Photo Diary: Summer Fun & Lovesick Soup

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end… but I have to admit that I am pretty excited to get started on my fall shopping list. Anyway, here’s a little photo recap of what I’ve been up to lately:

Went out with the girls… Apparently there was a bootie call:

Went to a beach party with my besties…

Party time!

Love me some alphabet soup… Can you tell I was a little distracted?


Chloe is not a fan of this heatwave.

Private show with my beau…

What have you been up to lately? Share your photos in the comments below.

XO Lauren

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  • Nadine Mazin

    Nice Like That


  • Melissa Panici

    Aww thanks for sharing the photos with us! I love that dress you wore to the beach party. Very cute! Lately I have been trying to work on my baking skills lol. I already sent you the photo of my blueberry crisp!

  • Deanne Castro

    Cute phtots!

    For more fashion and beauty advice, please checkout my blog:

    Today’s post:

    Favourite Celebrity Outfit of The Week: Lea Michele



    Follow me on Twitter @myfashavenue

  • Bev

    your bestie, Jill, looks superb!! Not that I know her personally, but I’ve def seen her in your hood online, and she lost so much weight! YOU GO GOOOORL!

    Love Chloe’s lazy picture… my doggies don’t like the heat either… but yet they beg me to go outside… WOMP!

    xo, Bev

  • mrsellieroop

    The heatwave in Ohio was absolutely terrible. I can imagine it was 100% worse than here.

  • Samantha K


    check out my beauty/fashion blog :)

  • Rachel Trampel

    Amazing photos! Looks like such a fun party… haha the Hamster man! :) Also, look at sweet Chloe :) My pup hates being outside too long in the heat, her black fur doesn’t help anything!

    And wow… private guitar show, YES PLEASE 😉

  • Ashley S Wilson

    cute boots! Cute pup! cute beau! sounds like a great life!

  • Anisa Mohammed

    Lauren, I absolutely love those sandals that you’re wearing @ the beach party.

    Can you share with us where you got them?

  • tinamarie

    awweeesome. it’s tradition to spell words with alphabet soup!! keep the photo diary blogs coming (:

  • Emma Fox
  • Rachael Yanta

    Love your photo diaries! Looks like you’ve been having lots of fun :)

  • Leanne

    Great pictures!!

    Love from South Africa

  • Dannii Hungry Healthy Happy

    I have just been writing lots and working on some new recipes!

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  • Andjela Vuckovic

    Beautiful as always!!!!

  • Emilie

    Love your beach party dress! So pretty :)

    xo Emilie @“”>Hungry Delights

  • Petra Zeller

    Loving all these photos. I’m so excited about coming to L.A. on the 1th of september :)) it is my 6th time in L.A. and my first at The Fashion’s Night Out. I wanna now if you are somewhere with Papercrown? Thank you so much
    xo, Petra

  • k2spitfire

    do you cook? that’s what i’ve been up to lately… mainly sandwiches

  • Kylie Miller

    Looks like fun :) Check out my blog:

  • Emily k.

    Bahahaha Bootie call! Chloe is adorable. I’m with her.



  • Gillian Lynch

    That looked like bunches of fun Lauren! All those pictures are so cute! I love them all, especially the one of you and the hamster guy! Haha! :)

  • Kayley Potter

    I love these photo diaries. and thanks for reminding me about Alphabet Soup! I used to love it when I was younger. It will definitely be on my shopping list.

  • Shellz
  • Esther Azalia

    Love fashion in EVERY season! Goodbye summer…hello fall!! <3

  • My Style Diary
  • Rebecca Bakofsky

    I’ve been doing lots and lots of shopping lately!

    I will have a blog post in a couple of days recapping, !

  • Bella Frank

    I’m liking the hampster!

  • HistoryBeauty

    Looks like you’ve been having a lot of fun!

  • Deanne Castro

    For more fashion and beauty advice, please visit:

    Today’s post:

    Top Nail Trends for Fall/Winter



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  • George Spink

    Your comments about shopping for autumn reminded me of those days in late August and early September when I was in grammar school when my mother would take me shopping for new clothes. I attended a Catholic school that had a strict dress code. Looking back on those days across the decades, I thank God for giving me such a wonderful mother.

    George Spink, Los Angeles

  • Linh Ly

    those ankle boots are so cute!


  • Carol S

    Loving the pictures xoxo

  • Kasia Rymar

    These photos are so cute!!

  • Giselle Escamilla

    Awww looks like you had fun!!! I actually came back from vegasss and I went shopping!! I came back with my very first brand bag the Michael Kors purple Hamilton bag:) superrr excited to use it:)

  • cgl tstn

    your beauty is so cute <3

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    So cute! Love your photo diaries!

  • Diamenrose

    I took your Fame Game Book as my vacation book :)



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