Crafty Creations: Revamped Clutch

Crafty Creations: Revamped Clutch

I love taking older things and making them look new again. Whether it’s reupholstering a vintage couch or revamping a dowdy clutch, giving old pieces new life is not only fun, but cost-effective too. Since color blocking is a big trend this year and I am sure quite a few of you have an old clutch or basic bag lying around, I thought it would be fun to show you how to give your bag an instant update with a few swipes of fresh paint. Watch my newest Crafty Creations video to see how you can revamp your old bag in just a few simple steps:

To recap, here’s what you will need:

  • an old clutch
  • a painter’s palette
  • paintbrushes
  • fabric paint
  • painter’s tape

Are you going to give this DIY a try? If you do, be sure to upload a photo and leave the link in the comments below.

Have a Crafty Creations request? Leave it in the comments below.

Be sure to check out the Crafty Creations section to see all of my DIY videos.

Happy crafting ladies!

XO Lauren

P.S. The blouse I am wearing in this video is by Equipment :-)

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  • Deanne Castro


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  • Melissa Panici

    Love this! I think I have an old clutch that definately needs a new design! Thanks Lauren:)

  • Umbrella Drink

    What a great and thrifty idea!

  • Petra Zeller

    Love love love this idea <3
    xo, Petra

  • Rachel Trampel

    So amazing! :) I will definitely be sharing this with friends! I have also added lace and pins to old clutches to cover up areas that were wearing out!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Love the idea! Keep the videos coming =)

  • Jordan Weaver

    i LOVE a good UPcycle!! Here’s one of my EASY, favorites for the home!

  • Jordan Weaver
  • Nadine Mazin

    awesome work from amazin’ lady

  • Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson

    How cute!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    How cute & Totally awesome! I do wish she would’ve chosen more vibrant colors for the demonstration, however. I was expecting a bright color, to so the contrast. The beige might have been really cute in person, but it barely showed up on camera. Love the idea, though!

  • danielle millar

    I would love if you do a diy craft that you could update/revamp a storage box.

  • sabrina doi

    this is awesome! i love your crafty creations. do more!! <3

  • Kellie Norton

    So cute!! Love these videos Lauren :-)

  • Alandra Joseph

    LOVE IT!

  • elke de smit

    I love it! Such a great idea but I think the clutch is maybe a little big..

  • Emilie

    That is the cutest idea ever.

    xo Emilie

    PS please check out my latest blog post @

  • Marisa Mendoza

    Keep these crafty creation videos coming! I love them and they are so easy!

  • Deanne Castro

    Happy Friday Everyone!

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  • Meghan Conard

    Love that clutch, looks so easy to customize!


  • HistoryBeauty
  • Linh Ly

    i love your crafty creations. great ideas!


  • Jaimee Rindy

    I <3 Crafty Creations!

  • Elisee prummel

    Great idea! I love your crafty creations!<3

  • Megan Elliott

    Love this!!! If you love DIYs, you must try this super easy lace denim one!

  • kk

    wat does DIY mean

  • ChocoMonkey1

    It stands for Do It Yourself :)

  • Johnny Bobby

    More CC’s!



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