Style Guide: First Impressions

Style Guide: First Impressions

Outfit: Dress- LOVE, Jacket- Forever21 Shoes- LC Lauren Conrad


Whether you’re trying to impress your classmates on the first day of school, gain respect from your new co-workers, or charm your boyfriend’s parents, it’s important to know how to make a good first impression, because it will undoubtedly be a lasting one. In a society that is becoming more and more image-obsessed, the single greatest factor of someone’s first impression is physical appearance. So in other words… cue the stress! Before you ever mummer a single syllable, assumptions and valuations are determined based on details as minute as your choice in nail color. While it’s important to keep in mind that making such judgments with limited facts isn’t the way to go, society has made it impossible for us not to acknowledge the fact that our psychical appearance has become a language all on its own. This gives the saying, “What does this outfit say about me?” โ€”ย a much deeper meaning. Considering these facts, the way we style and accessorize our looks are that much more important. While it may not be an exact science, there are a few ways to improve your odds of making a successful first impression. Below are a few of my personal guidelines to help take the stress out of making a fabulous debut.

Basic Rules of Making a Great First Impression

  • Be friendly! First and foremost, a great smile and charisma will take you a long way, so whatever you do don’t ditch them for a reserved demeanor.
  • Be yourself. You never want to give an inauthentic impression. Most people can intuitively feel when you’re being fake, so it’s crucial that your ensemble reflects who you really are.
  • Color is critical. Stray away from harsh, attention grabbing colors such as red and choose colors that flatter your body type. For example, if you have larger hips and legs, but slim shoulders, wear a dark color on the bottom to conceal the area you’re self conscious about and a light color up top to highlight your favorite part of your figure.
  • Familiar hair. This is not the time to test out that new hairstyle from your favorite TV character. Stay with what you’re comfortable with. Don’t fight your natural hair texture. If it’s curly, wear it curly. You may be able to conceal overworked hair in a dark club but it’s hard to deny it at a well-lit dinner table.
  • Highlight your eyes. As intimidating as it may be, eye contact is hands down the most important thing when it comes to a first impression, so it’s imperative to highlight this fabulous feature with complimenting colors.
  • Choose similar fabrics. Avoid mixing too many textures to keep your look sharp and refined and not rushed or thrown together. Mixed patterns may be trendy in the fashion world but if these people you’re meeting haven’t read the latest issue of Glamour magazine, then they’re going to get the wrong impression of you and your outfit.
  • Accessorize. Show off your personality with your accessories, but keep it low key. You may be a super endearing free spirit, but save the flower headgear for the people that already know you. Use key pieces like a multi-colored necklace to tie your look together.


Meeting New Friends

Style Guide: First Impressions

J Brand Denim 811 mid-rise twill skinny jeans ($175), Pull & Bear Neon Top ($9.99), Gap Striped straw fedora ($24.95), Stella McCartney Sunglasses ($225), LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Textured Leaf Drop Earrings ($10.50), Madison Harding Women’s Tillis Wedge Sandal ($217.26), J. Crew Flower Lattice Necklace ($228), Lisa Stewart “Modern Myth” 14k Gold-Plated White Cuff-Bracelet ($119), Modcloth Statement to Be Clutch ($39.99)


Meeting new friends at large get-togethers is a given during the summer months. To stand out at a beach barbeque, keep you’re ensemble cute, colorful, and casual for these low-key intros. The perfect combination of trendy hues and layered-on accessories is a great way to show off your personality without having to utter a word.

First Day of School

Style Guide: First Impressions

Goldsign Virginia Mid-Rise Flared Jeans ($335), NSF Colette Sleeveless Top ($196), Sheinside White Boyfriend Ponte Blazer with Rolled Sleeves Suit ($33.12), Karen Walker Sunglasses ($280), LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Simulated Crystal Bow Ring ($12), Madison Harding Women’s Sammi Espadrille ($211.91), ASOS River Island Suede Fringe Clutch Bag ($25), YLANG23 Chrysoprase Waterfall Necklace ($1, 585)


Shorts can be super uncomfortable when it comes to sitting in classroom seats, so stick with a stylish pair of flared denim instead. Wedges are a great choice to show extra style without being too dressy. Throw on a fringe bag and cat eye sunnies to keep your look fun and on-trend. If you’re in high school, go with a killer pair of flats like these LC Lauren Conrad ballet flats and ditch the blazer for a fun back to school ensemble with a kiss of bohemian flare.

New Job or Internship

Style Guide: First Impressions

Topshop Structured Blazer ($130), Monki Blouse (22 Eur), TopShop Co-Ord Mint Boucle Skirt ($76), ASOS Pieces Ohela Leather Satchel ($129.25), Kit Heath Gold Chantilly Necklace ($70), Kendra Scott CARMELLA EARRINGS MINT ($70), Forever New Kelsey Phone Case ($19.99), Republic Miso Cocktail Ring ($7), Miss Selfridge SAFFI CREAM CLOSED TOE COURT ($90), Marc by Marc Jacobs Quartz Amy Leather Strap White Dial Women’s Watch ($150.88)


You’ve got the job, so don’t stress too much about expressing your style the first day. You want to display your personality, while still being classy, professional, and fabulous. A bright blazer, which you can easily ditch if everyone around you is donning a boring sea of neutrals, is always a smart idea. Top your look off with a great necklace and watch and you’re good to go.

Meeting Your Boyfriends Family

Style Guide: First Impressions

ModCloth Tweet Yourself Well Dress, Derek Lam Cashmere-Silk Cardigan ($965), LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Simulated Crystal Cameo Button Stud Earrings ($9), Astley Clar SYMPHONY PINK CHALCEDONY RING ($180), Whistles Simone Belt ($57.75), Debenhams Rose gold pearl and fireball bracelet ($12), Shiseido Lip Gloss ($29.95), OPI Dulce De Leche Polish (15.95), BCBG MISHA HIDDEN-WEDGE RHINESTONE BALLET FLAT ($195), Chanel Medium Quilted Shoulder Bag ($4, 610)


When meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time, stick with light hues and classic pieces. This is not the time to be super trendy or flashy. Heels are perfectly fine, but save the strappy stilettos for date night. If your boyfriend’s mom is petite, politely opt for a fabulous pair of flats instead. Keep your hair simple; I always suggest half-up, so they can see your face. And try to avoid stacks of bangles. Clinging against your possible mother-in-laws expensive dinnerware is never a good idea.

Be sure to share some of your best or worst first impression stories with us in the comments below!

Also, which outfit above is your favorite?

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    Great outfit choices!

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    meeting the boyfriend’s family is my favorite look, but i also love the mint top and cute clutch in the meeting new freinds look!


  • Kim Barron

    Ahh love the advice on meeting new friends. I always opt for jeans and a baggy t-shirt. This definitely gives me some ideas about how to look cute while still being comfortable and stylish! Thanks!

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    Love these fashions!!

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    I love all of these looks! BUT, what do I wear to the internship interview? It is for a fashion related internship! Do I dress in business attire? Or show my personal style and wear something less business oriented?

  • Chrissy Myers

    WOW. I’ve NEVER put this much thought into an outift. I always just went with ‘what looks best.’ Haha! I had no clue this much effort was a thing. Now I know which is perfect because a “”meeting the parents”” thing will be happening soon. Perfect, once again!

  • Emily Hobbs

    I love the new job outfit! Super cute! Thanks for all these suggestions! <3

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  • Umbrella Drink

    Another great post Anna!

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    Great advice!!!!! Amazing post as always :)

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    Love the tips! And as far as my favorite goes, I’m torn between the first day of school outfit and the meeting the parents outfit. Both are very classy, yet comfortable looking. Great post, like always!! =)

  • Maresa

    I love all of these tips and ideas. I also believe that first impressions are important when meeting someone new because that is your only chance to make a great impression. However, my favorite is the “”Meeting your Boyfriends Parents””. I love the entire outfit; especially the dress!! Thank You for the tips!!

  • Kelly Michael

    My favorite outfit was the Meeting New Friends! It was so colorful and cute.

  • Katherine G

    I love the new job and new friends ensembles! I think with meeting new friends this guideline keeps up with the trends while still having personal style where you want it. The new job outfit is so perfect and I would probably wear the exact thing. Usually I look at these and visualize it with my own personal style touches but this one is spot on! I think the colored blazer is a great way to remind co-workers that you’re young but still professional. I recently went on an interview at an advertising agency that was a little more modern than traditional so instead of wearing a typical black on black suit, I wore a black pencil skirt, teal blouse and a cream blazer. It was summertime so I felt like it was still appropriately professional while allowing me to be comfortable (in the Alabama heat downtown it was like 100 degrees!) and show that I’m young with my own style.

  • Christina Graci

    outfit #2, they are all cute, but i’m more of a neutral/earthy tone person. So the pastels don’t work for me.

  • HistoryBeauty
  • Varsi Stockwell

    Anna, these are amazing tips and of course I LOVE your outfit. Thank you so much.

  • Ally Powell

    OBSESSED WITH THE BACK TO SCHOOL LOOK. I want to wear that SO CUTE. Wonderful advice, hun. Thanks a ton. xx

  • Deanne Castro

    Great outfit choices!

    For more Fashion and Beauty advice, please visit my blog:

    Today’s topic:

    My Favourite Celebrity Outfit Choice of The Week: Olivia Palermo

  • Rachael Yanta

    Great post! I always love your tips and advice. I love the meeting the boyfriend’s parents the best. Super adorable!

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    amazing outfits ! and really good advice :)

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    wow great advice anna love all outfits ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Such amazing tips, it’s very true that today’s society is becoming quite based on appearance so you always want to put your best foot forward and be yourself. LOVE all of the outfits :)

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    Anna, this could be in a magazine. How long do these post take you? They are so well done. I love the internship outfit. The skirt is a classic.

  • Giselle Escamilla

    wow thanks Anna!!Love the outfits!!

    And actually first impression is everything because I have a friend were she always look mad and serious that many people don’t like talking to her but the thing is she was a nice girl. So she started to smile more and start showing her personality more!! First impression is important!

  • Sarah Lawson

    I hate the stress of first impressions. I almost always screw them up. That being said, I don’t know how you could go wrong with these outfits. I love the wedges for first day of school. Lauren always has the best shoes.

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    Cute post yet again! Love all of the neutral/delicate colors used :)



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    Wow great post Anna. Loving your styling. My favorite is for new job and meeting new friends.
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    Great post, Anna. I have to agree, the not wearing bangles that hit the plates is a pretty darn good tip. That drives me crazy.

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    I’m so excited to try these out! Although, at my school, the back to school outfit would still be too bold, but it’s a really good idea that can be altered to make it more me! Thanks for this post!

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