Blogger Contest: Style Showdown, Part 2

First off, thank you to everyone who voted in the last Kohl’s Style Challenge. I really needed your help. It was beyond tough to narrow it down to only two bloggetts, but decisions had to be made. That said, I’m excited to announce that the following ladies will move forward in the Kohl’s Blogger Contest (listed in no particular order):

Anna Hodge of Fash Boulevard


Jeanette Scott of J’s Everyday Fashion

These two blogettes will compete in two more challenges until one of them is crowned the winner. As a reminder, the winner will receive…

  • $500 worth of clothing from LC Lauren Conrad
  • An all expenses paid trip to New York City and a visit to Kohl’s NY Design Center, where the winner will get to see where the LC Lauren Conrad collection comes to life
  • behind-the-scenes of the LC Lauren Conrad collection
  • A day of pampering in New York City
  • Personalized signed copy of Lauren Conrad Style
  • And best of all… The winner will serve as the official Guest Blogger for 3 months!

The stakes are high ladies! Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be looking to you for your help in deciding who the winner will be. So, without further ado, here is the next Kohl’s Style Challenge

We asked the bloggers to create two different looks using three pieces from the LC Lauren Conrad items from the selection of pieces my team sent them. The catch? They cannot use any of the items they previously wore in the last Kohl’s Style Challenge. The two looks we asked the girls to create are as follows: One outfit for a day of shopping with friends & another look that would be appropriate for a girls’ night out.

Here are the outfits Jeanette and Anna put together:



Anna of Fash Boulevard says…

A day of shopping with the girls is a weekly occurrence for me, which means comfy chic ensembles like this are a fashion must. For a flirty look with just the right amount of edge, I layered on my LC Lauren Conrad Faux-Leather Motorcycle Jacket over my Bow Colorblock Top and bright colored Skinny Ankle Jeans. For a fashion meets function look, I rolled up the denim, along with the jacket sleeves and finished off my ensemble with some girly flats, a colorful scarf, and a bright green bag to add the perfect pop of fash to my mall-bound ensemble.ӬӬ

Sipping wine and having endless conversations with my besties always results in the perfect weeknight girl-fest. For this event, I accentuated my Bow Colorblock Top by layering a lace blouse overtop to showcase a hint of textural contrast. For a feminine touch, I added a flower pin, which offered a dash of spring against the edgy faux-leather jacket. To complete my nighttime look I rolled down my skinnies, added a pair of sky-high pumps, and an eye catching glittery clutch, which helped to perfectly transition my LC by Lauren Conrad pieces from day to night.



Jeanette of J’s Everyday Fashion says…

For this challenge, I imagined packing for a girl’s weekend. What items could I bring to save space in my suitcase, that I could wear for both shopping with my besties, and a girl’s night out? I decided to “pack” neutrals that could be dressed up in different ways. I chose the white Pencil Jeans, the gray Lace Poncho Top and the Filigree Cuff Bracelet. For shopping with my besties, I styled these neutral pieces into a 70’s boho look by adding a knit vest, plenty of fringe accessories and a braid in my hair. For a girls’ night out, I went for Miami glam by adding a sequin jacket, neon accessories and hot pink shoes. Each look has a totally different vibe, proving that these three pieces from the LC Lauren Conrad collection really couldn’t be more versatile!

Based on the photos and comments above, who do you think pulled together the best looks? Vote for your favorite in the poll below:

Once the votes have been tallied, we will ask both girls to do one final challenge. Depending on how well they did with today’s challenge as well as the next task, we will finally pick a winner!

So what’s in it for you? How about the chance to win a $50 Kohl’s gift certificate?!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Comment. Leave one comment below telling me your favorite memory from a recent girls’ night out.
  2. Pin. Pin your favorite dress from LC Lauren Conrad collection with the hashtag #LCKohlsFav in the description.
  3. Wait. I will announce the winner in next week’s Blogger Contest post.

Thanks again for voting!

XO Lauren

P.S. Last week’s $50 Kohl’s card winner is Nicole Taylor! Congrats!!

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  • Sarah Heckle

    LOVE how Anna styled those bright pink pants :) But again, both looks are fabulous!


    california runaways – new outfit post!

  • Liesl

    Anna’s outfits are just too gorgeous! I would wear both those outfits! My favorite memory from a recent girls’ night out, was when after a while of chatting, we realized that, boy, do we go into detail when talking about the boys…

    That’s my favorite thing about us girls hanging out together, we share ALMOST everything with each other! (Mostly good things, guys, so don’t worry!) πŸ˜‰

    Liesl xxx

  • Jessica H

    I love both looks it is so hard to pick! I have been a fan of J for longer though so my vote goes to her :) I love having a surprise girls night out for friends birthdays that don’t expect it. I threw a surprise dinner for my best friends recently because she had never had one and she loved it. It makes your friends feel special.

  • Lauren Hoffman

    Both girls did great! However, I can’t get my shop on in any sort of heel so I gotta give it to Anna.

    I don’t have one particular memory. All of my friends are crazy busy with life and scatter around New England. So when we all do get together, we always make sure the night is memorable!

    <3 Lauren
    “”I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.””

  • Nicole Van Haezebrouck

    I love J’s outfits!! Anytime I go dancing with my friends.. always ends up being one of my favorite nights out:)

  • Shelby Rector

    Again, Anna takes the cake! Love love love her style!

    My most recent favorite memory from a girls night out would have to be this past weekend when a few of my besties and I went to a bar to listen to this new band play. The head singer turned out to be so hot (though all of us are married) we couldn’t help but giggle and stare. Let’s just say we weren’t being very discrete and he totally caught us talking about him!! It was CLASSIC!

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    I would say that my favorite memory from a recent girls’ night out would be going out to eat, then to the comedy club/dance club with my BFF who came to visit me at college! It’s always a relief to step away from the papers and textbooks and catch up with your best friend!! :)

  • leslie schmidt

    My favorite memory would be catching up and seeing “”the hunger games”” with my girls! I loved that book and it’s so much fun to go with other people and we can enjoy it together.

  • Emily Edwards

    I love both of these girls but since we have to choose I voted for Anna, I’m loving those pink pants.

    A recent girls night out that I enjoyed included live bands, dancing and cocktails…my absolute favorite type of girls night!!!

  • Christine Rosko

    I love Anna’s look. My favorite girl’s night memories are the weekly Thursday nights I have with some of my greatest friends. There are five of us and we watch Vampire Diaries every week (it’s a tradition) and if it’s not on we have a movie night. We cook and drink lots of wine. There is always an endless amount of laughter and memories that come with each week.

  • Shannonmarie

    I voted for Anna yet again. I love both of her outfits. I totally want them in my wardrobe.

    I don’t get many opportunities to have a girls night out now that I am married with kids. I have fond memories of every opportunity that I do get to go out with the girls. The best ones involve singing and dancing :-)

  • Emilie v K

    Ahhwww :( I really liked “”Oh-So-Glam””!!

  • Petra Zeller

    My favorite is still the lovely Anna Hodge and I voted for her. I like her style and she do it great. I think she will win. Wish you all the luck in zhe world Anna <3
    xoxo, Petra take a look on my easter lunch review Post πŸ˜‰

  • Taylor Chryst

    My most recent girls night out memory would definitely be with my bestie. We went and had our make-up done (for free at the mall) and took a bottle of wine with us. Then we walked over to the closet restaurant and talked for hours reminiscing about old flings, college days mistakes, and f course our most current boy drama. It’s always the best to keep it simple and just enjoy laughing, good conversation, and drinks!

  • Susanna Hall

    First of all I must say, GO ANNA! Those outfits are amazing. I saw those pencil jeans on Kohl’s website and they didn’t look that great on their own, but seeing them on a person and put together in two fabulous looks, loves them! Lauren should really think about having her clothing line modeled more on Kohl’s website instead of having the clothes on a manakin or on their own, it really helps us imagine what we can do with the pieces seeing them put together like that. This challenge has really introduced me to some pieces of the collection I may not have noticed just browsing the website.

    Now since I’d love to win a $50 Kohl’s GC to get some pieces from the collection for myself, here is my story of a recent girls night out. Two of my friends and I went out to have a few drinks one night. We started by having a beer or two at a chill sports bar. We then moved over to this fun dive bar that is covered in inflatable beach balls and tacky lights for kareoke. We had so much fun singing and hanging out. We all got leis when we walked in and the bartender introduced us to french toast shots which are amazingly delicious and they light them on fire which is just fun! For my first song I sang “”So What”” by Pink and had a total “”Cameron Diaz in My Best Friends Wedding moment”” where I sounded terrible but the whole bar was clapping for me.

    I already pinned my favroite LC dress on My Style board on Pinterest with the hashtag #LCKohlsFav but I’ll pick a second fav and pin it today just in case. :-)

  • Ali Lindauer

    Such a hard decision! Although my style is more similar to Jeanette’s I thought Anna’s use of color was fantastic!


  • Chrissy Myers

    Once again, I have to go with Anna! Her style is very girly, and mixing the different hues of pink with the pop of green and gray is PERFECTION!

    My most favorite recent memory of a girls night is a bachelorette party I had for a good friend of mine.

    We got her closest friends together for this event (all 5 of us girls came from different areas – some of us traveled 3 hours, some 2 hours, but all from different directions which was SO special to her).

    We surprised her in the hotel room by decorating it with penises (of course), balloons, cake and champagne. We got her the traditional sash and crown and took her out to dinner before taking her on a pub crawl around the city. We also got her one of those bachelorette check-lists. One of the cities biggest/local DJ’s helped us achieve checking off most of the list, getting us free “”Sexy and I Know It”” t-shirts and of course, free draaaaaaanks! It was a great time had by all! Oh and of course, DANCING! :)

  • Madison Jerkins

    Anna’s look is really fun and flirty. My favorite memory from a girl’s night out would be laughing and having fun on the beach and meeting these Romanian guys :)

  • Angela Domenico

    My last girls night out was great because my friends needed a break from their hectec lives. We ended up playing pool and dancing barefoot (gross – in retrospect) at teh local pub. It was a great night for us to just be girls and have fun.

  • Lynn Alexander

    Love Anna! Favorite Girls’ Nite Out memory is from our annual “”wine and wildflower”” tour, we drank great Texas wine all day and stayed up all night having a PJ party and dancing to 80’s tunes!

  • Elisabeth Bender

    I don’t have many girls nights out…but just recently we celebrated one of my friends’ 30th birthday starting with beer, wings and basketball and ending with pool, shots and dancing. It was a great night!

    Go Anna! I love her pops of color!!

  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    This is really too exciting! I love Anna’s look and I really just love how she uses accessories! Good luck both of you!

    XO Kelley

  • Jerri Fitz

    Once again, I’ll be voting for Anna! Her outfits always fill me with the desire to get off the computer and jump into my closet. :)

  • Veronique Fontaine

    Anna it is again! Loving both her outfits!!!!

    My best friends are currently living in different towns so its hard to meet and have girls night out, but the great thing about true friends is that when we get together its like nothing has changed and we are as close as we ever were. Our last night out was a supper with great food and great laughs!

  • Tina

    Favorite girls’ night out was a few years ago when we all headed out to DC for a night of clubbing.

  • Vesna Budimir

    Anna’s style is just fabulous! She looks stunning!

    My last memory of girls’ nigth out is from last week. It was really fun night when we celebrated my and of my other friend b-days. We stayed at a great club and dancd all night.Can’t wait to repeat that soon. :)

  • Jillian DeBar

    1. My most recent girls night out story.. is hilarious. My friends and I were going to go dancing and wanted to try a new place that night. As soon as we got there, the only people we saw were around the age of 50. We looked SO out of place! We ended up at Miller’s Ale House and all shared a brownie sundae. Can’t say that I hated it either πŸ˜‰

  • Christine Stirrat

    My fave memory form girls night out was when my friends and I took over the stage at a bar and performed livin on a prayer. Everyone cheered and sang along with us. We probably sounded horrible but we had the best time and felt like rockstars for a night.

  • Martin M


  • Sarah Horton

    Jeanette is killin it in both outfits. When a girls got it, she’s got it.

    My last girls night started with a trip to the local martini bar establishment and ended with a good chic flick at the movies. Nothing like a tear jerker with your girlies to bring you closer together :)

  • Chris

    Anna is really a fashionsta, i think she got everything to become a fashion guru :)

  • erin

    both look fabulous! i don’t know how you could choose one! :) i’d pick both! :)

  • Rachael Yanta

    I LOVE a good girls night out! The most recent one I had was with one of my sisters and a good friend of ours. We started off with sushi for dinner, then went to a tapas bar for another cocktail, and then topped off the evening at another bar where I ended up on stage singing with the band! Was a super fun night for the memory books!!

  • Miu Berg

    It difficult because they both have great style! But I just adore how Anna uses so many colors and still pulls a transformation off…

  • Colleen Burns

    J is SOLID! She knows what’s up. Her distinction between night and day is so riventing. I adore how she went with the Lace Poncho Top and made it look completely different in both looks. That’s true style.

    ROCK IT J!!!!

  • Sarah Boucher

    Anna looks fabulous, i love her style!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Voted for Ana! My last girls night out consisted of some bubbly champagne, lots of laughing and catching up. I can never have enough of these!

  • Kiwi

    I’m a big fan of Anna so my vote does to her! Both fashionistas should be proud!

    My recent girl’s night out was to see the hunger games! We were all in love with the books and needed to see the movies! It was really fun! After, we went to TCBY which is a new yogurt place in town which was a great snack after a perfect movie! Needless to say, it was a perfect casual night out with the ladies!

  • Lacie Blake

    My most recent GNO was just me and my bestie went to lunch, ran some errands, and went to a movie. She lives 3 hours away so it’s the little things that count for us :) Even though we only had a few hours we made the best of it. I MISS HER SO MUCH!! We went and saw This Means War, freaking good movie if anyone was interested :)

  • Sabrinchen

    GO ANNA!!! I just LOVE the way she pairs her clothes with nice accessories and how she manages to combine different colors. She’s a real fashionista!

  • Amanda DeWitt

    My favorite girls day out was when we all got toghter to go brides maid dress shopping. We hung out all day and had lunch then went BM dress shopping and then real shopping at the mall. So much fun just hanging out and catching up.

  • Bianca Sanchez

    ANNA MUST WIN! πŸ˜€ and my favorite and most recent GNO was when we enjoyed our selfs at the carnival and had dinner and drinks <3

  • Karie Obremski

    This past Friday I went out with my best friend, we haven’t seen each other in a LONG time because of different colleges. We were eating sushi and just chatting like normal and she gasped and almost choked on her food! A boyfriend/girlfriend behind us were showing PDA like crazy!!! The girl was making out with the boy and sitting on his lap, laying on him, laughing, and it was just too awkward! Of course we made it out to be funny, though and kept laughing. Such a great time together. (:

  • Samantha Jemiolo

    Recently a bunch of the girls and I had a wine glasses decorating night. We brought out the glitter and wine and each decorated our own glass. It was an awesome way to catch up and do something new!

  • Karie Obremski

    This past Friday I went out for sushi with my BEST friend who I haven’t seen in a while because of different colleges. We were chatting and have a great time like usualy and enjoying each other because we’ve missed each other, when my bff gasped and nearly choked! A boyfriend/girlfriend behind us were completely showing PDA like crazy! The girl was sitting on the boys lap, making out with him, making weird sounds, laughing, and kept kissing and more and it was just so awkward. The two of us kept laughing at it and made fun of the fact, and went about our dinner. It was just so awkward, though! Hahah (:

  • Tracy Brown

    This contest is great for fashion bloggers!

    A favorite memory of mine was hanging out with my four closest girl friends, laughing and talking – like girls do best! A close friend of mine was visiting, so we met up at another friends house and had paninis and root beer floats. It was a perfect night!

  • Rosalina Felipe

    My favorite memory of a girls’ night out is when one saturday it was a last minute planning and my girls and I all came together and chilled at my friend’s house. There was cake, chips, drinks, games, and many fun memories that day. We all felt closer to each other, having so much laughs together, venting to each other and just having one of the best girls’ night out. I will never forget that day. This is why I am very close to these girls.<3

  • Camille S

    The last girl’s night we had was at a country night, I’m not big in to country music but, it was having so much fun I was actually line dancing in 5in heels!

  • Kelby Peachey

    Anna, you truly inspire me to push the limits of my closet and try new combinations!! Thank you for inspiring me once again.


  • Melissa Litchfield

    One of the most recent girls night out happened about two weeks ago, my best friend Sam and I drove up to Boston to see Giada De Laurentiis (my favorite chef)!! After the signing we went out to lunch, did a little shopping, and before we knew it it was dinner time. She told me that she had never been to any of the Itailian restaurants yet in little Italy, which shocked me, so I knew we had to go that night. I ended up taking her to Familigia Grigorios in the North End. She said “”OMG””, so many times while she ate the lasagna!! Fun times!!

  • ashisadoll

    Go Anna!!!!!!! Winning this is going to open so many opportunities for her. She is the next Rachel Zoe. xo

    My favorite girl’s night memory: they’re all my favorite. The clothes, clubs, drinks, pictures, texts, inside jokes. One that stands out is when a mean girl purposely bumped into my friend, so another friend may or may not have accidently spilled a cocktail in her Louis Vuitton neverfull tote when she wasn’t looking. Opps!

  • Kelby Peachey

    My girl nights always include my BFF Sam (whose moving in a few weeks, sad face), sushi, and then dancing. It doesn’t matter if its in our bedrooms with the music cranked up or a night on the town. AS LONG AS WE ARE TOGETHER!! I guess Facetime is in our future for girls night or the fact she’s moving close to LAS VEGAS!! YAYAYAYA!!


  • Courtney

    My favorite memory from a recent night out with one of my best girl friends is from a few weeks ago. My friend and I were on our way to a party and were stopped at a red light. It was a georgous day and we had the windows down and were blasting music. There were these two guys around our age stuck on the side of the road at a median trying to hail a cab. We offered them a ride to somewhere more safe and then just ended up giving them a ride to their destination. They offered to buy us ice cream at a local ice cream place and we ended up getting drinks with them and spending a few hours just chatting and having a great time. While it is important to be safe and not pick up randos off the side of the road often, being kind to people can turn out in your favor. Since that day, my friend and I have really expanded our circle of friends! :)

  • Stephanie Ann

    I love going out with the girls – things at our age start changing a little though. We are all married and starting families. The best time I had lately was at my friend’s wedding in Vegas! We were out all night walking the strip and having fun with our hubbies!

  • Stephanie Ann

    I pinned the LC Bow Pleated Ponte Dress. I actually bought it two weeks ago! I love it!

  • Melanie Ann Summers

    Love both the bloggers choices!!!

  • krisss


    my last favourite memory is from one of my bestie’s birthday party, we were playing guitar and singing .. loved it! so much fun!

    the dress i pinned out:

    oh and Lauren, the site you recommended ( – the funniest in a while. so thank you for a good laugh ^^

    and thumbs up for Anna Hodge! :)

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    I love them both, such a great opportunity though! :)

  • Brianna Moore

    When I rode my first mechanical bull at my friend’s bachelorette party. I’ll never forget it! Lol.

  • Marielisa Gomez

    Since we started college, my bffs and I always have a hard time planning a night out. But when we do, we have such a great time, reminding our best moments of high school and looking forward to the future, hopefully still together!

    My favorite dress from the Kohls collection is this:

    Congratulations blogettes!


  • Brittany M

    My girls night recently was actually going to see Titanic in 3D and it always seems better to watch a chick flick with girlfriends where you can truly get in touch with the emotion of the movie, than with a guy who is too prideful to show his emotional side. And we tend to laugh at the ridiculous things, too. =)

  • Lauren Pinchin

    Favorite girl’s night out memory was when I lived in England a year ago. Went out with my new friend (who has since turned into my bestie!) and we had so much fun comparing what it meant to be on a US vs. UK night out. I remember we went to a bar called “”Trebles”” that served ONLY three shots of liquor in these horribly sugary sodas– think Mountain Dew and Orane Fanta on sugar steroids. It was awful! After the third one, they tasted a bit better. πŸ˜‰

    My favorite dress is LC Lauren Conrad Floral Ruffle Dress– so unique! Feminine ruffles are enchanting but the slate gray tones it down. Love! #LCKohlsFav

  • Jennifer McCloskey

    Favorite girls night out: St. Patty’s Day with my girls ~some early shopping, dinner & drinks… just catching up & wearing cute outfits with some touches of green to celebrate the holiday:)

    I voted for Anna Hodge. Both girls look gorg, but I love the bright jeans this season & also loving the classy bun for evening!

  • Haritini Dimalexi

    Girls both of you are awesome…..But Anna Hodge you have such an amazing style….I just want your fashionable clothes…:P πŸ˜› <3 Good luck Anna....

  • Pepsigal

    My last Girls night out was when we all went to On the Border for drinks and chips/guacamole after shopping at Kohl’s. We flirted with the shy male waiter and one of my friends actually got a business card with personal phone number from an admiring male customer. Then, we headed over to a karaoke bar to end our night. This was a very memorable, fun Girls Night Out because we were all married with kids and we felt like hot mommas that night!

  • Sarah Hubbard

    My most recent favorite girls night was my sister in laws bachelorette party. It was fun because we had a small group and it was so simple and laid back. We played games, talked, and brought out some embarassing gifts and lingerie!

  • Stacy Kurtz

    My favorite memory from our last girls night out was that we all got together, went out for drinks and dancing at the casino, and my sister was able to be there.


  • Amanda Lehrke

    My favorite memory from my last girls night out…it was my friends 21st birthday and lets just say she had a little too much to drink and we couldn’t stay at the bar any longer haha! good times!

  • Ashton S.

    Favorite girls night out memory–4 of my friends and I went to eat & out to a bar. My friend needed some Tums, so we left the bar, walked to CVS and bought Tums, then went back to the bar. We popped Tums all night as a joke, and when guys came to talk to us that we weren’t feeling, we just pulled out the tums and asked if they would like some as well! It may sound weird, but it was a lot of fun, we laughed all night!

  • Abby Harding

    Good Luck Anna!! Beautiful looks as always!!

  • Gabrielle Echols

    Sushi and shopping! It was a perfect combination for a girl’s night out. It was so fun to just hang out with friends and not have anything to worry about (:

  • Ally McQueen

    My favorite memory from a girls night out was the night when my girl friends suprised me with concert tickets to my favorite band! Such a great night!!

  • Bunhead

    Dear LC,

    I think the winner is clear. The first 30 or 40 comments are always for Anna. Your most dedicated readers want her to be the winner. J’s style is amazing, but Anna’s got the voice that us fans want to hear. My vote is for her and has been.

  • Julie Gegich

    Best recent girl’s night memory was a friend visting from home. We went to a wine bar, chatted, and ended the night at a cupcake bakery!

  • gianna verheyden

    All the outfits look sooo good! But, I love the color pink, so GOOD luck Anna Hodge! To have 500$ worth of clothing from LC Lauren Conrad, I would be in haven. Whenever I go into Kohl’s, I go straight to LC Lauren Conrad collection. I absolutely love every single item.

    Sadly I have not had too many exciting girls’ night outs, (I’m only 17, but will be 18 in May). But one of the fun times I had was when my sister, my friend and I, went down to Belmont Park (an amusement park in San Diego). At night all the lights come on, and it was really fun. I loved the atmosphere there at night.

    As I said before, I love every single item form LC Lauren Conrad collection, so picking just one dress was hard. But, I plan on going to Kohl’s soon to pick up this dress I tried on a few days ago from the LC collection. I plan on wearing this dress for a babysitting interview; I thought it had the perfect look for this occasion. #LCKohlsFav

  • Nicole St. Hilaire

    my fav girl’s night out memory was from my bachelorette party! My girls took me to a exotic dance class, a tattoo appt. and then out on the town dancing the night away! some amazing memories were created that day!

  • Amanda Powers

    Favorite Girls night out is definitely Coctails with my ladies! Looking good and Feeling good as often as we can!! And Good luck To Anna! She is Awesome!

  • Lindsey Allison

    My last girls night out was actually a girls day out. We went to lunch and then to see a movie which was the perfect day. There was also shopping and Starbucks. It was a great a time and there were a ton of laughs!

  • PSKawaii

    Anna – she have very cute style. :)

  • Liz

    love anna’s night look! esp the shoes!

  • Jackiel

    favorite girls night out memory was recently when we were in Miami for a girls only trip. Had the best time drinking cocktails by the pool all day and enjoying each other’s company!

  • Dy Shiny

    who win 50$ Kohl’s gift certificate of the next week???

    my favorite memory from a girls’ nigth out is the graduation’s party of a friend of mine, I don’t see her so frequently because she lives in another town but we’re always best friends and that party was so funny and consolidated our friendship!!!! :)

  • Dosta Radnjanska

    The recent girls night out was sweet. I got back home from the capital, and spend the whole night with my girls and cheering with wine, catching up on latest events in our lives.

    BTW I love Anna.

  • Amber Welles

    Anna! Anna! Anna! I get on her blog everyday now. She’s already taught me so much about fashion. My vote is for her.

  • minniemariss

    I have 8 amazing best friends, and we recently took a girl’s weekend to San Diego! The best part was screaming Taylor Swift songs at a karaoke bar on our last night! And of course we all looked adorable. :)

    Both of these women are awesome! It’s so hard to choose!

  • Yamilet Escobar

    They both Cute and fashoin

  • Rachel B

    For my birthday we went out to eat and then to a concert! Afterwards it was pouring and we ended up getting soaked, but it was a blast!

  • Tatjana Kisler

    I like them bouth, but I think Anna from Fash Boulevard is a little bit better than Jeanette from J’s Everyday Fashion. I like Annas Style very much. It’s gorgeous and very pretty! The way she combine the clothes is just great! xoxo

    Hello from Germany!

  • Tatjana Kisler
  • Hannah G

    Last time my friends and I went out we couldn’t decide on where to go! We drove twenty minutes from our house and then decided to just go back since we couldn’t come up with anything good…. But we did go out for ice cream so it made up for it!

  • Helen Le

    One of my recent GNO involves 5 pounds of crawfish and 5 pounds of jumbo shrimp. My girls and I love to eat. What better way to catch up with each others’ lives than over seafood and good company.

  • Kristin Clark
  • Amany

    Last week my friends and I had a girls night out at my house and we did funny videos of us singing and dancing to Spice Girls music! It was soo much fun yet embarrassing to look over but I’m glad we did it!

  • kelley mitton

    Most definitly Anne – love the way she pairs her clothes :)

  • Jennifer Shirley

    I love the look Anna put together, she has my vote! And those color combinations are heavenly.

  • luckysista

    Fav memory from a recent girl’s night out is simply just being out with the girls, period. As you get older, you don’t get too many chances to meet up since life gets busy!

    P.S. Hope Anna wins!

  • Carly DiBraccio

    My favorite memory of a recent girls night out was going to a Phillies baseball game in Pittsburgh (this past Saturday). We then went to the casino after to have more fun! Going to the game was something different from what we normally do and it was really fun!

  • Nieszka

    Both looks a great but I prefer Anna’s. I love her fun and colorful style!

    My favorite memory of a recent girls night out was when I went out on the town for my best friend’s birthday. We had yummy food, had a couple of tasty and fun drinks, and danced our bums off! Best part of it was picking out our outfits that night!

    I love the LC Ruffle Chiffon Dress! so cute! <3

  • Rebecca Bliss

    love Anna’s style! so colorful and fun!

    last time I had a girl’s night with my besties we ended up staying in and making home made sweet potato fries and watching Arnold Schwarzenegger movies! Strange, but so much fun!

  • Pa mela Sanchez

    My favorite part about GNO is always getting ready together! My cousin and I got blowouts at the blow dry bar and sipped on champagne and then got ready and did our makeup together (with more champagne!) haha!

    My favorite dress is the Floral Ruffle High-Low Dress!

  • Laura Jean

    I Love both but I think J’s is more unique and looks like she’s in a whole new outfit!

  • Jennifer Kalawe

    Favorite memory from my girl’s night out… Bunch of my friends all finally all together wining and dining for my girl friend’s bachlorette party, then kickin it up and couple other venues and danced the night away! We even met a group of bachelors, from a bachelor party, and they decided to party with us too!

    Love Anna’s fashion sense!! Very eye popping, and always makes me give that second look! :)

  • Lauren H

    Love Anna’s!

    My favorite & most recent girls night out memory was from a few weekends ago. I had my bachelorette party with my girls. Went downtown Orlando VIP on Friday night then to St. Pete beach for the rest of the weekend & bar hopped. We had an amazing time & made some incredibly lasting memories! I’m lucky to have such FABULOUS friends! <3

    Even though it’s hard to choose but I’d have to say that my favorite dress from the LC Lauren Conrad collection is the LC Lauren Conrad Floral Shirred Dress! It’s perfect to dress up or down! #LCKohlsFav

  • Amy S

    The last girls night out with my bestie was SO much fun. She was visiting the city that I’m studying abroad in, so we got to go out and get drinks together. It was so nice to chat then go out dancing!

    I love Anna’s outifts a lot! She went the practical route for the Shopping outfit. Flats are easiest to take on and put back on, and they are more comfortable.

  • Brittany Quesenberry

    Favorite memory from a recent Girl’s Night Out…. Since most of my girlfriends and I are now married and have little ones- getting a GNO is a must every so often! Since we are all friends from college, one of my most favorite recent memories is reliving our highlight reel from the college days over margarittas! Laughter is truly the best medicine for anything :)

  • Heather E

    I love Anne’s use of color! My recent memory from a girls night out… it was a friends Birthday dinner. We wined and dined and then danced the night away. It was a perfect fit for this friends 26th Birthday!

  • Julia Barashk

    I really love Anna’s of Fash Boulevard looks! They look so comfy and wearable while still being very stylish and put-together.

  • Stephanie Ramsey

    Jeanette, I’m rooting for ya! I have been following your blog and facebook since round one and find your posts so inspirational! My wardrobe is transforming and I love it!

  • yelizaveta sviridova

    i absolutely love annes use of color and the way the outfits kind of came together!!! my favorite memorie from the last girls night out was on my spring break trip to springfield Missouri, i was visiting my family that lives up there and one of my cousins took me and a couple other friends and we went up to branson missouri and spend the day there, eating, handing out, and just plain having fun!!!

  • Leanne

    Yay Anna!! You look gorgeous!!

    Love from South Africa

  • Jaclyn Last name

    My most recent girls’ night out was for my best friend’s birthday in late March. Traditionally, we go out to a fancy dinner but this time we decided to keep it all in the family.

    Growing up we spent countless hours at her grandparents house around the corner from our apartment buildings. We loved that we had a lawn to play on and a fun spot for bbqs in the lazy days of summer.

    This birthday we gathered around her grandparents dining room table with home cooked Italian food and reminisced about our childhood and teenage years. We all agreed it was the best girls’ night we ever had and her grandparents agreed! :-)

  • Jaclyn Last name
  • Kaitlin Wertzbaugher

    my girl friends and i actually just took a trip for spring break and my favorite memory was just us letting loose and running aroung like we wefre little kids. i loved not worrying about how we looked.

  • Lindsay Jewell

    My girls and I were having so much fun one night being silly and speaking in a British accent. Well, we were browsing around a store, and a guy came up and asked if we needed help. A few of us answered, and we forgot to nix the accent for a second! Oops! We were laughing about it all night long! :)

  • Monica Herrera

    I like J style, I think is more drastic the change from day shoopping to girl night out!! My most recent girls night out was celebrating Spring breake, we like to rock the clubs and we just enjoyed the music, flirting a bit, but at the end its about us girls having fun, loosen up and just forget about life, dance together and laugh about everything what we love is to have as much fun as possible, of course the best part is the day after… it’s not as crazy as the Hangover but the stories are too fun :)

  • Kimberley Richardson

    Jeanette!! I LOVE the two outifts you came out with! I’m rooting for you and I have started to follow you on your blog as well. I love how your blog is set up and how well you are able to communicate fashion! :) Unlike Anna’s looks that I feel are close to the same thing… I know you had to use three of the same items, but with your three choices you were able to make it look like like two completely different outfits and they truly do have very different vibes. I could definetly see having some fun in the day of shopping outfit, and the second outfit screams girls night out.

    Good Luck Jeanette!!

  • Janey Moore

    I love Anna’s look! Those pastel jeans are awesome!

  • Julie Laba

    My favorite memory recently was when all of my best college girlfriends came to visit. We all went out for dinner and wine tasting and it was so fabulous to have all of us together to girl chat and catch up!

  • Jacqueline Dansereau

    My favorite moment from my last girl’s night out was when we all went to our favorite little local rock club and hogged the juke-box all night while we sang and danced to all of our favorite songs!

  • Rachel Trampel

    I am routing for Anna! I love her bright colors and flats and cute scarf accents are also my typical go-tos for shopping with the girls! (especially if they are visiting me in Minneapolis and we are taking on the Mall of America haha). I also love how she layered lace over her top for a night out, it created such a cute, unique look!

    My favorite girl’s night out memory as of lately was going out for Mexican food and margaritas. One of my friend’s forgot her ID so we were trying to convince the waiter it was okay but he didn’t speak English very well and just kept saying “”Tequila shots!”” everytime he walked by our table. I was hoping for a free tequila shot when he brought out the bill, but that never happened πŸ˜‰ Although it was quite funny!

  • Jaqueline Mendoza

    My favorite memory from a recent girls’ night out was at a ManΓ‘ concert with my siste. We were going back up our seats after getting some treats when they started playing my favorite song. I ran through a line of people and almost rammed into the rail. It was an awesome show, and even more fun because I got to share the experience with my two best friends, my mom and sister.

  • Michelle LaPorte
  • Rebecca Lawson

    Super cute outfits Anna! Best of luck to both ladies! :)

  • Dy Shiny

    In the previous comment I didn’t say: I vote for Anna!!!! :)

  • WahooW

    Girls’ wknd w/ dear friends who I met when living in Naples, Italy as military wives. We found the cutest German bakery & deli & art gallery (in Tennessee!) and ordered four completely different dishes which we all shared over lots of laughter and great conversation.

  • Bev

    My fave girls night out would have to have been with the gals from my family. It was my cousins (my age) andddddd my aunties and older aunties and Mom!! It started off with dranks at my aunt’s house, while we talked and remonessed about the “”good ol’ days”” which my Aunts loveeee to do together!!

    Then we ended up at a local club, which us younger ones thought would never happen since it was the hot spot for our older Aunts! Needless to say, we danced our taters away and had a grand ol’ time!!

  • Emilie

    I really like Anna’s style, it is so fun and girly.

    xo Emilie

    PS please visit my blog @

  • Danielle Winningham

    My favorite girls night out recently was when my whole women’s track team went to the beach for spring break. One night it was one of our teammate’s birthday and we walked from place to place to find the best restaurant and we found this great sushi and teriyaki place right on the ocean. It was really affordable and they gave you so much food you couldn’t finish it all, it was delicious! After we ate we tried to get this man to take a picture of the group and he was like “” I hope I can do this, I’ve had quite a few.”” We all kind of looked at each other awkwardly and started laughing! All in all our teammate had a great birthday. Nothing is better than being at the beach surrounded by your friends and going adventuring.

    This is my absolute FAVORITE dress in the LC Lauren Conrad line! It is classy, cute and sophisticated. I love love love the little bow on it! This dress reminds me very much of my fashion icon Audrey Hupburn! You could add so many other pieces like colored tights or one of those super cute cropped plaid blazers to give it a different look too!

  • Sung-Yeh Nordquist

    Team Anna all the way! :-)

  • Gina Mackey

    My favorite girl’s night out would have to be after we Passed in Review from Basic Training and landed in Great Lakes, IL. I was very lucky to have my best friend from my company get stationed with me at school in Chicago. We obviously went shopping for clothes to wear and we ended up at Ed Debevic’s for the world’s best hamburgers and milkshakes. While I can’t recall every little detail, it remains one of my favorite memories of a girl’s night out since it was the first time in 3 months I was able to go out and the first time in 7 years I was back home in Chicago.

    And my favorite fashion blogger has to be Anna. As I have stated, she has shown that her style is timeless and ageless. I can, at my age, wear what she has on and it would look classic and timeless on me too.

  • Diana Trotter

    Congrats to both ladies for making it to the final stage of the blogger contest!

    My favorite girls night out was more like a girls day out that lasted all weekend! My maid of honor and best friend took me and my two stepdaughters out, along with her three year old daughter, for a great day of jewelry making and hand painting pottery. We had lunch, laughed, made memories and then went back to her house for more fun with scrapbooking and watching movies.

    It meant a lot to me because she included my stepdaughters and we will always share that memory together. xoxo

  • Beth P

    I love both but Anna’s style is just so effortless!!

  • Donna F.

    My fave recent memory from a girls’ night out was the moment I saw friends who I have not seen in over a decade! Priceless!

    I love all of the LC Lauren Conrad, so it’s really hard to choose, but this is my fave!

  • Becca Waldron

    Recently I went out to eat at a delicious Italian restaurant in Boston with some of my girls. I was up there visiting a friend that attends college in Boston. I think the best part of the night was just being there with my friends! It was such a cute place we had all never been to before. We got put in the basement where after half an hour it was just the 4 of us eating there. We all got dolled up for our outing and had a BLAST.

  • Leah Buckland

    Love Anna’s look…fab!

  • pam. Rios

    I love being with my girls because they make everything better. Recently we went to a famous restaurant in my city and we chat about everything, boys, clothes, fashion, movies and all that stuff that the girls love. Then we walk around the mall and we see clothes, and we go to the movies were we saw the hunger games. I’m not the tipe of girl that go out to a disco or something like that, that’s because im not 21 so i dont like to go out. I think a girl need to do what makes her feel better, and this kind of girls night make feel happy, go to the movies, go to a mall, go to a restaurant, and just have fun like a girl can do.

  • Martin M

    Both are fantastic. Love the lace piece of Anna

  • Amy Comerford

    Recently I went out with a group of my girlfriends , we got dolled up , had pre drinks and headed out it was such a fun night all we did was laugh It was great to forget about everything else and just have a good laugh with my besties!


    This is my FAVOURITE dress! I love how cute and girly it is!

  • Lyndsee Burleson

    my favorite girls night out I had recently was with my best friend who lives in NY and I live in Arkansas and I got to fly up there as a Christmas present to surprise her and I hadn’t seen her in 2 years. It was perfect. we stayed up late in our pjs like teenagers at a sleepover talking “”life””.

    and this dress is my favorite because it’s super cute and flirty and would look so cute on every body type!!

  • Vans

    Recently I spent the night with my mom, my aunt, and my younger cousin. We went to a movie tavern where each seat in the theater had a tray. When you sat down you ordered from a menu and the waiters and waitresses brought your food out during the previews so you could eat while watching the movie. We saw Titanic in 3D. It was so much fun and the food was great. And I loved spending time with the girls in my family.

  • Holly Zajac

    My best girls night was tappas night in McMinnville, Oregon. We keep it low key.

  • Courtney Fallon

    My most memorable girls night out recently was traveling to Hawaii with a good friend to visit our best friend for her birhday. She was living out there having a hard time making friends on the military base so it was very special for her to have us come out. We were able to experience the night life in Waikiki and just have a blast dressing up and traveling from bar to bar and having a fabulous time!!

    I loved how Anna used more of the clothing this round and it showed how her style still has that bright pop of color. Her style transitions so easy from morning to night with the added accesories. Jeanettes style is very pretty and simple and put together. I loved how the sequined jacket really made it feel like a night on the town look ready to dance! Both of the girls are doing a great job, it’s making my voting difficult to decide. Good luck ladies!!!

  • Stephanie DiMaggio

    Love what your doing with this blogging award! Love Anna’s blog!

  • Brittany Thompson

    I love Fash Boulavard’s outfit designs. The colors are so flashy and eye catching.

    I just had a girl’s night this past weekend, we drank wine and danced to music. It was a wonderful time and very much needed.

  • Amanda B

    I had a recent day out with the girls, we rode our cruisers around the beach and had a few bloody mary’s! It was fun just to get out, enjoy the weather and do something active with a little drinkie poo thrown in the mix!

    I originally have been pulled towards Anna’s style and voted for her but my voting today was a little different. I knew who I wanted to vote for but I just randomly asked my boyfriend which outfit set he liked the best and he said ANNA! I knew there was a reason I liked him. :)

  • mara sofia

    I love both styles. But i go on Anna :) The colors make me fall in love ! Good Luck garls!

  • Melissa mould

    I love fashboulevard, it’s a blog I follow and is definitely a winner in this comp :)

    My UK style blog is x

  • Stacie

    My most recent girls night was actually a night in. My old college roommate was in town, and I hadn’t seen her in over a year. So we put on our jammies, opened a few bottles of wine and watched our Razorback football team kick butt. We had so much fun, and now I miss her even more :( but it was a great night!

  • Erin Kynett

    My friends and I live pretty far apart now that we all are “”grown up””, so the last girls night that I had was around Christmas time. We watched Christmas movies, decorated my tree and drank martinis! It was so much fun! Thinking about it now is definitely making me want to plan another girls night asap! :)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I was at the Book signing in Lexington, I hope my vote for Anna counts today! ;0) Anna Killed this challenge, hands down!

  • Erin Tannehill

    Definitely Anna! She is the epidimy of this challenge! She is all about the girls and their day out on the town!

  • Emily Geaman

    Jeanette’s looks are adorable, but I have to vote Anna– the shopping outfit it adorably preppy and classic, and the girls’ night out is too fun and girly!

    Best GNO I’ve had in a while was super silly, but so fun. A girlfriend and I got Greek food and saw Beauty & the Beast 3D in theaters– such mature twenty-somethings :)

  • Lita Gribben

    I guess my favorite moment from a recent GNO is just being out, haven’t been going out much the past few years.

  • Lindsey Burnam

    The last girls night out I had was for my best friend’s bachelorette party. We went to the St. John’s Town Center located in Jacksonville and had a scavenger hunt planned for her. The tasks included kissing & making a wish on a bald man’s head, sitting on the back of a motorcycle, acting like a bridezilla in front of a crowd of people, and many other embarrassing tasks. However, she enjoyed every moment of it and never complained! After, we had a wonderful dinner at Maggiano’s followed by her lingerie shower with yummy cupcakes, plenty of lingerie, and hiliarious games. It was good innocent fun before her big day!

  • twincii

    My most recent girls night out was for a gala. We danced and had a lot of fun… It started out bad but we made the best of it…

  • Kate B.

    My vote goes to Jeanette. Her outfits feel more replicable, like I could pull them off for myself, & she writes in a voice that feels more honest & personable. I really hope she wins!

    My favorite recent girls night out was actually… at a wedding! All my best friends were there, & it was the epitome of perfect.

  • Keisha Joy Brooks

    I recently joined the Little Black Dress Club and we had our first girl’s night out at a local bar. It was during a sporting convention and I can’t tell you how much fun we had making bets and flirting with the men, including our body builder friend from Ireland.

  • Jacy Tilton

    Tonight I’m going out to a cupcake shop with my best friend who I haven’t seen in a few weeks and I can’t wait to catch up with her and indulge in a yummy, fancy cupcake!

    I pinned the LC Lauren Conrad Accordion-Pleated Maxi Dress in “”Warm Taupe”” :)

    ~Jacy Tilton

  • Kendra Oatis

    My favorite GNO memory happened just last week. My old college roomie and I decided to go to happy hour at a new bar in town, followed by seeing Beauty & the Beast 3D at the $1 movie theater in town. We love going out on the town and doing ‘grown up’ activities, but we also think it’s important to nurture our inner-child; besides, what girl doesn’t love Beauty & the Beast?!

  • Jenny Anne Sturges

    I voted for Jeanette because I like that her style is young and fresh but still appropriate for me as a 43 yr old. My favorite GNO memory is going to a local brewery with my sisters and friends the day I took the LSAT to get into law school. I even wore my white jeans that night! Its never too late to follow your dreams — I entered law school at 41 yrs old and am loving every minute of it!

  • Catalina and Diana Candela

    Both bloggers are great, however I had to go with Jeannette because she really changed up the look by adding bright pieces to a neutral pallette. I love it and would TOTALLY work it for a GNO! My favorite memory from a GNO was for my sister’s bachelorette party!

  • Chelsea Skeels

    My favorite girls night was probably my Bachelorette party a few months ago. It was not anything like you would think…we went to an amazing Greek restaurant where they teach you to belly dance and throw hundreds on napkins in the air and yell “”OPA!””. Then we went back to our hotel and gorged on oreos and pink grapefruit margaritas while watching “”Bridesmaids””. Great night, with great people :-)

  • S Woodson

    My most recent favorite girls night out was for bookclub. We met at a fun resturant to discuss The Hunger Games. We had so much fun talking about the book and eating yummy deserts. Lots of laughs!

  • Sarah Estes

    I work alot so GNO are rare for me. It would be hard to name just one but I can definitely name a few. One was when me and the girls hit the road to VA Beach for a Zac Brown concert. We had a blast. I can also remember a night last summer when we all got together for dinner and sat there until the place closed at 2am, laughing, talking, and drinking wine. I love my girls and miss them so much.

    I pinned LC’s Colorblock Pleated Shift Dress!! Love, Love, Love!

  • Marcia Whitney

    Loving Anna’s outfits. Once again the colors are amazing, perfect for spring! I love how she transformed the outfit from day to night. Flats to heels are a great way to do that! Anna’s got my vote!

  • Emily Volling

    For each challenge I’ve had to give it to Jeanette, not only because I think her outifts are more replicable and practical for any girls’ closet (not to mention gorgeous) but I feel like she fulfills these challenges the best in creating two outfits that look different from each other. In her first look, I can’t imagine a better casual outfit to go shopping in, it looks chic, comfortable, and effortless. And her girls night outfit is fantastic! I wouldn’t even know that she was wearing the same shirt in these two outfits! This girl knows how to use accessories, between the bright belt, shoes, and that incredible statement necklace she transformed these pieces into outfits that are not only fashion forward but beautifully sophisticated.

    And my last girls night out was a little fondue get together, that resulted in all of us eating too much beer bread, drinking a touch too many bottles of moscato, and indulging in our guiltiest pleasure, Vampire Diaries. (Ian.Somerhalder. Need I say more?) :)

    And I’m currently in love with this dress, and don’t know how long I can hold out not buying it!

  • Ariel Hadwiger

    My favorite girls night out memory was late one afternoon when my best friends and I decided to head to our local bar for drinks instead of shopping. We ended up spending the entire day laughing together instead of spening all our money at the mall. It will be one of my fondest memories of our friendship for a long time. It was so refreshing!

  • Becky Nicholas

    Girls night out memory was making the coffee shop stay open an hour later ‘cuz we were chatting it up! The guy working was happy to oblige. Fun group of girlfriends!

  • Amy Frecks

    My favorite recent girls night out was when my 3 sisters and my 3 sisters in law, my mom, and I all went together to the supper and then out to a movie. All of the kids stayed home with our husbands. It was super calm, relaxing, a little crazy, and so much fun! I love reconnecting with all of them!

  • LilLily

    Voted for Anna, love her blog !!

  • Mandy Kendzora

    GNOs are becoming more rare in my life. My core group lives all over the world now. We used to have a rule though. Everyone would order a different dessert, after a few bites, we would rotate. Sweet memories. :)

  • Mckenna OKeefe

    The last girls night out I had was probably about 2 weeks ago, I went to Garden State Plaza to shop then my 3 other friends and I went out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. After, we all went to see The Hunger Games, which was amazing!! We all had so much fun, like always :)

  • Danielle Leach

    My favorite girls night out was probably new years, me and my bff met up with some friends at the banque and left around 11:30 we got back to my house right at midnight to see the ball drop with my sister and cheersed to really bad jello shooters that were probably way to old. we then went on to playing just dance as more people came over and we partied till about 5 in the morning then we all woke up around 10 and sang and danced as we cleaned up the next morning. It was one of those one in a lifetime memories that you recap for the rest of your life. (the good and the bad)

  • Carly R

    My favorite girls night was probably a month ago when a group of my friends who I went to elementary school had gotten together. Over the past few years of high school my class has endured several tragic deaths within our Class of 2012 student body. Just this past December one of our close friends, Taylor Fleming had passed away in a car accident. My girlfriends and I thought it would be a good time to come together and reminisce on both Taylor’s beautiful life and also on childhood memories. It was great to see them and be able to reminisce on joyous memories even in a time of mourning. It is always great to see long lost friends every once in a while!

  • Barbara G

    Based on that green bag alone I had to go with Anna.

  • Lucy Springett
  • msnew007

    We got all dolled up and went to our fav sushi spot, Toyko Garden, we eat and drink until our little hearts on content. Best part is we get to escape from reality for just a couple of hours!

  • Erin Falacho

    I still love Anna Hodge outfit the best. She use a lot of bright colors that I really love. She knows how to put an outfit together easily and fun! She is fun to look at and she seems to be the most alive gal in this.

  • Beth P

    Love both girls but I’m so team Anna!!! #GoAnna

  • Ashley Holland

    OH MY GOSH!!! Favorite girls night out….Well.. I’m a new Mommy, so girls night outs come far and few between. However, the one that comes to mind was about 3 months ago. A few friends of mine from grammar school got in touch with me to say congrats on the new baby. They had said that they wanted to take me out for dinner and drinks. By this time, I was so IN and ready to talk to some other adults. Don’t get me wrong, Nick JR is great to watch ALL DAY, but Mommy need some “”GIRL”” time:) My girl friends and I spent the evening discussing our past, present, and future. After a few drinks, AMAZING food, and lots of laughs I headed home. It was a great night that was much needed.

  • Brigid of Small Town Fabulous

    I think Anna’s is by far the best. My most recent girls night out was probably a few months ago when we got sushi and saw a movie at the local theater.

    We usually just have a girls night in- meaning we all bring candy and watch chick flicks and talk until we fall asleep.

    Here is my pin:

    And here is my blog (I’m having a giveaway, and I follow back!)

  • Layla Boliha

    My most recent girls night out was last weekend! A little hectic to say the least– First, I had to go out to dinner with the boy’s parents and then later that night it was my friend’s 21st birthday celebration. Talk about outfit dilemma. I had to go straight from dinner then to a girlfriends house! So what would work for both occasions? I wore this adorable coral Calvin Klein Dress with a cute blazer over it! (the CK dress was snagged from Burlington of all places for a steal πŸ˜‰ I wore my hair waved and wedges, with a chunky necklace of course. It was perfect for dinner with my boyfriends family and a night out with the girls! We had a great night, too bad someone bumped into me and spilled their drink on the new dress– I have great luck, dont let that fool ya πŸ˜‰ The stain came out though!

  • Closet Fix

    Hi All,

    I think both girls did an awesome job. If I had to choose which is super hard since I think both ladies did an awesome job, I would select Anne Hodge. This in no way takes away from how fab Jeanette is! As a personal style blogger I can totally appreciate the effort that the two ladies put into these challenges. Well done!



  • Melissa Panici

    My favorite memory of a girl’s night out is when I went to some campus bars with some girls from work and a couple of close friends. We all had such a good time together and laughed a lot. I know this seems like a typical night out but my friend who passed away from cancer was there and we had great memories with her:)

    Here is the link to my Pinterest for this contest:)

  • Vanessa Gatlin

    My most recent memorable girl’s night was my Valentine’s Day date with my best friend Megan. We were able to set aside our busy schedule for the most romantic night of the year and caught up over a beer tasting and sushi. It was a delightful way to spend quality time with a friend!

    Read all about it here:

  • Theresa Moriarty

    Once again my vote goes to J. Anna’s outfits are cute, but I find her blog to be less accessible for the average girl. I wish she’d actually let you know where she finds items or how looks could be recreated on a budget. J gives you the inspiration to find things you love in fashion and apply them in unique ways.

  • Colleen Burns

    J, all day, errrryday!! See what I did there?

  • Elisee prummel

    My vote goes to Anna,
    I love her daytime look!

  • Ashley Landon

    My friends and I try to make time for each other in our busy schedules as often as possible. Not easy but we try! Our favorite is the “”girl’s night in””! We each buy a snack or a bottle of wine and play board games or watch corny movies our men would rather skip! Every now and then we may go dancing but I want to chat and catch up not lose my voice yelling over a loud club.

  • Brittny Cantero

    My favorite girls night out memory was to celebrate my leaving to Europe for the summer! I was 19 and in college. I had the world ahead of me and I was so hopeful. I’ll never forget the laughs and dreams we all talked about. Everytime I get discouraged, I go back to that moment :)

  • candyheyn

    Well usually my friends and I go out dancing or for dinner but on sunday we did something very unusual for us. we went bowling. NO make up, no dressing up, just us in these ( really ugly) bowling shoes, having an amazing time. we ate pizza, laughed and just had the best time ever. Its so nice to do something low key and just with your girlfriends!

    My favorite dress:

  • Pepsi Reed

    Anna’s style is so pretty! She adds color and it makes her bright and beautiful! I love this dress and I might wear it to my baby shower saturday!

  • Megan Gardner

    My favorite recent GNO was seeing The Hunger Games with 2 fellow teachers in the middle of an afternoon :) A nice break after a busy day with the kids!


  • Samantha Szczender

    My favorite GNO was when all of my girlfriends from college went to a country bar! Going to a college in central Illinois forces you to fall in love with country music and the laidback lifestyle. So we went deep into our closets in search of daisy dukes, floral dresses, plaid, and our boots. We had a ball line dancing! Definitely a night for the books!

  • fashionsontop

    I loved Annas outfit!!:)

  • xeriinnicoleex

    my favorite GNO, was at christmas when my girlfriends and i took a trip to NYC, to see the tree and walk around Manhattan at night! it was freezing but absouletly beautiful! we drank starbucks and took in the holiday cheer that is always present at rockefeller center! (:

  • Alexis Mendez

    My favorit memory of one of my recent girl’s night out is when i went shopping with my best friend! We had such an amazing time giving eachother tips on what to wear and how to wear them while we were going through the stores! Always keeping in mind the wonderful tips we get from you Lauren<3

    This my favorit dress from LC in Khol’s! There is nothing like having a wonderful black dress that can be used in so many ways for ether a night out to dinner or just another day with the girls!

  • Amanda Nissen

    My favorite girls nighr out was when my friends and I went to a club in SF. We danced all night long, it was so fun! :)

  • irena zavrou

    Oh my gosh !!1 I follow both blogs but now I have to choose between them ?!?!?

    anyway as for the comment … my favourite recent girls night out memory was when I wend out of town to visit my girls without my fiance !! Although I always miss him to bits, being in a bar just the 5 of us without guys and enjoyng wine and listening to good music .. The best thing was that we know the bartender and the guy booking the reservations from college so we got VIP treatment all the way :)

  • Kellie Norton

    Anna Hodge kills me, she’s so fashionable and adorable!!!

  • Ashley Jones

    My favorite girls night out memory was meeting up with all my girlfriends over winter break, getting all dressed up and going to dinner and just catching up! So fun!

  • Ally N.

    My favorite GNO was getting together with all my girlfriend’s for the first time postgrad. We came together for a birthday, but we shared memories of our four years together and who we were and who we are now.

  • debora f

    My favorite night was some time ago that I saw all my friends! amazing night

  • Lelia Williams

    My favorite GNO was a blast!!! Carnival-type music and dancing, pink champagne and someone got pants-ed along the way…. :) priceless.

  • Ali

    My favourite memory from a girls night out was dancing with my best friend and her awesome aunty and also playing games like ‘Have You Ever…’ on the same night. What a bunch of dags we are! So much fun!

  • Elizabeth LaBrasca

    one of my most recent girls nights incorporated running into our guy friends from high school, one with his new girlfriend who was amazing, we loved her and now have a new girl for our next girls night that hopefully the boys won’t crash =)

    xo Elizabeth

  • Morgan Cook

    need fashion or beauty advice? check out my blog!



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