Shape Up: How to Maintain Your Bikini Bod

Shape Up: How to Maintain Your Bikini Bod

When I posted my Bikini Boot Camp plan, I sincerely hoped that those of you struggling with your weight would find a healthy balance in achieving your goals. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when my team told me about member, Andy Hitt. Andy lost 20 pounds on the plan and is looking better than ever! Here’s what Andy said about achieving her new bikini bod:

When I saw Lauren’s Bikini Boot Camp Plan, my first thought was ‘This is actually something I could see myself sticking to!” I loved that she explained it as a “lifestyle change” and not a diet because let’s face it, that word makes everyone run in the opposite direction! I was about 145 pounds and not looking forward to the summer months. In March I began eating correctly and exercising regularly, sticking to the simple guidelines Lauren encouraged. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have reached my goal, and now I am focused on maintaining it!

Shape Up: How to Maintain Your Bikini Bod
With help from her post, I was able to loose 20 pounds! I’m so excited about what I have accomplished and would love to learn about the best ways to keep it off.

She looks amazing! Now that Andy has accomplished her fitness goals, she brought up a really good point–keeping the weight off. Like I said before, my Bikini Boot Camp plan is a lifestyle, not a diet. It is something that needs to be maintained and considered every single day. However, once you have reached your weight goal, it’s important to keep making healthy choices in your diet and to keep exercising. For those of you who found yourself in the same boat as Andy, congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!

Here are some basic tips to help you keep those pesky pounds away for good, which I put together with the help of my trainer, Jarett del Bene:

Basic Tips for Keeping the Weight Off

  1. Remind yourself of how much you’ve accomplished! It can be easy to over-celebrate (and over-indulge) once you have reached your goal weight. Keep a photograph around to serve as a constant reminder of how hard you worked and feel empowered because you did it. Stay motivated!
  2. Keep exercising regularly. No excuses here. If you don’t work it, you’ll lose it. Fitness is a lifelong commitment with endless health benefits that go beyond the waistline. Make a habit of exercising at least 3-4 times week. I like to do three days of heavy exercise (kickboxing, weight training, cardio) during the week and then one day of fitness fun on the weekend, such as a hike or one of my non-workout workouts.
  3. Always eat a healthy, balanced breakfast. The benefits of eating breakfast are nothing to ignore. It helps prevent binging and eating too many sweets. Plus it deters you from making unhealthy diet choices because your body is stabilized with the appropriate fuel to kick start your day.
  4. Ditch your old duds. If you keep older clothes then you will be more likely to accept weight re-gain. If you don’t have your old clothes to fallback on, you will be more likely to make a conscious effort to stay fit and slim for your new wardrobe. Also, I think the way your clothes fit is a better indicator of your weight rather than a scale. If your favorite pair of pants is starting to get tight, it’s time to reel in and refocus. (There are plenty of deserving places to send your second-hand clothes. Click here for a few of my personal suggestions.)
  5. Identify your weight-gain triggers. One of the best ways to break a habit is by identifying the trigger that leads to the negative action. Bad habits, such as turning to the fridge when you’re stressed out or skipping the gym and thinking “I’ll go tomorrow,” create the viscous cycles that ultimately lead to upticks on the scale. Triggers can include, 3 o’clock boredom or dips in blood sugar (solution: take a quick walk or have healthy snack), watching television and mindlessly snacking (solution: eat fresh veggies instead of starchy or sugary foods and do crunches or lunges during commercial breaks), or getting in a fight with your beau and turning to you old friends Ben and Jerry (solution: call a girlfriend or go for a run). Staying strong is all about identifying what triggers your bad habit and replacing it with a better habit. This is one of the best ways to keep mindless weight-gain at bay.


Fitness Tips to Keep the Weight Off

  1. Add some jumps. Try doing 25 jumping jacks in between your exercises to help intensify your workout.
  2. Step it up. Now that you’ve dropped the weight, it is important to tone. For ultimate red carpet worthy legs, do lots of step up lunges and squats. (For extra gorgeous gams, check out my tips for skirt-ready legs.)
  3. Keep your body guessing. Always switch up your reps with exercises. One week do 20 reps and then the next week do 25, and then 15 reps the following week. It’s all about muscle confusion. If your body gets too accustomed to a single exercise, it will no longer be effective and you will plateau. Mix it up!
  4. Be careful. Make sure you are always paying attention to your form so you don’t get injured and know your limits.
  5. Plan your workout. Know what kind of workout you are going to do so you don’t waste time at the gym.

The most important thing to remember is to stay motivated! Your body is your temple. Treat it that way!

Do you have a simple at home exercise or healthy recipe that you really love? Share your favorites in the comments below. I would love to see them and I know your fellow LC members would too!

Also, if you’re ready to show off your new bikini bod, upload a photo to your profile page and share the link below. My team and I will put together a Member Spotlight with a few of your photographs!

XO Lauren

P.S. The photo at the top of this post is from my Glamour shoot. For a behind-the-scenes peek, click here!

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Photo: Glamour

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  • Deanne Castro

    Thanks for the tips!

    I have a similar idea like Lauren’s health life change…

    I would recommend KIMBERLY SNYDER’S Glowing Green Smoothie as a VERY HEALTHY breakfast! She is well known and used by a lot of the celebrities! Check her recipe out here —>

    She also recommends a glass of hot (not boiling water) and 1/2 of a lemon at least 30 minutes before you have the GGS or have your any breakfast!

    IT WORKS WONDERS! You will see results, even on your skin!

    For more Fashion and Beauty advice, please visit my blog:

    Today’s topic:

    The Little Black Dress


  • Amy Breckenridge

    congrats andy! you look fantastic and that is so exciting. i changed my lifestyle in january and have lost 15 pounds (down from 140 to 125 and now a size 2 or 4 instead of a 6) so i feel your excitment! i also feel great about myself now, so much healthier and more confident. let’s both stick with it and continue to eat well and exercise regularly so we can keep the pounds off!!


  • Larissa Wilhelm

    This is so inspirational! Congrats Andy! That is a serious accomplishment

  • Melissa Panici

    Congrats Andy!! This motivates me to get back on track with bikini boot camp!! I have been doing the stress eating and it’s messing with my weight loss! But I’m ready to get back in gear with Bikini Boot Camp! Can’t wait to submit photos:)

  • Kellie Norton

    wow!! Way to go Andy!! You look fantastic!! :-)

  • Deanne Castro

    For more Fashion and Beauty advice, please visit my blog:

    Today’s topic:

    The Little Black Dress


  • Jordan Weaver

    Ahh, LOVE this! It’s SO important to not just be fit looking, but fit feeling too! Here are some awesome slimming tips that don’t require any extra exercise!

  • Lyndsey Ruchalski

    i’m starting to do these!!

  • Rachel Trampel

    Congrats Andy! That is amazing and you look great! :) :) :) Very motivating!!!!! Lauren, your arms always look fantastic… do you have any good suggestions about how to tone them up without making them look bigger after you have dropped some weight? I would appreciate any tips from people who have a good arm workout!

  • Elizabeth George

    That’s so awesome! i think keeping it off is absolutely the hardest part. And I ALWAYS crave sugar! But I have an idea for anyone else who always wants something sweet after eating:

    *I stir fry a cut up banana with olive oil and a splash of lemon juice or

    *Eat a handful of blueberries and handful of strawberries with 2 chunks of ricotta cheese on top. sweet and savory!!

    Lauren, the bikini bootcamp has been so helpful!

  • Linds

    Andy, you look terrific! You are such a motivator to us!!!

  • Chanel Hason

    Great advice Lauren! I just signed up for a month of unlimted Pure Barre classes- my friend has been doing it for 6.5 weeks and has lost an inch around her whole body- I can’t wait to get toned and more flexible with this new workout plan πŸ˜€

  • Haley Barr Jones

    That’s great!

    I am on my 7th week of Insanity…hardest workout ever. My diet could be better, but I am definitely getting results. I haven’t lost (pounds) but everything is a little tighter. I am about 5’7-5’8 and I fluctuate between 140-145. I’d like that number to be lower, but I try not to worry about the number on the scale and more about being fit!

  • Rachael Yanta

    I LOVE Brooke Burke’s and Jillian’s at home workouts! They are such a great workout and I love that I don’t have to leave home to do them. Thanks for the great tips Lauren! Andy- you look fabulous. Congratulations!!

  • Umbrella Drink

    and allow yourself to cheat! Only once a week with these:

  • HistoryBeauty
  • Giselle Escamilla

    Congrats Andy!!!

  • debora f

    wow andy! amazing πŸ˜‰

  • Golf Chick 01

    Wow…great job!…I do videos OnDemand at home…they are great workout videos….I can do different ones….I also golf!….

  • tori reid

    kinect for xbox has a great “”game””, Your Shape. It tailors work outs towards your body and your fitness goals. Also it lets you know if you are doing the moves correctly.

  • Julia Renkert

    Some of my favorite work-out DVDs are the MTV series… I love mixing it up between MTV Yoga, MTV Power Yoga, and MTV Pilates Mix. The yoga DVDs are an hour and the Pilates DVD is only a half hour so it’s nice when I don’t have as much time.


  • Deanne Castro

    Thanks for the tips!

    I have a similar idea like Lauren’s health life change…

    I would recommend KIMBERLY SNYDER’S Glowing Green Smoothie as a VERY HEALTHY breakfast! She is well known and used by a lot of the celebrities! Check her recipe out here —>

    She also recommends a glass of hot (not boiling water) and 1/2 of a lemon at least 30 minutes before you have the GGS or have your any breakfast!

    IT WORKS WONDERS! You will see results, even on your skin!

    For more Fashion and Beauty advice, please visit my blog:

    Today’s topic:

    The Little Black Dress


  • Angie W

    These are great tips! :) I swear by Winsor Mari Pilates- it not only tones your stomach, it helps you relax and stretch your joints. Also I like kickboxing videos (very intense).

  • Michelle Bell

    Anything Jillian Michaels works for me. She is such a great motivator and her workouts are intense but not time consuming. I have a full time job and often stuggle to make time for working out. My favorite DVD of hers is the Kickbox Quick Fix. It’s 20 minutes long and by the time you are done you are dripping sweat! Great endorphine release, makes you feel amazing!

  • Carol S

    Thats really amazing!

  • Linh Ly

    This is great! Thanks for sharing. I definitely have to try this. I love love your white shorts in the picture up top Lauren!! Please share where you got them from?


  • Kayla Queen

    Amazing, Andy!

    I recently had surgery and haven’t been able to work out for the last month! But my doctor finally released me and told me to just start out slow and work my way up, which I totally understand because I couldn’t do a pushup right now if my life depended on it.

    Over the last year, I’ve dropped 30 pounds, and since I’m now planning my wedding, I have even more motivation to lose about 20 more! I love TurboFire, as well as walking and jogging. I ran my first 5K this past April and it totally made me want to do it again and again, so I’m hoping to start training again as soon as I’m healed enough!

    I think that keeping my workouts fun really helps me stay motivated. :)

  • Vee

    Wow, so awesome to hear that she lost 20 lbs! Congrats Andy! :) :)

    For me I find that with the busy lives that we live it’s hard working out once I get home from work in the evening. That said, I wake up at 6 everyday and get my work out in. Not only does it kick start your metabolism, but you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be making it out to the gym later when you will often find an excuse not to go.

    I also have a bunch of workout videos (mostly from Beachbody – highly recommend the Brazilian Butt Lift workout) that I can do straight out of bed in my living room if I don’t have time to run to the gym.

    It’s also very easy to lose momentum, the day you stop, you start losing motivation. I always say to do some exercises everyday even if it’s for 10 minutes because you will feel that you pushed through and you keep your motivation up.

    xx – Vee @

  • Kayley Potter

    Congratulations Andy! Keep up the good work!

    I love exercising – mainly running. I love the runner’s high. Nothing is better than beating a personal best time. I try to switch up my trail everyday and I can step right outside my front door or go to another part of town.

    I too love the beachbody workouts for those bad weathr days or when I just need to do something different.

  • Taylor Jarosz

    Congrats Andy!! Hoping to be in the same boat as you very soon!! Also, thank you for posting ways to keep staying healthy!! Love this!!

  • Fleura

    Congratulations to Andy, she looks amazing! This update keeps me motivated to do the work myself! As I just started the BBC a week ago I have yet to see the results, but I already feel great.. :) Thanks Lauren for the healthy tips and inspiration!

  • Jen Skilton

    I do the Insanity DVD’s but when i don’t feel like doing them i’ll put on some loud music and make up my own routine. For example, i’ll do 30 sec worth of punching, then 30 sec of squats, then maybe i’ll run up and down some stairs and jump at the bottom. You really can do anything to work out!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Awesome, Lauren & Jarett! Thankyou! I’ve been trying to get back to a place where I can mentally work my way back… I lost a lot of weight before (75lbs)- and due to the Year from hell (2011) I gained much of it back. I feel outta control, b/c I can’t seem to get that mental motivation back, again… So, hopefully, this will help me to realize how to re-focus.

    Thanks Love!

  • Rachel Elkins

    Congrats Andy!

    Thanks for this post too Lauren! I’ve lost 5 pounds on your Bikini Bootcamp, and I needed new ways to keep the weight off! :)

    xo, Rachel

  • Emilie

    I always do jumping jacks to up the intensity when I work out and having breakfast is a necessity to my day.. (otherwise I eat junk)

    What a great success story she does look amazing :)

    xo Emilie

    PS please check out my latest blog post @

  • Becca Lily

    Awesome job, Andy! My inspiration to tone up and keep healthy this August :)

    Love the tips. I like to make smoothies if I’m craving something sweet, banana and strawberry is my favorite.

    Sweet Fig Tree β™₯

  • Deanne Castro

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    For more Fashion and Beauty advice, please visit my blog:

    Today’s topic:

    How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes


  • pretty3tweety

    My really healthy recipe-Vegetable Millet:

  • cherry_07

    i lost 10 lbs with her bikini boot camp!

  • Stefanie Wills
  • Irma R

    I do cardio, and for my muscles, I do video’s of Poppilates! They really work! πŸ˜€

  • Jacy Tilton

    I recently downloaded the Nike Training app on my iPhone (it’s free!), and it has amazing and intense, but doable workouts you can do at home! You can select what kind of workout you’re wanting to do and it guides you through the workout like a virtual personal trainer. As someone who doesn’t like the gym, this was great for me because it doesn’t allow me to slack off and gives me variety and guidance!

    Thank you for all of the suggestions! It’s great to get the periodic reminders!


  • AnselSf

    I didn’t really love vgetables, but the other I wasn’t hungry, but I knew I needed an energy boost, so I made a yummy juice, consisting of one medium sized carrot, one medium sized tomato, four lemons and some sugar, that can be easily replaced by some other sweetener.

    Not only does it taste awesome, but it also gives you a lot of energy and one cup keeps you hunger-free for a couple hours. Also, it’s really healthy and super fresh for these last days of summer.
    If you guys decide to give it a try or if you want more yummy, veggie-juice recipes, do not hesitate to inbox me!

  • Ashley Allen

    thanks for this!!!

  • Kyla Estevez

    can’t wait to start this during school season. (:

  • Haley Anderson

    thank you!!!! keep these blogs coming! you always have some of the best tips, and I can honestly say my body has never looked better and I have never felt more healthy since I started following your health&fitness tips :)

  • Kate Noto

    I will try this boot camp

  • koda

    I have a huge problem trying to stay away from carbs. Also whenever I have a hard time focusing on homework I always snack, for some reason it helps… Any suggestions as to what I Should do?

    • Mkat

      Try taking a quick walk or drinking water when u get the urge to eat while studying! It’ll be enough of a distraction, like eating, to get ur mind refocused, but with less calories!!

  • Cynthia Ortiz

    I weigh at 145 lbs right now, what Andy weighed and I am hoping to look just like her! By doing so I am starting this boot camp first thing tomorrow!
    Congrats Andy, you look great!


  • Laura

    I weigh around 126-128 pounds. It fluctuates often. I am finely tired of my constant belly pouch that never seems to go away. Tomorrow first thing in the morning I am starting this plan. I need change and I want to finally be happy with myself.

  • Laura

    I weigh around 126-128 pounds. It fluctuates often. I am tired of my constant belly pouch that never seems to go away. Tomorrow first thing in the morning I am starting this plan. I need change and I want to finally be happy with myself.

  • Anonymous

    When you do your squats, bend your knees to somewhere around a 90 degree angle, stretch your arms out (parallel to the floor), count to 1, slowly stand back up, take a breath, slowly bend back down, stretch your arms out, count to 2, slowly come back up, take a deep breath, and go back down, and so forth. Go up to 5 or 10 on your first day, and do this twice per day as well. Get up to 30 and have some ice cream, or something. Just make sure you realize how much you are accomplishing, and know that doing this for a couple minutes each day is huge!

  • Kate Noto

    My workout is cleaning the house. Plus when I go to the library I use the stairs to go look at more books on the second floor.



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