Beauty Essential: My Dry Skin Remedy


My favorite way to keep my skin hydrated is by using Kerstin Florian Rehydrating Neroli Water. I use it more often when I travel because that is when I need to moisturize most. That said, it really works wonders. I did a little research and apparently it’s made with floral water from Bitter Orange Blossoms. How lovely! The Neroli Water can be used like a toner and it will hydrate, soothe, and refresh your skin.

When my skin is feeling dull or dry, I give myself a quick spritz and feel instantly refreshed. It smells like orange blossoms too, which is nice.

Do you want to know more about my must-have beauty products? Let me know if you would like to see more of these posts in the comments below.

XO Lauren

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  • Liesl

    I’d love to hear more about your must have beauty products! PLEASE SHARE!

    Liesl xxx

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    This sounds amazing! My skin gets so dry especially during the winter. I’d love to have posts like this. Thanks Lauren!! :-)

  • Amy Breckenridge

    i love a good toner too! it’s the best way to refresh and i always use it before i put on moisturizer. my favorite toners are dr. hauschka’s facial toner and jurlique’s rosewater balancing mist!


  • Irene Tung

    i’d love to hear more of your beauty essentials, your makeup always looks flawless!


    i would love to hear more of beauty essentials, honestly what would a girl do without those tips!!!!

  • Umbrella Drink

    I will have to try this out!

    Peplums, scallop hem shorts and bright blazers all for under $50 here:

  • Rosie

    I would love to know more about your must have beauty products especially skin care! thanks!!

  • Christina Graci

    sounds so amazing and refreshing!! always looking for new moisture products!

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    Orange Blossoms?! That sounds lovely! I’ve used the mark. Mist Opportunity in the past for the same reason but sadly they discontinued it. I’ll bookmark this to look into later.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Samantha Marthini

    This is a wonderful post! When I am in the sun to often, my skin gets extremely dry. But what is your daily face wash routine? Your skin is so flawless!

  • Marie Bittroff

    Yeah :) i would love to hear more about your skin routine.


  • Kellie Norton

    I’d LOVE to see more about your beauty products :-)

  • Cassandra Adams

    My skin gets super dry in the summer, I will have to try this out

    Check out my favorite five storage ideas:

  • Aqsa Hu

    I used to have really dry skin (I would have to moisturize immediately after washing my face or else it would start cracking) and two weeks ago I started using Garnier Skin Renew Anti Sun Damage Daily Moisturizer and at first it would moisturize so much that my face would look oily all day but after a while I noticed that I didn’t even feel the need for it any more. My skin doesn’t get dry as quickly. I actually haven’t felt the need for moisturizer for the past two days. I would definitely recommend it

  • Elena N

    Yes Lauren!! :) I’d like to know more about your skin care routine! Thanks for the post!

  • Hanna Ollivier de Leth

    Yes! I think choosing the right beauty products is one of the hardest things to do (stylingwise), there are so many brands and products, I never know if I have the perfect one in hands. And when I (think I) do, I’m always wondering if this really is the perfect one for me, seeing as in Holland not all of the big, good brands are for sale. I am always on the hunt for new beauty products until I find the one that suits me best, and your beauty essentials are definitly helping me!

    For now I am especially hoping to hear something about the best beauty tool brands, for for example brushes and lash curlers.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Karmele Garcia

    YES I would LOVE to see more posts like this :)

  • Melissa Panici

    YES! I want to see more posts like this. You are always so gorgeous I don’t see how you do it!

  • Kelly Burt

    Yes! I would definitely love to see more of your must-have beauty products! This one looks just lovely.

  • Vivien Harmat

    Yes, please do more beauty posts!!! I love them :)

  • Michelle LaPorte

    I love hearing others review beauty products it helps me to decide which ones to try. I am also always looking for something to keep my skin hydrated! I might need to try this one!!

    XO Michelle

  • Ashley H.

    I just turned 25, and I realized I need to get ahead of the game on wrinkle prevention. I try to drink plenty of water and keep good skincare practice. Are there products that you can recommend at a reasonable price that are good for wrinkle prevention and are preferably natural?

    Thanks, Lauren!

  • T Girl

    this is brilliant. Love this post Lauren.

  • Julie Madsen
  • Janine B.

    Love these kinds of posts~~ :) I’ve never heard of this stuff…I will have to review it on my blog :)

  • Jude C

    Yes please!! More posts on what products you personally use :)

  • Sabrinchen

    Yes, please share your must-have beauty products!

  • Rafael Centenera

    ^_^ //

  • Katjusha Bricman

    Yes please!!!

    (Money will be spent for good cause! A man who’s fighting cancer will get hospital bed)

  • Emilie

    Wow looks really nice and I like the sound of what it is made from :)

    xo Emilie

    PS please check out my latest blog post @

  • Kate Goetz

    I have a question regarding volume and hair. There are so many products out there that enhance volume in hair but, i’ve never had that problem. My hair is thicker, and has always has volume(sometimes, wayy to much). I do get it thinned out when I get my haircut-but thats not always enough. Do you have any specific remedies or certain products that help control volume? I’ve tried a few different things, but is there anything you recommend?

  • Rebecca Bakofsky

    This seems amazing :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Amanda Marie

    Yes I would love to know more!

  • mero hbh

    10x 4 sharing looks good i want one

  • Em

    Please share more beauty products! :P..I have tried this before actually..I love Kerstin Florian products..their Clarifying Exfoliating Scrub is also amazing (smells like lavender) as is their Thermal Mineral Moor Mask. :)

  • Linh Ly

    thank you so much for sharing this Lauren! I have sensitive dry skin and have been searching for different products. I am going to try this and hopefully it works. I like that its affordable too!!/2012/06/swan-princess-lake-maxi-skirt.html

  • Aysha Felten

    YES PLEASE! Would love to know more about youre must have skin and beauty products :)

  • danielle millar

    I would love if you share more of beauty essentials!! xo

  • Kate Noto

    I would love to more. I have a lotion that I bought that keeps my skin feeling nice for 24 hours.

  • socici09

    Yes more like this! This neroli water is now going on my wishlist! haha

  • Gwyn Harris

    i would love to see more.

  • Manon Powrie

    I have to check this out – your skin always looks amazing!

  • Kate Noto

    I would love to know more.

  • All Things Adorable

    Love these tips! Please post more!!!

    xo Alexandra

  • Sweet Marie

    I’m a major cosmetic, hair face, skin, nails, make-up, skincare person. I’d like to know what you use in the bath, your lotion, your facial cleanser, moisturizer,etc. Please and thanks. Sweet Marie



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