Summer Style Staple: Playsuits

Summer Style Staple: Playsuits

Whether you call it a onesie, a playsuit, or a romper, this ultra lightweight and super stylish summer statement simply cannot be ignored. The fabulous one-piece shirt and short combo has overtaken my closet this summer and with its extreme versatility and comfy fit, there’s no reason any wardrobe should be lacking this summer staple. I always define a smart purchase by its capability to transcend the seasons as well as its adaptability. Evolving your look from day to night is essential, especially when you’re on a weekend getaway with limited options. A pair of thong sandals and a wide brimmed hat will make your romper super beach appropriate, while a strappy wedge and structured blazer will help transition your look into the perfect night on the town ensemble. When shopping for a romper, fit is really important, so make sure you find a comfortable length for yourself as well as flattering colors and prints. If you’re feeling body conscience in these figure-fitting pieces try layering over a cardigan or boyfriend blazer.

Below are some of my favorite summer rompers:

Summer Style Staple: Playsuits
Solid Colored Rompers

Classic solid colored rompers are the perfect go-to for last minute plans. They’re clean, classic, and effortlessly chic. We all know trends fade quicker than a spray tan in salt-water, so make an investment this season and add this timeless piece to your wardrobe. To add a dash of fash to your solid colored rompers try styling it with a bold bag or printed footwear. When fall’s approaching, throw on a pair of tights and ankle boots for a fashionable ensemble perfect for those transitional months.


1. ASOS Animal Collar Playsuit
2. Kenny Wrap Romper
3. ASOS Sleeveless Playsuit

Printed Playsuits

While printed playsuits tend to become outdated faster than the solid colors due to the rapid change in print trends, they’re still ultra flirty and beyond fun to style. Break up your printed pieces by belting them or layering on cute outerwear like the new LC Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Blazer. If you’re looking to be a stylish standout this summer opt for a large printed light colored playsuit perfect for the pier or the pool.

Summer Style Staple: Playsuits

1. ASOS Floral Playsuit
2. Forever21 Geo Pleated Romper
3. Lilly Pulitzer Romper


Which style will you be rocking this summer?

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  • Kellie Norton

    I love rompers! Can never find one that fits me just right though! I love all of these looks :-) great post anna!!

  • Melissa Riollano

    I like the look of rompers, but not on me. Can’t seem to find one that flatters my body. The printed ones look fun though.

  • Melissa Panici

    I love ALL of these looks!! Love the post Anna!

  • Melissa LaRose

    Love rompers… I own so many of them, they are the perfect go-to outfit for just about any occassion!

    <3 Melissa

  • Rachel Trampel

    Anna, another great post! And you look fantastic, love your heels!

    I am also loving the animal accented blue romper! :)


    Rachel’s Lookbook

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I love rompers in a more “”Classic”” look– so they don’t look dated. I love the solid color ones the best- for this very reason, especially your black one, the pink & the mustard. I think they’re such a chic way to look stylish and stay comfortable. They’re the equivalent of dresses– where to be super-stylish, you just have to add (or subtract) the right amount of accessories. I love the solid color with some wild pattern shoes! Of course, the patterened ones can be fun, as well– but I like those more for cover-ups at the beach, or lounging casually w/friends. Chevron striped rompers in fun candy-colored hues– yes please! Awesome post, love! ;0)

  • Angela Nolasco

    love rompers, hate it when I gotta pee. LOL

  • Rachel Elkins

    I love the printed romper! Great post Anna! I never see any body wearing them, and I will go get mine and wear them more often!

    xo, Rachel

  • Petra Zeller

    Lovely Post Anna.
    I love the rumper style in summer.
    xo, Petra

  • Cassidy Short

    LOVE rompers! And love your shoes! xoxo

  • JennySue Makeup

    The printed rompers are the cutest. I might would kinda feel like I was trying to look like my 1.5 year old, but maybe not I paired it with sexy heels and a nice bag! Ha!!

    I’m a mommy with a makeup problem…

  • Victoria s
  • Umbrella Drink
  • Eslem Kraiem


  • Liesl

    Rompers have taken over my closet, and I don’t mind it one little bit! πŸ˜‰They are so comfy, and you can dress them up or down. I LOVE the black one your are wearing in the pics! :-)

    Liesl xxx

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I’ve wanted to try these out for a while, but haven’t found the right one. i’m loving both of the ASOS rompers so maybe they will end up in my closet soon! Thanks Anna!

  • Vee

    I love rompers for summer, such a great alternative to dresses. I think I have the same romper you are wearing (from French Connection), or at least similar.. I usually wear mine with different belts to dress them up or down.

    xo – Vee @

  • Katie Stuart

    I love rompers! They’re so fun! :) I just have trouble wearing them because of my hips and thighs :(

    XO Katie

  • Courtney Pierce

    I love rompers especially from Topshop, they’re sexy.!

  • reina stevens

    i want to but it in toronto ontario were can i but it love it…i havent seen it here

  • T Girl

    You look amazing. I love this outfit Anna. Great post

  • Shannon H

    Anna, I want your heels. You look lovely, as always. I look forward to your post every week. I wish you’d post everyday. lol

  • Giselle Escamilla

    wow now I love rompers hahah!!!

    thanks Anna:)

  • Bev

    loveeeee your heels!! adorbs!! xoxo

  • Sara Neely

    I love rompers and playsuits! They’re comfortable,“”>stylish, and you don’t have to worry about elements like wind like you do with skirts and dresses!

  • Amber Welles

    Anna, this post is incredible. I want your heels. Floral print is my new obsession.

  • Bunhead

    Looking good, girl. I’ve never seen you wear black before. I love it. I need to up my playsuit collection, but I’m so picky about fit they make me nervious.

    Fab post.

  • Rebekah W

    you look gorgeous :) i love the rompers and they’re just perfect for the hot weather!


  • Leonnie Prangnell

    Ive been obsessed with playsuits since last summer!
    I recently bought the blue animal print one from ASOS for my friend as a birthday present and she loved it :)
    They are also cute for winter with a pair of tights.

    Your doing such a good job Ana! :)


  • Meghan Conard

    Rompers are the perfect summer ensemble!


    New Post on

  • Emily Hobbs

    Anna! I love you! I love seeing your posts! Your so pretty! We should be friends πŸ˜€ lol also, I love your blog <3 Emily

  • Linh Ly

    Love rompers for summer! it’s just perfect! I’m totally in love with floral rompers right now.


  • Rachael Morrison

    Just bought one and am soo happy about how easy it is to just pull one on! :)

  • Dy Shiny

    fantastic Anna!!! I love the shoes!!! :)

  • Jacy Tilton

    LOVE that light pink romper with the bow – how adorable and classy!

    You look fabulous too! They really are a fairly versatile piece of clothing and I love that you can put one on and have an entire outfit done! I definitely use the trick of wearing it by itself with sandals for day or dressing mine up with wedges and a blazer for night!


  • Steph Noble

    I love playsuits! I just feel they are perfect, dressed up or dressed down, perfect for the summer!

  • Sarah Cornett

    I absolutely adore the ASOS sleeveless playsuit!

  • debora f

    lovely outfit!!!!

  • Dapper Look

    Love the outfits, I’m drooling with the black playsuit. So sexy. I want one!

    Find fashion for dudes. Dapperlook lets guys share, find and recommend fashion!

  • sher

    love those printed playsuits for summer, so comfy!!!



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