Happy Father’s Day!


Wishing my father and all the other dads out there a very happy Father’s Day!

For a peek at some photographs of my father and me, click here.

What are you doing in celebration of your father today?

XO Lauren

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  • Martin M

    Oh it is so perfect this pic. Wonderful memories. I will spend this day with my dad with fishing :)



  • Sboz

    That is so sweet, my son made me something similar on Mother’s Day. Also, I’ve never been the first person to comment a thread so that’s also cool.

  • K E

    Perfect fathers day..taking your dad out to brunch and giving him a case of beer as a present! Happy Fathers Day!

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  • Beauty Diva

    Happy Fathers Day! you and you dad look great πŸ˜‰


  • Petra Zeller

    Happy Fathers day! We have it earlier this year but I wish you everyone a great day with your daddys
    xo, Petra

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  • Kimberly Reed

    My father passed away in 2009….he bought a vacation house in Sarasota FL..in 1979…I was just out of high school….my parents lived in Sarasota FL…4 mos out of the year…it took me 30 yrs to move to Sarasota…bought a dream cottage on lake in 2010…here…..housing market best time to build..and buy…many memories of my parents here in Florida..they loved it down here!! Lots of memories on the beach….xo

  • Emilie

    This is such a cute idea!

    xo Emilie

    PS please visit my blog @ http://www.hungrydelights.com/

  • Julia Barashk

    This card is to toucing and lovely! It made my eyes tear a bit [I know, I’m a softie!]

  • Melissa Panici

    Aww I’m so glad you and your dad are so close. These photos are so precious! Thanks for sharing Lauren:)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I’m a Daddy’s girl, too! We usually just take him out for dinner of his choice. He rarely goes out to restaurants, so it’s kind of funny at times, lol. He’s not a brut or anything… but he kinda is! ha ha. <3ly post, Lauren!

  • Kayla Iso

    That’s so adorable! I remember doing tons of these types of artworks for all sorts of holidays and celebrations for pre-school to grade one.

    My sister made a poster for my dad that says, “”My dad is special because he lets me play on the computer game ‘Doll House.'””

  • Giselle Escamilla

    For Fathers Day I got my dad white pair of shorts and he lovedddd it!!!!

    He was very excted about it and I was happy for him:)


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