Tuesday Ten: Just Sheet It


You know that moment when you discover something so cool yet so simple you just want to tell everyone you know about it? Well ladies, I’ve struck domestic goddess gold… How, you ask? A friend of mine taught me 10 great alternative uses for dryer sheets. Yes, those inexpensive scented sheets you throw in the dryer to reduce static can be used for a multitude of things. Read on and get ready to be amazed…

  1. Cure clingy clothes. With the swipe of a dryer sheet you can do away with clingy, static-ridden clothes in seconds. I suggest carrying a dryer sheet in your purse to avoid said situations. It will make your bag smell nice, too.

  2. Scent your stuff. I like to tuck a fresh sheet into my drawers. I love the subtle fragrance they lend to everything stashed away with it. This is also a good trick for gym bags, suitcases or even smelly sneakers (ew).
  3. Tame frizzy hair. Don’t you hate it when you’ve just blow-dried your hair, smoothed on some anti-frizz serum and yet your strands are still determined to go haywire? Static + hair is never a good combination. To combat Medusa-like strands, simply run a dryer sheet over your tresses. Trust me, it may seem odd but it works like a charm.
  4. Wipe away pet hair. Forget your lint roller. Dryer sheets are great for doing away with unwanted pet hair and lint on clothing, furniture–you name it. How do you think I get Chloe’s coat off all of my black pants?
  5. Repel bugs. I learned this trick while I was traveling in Tanzania (sadly, I didn’t have any dryer sheets with me at the time): If you loop a dryer sheet around your belt or put one in your pocket, it will repel mosquitos and bees. Sweet. Wish I had known this in kindergarten during recess…
  6. De-squeak Your Feet. Are those new rubber-soled shoes squeaking all over the office? Quiet them down by rubbing the bottoms with a dryer sheet.
  7. Freshen your ride. I don’t know about you, but those scented pine trees on a string tend to give me a headache. Instead, slip a few dryer sheets under the seats in your car. It will keep your whole car smelling so fresh and so clean.
  8. Dust it up. Dryer sheets can be used on nearly any surface to do away with dust.
  9. Help your hairbrushes. Clean brushes mean clean hair. Fill a bowl with warm water, add a couple dryer sheets and then place your hairbrushes and combs into the mixture. Let it soak for a few hours. Rinse. Dry. And voila–your brushes are like new!
  10. Ditch deodorant stains. Use a dryer sheet to wipe away unwanted deodorant stains on your clothes.

Are you completely inspired to put your dryer sheets to work now? I am…

If you know of some more alternative uses for basic home items, share them in the comments below! I love this sort of stuff…

XO Lauren


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  • Melissa Panici

    I’m inspired!! I never knew a dryer sheet had so many uses!

    P.S. Lauren, I missed your post yesterday on you being on Chelsea Lately and I missed it!:( I will catch it on YouTube when it’s available:)

  • Ana Castilho
  • Lupsie

    Great post! Used dryer sheets also take off those unwanted deodorant streaks. Also, sometimes I get fancy soaps while I’m on vacation, recently, I bought a beautiful scented honey soap from Amsterdam…I don’t want to use it because it’s one of my travel treasures so I threw it in my bra drawer and now everytime I wear a bra from that drawer they smell just like that soap and it takes me back on vacation!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Awesome! I knew of most of these, but I hadn’t learned the new one about how to clean your brushes & combs! I’m gonna have to try that! Thanks, Lauren!

  • Carolyn Drover

    I use dryer sheets to wipe away deorderant marks on a dark shirt or dress! Does the trick in those annoying situations :)

  • Amy Breckenridge

    the tip about the brushes is great! i’ll definitely need to use that one…i have such trouble cleaning out my round brush!!


  • Karen Torres

    How innovative! Love this post :)


  • Lindsey Hager

    Can you pin this please? I’ve tried and I’m unable to.

  • Ashley S Wilson

    I never knew about removing lint and pet hair with a dryer sheet! My husband is going to be very excited about that! We battle with white cat hair on our black pants frequently! Thanks for the great tips!

  • Kelby Peachey

    This is FABULOUS!!

  • Sarah Shelton

    Apple Cider Vinager is great for your skin’s complextion and hair. It’s doesn’t smell all that well, but it literally changed the way my skin looks!

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    oh wow! these tips are all great to know!! :)


  • Andrea Farrington

    Vinager for sunburn relief. Aloe Plants to treat cuts and burns. One of the home remedies for asthma was to boil some Aloe Vera leaves in a pan of water and breathe in the vapor. treating Eczema and Psoriarsis. Made into a beverage and taken internally, it has been used to help many other conditions. Some of them are constipation, ulcers, diabetes, headaches, arthritis, and coughs. Taking aloe internally does have side effects, which can include pain, electrolyte imbalances, and diarrhea.

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  • Rachel Sanders

    These are really useful tips! I would have never thought to do some of these! So helpful! xx


  • Cluny Grey

    These are great! I’m especially glad to know about the pet hair since I have a white cat and a black cat and between the two of them I am almost never lint-free! Thanks!




  • Whitney Hodges

    Another GREAT use for dryer sheets I have used for a while now, is… You know those nights where u dont feel like doing dishes and the next morning the food is dried up TERRIBLY on the pot, pan, plate, bowl, or etc? Or how about u bake something that makes a horrible baked on mess on your pot, pans, etc? Well, dont worry anymore! Put a dryer sheet (or 2 if REAL bad) in the bottom of it, add a dot of soap(u dont have to, i just do for the antibacterial) fill up with hot water and let soak for 20-30 minutes, or overnight if u wish. When its done, pour out water, grab ur scrubber with some soap on it and wash the dish normally, or just rinse and add to dishwasher. The dryer sheet and hot water make a mixture that softens EVERYTHING on the pan, pot, etc and it rinses and or washes right away!! It is AMAZING!! GIVE IT A TRY!!

  • Martin M
  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I use dryer sheets to repel gnats away as well. But I had did not know about getting rid of deoderant marks! So going to use this! Thanks Lauren!


  • Evelyn butuk

    Wow this is amazing!:)

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Love this! Great ideas for such a common item.

  • Leanne

    Such great tips. I would never have guessed!

    Love from South Africa


  • Andrea Norton

    I put dryer sheets between the couch cushions!

    I’m excited to use the dryer sheets to pull the dog hair from my sofas, I have a golden retriever and it would help to know some easy tips!

  • Kelly

    I use used dryer sheets to take off nail polish… sounds weird i bet! But it works really well! Just make sure you fold it over a few times when putting the nail polish remover on it since its not as asorbent as other things you normally use! :)

  • Rachael Yanta

    Great tips! Had no idea it was helpful with pet hair! I’m constantly picking kitty hair off my clothes and always carry a lint roller. This will be much easier.


  • May Zayan

    Super tips – will try them all, thanx! :D

  • Bethany Baderdeen

    Yep. #3 works for me all the time!!

  • Christina Graci
  • Sanne R.

    Love the tips! Im buying dryer sheets first thing tomorrow!

  • Stephanie DiMaggio

    wow, these are amazing tips!!


  • Veronica Lopez

    Awesome tips Lauren!! Never would have thought a dryer sheet would be useful for anything other than in the dryer!

  • lorena duarte

    im so doing the mosquitoe thingy for this summer!!!

  • Claudia Merrill

    thats amazing! i never knew…

  • Cassie Hanson

    love this! living in houston i always have a dryer sheet in my pocket to repel the mosquitos. best part – if you forget they are there, they freshen your pockets too :)


  • Lauren Tolian

    im going to keep a box in my purse now! perfect!

  • Kelly Elaine

    This is great and so extremely helpful! Thank you so much!

  • Liesl

    Try finding dryer sheets in Taiwan! O_o Gah!!!

    Liesl xxx


  • Jessie Topper

    Wow! I can’t wait to start trying these tips! Thanks Lauren!

  • Bev

    Brilliant!! My cousin was ride or die dryer sheets when we went to Samoa.. and she stayed bite-free!!

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    They also work really good to keep garment bags/suitcases smelling fresh!! :)

  • Rebecca Bakofsky

    Hmmmm….maybe I will go dryer sheet shopping now! LOL

  • Shellz

    wow these are awesome tips. very useful! Hey here’s a review on this little amazing cream that clears your skin up like magic:


  • Tiffany Tam

    Awesome!! I’ve shared on my blog :) http://www.beaunity.blogspot.com

  • fashionsontop

    So helpful, great tips!


  • Tejal Khatri

    This is amazing ! Definitely gunna try cleanin my hairbrushes and getting rid of frizz with them (:
    Thanks lauren, xoxo

  • Emilie

    I have never heard of dryer sheets before I will have to find some :)

    xo Emilie

    PS please visit my blog @ http://www.hungrydelights.com/

  • Chastity Martin

    Thanks for the tips. I will definately add dryer sheets to my grocery shopping list.

  • Elizabeth LaBrasca

    Thank you so much for all the tips! can’t wait to use them to help with getting rid of pet hair =)

    xo Elizabeth


  • Vanessa R

    I’ve also heard that they are good to use on baseboards to prevent dust from building up and in the shower (on glass doors) to prevent water marks/scum from building up! Who knew they had so many uses!!

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  • Lovie

    If you have baked or burned on food in you dish fill with hot water &drop in dryer sheet. Soak & will wash burned food right out.


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