Style Guide: The Perfect Date Ensemble

Style Guide: The Perfect Date Ensemble

Thanks to the endless array of fashion forward romantic comedies and Lifetime’s cinematic gems, finding the elusive “one” has never looked easier or on trend. Unfortunately in real life not everyone gets a stylist to help conjure up the ideal date night look, thus leaving us filled with more worry, than excitement. To save yourself from staring blankly into your closet for hours in a “What do I wear?” coma, I suggest creating a mental catalog of several date worthy ensembles. If we’ve learned one thing from Hollywood, it’s that dancing around, while curling your hair and spritzing on perfume in the hours leading up to your date is way more fun than wandering frantically through a department store. A good dating rule of thumb is to always try to keep your ensembles simple and comfortable; you never want to be thinking about your outfit during your date. When it comes to hair and makeup keep it simple as well. Too much blush or bronzer could be a total turnoff to your potential beau. When it comes to first dates remember to avoid items like skinny jeans and blazers. These fashion lover staples can sometimes give off a harsh and unapproachable appearance that could be intimidating to your date.

Surprise Date
Style Guide: The Perfect Date Ensemble

As fun and exciting as “surprise” dates are, determining what to wear can be a super daunting task, especially when your guy won’t give you a clue what the night holds. When the unknown date presents itself, I always say go with a fun dress, like this floral tiered LC Lauren Conrad dress. Once you’ve got the perfect dress, it’s all about key transitional pieces. A denim jacket can instantly dress down your look if needed, while offering warmth for cool evening breezes. And a handbag big enough to hide a pair of heels or flats, is always a smart idea so you have appropriate footwear on hand.

Style Guide: The Perfect Date EnsembleLunch Date

Style Guide: The Perfect Date Ensemble

For a lunch date you want to keep your look comfy and casual with an effortless feel. Overdressing for an afternoon bite to eat can give the appearance that you have extremely high expectations, leaving your date feeling like he under delivered. Stray away from denim and go with something with a resort chic vibe like white shorts and a trendy chevron striped blouse. Keep the shoes comfy and low maintenance with a fun pair of colorful spring loafers.

Style Guide: The Perfect Date Ensemble
Dinner Date

Style Guide: The Perfect Date Ensemble

When it comes to dinner dates, a dress is always a safe bet, but for a few extra fashion points, I always suggest a classic skirt with a great detailed top. Keep in mind that you’ll be sitting across the table from your date, so wearing a texturally intriguing top, like this LC Lauren Conrad Lace Crop Top, will keep you looking stylish even when you’re half hidden by the table. If you’re someone who tends to play with your hair, be sure to pull it back so that you’re not nervously fidgeting with it throughout the meal. When it comes to jewelry, keep it simple and stylish with a stunning pair of teardrop earring and an elegant beaded bracelet. Impressionable footwear is a must for this occasion, so wear something striking, but comfortable. If you’re not a sky high stiletto girl try rocking an embellished flat.

Style Guide: The Perfect Date Ensemble
What is the best date you’ve ever been on and what did you wear for the occasion?

For more outfit inspiration check out my Sequins Trend Report ideal for a fancy night out and my Spring Cardigans post perfect for a dressy lunch date or dinner.

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    I absolutely love this Anna!! You inspired my blog post yesterday (and you inspire me everyday!)!! I would love it if you checked it out! :)


  • Closet Fix

    Love this!

    Going on dates can be seriously nerve wracking! So, I agree with Anna, don’t over think it! It’s bad enough you have to worry about clicking with Mr. Right, or whether you have food in your teeth. You really dont want to have to worry about fashion issues too. So, be your self and stay true to your style. This wouldn’t be the time to experiment with something new unless you’re absolutely comfortable with the outcome. I generally like to keep it simple like here:

    That way by being yourself, you’ll be way more confident, and Mr. Right is sure to fall madly in love with you;) Who can resist confidence.


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    Oh my goodness, Kelby. You are too sweet. Thank you so much for the amazing shout out. I feel so honored. I love all the pieces you pulled. You have amazing taste!

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    What wonderful looks. I just adore the “”lunch Date”” look.

    You all are so creative and fashion forward. And for someone who is “”fashion troubled”” this tips are just want the doctor ordered :)

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    good work!


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    Love these outfits… Totally perfect for date night {or day!} I have a huge problem preemptively planning out outfits and am also rushing around at the last minute… My new goal is going to have to be “”plan ahead”” Thank you for the suggestions! :)

    <3 Melissa

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    Wow thanks Anna!! I can never find something to wear haha but now I know better!! Btw I love the outfits so cute!:)

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    Love all of these outfits. Your post are always so smart and fun, Anna. I never know what to wear on suprise dates. The idea of bringing back up shoes is great. The best date I ever had was last year when my then boyfriend suprised me with dinner on a boat he rented. I wore heels, and really should have had flats with me. lol. Boat+heels=nightmare

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    Love all Outfit. Special love your amazing pink bag. Love it. Great Post lovely Anna. Its so great to read your amazing posts.
    xo, Petra

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    Adorable outfits and thank you for sharing thoughtful elements of your choices in your post (such as the handbag big enough for a change of shoes and dressing to eleminate the “”appearance that you have extremely high expectations.””).

    I enjoy your posts! Thanks so much!

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    Great ideas! I like the dinner date. It’s so classic.

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    Hi Anna. These are perfect tips. I’m always rushing to put an outfit together so these really helped. I want that cheveron top. You look fab.

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    Hey girl. Love every single outfit. You can tell you put a lot of time into this. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. Wish my bf would plan suprise dates, lol. #lazy

    – Sarah

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    I loveyour outfit for the surprise date :) The blue looks really amazing! Perfect look for it!! Would have been perfect for Berlin Fashion Week last week as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ XOXO from Germany :)

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    1) I totally wrote a blog post for the site I am intern for about date night outfits last night

    2) the “”Lunch date”” outfit is a def NO NO. ew!

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    Yes, now this is style. You look striking, Anna. I love the lunch date look the best and then the dinner date. Both are great for every girl. Love all your post. xoxo

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    This post is awesome. My friends sent me your way and I’m very glad. I’ve never gone on a suprise date, but I would wear that first outfit to any date. You look great.

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    Anna! I love all the outfits. Great post! Of course my favorite is your surprise date outfit. It’s perfect and flattering.


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    These are such great date night choices! I love them :) Happy Friday!

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    Love all of these looks, espeically the last one with that top. SO CUTE! It’s from Kohl’s right? I am totally ordering in… Thanks Anna! Xo

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    These looks are amaizing, & they are perfect for dates. I’m definitely buying clothes like that.

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    Congratulations on your win as well! :)

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    i can’t choose between the surprise date and the dinner date – both are gorgeous and i could see myself wearing either look! also, love your arm candy!!


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