ashley b

    As I enter my 24th Thanksgiving- my mom has decided that it’s now my turn to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. I think I have the cooking under control; however, I would like to know if you have any table decorations ideas; ie. centerpieces, color schemes, name cards, napkin holders etc. that I can make ahead of time. I want to make the table and pretty as the dinner!

  • Natalie Vaughan

    I would love to see a roundup of cheap and DIY holiday decor ideas! Great giveaway Lauren!

  • Emily Kitts

    Hi Lauren! I was wondering if you can get away still wearing summery colors into the fall and winter and if so, how to go about it? As a college student, buying new winter clothes is not much of an option so I was just hoping there is a way I can still keep some of my summer staples and mold them into fall and winter staples! Thanks!

  • nml

    I’m never sure what to wear to a fall wedding (or fall semi-formal event); I don’t want to be cold and my summer dresses just aren’t going to cut it. Help?

  • Ashley Berntsen

    What is your favorite piece from your LC Lauren Conrad fall 2012 collection for Kohls?

  • Lenae Souza

    I know that booties are in-style for fall – I even own a couple pairs – but I’m never quite sure how to wear them. What are the best cuts of jeans/pants to wear with booties? How about dresses?

  • trisha tate

    I need holiday nail ideas. Colors and/or designs.

  • Johanna Thiessen

    Hey Lauren,

    my question is, if you have any tips, for the winter to look still good in your winter clothes without looking too much wrapped,but still don’t get a cold? :)

  • Cassie Guerrera

    I would love to know how you would style a poncho or cape, particularly for different body shapes.

    Wow! That is an amazing giveaway, Thank you for the opportunity!

  • allieach2003

    I would love to see some ideas for on-a-budget New Years Eve outfits! I have a sparkly dress, but would love other options.

  • Carey N

    I’d like to know if you decorate by holiday or by season

  • Nubia Perez Dorantes

    Want to know your basics for a Holiday Gift Guide… ?

  • Kalie Crumrine

    Recently, I’ve noticed makeup blogs (including reporting on trends in fall makeup, like oxblood lip color. It seems that in these colder months, there should be some different guidelines for makeup, from everyday wear to holiday parties. I would love to see a post outlining some fall and winter makeup options, both basic and fun!

  • Leah Lewis

    Lauren! Please give us a list of awesome Hostess Gifts we can stock up on before the Holiday parties hit!

  • Samantha Geyer

    I’d like to learn tips about transitioning dresses from spring/summer to fall!

  • Michelle

    I absolutely love the fall weather and put on my boots the second it was socially acceptable to! The problem I have is that I go to school in Boston and my apartment is really far away so I have to walk at least a mile to the train every day and the classrooms are sometimes very warm. I get overheated a lot and have trouble finding the best indoor and outdoor appropriate outfit for fall. Any suggestions on how to layer, but still look cute?

  • Jessica Beight

    With all the boots coming out for the fall season, which is better: suede or leather?

  • Jessica Fortener

    How do I keep my skin looking and feeling healthy and hydrated during the winter months?

  • Sana Fazal

    how would you wear brown leather boots :)?

  • Gaby Garcia

    I live in a tropical country, right now is raining a lot and its windy most of the time but all of the sudden it can become warm, how can I dress cute but easy to go from one weather to another? Thank You and greetings from Venezuela!

  • Colleen Morgan

    Hey Girl!

    What are the best accessories to spruce up a fall coat? Thanks!

  • Kendra Taylor

    I would love to see a post about some healthy holiday dishes! Sweet Potato options, veggies, soups, etc. :)!

  • Elana

    Can you do a halloween themed nail tutorial? Maybe with a skull or pumpkin design? I’d love to learn new nail techniques to festively decorate my nails with!! Also, thank you for doing this lovely giveaway!

  • Lauren Dunlap

    Hey Lauren! What is your favorite holiday accessory to glam up your holiday cocktail parties?

  • Jana Hainey

    What’s the best way to revamp your wardrobe for Fall and Winter?

  • Gaby Quiroz

    How to still dress up for the Fall in a sunny/warm city?

  • Jen Darga

    what’s your remedy for making sure your skin stays hydrated in the colder months?

  • Anne Merrick

    Hi Lauren!

    What do you recommend to protect your skin and hair from the harsh winter weather?

    Also, I just graduated college and for the first time I have some extra income to spend on wardrobe staples, it would be great to see your suggestions on investment coats and boots.


  • Megan Madia

    Hi Lauren! Each year, my friends and I exchange presents but I’m running out of ideas! Do you have any good gift ideas that are wallet-friendly? :)

  • Sana Fazal

    what are some ways you wear summer clothes during the fall? what are some of your best fall outfits?

  • Nat

    Do you have any special memories of the fall season in your life? Any beautiful moment that you look back on everytime fall arrives or the fall colors start to show?

  • Dee

    What is the hair style theme for fall? Beach waves are for summer, pontails or knit caps for winter btu what about fall?

  • Stephanie Connelly

    During the summer I usually don’t wear much make up because my skin is tanner, but I’m not sure about what to do in the winter! How should I do my make up for the fall/winter without having to put too much on?


  • Carly Ash

    Can you do a DIY holiday gift?

  • Melody Holmes

    Hi! I love wearing hats for fall and wanted to hear your opinion on what hats to wear this season and how to match them properly with outfits?

  • Robyn St.Clair

    What is your favorite fall entree or dessert to make for a fall dinner party?

  • Delpha Dickson

    Hi Lauren, I absolutely love decorating for the holidays and wish that you could give me some ideas that would be cost efficient and also welcoming to family and friends that wish to visit for the holidays. S/O My husband hate decorating so I would need a few decorating ideas that my husband can enjoy as well. Thanks!!!

  • Ashley Wood

    I am a young adult in a high executive level job (that doesn’t start off paying that much) not to mention its one of the top Art Schools in the country so there are always VIPs that are coming to campus and I feel out of place in my non name brand clothes. I am around co workers that wear Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta but I can’t afford or fit into those clothes. so I find it hard to go from season to season without having to totally revamp my closet. What would you suggest to be the pieces a young executive must have to be able to move with the seasons but not have to break my wallet?

  • Lauren Coulter

    Do you have any outfit ideas for holiday parties that can be worn to many times of parties (work parties, family get togethers, casual holiday parties)?

  • Rachel McCormick

    What is the best way to make sure your hair stays static-free during the winter months with all the coats, scarves, and gloves making it freak out?

  • Maca Barnes

    I would love to read a post on thanksgiving treats/attire/family games.

  • Khushbu Raghani

    The summer sun is fading as the year is growing old, with your polish, how does it shine even through fall? Flare your best outfit for this season!

  • Hollyruns

    I would love to hear Lauren’s favorite fall-flavored treats to have around the house for drop-in guests! I always have friends popping over, and am looking for new ideas for easy snacks to have on hand. Thanks!

  • Lo

    Hi Lauren! I want to wear a vintage hat this summer but I am not quite sure which ones are fashion forward for fall. What do you suggest?

  • Sammi Sheppard

    What are some cute Christmas card ideas? Especially if you’re living on your own or just a couple?

  • jmg778

    Hi Lauren,

    What are your go-to Fall beauty products?

  • Amanda Bacon

    What are popular, unique Holiday gift ideas this winter?

  • Paige Woodburn

    When was the last time you jumped in a pile of leaves?

  • Lindsey Gerstlauer

    Hi Lauren! Amazing giveaway you’re doing!!! *Crossing my fingers!!*

    My Fall related question is: What is your favorite dish to eat or cook, for Thanksgiving dinner?

  • Kaoru Yamamoto

    I would love to hear what beauty products are recommended for the colder weather!

  • Catalina Roa

    Well, the weather in my city is somtimes fall-like sometimes summer-like, so i have problems in how get dressed up, if cold not be to summerish or if it’s hot not cook myself in my clothes…I don’t know how to get a balance.

    Could you give us some advice about it..


  • Jessica Lynn

    I would love to hear Lauren’s take on proper ettiquite and dress for business/work holiday parties. As the holiday season approaches it would be great to get Lauren’s tips on what we should wear and tips on how to act!

  • Kaitlynn Malloy

    Hi Lauren,

    Do you have a favorite ugly holiday sweater?!

  • Lynda Smith

    Hey Lauren, how about some ideas on dressing for these chilly fall mornings and warm afternoons?

  • Junna Belle Vallarta

    What is your favorite fall lipsticks must haves?

  • Lindsey Barker

    Hi Lauren! I love the holidays, but it’s so hard with all the delicious tempations to keep a slim figure. What are you recommendations on how to survive the holidays and still enjoy all the treats? Are there any figure friendly holiday recipes?

    Thanks for your help!


  • Stacey Boris

    Every fall my skin gets really dry causing caking in my foundation. Any recommendations on a good moisturizer or BB cream to solve the problem?

  • Stella Stylianou


    What’s your favourite colors for make-up (eyes,lips,nails..) this season ??

  • Anelisa Tabata

    Too excited for this!!!! Love tote bags and being all the way in South Africa our Fall has come and gone. Buuut, my biggest issue was on how to incorporate my Summer shorts and Winter boots and Jackets without looking like a four seasons christmas tree… Also what would have been helpful would have been my colour skeem, I seem to always get that wrong.

  • Tara Raynak

    I’m 5’2 and would like to wear tall (to the knee) boots. What’s the best way for a short girl to pull off that look? Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Meg

    Hey Lauren, I would love to know how you mix and match the edgy and preppy items that are popular this fall. I love playing with fashion items and putting items together that don’t seem to fit but actualy do. What are your thoughts?

  • Anna Muller

    Love the bag! Lauren, my questions is: What are some fun and simple DIY decorations for the holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving?

  • Kaitlyn Yant

    Hello Lauren! Do you have any tips to help with holiday eating? Between Christmas parties with friends & family and parties at the office how do you enjoy all the holiday goodies without packing on the pounds?

  • A S

    For those of us heading into the holiday season with a new significant other, what is your best advice for dressing stylish, yet classy while attending family parties with people you have not met before?

  • Chanel Hason

    Good morning Lauren!

    What an awesome giveaway today :) My fall/holiday question for you: I just purchased some great vintage black ankle boots from a flea market this weekend. This is the first time I’ve purchased boots like these- so I wanted to get some advice on what fall outfits these shoes would be good with? I’m currently wearing them right now with some skinny black jeans and a coral jacket. I’d love to hear your advice on other outfits :)


  • JD

    With colder weather already here how do you recommend to keep your lips smooth and healthy and avoid dryiness during the colder months ahead.

  • arrzee

    What are your favourite memories of fall from childhood?

  • Amber Nicotera

    What is your best beauty tip to keep healthy, glowing skin during the Fall/Winter seasons? As the colder weather approaches I always find my skin getting dull & more irritable. Thanks!

  • Marci Gallun

    I would love to see a post on jewelry for fall. Is gold or silver more “”in””? Can you mix and match (eg: gold watch, silver earings)? Are the bright color jewlery for summer, appropriate to pair with darker fall colors?

  • Melanie Purcell

    i would love to see your list of favorites for xmas presents!

  • Veronica Cantero

    What are the basic items in your closet for this fall???

  • jujo

    How do you decorate your office space for the holidays in a way that’s very modern and professional but still fun. I work in an office with a bunch of “”scrooges”” and it would be nice to feel a little festive, but I’d like to stay away from tacky holiday deorations. Any advice?

  • Rachael Olear

    How do you style fall scarfs (like cashmere)?

  • Chloe Zuanich

    Hi! Do you have any tips on how to host a fall/holiday themed party? From invitations, decorations, to treats, and outfit picking.


  • Jessica Anderson

    What are some make-up tips to transition from summer to fall and again into winter?

  • Udonna Mbah

    Hi Lauren!!!
    I have combination skin and no matter what product I use my skin (especially) my face either dries out or is too oily during the fall and winter season. What do you recommend? Also I’ve been searching for a good pair of budget friendly boots that can help in my transition from fall to winter and I will trust any recommendations you make.
    Thanks :)

  • lynn huynh


    What is the appropriate thing to wear when going to meet your partner’s parent for the holidays. That might be two parts, one if you have met them before and two if you haven’t met them before.

  • Alayna


    I LOVE the fall bag giveaway! I am wondering if you could tell me what I should wear to my boyfriends family christmas eve gathering? I also would like to know what patterns are going to be in for the rest of the year?

    Thank You,


  • Brianna Wagenbrenner

    Hi Lauren!

    I am loving this giveaway. I just got some of your cords at Khols, but I need some ideas. What are some cute ways to dress up colored cords especially in fall cold morning and warm afternoon weather?

    Thanks! Brianna

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    Hi Lauren! I’d love to see posts on the following:

    What to bring as treats to Thanksgiving/Christmas dinners at your boyfriend’s parent’s house

    DIY Holiday cards – how to design them

    DIY small holiday gifts – ornaments, etc.

    – Cherie

  • Andrea Thompson

    Transitional skin care!? Going from freezing and dry in the morning, to still kind of warm and sunny in the afternoon. My skin is freaking out.

  • BreezyBri

    What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish and do you have themed decor for your Thanksgiving table?

  • Shannon Sampsel

    How do you plan for a Christmas party at your house with friends? Any decorating tips, recipes, themes, etc… ?

  • Blagan

    There’s so many healthy stuff out there during spring and summer, such as your bikini bootcamp. But I’d love to see something fall/winter themed. Maybe with some heartier, but still light options :) Also a post for favorite diy christmas gifts would be great!

  • charmaine huizinga

    hi lauren,

    how can you best tough and sexy clothes combine together? I would like to see an article about clothing with studs what you combines with a sexy dress. and of course, hair and makeup in rock style!


  • mm_mk

    Super stoked for this giveaway! What are your three favourite holiday recipes (can be anything from appetizers to desserts)?

    :) Thanks – Mel

  • Roxanne Brothers

    Love a good brown bag for Fall

  • Diane Briseno

    Hi Lauren,

    What is one necessary fall shoe for work that every girl should have?


  • Brittany M

    In your opinion, is it better to wear slacks/pants or a dress to family holiday functions?

    Have a great holiday season!

  • Cathy Nguyen

    What are some great Halloween ideas that are fun?

  • Jennifer Jackson

    Fall is the season of leggings. What are some different outfits you can wear leggings with without looking like you’re lounging around the house?

  • Stephanie Meyers

    What is your favorite dish for thanksgiving?

  • Sarah Heckle

    What a fun giveaway!

    My holiday question is…

    What are some easy, at-home hair’dos for holiday parties?

  • Rachel Northrup

    What is the best way to store lightweight warmweather clothing over the winter (particularly silk and chiffon)?

  • belen baquerizo

    Hi! This is the first time I write something, although I read the blog every single day :) I live in Miami so for me it’s always difficult to pair a skirt with tights when I vacation somwhere a little cooler. Let’s say I have a short red skirt and I want to wear if for a night out with girlfriends… what tights and tops should I wear them with? Thank you!!!

  • Nicole Lorenti

    Hey Lauren! What is your favorite thing to do doing the holiday season? (for me it would be spending time with my family!) xoxo – Nicole

  • Carmella

    Hey Lauren!

    What’s a favorite holiday tradition you share with your friends and/or family? My mom loves to get a head start on Christmas decorations so we always get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving so we can start decorating the house (after shopping on Black Friday of course)!

  • Hillary Marks


    What a fantastic giveaway! I enjoy your blog beyond words! :)

    My question is what do you do differently to your skin care routine now that the seasons are changing? Especially when it comes to your face.


  • Leah Traylor


    What’s your favorite holiday tradition??


  • Khyati Patel

    When the weather starts to get cold and you start to bundle up what do you suggest to wear that would keep you warm and fashionable? And how do you usually know that the holiday season is right around the corner?

  • Ashley Arend

    What’s a cute way to do an ugly Christmas sweater?

  • Emily

    Hello Lauren! What are you favorite fall outfits and accessories? :)


  • Rachel Cottingham

    What are the top 3 accessories that every girl should have for the fall?

  • reesa flores

    Hi Lauren!!

    What is a fab outfit with accesories and good hair for a Christmas pary? For work? Sheek yet sexy?

  • holly west

    What is your favorite outfit to wear to a holiday get together with friends? Either a fancy night out or a casual evening at someones house.

  • Cheri Fisher

    Hey Lauren, looking forward to the giveaway! What are some great colors and/or ideas for fall to winter table decor? I need some trendy table toppers that will transition fall to winter!

  • Shannon Debevere

    Favorite fall time tea! It gets really cold here in Holland, so I just love my cup of tea while it’s raining outside!

  • Clare Harvey-Raymond

    Hey Lauren! How do you manage to keep to healthy eating and excersize routine with not only bad weather, but so many family dinners? Thanks!

  • My Style Diary

    This is so sweet of you! LOVE the giveaway. :)

    I would really like to see some gift ideas for christmas and fall recipes. Also more fall outfits and maybe some affordable skin care products for the cold weather would be great!

  • Joyce Y.

    A list of affordable and classic boots that can be worn year-round would be great!

  • Heather Smith

    What is your favorite fall themed cocktail?

  • Sarah Corriea

    Hi Lauren! I live in San Francisco and as you probably know from living here layering is an absolute necessity. Can you give us some great tips on layering for the Fall/Winter, but still looking polished and put together?? Thanks :)

  • Kelby Peachey

    When’s the appropriate time to start decorating your house for the seasons? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas? AND

    What decorations are HOT this season?


  • Zahab A.

    With all the cute fall and winter hats coming out, what’s the best way to keep your hair from going flat?

  • Liese v.

    Hey Lauren! I really want to know, what are your favorite berry lipsticks?

  • Deana Kneen

    What’s your wackiest holiday tradition?

  • ohhhayyy

    How do you find the perfect fall sweater? That compliments your body and is a good fall color?

  • tara wilson

    Hey Lauren!

    Now that the days are drawing in and seem to be getting colder and darker by the minuter what’s your favourite winter warmer?


  • Megan Babin

    Since it is so cold outside during the fall and winter season and the best thing to do is cozy up in a comfy spot in the home and read a book, What is the best cozy weather book to read?

  • Anya Drzazga

    What is you best/favortie Pumpkin Recipe?

  • Claire Giegerich

    What is a list of your all time favorite holiday gifts that you have personally received? I need ideas!

  • Melina Kunze

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!

    I would love tips on fall/winter hats for us with crazy thick curly hair and different ways to style/tie scarves.

  • Beth Ann Blankenship

    What was the best costume you ever had for Halloween?

  • Ashley Parks

    What makeup/look would be appropriate for a company holiday party?

  • Emily Kearnan

    What is your favorite Holiday Album? Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit more than some great holiday tunes!

  • Candace

    Hey Lauren!

    When the holidays roll around what do you like to decorate your home with to get into the holiday spirit? Any cute crafty ideas?

  • Lauren Seserko

    What’s your go-to dish to bring to holiday parties?

  • Rachel Cramer

    Hi Lauren, I would love to hear your ideas for girls on a budget who want to make nice DIY gifts this holiday for family and friends. Any ideas would be helpful!

  • Brittany Poulsen

    Lauren, love this bag!

    For this fall I would love to see what are some fabulous pieces I could put together to go from work to a fall night in the city with my cute new hubby! I need some inspiration as a new wife!


  • Hilary B.

    Love all of this! My question is: how do you look CUTE in the fall/winter? It’s freezing here in the northeast and it’s hard to still look good when it’s ice cold!

  • Jennifer Weathers

    I would like to see some fall fashion layering techniques. My office temp varies throughout the day and it would be nice to see some cute ideas.


  • Natalie

    Love this idea and all the goodies you picked out!! How do you change your beauty routine and what products do you use as the weather transitions from hot summer to cooler fall/winter?

  • Shannon Stratton

    I love Fall style. The boots, sweaters, scarves are adorable and keep you perfectly cozy for the transitioning weather! However, I’m always having trouble picking out outfits for a night out. (I live in Michigan, so the weather gets pretty chilly at night.). Do you have any suggestions for cute “”going-out”” outfits that will keep you warm?

  • Kristen Konski

    LOVE this giveaway!

    Since the fall weather normally tends to be warmer days and cooler nights, what would you recommend a great fall outfit to be that’s versatile for the weather but still cute and comfortable at the same time? Jeans with boots is a normal “”go to”” for me, but what would you recommend to complete the outfit?

  • Leana Varvella

    What are the best ways to transition your summer wardrobe to a fall wardrobe (shorts, tanks etc.)

  • Katherine Dolan

    What will some of winters biggest trends be?!

  • Chloe Chang

    What are the best ways to layer cute sweaters and jackets with jewelry and scarves to still keep stylish in the cold weather?

  • Geraldine Villagran

    Hi, Lauren! I would really like to win this bag, although i live in Argentina and here’s spring season haha, because last October 5th i turned 20 and i t’d be awesome to have it as a present. My question is what are the best shoes to wear in autumn? Closed ones, boots, which ones do you prefer?

    Thanks, xx


  • Elizabeth Mucica

    Hi! This is my first time providing a comment as well, though I look at the blog every day and often ‘steal’ ideas from it!!! It would be great if you could do a feature on appropriate attire/dress/colors to wear to a fall wedding, as well as accessories to pair with that attire. I have a bunch coming up and I’m not sure what exactly to wear that would complement the season (most of the weddings I have attended have been in the summer).

    Thank you so so so much! :)

  • danielle floyd

    I’m a fashion marketing student in North Carolina, what is the best way to stay comfortable yet cute, while sitting in class for 9 hours a day and how do I continue to dress in fall clothing while our weather fluctuates from 60 degrees one day and almost 80 the next?

  • shaylyn

    How to make your mornings easier when its still dark out and super cold and all you want to do is snuggle!

  • Jessica McManus

    I loved the Halloween costume post, Could you perhaps do a round 2?? Thanks!

  • Jennifer Venegas

    Hi Lauren! Any outfit sugguestions for all the holiday parties? Specifically, what are some of our favorite work holiday party outfits? Can’t wait to see your suggestions!

  • Susanna Hall

    I love everything in this bag! Especially the phone case :)

    I love themes more than anyone so I especially love fall with trying all the pumpkin treats, celebrating halloween, football, etc. I think it’s also important to remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. What fun yet important ways do you reccommend women help spread the word and support the pink ribbon this month? Below is a blog post I wrote last October.

  • Kate Sutherland

    How can you turn your favorite summer piece of clothing into something to wear in the fall as well?

  • Christine

    What is your favorite holiday dessert to bring for a holiday party?

  • Danielle Duggan

    What are cute ways to have a dorm room Halloween pregame for those of us who are still in college?

  • Stephanie Cummings

    What are some great gift ideas for new family?

  • Carsen Choi

    What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

  • Emily Geaman

    Would love to hear about some winter-appropriate footwear choices! On those snowy days, I’d hate to ruin my leather boots!

  • Stacy Kurtz

    What is a good host/hostess gift to bring to a christmas party?

  • Kimberly Pike

    What are some of your holiday party inspirations? Also, what do you buy the person (male and female) that have everything?

  • Helene Sula


    I love all boots but what do you pair with the short boots this season?

  • Maggz101

    Hi Lauren~ Love the bag! I was wondering if you had any tips to try and stay healthy during the holidays. There are so many temptations everywhere!

  • Erin Anderson

    What is your favorite unique fall date idea?

  • Lauren Mayet

    Hey Lauren,

    I just wanted to let you know that I truely read your blog every day. I love everything in this giveawy. I seem to enjoy fall and winter clothes a litte better. I have a question for you. I have some bright teal skinny jeans and I was wondering if those could transition into fall?

  • Samantha Curtis

    What are for favorite fall/holiday treats?

  • kimberly zepeda

    What has been your best Halloween costume idea so far?

  • Maggie Reeves

    Love this bag and this giveaway! All these products are fall essentials!

  • Kristina Diaz

    What moisturizer would you recommend for this Fall weather?

  • Ashley Morrison

    What is your favorite recipe for the holiday season?

  • Ching-Fang Tu

    OMG, this is so cute!! I LOVE Cambridge Satchel! I have the 15″” navy blue one and I take it with me EVERYWHERE (even though it’s somewhat big for date night)! Anyway, my question will be…what’s your favorite fall accessories? And how would you pair them with your outfit?

  • Kellyn


    Lots of parties happen through out the holiday season. What are some easy ways to acessorize the same holiday dress to get a whole different look?



  • Sasha Hunter

    What are some holiday-themed date ideas or group date ideas?

  • Suzanne Le

    Since colored trousers are in style for the fall season, how would you recommend pairing outfits and styling this new trend?

  • Erin Walter

    I love layering in the Fall/Winter but sometimes I feel so bulky and feel like it does not flatter my figure. What are some good techniques for achieving the layered look but also making me look great? :)

  • Sarah Zubarik

    I love leggings and tights under dresses and tunics, but I have thicker legs and am not a size 8 or smaller. Can I pull off patterns in the tights/leggings, or are solids best?

  • Anna Wood

    What are some of the hottest make-up trends this fall and how can I do them in a real-world way?

  • Brittany Charlebois

    Hey Lauren! I absolutely love your site! I have all your books and I read them daily. You’ve really helped me change the direction in my life. I’d love to win this contest, but I do have to ask: Do you have any tips regarding styling when it comes to a budding entrepreneur? I’m new in my field, and I really want to make an impression that will last for decardes. Plus winter is around the corner, and its so hard to look classy and sleek when I’m covered in layers! Any tips? :)

  • Melinda Von Elling

    Hey Lauren!

    Do you have any DIY Halloween wreath decorating ideas? I would love to spruce up my apartment!

  • Karmen McDivitt

    Hi Lauren! I was wondering how you change your skin care routine for the fall/winter months? (here in Canada the weather change really seems to dry out my skin!)

  • Pam Lalley

    Of all the books you have written do you have a favorite and why?

  • Jessica Underwood

    I am on a budget when it comes to holiday shopping, what are some ways to save money when shopping for a lot of people?

  • Lauren Gogo

    Wow, that is an awesome bag! I’m wondering if Lauren has a favourite fall soup recipe? I always like to make soups for the fall and winter months!

  • Norra Talatham

    What are some healthy recipes that are both delicious and still allow me to fit into my jeans for Thanksgiving?

  • Turi Ashley

    i would love to see some layering techniques too & also how to wear big sweaters without looking frumpy. and scarve-wrapping techniques. oh! and how to wear flat “”riding”” boots without looking like i have no knee cap. i swear, i just can’t pull it off right!

  • Hallie Mindell


    Since chevron is such a huge trend this season (and has always been a favorite trend of mine), I would love to see you create chevron painted pumpkins for an episode of crafty creations! I think it would be such a great holiday decorating idea.

  • Cherie Kolin

    Hi Lauren! I love the new bag!! My question is what is your favorite fall activity?

  • Hailey Williford

    How do you incorporate all items from your closet into the fall and winter seasons??? :) do you have any tips?

  • Ashley Hodak Sullivan

    What hair trends are popular this fall?

  • Jenna West

    These are all so aborable! To keep the bikini bootcamp going, my question is with all the goodies and temptations coming up with Halloween and Thanksgiving and the cold weather may cause people to stop working out, do you have any tips on staying on track?


  • Alyssa Coltman

    What outfit would you wear to a holiday party that can function for a night out holiday gathering as well?

  • Manon Powrie

    Love everything inside the bag! Love all lauren’s books too :)

  • Jami Babcock

    Lauren, I love fall but it seems like it’s harder to get motivated to get out and about or workout as the weather is getting cooler. What would you suggest, or what do you like to do, to stay motivated and in good spirits when cooped up on those blustery days?

  • Melanie League

    I love this giveaway! As holiday shopping nears, I always struggle with one gift- What do I get my boyfriend’s mother for Christmas?! I would love some gift ideas that are thoughtful but don’t seem like I tried too hard. I would greatly appreciate your expertise Lauren! Thanks (:

  • Elizabeth Pearson

    I’m so excited for the giveaway! Do you have any recommendations for some cute fall decor ideas?

  • Emily Szargowicz

    On the 15th I turn 30! Eeek! This would be a great bday gift! Lauren, what anti-aging mosturizer would you reccommend for the fall/winter that won’t clog pores, but give me a luminous glow? Thanks!

  • lyly

    I recently moved away from my hometown and I’m a little worried about being homesick during the holidays. Do you have any tips for dealing with being away from family during the holidays?

  • Sam Brandon

    What would be your most ideal fall/winter snow outfit for the days up in the mountains, including shoes all the way up to the warmth saving hat?

  • Jacquelyn Estrada

    The DIY candy bowls/cupcake platters were cute, eye catching, and easy. I’d like to seem some DIY decorations for Thanksgiving. Possibly a centerpiece cornicopia or something to display all the things we are thankful for. Anything that reminds us what the day is supposed to be about.

  • Andy Hitt

    You should do how to keep the oversized sweater look from making you look oversized! :)

  • Mallory Hollan

    Want this!! Do you have any good/healthy recipes for holiday entertaining? Thanks!

  • Kristen Hewitt

    I have a very casual style but need to dress office appropriate… most of the outfits I wear are borderline too casual for work. The other problem is that I recently moved from Florida to Maryland, it’s been about 3 years since I had a true winter! So… what I need are good options to turn my casual summer wardrobe into an office appropriate wardrobe without spending too much on new winter clothes. Your help is much appreciated… and the goodie bag would be a fabulous bonus!! Thanks!

  • pamela tompach

    What is the hottest chanel bag to be carrying this fall??

  • Kryssy

    Hey Lauren! I’m a full time worker and a full time nursing student. I love this time of year – from the changing leaves to Football Sundays to pumpkin picking. The colder weather tends to be really tough on my hands, especially after doing rotations and constantly having to wash them. I’ve tried a lot of lotions and NONE seem to work (short of walking around with mitts on my hands, I’ve tried it all). It’s important for me to have my hands healthy and smooth – both personally and for work related reasons. My skin is very sensative… any suggestions?!

  • CassieV

    I am super excited about boot season, but I can only afford 1 pair. I really like that look of tan/seude riding boots. Are they okay to wear with grey/black dress pants?

  • giuli cerro

    Can you do a DIY for stocking stuffers for your best friends. Like little meaningful things you can make for them.

  • Elizabeth Wardlow

    Hi Lauren!

    Me and my girls want to throw a Halloween party. What are some cute, but not tacky, decorations that would set the mood of a “”spooky”” and super cute party?!

    I know you would have some excellent ideas! :)

  • Amber Stock

    Hi Lauren! What’s your favorite holiday inspired cocktail/drink for this season? I’m looking for a new drink for my holiday party!

  • laura steel

    What are you favorite fall beauty items?

  • Shalee Forsythe

    Hi Lauren! I’m a huge fan! The question I have is Do you have any ideas of holiday wreaths? Have a great day!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    How to pack for a Fall vacation (to a cooler place) since the weather is in transition?

  • Camille DiPaola

    My question is this:

    How can I style a long sweater vest?

    Cheers…and hope to win this lovely giveaway!

  • Jamie Dunleavy

    What are some ways to prevent gaining the extra weight we gain during the holiday season?

  • Molly Adams

    My roommate and I are hosting a Halloween party. Any suggestions for Halloween-themed drinks or treats?

  • Brittney Frericks

    Hi, Lauren — I’m obsessed with wearing boots through the winter months and love that you can dress them up or down. What colors/styles look best with girls’ different body types?

  • Ellen Whitton

    What is your favorite place to get away during the cooler fall weather? I need fall break idea!

  • Jaime Silverstein

    Fall is my favorite season because I love taking my dog around the city so she can play in the leaves that have fallen. Where are your favorite fall spots to take your pup to visit?

  • Ashley Grim

    What are some ways to stay warm and fashionable during the cold winter months? Is it possible to have utility and fashion?

  • Hilary Greene

    Pumpkin is everywhere now that October is here, what is your favorite pumpkin-flavored treat?

  • Lauren Meyers

    Hi Lauren! What are your favorite ways to decorate tables and place settings for holidays? I would love your advice!

  • Lauren Kenney

    What is your favorite pumpkin-themed treat?

  • Lori Phambui

    Lauren, what is an appropriate Halloween costume for work?

  • Emily Wunderlich

    I love boots but am only 5″”1′ so what are some styles of boots that would work for my height and still be afforable?

  • Sarah Trentacoste


    I’m meeting my boyfriend’s dad, step mom and sister for the first time on Thanksgiving at his parent’s friend’s home who I also have never met. What casual fall outfit would you waer, what dish or hostess gift would you bring, help help help!

  • Lauren Lappinga

    My birthday is on 10/19, and I’m wondering what are some good fall colors for outfits and makeup that I could wear for my birthday party!

  • beautyfreak

    What is this season’s perfect make-up look? xo

  • Katy Fellman

    Whats the best way to transition from summer makeup to fall?

  • Kim Tarquinio

    I know that you are a great fashion expert and you give great advice to us ladies, but what are the fall trends for the men out there? My husband has been asking me for fashion advice and I haven’t gotten the answers for him and we all know we love a man that can dress well. Any advice I can give him?

  • Michele Roam

    Hi Lauren! I love your posts about wearing red lipstick, what is your favorite brand and shade to wear with fall styles?

  • Forrest Wilson

    Love this! So, fall and winter are times that make is so easyalways want to be cozy. From fashion to what we eat, the seasons nearly beg people to be snug, warm, and relaxed. What are some ways to get some energy during these months?

  • Hannah Sligh

    What are some holiday party recipes? And if you are hosting a party, what are some easy hair, makeup, and outfit tips that are quick, and will last through preparing for the party, and the actual party.


  • Cristina Suarez

    What are some tips for places where it doesn’t get too cold but I still want to enjoy all the great fashion that comes with fall? :)

  • tejka

    I would like to see another post about skin care!!! Pleaaase!! :)

  • aviana wyall

    What are some fun holiday activities to do with friends or boyfriend?

  • Lindsay R

    I love fall, and am always on the look out for unique coats to help transition into the winter with. I would love to get some recommendations of your favorite places to shop for coats at a variety of price points!

  • Tera Zeigler

    The holiday season is a busy time for parties, what is your advice on gracefully declining an invite?

  • Laura Espinoza

    Which is the best way and/or product to protect your skin from the harsh cold of winter?

    P.S: I love LC clothing and I read the blog daily, I love the beauty tips and the crafty ideas you give :D!!

  • Sarah Gibson

    Hi Lauren! How can I wear ankle booties to work and still look fashionable but professional?

  • Erika Natale

    Are dark colored opaque tights still in style this fall/winter?

  • Karina Silva

    I was never a girly girl, but lately I am very much interest in make up – I love lipsticks – what are perfect lip color for the fall? =)

  • Michelle Ha

    What’s a quick and easy holiday-appropriate dessert that’s also healthy that we can make for get togethers?

  • London Faust

    Lauren, do you think that tights under shorts is an acceptable fall fashion or should shorts be restricted to warmer weather? I would love to hear your thoughts!

  • Alexa Burrows

    Lauren, what is one timeless fall trend that I can not live without? Something that will be stylish for years to come.

  • Katherine Ludlow

    Lauren I love your DYI decorations! What might you have instore for us for the Christmas DYI projects? Anything glitterly? I’m looking for new ideas!

  • Sheska Ocasio

    The holidays are cold, and most people’s skin dry more than normal. So Lauren, what is your beauty moisturizing regimine during the holidays?!

  • Caitlin Thomas

    I’m trying to find a new purse but not having any luck. I really want a crossbody that is sophicated enough to wear to work but still bright/fun to wear out with friends. Any ideas that wouldn’t break the bank?

  • Chelsea McFarland

    Fall and winter are definitely my favorite time of year (especially in terms of my wardrobe!) but it isn’t necessarily the best on my skin. What are the best ways to keep my skin hydrated and looking its best during these cooler months?

  • jackiej

    Leaves from Bath and Body Works is my favorite fall scent, what is your favorite fall scent?

  • Cassandra Lewis

    Lauren, I would love to hear your take on creative pumpkin carving/decorating ideas. What can we do differently this year?

  • Angel LaMae

    Hi Lauren!

    My question would be:

    What are the things that make you happy that fall is here again? It could be memories from your childhood, items you look forward to, scents that make you smile.

    Take Care!

  • Ann Cuevas

    Hi there, I was wondering what is your guilty pleasure (food or activity) on a cold winters night?

  • Ashley Kozic

    What are some great DIY fall decorations for the house? I love fall and love making my home cozy and “”fall-like””

  • Elisa Anduaga

    I am a sucker for giveaways, but I seem to have the worst of lucks. I live in Peru and I’m crossing every single one of my fingers that this giveaway is overseas ♥ I adore this websiteee

  • Sarah Reynolds

    Cognac boots are to die for! What fall colors go with cognac?

  • Jenny Santiago

    What is the perfect fall date outfit and date idea? It seems like there are so many fun fall themed things to do for fun, what recommendations do you have for fun with friends or with a significant other?

  • Jessica Clark

    What is the number one staple to have in my closet this fall?

  • Shelby Taylor

    where can i find cheap thick-knitted sweaters?

  • Kaely Bistrek

    I absolutely love this time of year but always struggle finding the perfect outfit to wear out with friends! It’s always cold outside but clubs/bars are stuffy. I never know how to mix my outfit perfectly to balance between inside and outside and still look fabulous of course!

  • manda

    I am in need of chic ideas to decorate the home for Thanksgiving…no turkeys please. 😉

  • Brianna Carrara

    Hey girl! Hope all is well! What is your favorite style of boots for fall and winter?

  • jen read

    what should one bring as a host/hostess gift for halloween / pumpkin carving parties…

  • Debbie LeShirley

    Fantastic giveaway, what is your favourite product for chapped lips once the weather starts turning colder?

  • Amanda Harris

    Do you know any fabulous holiday drink recipes that can easily be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

  • Lauren Baxter

    What is your favorite Fall entertaining recipe? Now is the time of fall festivities and I’m always looking for good ideas.

  • Megan E

    Hi Lauren! My questions would be regarding tights. What itights are on trend this season and can I wear them my spring and summer skirts to transition to fall?

  • Franziska Kuelbel

    What’s your favorite fall drink? Mine is the new Starbucks Caramel Salted Latte, such a treat but also makes you want to work out :)

  • Ashley Rouse

    Hey Lauren! What is the best way to keep your hair hydrated and healthy from the cold weather?

    Looking forward to your fall ideas!

  • Cheryl Lam

    What are some ways to decorate for fall? :)

  • Ali Humar

    What is your favorite fall holiday tradition?

  • Allison McCorkle

    I am a student going to school to become a special education teacher. Whe I go to my practicum I need to look professional but also be in clothing I can moved around in, and in shoes I can run(!) in if my students decide they are having a bad day. How can I look professional, but also not feel like all I have to wear at work are jeans and sweaters?

  • JC

    I absolutly love fall but in Florida we pretty much go from summer to winter…How do I incorporate fall style when it still well above 80

  • Leticia Souza Dias

    I really love this bag!!! And everything that’s in it…

  • Chandra Jackson

    This is so exciting! Do you have any good and healthy soup recipes for Fall?

  • Courtney Sappington

    How can I incorporate fall trends into my wardrobe when I live in a city that is hot year-round?

  • Jordan Estep

    What is one of your favorite Fall time memories? Do you have Fall family traditions? Fall is my favorite time of the year! It is the simple things that make me enjoy it so much. Beautiful scenery (especially in Northern Michigan!), apple cider and fresh donuts, boots and sweaters, and all the great smells! This bag is exactly my style and would go great with any Fall outfit!!


    Hi lauren, I was wondering what is your go to fall acessory and clothing combination?

  • Jillian Kalick

    Hey! Whats the best accessiory to wear to make your outfit go from day to night?

  • Ani Petrosyan

    Any fun date ideas for fall?? I can think of a million things to do during summer, but can’t think of anything fun for the chillier days :/

  • Jodi Mashak

    I love knee-high boots, but have large calves and am having an incredibly hard time finding boots that fit with my body type. Where can i find affordable boots that fit for the fall/winter weather?

  • Becky Nally

    What is your favorite holiday make-up look?

  • kristen tedone

    Holiday Question – What are good appetizers or desserts to bring to your boyfriend’s family (or friend’s party) Thanksgiving holiday celebration?

    Love the bag & treats inside!

  • Jessica Murray

    I love opaque and patterend tights, espically when the weather turns cooler, but have a hard time finding matching shoes for colors other than black. What shoes work best with bold tights?

  • Alli Cain

    What are the best holiday dresses for meeting the in laws?

  • Amanda Miller

    I absolutely loooooove this bag!! <3

  • Alice Faye

    As we are now transitioning into fall/winter, what are your favorite ways to stay cozy while it’s cold out?

  • Monica Helset

    fantastic giveaway :-) i was wondering if you had any tips on how to get rid of “”electric”” hair? I get it every time it’s cold outside,and it is very annoing!


    What is your number one comfort food that you like to reach for in the fall?

  • Christina Brathune

    Lauren, I am going to Manhattan with my family for Christimas. Do you have any good ideas for something to wear for a NYC Christmas eve dinner? I want to look chic and sophisticated:)

  • Lauren Wallace

    What are your suggestions for a super chic and comfy thanksgiving day outfit? I have to attend two family parties, and I want to dress to impress!

  • Jennifer Maddox

    What’s your favorite part about fall? The outfits, weather, holidays…?

  • Nicole Harris

    Yay! What are great transition nail polishes from fall to winter?

  • Gretchen Jarvis

    Hey Lauren! my question is about transitioning from summer into fall…what is your favorite way to transition your closet from summer into fall? What are some essential items you should have this season in your closet?

  • Ellen Hutchinson

    Dear Lauren,

    I am the youngest associate in my office, by a lot. Therefore my style is very different from the rest of the staff. My question is this:

    For our annual Holiday Party should I stay extra conservative? Or should I add some Holiday flaire? What is appropriate for an office Holiday Party?

    Thank you! :)

  • Amber Melville

    What are the best scarf colors to make eye colors pop in the fall?

  • Samantha Mo

    What are some ideas for a fun fall party?

  • Emily Wirth

    I love decorating with pumpkins, twigs, apples, and leaves every year. What are your favorite ways of decorating for fall?

  • Holly Gaspari

    Halloween is coming up, and for my costume I want to add a red tint to my hair. I’ve never used any hair dye/color before and I don’t want it to be permanent. Are there any good, semi-permanant brands that won’t leave any color after a few washes? Thanks! :)

  • melinda greene

    Buns or hair down for the fall?

  • Jennifer Medina

    I need help on how to wear scarves.. Ideas on how to make them look chic while still being functional would be great!

  • Katie Roberts

    What do you think the biggest unexpected trend will be for this fall? Possibly based off of the latest and greatest designer collections and recent runway findings? How can we best mimic these trends at a reasonable price?

  • Laura Rose

    I love your Ask Lauren posts, so I think an article on how to handle family holiday events with a new significant other would be so helpful!


    what is your favorite type of candy to munch on during halloween?

  • Meredith

    What are your favorite fall lip and nail colors? Thanks!

  • Olivia Belanger-Mathieu

    Hi Lauren, what would be the next trend for accessories for the holidays?

  • Ana Valle

    What are the fall/winter must haves and where can we find them cheap. Also any good ideas for holliday looks and dresses.

  • Allison Silverman

    What would be your easy go-to DIY holiday gift or holiday party favor?

  • Naomi Duprey

    I’m planning an October birthday party for one of my best friends (we’re planning on making your DIY cake stands! :) ) and I was wondering about some fun party ideas to mix in fall/Halloween without making it an entire Halloween party. Drinks, decor, and delicious snacks would be very much appreciated!


  • Maddy Douglass

    What is the one holiday party food or drink you couldn’t possibly celebrate without? :)

  • Lauren Lowe

    This bag is too cute! What’s your favorite fall drink?

  • Axelle Dhoe

    What is your favorite outfit for fall?

    Kisses Axelle!

  • kimberly shigeno

    What is the best fall lip color to wear with the different skin tones?

  • Jayme Norum

    What is the one IT piece every girl should have in her wardrobe this fall season?

  • Miri R

    My favourite colour in this fall is yellow like mustard. But I’m not quite sure with which colours I can mix it.. A blog post about this would be fantastic and to win the great give away as well! :)

  • Dy Shiny

    which is the perfect work’s outfit for the fall season?

    thanks lauren for this fantastic giveaway!!! :) I take my fingers crossed… :)

  • Brittney Nelson

    What’s your favorite holiday tradition you do with your family?

  • arianna Michelle

    What Do you enjoy doing most on Halloween? What do you want to be for halloween? And What is your faveorite clothes accesory for the fall??? (:

  • Yerin Kim

    How to wear leggings for fall/winter? I absolutely love wearing leggings with flats, but I am getting so sick of wearing a long sweater with the combo. Any other ideas as to how we can wear leggings this season?

  • Sarah Lynch

    I am in a sorority and we have to wear formal clothes for chapter meetings, how do i transition my pencil skirts and blouse i have been wearing during the warmer weather into fall/winter wear without looking too dowdy?

  • Victoria Nunziato

    What is your favorite New Years Eve look?

  • Amanda Miller

    What is the best winter makeup look for a blonde hair blue eyed girl?

  • Katelyn Durst

    Lauren, fall is my favorite season, thanks so much for giving us an opportunity to win this amazing bag. I’d love to see some great DIY fall inspired crafts or accents for the home :)

  • Didenur Kazar

    hey lauren :-) What kind of jackets and shoes do you wear in fall ?

  • sara gomez

    Dear Lauren, now that the weather it’s getting cooler and wet I would like to know how can I wear my new rainboots with. Is it right to wear them with a dress? O better with leggings or jeans. Would you show me some outfits, please? Thanks so much! Sara 😀

  • HNew

    What colors are coming in for this winter and how can we incorporate them with the styles we already have from last year?

  • Katie Doyle

    Any fun ideas for Fall Office to night out looks?

  • Sierra Santoyo

    I am wondering if you could give me some style tips for fall/winter. What are the trends this year?

  • Tiffany Kellogg

    Lauren, I really enjoy your website. What are some cute Halloween costume ideas you can keep warm and still look cute for the fall?

  • Jill Scalzo

    lauren, what is your favorite family tradition practiced every holiday season? :) please consider me! thank you.

  • Margaret Merwin

    Hi Lauren, How is your skin care routine changing from summer to spring? Specifically, any special exfoliation routines for the drier weather and any foundation/blush tips?

  • Claudia Castro

    What skin care tips would you share for this upcoming seasons… :)

  • amanda DAmico

    What is your favorite christmas dessert recipe ? :) xo

  • Elizabeth Edwards

    hi Lauren!! what would your best advice be to keep that unwanted holiday weight away? Thank you!!

  • Cherilyn Mayr

    What is the best lip moisturizer to use to prevent my lips from getting dry during this switch from warm to cold weather during fall?

  • Shannyn Hall

    Do you have any skin care tips for the cooler weather? I always get so dry this time of year. Great giveaway!

  • Madeline Wilson

    What are some Christmas and New Years outfit ideas? I’ve got to make sure to end the year in LC style!

  • Jane Neiman

    What are the healthiest squash recipes?

  • Meg Day

    what is your favorite fall nail color? I love plum.

    Meg from the

  • kelley

    What was your most memorable christmas gift you ever got?

  • Leslie Freeman

    Hey Lauren, it’d be great to see some looks for different holiday occasions (i.e. what’s in style yet appropriate for your work Christmas party, Christmas with the in-laws, etc?). Thanks!

  • amyliz


    What are a few of your favorite nail polish colors for fall? Do you have any tricks to keep them chip-free longer?

  • vettec10

    Love the bag!

  • littlemissamanda

    The weather is getting colder and the winter sweaters are on their way out from the back of my closet! Being on the short side (5ft and a teensy bit!), how can I wear layers and thick sweaters without making myself look short and heavy? I can never do it and always look like I am carrying lots of holiday weight, even when I have been good!

  • Dabe Shores

    What’s the best way to wear colored tights to the office this fall?

  • Amy S

    What is one fall fashion that makes you cringe?

  • Alex Walker

    What are some cute ideas on how to decorate a college room for fall?

  • Lacey Scott

    Can you wear light color nail polish in fall? I need nail polish rules please!!!

  • lily boyce

    What’s your favorite way to give an edgy update to the classic boots/jeans/sweater combo?

  • Lauren Murphy

    How do you fight the cold weather blues and stay motivated to be active and eat healthy?

  • Maura Baginski

    With the weather changing from summer and sandels to boots and sweaters, what do you suggest to help prep skin for the weather change?

  • Tamara Jovanovic

    How to be as charming as you are on the fall? <3

  • HeartClothes

    What’s the best way to wear fair isle for the holidays?

  • Diganti Bhatt

    Thank you for this giveaway! My question to you is what is skin care regime? I have dry skin, so what would you recommend for someone like me?

  • Erin McAllister

    Lauren, if you could buy one style for a fall coat this year, what would it be? In the market for a new one and would really appreciate your advice!

  • Libba McClendon

    What is one staple piece that I should incorporate into my wardrobe for work this fall?

  • Sharon Robbins

    what are the best colors to use on the eyes for the fall when going out with friends or just having a romantic dinner with my man?

  • Ana Lorena

    What are some of your favorite Christmas treats? :)

  • Holly French

    Lauren, I recently picked up a vintage sweater guard. Could you show us retro chicks how to wear it in a modern and sophisticated way? They are so beautiful and classic, we need to bring this trend back!!!

  • Margaret Merwin

    Hi Lauren, how is your skin care routine changing moving from summer into fall? Specifically any exfoliation tips for the dryer weather or any foundation/blush tips for the paler skin?

  • Elise Meader

    what do you recommend for a fun and classy halloween party look?

  • Hanna Futterman

    Hi Lauren! I just recently moved to Colorado and was hoping you could answer this question: How does one bundle up without looking shapeless? All the layers knock out any curves which isnt too flattering!

  • Kate

    What is a cute fall DIY decor crafty creation?

  • Shir Haim

    Im from Canada and i know this is US only giveaway, but i was wondering if you could give advise on fall nail polish trends :)

  • anna keegan

    What item do you never leave the house without during the fall season?


  • Cassie Hayes

    I think tights with shorts are a really cute way to spice up a fall wardrobe…what do you think? tights and shorts…yay or nay? :)

  • Brittany Barlow

    What is the best way to stay moisturized this winter? Is it better to dye your hair darker for the winter months? xoxo

  • Jennifer Titchenal

    Love this entire website!! My new joy at night is a cup of good tea to wind down, currently the Yogi branded Caramel Relax tea with a bit of coconut milk and a spoonful of honey. Do you enjoy tea and what would be a favorite of yours?

  • Lauren Ghinelli

    What is the best holiday drink with the least amount of calories? Also, what is the best splurge drink for the holidays?

  • Brianne Allison

    What is your favorite DIY present to give to friends for Christmas/holidays?

  • Amber Hennessey

    I have VERY pale Irish skin, and live in the wintery state of MN…. how can I keep from looking like a “”grim reaper”” of pale and cold colors?

    P.S. SOOO excited for this giveaway!! :)

  • Jessica Minarovic

    What is a fresh look for holiday parties?

  • Brittany Alamar

    Any DIY ideas for cute fashion accessories for fall??

  • Christine Grove

    What is your most favorite fall/holiday traditions from when you were growing up and do you still practice them?

  • Randi Coe

    What is your favorite DIY Winter/Christmas decoration?? I love seeing DIY wreaths!

  • Debo

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!! what is your skincare routine?? :)

  • Winterkate

    What are the best nail polish colors that go with the Christmas holidays? Has red been done too much?

  • Taylor Costa

    What would the best outfit be for a college holiday party?

  • Sarah Cozzens

    Do you ever get inspired to do halloween makeup? A couple years ago The Black Swan makeup was really big.

  • Nicole Fosco

    Hi Lauren! What is the best way to incorporate the combat boot trend into every day and going out attire, while still keeping it girly? Thanks :)

  • Brittany Wood

    I am looking to host a Thanksgiving party for my friends before we all part ways and head home from University for the Holiday- Do you have any DIY center-piece or decoration ideas that air on the side of chic but welcoming?

  • Tanya Green

    Would love to know some favorite jack o lantern designs!

  • katy claucherty

    What are the best Christmas crafts to give away as gifts?

  • Morgan Haskell

    Hi Lauren! I have some Fall/Winter weddings to attend and I was wondering what to wear. Is it appropriate to wear the dresses I wore to summer weddings and add tights?

  • Ingrid Torres

    Hi, I would like to know gift ideas and holiday outfits.

  • Sarah Marie

    I’d love to see a post on how to host your own thanksgiving with friends! :)

  • Lizz Tyler

    Lauren, I would love to know how you keep yourself motivated to work out even when the weather is bad! Going to the gym is so boring, what do you do instead?

  • Samantha Neitzel

    What is a makeup must to have in your purse during the fall/winter season?

  • Hilary Catton

    My question is about boots/socks and leggings for fall/winter. What is your best advice for wearing tall socks with boots, and also your ideas on tights and leggings with boots as well? Do colors matter? Do patters matter? What is your opinion on what is suitable for casual wear or a more dressy affair? Thank you Lauren for your time and making all of us girls always look our best…. :)

  • Katie Allen

    What is the best way to tackle hair static when the temps start to drop and the air gets dry?

  • vettec10

    What are your favorite boots for fall?!

  • Clara Houin

    Hey Lauren,

    I have so much color built into my wardrobe from the unseasonably warm spring & summer we’ve had in Tennessee, do you have any good ideas on how to integrate some of these bright pieces into a fall look?

  • Tere Mestas

    What are the 3 must-haves to wear during the fall? :) lov you Lauren!!

  • Andrea Clatworthy

    What’s the best way to embrace fall layers without looking frumpy and 20 pounds heavier?!

  • Megan Miller

    Hey Lauren!

    I love the look of skinny jean, however, my thighs don’t fit in them comfortably! I have one pair of Jeggings, but I can’t seem to find any that I really like. Because my thighs are bigger and my waste is smaller, I have a hard time finding a pair that I can just wear and dont have to add a belt (which is hard to do when there aren’t any loops)! Can you help me out!? Where can I find them!? :) Thanks for your help!

  • Kyla Donnell

    Hey Lauren! My question is this: I am a fluffy girl and love fall/winter because I can hide my body with layers. What is your fashion suggestion for curvy girls to get away from this habit? Or is there a way to get the layered look without making us look heavier? Thanks!

  • Kenna

    What is the best way to wear fall clothes in warmer weather but not warm enough for summer? Could you show a head to toe fall assemble? Thanks i know i will love your advice!

    -Makenna :)

  • Kayla Almanza

    How can those of us in warmer states, dress for all those days that are chilly in the morning and evenings, but scorching in the afternoon? Fall is a rough season for us in TX!

  • Vicky Trujillo

    What would you recommend for holiday makeup? I want something bold and different than my usual daily routine.

  • HoosierGirl

    Hi Lauren! I love the fall fashion and have always thought that big tops with leggings and boots are so precious! I am hesitant about trying the outfit in public though because I don’t have pole thin legs..what are your thoughts?

  • Nancy Tao

    Hi Lauren – Can you provide some tips on throwing on a fall/autumn themed dinner party? such as DIY decor and recipe ideas? :) Thanks so much!

  • Petra Zeller

    What color do you wear it most in your fall outfits or which do you wanna try it out?
    Very exciting giveaway. I hope I have a lot of luck.
    have a lovely day, Lauren
    xo, Petra

  • Sarah Wilper

    Super excited about the give away! I have a business trip to Vegas after the holidays. My typical work wear is jeans and a polo. Vegas feels a little out of my league. Any suggestions on what to wear/pack? I have alot of seminars, but will totally have time for a couple nights on the town.

  • Jennifer Perkins

    LAUREN i would love to know how you keep your skin so clear

  • Leah Ward

    What is your never fail, go to outfit for fall?

  • Patricia Snell

    Hi Lauren! What is your must-have fall/winter fragrance this year? I love Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia, but am not sure if I can wear in the cooler months. XO

  • Simply Me

    What color tops would look best with turquoise shoes?

  • Sally Birckhead

    What is your best advice for chic winter hairstyles? My hair tends to be oily at the roots, dry on the ends and overall staticky in the colder months – yuck! I would love to hear some tips from you!

  • Sarah Choi

    How do you incorporate metallic colors into your fall/winter wardrobe without looking tacky?

  • Kelly Supple

    Hi Lauren! What is your favorite healthy holiday treat? I love holiday treats but I would like to stay healthy over the holidays. Thanks!

  • Judit

    Do you plan do dress up for Halloween and if you do any ideas already?

  • day

    i’m trying to pull off the patterened tights look i’ve been seeing everywhere. I’m a little on the short side, what are a few tips on how to make it work? With all the busy on the bottom do i keep it simple up top? Thanks!! :)

  • Natalia Curado

    What is the greatest memory you have of the holidays from your childhood?

  • sophia Belloso

    Budget friendly gift ideas for this holiday season? Maybe this includes a segment in your DIY section where you make some DIY gifts. Creativity is key (which you and your team has tons of) since you don’t want to feel tacky or cheap giving the gift.

  • Katelyn Palombo

    Lauren, what are your skincare and beauty tips for the fall/winter season?

  • EjoS

    We know scarves and mittens are always the fall trend but what do you think will be the new creative fall accessory?

  • mic

    What is your go-to fall outfit?

  • Alicia Milillo

    HI Lauren! Thanksgiving in my family starts early! What are some tips for holiday dressing day into night?

  • CollMcGov

    I love wearing black and brown in the winter as they are nice neutral colors. Is wearing both these shades together still a fashion faux paus? What is the best way to incorporate these two shades into my wardrobe for the fall and winter?

  • Tricia-Lynn Harter-Carter

    best ways to wear tights with skirts, boots & dresses in the fall – for work – not just 20 something appropriate – all age appropriate, suggestions?

  • Misty Moreno

    How do you dress fall like when the weather is still summer like?

  • Brooke Waxman

    What has been your favorite Halloween costume that you put together with yourself!?

  • ashleyTIA

    Do you prefer wrapping your gifts elaborately or something simple like brown paper packages and sting? : )

  • Katie Doyle

    Are leather leggings appropriate for work?

  • Jennifer Motte

    I hope that my question doesn’t sound dumb, but is there a right or wrong way to combine scarfs to your clothes? And what scarfs fit what outfit? I love them but they never seem to fit. Any ideas?

  • Melanie Villaflor

    Layering is an improtant trick for staying warm during fall. What are some good tips for staying warm in the chilly weather and using layers without looking too cumbersome?

  • Jenna T

    What’s a great place to find dresses long enough for tall girls that will still look cute with tights and boots?

  • Chrissy Carpentier

    What is the biggest new trend for this Fall season & what is the “”It”” color for this Fall??

  • Quyen Nguyen

    Hi Lauren!

    I’ve recently bought a big chunky cardigan from a thrift store and I would to like to know how you would style it! (:

    And I hope I get to win this very great price!

  • Kylie Harrington

    What are some yummy holiday treats that could double as a gift?

  • Megan Allen

    What are your favorite traditions for the holiday season?

  • Karoline Jessen

    What are the new fall coours?

  • Olivia S.

    What are some of your favorite fall diy projects? for decor or for fashion?

    Thanks :)

  • Summer Mullis

    what are your favorite treats to make for fall? healthy and not so healthy :-)

  • Judit

    ok just saw that I missed the Halloween post, so another question, what are your ideas for staying stylish during field trips and field practise? I’m a biology major and sometimes find it hard to stay comfy and look kind of cute?

  • Lacey Regis

    I love fall, especially the fashion! It’s my favorite season! What is your favorite fall outfit?

  • Clea Jane

    What are some new creative ways to decorate your Christmas tree?

  • Jhook85

    What newest trend are you most excited about wearing this fall?

  • Cassandra_Knows

    I’m looking forward to fall because it’s time to dig out all the wonderfull boots I have. But sometime I’m not sure how to wear them. So, I would really like to know how I could combine different types of boots with the current trends. In other words, what clothes look good with ankle boots, knee-length boots etc?

  • Rebecca Wagner

    What are other casual fall outfits for cold days besides the classic big sweater, legging, boots and a scarf?

  • Amanda Burkey

    Which costume would you wear if you had an unlimited budget?

  • Mandi B.

    I love your cute polka dot leggings at Kohl’s but I am not sure what to wear with them. Could you show some outfits on how to wear this fall trend?

  • nennimj

    Love, love, love all the goodies in your fall bag! The cold weather puts everyone into a winter funk, what are some of your suggestions for beating the seasonal blues?? Favorite books or movies, outings and dinner party suggestions?

  • Allison Manning

    What are you favorite colors to wear for the fall season? And which colors do you pair together? Im am hearing that black and brown together are acceptable now!

  • Alissa Dillon

    What was your favorite holiday tradition growing up?

  • Carrie Grant

    What are a couple essential fall items I can add to my wardrobe without breaking the bank?

  • jennifer Porter

    What are the hot fall colors this year?

  • Maureen El-Tohamy

    Whats the best way to keept straight hair tamed on those moist, frizz inducing fall days without the wet or oily look silk and other frizz-free serums can cause?

  • Lisa Whitten

    What’s your favorite game day outfit?

  • Jamie Von Bargen

    Hi Lauren! I have a lot of holiday parties that I am going to be attending this season and I don’t want to purchase different outfits for each event. Do you have any ideas on how to change up an outfit so that I don’t have the same look in every event? My budget is tight but I want to look great since I just lost a lot of weight!

  • Kristen Mulvihill

    What is your go-to date outfit when the holidays are just around the corner!?

  • B

    What are some ways to look chic for a holiday party with out looking too over the top? :)

  • Sarah Cook

    There are tons of really great trends for fall 2012. If you could only make one investment purchase this fall, what item would you purchase and why?

  • Alexa M

    How to perfectly style leather this fall? Edgy? Classy? Both?

  • ALautar

    What are some fall riding boots that you like? I’m tall (5’10″”), so I was wondering if flat riding boots would be more appropriate than boots with heels?

  • Meghan L. S.

    How would style mustard pants for work and play?

  • Jessica G

    What’s your favorite halloween candy? :)

  • thispeaceofmind

    What’s your favorite Bikini Boot Camp-friendly fall recipe?

  • Shirley Xing

    I love the look of messy top bun + chunky scarf, but my ears get cold in the winter if I wear my hair up (I live in Toronto). Any suggestions?

  • sandra moreno

    What are your favorite holiday recipes?

  • Kara Griffin

    Fall weather is different depending on your location. How can I be prepared for bi-coastal weather without packing my entire wardrobe while traveling? Accessories? Fall staples and key pieces?

  • lucykate

    What is your favourite food to eat this time of year?

  • Hannah Sloan

    What are some ways I can transition my summer wardrobe into fall? Specifically items that were really trendy this summer – how can I make them work for the impending chill?

  • Happy

    What accesories would work great for the holiday or Fall season?

  • Laura Taner

    What are the top essential fashion pieces for the holidays?

  • Kelly McDonald

    Fall is hands down my favorite season because I get to wear boots and chunky sweaters. If you could only pick one of these for fall, which would it be and why?

  • Tess Harper


    I love that so many of your holiday posts are easy and fun ideas that I am able to accomplish on a budget! Can you please do a DIY- christmas gift list aka lovely little things we can create ourselves to give to our nearest and dearest friends?

  • maisa alsharif


    I’m obsessed with burgundy this season. Which lipsticks are the best and how do I properly apply them?

  • Samantha Wade

    LOVE the bag! and I could certainly use the goodies to tie together my fall outfits!

  • Molly Curley

    Lauren! What’s your advice for staying on task, eating healthy and excercising, during the holidays?

  • SabreNinja

    What is the new must have nail polish color for fall?

  • Dana Lewis

    What would be the latest in hair color trends for fall? Is the ombre look still popular?

  • Stephanie Brochu

    When do you start your winter skin care routine and what is a good skin care routine for winter?

  • Erika Pacek

    Hi, Lauren. I am from Europe, more precisely from small country called Slovenia and i perhaps like everybody did, I notice you in The Hills, and since you made your own page I have been following your posts and tips. I learned a lot from your fashion advices (from make up, clothes, hairstyle, music to health). Most of the things I would probably buy, but because of you I try to make them new and fashionable. Otherwise I am a student and I have limited budget, so right now I cannot afford new bag and other things whitch belong into bag. And If I win..then this would be the best gift i ever had.

    Have I nice day, Erika :)

  • Sarah Hauptman

    What is a good way to transition items from your summer wardrobe into winter? I bought a lot of bright colors in summer, is it ok to still wear them in fall?

  • Cassandra Pisone

    What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?

  • Nicole Hershey

    What colors/style of dress would you wear to a holiday work party?

  • blsmith10

    Where is the best place to find some good chunky, knit sweaters that can be worn in a variety of ways (jeans, leggings, scarves, etc) and through fall and the holiday season?

  • CharStar

    What are the best pieces to transition summer wardrobes into fall wardrobes?

  • Rebecca Arneson

    How do you do Sugar Skull/Dios de la Muertos makeup??

  • MM

    What is your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

  • Camilla Wendt

    If you could pick one outfit that you would have to wear everyday this fall. What would it be?

  • hooleywithaz

    What’s the best Thanksgiving side dish to make for a mixed (i.e. meat-lovers and vegetarian) party?

  • Sejla Sabanovich

    Favorite make up and hair styles for fall? 😀

  • lauren gilbert

    I like wearing bright colors. What is the best bright tone for fall, and how can I keep it looking pretty and femine?

  • Alexandria

    hi LC :) I was wondering if u can show us how to layer up for this “”getting cold”” season without making outselves looking to bulky? Thank u, hope to hear back from u soon :)

  • Kelly Fecskovics

    What is a holiday tradition you and your family have made over the years that you would like to pass on to your children?

  • hbbs55

    is color blocking still a trend for fall, and if so what colors work best?

  • Nicole Finucane

    hi lauren! I’m from Ireland in the winter months it rains …..ALOT! have you any ideas or tips on ways to keep your make-up run free and your hair frizzless? Two months in and im starting to get sick of messy ponytails and the ‘have you just been sobbing in the bathroom mascara look’ :( any help would be much appreciated! love the blog by the way

    Nicole xx

  • Femke Vossen

    I would love to try and wear lipstick this season. But which colours are popular? And is it wise to wear lipstick if you have thin lips? Thanks!!

  • SarahE

    I would love to see tips on how you decorate your table for the holidays!

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway :)

  • Olivia Cannon

    What are your favourite fashion items for autumn? Olivia x

  • audrielle salvatore

    What are your favorite nail polish colors for fall?

  • Adriana Cepero

    What are your best memories with your family on the holidays? I am a new mommy and I want to build great memories with mine.

  • Rhonda Notschaele

    If I was to purchase only one item for the holidays this year what should it be?

  • Morgan Pody

    I know you loooove nail polish, and so do I! I’m currently looking for a great holiday color and could use your advice. So, what is your all time favorite nail color to wear for the holidays this year?

    Love you, Lauren!

  • Raechelle Watanabe

    What are your favorite fall hair styles this season?

  • Deanne Castro


    OMG I am loving this bag! I don’t have anthing close to it!

    Q: What are your top 10 Must-Haves for a smooth transition from Fall to winter?


    Deanne Castro

  • Megan

    What would be your perfect pumpkin patch/corn maze attire?

  • Bettina Bagi

    Which is your favorite shop, where you will find fall clothes from the right?

  • Grace Torreano

    What can I do to keep my face from flaking/peeling as the weather turns dry and cold! Specfically my nose!

  • Nini

    What would be a cool boyfriend/girlfriend duo halloween costume?

  • Alexandria

    opsssy i meant ourselves* 😉

  • Julia Szabo

    what is your ultimate, timeless, fall outfit you wear every year?

  • Erica Gutierrez

    I love the Fall!Main reason my bday is this month and Second I love all the fall color choices! If you couold pick out an outfit for a friend with only 3 color choices what would it be and why?

  • Mary Rosatone

    If you have to have candy on Halloween, like me, what type of candy do you think would be healthiest?

  • Kathleen McCormack

    What are some fun and creative ways to wrap gifts for the holidays?

  • Alexa Isusquiza

    How can you enjoy fall fashion trends (boots, scarves etc) living in a city like Miami that doesn’t really have cold weather?

  • Stephanie

    What are some easy holiday gifts (eiter homemade or creative purchases) for coworkers/family/friends?

  • Megan Urban

    What is your wardrobe staple for Fall?

  • Janella Vega

    I just moved from Lima, Peru to Denver, Colorado and I am so happy to be able to participate in your web. My question is: what is the best outifit ( nice and warm) to go snowboarding this winter?

  • Sarah Hoppe

    What are some tips for inexpensive DIY Halloween costumes that not slutty, but still super cute?!

  • Michelle B

    What do you love about fall and why? :)

  • jls82283

    My favorite holiday is Christmas! What are your decorating tips? How can I decorate my house, without going over the top?!

  • Ashley Grulich

    Love all your blog posts!!

    What are some cute outfits that are comfortable and stylish for walking around the city doing holiday shopping in Fall in Winter?

  • Bailey Secrist

    Lauren, what is the best way to transition my summer clothes into winter without breaking the bank?


  • Kristen Lee Fenn

    What is a holiday item or memory from your childhood that you love and/or still use today? (i.e. a Christmas tree ornament, a family tradition, the order you open presents, etc)

  • Kaycee LaGarce

    What are the latest color trends for this up and coming fall/winter?

  • KJ

    Hi Lauren…it looks like the neon trend is moving into fall and winter wear, do you think this look should be reserved summer?

  • Ashley Grulich

    Love all your blog posts!!

    What are some cute outfits that are comfortable and stylish for walking around the city doing holiday shopping in Fall and Winter?

  • eden hoxha

    What is the ultimate hairdo to a formal winter celebration (a party for example)?

  • Marisa Gonzalez

    What would you recommend for dry hands in the winter?

  • Jackie Dorsey

    How are you incorporating fall’s ‘it’ color (Ox Blood) in your wardrobe?

  • Sidney Collins

    What is your favorite costume of all time?

  • Katie Lee

    Love the satchel! Lauren — I see military inspired coats coming back for fall. What are your favorites, and what’s the best way to pull them off?

  • Rachel Bennett

    what are some creative ideas for carving pumpkins? :)

  • Elizabeth HUdson

    What is your recommendation for a healthy spin on Thanksgiving dinner?

  • Marilyn E.

    What do you turn to for a Fall comfort drink? A warm apple cider? A pumpkin spiced latte? Any tips on finding one that is Bikini Boot Camp approved? Would love to know your thoughts!

  • Megan Stiles

    I always spend Thanksgiving day with my family, but I’d love to host an evening Thanksgiving soiree with my friends! Any ideas on how to decorate the home, dress for the occassion, and utilize a fridge full of leftovers? Thanks!

  • Ashley Stroman

    If you were able to spend one full day doing all of your favorite fall-type things with whomever you wanted, what would you do and who would you do it with?

  • Stephanie Mikaelian

    Fall is around the corner…how can you create the perfect Fall outfit with this beautiful cambridge satchel? What’s your go to Fall accessories?

  • Cassie Ruthe

    What are some good gift ideas for that one person you never know what to get for the holidays?

  • Meghan McVey

    What are some appropriate dishes to bring to the various upcoming holiday parties, ie. Thanksgiving, x-mas, Halloween.

  • Kayla Stier

    This fall there is a lot of colored pants. What do you pair with them?

  • Sara Knepp

    I know they keep saying it’s okay now to wear white all year around, what are your best tips for wearing white in the fall winter and maybe some outfit ideas?

  • Celeste Sepulvado

    What’s your go-to favorite Fall boot and how do you like to style it?

  • Monica Nunez

    what are the cutest hairstyle trends for fall?

  • Jessica Lopez

    What’s the one thing you look forward to during Fall?

  • Hannah Hayes

    Im going back home for thanksgiving and the holidays, which means gatherings with family and friends that I have not seen for months. What are some outfit options that would be cute and memorable to wear?

  • Meghan Cummings

    Im trying to shed a few pounds this fall and winter but i find it very difficult with all of the holidays coming up and all of the good snacks that these seasons bring. Any tips or ideas that might help? Thanks =)

  • Anita

    Lauren, what are your favorite DIY projects for the holidays? I love decorating my house when Christmas is around the corner but Christmas decorations can be a little pricey!

  • Carolyn

    What are some sugggestions you would make for incorporating your spring/summer wardrobe into your fall/winter one for those of us who are thrifty students?

  • julia252

    Skincare routine for fall please? :) xx

  • Yasemin Bozorgmand

    Hi Lauren :)

    So this question has been on my mind for the past year and no one seems to have the perfect answer to. I am an art and business student and i find it quite difficult to blend in at both campuses. I want to know if you have a couple simple tricks that can help me pick an outfit that says: “”Yes, i am creative but I also love statistics!”” Sometimes i feel like peer pressure tells you to be part of one click and the need to dress like them to fit in. I would rather want to be myself than to get lost in a crowd.

    Thanks in advance!

    XO Yasemin

  • chelsee niebergall

    Lauren, how can you transition fun summer looks into chic fall looks?

  • L.F.

    What is your favorite fall cocktail?

  • Manon Berrevoets

    I reallt love the colored skinny jeans you see now. But I’m a pear shape and I was wondering if you know how I can pull them of anyway? Xx

  • Justine Manzi

    What would be a good statement peice for fall?

  • Cassidy Johnson

    I’m sure you have some adorable ideas for upcycled Christmas giftwrapping, could you give us a DIY?

  • Shannon Welsh

    What are your must-have clothing items for the Winter?

  • Clare McNamara

    I live in an apartment with an ADORABLE pug puppy, named Chimmy. Chimmy chews everything so having a tree right now is not an option. I don’t get to spend much time at home for the holidays, so what is your idea on how to brighten up my apartment and make it feel cheery?

  • Becca Long

    What are some cute and comfy fall styles?

  • K H

    What are some cute ways to wear those hiddous sweaters for the ugly sweater parties?

  • Lauren Ashley

    What are some tasty treats that you can bake for a halloween party? :)

  • Alex.michelle1214

    What are your favorite holiday traditions that really make this time of year special for you and your family?

  • Kassie Laytham

    What is your favorite product for keeping hair frizz down during the rainy season?

  • Ginny Clair Hitt

    What fall fashion trend would you like to see disappear? What fall trend would you like to see more of?

  • Justine Manzi

    What would be a good statement piece for fall?

  • Morgan S.

    What items from your collection or your other favorite stores would work best for holiday parties this season?

  • Erin Moscos

    What is one key Fall/Winter 2012 trend you saw on the catwalk that you would incorporate into your New Years Eve style?

  • Mona Mikhail

    How do you enjoy all the yummy fall treats without gaining extra pounds?


    Dear Lauren,
    Now that he weather is turning cooler and the seasons have changed, what is does your skin care routine include to prevent dry skin. Also, I’m looking to transition my makeup routine from summer to fall but want to keep a natural look. What would you suggest?
    Thank you!

  • Ivana Perincic

    Whats your favorite hair style for fall?

  • Lindsey George

    what is the best way to incorporate your spring/summer brights and pastels into fall?

  • Beth

    What food has to be part of your Thanksgiving dinner?

  • Stella Martinez

    I would really love to see healthy dishes for Thanksgiving!

  • Lacey Howton

    I recently chopped my hair off! Any good costume ideas without wearing a wig?

  • Erika Pacek

    Hi, Lauren. I am from Europe, more precisely from small country called Slovenia. Like everybody did, I notice you in The Hills, and since you made your own page I have been following your posts and tips. I learned a lot from your fashion advices (from make up, clothes, hairstyle, music to health). Most of the things I would probably buy, but because of you I try to make them new and fashionable. Otherwise I am a student and I have limited budget, so right now I cannot afford new bag and other things whitch belong into bag. And If I win..then this would be the best gift i ever had.

    and my quastion is: How to use a perfume in this cold days, that the fragrance lasts longer?

    Have I nice day, Erika :)

  • Sevana Richmons

    What is the smoothest way to transition from summer fashion to fall fashion, especially during an Indian summer like the one we’re having in So Cal?

  • Mary Williams

    What are good go to fall outfits when you are limited on time or packing space. I have to go home from college for Thanksgiving and Christmas, what would be good go to outfits that are easy to pack and mix and match without having to have too many pieces.

  • CC

    Can you please show a great fall dress to wear to a wedding (October) from your line and how to spruce it up with shoes and jewels? I just bought your LC Lauren Conrad Lace Fit & Flare Dress in Raspberry and could really use some tips to spruce it up…..Thanks

  • Kara

    How would you dream up your own artwork (any form) in styles of dresses, ornaments and cosmetics for the season of fall? Simply, what do you want to wake up having prepared to pull off!

  • Aimee DuBois

    What are some great fall inspired home DYI’s?

  • Erin h.

    What’s your go to product for keeping hands moisturized during fall?

  • Kathryn Kincanon

    What are your “”Fall Favorites””: Food, Fashion, Fun. The must do’s during the fall season. I would love to hear all about them!

  • Laurin Parks

    I know it’s a little early, but what do you think the hot new looks will be for New Year’s Eve festivities? You can never start to early planning your NYE outfit :)

  • Kourtney Bernecker

    How can I still dress “”business casual”” during the cool months and maintain style and professionalism?

  • Vanessa Gatlin

    What are the best ways to dress-up for a holiday party?

  • Haritini Dimalexi

    Hey sweety,i was ready to buy this wonderful cambridge satchel…i think it’s a perfect bag for autumn and winder…!!i would like to suggest you as an issue in your blogg : who is the basics items of clothes that should we have in our closet this winter (without spending much money) ? i will be very happy if you will anwsere to this question and if i: win the bag of course..!!! :-)

  • Trina Kruger

    Okay. You wake up, and look outside to see the first great rainy day of fall. If you had a clear schedule, how would you spend the day?

  • Keeler

    What is your favorite unexpected color scheme for Fall?

  • Abbey Adkison

    I have super straight hair. I like to wear it curled sometimes, but with the wind and rain, it falls flat in 5 minutes. Does a good way to keep your hair done even exist?

  • Jennifer Byrne

    What are some good outfits to wear to holiday dinner parties? So that people won’t be able to tell when you have eaten too much.. 😉

  • Summergirl96

    What are some of your favorite Fall hairstyles?

  • makeup_lovexo

    Can you show us how to wear a scar multiple ways?

  • Alison ODonnell

    Me and my group of friends do a “”Friendsgiving”” every year. What are your holiday themed food and beverage go to’s for something like this?!?

  • reganveronica

    what’s a good outfit for a famil thanksgiving with a new boyfriend and his family? i want to look fashionable but respectable

  • Nicole Nash

    I love the flush that my cheeks get during fall due to the cold weather. How do I achieve this look? Any ideas for perfect fall/winter makeup?

  • Emma Eccles

    Hi Lauren! What are your “”fall favorites”” in the sense of style, accessories, colors, recipes, etc.?

  • Atay

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I love to wear scarves and coats. What are good ways to accessorize to keep looking chic into the winter?

  • Marisa Martinez

    This bag is adorable! What’s a great outfit to wear on Thanksgiving? I would love to see a Thanksgiving Dinner style tutorial on here! I feel like no one ever does those!

  • Jessica Hackney

    What is your must have fall accessory?

  • Lindsay fox

    I’ve already lost my “”summer glow””. What are good makeup colors for Fall that aren’t too vampy and winter-like?

  • Tori Carlton

    What is the current trend for fall hair colors? For brunettes or blondes?

  • Kaylenz Ruiz Echavez

    Hola Lauren :) Soy de Colombia y de verdad me divierto mucho aprendiendo aca en tu pagina.

    Mi pregunta es:

  • Carrie Naff

    Are you a fan of using the sleeves of old sweaters for boot warmers/ leg warmers?

  • Lauren Larsen

    Since Halloween is my fav fall theme – what would be your suggestion for the best treat & drink (that is relatively healthy and low on sugar) for Halloween themed party?

  • Joyeeta Seal

    What are your fall shoe closet essentials? :)

  • Allison Ned

    What are some healthy and delicious side dishes to bring to thanksgiving and fall potlucks?

  • Karie Seger

    Hi Lauren :) What is your favorite perfume for this time of year? You should start your own makeup and perfume line! Would be awesome. Then I would have your clothes, makeup, perfume and jewelry! :)


    Karie S.

  • Sarah Catherine Leigh

    Is it okay to wear boots with a skirt/dress without tights on?

  • Rebecca Page

    Whats your best outift idea to go from work to holiday dinner party?

  • Raquel Podojil

    What are some ways to store heavy coats and winter boots in a small apartment?

  • Karla Peach

    What to wear on a date during these fall months ?

  • Sarah Medley

    I would love to know some great DIY holiday gifts for my friends because I believe the best gifts are personalized. Thanks!

  • Sol Sol

    What are some nice lookin and easy holliday decor DIY for the home??

  • Jenna Khattab

    How to spice up your makeup for this colourful, bright season?

  • Katie Anderson

    What’s a good football outfit that isn’t all team memoribilia?

  • Emily

    What is your favorite Fall color pallette?

  • KPVT

    What would make for great hostess gifts for those friends or family throwing Halloween, Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving, or December holiday parties?

  • Yardley Ellsworth

    What is your favorite way to destress during the stressful fall and winter months?

  • Daniele Cyr

    What has been your all time favorite Halloween costume?

  • Lauren

    Do you have any inexpensive DIY fall/holiday decoration ideas?

  • Kristina Bloomer

    What is a great bag to have during fall that will go with anything and will be big enough for all the essential but not too big?

  • Emily Geremia

    What are the best nails colors that will work for fall and easily transition into winter?

  • Julie Archibald

    I like to update my summer dresses with jackets and leggings but always have a hard time finding shoes that look good with leggings. I hate the feeling of tights/pantyhose but leggings always make my legs look cut off and stumpy. Any suggestions?

  • Film Tanawan V

    The 411 about layering clothes for fall :) thank you! xo

  • elisabetta

    ehi Lauren, what do you think about lace dresses?and, in particular, what kind of shoes will you wear with them?ankle boots or stilettos?;)

  • aehowell

    What are some of your favorite cold weather beauty & fashion tips?

  • Neha Ramgadiya

    Could you suggest a few simple but elegant ways to decorate the house to gel along with the fall season?

  • Jessica Huber

    How would you style a Thanksgiving table in a chic way??!

  • Rawan Ghannam

    I am of Middle Eastern decent so I have an olive skin tone, which makes it hard for me to wear fall colors like orange and red which drain out my skin color. What do you suggest would be the best way to pair these colors with my skin tone?

  • Donna Miranda

    December is a month full of events, Holiday Partys left and right. What kind of Christmas party would you have? Food, drinks, decrorative items? Theme color? Everyone wants to throw a memerable party and I can only imagine your’s being FABULOUS!

  • Drea

    Hi Lauren,

    Love the bag & goodies inside, especially love that your including the foot petals (I’ve had two foot surgeries & it is super important to take good care of our feet when wearing cute boots!)

    My Fall question is: If you could spend a fall weekend anywhere in the U.S. where would you go and with who?


  • Elisa M

    Hi Lauren. I just turned 30 on Sun and am in need of a new fall coat. What do you suggest?

  • First nameEmily Strickland

    Lauren, what’s the best way to do a natural smokey eye? I love the way my eyes pop when I do it for going out, but I would like to transfer it to a daytime look!

  • Lindsay Scarabotti

    Why is Autumn the best season for fashion?

  • Alys Hileman

    I’m planning a fall dinner party, what would you suggest I serve?

  • Gwynne

    With holiday party season quickly coming up, do you have any makeup tips for a person who never wears any?

  • Chelsea Webb

    What would be the best ensemble to wear to a swanky Christmas soiree? This includes all the neccessary accessessories, of course!

  • JennaLynn

    With so many holiday parties ahead can you tell up the formal way to set a table and some simple ways to decorate it?

  • yaya

    I live in OC and it hasnt gotten too cold yet. So , what are some ways to use outerwear/sweaters when its not too cold?

  • Kay

    Hi Lauren,

    how do you spend your holidays? I usually spend mine at home with the family :)

  • allison kelley

    i have seen the new wire tie bow hair accesories becoming popular this fall, i love them! but what are the best ways to wear them?

  • erbottie

    What are some tips for keeping warm on Halloween in a cold climate, without sacrificing the cute costume?

  • aly kesler

    Where is your “”go to”” shopping spot for slouchy sweaters for fall?

  • Eliana Goretti

    Hi Lauren. I love all your style, tips and crafty ideas, so refreshing! I am thinking of throwing a really awsome themed fall party, special drinks and all. Any ideas?

  • Rachel Shryock


    I’m still stuck in the summer mindset. What are some ways I could change up my summer apparel and makeup to better suit the fall season?

  • Trisha L.

    Are there any Halloween traditions you still do with your family?

  • Nicole Domingue

    Fall is here and I am hosting a Halloween party – any decorating or cooking ideas? I have some costume ideas Audrey Hepburn- breakfast at tiffanies, an Egyptian princess, Rosie the Riveter and so on, any other costume ideas?

  • Ann Freier

    If I can only buy one new coat for fall or winter, what type or color would you suggest that will be timeless for multiple years?

  • Jacki Warnock

    Hi Lauren,

    What do you think the hot trend for hair is going to be this fall?


  • Kelly Miller

    What’s your favorite coffee house drink for the falltime?

  • Stephanie Pacheco

    Would love to see some butget friendly DIY decor for the holidays! What are your fave projects for holidays?

  • Susi Ocampo


  • Alyssa Fritz

    I have two fall related questions: (1) what is your favorite hand cream? My hands always get really dry in the fall and I have yet to find a good hand cream that prevents cracks. (2) I plan to be a football play (Eli Manning) for halloween any suggestions on how to make this custome a little more flirty and girly. Thank you!

  • Samantha Prochaska

    What’s your advice for still looking cute/fashionable while attending a tacky sweater Christmas party?

  • marcelabella3

    I have a holiday party ever year and am trying to think of something (ie. food, decorations, ect.) to make it stand out from all the rest of the parties people go to… do you have any sugestions?

  • Kaylynn Lousberg

    What is the key fall accessory on your “”must have”” list?

  • Jocelyn Tellez

    What are some fun fall and winter activities that you love to do with your family and/or friends?

  • Tory T.

    Do you decorate your house for the seasons? If so, what are some fall decorations you suggest?

  • lisa yael hercz

    I really love the fall! to look at the colorful leaves outside, while sitting in front of the fireplace with a blanket around you and a good book in youre hands! But my problem is always to find the perfect fall/winter jacket, and since I‘m from Norway, I need something that can keep me warm through the winter as well! How does your favorite fall/winter jacket look like?

  • K Millerdesign

    What are your favorite fall nail polishes?

  • Meghan Ellzey

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE this bag. As for a fall related question: I live in Florida, so it takes a while to cool off here. What are some of your favorite outfit ideas that feel festive when the temperatures are still a tad warm?

  • Nicole Latona

    what was your favorite halloween costume that you wore as a child? thanks for the chance to win! :)

  • Kaja Tandrevold

    What is the best color to dress in the fall other than brown and orange?

  • leannegreen

    What are some tips for transitioning pieces from your summer wardrobe into fall and winter?

  • Samantha Luciano

    What’s your all-time favorite thing to for Halloween? And what’s been your favorite costume?

  • Sarah Jones

    How do you attend all the holiday & cocktail parties and still maintain a slim waistline and not over indulge?

  • Jessica Holman

    What is your favorite fall/winter fragrance?

  • Emilie Tsao

    Was Christmas your favorite holiday? If so, why?
    And what is your go-to Christmas outfit?
    Thanks, xx.

  • dancinhart

    Outfit advise for upcoming holiday parties.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Amanda Barton

    With the cooler weather I am having a hard time finding something to keep my lips smooth and chapfree, what is the best product to do this?

  • Toni

    Do you have any favorite teas that you like to drink in the fall?

  • Charissa Smith

    Girl, I am such a fan of yours & love your unique style!! My style is extremely feminine with a touch of hippie (many of my friends call me “”fru-fru”” or “”frou-frou”” to some..LOL). Getting dressed seemed to be much simpler in the summer months. :-) However, when transitioning into fall, I begin to lose sight of my inner hippie…do you have any “”hippie-like”” style suggestions for the change of season? :-)

  • JLuka

    Hi Lauren! I’ve just discovered your website through your pinterest account and I love it! I’m loving the satchel look now and have been lusting after a few, so fingers crossed about this one!

    I was wondering if you have any fall wardrobe favorites that you just can’t give up…even if they are not in fashion.

    I know there’s not always a place for sentiment in fashion, but I have one sweater that belonged to my gramp before he passed away and there are some chilly days when I still love to put on the oversized sweater and warm up…inside and out!

    Thanks! (Even if I don’t win, I’d love to hear about any special pieces you keep in your closet :). )

  • Jamie Hooker

    What is your go-to boot for fall? Brown/Black? Heel? Mid-calf/knee high?

  • Jennifer Cook

    What is your favorite moisturizer to keep dry winter skin looking sexy?

  • Brianna Vandervoort

    Hi! What are some ways you would style faux leather leggings (which I can tell are going to be really popular this season!)? Thanks :)

  • Taylor Desjardins

    If you could dress up as anything for Halloween, and not be judged, who or what would you dress up as?

  • San D

    Thanks for the fab giveaway! What’s your go-to outfit in Fall! Something that’s easy and fun and doesn’t take tons of your time? xo

    San (ssfashiongirl007 at gmail dot com)

  • Morgan Janes

    I am so excited about this giveaway! My question is what are some cute ways to accessorize a big comfy sweater with leggings and boots so you look like you put thought into your outfit and didn’t just roll out of bed? I want to look cute and put together not frumpy! Thanks! Fingers Crossed!!

  • Sarah Doyle

    I want to encorporate more tights into my wardrobe this fall, but don’t want to stick to just basic black. What are your best tips for styling with colored tights?

  • Maggie Sartain

    I live in Washington and sometimes the dreary weather can get you down. What do you do to brighten up your wardrobe during the Fall/Winter months?? Please help!!!

  • Eleanor Erickson

    Unfortunately, I won’t be going home for Thanksgiving. I live in college apartment with a kitchen and I was wondering if there are easier alternative dishes for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking of hosting with a bunch of friends that can’t afford to go home. Any ideas?

  • Christy Risco

    How do I incorporate more of the fall/winter amazing looks in a year-round warm climate like Miami?

  • Alyssa Perez

    I have two small dogs and they wanted to ask you and Chloe if you guys have any ideas for doggy-owner halloween costume combos? They are not so good at typing on a computer but they really wanted to try and win the fall bag for me so I told them I would submit their question to your website :)

  • Julie Sifers

    I am looking for some new lipsticks/glosses. Any suggestions on the perfect fall & winter colors this year?

  • Morgan Harman

    I have several holiday parties on my calendar already–’tis the season! What’s your must-have or go-to piece for staying classic while rocking around the Christmas tree?

  • Lulu_xo

    Hi Lauren :) i was wondering if you could do a post on something like; how to transform your summer night makeup look to a glamorous party feel look? x

  • LFriedly

    Hi Lauren! I am recently married and on a tight budget, but that doesn’t stop my urges for sprucing up my closet for fall. :) What are a few great additions that will ramp up my simple staples I already have?

  • Marie-Pier Beaudoin Parent

    Hi Lauren! I would love to know a good way to coordinate all my favorites summer colors with the wall trends?

  • Valentina Korkes

    I would love this bag! Thanks so much for putting this together for your fans :)

  • Taylor Schmidt

    I always have the hardest time finding new makeup ideas to go along with my outfits for all the holiday dinners and parties. What are some great new makeup trends that would be perfect for the holiday season?

  • Lynn Edwards

    What is your favorite go-to fall color for this season? This isn’t a fall/winter question, but do you have any suggestions for dry/damaged hair care?

  • Vicky Trinh

    What are your suggestions for using your bright summer pieces, like neon, into the current fall trend? Or should we trend more towards the earthy tones?

  • chelsea lee bennett

    Holidays mean lots of get togethers! I love me a good halloween/christmas party, and I usually just bring a bottle of champagne or something for the host, but I’d like to bring something a little bit more memorable this year! What’s a fun holiday hostess/party gift that will stand out a little from the norm? You’ve always got the best ideas, I’d love to hear what you’d bring!

  • Liza Pasciuto

    Hi Lauren… love camsatchels :)

    What is the most creative halloween costume you have ever seen?

  • Kate McCormick

    I have my eye on some gorgeous open back dresses for fall weddings and the Holidays, but am stumped on how to wear my hair to show off the back. What are some simple, novice up-dos that would highlight the back and not take away from my simple look?



  • edr88

    What are your favorite DYI holiday gifts to give?

  • silvia simpsi

    Hi Lauren,what will be the next season’s must? my favorite color for next season is burgundy and I was pleased to see that in most of A/W catwalks it was present..Do you have some ideas for a nice outfit??Thank you

    p.s.I’m italian,sorry for the NOT-perfect english :)

  • Courtney Lathrop

    How cute! My question is: what’s the best outerwear choice for days where it’s nice enough to be in a long sleeved shirt, but at night will get pretty chilly? Sweater, fall coat, scarf?

  • Kendal Riner

    What are your color favorites for fall, and what are some good, easy ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe without breaking the bank??

  • Katie Lawrence

    I LOVE FALL!!! What are the new hot fall finger/toe nail colors?

  • Maribeth Stickel

    I love the fall layering trend! What is your advice on how to layer for several different body types?

  • Alexis Liberatore

    What coat styles are best for winter for day wear, work wear, and evening wear?

  • Kelli Landry

    Hello! Alrighty, here’s my question…. What is the best type of jeans for each style of boot and what is the best way to keep jeans tucked into your taller boots with having them bunch up at your knees? I would rather not have to borrow my mom’s stirrup pants for this. Y’all know the ones I’m talking about. 😉

    Thank you!

  • Erin Fust

    What inspired your fall collection and whats you’re favorite piece?? :) Happy Fall!

  • KK

    How can I decorate my cube at work for a fun, fall theme?

  • Marmar Esk

    some cute party outfit/ make up that look good but youre not trying too hard!

  • Adele

    I would love to have this bag! What are some fall jackets you recommend that are functional and fashionable for the fall?

  • Gabrielle Henry

    What is the perfect gift for the guys in your life for Christmas?

  • Rosierose

    I am going to my boyfriends hometown for the holidays this year. I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with them and attending a few Christmas parties. How can I look sexy and fashionable but yet still appropriate?

  • Natalie Bienvenu

    Hi Lauren! I like to change perfumes according to the current season. What would you recommend as a fragrance for the fall?

  • Kathryn Simpson

    I’m meeting my boyfriend’s family over the holidays and was wondering was what are some apropriate (but cute) outfits I could wear?

  • Annalise Pucel

    Hi! I’d love your opinion on how to wear tweed, which I know is in for the season, without looking frumpy or too old.

  • Jordan Miroballi

    Dear Lauren,

    Are there any tips or recipes you have to keep from straying away on eating healthy over the holidays? There’s so much temptation from Halloween candy to Thanksgiving to Christmas cookies. I want to be able to enjoy my holiday meals and stay fabulous and healthy!

    Jordan M.

  • Kaitlyn Gee

    In the winter, my skin is always so dry! What are your favorite lotions or ways to help this? Also, what are you favorite winter must haves!

  • Rachel Strasser

    Are there any CUTE shoes/platforms you could wear with wide-leg jeans and/or pants suitable for fall and winter weather?

  • Ashley Gonzalez

    Hi Lauren! The question I have for you is: when you have friends or co-workers who don’t celebrate main-stream holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah, how do you incorporate them in your festivities? Thanks!!

  • Michaela Vann

    I live abroad, but travel back to California twice a year, what are some must haves of this season that I should pack (while keeping things luggage-friendly of course!)??

  • Lotte Auer

    Dear honey blonde beauty!

    I would like to know: what was your most embarrassing Halloween costume moment? Also, are you afraid of the spiders people use as decoration? I totally am, so Halloween is often like a nightmare to me… :/

    Greetings from Belgium

  • Brigette Tutaj

    So I’m looking to update my fall collection, what would you say is the one thing that I need in my wardrobe for fall/winter? Also, what’s the “”in”” color for fall and winter this season?

    Thank you!! :)

  • Cheyenne Perry

    Hey pretty ladies! I am wondering about skincare for the fall/winter. I love the oxblood lip trends but my rosacea does NOT look cute with red lip stick. Best winter foundation that is not too heavy and is possibly also moisturizing for those harsh winter winds?


  • Andrea Iseman

    I love wearing flats in fall with tights but don’t know how to wear any other colour beside black on black. Any tips on how to wear other colour flats with brighter tights?

  • Mimi

    I was wondering what a great fall fragrance is, and what a great date outfit would be for fall?


  • Rachel Hopping

    I am totally in love with this purse, ever since you first showed it on a previous post. My question would be what is your opinion on rain boots? And how could you wear them without looking childish?

  • Cassie Strauss

    I would love fun suggestions on holiday decorations – especially trimming the tree, but on a budget!

  • Janine J

    I want the perfect fall footwear, what are some recomendations for boots that will both be on trend and keep my feet warm?

  • Nicole Scism

    What’s your fave beauty trend for fall?

  • Mary Ackermann

    Since the holidays are coming up I want to know how to go from a day look to a holiday party in the evening!

  • Alexandra Howell

    Hi, I am wondering where I can get some flat shin high boots as I am not good with heals for long periods of time! x

  • Laura Gibson

    What are some great homemade Christmas presents? :)

  • Drianne Laliberte

    Hi! I want to know some of your favorite drinks during the fall? Both alcoholic or not! Thanks!

  • Cortney Ruzzi

    I love the bag and the wallet! Winter leads to drab skin, hair and sometimes even clothes. How can I keep my hair and skin vibrant and add some bright colors too my wardrobe without looking too summery?

  • Abigail Hofbauer

    When trying to look fresh and new this fall, how should you wear more earthy tones while not looking bland?

  • Kelly Hawley

    What is your favorite Holiday accessory?

  • Dara Fennell

    What are good hair styles for fall and winter that will survive being shoved under a hat on my commute to and from the office?

  • Karli Duisen

    I love the layered look. What are some good tips for layering for fall!? :)

  • Ana Salvagna

    Hey Lauren I was wondering what I could do to update my fall wardrobe! Keep in mind I’m on a student’s budget! Thanks for your help! I can’t wait to get my copy of your new Beauty book!!

  • Carrie Marino

    Hiiiii Lauren & all,

    My fall question is what do I wear on rainy days? So if anyone is currently in NYC, you know it’s getting chilly and we’re coming across rainy days. IT HIT ME TODAY, WHAT DO I WEAR? Aside from rainy boots, which I will purchase some time next week, how do I style them? Help Lauren! I purchased my oversized scarf today for a whopping $5 from h&m, I’ve already gotten compliments (thanks Lauren!). Now I need advice on what to wear on rainy days. I even googled it this morning at work. Currently, I decided to wear some worn out dark brown boots (zara), a button down white shirt, purple sweater over with 3 kitties (kinda vintage) and jeans. I FEEL SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I am not into this outfit at all.

    So there goes my fall question:

    Rainy days, how do we style it up even on those days?

  • Ivette Lechuga

    Hi Lauren, do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween yet?

    I have some cute costumes in mind. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Looking forward for a fun Halloween ;D

  • Symba16

    What are some perfect gifts to give men?

  • Cat

    I’d love to read articles covering how to wear the patterned/color tights or winter whites. Also, healthy desserts or dishes to bring to a Thanksgiving/Christmas party. Cute party dress/manicure articles are always fun too :)

  • Alex Crumb

    I absolutely love wearing boots in the fall! But it seems everyone else does too. What should I pair them with to stand out in the crowd and not look so average??

  • Cassidy Nelson

    How do you stay slim when all those delicious holiday goodies are around?

    Do you have a skinny recipe for any pies?

  • Gemma Wilson

    What are your favourite festive recipes that I could cook for my friends around christmas time?

  • Carrie Marino

    Anddd I would loveeee this satchellllllll.

  • Samantha Della Pietra

    Hi! What are some of your favourite fall/winter activties to do with your family or friends? Thanks xo

  • Jen Eddy

    This is so exciting! My very first comment / question!

    Ok my question is…. What is the best type of holiday “”cocktail”” dress to wear if your a bigger girl? I have a work event that is formal. A lot of the girls my age (26) wear sheik cocktail dresses that are form fitting. But i am a lot more full and curvy then they are. What would be the best cut, style, or color for me? My main trouble area is in the mid-section (pesky baby weight I can’t seem to shake!) and i don’t want to be limited to the standard black empire waist baby doll dress. That just looks like i am trying to hide the pudge. I would really love to not look like a stuffed sausage this year. Any suggestions?

  • katey riley


    Now that fall is here and the temperature is starting to drop, what is your favorite style sweater to wear to stay warm and fashionable?


  • Liza Angel

    Once the weather starts getting colder in the mornings, what pieces can you wear that will keep you warm, but that you can easily remove when the temperature goes up later in the day?

  • Tory Waltrip

    What are Lauren’s favorite guilt-free holiday recipes?

  • Jessica Roney

    Hi Lauren! I have always wondered if fashion differed from fall to winter. How do you transition your fall outfits into winter ones? Or are they pretty much the same, just warmer for the winter? Would love to win this giveaway and/or have my question answered! Thanks!

  • Jordan Stanley

    I love tights! Throught out the past few years I’ve bought a nice collection of different colors and designs. My latest purchase are black with nude hearts, and a lace fish-net style. I also own colors, such as blue.

    The only problem I have is I feel like I’m wasting money because I catch myself ONLY wearing plain black. Could you do a post showing how to wear different styles of tights in a casual, daily way?


    Jordan- x

  • Melissa Schaumberg

    What are great gift ideas for your father?

  • angela roti

    What are good nail polish colors for the fall and around the holiday season? Also what are some different hairstlyles that are easy to do for the holidays?

  • Kortni

    My office halloween party theme is: Dead Celebs… Where are they now??
    Any fun ideas of who to dress as and how to style the costume?

  • Jessie Isaacs

    Do you have a certain favorite family recipe that you make for Holiday parties? :)

  • Kim Cole

    Any suggestions on cute, versatile winter coats that are perfect for tailgating in the cold weather & snow? I live in the Northern Midwest (it’s cold here!) and everyone always wears NorthFace ~ I’d like to be a little more fashion forward, while keeping warm!

  • Helen Fan

    What’s the perfect everyday makeup for fall? Something that could be worn to school or work and not look like it’s too much.


    Lauren I love your style and the way you carry yourself:) I’m wondering what you think are the best and most fashionable Fall colors and trends this year?

  • Lauren Sawyer

    HI everyone!! So excited about becoming a member, I have already spent so much time looking through all these articles and awesome lady tips. Thanks Lauren for keeping it classy, we need women like you! Any who, before I digress any more, what are some of the best kept secrets as far as gifts that you can give your girlfriends (keeping in mind price, quality, and amount of thought behind it)?

  • Isabella Zayani

    How can I wear bright colors, like coral and mint in the fall, without looking summery?

  • Kate

    What are you’re favorite fall holiday inspired drinks?

  • Molly Cox

    I would like to have an answer for how to *tastefully* decorate your office/wordspace for the holidays? AKA no tacky blowup/lightup/led santas and snowmen, but still be festive when you’re stuck in your cubicle!- a little crafty, a littly DIY, without blowing the bank, and still stay organized!

  • Sarah Carrington

    Hey Lauren! I would love to know what your favorite holiday lip color is. With all the parties and events coming up, having the perfect makeup is definitely a must!

    Happy Fall! <3

  • Aurora Cardella

    Hello Lauren, what is your favorite dish for Christmas dinner?

  • K m

    What is you must have bag for fall? And must have color?

  • meg

    Different ways to style floral printed jeans !

  • Lauren Sherry

    Hi Lauren my name is Lauren too! You are my celebrity role model :-) My question is what is your one item that you can not live without for fall? Either a key clothing item or an item you always will have in your purse?

  • Amanda Moore

    What is your favorite thing about Fall?

  • Meliss

    Hi! I want to make homemade spa gifts for a couple of friends. What is essential for at home spa day?

  • Megan Fisette

    What are some of your favorite foods during the winter? I’d love to have a few new recipies for wintertime.

  • Holly Higdon

    What are good date ideas for the fall?

  • francesca guralnick

    I live in Tucson so my question is a bit backwards, How do you dress for work when its 80 degrees outside and cold inside?! Normal bulky fall clothes seem a bit silly whenever i step outside!

  • Alexis

    Fall is my favorite! Loveing this giveaway.

    Here’s my question:

    What is your favorite fall drink? Mine is an apple cider from the coffee shop in my college town!

  • Giorgia Ventura

    Oh gosh!Thank u so much for this amazing opportunity :) I’m in love with all this amazing things and with you ♥ My question is what are your favourite hair accessories for this fall?Much love Giorgia

  • Lindsey Howard

    As the Holidays draw near I am getting anxious thinking about gift giving. In the spirit of DIY what are some crafty ways we can safe money while personalizing gifts for all of our loved ones this year?


  • Jocelyn Jesus

    What’s one MUST HAVE item for the fall? I can’t go without a scarf, but is there anything else that could spice up someones outfit for the cooler temps?

  • Sandra Lopez

    Hi! What is your favorite fall nail color?

  • Amany

    Hey Lauren! With the cooler season brings dryness to my hands, lips, face, etc. What are the best lipbalms, lotions, face creams and cleansers that you recommend for dry skin?

  • Sarah Buckley

    I love the bag!!

    I would love for some tips on how to rock an ugly christmas sweater! Every year I have to attend one of those Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. How can I go along with the theme without feeling like a total grandma? :)

  • Mary Slattery

    Hi Lauren! How do you manage to stay fit and slim in the fall with so many pumpkin spice lattes and other pumpkin flavored goodies to be had??

  • Nicole Brady

    My question is; living in a place like Southern California (I do as well) how do you make it feel more fall like when the actually fall weather is missing?

  • Karen Jackson

    Lauren, What is your favorite fall tradition?

  • Alexa Larson

    Hi Lauren! :) How can I incorporate some of my summer pieces into my fall wardrobe?

  • Cristina Alfier

    what is the thing you like the most about the fall spirit? 😀

  • Megan Bain

    What is your favorite fall trend?

  • Christie MacDougall

    How will you be decorating your Christmas Tree this year?

  • StephR

    Hi Lauren, what is your Holiday dish? I am wanting some healthier choices..

  • Danielle D

    What are the best gifts for guys for the various stage of relationships? short term, long term, married, etc.?


  • luciafashionista

    Hi Lauren I’d love to have this question answered:

    What is the cutest way to style printed leggings?


  • Katrina Murphy


    With the holidays just around the corner, what are some of your gift ideas to give to family and friends without spending a ton of money?

  • Sarah Paulson

    During the colder months, people tend to head towards the duller colors in their closets. How can you still be fresh and bright without looking like you belong in a different season? What colors are in, and what colors are out?

  • Lisa McK

    Hi Lauren,
    How do you spend your Christmas Day?
    Lisa x

  • Katie Scott

    What are your suggestions for avoiding the always dreaded “”holiday weight?”” Unfortunately, the sweets start coming at me early, because my birthday and wedding anniversary are in early October, then comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas….

  • Katjusha Bricman

    Noooooooo :( not international. I would loooooooove to have this bag Lauren :

  • corty

    What is your favorite Fall hair do or hair accessory? What are you going to be for Halloween? xoxo

  • Cammy Le

    It’s 2 p.m. what are some things to do or eat to get through the work day?

  • Claire Logan

    I would love to hear Lauren’s suggestions for what to wear on Thanksgiving and Christmas with multiple familys with different vibes and the travel in between, all in the same day? This is a constant struggle for me!

  • Lydia Nelson

    What are some cute ways to incorporate your summer clothes into your fall wardrobe?

  • Janice

    Can you give us some fun ideas for DIY for halloween and christmas party decorations?

  • Barbara Mercado

    I am OBSESSED with this giveaway! Everything looks sooo amazing!

    Question: Now that Summer is over and a lot of fun Summer activities have come to an end (beach, pool parties, hiking, outdoor movies), what are some of your favorite things to do with friends in the Fall??

    **You are picking a winner on my my birthday, Oct. 16th! (the big 2-5, ah!)

    xoxo- Barb

  • Christine K

    Long time fan, first time commenting on a post! I actually have two questions! :)

    1. Even though I drink lots of water, I feel like my skin always dries out during the fall and winter season. Do you have any tips or beauty products you use to keep your skin flawless?

    2. I’m a college student and I’m on budget! Do you have any cute DIY gifts to give out during the holiday season?

  • Sarah Spiegel

    Hi Lauren! I LOVE all of your posts! Can you please do some more DIY skincare tutorials? I love, love love the brown sugar face scrub and I use it all the time now. I also do your at-home facial routine once a week. Thanks so much! : )

  • Rebecca H

    My biggest issue with fall is the rain! I have fine curly hair, and I love the days where the humidity is low and I can straighten it out. When it rains, though, the temperature goes up along with the humidity, and I can’t even keep my curls looking nice! What can I do about the frizz and fly-aways when the weather is gloomy here in DC?

  • Rachael Austin

    What are fresh ideas for a Halloween party for college students?

  • Rachel Elliott

    Which of your favorite designers has consistently created the best fall lines?


  • Theresa Feeney

    Hi Lauren. What are some reasonably priced stores you are shopping in this fall? I have been stuggling to find some new fall warrdrobe pieces and I love your style, would love some advice. Thanks!

  • Rachel Greenway

    What is the perfect gift to impress my boyfriend’s mom this Christmas?

  • Kathleen Mojzak

    How do you buy a dress that is great for right after work holiday partys?

  • morgan matthews

    Hi lauren,

    what is you favorite Holiday tradition ?

  • Jennie Turbeville

    How do you dress for the holidays without looking too dressed up… as in obviously dressed for christmas LOL

  • Beluga

    I always struggle with what to wear to casual holiday parties. How can I look chic without looking overdressed?

  • Lauren Webb

    Hi Lauren! What is your take on white after labor day?

  • stavroula vitsilaki

    hello lauren!!

    i would like to give us more stylish ideas for Fall 2012 from your collection.

  • ahmazinganniexo

    I’m a college student with a limited space for clothes, what fall trend essentials would you recommend?

  • Angie Xu

    What are some great gift ideas for the holidays while keeping the lady laws in check? (office, hubby, boyfriend, in-laws)

  • Rachel B

    What are some ideas on how to dress cute but warm for the winter, without always wearing scarves and boots

  • Liz Cantrell

    Hi Lauren! :) I live in Georgia, and during the winter it gets super windy outside! are there any products, besides hairspray or gel, that will keep my hair from flying around everywhere? i feel like i make my hair look nice, and then go to my car, and it gets messed up. :( thanks! <3 Liz

  • Becca day

    Now that summer is over, what is your favorite fall/winter activity to do on cold nights?

    I am so excited for this giveaway!<3 I LOVE THIS BAG A LOT!!!!:)


  • Alix

    Where can I get “”college student”” affordable boots for the fall?

  • Julia Outerbridge

    My favourite part about dressing up for halloween is chosing a costume with exotic make-up! What are some costume ideas that involve going all out with some facepaint?

  • Tabitha McKenzie

    Looking for some new boots to wear this fall and winter. Do you have a recommendations?

  • Abigail Rose

    I want to decorate for fall, but I don’t want my apartment to look cheesey; I need help!

  • Sylwia Kazecka

    Hey Lauren :)

    Is pairing brown with gray okay? I have brown boots and a gray leather jacket and I can’t decide if those two colors should be put together.

  • Amy Minor

    What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?

    (Mine is my parents waking my sisters and I up to let us watch Santa putting the Christmas presents under the tree. They had hired someone to do it, but it kept me believing in Santa for far too long. The moment looks like a page out of a storybook in my memory.)

  • Rose DAngelo

    What is your favorite Holiday tradition?

  • pearlygirl

    Can you show specific outfits that are great for fall??

  • Justina A

    I would love to know how to style some printed jeans for fall or winter.

  • Emily Shaw

    What are some cheap ways to decorate for Autumn/Halloween?

    So excited!!

  • Stacy Haynes

    Hi Lauren!

    What are some of your ideas for fun Holiday parties you can do with your girlfriends? Thanks!


  • Ann Flaherty

    Tights! I am all about finding some great tights to wear this fall and winter!

  • Anastasia Oswald

    Hi Lauren!

    You put together a really amazing prize- just sayin :)

    What is your favorite healthy dessert to make at Thanksgiving? I’m always looking for new ideas!

  • Jacque Walters

    Do you have any favorite/ original pumpkin DIY projects? My boyfriend and I want to fill our new front porch with very unique looking pumpkins for Halloween. I’ve seen the Silhouette pumpkins on Pinterest but haven’t been able to find a tutorial yet… Thanks!!!

  • Shelby Shrull

    during the fall and winter time I find myself spending more on starbucks, do you know of ways to make some of starbucks fall signature drinks at home?

  • Sydney Ice

    Love all of these things!

    I’m currently in school to be an elementary school teacher. My question to you, is how would you recommend decorating a classroom or encorporating themesto fit the seasons that are less geared toward holidays? And the same for throwing parties?

  • Julie Horbinski

    Lauren, I really love your simple and crafty ways to embellish your shoes and bags. My personal favorite was the bows on the pumps. So fun and easy to do! Thanks for sharing.

    I love tall brown boots in the fall. Is it ok to wear them over jeans and with skirts?

  • Brittany Kulakowski

    What is your favorite fall activity to do with friends?

  • KJ

    Hi Lauren!

    I just want to say I find your site SO inspring! Also, I just moved to NYC from FL and I’m freezing already! I need help! How can I dress warmly in the fall without loosing my shape? Any ideas?


  • Jerri Fitz

    Hey Lauren! What’s your advice on introducing a new boyfriend to the fam during the holidays??

    Looking forward to the release of your new books!

    xo, Jerri

  • Ruthanne V

    Hi gorgeous! What’s your go-to fall inspired outfit for when you’re running late and have 10 minutes to get out the door, without looking like you overslept an hour?

  • Michele Lockwood

    What is the best way to avoid temptation around the holidays. There are so many treats starting about now with all the halloween candies etc. I recently lost 75 pounds and I want to keep that off, but its tough when there are cookies and pies everywhere you look.

  • rbh226

    What are your go-to shoes for fall (specifically for the office)? I love my boots, but when I dress up for work, I’m always at war between style and keeping my feet warm outside/in the office!

  • Rachel Zylstra

    Hi Lauren,

    I’m wondering how well the luggage color trend will translate into winter or if we won’t be seeing it any more.

  • Jillian Wasson

    Hi Lauren!

    Family traditions are one of my favorite things to do around the holidays!What is your favorite holiday tradition that you and your family do?

    Side Note! That wallet is my schools colors !! JMU DUKESSSS Purple and Gold Pride : )

  • Emma

    Hi Lauren! What are some fall staples that are trendy but are also timeless too?

  • Ciara Varin

    Since fall and winter include a lot of layering and coats, what is a good way to avoid looking chunky for girls who are busty or curvy?

  • Jo Abrejera

    What’s your favorite fall accessory?

  • Taylor Worthey

    My question for Lauren is, can you do a Thanksgiving/Christmas Eve outifit idea blog? I need some inspiration to spruce up my wardrobe for the Holidays!

    I LOVE this goodie bag! Thanks for the contest!

  • ashley thomas

    Love this brown bag for fall! You have such great style and DIY tips! I absolutely idolize you, thank you for being my inspiration :)

  • Lauren Van Hook

    What are the three most important rules for Fall outfits for work?

  • lucille

    Do I have to darken my ombr



  • Shannon Arputharaj

    whats your favorite bath and body fall candle!?:)

  • Avi Fernandez

    Hi Lauren,

    On a morning when you are running late what is your favorite fastest fall look in a few easy minutes?

  • Adrienne Scott-Trask

    Hey Lauren!! This giveaway is amazing!!

    I have two holiday themed questions for you….one food focused and the other fashion related….1). What are your favourite holiday snacks to make for in between those big holiday meals?! 2). What kind of style do you like to pull off for a holiday?! Something classy with hints of holiday festiveness or are you pulling out a hilarious Christmas sweater from Goodwill!? Thanks!!

    -Adrienne. xo

  • Tammy Gardeazabal

    Hi Lauren,

    Do you have any fun fall wreath ideas?

  • Patricia Oliver

    What would be a great day/office fall outfit and a night fall outfit?

  • Jessica Martin

    Hey Girl! Love the website!

    I’m putting together a healthy menu for a fall get together, and what get together doesn’t have delicious cocktails! What would be the perfect low calorie cocktail?

  • Sara C

    Hi Lauren and team!

    Let me just start by saying: O M G! J

    I Love this fall bag! I think is GLAMOROUS and GORGEOUS, PERFECT for the season! It reads LC all over it!

    I will LOVE to own this lovely bag so I can have a great addition to my closet for FALL and an EASY direction when it comes to staying stylish with such amazing items!

    Also, wanted to know what would be the perfect Christmas present for you?



  • Myrrah Grey

    Hey there!

    Lauren, I’m creating a bucket list for fall activity must-do’s before fall ends. What would you put together to accomplish as your bucket list for the fall? Life’s too short to not enjoy each season with a set of goals. :) Friends and/or Lovers included!

  • Stephany Newton

    Hey Lauren! What are your go to nail polishes for the holiday season? Preferably winer and Christmas time.

  • Kate Abernethy

    Hi Lauren! My seasonal question has to do with storing winter/fall clothes. I always dread the closet shift when fall rolls around. I live in a very small apartment in Philly and end up pulling wrinkled, musty sweaters out of a duffle bag from under my bed and then spending an absurd amount of money getting them all dry cleaned. I was wondering if you have any fun organizational/cleaning tips for this process. Do you hang your sweaters in your closet or keep them folded in a drawer? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Bethany Merryman

    What a lovely fall giveaway!! Pick me-pretty please!

    My Fall/Holiday question is: How can we make Thanksgiving dinner and dessert a little healthier, but just as yummy. Pumpkin pie is my favorite and after all the other food I eat I feel so guilty having dessert.

  • Jodi Brown

    What are some great gifts to give your parents for Christmas?

    jodibrown (at) carolina (dot) rr (dot) com

  • db_blacky

    How can we bring halloween into our dorm rooma?! Lost all inspiration, please help!


  • Erin Van

    What a great giveaway! I’d like to see some fashion ideas for those of us in cold climates. How do you look stylish without freezing now that there is a chill in the air?

  • Meghan

    What skin care routine do you recommend as the weather shifts from hot and damp to cool and dry?

  • Amanda Rocha

    I love the leggings trend since it’s ideal for almost any leg type and can go formal or casual. I have pulled it off with boots and a cute sports top (GO HOUSTON TEXANS!), a dress, or with cool shoes and a vintage shirt. My question for you: what is a new trend or type of outfit you are trying with leggings? Or what are you over with or hating with leggings that you’ve seen?

    Thanks, Lauren! Stay fabulous! :)

  • Ronja LaBrecque

    What are the best universal gifts to have on hand in case you receive something from someone you weren’t expecting to around the holidays?

  • Stacey Sitton

    What is your foundest Autum memory and why?

  • charlotte ostermiller

    Hey Lauren. Holiday themed questions? well actually I have one that I have really wanted to be answered. A few actually the first one is about food. Do you like to go all out when it comes to cooking for the holidays or would you rather keep it simple and low key? Another question is about fall fashion and clothing. With clothing is it better to bundle up and look comfortable or rock the outfit and be freezing?

  • Maggie

    What is your favorite recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers? Anything really tasty you do every year besides boring turkey sandwiches?

  • Annie Bolger

    So cute! I love Fall!!

  • Valerie C.

    I’d like to see some great New Year’s Eve fashion and beauty looks :)

  • angela boehm

    Hi Lauren!!!

  • Rebecca Freeman

    This is great! My questions is about hosting parties durring the holidays. How do you make sure everything at your party goes smoothly, while still being able to relax and enjoy your own party!?

  • Kyri Zukowski

    Hi Lauren!

    With all the new trends this season, building a new fall wardrobe can break any bank. Which trends do you think we’ll see again and will be worth the investment?


  • Emily Rhodes

    What is your favorite and easiest halloween drink to make! I would love this gift super cute!

  • bnappier

    how can i make summer dress love transition into holiday?

  • ashley mckinnon

    Lauren! The bag is perfect for fall and great to carry since I am 6 months preggers :) Its so chic & lightweight!!

    What would you recommend to make as a healthy desert for Thanksgiving? (my family loves sweet potatoes & anything pumpkin)

    Thank you :)

  • shana egan

    What is your favorite boot style for the fall?

  • Jessica Cashman

    What are some fun, cheap, and sparkly ways to decorate your appartment or home for New Years?

  • melissa ames

    How to rock roots for every occasion, or how to keep warm while still looking cute in the winter!

  • Hilary Turnbull

    Hi Lauren!

    I’ve been trying to find a solution to this problem for some time, but I haven’t come across anything and I have a feeling you might just have the perfect answer.

    I’ve been dating my boyfriend now for 6 months, and although it’s only been a short period of time, I truly believe he’s my soul mate. He’s helped me overcome a lot and I can’t express how grateful I am that he came into my life.

    I know it’s early but I’ve already been thinking about christmas and how to show him how much I care about him. Everything I’ve thought of are nice sentimental items but he’s not materialistic and doesn’t like anyone spending money on him.

    What are some non-materialistic gifts or activities I can do with him in lieu of a itemized gift?

    Thanks Lauren!

    – Hilary

  • Jenn Redwood

    What is your go-to fall accessory and go-to fall outfit?

  • Monika Pitynski

    It’s almost hat season. So my question is…What is a quick fix for hat hair?

  • Kerilyn Sato

    what is this fall’s hottest nail trends?

  • angela boehm

    Hi Lauren !!! i guess my message didn’t show up ?
    i love your crafty creation, do you have any Christmas decoration ideas or even some loveable gift ideas?
    thank you

  • Taylor Newsome

    I love all of these items!

    What are you staple go to fall/winter peices. My favorites are scarves and boots!

  • Julie N.

    Since Thanksgiving is on its way… what would be a classic yet festive fall outfit for the big dinner with the family?

  • Chelsea Clark

    I am a college student, so I have to stay bundled up walking across campus and it is always very hard to cover my face. My face always seems to get very dry starting in the fall months, so what are some tips to keep this from happening?

  • Paola Alfaro

    hi! i would love to know some tips to take care of my skin, I have really greasy skin and I almost always have this pimples that I try to cover with make up, i know that’s not right but I’ve no remedy and since you have this beautiful skin I want to know how do you take care of it??

    thank you! :)

  • ilse torres

    Hey Lauren, can you give us some advice of how to no gain weight during the holidays? With so many parties to attend, gifts to shop and no time left to exercise, it is really hard to say no to those candies!

  • Alyson Seedman

    What are your favorite Holiday make-up looks this season?

  • Patti Wagner

    It gets really cold here in the Midwest during Fall and Winter months. What great outfits can you put together that is stylish, yet keeps you really warm!

  • Marissa Young

    What are some tips for making my home cozy and cute for Fall and Winter?

  • Leigh A

    Hey Lauren! I am in love with this bag!

    My question is, with this year’s trends, what are some staple pieces we can look for this fall/winter?

  • Erin Penrose

    What are some of your Chiristmas traditions? (:

  • Fiona Farrell Ivey

    Wondering what is Lauren’s go-to Hostess gift for the holidays? Something other than wine, flowers or a scented candle. :)

  • Lorie Ann Davila

    christmas decoration color ideas

  • Grace Dinneen

    I’m from the northeast where it is almost time to break out heavy coats again! What are the trends this year for outerwear?

  • Jessica Riveness

    Hi Lauren,

    I’m a huge fan of you and I love you site! My question is, I’m going to Mexico in February, do you have any tips to keep the holiday pounds off? Excersise, eating strategies, etc? Thanks!

  • Nicole Santos

    Styling Oversized Cozy Sweaters (:

  • Julieanne B

    Hi Lauren, do you have any tips for holiday hair and makeup that will save time during this busy season? In particular, styling tips for long hair would be fabulous!

  • Cassandra Johnson

    I love this satchel! I’m from North Carolina and I’m looking for ways to revamp my wardrobe, home, and lifestyle!

  • marissa kirkou

    hey lauren! what are your 5 must haves for fall?

  • Finku Her

    i’m really love your style and i was wondering if you could post about layering for the fall and winter.

  • Mahal Kita

    Hi Lauren….Do you go camping at all? Thanks and more success in life.God blessed you always.

  • Savannah Sawyer

    During the fall season it’s hard to stay motivated to workout and eat healthy especially around Halloween and Thanksgiving. Do you have any fall workouts or recipes to help counter that?

  • Haley Goldstein

    What do you reccommend wearing to family events for the holidays? I would love to see your picks for casual to something more formal! :)

  • Kate Noto

    I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to turn bottles into center pieces for the holdays.

  • Jackie H

    If you could only buy one new clothing item for fall, what would your one *must-have* item be?

  • Katie Dauenhauer

    Hey Lauren! Love all your fashion and make-up/hair tips! They’re awesome!

    My question to you is: What do you get the Dad who has everything for Christmas?

  • Misha Nguyen

    What are some outfit inspirations for holiday dinners?

  • Samantha Williams

    what are your top three beauty must haves?

  • Arelis Nelms

    This is a fun giveaway! Thanks for making your website fun and useful. I would love to know what (1) staple feature item is a must for fall/winter. What can be versatile and worn in different ways? Thank you.

  • Juli Woods

    Living in a college house, we don’t have many resources or room to decorate for our favorite holidays. What are some ways we can still get into the holiday spirit?

  • LilyS

    Hi Lauren! Love your site and all your tips! I would love to see a post about decorating a fireplace mantel for Christmas.. something different, but simple enough to do and still look chic.


  • jessica C

    what is your must-have piece to wear at the office this Fall?

  • Rae Reece

    Fall and Winter mean Thanksgiving AND Christmas is right around the corner. As a woman who tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle what are some tips to countering all that yummy, good food of the holidays? Or some recipes that are still as tasty but better for your family?

  • Alma Sierra

    What is your go-to style for a holiday party?

  • Arlene Brennan

    Etiquette for giftgiving this holiday

  • Marinn Young

    Hi Lauren! The holiday season is my favorite time of year because of all the time I usually spend with my family. Though, I go to college six hours away from my hometown, and family, and now get really homesick during this time of year. So I was wondering how you would suggest to make being at school my home away from home especially during this time of year?

    Thank You! :)

  • Missy

    In the fall & winter months I lose my sun-kissed skin – but I refuse to go to tanning booths! Can you give some holiday make up tips, to help bring back that healthy glow on a not so tan face?

  • Nadia Arginteanu

    Instructions on how to make cupcakes in a jar, I think they would be great holiday gifts!

  • Chrissy calvert

    With the cooler fall season in full force, my workout regime seems to have left with the last heat waves of summer. What are some ways for me to stay healthy and fit in these cooler months, when all I want to do is cozy up with a book and a pumkin spice latte?

  • Liz Bitner

    Hey Lauren-

    What is your favorite only available in fall food ir drink? Mine is a Starbucks Pumpkin SPice Latte!

  • Betsie Rose Eller

    Hi — I live in South Florida. What are some fall/winter essentials I can wear while living in a climate that’s warm year round?

  • Rebecca Winterburn

    What are your favorite fall/holiday party themes??

  • Hannah Jacobs

    What are some cute fall/holiday nail ideas? :) I’m kind of at a loss for nail inspiration right now!

  • Tboxler

    With all the holiday parties coming, what are ways to keep the body looking nice but also enjoying some great food?

  • MegF

    Hi Lauren! I love getting ready for the holidays! This year I’m trying to stay healthy and avoid some of the holiday bloat. What are your favorite healthy holiday recipes?

  • Jennifer Chapman

    What is the best way to look cute for the holidays but stay warm?

  • Nicole Holt

    I love everything about fall. The clothes, food, scents, football, and of course halloween. Any new ideas for cute, easy, comfortable outfits?

  • Candi Nagle

    I am hosting a fall/halloween party. Do you have any easy decoration ideas??

  • Tanya McLean

    Hi! I saw that you pinned some cute and fun Halloween costume inspirations, I was wondering if you had any ideas for doggy costumes? :)

  • Sumi

    What’s a chic way to decorate for the holidays without looking super kitschy?

  • Tymerie Ho

    What are the best ways to wear dresses in the fall and winter? I have so many I’m just not sure how to not freeze!!

  • Kara Sullivan

    What is your go-to playlist to get you in the holiday spirit?

  • Robin Griffiths

    I hate being cold, but sometimes it’s hard to stay warm and still look cute when you go out. Any suggestions?

  • Caitlin Fisher

    What are some of your favorite Halloween makeup tips? Using such extreme makeup techniques scares me, and since halloween makeup isn’t something you wear everyday it would be nice to know how to create more theatrical looks without looking like a child did your makeup!

  • Kaitlyn Dewey

    Leather bags, dark jeggings, oversized sweaters, boots, leather bags, dark nail polish, changing leaves, crisp air, salted carmel hotchocolate from starbucks, halloween, costumes, candy, decorations, thanksgiving, giving thanks, and family. I LOVE FALL. Why wouldn’t this be someones favorite time of year?

  • laurie damrose

    What is your favorite holiday outfit?

  • Alba Cuci

    Hi Lauren,

    What are your wardrobe fall essentials? Pieces that you can mix and create that perfect fall look :)

  • lolgrl4ver

    What is your favorite, quickest halloween costume ideas?

  • Whitney Ladzick

    What fall style would you recommend investing in that can be worn for years to come?

  • linnea reyes

    Hey Lauren! I would like some ideas of what to wear to work in the Fall.

    Boots, chunky sweaters, scarves, etc. Inspire me! 😉

  • Valpal

    What are your favorite decorations to use around the house during Halloween?

  • Cassie McCary

    Hi Lauren!! I <3 the holidays and I wanted to know how to keep your nails looking good without them breaking and chipping from the colder weather? I always have this problem come this time of year!

  • Leith McMenamin

    What are the best drink ideas for a holiday potluck dinner party?

  • Susie

    What is your favorite way to spend a fall night? What is your favorite thing to do during fall??

  • Amy Yodice


    I always try to start each holiday season off on the right foot by trying to gift shop early. This typically doesn’t happen and I end up running around like a chicken with no head at the last minute hunting for gifts. I seem to have the most difficult time shopping for my Dad and boyfriend, finding gifts for men. Do you have gift guide recommendations for this season and even more specifically for gift ideas for men?

  • Lizzie

    What are the it nail colors for this fall season? And is there any new nail trends this fall?

    Thanks! I’d love that bag :)

  • Nicole B

    Hi Lauren! I don’t have a very big amount of spending money, and I am trying to save up for the Holidays. I was wondering what are some ways to incorporate some summer peices into fall looks so I won’t have a buy a complete new warobe for fall (even thought I would love to!)?

  • Thafeez

    What is your go to Holiday makeup look?

  • Andrea Henry

    I would love to have some ideas for dressing in the office for fall. Not really dressy though, more of a buisness casual.

  • Binesse

    What is your favorite dish you love to cook for the Fall season?

  • Hannah Anderson

    What are some of you favorite designers for Fall/Winter clothes?

  • Amanda Rubenstein

    What are some ideas for some outfits to wear when going out during the colder seasons?

  • Alexis Mendoza

    Hi Lauren,

    What is the best type of costume to wear to a family Halloween Party?

  • Nicole Van Haezebrouck

    Gorgeous bag!!!! Soo, if I were to have a autumn/holiday party and want to create a warm, cozy yet energetic ambience what would be your top 5 songs for a party music playlist?

  • Dene Geistweidt

    I was wondering inexpensive gift ideas for neighbors and people you didn’t plan on exchanging gifts with?

  • garretll

    what would you recommend wearing to a tailgate to look fashion forward but also like you care about sports?

  • Emily Bowles

    I have very fair skin, so I get a weekly spray tan. During fall/winter time, do you recommend tan or no tan?

  • Kaelyn Sreenan

    What will be your favorite fall look this season?

  • Susie Hong

    Hey Lauren!!! This would be a great idea for an article!! What gifts to get for boyfriends/ husbands that are meaningful but that they would still enjoy..(because gift cards seem so impersonal… Or what thoughtful gifts to get for friends for a small budget because my wallet is always emptied put after the holiday season :) thanks Lauren!!

  • Mandi Tatum

    What are some fun “”crafty”” Christmas ideas for sisters and girlfriends?

  • Cathy Tran

    What is your favorite color to wear in the fall?

  • Lynn

    What do you choose to eat from the pleathera of Thanksgiving dishes that are all so good to eat…?!

  • Tabetha Filbert

    What are your favorite halloween recipes?

  • Ashley Register

    What are some tasty and heathy holiday recipes?

  • MBS14

    This is such a fun idea:-) So my question is

  • MBS14

    This is such a fun idea:-) So my question is

  • Nicole Murphy

    What is a crafty way to spice up an old Christmas tree and make it look more modern?

  • Dan Tran

    How can you jazz up a fall/winter outfit besides using scarves?

  • Myrrah Grey

    Hey there!

    Lauren, I’m creating a bucket list for fall activity must-do’s before fall ends. What would you put together to accomplish as your bucket list for the fall? Life’s too short to not enjoy each season with a set of goals. :) Friends and/or Lovers included!

  • nel

    what are the best ways to dress up riding boots?

  • Melanie Lagace

    Hey Lauren! What is your favorite Christmas song?

  • Ashley Rager

    What is good to put on your boots so that they won’t get damaged by the fall/winter rain/snow??

  • Valerie Zamoscianyk

    Hi Lauren (: My hair always gets really staticy in the winter do you have any tips how to fix this? Thank you (:

  • MBS14

    This is such a fun idea:-) So my question is, what are the best high-quality and not too expensive “”little things”” to give to you girl friends for the holidays that they can get good use out of?

  • Brandi Tastad

    What are some great ways to turn summer dresses into fall dresses? I have a million but can decide how to wear them!

  • Chelsea Heintschel

    How can you take a limited and somewhat summery wardrobe and make it work while stuck at college in the freezing cold?

  • Lady Courage

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I’m head over heels for Cambridge bags- so much insane class and classic all in one. <3

  • Erica Rubio-Serrano

    What is your favorite fall accessory?

  • Geneva Kelly

    What is your favorite fall comfort food? Mine has got to be shepards pie (so bad for you but so yum!)

  • Melissa WRight

    I have 2 questions. What is your favorite holiday dish? And what are some creative ways that you wrap gifts?

  • Jenny Zajichek

    What are some ways to wear your hair up when you’re wearing your fall scarves, so your hair and scarf don’t become “”too much”” around your face at once?

  • Abbey Katt

    Hi Lauren! What’s the best way to keep skin hydrated throughout the day? I recently moved to an area with a very dry climate and with the Fall season bringing even colder, dryer weather – my moisturizer has been wearing off by lunch. I would love to know any tips/tricks to keeping my skin dewy all day long. Thanks!

  • Megan Hossler

    I love wearing boots in the fall/winter! However, I’m having some trouble finding some (comfortable) boots that would also be work appropriate , any suggestions?

  • Becky Innes

    How do you incorporate fall trends into a professional dress code?

  • Rebecca Stork

    How do you still have fall fashions in a hot climate?

  • jampbp

    What a great giveaway! What are some different ways to wear your summer dresses in the fall? I seriously need to branch out from “”throw a cardigan over it””. Thanks!!

  • BritC

    Lauren, what are some great holiday gift ideas for men that are affordable but trendy?

  • Cheyenne Young

    Hello Lauren! What is your recomendation on the perfect decorations for a winter themed party? I am limited on my spending and I know there is a bunch of things that are easy to create without breaking the bank. Thank you!

  • Valerie Hester

    What is your favorite product to fight dry skin during the colder months?

  • Monica Cordova

    I always have a hard time finding the perfect fall lip color what are your favorite fall lip colors?

  • Allison James

    I have trouble with this every year: What are some options for cute yet sophisticated Thanksgiving outfits? Thanks, Lauren!

  • Megan Jones

    I have a few interviews coming up. How can I dress chic and professional in the cooler fall weather?

  • C

    where can you buy pumpkin wine?

  • tigest m

    What are the best ways to wear white in fall/winter?

  • Tina Lindeborg

    Since it’s Christmas soon and I usually start buying presents around October, I wonder what your advicewould be , when it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts. Preferably something not too expensive but useful! XOXO Tina

  • Janelle-a-belle

    How do you handle gift giving with friends around the holidays? Thanks!

  • Julie Grassey

    Lauren! What is your favorite thing (other than the bag itself) featured in your fall giveaway?

  • Laura Smith

    What is your favorite family tradition for the holidays?

  • Ashley McDavid


    Do you prefer a Christmas tree to be decorated with all different kind of ornaments or do you like to have a theme going?

  • Julie Grassey

    What is your favorite holiday flavor from Starbucks?

  • Nicole Taylor

    Hi Lauren! If you could ‘make’ [DIY] one item to give away in bulk for friends and family this season what would it be? Perhaps something inexpensive but very practical with options to personalize.

  • Bree

    I always love your Crafty Creations section, and I am wondering how to make a great Holiday Wreath on a budget!

  • Michaela Stevens

    What is your favorite fall/winter lipstick.

  • Kasia Bernat

    I’d like to find out what extra steps do you take in the fall/autumn months as far as your skincare and beauty are concerned. Is there any specific things you do to take care of it? Do you switch your moisturizers/foundations/blush etc? If so, from what to what? I really hope you answer or create a post about it because I’ve been looking for clues as to what I can do to help my skin during those months.

  • Jessica Grant

    What are some easy pumpkin themed desserts to make for a big family thanksgiving dinner?

  • Amy Bartz

    My hair and skin get really dry in the colder months. Is there a product you know of to really moisturize skin/hair during winter?

    P.S. I LOVED the Halloween costume ideas. I think I am going to be the Morton Salt Girl or It’s Raining Cats and Dogs! :)

  • Ellen Young

    What is your favorite Holiday Libation recipe?

  • Shannon

    Since you’re in California, what is one way you bring home a festive “”White Christmas””? I love the holiday and want to make this year magical for my family

  • Lenka

    What are some tips for eating healthy during Halloween and Thanksgiving?

  • Joellyn Crowley

    What is your favorite way to transform a room in your home to Fall and then to Winter?

  • Alexis Moore

    What is your absolute favorite accessory to have when the weather starts cooling down?? My scarves are a staple!

  • Taylor Sandman

    What is one holiday essential you can’t live without?

  • Alicia Fortier

    Since the Holiday season is just around the corner, I would love to know your suggestions on easy/inexpensive homemade gifts that would be perfect for roomies and friends!!

  • Bria Melendez

    What kind of events and activities can I host for the holidays? And what are some good tips on holiday party etiquette! Also, what kind of food and treats should be served?

  • glynnsarah

    How do I keep my ears warm in the snow without looking like a bundled-up little kid? I always find myself freezing for the sake of cuteness! Not okay!

  • dana burns

    Lauren, where do you do your holiday shopping?

  • Bree

    I love fall, and fall like things, but what’s a “”ladies night out”” trip that you could plan to get away from the normal routine and do some fun fall things with your friends?

  • Sheyda Karvar

    what has been your favorite homemade halloween costume!?

  • Carlie Rice

    Fall is one of the best times of the year for clothes. The sweaters, the boots, and the colors- maroons, beige, dark green… I love it! But when it comes to makeup in the falls sometimes I get a little discouraged. My usual summer glow is gone and I really need some extra sparkle to my soon-to-be-very-pale face. Should I add way more bronzer? Maybe dramatic eyeshadow or coral blush? I need to do something special with makeup in the fall. I’d love to know what you think. Thanks!

  • lindsay mccoy

    What style of sweater or jacket would you recommend wearing with one of fall’s biggest trends, the collared shirt? Thanks! xoxo!

  • Morgan Hohbein

    Lauren, what kind of create holiday party ideas do you have? I am looking to do either a Halloween or Christmas party for my friends (not a huge group) but want to do something that is different but super festive and fun!

  • Chantille Bailey

    What is your favorite fall-themed dessert? I love to bake, and I’m always looking for new, delicious ideas for family gatherings and such! :)

  • rachel bouza

    What is your suggestion for keeping your sanity through this crazy time of year with family get togethers, holiday parties, and the pressures of all the holidays?

  • Lanie Coan

    What is your favorite fall makeup look and products to use for fall?

  • Priscilla Birch

    Hi Lauren!! Love your collection at Kohls!! I was wondering if you had any apple butter recipes that you like for fall? I hear that it creates a nice fregrance to your house when you make it and wanted to try it out! Thanks!!

  • Amanda Bond

    Is buying Christmas gifts from deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, Hautelook, One Kings Lane, etc tacky? They have great deals and money is tight for a college student like myself!

  • Sara Strauss

    Hey Lauren! Amazing giveaway! What are some good moisturizers to use in the fall / winter for different skin types (combination, dry, oily)?



  • Heymi Henriquez

    I live in Miami and the weather here is not so great,always changing.we dont really have “”seasons”” per say.very humid. I would like to know your opinion on hair style and maintaining it, if trying different hair cuts can be a great good or not so good idea to try to manage our hair in a place like Miami lol especially now that changes are a lot more frequent than usual at this time of the year? thanks hope that makes sense :s XO

  • Lauren Moscatelli

    What is the absolute perfect holiday look?

  • Meg Hickey

    Autumn & Winter are truly the best seasons. What are some ways to feel inspired, healthy, and fit during the colder months?

  • ChocoFabs

    I live in the midwest and It’s very windy in the fall, do you have any hair do suggestions?

  • Eliana Cardeno

    As a 6′ feet tall woman, I always find myself longing for heels and the cute outfits that are paired with such, it is also very difficult to find cute and stylish flats most the time. I was wondering if you could do a post on the best trends for taller girls, including shoes, pants, and jackets that fit our frame and stature. Thank you! :)

  • Heather Wickenheiser

    What are some good fall and winter workouts that will keep working out fun during the seasonal changes? What are some great holiday cocktail recipes? What are some lighter style recipes for holiday classics i.e. stuffing or a pumpkin pie?

  • BNS12

    What are your favorite “”easy”” pulled back hairstyles for the winter/fall that keep the frizz away?!


  • Natalie Mella

    Hello Lauren! I love your blog!

    How do I keep my face glowing (as opposed to dry and flaky) in the fall and throughout the winter season? Do you have any product recommendations and/or health tips that you swear by in the winter? My skin is oily and so it is hard to find the right balance.

    Thank you! XOXO

  • Amy Tradewell

    What is your favorite holiday look for a casual get together? Thanks!

  • Kara Uhl

    I’d love to see a scarf tutorial w/ detailed pics/instructions on different ways to wear them. Thanks!

  • Catharina Andersen

    Hey Lauren, I love this site. This is where I go to get my fashion, food and decor tips. I do have one question though: I miss some more style tips on the rock-chic aspect of fashion. I’m kind of a rock girl, but I also like to dress up every now and then. I’m also a big fan of simplicity. I have yet to find the perfect combination for me, and was hoping maybe you could help? And perhaps also provide some tips on how to shop that kind of style on a student wallet budget?

  • Whitney Westberry

    What are the best appetizers and drinks to serve at a halloween themed party that are still bikini boot camp approved?

  • Heather Brown

    What is the absolute perfect christmas/holiday look? Including hair, make up shoes… Everything

  • Liz Massie

    What is one of your favorite things to do during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season?

  • Aylin D

    Hey Lauren ! I was wondering I you could help me out with hat+beanie/hair problems. Whenever it gets a little colder out I like to put on a beanie to cover my ears and protect them from the cold. However – after taking it off my hair usually looks like a flatened mess without any volume. Any tips or tricks ? love, A :)

  • Maura Escobosa

    What is a good outfit for a christmas picture for a couple or a little family.

  • Liz Massie

    What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?

  • Hannah Hyde

    What are some easy but delicious appetizers I can make to bring to all of the upcoming holiday parties?

  • Colleen Lesniewski

    What is your favorite halloween costume that you’ve worn in the past?

  • Sara

    Hi, love this blog. I have so many questions for you, but I’ll start with this…

    What is the best way to encorporate some of the dressier items (like sparly holiday clothes) into an everyday wardrobe?

  • Meagan Rumph

    Hi Lauren!

    I Live in the Rocky Mountains, and it’s hard to stay warm and stylish in the winter months. Do you have any sensible, yet cute winter pieces you recommend? Thanks!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    MY QUESTION: Lauren- If you could be any character from the Traditional Halloween Special-It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown movie, who would you be, and why?

  • Kristin Casamassina

    What is a good gift to give a boss during the holidays?

  • Destini Jones

    I know everyone who lives on the east coast can remember when your mom would dress in a thousand heavy weighted clothes to keep you warm and you would go to school looking like a snowman. What are some cute beanies/hats, scarves, and coats that will keep you warm but still stylish and chic??

  • Rachel Hathaway

    What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your space for the upcoming holidays?

  • Samantha Morelli

    I love the use of corals for makeup during the summer months – and it is always suggested for my coloring. How do I take implement these coral shades into a a fall/winter makeup look?

  • Abby Hepworth

    what is the one gift you’ve always wished someone would give you?

  • Giulia Lombardi

    Hi Lauren! I’m going to answer first to your question: yes I wanna win your bag! 😉
    My doubt is: do you think it’s ok to wear something yellow on fall? thanks!

  • lyo tra

    It’s getting cold, do you wear scarves and neclaces together or do you pick one or the other?

    Also… i just bought my first pair of colored skinny, it’s a light lavender… near pink pastel color… should i hold off til spring to wear it? If i wear it for fall/ would i do that without looking out of season.

    Thanks LC!

  • caaron

    What is your favorite fall accessory to add to an outfit? :)

  • Jojo

    Ways to tie scarves? I onnly know 2 ways, so it would be very helpful! :) also how to style boots with fall clothes? Basic fall pieces for you wardrobe? Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • Shaw S.

    What’s the one fashion mistake that women tend to make when transitioning their wardrobe from summer to fall?

  • Tania Granados

    Hey Lauren! What is your “”go-to”” outfit piece for your fall outfits? Also, what’s your favorite festivitie? I love thanksgiving but I think now that I am a mom Halloween is one of my favorites, I’m super excited for all the dressing up that we will be doing! =)

    Have a good week!

  • Emily

    What is you favorite fall accessory that every girl should have?

  • Corinne Abi-Tayeh

    i always wonder what to wear as a shoe… its cold for sandals and its too hot for boots what should i do?

    plus how to keep warm and be stylish at the same time?

    Its my birthday please give me this give away :)

  • vsmith2011

    What is your go-to holiday house party outfit/style? Also, what is your favorite low calorie holiday cocktail?

  • Danielle Leigh

    This is seriously the best website for me lately because I love the fashion and the food recipes … So good. Fall and winter get pretty harsh on a girls hands, so I was wondering what your favorite hand lotion is to use during that time. Also I wanted to know what your favorite outfits are for Christmas and Thanksgiving

  • Izzy Feeney

    How would you put together fun and thoughtful Christmas presents for friends on a budget?

    Love this blog!!!!

  • Jillianne Liotta

    I have been coveting one of these bags for months!!

    What are some fun, low cost activities that friends can do together during the holdiday months when it’s chilly out and people are saving all their cash for gifts?

  • Tina Grajewski

    What are your ideas for a halloween costume? Do you go all out or cute dress with bunny ears?

  • memj64

    Hi Lauren, I could definitely use a new bag for fall! :) The holidays are always a difficult time when trying to lose weight with the many desserts and parties…I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to get through it without undoing the hard work of losing weight, but allowing some indulgences??

  • Jillian Allison

    Great blog and awesome give-away.

    I am going to a wedding in a few months and looking for ideas for what to wear to a fall/winter wedding. I’m also wondering about how to dress up and layer a more summery dress to work for a cold weather wedding.

  • Megan Montgomery

    How do you decorate your home for fall/halloween?

  • Kelsey Lee

    What is your favorite fall treat?

  • Ivonne Badillo

    Christmas is getting closer now and every year its hard to decide what to buy for everyone ( sister, mother, dad, boyfriend)etc. I was wondering… what are some gift ideas that you have for this coming christmas? =)

  • lmcap1

    I love this website! I’ve been seeing layered and mixed metal looks with bracelets everywhere and it seems very hot for fall. Could you do a post on layering tips for bangles and other bracelets?

  • Jonni Clark

    how do you keep your hands soft during the cold months?

  • Sarah Michael

    How would you go about decorating your house/apartment for Halloween that doesn’t look tacky, but is still fun and elegant? :)

  • Shanna Hively

    Lauren – Do you get in on the madness of Black Friday Shopping? Why or why not, and if so, what is the best find you’ve ever found?

  • Silvia Magana

    What is the best DIY beauty gift you can give, that is of course beneficial during the cold weather?

  • Ashley Olsieski

    When selecting an outfit for fall what pieces could you choose that can also be used for holiday parties? Also when attending the many holiday parties what is a good low cost host gift that will be suitable for anyone?

  • Hannah Becker

    Hi Lauren! I absolutely love fall and themed parties, so what would be a good way to have a pumpkin carving party without all of the mess and hassle?

  • Kari Schmitz

    Hey LC!

    I was wondering if you think when you think it is ok to wear red lip stick/ is it a fall color or is it any seasons color?

    Also.. what is the biggest tip you have for transitioning wardrobes for seasons?

    Thanks Lauren! <33

  • Erin larkey

    What is the best way you have found to keep skinny jeans from bunching in taller boots? Bunching around my ankles makes me pull my hair out!

  • Katherine Lang

    You had some really helpful tips for what to wear to summer “”beach formal”” weddings! My friend is getting married in a few weeks and I would LOVE it if you would give us some tips for fall weddding attire!

  • Alyssa Cole

    How can you factor summer/spring acessories into a fall or winter outfit?

  • Hayley Reeves

    I would love to see Lauren’s advice on layering up in an adorable for the crispy fall weather!

  • Paige Agan

    Lauren, I am going to Berlin and Prague in December and would love some tips on how to stay cozy but also fashionable and chic abroad! Any tips?

    P.S. That satchel would be perfect for my trip! :)

  • Hannah G

    Can you show us some cold-weather makeup and clothing items?

  • Jennie rose Murray

    Hey Lauren, I try to read your blog everyday! I am on a tight budget this fall/holiday season like many other people, however, I consider myself pretty crafty & stylish. I recently moved & have been struggling with how to host a stylish, yet affordable holiday affair with my limited resources, and still manage to keep my new home a peaceful dwelling and not drive myself crazy in the process. What do you suggest?? Thanks for your inspiration!!

  • Milenuts Verdegreen

    What kind of essence or perfum do you recommend for this season?

    Hello from Costa Rica!

    Thanks Lauren! 😀 <3

  • Rebecca Lehman

    What is your favorite fall fragrance?! I can’t wear Daisy all year round!

  • Katie

    Hi Lauren. I find so much inspiration in your Organizating/DIY/Decor sections, so I was wondering if you have any tips or strategies on transitioning and organizing apartments and closets from summer to fall/winter? (easy ways put summer items away to allow winter items to be at easier access and making your apartment a little more cozy for the cooler seasons)

    I’ve been addicted to your website ever since I saw you on a Chelsea Lately episode and she informed viewers that you had it. I love your line at Kohls too .. it allows me to dress feminine and feel confident on my college student budget. Thank you!

  • Carlee Schepeler

    What are your best diet/exercise tips during the chilly months?


  • Moira Donoghue

    What is your favorite Halloween costume ever?

  • nicole hathaway

    I would love to see some advice on make up and hair for the fall/winter :)

  • Tina Ochoa

    With the fall/winter season there are many parties. What would you say is the perfect host gift?

  • Julianne Desjardins

    Hi Lauren!! What is your favorite hot chocolate recipe?

    Thank you!!

  • Jessakeat

    Do your nails have to abide by fall “”color codes””?

  • star302

    What are you favorite fall shoes that are also comfortable to wear?

  • Bridget Moriarty

    If you could only hang one ornament from your Christmas/Hoilday tree what would it be and why! (:

  • Sarah Quincey

    Hi Lauren!
    Everybody loves pumpkin! What’s your favorite pumpkin-flavored fall goodie? :)

  • Candace Oxendine

    What is your favorite holiday cocktail?

  • Anna

    Hi Lauren, what is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

  • tt2020

    Hi Lauren! With the cold weather soon coming, how do you stay motivated to stay active when its so easy to be lazy on cool fall days??

  • Maggie Carbiener

    I would love to see Lauren go through the different types of scarves for fall and show the best way to wear each one!

  • Anna Wood

    What’s your favorite fall food indulgence? I’m weak for anything gingerbread flavored!

    Thanks (:

  • Roxine Chapski

    What is your favorite way to decorate for the holidays?

  • Jane Fleming

    what are your favorite healthy fall recipes? love the bag!!

  • Sara R.

    What’s the best way to look fall chic in the Los Angeles heat!?

  • michelle brady

    whats a good way to “”recycle”” outfits during all the holiday season parties without commiting the faux pas of “”didnt you where that last week?””

  • Cassie Hardick

    Hi Lauren, I was wondering which new fall boot styles are most versatile and trendy? I’ve seen a lot of booties, but I’m not sure they would look good on my tall fram, so I’m nervous to purchase a pair! I usually stick with knee-highs but want to have a more diverse style. Thanks for the help!

  • Chelsea Dworak

    How can I pull off dark makeup and nail polish this holiday season without looking too hard or goth?

  • Sandra Semaan

    I would love it Lauren could give tips on how to blend in summer items into a winter wardrobe. And if she could include some great places to get equestrian boots for the winter that’d be great too :)

  • Kim ODriscoll

    I go apple picking every fall at my uncles apple farm (super fun) But I always make the same receipes with apples. Lauren what are your favorite fall apple dishes?

  • Sarah D

    Is orange lipstick tacky or trendy?

  • Rebecca Santos

    Hey Lauren,

    What do you think are a few fall must accesories this season?

    Also, besides red, what is a good lip color for fall?

    Rebecca, xoxo

  • Frances Elvira

    I’m going to host Thanksgiving in my apartment this year but I don’t have enough seating for everybody. It’s going to be a casual dinner, not really a sit down kind of thing. What are good options for seating that don’t inlcude buying folding chairs? Also, what would be a good idea for modern decorations on thanksgiving?

  • Casey Drum

    I go to UGA, do you have any ideas for comfy, but cute, outfit for class?

  • Megan McKenna

    Hi Lauren!

    What are some cheap and easy DIY gifts for Christmas?

  • Jess

    What is your favorite holiday activity?

  • Shelly

    I’d love to hear a good way to still enjoy the holidays and not over eat – or how to get back on track after Turkey Day – my favorite and least favorite day of the year 😉

  • Meaghan Elizabeth

    What is your favorite holiday past time that you enjoyed when you were a kid?

  • Sara

    I’d love to see a piece on what to pack and wear for Thanksgiving weekend at your significant other’s family!

  • Crista Caruso

    I love fall fashion! My favorite outfit is an adorable bird print dress with a cardigan, wool knit tights, brown boots, and a slouchy hat. The only problem is that when I take my hat off, my hair is flat and staticky and blah. Any tips on how to get volume that will last under a hat or how to get rid of the static?

    Thanks! <3


  • Jessica Long

    Favorite fall fashion: Sweaters or boots?

  • Mary Pat Rooney

    I would like to know what your favorite holiday party foods are–what kind of festive drinks do you serve?

  • Tess Favini

    Hello! What are your must-have holiday accessories that can make any outfit festive?

  • CherBear

    What do you think are the coat trends this fall. I have wee obession coats.

  • Jordan Funke

    Hey, Lauren,

    What’s a good way to layer different prints for Fall and even into Winter?

  • erica norris

    What would your perfect fall date be? example: clothes, what to do, ect.

  • Tara Reed

    Hi!–Pumpkin carving is a fall holiday tradition that can be done in so many different ways. I was just wondering what is your favorite way to carve, decorate, or glam up a pumpkin? What tricks are there to have the best looking pumpkin decor on the block?

    Thanks! :)

  • Emily Juday

    How can I dress warm for the cold weather and be comfortable, but still look super stylish at the same time?

  • Jessica Skidmore

    Hey, Lauren!

    Every Fall I start running into the same issue; dry hair and irritated skin. I have tried several different products and lotions, but nothing ever seems to do the trick. Do you have any tips on keeping healthy hair and skin through the colder seasons?

    Thanks!! <3

    Love you and your fab advice.

  • Natasha Jamieson

    What would you suggest is the best way to reuse your old fall wardrobe? sometimes i dont make enough money each month to be able to splash out on new clothes, and it would be nice to be able to have a few good ‘crafty creation’ ideas for restyling old clothes..

    thanks LC xxx

  • Sophia Fruechte

    I would love to see some great workouts for fall/winter! I can’t run in the snow!

  • Pioneer2011

    It would be a birthday present because my birthday is the15th! Lauren what was your favorite costume that you went trick-or-treating in?

  • Victoria Ruggiero

    I would love a gift giving guide that includes unique and fun ideas for family and friends!

  • Amy Gordon

    I love when you wear oversized sweaters wiith leggings and boots. Where can I find cute not too expensive oversized sweaters to add to my fall wardrobe?

    Thanks !

    XO – Amy

  • megan farnsworth

    Hey Lauren!

    With all the dry climate soon to come, what’s the best way to keep your nails looking good and cuticles from drying out and cracking, as well as keeping your skin moisturized against the harsh weather?

    Thank you!!

  • Samantha Wong

    How can we turn a summer outfit into a cute fall outfit? =)

  • AK

    How do you feel about white pants after labor day?

  • Carlee Adkins

    Hi Lauren! I love your blog and read it daily! I love fall fashion (and all of the great advice you’ve been giving this season!), and I work in a digital marketing agency in Columbus (where we’re allowed to wear whatever we want). It’s hard to look super-fashionable EVERY day, so what are some key pieces of wardrobe that someone HAS to have to so that they can re-use and re-purpose for a 5-day work week?

  • Hannah Croft

    Hi Lauren,

    What do you think the best outfit is for a family holiday event? Specifically to impress a boyfriend’s family? Also, do you think accents like lipstick might make it look like I’m trying too hard?

    Thanks! xoxo


  • Cheyney Allen

    Hi Lauren! Where do you think getting the best quality fall items for the best bargain? As a college student, I can’t spend nearly as much as I would like to :) Also, favorite jewelry/types of jewelry for the season?! :) Thanks!

  • Helen Sturm

    Hi Lauren! What do you think is the best gift you could recieve? I know I like to get things from my family and friends that has a special meaning to me, or something I have wanted for a long time.

  • Meredith

    What are your favorite healthy ways to enjoy the holiday-inspired foods, rather than indulging in the things we know aren’t good for us?

  • Leah Holcombe

    Hi Lauren! What are some good ways to re-wear a Christmas party dress for New Year’s Eve? Thanks!

  • Merry Coder

    What’s the best way to incorporate some of your favorite warm-weather fashions into your fall wardrobe?

  • Mallory Lay

    boots boots boots! What is the lastest trend in fall boots this season?

  • Megan Caraway

    Every girl could use more sparkle in her life, how would I bes incorporate sequins in to a daytime fall look?

  • Sara Zamansky

    In the fall winter season like everyone else my tan fads and I get pasty what is your favorite way to get a faux glow with it still looking appropriate for winter (not too tan)? :)

  • Flora Devarajah

    What’s your favourite fall/winter fragrance?

  • Carly Gibson

    Hey from the UK!!!

    I love the fall / autumn, the tree colours and the clothing.

    What scarf and hat sets are you loving to wrap up cosy and kick leaves this autumn xx

  • xokimmy

    What is an appropriate, comfy, and stylish outfit to wear to attend a semi-formal work holiday party?


  • Colleen Moran

    Hi Lauren!

    What was your all-time favorite halloween costume? Post a picture please!!


  • Pinkle

    what’s your favorite fall lip color?? I love a classic deep red, but I want something different.. I want to save red for the holidays:))

  • Breezy Svacina

    What are some cute, spooky decor ideas for a Halloween party?

  • Hannah Wike

    I would love to see Lauren give advice on the make up trends for the Fall!

  • Tatiana Riesgo

    Hi Lauren!

    What is you favorite fall/winter childhood memory?

    What is your favorite Starbucks Holiday Drink?

  • Erinly

    We all know you love your recipes – SO! How about a delicious homemade pumpkin pie recipe (my grandma’s homemade crust is to die for!!!) for that yummy looking stuffed satchel??!!

  • Mary-Elsye Winchester

    What is you’re favorite dish to bring to holiday events?

  • Aimee Haugan

    I recently got married and our list to buy for this year has doubled! What are some inexpensive (DIY or bargain retail) gifts for family and friends?

  • Ashley

    are there any colors not acceptable to wear in the winter?

  • Stephanie Weddle

    How do you suggest wearing pastels in the fall and winter? Or neon colors as well? Are pastels spring only and neon summer only colors?

  • eileenjennifer

    I would love to see some “”skinny”” holiday recipes!

  • Saijal

    I would love some advice from Lauren on how to keep my skin hydrated during the upcoming colder months :)

  • Jackie Titolo

    Hi Lauren,

    What is a great dish for a first-time hostess to prepare for guests during the holidays that is tasty without being too complicated? Thanks!

  • Becky

    Hi Lauren! I was wondering what tips you have for dressing warmly in the cooler weather, without looking bulky? I am petite and I love the cooler months, but I often have to resort to bulky layers to keep warm. The result resembles a certain tire company mascot :) Not exactly classy!

  • Lisette Bennett

    In this chilly weather, is it ever ok to wear peep-toe heels with tights?

  • Lauren Reed

    I made your Fall recipe for Stuffed Peppers last night and they were delicious. What is your favorite fall healthy snack for when you’re on the go?

  • Anny Peplinski

    I am a university student in Canada where the winter is a lot more harsh than in beautiful California! What options do I have for warm but stylish winter boots for my walk to class?

  • Henah P


    My question is simple: what is your one staple item that you include in your fall wardrobe?

    Thanks! :) Xo

  • ag11

    What are some affordable fashionable options for fall/winter outerwear?

  • Amy Navas

    If I can only haved one fall statement piece, what should that be?

  • Kirsten

    What is your favorite cold-weather cocktail? And as a follow up, what would be a yummy cold-weather cocktail to serve at a party? Thanks so much!

  • Livi Whitman

    Hey, What is the perfect fall date outfit? Especially for a first date.

  • elizabeth lee

    hi Lauren!
    what would you say is the best way to stay glowy in the fall without going tanning or looking too cake faced? Hahaha. thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • Samantha Kasmer

    This is really cute! I love the colors!

  • Hchacon


    My most troubling question these days is regarding my hair! I’m naturally a very dark brunette. What is a fun, but winter-minded, way to change it up?

    Also- Is ombre on its way out?



  • aliwi9

    I would love to see 2-4 budget-friendly fall pieces worn a few different ways. Thanks!

  • Jaclin H

    I’m really into wearing scarfs this fall/winter. They really complete any outfit! However, I only know of really, two ways to wear them. I would love to hear your suggestions & tips on how to wear scarfs! Thank you :)

  • Breanna Haggerty

    I just got some combat boots and am having trouble figuring out what outfits look good with them! Would love some ideas!

  • Jenna Chambers

    Lauren, what are some good gifts to give to your close relatives for Christmas?

  • Gabriela Rodriguez

    Whats a perfect outfit to wear in a romantic date on christmas ?

  • Steph K

    what is your favorite lipstick color for fall?

  • Lauren Solana

    What is your go-to outfit for a holiday party?

  • Tara Essock-Burns

    Lauren, what was your go-to Halloween costume growing up and what do you plan on being this year?

    I think you would make a great Marilyn Monroe!

  • Kristan Hurtado

    Hi Lauren, I was wondering if you might have any tips on pulling off some of the fabulous holiday trends on a plus size girl on her way to getting healthy? Thanks!

  • Rebecca G.

    I love all of the recipes you post, but am not able to make a lot of the baked goods due to being allergic to gluten! Do you have any tasty pumpkin recipes that are gluten free?

  • Meghan OConnor

    I am about to start a new job working for my state legislature and have to update my work wardrobe ASAP. What are some peices that are must haves for work in the fall/winter?

  • Kelsey Scott

    Cold fall and winter weather means staying warm with layers, which can add bulk. What are your suggestions for keepiing your outerwear chic and sexy while still staying cozy?

  • Melissa Montella

    Lauren, I am could use a few tips on incorporating those flirty, sheer tops into my wardrobe without revealing too much skin! Anyway you can help a girl out?!

  • Shannon

    I want to start wearing more dresses and skirts but I’m not sure what kind of tights or what color tights I should use. Could you do a post all about how to wear tights?

  • Laila Roudsari

    What are the best makeup styles for Fall?

  • Ana Paola Lopez

    Hi Lauren, I always like to be a season ahead. So what are some of your must-haves for this winter? – Thanks

  • Bailey Hanson

    Hi Lauren! Looking for an inexpensive way to stay casual and comfortable at college this fall and winter and avoid sloppy sweatshirts. :)

  • caitlin strom-martin

    What late summer clothing trends/styles will best carry over into fall? I like to utilize my wardrobe year-round, when possible, and am always trying to “”freshen”” it up for each season. Any advice?

  • GlitterGirl

    What are the best boots for fall??

  • brittany truman

    Oh to have this bag of goodies! That would be the best especially from you Lauren! #sofabulous

    What’s the best jacket you can buy so you can still be stylish yet warm in the cold breeze walking across campus

  • MissRiss83

    Hi Lauren! What would you bring as a hostess gift when meeting the boyfriend’s Mom and family at Thanksgiving dinner? Something that wouldn’t be a burden on a short flight. Thanks!

  • leebee05

    Hey Lauren, I’m a busy college girl that is in need of some new fall makeup! Do you have any suggestions of looks that can be worn from school-to work-to an evening out? Thanks!

  • Megan Budzinsky

    Hey Lauren! What are the latest boot trends? What are some trendy outfits with boots should we look out for this season?

  • Lauren Aniess

    What are some trendy coats (style and colors) to purchase for Fall 2012?

  • Allison Arentzoff

    I would love for some yummy holiday recipes that are not that unhealthy for you! :)

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Sometimes in the winter my hair can start to look really dull. Do you have a specifc product that you would suggest to use during the winter to keep your hair shiny and full of volume?

  • Nikki Sterr

    Hey Lauren,

    What is/was your favorite holiday traditions you did when you were a kid?!

  • Hailey G

    Hi Lauren! How can I transfer my favorite summer pieces (i.e. tank tops, sun dresses, colorful shorts) into my fall wardrobe? Thanks! xoxo

  • Shelby Subry

    I love your bag adorable and ur website I am on a budget what is the best gift ideas for someone on a budget with still being thoughtful in choice if gifts for this holiday season? Thanks!

  • Sarah Glen

    As we all know, it’s internship season. How would you suggest sprucing up a wardrobe for in-person interviews without breaking the bank?

  • shanicwil

    Whats the easiest way to layer ur fall tops without doing too much or looking like a grandma?

  • Kaitlyn Jorgensen

    Lauren, what item (clothing, shoes, etc) do you believe is going to be the trendiest this fall?

  • Kara Branstetter

    What are your best tips for keeping off the Holiday pounds?

  • Sara Blakeslee

    If you have to pick one beauty product to help you through the winter months, what would it be?

  • Erica Kelly

    What is your one must have item for fall or winter time?

  • Erika Sherwood

    Hey Lauren,

    What’s your favorite holiday drink? Everybody raves about pumpkin, but I’m a sucker for peppermint!

  • Stefanie Flores

    Hi Lauren! What are your style rules for halloween costumes? :]

  • Ashley

    Lauren, What are some of your favorite winter must haves?

  • Autumn Moore

    I’m a dyed blonde and want to know how to tone down the color for fall?

  • Hania Ali

    Hey Lauren!

    So as the cold is approaching, I find myself wanting to dress more and more in sweats everyday. What’s the best comfy/warm daily outfit you suggest?

  • Brittney Blythe

    Hi Lauren!! What is the best outfit to wear if you are going out with his family?? Thank you!! XOXO

  • Madison Rocheleau

    What are the best ways to my skin from looking dull and dry during the cold months?!?!?

  • Kaitlin Tolley

    Lauren, I love you blog!! During the fall/holidays, it seems like there is ALWAYS activities, celebrations, get togethers, and parties that center around delicious (and not always so healthy) food! I’d love to know how you recommend resisting all of these temptations without making yourself feel deprived, all the while balancing your diet so that you can look and feel great in fabulous fall/winter clothes! Thanks! :)

  • Claire Faughey

    Lauren! for autumn will you be wearing underwear as outerwear?! burrr lol 😛 i still see loads of bralets in shops and wondering should I bare the cold.. all in the name of fashion! :-)

  • Ann Gerard

    Hey Lauren!

    What are some of your favorite websites or stores to buy fall items such as trendy boots, coats, and scarves. Thanks so much!

  • Lauren Nicole

    How would you put together a holiday-inspired outfit without going overboard? Thanks Lauren!!

  • Megan Custer

    I would love to have Lauren’s advice on fall birthday outfits and themed events. It’s my birthday the day of the giveaway – now that would be a treat!

  • Liz Guzman

    Hi Lauren!
    What is your absolute favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

  • Chelsea Mayer

    Hey Lauren,

    What are your best tips on how to stay warm this fall with layers, but without getting too bulky! The weather shouldn’t be a reason to lose style points :)

  • Erica Bosco

    Hi Lauren! What would be your top makeup and hair tips for a fall wedding? I am getting married this month and would love to hear what you think! I want to pop, but still be simple.

  • shayan saghari

    My hair is in that awkward stage because I’m trying to let it grow out long from a short chin length bob, what cute hair-styles do you recommend for the holiday season during this growing-out-phase?

  • emily elizabeth

    What are some good secret santa gifts for the office exchange?

  • Anne Wurth

    Is ombre still in for fall or was that more of a summer trend?

  • Stacy Lorenz

    What are some cute gift ideas for all my friends for the holidays this year??

  • Becca Leslie

    Where can I find a pair a leggings that dont 1. get holes after a couple of washes or 2. pill ?? I have tried so many kinds and they all fall into one of those categories!! help!!!

  • Maggie McDonald

    Since we are getting into the season of gift giving. What are some budget friendly (possibly DIY) gifts that you can give friends and family?

  • Amanda Linkmeyer

    What is the best outfit to wear to a holiday party?

  • Alexa Foster

    Dear Lauren,

    What is your recommended outfit for transitioning into sunny/chilly days this fall?

  • Adair Fuller

    Hi Lauren! I love my summer clothes and don’t want to pack them away for the winter. Any suggestions on how to tie them into my fall/winter wardbrobe? Thanks :)

  • Chloe Power

    Do you hange the shade of your hair for Fall/Winter, because of less sunshine & brightness?

  • Jenn Harrington

    Hi Lauren,

    Love this giveaway! I have a question for you: What are some gift ideas you have for friends and family? I want to be creative but thoughtful!

  • Laura Leigh Wyatt

    What’s the best way to rock a dark shade of lipstick and keep it soft rather than va-va-voom?

  • Mary Burchett

    What are your suggestions for some fun DIY themed Holiday parties?

  • Samantha Clagett

    Your go to warm fall drink?? :)

  • Marissa Ferri

    Hi Lauren! I’m going boot crazy this fall–who is your favorite designer for boots this season?? Loving all the leather!!

  • Ashley E Wood

    Every fall there are new trends and it can get expensive to keep up! What are some essential items to add to your fall wardrobe that are both trendy and timeless?

  • psaleebs

    What is the best way to wear boots in a work environment?

  • Jill Buganski

    I would LOVE to see some Holiday party looks. My 21st is in December and I would love some outfit ideas! :)

  • Jessica Fracassini

    Best tips for combining pretty summer pieces with warmer items such as dresses and boos? Without looking missed matched

  • Amy Condon

    What do you consider your #1 fall accessory?

  • AvniHeHey

    What would be ther perfect outfit to wear at any holiday party?

  • Felica Cox

    The questions on taking a wardrobe/skincare etc from Fall to Winter are endless! I could think of a million about yummy pumpkin recipes and sloughing of the dead skin from the summer sun but what I’d really want advice on is keeping those blemishes at bay with the extra moisturizer and makeup that accompany the colder months!

    Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • Paige Nichols

    What are your favorite fall date ideas?

  • Brittany Reynolds

    Hi Lauren! What was your favorite Halloween costume you have ever worn? 😀

  • Jenna

    Hey Lauren!

    I am overwhelmed trying to come up with a way to decorate my house for the holidays. I need to stick to a budget but I’d love some chic and cute ways to celebrate the seasons!

  • Kelly Reddin

    What are you favorite healthy holiday recipes?!

  • Lilisa Hood

    What is you’re go to fall outfit or accessory?

  • Anna Kotelon

    I see Peter Pan collars everywhere! What do you do with them?

  • Sarah Halleland

    When it’s starting to get cold outside, what’s your favorite outfit? I tend to go for the warm sweaters and pants, but would love to weat something a bit more stylish even when the degrees are dropping!

  • beccamarie9

    What are some fun and thoughtful Christmas gifts for friends? I need some creative ideas!! I am so excited for the coming of the holiday season!

    xoxo Rebecca

  • Azalea Collazo

    Hows the best way to wear a skirt when its cold outside???

  • Rachel Vartanian

    Hi Lauren! What is your go-to store or brand for fall sweaters? :-)

  • rachel rivera

    this is such a cute giveaway!

    What are some nice holiday outfits for meeting the parents?

  • Brittany Boom

    Lauren, I think it would be amazing to learn some super cute ways to vamp up both college outfits and remain just as girly/cute as spring, but with warmer options. Also, I would love to see some ideas for decorating a dorm room up for the holidays, but in a way that makes it easy to bring a little bit of home with us…even if we’re miles and miles from home. (:

  • alison squires

    What would be a good treat to bring to a holiday party ?

  • Maggie Fechtel

    I love the look of a decorated mantel for the holidays, however I just moved to a small apartment and would love to know of some great holiday decorating tips that are fun but not overdone, and would love to hear some of your fun and creative ideas! :)

  • Becca Perko

    Hi Lauren! What are some fun, cute and simple ways that you wear scarves?!

  • Lauren Phillips

    What are some cute/versatile options for lugging around college books to class?

  • Alaina Whoolery

    What is your favorite fall beverage recipe?

  • Sarah


    What are some fun creative ways to tie a scarf?

  • Amy Rogers

    lauren, what is your favorite way to spend a fall weekend?

  • Megan Collings

    What are this falls color trends?

  • vagamonde

    Dear Lauren,
    You often talk about books you have read or books you want to read, but what about films? It would be great if you could recommend us some of your favourite films for those cosy evenings at home on freezing winter days.

  • Amber Dawn Findlay

    What are some tips for a fall makeup routine?

  • Sarah Davidson

    What are some decorations that you like to put up for Thanksgiving time? I love the colors during this time of year!

  • Jonell Martin

    Hi Lauren, What is your favorite Christmas dessert recipe?

  • Gabrielle Chandler

    What are your favorite fall colors for makeup and also how do you keep your skin healthy in the winter when it gets so dry?

  • Amanda Glusco

    Hi Lauren, what a great give away, I love that bag!! Ok, my fall related question is kind of silly, but maybe you can help. Colder weather means colds, runny noses, dry skin and chapped lips =[ What products do you swear by to keep yourself looking gorgeous despite these inevitable situations?