Blogger Contest: The Final Challenge

Thanks to everyone who voted in the last Kohl’s Style Challenge where Jeanette and Anna showed off their best takes on day to night style using pieces from my LC Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl’s. Today’s challenge is a big one. And the stakes are high. The winner of this final challenge will be crowned the official Guest Blogger and will win the Grand Prize!

Without further ado, let me tell you about the final fashion face-off…

This last challenge in the Kohl’s Blogger Contest puts both ladies’ blogging skills to the test. First, we asked Jeanette and Anna write a few paragraphs about themselves and their sense of style. We also asked them how the LC Lauren Conrad collection fits into this sense of style and had them put together an outfit that embodies their personal style… Here’s what they turned in:



Anna of Fash Boulevard says…

Girly, colorful, and fun, not only describes my personal style, but also my outlook on life. I have fallen in love with the flirty and versatile LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s. With an array of on-trend designs like the Platform Dress Sandals and gorgeous Filigree Cuff Bracelet, the collection not only blends seamlessly with my wardrobe, but also offers accessible, affordable designs that can add a little Cali chic style to every girl’s life. Growing up on the east coast, I often found myself feeling restricted by the small town style that surrounded me. During high school, I remember watching “The Hills” wide eyed, imagining a life I never thought was possible for myself. When college rolled around, I decided to major in fashion and turn what seemed like an impossible dream into the adventure of a lifetime.

After school, I was lucky enough to land an internship in LA which led to a dream job. Unfortunately, the week before Christmas they let our entire team of girls go and I was suddenly stranded. Determined to not give up on my dream of becoming an author and accessory designer, I launched Fash Boulevard as a way to document my journey. This is only the very beginning of my adventure and every day I wake up excited for the opportunities that each day may hold. I’ve always seen Fash Boulevard as a platform to share my story, while illustrating seasonal trends and providing affordable pieces to help recreate popular celebrity ensembles. My goal is to help my readers find their unique style and achieve a truly fabulous wardrobe that will give them the confidence to chase their dreams. The fact that I’m on a website ran by the girl who inspired me so many years ago, only further proves that dreams really do come true.



Jeanette of J’s Everyday Fashion says…

I’m J and my blog, J’s Everyday Fashion, is all about making fashion accessible, realistic and something all of us feel welcome to enjoy! As a little girl, I was completely enamored with magazines and in college I majored in journalism. I started J’s Everyday Fashion because I’m passionate about bringing more realistic resources to fashion media, and I wanted a place where women could get free help with their style questions. I lost my corporate marketing job due to the economy about a year ago, and I’ve been doing J’s full-time (plus freelance writing and fashion gigs) ever since. There is nothing I love more than empowering women to try something new, and to look and feel their best!

When it comes to my personal style, I love color and I love experimenting with trends! The LC Lauren Conrad Collection is my go-to when I want a girlie, ballet-inspired or boho look. My favorite pieces are the ruffled tops and flowy skirts, and I like pairing them with structured pieces from my closet. Living in Florida, I’m always in skirts, platform heels, and a blazer or long sleeve top to balance out short hemlines, so you will see me rocking an outfit like this one often. The LC Lauren Conrad Platform Dress Sandals are ideal for this outfit because they are comfortable, and the neutral color balances out the bright tones. They feel like “me” and are the perfect addition to my closet!

Who’s bitty-blog + outfit photo did you like best? Vote for your favorite in the poll below:

Based on the results of the poll, I will work with my team to determine the winner! Stay tuned because I’ll be announcing the winner next week…

Also, as a thank you for to all of YOU for voting, I’ll be giving away another $50 Kohl’s card this week!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Comment. Leave one comment below telling me about a style topic you’d like to see the Guest Blogger cover during their tenure on Team LC.
  2. Tweet or Facebook. Tweet the following phrase highlighted in pink at me (or post it on my Facebook page): Just voted for my fav blogette in @LaurenConrad’s @Kohls Blogger Contest! You should too!
  3. Wait. I will announce the winner next week!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered this contest and has participated along the way. It’s been a long journey and I am looking forward to finally picking a winner!

Best of luck to both Anna and Jeanette!

XO Lauren

P.S. Last week’s Kohl’s card winner is Amy Breckenridge! Congrats!

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  • Lauren Corle

    Anna always looks fabulous. she perfectly combines colors and textures in every single outfit. she truly inspires me. GO ANNA :)

  • Sarah Heckle

    I’d love to see the guest blogger writing about getting celebrity looks for less! Good luck, ladies!


    black + blue – new outfit!

  • Daniela Montalvo

    A style topic i like to see the Guest Blogger cover during their tenure on Team LC is femininity to conquer in the office

  • Brandy Hyder

    Love Anna’s style! I would like to see the guest blogger cover a section on colored tights. When to wear them and what to wear them with? Are colored tights an in thing or going out?

  • Dess

    ANNA!! <3

  • Shelby Rector

    #TeamAnna all the way!!! She really is a fashionista!

    I’d like the guest blogger to do a blog about transitioning your day wardrobe to night.

  • Jessica Galfo

    I dont see a poll to vote?

  • Alexandra Samarina

    I’m 100% for Jeanette!!! She’s fun, feminine yet not tooo girly and very natural!

  • MissStefanie

    I love Anna’s outfit :)

    I would love to know a little bit more about how they define their style.

  • Summergirl96

    I will be voting for miss Anna Hodge! loove her style and her story of how she is chasing her dreams in the fashion industry is inspiring! a style topic i would love to see them cover is what they think are the 3 most important style staples a girl should have in her wardrobe!

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    A topic I would love to read about would be how to spice up an outfit for work, when you don’t necessarily have a whole lot of choices to pick from. Being a nursing student, I know that my future is filled with many, MANY days of pulled back hair, tennis shoes, and SCRUBS. So I would love to know about little tips & tricks I could add to that dull outfit so that I can feel and look great (or, look as great as can, haha) at work!

  • Stephanie Ann

    I would like to see a blog on how to choose a color palette for outfits. I am usually picking a nuetral and a color to go with it, but each blogger uses color so differently!

    I like Jeanette!

  • Christine Rosko

    I love Anna’s outfit and her blog is amazing!! I follow her and read her posts every day.

  • Stacy Kurtz

    I’m Team Jeanette! I would like to continue to see looks for less.

  • Jaclyn Wolfe

    I love Anna’s look! I would like to see the guest blogger cover casual work attire!

  • Rachel Ross

    I vote Jeanette!

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    I love both girls! I’d like to see them cover how to mix super trendy items with wardrobe staples for fun looks… and also, what items make the perfect wardrobe.

    Good luck girls!


  • Stephanie McDonnell

    I don’t see a poll to vote on, so I will post my vote here: Anna. I can sort of relate to her. I had no sense of style growing up. I was the only girl in my family. I didn’t really start coming into my own fashion sense until the end high school, and even then I didn’t really have much of a clue.

    One thing I find I do struggle with today is outfitting in a current style when the trends are atrocious. In particular, the latest neon craze. I go to my fave places to shop inexpensively and neon is everywhere. I don’t know why, it belongs in 1989. I would like to know how the winning girl styles herself in the face of trend adversity. Does she avoid it altogether or does she find some subtle way to incorporate it into her wardrobe?

  • Donna Hup

    I’m voting for Jeanette! I’d love to have her write a piece on using a few key pieces we all might own or that you can get on a budget.

    Both were fantastic!!

  • Elizabeth LaBrasca

    I love both looks as well :/ I would love to see them cover different looks for certain situations like what to wear to interviews for different career fields, dinner with the parents etc. I know its been done before but I think these girls could bring fresh ideas to the table ! Best of luck =)

    xo Elizabeth

  • Jordan Bulbrook

    I don’t see a poll to vote on, so my post will have my vote!

    While both girls are very fashionable, I am going to have to vote for Anna. I find her style to be very fun and I have yet to see an outfit both on here and her blog that I dislike!

  • Nieszka

    I vote Anna! Both girls have put together great outifts and have grat style, but overall I think Anna’s style is a bit more fun and girly, which is what I fancy. Both girls should be proud!

  • R Webb

    I would love to see J post something about what to wear on weekends to perhaps go to the grocery store or to a kid’s soccer game. I love heels and looking put together and girly but sometimes that’s just not practical or comfortable for some weekend activities.

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    I love both so much but I vote the first one, Fash Bolevuard! :)

  • Melissa Panici

    I’m voting for Anna Hodge!! I always have a hard time figuring out what matches with what when it comes to clothes and shoes. Now most things are obvious and common sense, but for example the outfits above. I would have never guessed brown shoes would go with either of those outfits!! So a post on matching or maybe the tricks to know what goes with what. That would be sooo helpful!!:) I will try to do the tweet in pink but I couldn’t figure out how to do it last time lol. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Rachel Mah

    i love Anna, her journey and everything really makes her deserving. I love her girly sense of style and her blog. I’ve started following it religiously and love her Friday Fash Favs and Fash Fails.

  • Angela Christianson

    It’s so hard to chose! I love them both and their styles are so different! I would love to see the guest blogger cover what to wear to work/internships OR what to wear to the beach. I’ve decided to try really hard to get burnt(or even tan!) this summer, so I need lots of inspiration for cute cover ups, hats and shades!

  • Kristy Doyle

    I’d really like the guest-blogger to cover how to break into being fashionable when you’re on a budget.

  • Els Jeuris

    With the contest coming to an end, it has become clear that both girls, however different, have an amazing taste in fashion. Since it’s a BLOGGER contest, their talents as a writer are equally (if not more) important. Therefore, my vote goes to Miss Anna! The piece she wrote for this latest challenge was really great and well-written. In my opinion, she deserves to win the Grand Prize! That said, I wish both girls the best of luck!!!

  • Veronique Fontaine

    I’m on team Anna until the very end, I love the way her style and the way she writes!

    If Anna does win, I would love for her to blog about her wedding style!!!

  • Arnile Tassy

    My vote goes to J! Love her and love her outfit even more!!!

  • Clare Harvey-Raymond

    I’m on team Anna- have been since the beginning!!! Go Anna!!

  • Brittny Cantero

    GO JEANETTE!! :) Her outfit is totally wearable by any woman.

  • Kristen Huffman

    Team Anna!

  • Karie Obremski

    Go Anna!! Beautiful writing and style!! (:

    I would love to read a blog about styles pertaining to summer. Like, going to the beach, what outfits to wear to the beach over a swim suit and the also using the outfit to switch to a nice afternoon lunch date.

    Beach wear to lunch wear! (: GOOD LUCK GIRLIES!!

    Just voted for my fav blogette in @LaurenConrad’s @Kohls Blogger Contest! You should too!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    I’m voting for Ana! I’d love anything about work attire since that takes up most of my time. Budget friendly of course!

  • Christina

    I agree! Team Anna! She is so amazing! And seems to have the sweetest heart! Go Anna, you are going to go ALL THE WAY! I just know it! And when you do, I would like to see you cover some boho chic styles! :)

  • Kelly Kjenner

    My vote goes to J. Her outfits so pulled together, flirty but functional. It’s easy to get an over the top look with the pieces she used, but she’s done it in the right way.

  • Amber Welles

    Why’s there no links to their blogs?

    Anyway, Anna all the way. Her writing and background are just so inspiring it has to be her.

  • Cherie McGlone

    Jeanette all the way! Cute skirt!

  • Marvin C.

    Anna, Hodge, for Blogger… =D

  • Elisabeth Bender

    Go Anna! I would love to see a blog about ways to style leggings. I’ve seen so many cute outfits on other people and I just can’t seem to get it right. Ideas would be great!

  • Emily Volling

    Every week I’m more and more impressed with Jeanette, her looks are the most wearable and I absolutely love her premise of making fashion affordable and how to find quality pieces at reasonable prices. I really appreciate what she brings, because I can relate to her style and work ethic. Team J!

  • Alisha Abji

    i love Anna! she has great ideas and puts really nice outfits together!

    i’d love to see a blog on work attire and how to make work attire fun and in the winter a blog on winter coats and where to find great ones! i find it difficult to find a great wool or dressy coat!

    GO ANNA!!!

  • Marielisa Gomez

    First of all congratulations to both blogettes!! I can’t imagine how excited you must feel right now! I would love for one of them (whoever wins) to talk about tips & tricks on fashion blogging! I just started my blog, but don’t know quite yet how to express my own style while giving my followers fashion trends that I’m not comfortable with..


  • Rachelle Berry

    I would like the winner to speak on budget conscious fashion, specifically good ways to get expensive or designer clothes or accessories for less…or how to use them more efficiently.

    I love both bloggers. I have been reading both of their blogs daily long before this contest started and would love to see either one win. In general though, I like Anna’s sense of style better. It is more often something I can see myself wearing.

  • Melissa LaRose

    I love both of their styles but I think I am going to have to go with Anna for the win!!! =)

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    Go Anna! I love her blog!

  • Ann Flaherty

    I really like Anna style! I hope when she wins she will address shopping on a budget (outfits under $50??) and how to dress for your body type!

  • Diana Peralta

    Both girls are AMAZING!!! But my heart belongs to Anna! She’s so fabulous! I’d love to see her put together a chic work day to girls night out look :o) or different ways to accessorize one outfit while doing it all on a budget! Can’t wait to see it!


  • Bunhead

    I don’t see a poll or links to their blogs, but my vote goes to Anna. I’d like to see her talk about her wedding and more about her journey to LA and how her fashion changed.

  • Christine Stirrat

    Fash BLVD has such a great sense of fashion. Her style is effortless, easy going, confortable and cute. Can’t wait to see what she wears next!

  • Chrissy Myers

    Well, I don’t even see where the poll is to vote! Blah! :( Must not be loading properly.

    Either way, I’m still cheering for Anna! Her style is just much more versatile. Although I love what J has done with that skirt (gorgoeus, girl!), it is just not something I can wear to any old place! Anna killed it once again!

    I would love to see blogs for some small town girls from the inner small town girls! Obviously you don’t know what stores are in each and every town, but most of us don’t reside in cities like LA, Miami, NYC, etc with killer shopping, so we’re stuck with very little choices. I would like a blog on tips and tricks on how to spot those hot pieces from ‘Ma & Pa’ hometown stores.

    I would also like to see style for body types! What style of dress for girls with biggers busts and mid-sections, tall girls, pear-shaped girls, etc. I almost NEVER see this! It’s so frustrating to see such a beautiful collection but never being able to wear it because it looks gorgeous on the stick-thin models but flashy on me because I’m so busty and tall. Or maybe even recommendations to stores/online shopping?!! PLEASE?! Haha! (desperate much? haha)

  • Ashley Haley

    I like Jeanette! I like that she wants to help women of all styles, sizes and incomes..her blogs reach thousands of “”regular”” people like me. I never want to be intimidated by anyone in fashion…I want to feel welcome and comfortable and like I have potential. Jeanette’s blog does that..she’s real! I hope others see that…she totally deserves this :)

  • Monica Mai

    Definitely Anna. I’ve been following her blog for a while now and love her sense of style. Her posts are never boring and she’s a really great writer. Plus her story is inspiring too!

  • Carly DiBraccio

    I would love for Anna to win! The style topic I want to see her cover is how to accessorize for the different times of the day. Whether it is a daytime look to go shopping, or going to work, or for the nighttime whether it may be a date or going out with your girlfriends. She would do amazing at this and I truly hope she wins!

  • Katie Baker

    I would like to vote for Anna! Both girls have great syle and an amazing way of writing but I can really relate to Anna’s story of being inspired by Lauren and The Hills and pursing a job in fashion! She would be an amazing blogger for!

  • Lacie Blake

    I would absolutely love for Anna to win!! We have similar styles and love that I would have somone else to get inspiration from!! If she wins I would love to see her write a blog about thrifting and how she decides on what to buy and how to put the outfits together :)

  • Kristen Thomas

    I’m voting for Anna her outfit is adorable and I love that she is chasing her dreams it’s an inspiration to girls evey where! I want to see the winning blogger write about how to accessories a stylish look!

  • Tara Raynak

    My vote would be for Anna. I just love her style and how she mixes pieces. I’d love to see a post about where to find designer “”look”” pieces for the average woman….such as the Celine bag!

  • Meganne Huett

    Totally Jeanette! Not only is she a “”fanshionista””, but she is so willing to help on a spur of the moment notice. I sent her a dress I was wearing to a military function and needed a pair of shoes. I wanted them to be a bit “”out of the box””, but they still be classy. Within hours she responsed and I had a ton of compliments on the shoes she suggested. She made me feel extremely comfortable when she returned my email and I am sure she receives TONS of emails everyday!! I follow her blog, “”pin her pins”” (thanks to Pinterest) and totally go buy outfits she suggests (All of which are cost conscious budgets). Off to purchase the latest “”Cheveron Stripes””!!

  • Kimberly Breugelen.van

    Definitely Anna! She has such an amazing sense of style, incredible.

  • Alison Streyle

    My votes goes to Jeanette! I love how she pairs a flirty, ruffled piece with something structured and versatile. She has a great balance in her style and uses the bold structured pieces to make things professional, yet fun!

    I would love to see color palettes for different hair colors and skin tones. I am a redhead (well strawberry blonde to be exact) and I love pastels, but have such a hard time wearing them with my light skin. Would love to see tips on how to work any color into your wardrobe.

  • Camille

    I would like to see a blog about jeans for your body type, with several photos/examples of how to wear them. I’m only 5’2 and I hardly ever see jeans for my body type in magazines :(

  • Kelby Peachey

    GO ANNA GO!! I absolutely love her style and I could see myself wearing that at work, which is something I’ve always appreciated about Anna’s style.

    As someone who is on a tight, tight budget, and always trying to convicne her husband that I need this item, or this next fashion piece, I would love to see what items Anna invested in, since she lost her job. Or what she did to really help her blog become so popular.


  • Amanda Lynn Redfern

    I hope Anna wins!!

  • Martin M

    I go for Anna!! Love both but shes my fav when it comes to style :)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Anna!!! ;0) I knew it from day one! The girl has skills! ;0) I would like the new Fashion Blogger to write about how to upgrade “”Classic”” looks. I find myself really loving Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Brigette Bardot & Mary Tyler Moore. ;0) I love that Classic look– and I know that accessories make it pop– however, I want to be able to do it & still tell that it’s a classic look… ;0) I think Anna would be awesome for that!

  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    My vote is for Anna! Both girls have amazing style! I wish you both much success and I would love to hear one of them blog about how to create your personal style.

    XO Kelley

  • Helen Le

    I really like Anna’s style. I hope she wins. I do want the Guest Blogger to take a look at layering clothes, maybe layering with casual dresses to make it more fashionable.

  • Greta Gabriel

    I vote fro Jeanette!!

    I’d love to see the Guest Blogger cover how people can follow the trends but not break the bank.

  • Michaelle Melnuk

    JEANETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go J!!!!!!!

    I’d love to see how to push it to the edge (but not too far) when it comes to work attire. I work at a hospital (an RN) but have to wear business wear most of the times (scrubs sometimes) and I’d love to be seen as a “”classy risk-taker”” when it comes to fashion!! you LC!!

  • Bella

    I love Jeanette and loved her from day one! Not only her style but her writing as well. I find her blog fresh and her style totally inspirational- I hope she wins!

  • Vesselina Vassileva

    I vote for Anna!

    Her style is amazing. She looks always very classy and at the same time very fresh!

  • Lenae Souza

    I really enjoy Jeanette’s blog because I feel like a majority of the clothing that she wears/displays are easily accessable to her readers on a fashion budget. I like that she posts pictures of items that she’s recently bought, as well as items that she might go back and purchase next month, because I know that if I like something that she posted, I can go out and purchase it – and it’s probably not going to break my bank for the month. I also work in a business-causal work environment, so a lot of the work clothes that Jeanette models have given me inspiration for something more fun to wear to work.

  • Rachael Yanta

    Don’t see the poll but vote for Anna.. I really love both of their style and they always look fabulous. But since the contest is for a fashion blogger, I think Anna would be the best choice. Her writing is upbeat, engaging, and fun! What a great contest this has been for all the contestants…if nothing else, it’s getting these awesome blogs out for everyone to see!!

  • Valerie

    I like Jeanette

  • Christina

    i vote for ANNA!!! : )

  • Vanessa Last name

    I can’t see a poll to vote for, but I vote for JEANETTE SCOTT :)

  • Eliza Wilczek

    I can’t see the poll for some reason but Anna gets my vote. I can tell how much work she puts into her blog. It’s so professional yet accessible. Not to mention she has amazing stories about herself and the fashion world!

  • Katarzyna Kuta

    Anna looks very fresh. I would like to see how I can get dressed every day at University.

  • Marissa Kessler

    I love Anna of Fash Boulevard! Her style is flirty, fun, and girly. Her blog is something any woman can relate to and I love it. Not to mention, her outfits that she puts together are amazing. I have trouble making combinations when it comes to outfits and her blog gives me great ideas! I would love the guest blogger to blog about affordable fashions and outfit ideas, including the hair and what kind of makeup to go along with it!



  • Sol Sol

    TOTALLY LOVE JEANETTES OUTFIT!!! i just fell in love with that skirt!!!

  • Kimberley Richardson

    Rooting for J’S FASHION!! JEANETTE your fashion is not one dimensional and I love that you are able to mix so many things together and make it fit! You’re jounalism is spot on and easy for readers to understand. Not only that but I love how you break down each piece on your site and put where it can be obtained at and about how much it cost. It’s great! You’ve got skills Woman!!! Good luck and the best to you :)

  • Evelyn butuk

    I don’t see the poll but I vote for Anna! She does an amazing job on her website Fash Boulevard and has a very sweet and girly style. I absolutely love all of her outfits and believe that she should be crowned as the winner. A style topic I think the winner should cover is how to dress for each body type. I’m very petite and would like more fashion advice on the latest trends that will look great on my tiny frame. I really adore Anna’s style and believe that she can help anyone become a fashionista! :)

  • Ally Powell

    Dear Lauren,

    I remember when you first talked about the blogger contest and everyone commented saying Ana, before you ever picked a top 5. It’s clear your loyal website readers want Ana. J’s fashion is good, but she’s a journalist. We want advice from someone who knows fashion. Plus, not to be dramatic, but if you can read both those writing samples and still vote for J over Ana you might want to check your heartbeat. The girl seems like she’s done everything to follow her dream. We need to support that as females with dreams and goals.

  • stephieyes

    I love Anna’s girly style and I love Jeanette’s use of color. I love the ambition of both ladies, but my vote goes to Anna. I want to find ways to dress more girly without looking too overdone. I think she does that here with her ensemble! I would love for the winning blogger to blog about how to accessorize with certain pieces (i.e. what kind of necklace to wear with a blazer vs. a cami, etc.). Good luck to both ladies!

  • LilZilla

    Team Anna all the way! I’ve been following her after reading her post/comment above mine on this fabulous website months ago. She has inspired me to rethink the pieces in my closet and put together some beautiful outfits, that I didn’t know I could previously pull off. Now when shopping, I will stop and look at different outfits and accessories and say to myself “”what would Anna do”” lol, which has made my shopping experiences a lot of fun! I think she deserves 100 % to win the blogger contest!!!

  • LilZilla

    Team Anna all the way! I’ve been following her after reading her post/comment above mine on this fabulous website months ago. She has inspired me to rethink the pieces in my closet and put together some beautiful outfits, that I didn’t know I could previously pull off. Now when shopping, I will stop and look at different outfits and accessories and say to myself “”what would Anna do”” lol, which has made my shopping experiences a lot of fun! I think she deserves 100 % to win the blogger contest!!!

    *In addition to the previous post, I would like to see the bloggers cover their favorite incorporation of a vintage piece. I have some beautiful vintage jewelery and clothes that my grandmother and great grandmother have given me and I would love to learn new ways to style them in a moder light*

  • Amber Welles

    Go anna

  • Cindy Evans

    I know neither of these ladies are moms, but I would love some 30ish mom outfit posts. Not work mom outfits, running around town outfits…mom+running around=no heels!

  • makeup_lovexo

    I would like to see a blog about wearing the new neon trend without overdoing it and keeping it trendy!

  • Jessica Gaube

    I really like Anna’s story and her style. After watching all her outfits style tips, I think she is very sophisticated and really cares about her fashion and style. I was really inspired by her story of trying to make it in the fashion world, and it was something I could easily relate to. I may not be trying to make it in the fashion world, but her story made me want to go after my dreams in the career path I desperately want. Her style is glamourous and is very girly. I loved all her blog challenge outfits. One challenge I would like to see from the future blog winner is a birthday dress outfit. I know I saw a post on this site on that already, but I would like to see what the blogger thinks is a good birthday outfit :) Thanks. Good Luck to Both Girls!!

    Jessica G

  • Closet Fix

    Hey Guys! It seems clear that both girls have their own unique style. Clearly, they both have an eye for fashion, so I think what it’s going to come down to is which style do you gravitate to the most not necessarily who has the best or worst style. As a personal style blogger I do realize how subjective style and fashion can be. Personally, I lean more toward Anna. Her looks are definitely something I would personally wear. That’s just me:)


    Simmy P.

  • radz b

    Anna has my vote! She is just so chic and girly and I can see the hardwork she puts in her blog! You go girl <3

  • Kelly Limon

    I would like the guest blogger to cover the fashion trend of different colored jeans (hot pink, mint, red, etc.). I was wondering how to wear them without looking too tacky! I recently went out of my comfort zone of regular ol’ jeans and bought your white pencil jeans at Kohl’s and am in love! They are so comfortable & the fit is amazing. So I am thinking of venturing out into more colors. Thanks Lauren! Good luck to both ladies!

  • Shellz

    Anna of course! Shes got a great eye for details and she definitely knows how to work it , pose etc! Vote for her!

  • Caitlin McGillicuddy

    Comment. Leave one comment below telling me about a style topic you’d like to see the Guest Blogger cover during their tenure on Team LC.

    I would love to see these girls talk about having a chic look without paying a ton of money! :)

  • Theresa Moriarty

    Voting for J!! I love the style of her blog; it’s unique and offers insight and inspiration on how to be fashionable no matter who you are or where you live. She shows that you really can “”learn”” to have great style, and incorporate it into any budget. Love her!!

  • Liz

    I would love for these ladies to talk about fun summer clothes that are cute yet inexpensive! Also a blog about fun weekend activities would be great!

  • alexia gilman

    I would love to see these girls blog about their top 10 essential wardrobe items!

  • Leah Ward

    I always love a “”what’s in my bag”” article, or possibly how to make cheaper clothing look expensive!

  • candyheyn

    i love to try different hair-dos but i can never seem to really get them right. I would love for the guest blogger to do a piece on that. Also something about how to include vintage pieces and make them modern in your outfit

  • Ali Lindauer

    I’d love to see a college student outfit post! Heels have a tendency of making even the simplest of outfits look chic, but there is nothing practical about wearing heels with a 50-lb backpack!

  • HNew

    I’d like to see the Guest Blogger do their own type of Friday Favorites or Tuesday Ten. Those are always my fave LC Posts and i’d love to see someone elses opinions and fashion favorites! :)

  • Donna F.

    I love Anna’s look because the bright colors pop against the white! I would love to see the Guest Blogger discuss wearing different trends on a variety of body types so everyone can see themselves in the most up-to-date styles!

  • Kellie Norton

    I would love for them to blog about how they take high-fashion trends and turn them into easy, affordable, every-day wear :-) good luck ladies!! Still rooting for Anna all the way!!

    -Kellie :-)

  • Madeline Breen

    Voted for J! How about a post about fashion blogging photography? I’m always curious about the story “”behind”” a blogger’s photos (who took them? does she have photo tips? etc).


  • Adele Fiorino

    I would love the Guest Blogger to talk about ways to add accessories to change up any look!

  • Leanne

    Yay Anna!!! You look fabulous!!!

    Love from South Africa

  • Petra Zeller

    I am a big fan of Anna Hodge and of her fabulous blog. I vote for her. I love this styling from her. Absolutely gorgeous. Good Luck Anna
    xoxo, Petra check it out πŸ˜‰

  • Kimberley Richardson

    Team Jeanette =) Best of luck to you

  • Kimberley Richardson

    no more message for the way any one votes please! THANK YOU.

  • luckysista

    Style topic I’m interested in for the guest blogger is maybe having a section like Weekly Favorite Finds. It’s always great to see what others have discovered! GOOD LUCK ANNA!

  • Rebecca Bliss

    I can’t wait to find out who wins! I’d love to see more of Anna’s personal style, I think it would add a little bit of a different perspective on fashion while complementing Lauren’s look.

  • Laura C

    I love Anna’s looks and I’m a big fan of her blog.

    It would be cool to have them talk about how to wear runway styles on the street; and how to do it in an affordable way. I’m always drawn to those ideas.


    **and I tweeted!!**


  • batlangel

    DIY mani/pedi tools/techniques.

  • Lizzie

    Love Anna’s fashion!

    I’d love to see a blog about what staple pieces to buy and how to wear them differently. Also, a blog on affordable fashion.

    I tweeted from @LizzieTimbers !!

  • Amy S

    I would love to hear about shoe options with capris… Or beach-friendly outfits.

    I love Anna’s style. In terms of the blurbs and pictures above, I definitely would pick Anna, because Jeannette’s outfit is almost too much in terms of color. I love all the pieces, but I think it needs some more white. Anna balances the bold pink with light-colored, summery pieces.

    It’s hard to choose, because I love them both anyway! Good luck to you both!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    both girls are VERY stylish, but my vote is for anna! :) good luck ladies!!


  • Jay Lea

    I would love to see the winner take particular pieces and show different ways to wear them. That they can be worn a variety a different ways but maybe we wouldn’t think to do them. Good Luck Anna!

  • Samantha Collins

    Whoever wins…I would love for them to talk about different stylish hats for summer! I find that I always have trouble finding a great hat! Of course there is the good ole ball cap…but it would be nice to find out what other hats you can use to style up some outfits! — just something different!

  • Nicole Van Haezebrouck

    Love J’s outfit!! The color is so much fun:) I’d like to see more about blazers and the appropriate lengths when wearing them.

  • Sonia Quezada

    I love Anna’s style, but to who ever wins I would like them to give us bigger girls tips on what to wear and how to wear it to look ok :)

  • Kelsie Jacob

    A style topic I would like the guest blogger to cover is high waisted shorts. Different pairing, day to night, ect. I love my High waisted shorts but, would love new ways to wear them!

  • Kiwi

    I would like to see the bloggers pull off maxi dresses~!

  • Amanda Nissen

    I would love for them to talk about cute work outifts that can also be worn on your days off:)

  • michele richardson

    I want them to talk about how to mix pastels. It is so popular this season but I feel as if though it is tuff to do it correctly! It is such a cute look for spring and I would really like to see tips on how to do it well :)

    Oh and GO ANNA! I love how you are still following your dream, it is a huge inspiration.

  • Jodi Brown

    I would love to see a blog about scarves! I love them but have a hard time knowing how to wear them and what to wear them with!

  • Jana Meister

    I’d love to see the new blogette talk about adding bright colors and color blocking to your wardrobe! Excited to see who wins, both ladies did an amazing job!

  • Janey Moore

    So hard to choose because both outfits are amazing! But I love J’s blog!

  • Tabitha Maharam

    I would love to see more ideas on what to wear for different body types! So excited to see who wins!

  • Lindsey Allison

    I would like to see the guest blogger discuss taking an office outfit into an evening outfit. Good Luck Anna!

  • Grace Tien

    I want to see Anna and Jeanette’s go to jewelery pieces! Both girls have amazing blogs that are so inspiring! :)

  • livlab14

    I would like the new style blogger to share a lot of DIY that arnt extremly difficult. It would be nice if they could take a video of themselves trying the DIY activity before just posting it to there website. I <3 doing DIY, I can save money and I feel like I made a big accomplishment when I'm finished.

  • caroline Deutsch

    To me fashion should be for everyone.This is why I love Jeanette’s blog! So I think a good topic would be how to find the same style as amazing brands such as Chanel, Dior, Hermes and so on, into way more affordable brands, or how to create a classy style, a grungy style and so on… Sorry for my english!!

  • Tanya’s Shopping Diet

    I would like to see them take on a Shopping Diet challenge: wear only 6 items from their wardrobe and post as many different looks as they can. Accessories, shoes, and undergarments excluded. I am myself on a Shopping Diet trying to prove that being stylish does not equal spending a lot of money. Hope you like the idea!

    xoxo, Tanya

  • Tanya’s Shopping Diet

    Oh, and I vote for J :)

  • Kaitlin Wertzbaugher

    id love to read about how to style diffent boots for summer, without sweating your butt off!

  • Jessica H

    I would like to see how the ladies change up outfits using the same top, or skirt. It is often hard to change outfits using your favorites and I would love to see how the winner does so. Love both looks and both ladies! Great job!

  • kim nguyen

    i would like to see different types of tanks. For example, one with laces or plain or glittery with a pair of shorts…. depending on what color

  • Michelle LaPorte

    I would love to see some hair trends. I was obsessed with every single hair style in The Hunger Games and maybe with winner could do a series of Hunger Games Braids. I would love that!! Great job ladies! I am so proud of both of you!!!

  • Rebecca Lawson

    Best of luck to both of you ladies!!! You are both excellent fashionistas! :)

  • Kayleigh Brickey

    I would love to see what they could put together for an interview outfit that is fun but professional

  • Sabiii.R

    both of the blogs are amazing ! Good luck to both of you :) I would love to see how can you accesorise your school uniform.. :)

  • elisha mcinnes

    I love both of these ladies blogs, they are very inspiring and i love both of their styles. I’ve noticed they both like to wear lots of colour so i’d like to hear from them how they would put together a head to toe black outfit.

  • Martin M

    Really awesome. Hard to pick one. Voted for Anna :)

  • Patti LeBlanc

    I would like to see a topic concerning fashion for older (but not too much older!) women. I love all of the new trends, but at 54 am I too old for them? Also, I tweeted about this giveaway!

  • Mariana Tristan

    I love both of their styles!!!! Good luck ladies!! =)

  • Jennifer Shirley

    I’d love to see the winner cover how to get the best (fake) tan for summer.

    Good luck, Anna! I love your style!

  • Anne Miller

    I would like to hear about vacation fashion for this summer

  • angela roti

    I would like to hear about different braids you can do with your hair or about bathing suits for summer.

  • Cassidy Short

    I would love to see a piece on which current trends to invest in, and which ones are worth passing up! :) Good luck to you both!

  • Alyssa Christensen

    I love to find fresh new hair styles’ for each season (i.e updo’s for winter parties and fishtail braids for spring) However I have yet to find my new fav for summer!
    I am thinking ahead of time here but I wan’t something easy and super chic
    Help Please? (:

  • Charlene Michaud

    I am absolutely loving Anna of Fash Boulevard! Not only does she have a great sense of style and fashion, but she is able to relate to alllllll girls on many, many levels. I would like your guest blogger to write about fashion and budget plans. I would love to know how these girls keep on trend without breaking the bank! I feel that girls everywhere could use this information in their very own lives, as well! Helpful and entertaining, how perfect!=)

    Char xo

  • KayJay at Refined and Polished

    I enjoy reading both of these bloggers, so I think you can’t go wrong with either one. I would love to see the challenge posts continue where the same pieces are used for multiple outfits as well recreations of high-end outfits at more affordable prices.

  • Suzy Zhang

    please comment on my newest post :)

  • Bec Hunter

    As Anna is getting married, I would love to hear her opinion on how to re-wear a bridesmaid dress. Or how she is choosing hers.

  • Becca Waldron

    Anna has a stunning use of accessories in each of the outfits she has showcased. I would love to hear her opinion on when to use or not to use a certain accessory (jewelry, scarves, etc.).

    Jeanette has an incredible use of color so if she were to win I would love to know what she thinks about when to and when not to wear bright colors! Certain colors for certain events would be great as well!

    Thanks Lauren :)

  • yelizaveta sviridova

    i would love to hear about color blocking! i know its been going on for a while, but personaly i dont really know how to color block clothing.. i feel like with all the bright colors coming in for the spring and summer color blocking is a must! Anna has such an amazing sence of style!! would love to see her win!

  • Emilie

    Good luck to both of them!

    xo Emilie

    PS please visit my blog @

  • Miriam

    They were Both Amazing but Anna was really stunning!!

  • Terplove

    I love Anna’s look. I would really like to see what the guest blogger says about a few pieces that could work in any season – as a student paying for my rent, I never have enough $ to buy all the cute things i’d like so I’d really appreciate a few things I could re-use in different seasons without seeming like the boring girl with 2 outfits!

  • Amber Hankinson

    An interesting post I’d like to hear about is how to work out swimsuits into outfits! Some of the styles out there are really amazing and with bra tops being big now i’m sure theres a way to make our bikini tops into casual wear as well.

  • Samantha Hostetler

    I love how relatable Anna is to my life, living in a small town, feeling like you need to branch out in your own fashion world – she did it and so can any other girl living in small towns, like me. I love her fun flirty bright colors she has worn through out all her poses!!

  • Moira Hitt

    i would love to hear about colorblocking! Good luck ladies!

  • Rebecca Bakofsky

    I would love to see a post about how to mix crazy prints together, I want to try the look, I am just scared that I will look crazy! LOL. Good luck to Anna and Jeanette, either one will make a great guest blogger!!

  • Daniela Tafur

    I would love to see how they mix different prints!

    Good luck!

  • Brittany Quesenberry

    I would love to hear from the guest blogger about being fashionable on a budget and remaining office appropriate. I am a young professional and my college mini skirts aren’t cutting for the office so I am having to replace the majority of my clothes.

  • Jena Alano

    I love Ana’s style – very chic, elegant, but at the same time she looks comfortable. I would like to see a post on bright solid colors. Sometimes I feel that bright colors won’t look good on me. So a few tips on how to put together a bright yet fashionable outfit (especially this Spring!) would help me a lot!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Voted for Anna – her description and picture said it all. I love the outfit – a great sense of style! I would love to see the guest blogger (good luck to both girls, by the way!) cover wearing the color white (not cream/ecru/etc, but WHITE) and how to pull it off, especially if you’re fair-skinned.

  • Marcia Whitney

    My vote is for Anna once again! I love her style and her story. She is a girl from the east coast, like myself, and I can completely relate to her words. Her style is flawless and amazing. I love the colors and accesories she always incorporates in her outfits. This blogger contest has helped me find a wonderful new blog that I check and read daily…it is even bookmarked on my bookmark bar right next to LOVE IT!

  • Courtney Fallon

    I would love to hear about how you can transition one outfit from day to night on a budget. Good luck ladies I love reading the blogs!

  • Nicole Wilson

    I would like to see the lucky guest blogger write about mixng bright colors with prints. I would also like to see more of what they’ve already done in this challenge by mixing bright pieces with neutrals.

  • Deborah Hudson

    I would love for these ladies talk about pairing multiple prints together and mix and matching colors! This was a hard vote this week as I LOVE tribal print but it’s horse racing time in the bluegrass and Anna’s ensemble fits perfect for a sunny day at Keeneland! Love both styles!

  • Samantha Szczender

    I have always been interested in the “”day to night”” idea and how we can transform one outfit with just a few changes. I’m always looking for ways to do this, so I would love to see the winner work with this concept!

  • Kimberly Bonsiero

    I was in Kohls on Sunday and fell in LOVE (head over heels) with several pieces, actually almost every piece in your collection. My funds are very limited since I just moved into a new apartment and I left empty handed and with a pout! I’m defenitely going back next pay.. a $50 giftcard would make the trip all the better. YOU ROCK!

  • Maggie Crowson

    I’m more interested to see how the ladies shop. Are they frugal with their money, what makes them decide to splurge? How long do they wait before buying a particular piece; what exactly do they budget for fashion?

    While I love Anna’s style and writing; I easily relate to J’s blog because not only does she list a price to each piece she is wearing, she also provides links to similar pieces as well. Best of luck to both-they are each amazing at what they do best-FASHION

  • Amany

    I would love for the guest blogger to talk about how to wear trendy pieces for each body type, from curvy to skinny. I feel like many trends only work if you have a model’s body but I want to know how to make trendy pieces work and help flaunt all body types. For example, the colored skinny jean trend seems hard to pull off. I would like if the blogger showed how to work this trend.

  • Nisha Ahir

    I would love for the guest blogger to talk about accessories and how to wear the right pieces of jewelry with outfits.

  • Liesl

    I would be interested in reading about the latest fashion trends and how to incorporate a few pieces into your existing wardrobe.

    Liesl xxx

  • Ashley Charlton


  • Ashley Charlton

    I’d like to see the winner cover “”How to shop on a budget”” or “”How to dress for each body shape. It’s hard to find a complete outfit when your tight on monday, so it’d be nice to see the winner talk about how to be budget friendly when shopping. Also it’d be nice to see what clothes from the Lauren Conrad Collection or any other collection suits each body type!

  • Tejal Khatri

    I would love for the winner to talk about their favorite piece of clOthing.
    Or perhaps beauty necessaties.
    Thank you LC <3 xoxoxo

  • Diana Trotter

    I would love for the winner to talk about how to accessorize a simple outfit. I wear jeans and a pretty blouse most of the time but im never sure how to accessorize and what’s too much. I love wearing rings and bracelets but do they always go with jeans? Good luck to both ladies!

  • Sara Sawasaki

    How to accessorize without over doing it! Anna does such a great job with adding smaller pieces and it always looks so much! Would love something on that! She’s adorable, hope she wins!!

  • Zareen Rehman

    I would love if the guest blogger went over how to keep your wardrobe fresh and always fun to mix up without spending a lot of money for new clothes every season.
    I tend to have trouble buying classic things that work throughout the seasons and I think every girl needs to know how to keep fashion in her wardrobe trendy all year long! πŸ˜€

  • Kayla Peechatka

    I would love to see the guest blogger write a post about accessories, what’s too much or how to mix and match without looking way overdone. I have recently grown to love accessories, but whenever I’m out trying to buy some I become so overwhelmed by all that each store has. I’d love to know what I should be looking for and how to wear it.

  • Jennifer Cooper

    Colored denim is a huge trend right now. I would like to see the guest blogger style full looks with different colored denim. Color can be intimidating to alot of girls, especially when it comes to bottoms. Show the readers now to be afraid of a little POC!

  • Jessica Farley

    I would like to see a blog about how to incorporate some of the more fun prints and styles into a wardrobe than can be worn to work as well outside of work. As an accountant, I like to make sure that I get the most with the money I spend to be sure a piece can be mixed into my work wardrobe as well as my weekend wardrobe.

  • Sarah Hubbard

    I would love to see a blog about how to make casual look, not so casual. jeans and tee but not sloppy and boring!

  • Layla Boliha

    I wanna know how to rock high-low skirts and dresses! I’m struggling on what to pair the skirts with!

  • Susanna Hall

    Anna hit another one out of the park with this contest! I think her story is so inspirational and she’s a great blogger. I would love to see the winner of the contest cover fashion in tv and movies. Anna once did a post on the Pretty Little Liars fashion which I loved because I’ve always loved everything they wear on that show. It’d be fun to see other shows with great fashion covered and advice on how to get an affordable version of different looks.

  • Amy Breckenridge

    when i commented yesterday, i totally missed the fact that i won the kohl’s gift card!! thank you guys SO much! :)


  • Jaclyn S

    Just wanted to voice that I am torn on who to vote for with this one… I love both ladies style… and their outfits are both great. My personal style runs a little closer to Jeanette and I love the skirt she chose. However, I love reading Anna’s blog and I enjoyed her piece for this challenge. She is very talented with writing on fashion and keeping it fun to read. Good luck to both ladies! :)

  • Trish Landos

    I agree that both girls have an equally great sense of style but since it’s a blogger contest ANNA wins it hands down. Her blog is well written, creative, and full of many fun fashion ideas.

  • Erica Cracolici

    I would love to see a beachy look. Something that you can wear to the beach, but also wear out! Since summer is coming up, I think it is very important catagory to cover!

  • Sara Boyer

    I would love to know how to take a wardrobe from very casual (t shirts, jeans, sweatshirts etc) to more modern and feminine subtly and on a budget. :)

  • Karen Giannotta

    I just bought a couple of long patterened sundresses at Kohls would like to see more what accesories, shoes etc. besides just throwing on a pair of flip flops.

  • Nicole A

    I am obsessed with pastel colors right now…. I can not get enough…but I am having a problem pairing things together without looking washed out or too much like an easter egg! I would like to see how to incorporate the lastest pastel color trends in to an every day ensemble.

  • Lexi

    Both are beautiful but i think Anna should win πŸ˜€
    I just love Anna’s blog πŸ˜€

  • Haritini Dimalexi


  • Pheebs623

    i love Jeanette! ever since she showed up on, i’ve been following her blog. her style is so cute, and so ACCESSIBLE. anna’s choices are interesting, but i’m much more likely to apply J’s ideas to my own wardrobe. her ideas and advice are so easy to follow, and yield great results. It’s like a How-To of styling. LOVE IT.

  • Pheebs623

    I’d love for the guest blogger to talk about accessories. how to incorporate them, what type of statement piecesto look for, how to match them to different outfits and make them versatile.

  • Leonnie Prangnell

    As i am from England in the UK, we dont quite get the ‘hot’ summers as you get in L.A…which is extremely sad.

    I would love for the winner of the Guest Blogger to look into British style and help us Brits find the perfect summer outfits that are going to keep us looking chic but not too cold at the same time.

    I think widening the style range from all over the world would be perfect here at as theyre are alot of fans who subscribe all over the world.



  • Ciara Strittmather

    I would love to know how to repurpose old clothing and ways to wear them to be more stylish. I have tons of t-shirts from high school and I always see ways to redo them on pinterest but I’m not sure of how to wear them to be more stylish.

  • Rachel B

    It seems that a lot of people are really hoping for some accessory help! I will go with that, but emphasize hats! I don’t know how to wear hats without looking completely out of the norm!

  • Karen Torres

    Hello Lauren!

    I would love to learn about the “”color block”” trend. Because summer is coming and I have issues to experiment with different bright colors. So, we need a lot of help!

  • Melissa Litchfield

    I voted for Anna! I just bought a pink blazer from Kohls and I love the fact that she paired the blazer with an a-line neutral skirt!

  • Tiffany Tam

    I would like to the the guest blogger blog about scarves for the spring! I love the scarf look but have never found a pretty or versatile one for the spring.

  • Lily P.

    Anna I think that you are already the winner :)

    You deserve it girl!

  • Stephanie Ress

    I love both of thes ladies blogs! Both have amazing fashion sence and a good head on their shoulders. But just becaue I picky, I gotta say Anna has it. Not only does her outfitfits look great, but she thinks of design and color on her page. It’s a very well done blog from a designer and photograghy stand point. But great job to both of them!!!!!

  • Crystal Posner

    I think Anna should def be the winner! Great Style!

  • Tierney Plumb

    I’d like to see a blog on replacement trends. Feather extensions seem to be on their way out, so what’s the latest hair fad to watch for this summer?

  • Bev

    Still going strong with my girl Anna!! Love the look she pulled :/

  • Jerri Fitz

    Good luck ladies!!!

  • Bianca Sanchez

    I have stucked by Annas side the whole contest i won’t fail her now lol i voted for her again and i hope she wins!:D <3 and when she does win i want her to talk about how to mix and match neons and how to color block correctly haha :D GOOD LUCK ANNA

  • mary1024

    A toping I would liek to see the Guest Blogger cover is mixing up different pieces and accessories to create a variety of looks. Not everyone can go out and buy new clothes all of the time so it would be nice to know how to change up clothing pieces that are already in the closet! Good luck to both ladies!

  • Melinda Bills

    Anna DEFINITELY should win. she has phenomenal style and is such a sweet person! I’m honestly super excited just for anything that she blogs about.

  • LG

    Definitely loving J’s blog! I love how she puts outfits together, and helps you find the same or similar look (and without breaking your bank)! Would like to see the guest blogger (aka J :) blog about summer dresses and bathing suits! I’m ready for summer weather, but would love some great looks (I love dresses)!

  • Miranda Braddy

    I’m absolutely in love with Anna Hodge’s outfit! The pleats, the a-line cut, the pink blazer…Gah! Beautiful.

  • Ana Flavia Goncalves

    I love her looooook!!!!

  • Sarah Pole

    I really love Anna Hodge’s blogs. She is apsolutely gorgeous and I would love her to talk about all different hairstyles that go with different styles of dresses. :)

  • Sarah Pole

    Oooops … I meant “”absolutely””

  • laroyal06

    I would love to see the Guest Blogger cover how to easily incorperate more sparlke into my daily outfits b/c I love wearing sequins but need more tips on how to style outfits for work days verses evening looks.

  • Sara Abigail

    i would like to see how they could turn outdated clothes into stylish “”new”” clothes!

    anyways – I love J’s blog because there’s always that moment when you see that price tag and go “”oh my god….”” but here she’s telling you how to shop for less, in a way – i’m alllll for that!

  • Kim Thomas

    I really hope Anna wins!

    I would love to see the guest blogger do a post on updating your wardrobe on a budget with a few key pieces, or how to wear a single item multiple ways. tips on maximizing your wardrobe always help!

  • Colleen Burns

    J really has helped me make fashion accessible and realistic for my day-to-day life. I was always scared to try the trends but watching her simplicity of putting stuff together makes it less overwhelming. She keeps it real and is down to earth, loved her write up and outfit!!!

  • Andrea Dyck

    I would really love to see a post on outfits to wear to work in the summer! I love you old work dress videos, but now that it’s getting hot out and we all want to wear a little more color, I think it would be fun to do a ‘Summer’ version! :)

  • Debbie Liu

    summer must have accessories!

  • N. Yasmin Gomez-Geng

    I would love to see a post on how to combine hairstyles with different styles of fashion.

  • Ashley Ben

    I would like the guest blogger to cover stylish winter wear for those of us in very snowy places!

  • Ashley Ben

    I would like to see the guest blogger cover style for those of us that live in snowy places!

  • Dy Shiny

    I’d like to see a post on outfits to wear to work in the summer!! :)

  • Melissa WRight

    I would love the see the guest blogger cover how they style neon as well as summer work wear!

    Tweeted as well!!/sighgushgasp/status/192947682099216384

  • Micalah Thayer

    I agree with previous posts- I would love to see more summer outfits! I also would love seeing recommendations for moms- as a 23 year old mom of two, I want to look cute and dress up but struggle with appropriate outfits for chasing kiddos and having them climb all over me. :)

  • kentuckyrachael

    I would LOVE to see J do a blog about dressing age-appropriate while still fashionable. I got in to this whole dressing like a girl later in life and still spend most of my days in uniform…I could definitely use some help figuring out how to dress fashionably without looking like I’m trying to be 16. Your pieces are versatile enough to fit a wide spectrum and I’d love to see that explored!

  • Crystal M

    I’d like to see the Guest Blogger cover a week’s worth of go-to work appropriate outfits for Summer, incorporating current trends and hot colors as well as wardrobe staples.

  • Amenah Hussein

    Maybe shopping on a budget, hair do’s and dont’s and much more :)

  • Kathryn Laine

    I love J’s Everyday first of all, but I’d love to see them talk about wearing trends and current fashion as a curvier girl!

  • Emily Whiteford

    I would like the Guest Blogger cover a a Halloween themed outfit.

  • Megan Davey

    I would love to see outfits that are professional enough to wear to a client meeting, but fun enough to meet my personal style!



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