Friday Favorites

Hooray! It’s finally Friday. I really hope everyone enjoyed my live video chat yesterday. Let me know if you would like to see me do more of them here on the website (topical suggestions welcome!). Anyway, in proper Friday fashion, here are a few of my favorite things from the past week…

Favorite Summer Brunch Cocktail (Champagne Sangria via Kiran Tarun):


Favorite Plan (road trip!):

Favorite Color Combo:


Favorite Laugh:

Favorite Daydream (junk food sans calories):


What’s your favorite of the week?

Have a great weekend!

XO Lauren

P.S. Check here for more: Friday Favorites


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  • Melissa Panici

    That video is so funny! I love the road trip plan. I want to take one of those soon. I’m so sorry I missed your video chat yesterday Lauren. We don’t have cable yet at our new house. I was so disappointed. But I would love for you to do more of those! Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!

  • Petra Zeller

    Lovely friday favorites. Love the Summer brunch cocktail and the color combo maxi. So pretty.
    xo, Petra <– take a look πŸ˜‰

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    haha! i really like the Sh*t Girls say to their mom’s. It’s the story of my life (kind of). Have a great weekend!

  • Liesl

    My favorite this week? Being able to have this awesome giveaway on my blog! :-)

    MICHAEL KORS golden oversized runway watch GIVEAWAY:

    Liesl xxx

  • Lily P.

    Wonderful things today!

    I really love orange and fuchsia together,they seem great!

    Have a very nice weekend :-)

  • Rachael Yanta

    Good Friday Faves! Love the color combo of that dress! I missed the Live Chat yesterday too but would definitely love for you to do more!


  • Amanda Kennedy

    LOVE the color combo! Must find a maxi with that color blocking stat!

  • Closet Fix

    I’m loving the video! I need to make a “”Sh*t Fashion Girls Say to their Boyfriends”” because some of that fashion stuff I say to my BF. He’s completely unimpressed and unaffected by anything fashion related. Seriously, he hates it. It’s just his luck that I’m a Personal style blogger, and I can’t get enough of it. Thank goodness for love:)


    Simmy P.

  • Kelby Peachey

    That video was hilarious!!! I’ll definitely add it to my Funday Monday list. For more hilarious videos, I’ve been doing a Funday Monday blog post to kick off the week right. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    xoxo -Kelby

    PS – Anyone else now dying to go on a road trip. SIGN ME UP!! :)

  • Karie Obremski

    Wow that ‘Favorite Dream’ looks delicious!!! (: Have a great weekend, HAPPY FRIDAY!!! TGIF!!! >33333

  • Tiffani Stuart

    OMG… SH*T Fashion Girls say was HILARIOUS!! I had to repost on FB! I loved everything about Friday Favs this week! <3 Lauren!

  • Katie Stuart

    OMG definitely love the favorite laugh! So funny! And the brunch coctail looks DELICIOUS!!

    XO Katie

  • Melissa LaRose

    Love the Favorite Daydream… That would be FANTASTIC!!!!!

    My Friday Faves are HERE!!

    <3 Melissa

  • RLB7783

    loved it all. stoked to make the tasty champagne/sangria beverage this weekend!

  • Andrea Fitts

    I shared the video with my Mom, she is coming tomorrow to watch me try on wedding dresses!!!

  • Laura Leininger

    I’m having one of those junk food weeks! I love that picture!

  • Kelly T.

    OoO the Champagne sangria sounds waay refreshing! I just posted a recipe for white sangria on my blog!


  • Jenna Spurlin

    “”B*tch”” sleep mask?

  • Katherine Lang

    the daydream sounds amazing… minus the PMS.

    clue 1: MIDOL. clue 2: bitch sleep mask. clue 3: chocolate and junk food

    …but at least she’s still glamourous while on her period

  • Kellie Norton

    I absolutely loved your live video chat yesterday!! It was so much easier than having to keep up with a chat log!! Definitely do more!! Love these favorites too.. video = hilarious!!

  • Melissa Riollano

    I love seeing these new cocktail ideas. I also like fushcia and tangerine together. It reminds me of Mumbai. So fun!

  • Chrissy Myers

    I can’t WAIT for my first adult road trip this year! I’ve only been on one before and I was 15 at the time. Almost 10 years later, I think I’m due. Ugh, and where are these tasty treats sans calories?!

  • Christine Rosko

    I absolutely love these. Favorite day dream, plan and cocktail are my faves. If you get a chance, I would love if you checked out my Friday Faves for this week!

  • Claire Coppersmith

    A video chat about fashion/ fashion career advice would be cool!

  • Cassandra Adams

    definitely going to have to try out that cocktail recipe

    check out my favorite five storage ideas:

  • maryclare macisaac

    I loved your video chat! I think you should do one about fashion, maybe even fashion careers? Love the fashion girl video hahaha, I laughed :-)

  • Stephanie DiMaggio

    I love the favorite daydream!

  • Shelby Stallsmith

    Love the colors!

  • Cassie Hanson

    cocktail perfection!!

  • Meghan Conard

    That video is hysterical! And can’t wait to try out the champagne sangria!


  • Katjusha Bricman

    Hahahahahahaha I love that video! :))))

    (money will go for a good cause, a man who’s fighting cancer needs a hospital bed)

  • Vanessa R

    I love ALL of these favorites! Especially that road trip photo!

  • Maria Ayala

    I love the video It reminds me of how I’m also becoming more like mother everyday. It’s not a bad thing but it’s deff funny to look at.

    I love the last photo with the sleeping mask. i just got my own sleeping mask it’s Hello Kitty(: I feel like Audrey Hepburn everytime I wear it(:

  • Kayla

    What is that dress? I need it so baaaaad !

  • Maxwell Coffee

    I like the cocktail with lemon, beautiful and yummy!!

  • Emilie

    sighhh if only junk food was negative calories haha

    xo Emilie

    PS please check out my latest blog post @

  • Lush-Fab-GLAM.COM

    Love the sangria and the dress see my faves and musings here:

  • Rebecca Lawson

    Gorgeous dress!!! LOVE the colors!!!!

  • Linh Ly

    hahaha that video is hilarious! tahnks for sharing!!/2012/06/swan-princess-lake-maxi-skirt.html

  • T Girl

    omg. that video is beyond FUNNY.



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