Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

There’s no doubt that summer is one of the most exciting seasons of the year. It is the perfect window of time to explore, try new things, seize the moment, embrace adventure, and check a few things off of my 2012 to-do list. In light of this I thought I’d put together a list of 10 summertime exploits that are worth trying…

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

1. Go to an outdoor movie. I’ve always wanted to see a movie at a drive-in, in the park, or on a swanky rooftop garden. It seems like such a relaxing yet fun way to spend a weeknight with a group of girlfriends or that someone special.

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

2. Host an al fresco dinner party. There are so many ways to enjoy beautiful summer weather, and eating outside is one that people often overlook. Spend a warm summer evening entertaining guests with delicious, light recipes–and adorn your space with twinkle lights for a special touch.

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

3. Go to a baseball game. It’s an all-American pastime and for good reason–it’s fun! Ball games are a quintessentially American summer activity. And everyone should experience this tradition at some point in their lives, if not every single summer. Plus it is a fun venue for dates.

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

4. Sneak into a hotel pool. There’s something mischievous and exhilarating about harmlessly breaking little rules. I’ve always wanted to sneak into a hotel pool in the summer–even to just dip my toe in, it’s on my list!

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

5. Try a new restaurant once a week. While I love baking and cooking at home, the summertime has this effect on me that makes me want to relax and put the pots and pans away. Try a new restaurant or cafe and relish in savoring something someone else has cooked up!

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

6. Pick your own produce. I love picking fresh berries from my mother’s garden. There’s something so rewarding about cooking something with the fruits of your labor–literally.

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

7. Treasure hunt at a thrift store. Some of my most prized possessions come from flea markets and antique stores. It’s a fun way to add personalized and unique items to your home without splurging.

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

8. Become a grill master. You always see girls making salads in the kitchen while the men handle the BBQ. Why not turn this tradition around and have your dad (or beau) teach you a thing or two about the barbeque?

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

9. Go sailing. Being out at sea is one of my favorite summer activities that I sadly don’t do as much as I’d like to. There’s something so relaxing about drifting in the open sea.

Tuesday Ten: Summer Adventures

10. Ride a rollercoaster. Throw your hands up in the air, close your eyes, and smile as big as you can. This summer adventure is truly one the best ways to be a kid again. Santa Monica pier here I come…

What summer adventures do you have planned? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments below.

XO Lauren

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  • Sarah Heckle

    It’s adventures like these that make summer my favorite season!


    http://tulleandtrinkets.com/2012/07/10/junk-drawer/#comment-1514 – what’s in my “”junk”” drawer!

  • Melissa Panici

    I love all of these ideas Lauren! My beau and I are planning to go to Indiana Beach to ride some coasters in August once the kids are back at school. (Not too fond of crowds and waiting in line for a very long time lol). We already took a boat ride this summer on my birthday! I am really wanting to go see a movie at the drive-in:) Thanks for the ideas!

  • Rachel Trampel

    I want to do all of these things this summer! I have a few crossed off my list already (at least I’ll pretend I’m a grill master 😉 ) but definitely want to go to the amusement park nearby to ride a coaster and sail on our nearby lake!

  • linzekas


    My summer list… :) SO far from your list, I’ve done 2, 3, and 8 – love it.


  • erika heming

    So far Ive become a grill master and snuck into a hotel pool. When I was in aruba, the pool in the next hotel was amazing! So we walked over and went for it. Totally worth it:D


  • Jaclyn Schler

    I love dining outside! It’s the best!


  • Macy Gutermuth

    for #5 try using the iPhone app called Woofound, it makes it so easy to find new places to go. It can help with places to eat, concerts, parks, etc

  • Amy Breckenridge

    i love this list! i would love to host a dinner party like the one in that photo – how beautiful is that set up?


  • Meghan Conard

    I love #1 and #9!

    Check out my newest post http://mc2squared.blogspot.com


  • Jennifer Woodring

    I just went on my big summer adventure. Skydiving!!


  • C Hayes

    I love allll of them! Especially 1,5,&9….Although sailing is hard to do because I don’t currently live near the ocean = (

    Some things on my list are to: Make my own fragrance in Italy, skydive, dance in the rain with a group of friends…to name a few


  • Martin M

    Sneak into a hotel pool and rife a rollercoaster are the two things I want to do. Especially now after Fashion Week in Berlin…so busy time :) Greetings from Germany, XOXO



  • Fernanda Webster

    Funny thing – – – all of these are on my summer list (excpet for the hotel pool but I think I will add it.) I already have scheduled dates with girlfriends or the hubby!

  • Petra Zeller

    Love this list. Now I have holiday. Yesterday we are going to Lugano (Ticino, Switzerland), today we was on a paddleboat and eat after soft ice. We are planning to play mini golf, going to legoland (my boyfriend loves Lego 😉 ), picknic in the mountains and on sunday we are going one week on vacation to Gran Canaria (Spain). I think it would be great :)
    xo, Petra


  • E B

    Great piece. Shame that half of those things are outdoors, currently, there is thunder, lightning and heavy rain in London! Love the outdoor cinema idea, not always possible due to the weather, but hopefully the sun will show up soon and I can give everything a go! x

  • Brittany M

    Last week a friend came up to Oregon from Cali and we went on a hike to a waterfall along the Oregon/Washington border and it was gorgeous! I still want to go to the Zoo, the Beach, and an amusement park before the summer is over. And I love the idea of sneaking into the hotel pool, I might have to try that, too. =)

  • alligrl

    This is possibly my favorite post! I love all of these ideas! My Fiancee & I are going to New York City this weekend & are going to a Yankee’s game, sailing around Manhattan, dining at many of the diners&cafes, & of couse “”tourist sight-seeing””! I’ll be on the lookout for a rooftop movie, too! =)

  • Kelby Peachey

    I was wish I was doing at least one of these things now!! :)



  • MelLY

    I love this list especially 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 10. I didn’t go to an outdoor movie yet this summer but I plan on doing so. Having a dinner party outside sounds like fun, and picking your own produce is an inexpensive way to enjoy your fruits and vegetables. The tomatoes in my Nonna’s garden were the best! I definietly plan on going to wonderland this year and riding on all the rollercoasters. Some of my plans this summer is to get my G1, get a job, and go skydiving.

  • Amy H

    I love these! Fun summer date ideas, too… 😉

  • Hailey Anderson

    I just posted my summer bucket list and ideas on my blog today. I might have to steal some of these ideas!



  • Rachael Yanta

    I love the dining al fresco one! It really is the best thing to do in the summer! And the fresh produce.. a must-have in summer!


  • Maria Brink

    Nice <3

  • Kellie Norton

    Since I’m spending the summer in NY for an internship, there are a few things on my list:

    * Horse & carriage ride through Central Park

    * Speedboat around Manhattan

    * Visit the Bronx Zoo

    * Climb the Chrysler Building

    * Laugh till tears at a comedy club

    * Visit top NYC museums

    * See Shakespeare in the park

    * Go on a food tour

    * Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

    And there’s so much more :-)

  • Cassidy Short

    anything that involves BRUNCH :)




  • Giselle Escamilla

    I been wanting to go to a beautiful beach, go out of the country, and bungee jump!

  • Kimberly Reed

    COOL off…………!

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I’m so excited to go to Milwaukee and Chicago at the end of the summer.


  • Melissa Riollano

    these sound like fun! i might even try a couple..

  • Kitty Janvrin

    I love how simple your list is! In fact, a couple of the things on your list coincide with some of the 52 things on my summer “”bucket list””!

  • Vee

    *Take that next NyC trip and pay a visit to Magnolia Bakery

    *Go on that Chicago trip I have been wanting to go on and embrace all of the beautiful architecture.

    *Push myself to the outdoor bootcamp classes I have signed up for (the beach will be much more enjoyable while being in great shape)

    *Take more rollerblading strolls around the lake

    *Enjoy the great company of friends and family

    xx – Vee http://www.theavenuevee.blogspot.com

  • Bev

    The drive through movie set up… love it!! It’s so reasonable to invest in a projector and screen.. why not make drive through movies in your very own backyard?!?!

  • Rebecca Bakofsky

    I would love to go to an outdoor movie or a Yankee game! I was just in Disney, so I can cross off going on a roller coaster and I went to my friend’s lake house and we went sailing…so two out of ten…i got this! lol

    I am headed on a European cruise in a couple of weeks, maybe I will do some of them there!

  • Linh Ly

    I love the things on this list and would love to try an outdoor movie and the outdoor dinner!! Seems so beautiful and serene to do that. Also, sailing seems amazing!



  • Ania Zacharzewska

    My summer adventure this year is travel to USA (I live in UK). I’m going alone in a couple of weeks and I’m sooooo excited! Going to visit NY, Washington and Chicago. Can not wait


  • Amanda Nicklas
  • Christine Rosko

    I love these! Summer is the best time to let out your adventurous side and do something different or learn something new. I’m in Paris this summer and have been blogging about what I’ve been up to. I’d love for you to come and check out some of my posts!


  • Elisee prummel

    Mmm… I love these adventures, i’ll I certainly try out some of this summer!

  • Deanne Castro

    If you are looking for Fashion and Beauty advice please check out my blog at http://myfashavenue.blogspot.ca/ Thanks!

  • Glitter Girls

    What a fun list! Check out our blog http://www.thingsthatglitter.com to see what we’re up to this summer. #glitter

  • Susie Leckie

    Some of your items have made an appearance on my summer to-do list!!

    Drive in movie is a MUST. I’ve been going to them since HS but my bf has never been! So I need to pick a date and take him :)

    Also the baseball game. I used to go to a lot more games in college, but full time working has slowed some of these things down. :(

    Your ‘ride a rollercoaster’ matches up with my go to a water park!

    If you want to see the rest of my list you can click here: :)


    susie x X

  • Mary

    Cannot wait for this summer! My boyfriend and I always go down the shore with his family and we have lots of fun. I am looking forward to doing more things together this summer. We are trying to save money to move in together within the next year so I want to find some more ideas for this summer that we can do that don’t cause a lot of money. Sneaking into the hotel pool could be fun, affordable, but risky! Maybe I’ll give it a try!
    Could we have a post about affordable summer fun next??

    -Mary (@marycherubini)

  • Shawna

    Camping is something we love to do in the summer. Nothing beats a glass of wine by the fire!


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