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This story is from our partner, FabSugar! Twice a month we’ll share FabSugar’s best fashion tips and shopping guides. Today’s post teaches you how to wash your swimwear the right way written by Marisa Tom of FabSugar:

5 No-Fail Ways to Keep Your Suit in Tip-Top Summer Shape

Now that you’ve found the summer suit of your dreams, let’s keep the swimwear honeymoon alive. Translation: abide by these five no-fail tips and your beach-ready bikini will keep its shape, won’t reek of pool chlorine, and will not fall victim to weird sunscreen-induced discoloration. When the water is calling our name, we know just how easy it is to put our swimsuits through the ringer, but this summer, we promise: keeping your swimwear in tip-top shape has never been simpler. Keep reading for our holy grail of swimsuit care rules below.

FabSugar: 5 Ways to Keep Your Swimsuit in Tip-Top Shape

  • Anticipate the wear and tear. Chlorine weakens synthetic and polyester fabrics and can break down a suit’s elasticity. Not to mention, products like sunscreen and deodorant can discolor and stain your bikini after a couple trips to the water. To minimize the earlier signs of your beach-bunny habits, pretreat your swimsuit with a gentle stain solution soak. We’re currently loving The Laundress Stain Solution ($18) because it’s a triple threat: nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free.

There are four more no-fail tips you need to take note of.

  • Rinse off your suit stat. As soon as you’re done frolicking in the waves, basking in the sun, or dominating in a friendly cannonball contest, switch into your swim gear and wash away the day’s waterlogged activities. Be forewarned: water won’t cut it. But first thing’s first: get yourself situated in a breezy-chic maxidress, then head to step three.
  • Get your hands dirty (read: handwash). To make sure your swimwear doesn’t succumb to the surf, sand, and sunscreen you’ve been indulging in, you need to go the extra mile with a little handwashing TLC. Wash your swimsuit under cool water with a gentle detergent (think lingerie-strength), like Woolite ($7) or this handy, travel-sized three-pack iteration from Roux Maison ($15).

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  • Roll – don’t twist and ring. It may be easier to twist out the water from your swimsuit, but trust us, if you want this suit to make it to summer’s end, roll it out. The more you ring your wares, the more you risk stressing out the elastic fibers prematurely. The last thing you want is a serious skin-baring snafu at the beach.
  • The dryer is not your friend. Just say “no” to the dryer. Air-dry your swimsuit the old-fashioned way: hang it on a clothing line with supercute bird-shaped clothespins ($4), lie it flat, or improvise – a hanger and shower rod will do the trick too. If you do hang-dry your suit outside, then avoid placing it in direct sunlight to prevent any potential color fade.

Do you have any other tips for keeping your suit in shipshape?

XO Team LaurenConrad.com

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  • Sarah Heckle

    I hand wash my nicer suits, but use the gentle cycle for the rest. And I always let them air dry!

    http://tulleandtrinkets.com/2012/07/19/vintage-fox-hunt-skirt/ – check out my new thrifted dress!

  • Deanne Castro

    Greay tips!

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  • Saskia Jansen

    I just came back from kite surfing and now I think I try these tips, Thanks a lot

    xoxo S

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    It’s always so depressing when my swimsuits begin to deteriorate. Hopefully with these tips, they will last a bit longer!


  • Cassidi A

    The lovely ladies at Victoria’s Secret always told me to just take my suit into the shower with me and wash it there. I keep Woolite in my bathroom for this reason. It works with my bras as well! :)

  • Hela Kawas

    I always wash mine with liquid dish soap in the bathroom sink, its soft on the fabric, tough on the chlorine, and usually smells good when I buy a scent like Dragon Fruit. Then hang to dry on my bathroom towel rod!

  • Rachel Trampel

    Great tips!!!!! I never knew the proper way to wash them, I usually just take it in the shower with me and wash it there!



    Rachel’s Lookbook


  • Umbrella Drink
  • Amanda Nicklas
  • Jill J.

    Great tips for someone who just got back from Hawaii. A little hint to all of you with super cute neon suits – they bleed! Hand wash them separately! Oh and stay out of hot tubs with super brightly dyed suits…they will fade super fast!

    Thanks for the tips!!


  • Natalie McIlwain

    Where is that swimsuit from? So cute!

  • Giselle Escamilla

    Great thanks lauren!!!:)

  • Alexa Foster

    Love this! Even more curious though, who knows where this swimsuit is from?! I’m in LOVE with it!

  • Katherine Brophy

    Now that I think about it, I realize that I’ve only worn a 2 piece 1 time this summer and I just hung it up to dry. But don’t get me wrong I go to the pool every day but it’s for swim practice and it’s a 6:45…

  • Chelsea Underwood

    when you shower, leave your swim suit on so that the clorene comes out and then take it off and hang it dry after you finish showering on your shower curtain (like you would your towel)

  • Leanne

    Great tips. Thanks so much!

    Love from South Africa


  • Melissa Panici

    Thanks for the tips! Never knew any of this until now lol.

  • Jacquelinerose
  • JustJoannie

    I just recently bought vintage swimsuits and was wondering how to best take care of them! Thanks for the tips! These seem easy to keep up on. =)

  • Sofia Alleyne

    Lovely 5 Ways tips to keep your swimsuit in tip-top shape….



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