Tuesday Ten: Old Trends Die Hard

Remember when you couldn’t decide which Hansen brother you wanted to marry? It was a time when the Backstreet Boys were “back”Β (back from what, I still don’t know) and you had to learn the moves to Britney Spears’ newest music video before you could show face in P.E. the next day… These are the things that marked my years as a tween. My days were marked by bouts of anxiety as I raced home to tune into TRL so I could watch Carson Daily count down the same 10 music videos. Every. Single. Day.

I was your typical girly girl in middle school–caught up with friends and especially trends. It’s funny looking back. At the time, fads seemed so cool that the thought of them going out of style didn’t seem possible. Needless to say, as time would tell, trends die out, leaving those who once enthusiastically embraced them slightly embarrassed to admit they were once fans… Below are 10 of my formerly “favorite” fads from my tween years:

  1. Roll-on glitter. You could never have enough…
  2. Scrunchies. If Clarissa wore it, it was a hit in my book…
  3. Butterfly clips. The more, the better!
  4. Brown lipstick. No comment. (Mother: Why?)
  5. Soda can tabs. No accessory was complete until it was adorned with one of these guys…
  6. Slap bracelets. I think these are illegal to bring to school now.
  7. Tattoo-style chokers. I used to buy these by the bushel at Claire’s…
  8. Spice Girl inspired footwear. Not sure how I convinced my mother to let me out of the house in these things…
  9. Best friend necklaces. Funny, I’m still best friends with a few of the girls I shared these with…
  10. Last but not least… Jelly shoes! Okay, these definitely pre-dated middle school, but I couldn’t resist including them.

What’s an old fad you cannot believe you loved from your elementary or tween years?

XO Lauren


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  • Sarah Heckle

    OH my goodness. LOVE this post. Hahahaha. These had me giggling out loud. I collected Bath and Body Works roll on glitter like it was my job. And butterfly clips! I’d wear those all over my head.


    a call for your trinket submissions! – new post!

  • Lupsie

    Wow wow wow!! Love this post! I used to rock those chocker necklaces with my ball chain necklace (I was more grunge than Hanson and BSB (LMAO)). The jellies seem to be making a comeback, I recently saw a marc jacobs pair but more refined and chic lol. OH and those platform sneakers…yeah I used to have the steve madden ones. Ah the 90s and early 2000s.

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I think I wore every one of those trends! Except I can say, I never fell victim to the fake tattoo chokers… ;0) I never liked them ha ha ha… And I remember the jellies I used to wear in Kindergarten!

  • Caitlin McGillicuddy

    These are too funny! I especially remember the roll-on glitter… for some reason, it was a huge trend to wear stickers near the corners of your eyes! Don’t forget about the stick-on earrings!


  • Amanda Ebersole

    I absolutely LOVED this post Lauren! I remember so many of these things! Especially the glitter, butterfly clips, and those silly tattoo chokers! and those spice girl shoes, o m g! haha loved this post, thanks for the laugh! :)

  • Leila Green

    OMG. This post just took me back to days I had COMPLETELY forgotten about! Butterfly clips!!!! Oh my goodness…. The standard half up / half down style with the little butterflies clipped about every inch?! (On top of the Bath & Body Works scented roll on glitter tube that I kept in my “”purse””) Man those were good times. Thank you for this!! haha

  • Amy Breckenridge

    haha this definitely brought me back to elementary and middle school :) all of these things were cool when i was growing up including white eyeliner (ew!!) and wearing your hair back in the tightest ponytail with gallons of hairspray to shlack it back! haha :)


  • jessi mccormick

    baahaha I am literally laughing so loud in my office right now- This post is so (sadly) true! Love it-made my morning!

  • Erin Tehan

    This is definitely a GREAT post! So many memories. I was atually thinking the other day about how I used to wear butterfly clips and wondered “”Why?!”” This post has really helped start my Tuesday with a smile and a laugh!

  • Rachel Moltz

    I love this post!! Scrunchies were my fav! Every Friday night my mother would take me to Claire’s and I would stock up. I still have my old Hanson shirts…perhaps it’s time for me to break them back out and start a fashion statement!

  • Emmy Wong

    Heehee..I remember the brown lippie:)

    Anyhoo, I’m a lot older than most of the readers here, but I did a blog post about the stuff I used to wear back in the day…ahem…


  • Michelle Petrovic

    I had all of those things!

  • Amanda DeWitt

    I wore the eye glitter, white eye liner, toe socks, butterfly clips in my hair every day for a year, tight poney tails with lots and lots of hair spray, key chains on the back pack (with bff ones) and many more things I’m sure. This post made me laugh!! :)

  • Marci Gallun

    ROLL ON EYESHADOW. I want to say it was from bath and body works. Why was it so epic back then?

  • Giulia De Luca
  • Katherine Cavanaugh

    oh my god Lauren, I am guilty of every single one of these!

  • Cherie McGlone

    LOL!! I had most of these also – tho no Jelly shoes or Spice Girl shoes for me :) hehe

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    omg I loved the spice girl shoes!!


  • Rachel Trampel

    Oh wow… these are all hilarious! I went to a private school up until 8th grade and I remember that butterfly clips were banned for being “”too distracting”” but I LOVED wearing them! Tattoo necklaces and slap bracelets all the way too! :) Oh and totally guilty of roll on glitter… the more glitter the better!

  • Brittany Dahl

    OMG this was hilarious. Is it bad I did all those trends lol! Glitter, butterfly clips, and spice girls shoes were my life back in the day. Oh wow, I can’t believe my mother allowed me to walk out of the house. haha


  • Alba Cuci

    Oh the memories!!! So embarasing! I definitely had #7. Can’t even believe it now!

  • Susanna Hall

    Good memories on most of these! I definitely rocked all of these except maybe the brown lipstick and soda can tabs. In high school I also went through the Hot Topic phase of baggy jeans and those ball chain necklaces.

  • Ana Castilho

    I wore the jelly shoes!


  • Melissa Panici

    Oh wow this post takes me back! lol. I think the Jelly Shoes were what I loved back in my tweens. Thanks for sharing!!

  • pretty3tweety

    Funny, we had the same things in Slovenia (exactly πŸ˜‰ ) too :)

  • Alison Blaker

    Oh my goodness! I had all of these fabulous items too!

  • Erika Piercy

    Whatever I still buy best friend necklaces!

  • Michelle LaPorte

    This is sooo funny because I had every single one of those items. I would wear the tattoo choker and the butterfly hair clips all at the same time!!


  • Joan Eils Mammen

    I’m truly happy to know that i wasn’t alone withe these thing.. lolz .. Although I had a time when I wanted to be a Chinese, so I went to school with Chinese sticks in my hair .. πŸ˜€

  • Aparna Bankston

    I love all those things! But really, so many fads from when I was a kid are coming back – like keds without socks, day-glo and neon wear, the original tom-cruise ray ban sunglasses, etc.

  • Stephanie Lauren

    I had everything but the ring tabs. This is like seeing the 90s flash by! I also had leggings and bike shorts in every colour and pattern :)

  • Madeline Woo

    I think I still love jellies…..

  • Marielle van Gorkum

    hahahaahahah omg!!!! so true! funny to see!

  • Krista West

    Oh man, this post brings me back!

    I definately wore a thousand butterfly clips in my hair, but I also was a huge fan of putting tomagachis on my belt loop. Yeah, embarassing.

    I loved my jelly shoes, Steven Madden is trying to bring them back. My roommate owns these and I like to borrow them every now and then =]


  • Kylee Kozisek
  • Amanda Lehrke

    OMG ALL OF THIS hahaha but I’m seriously guilty of roll-on glitter, tattoo chockers, spice girl footwear, jelllies and the best friend neckales….what was I thinking?!


  • Tina Rush

    How about the frosty silver eyeshadow? And the Aeropostale visor hats? My friends and I had one in every color and matched them to our tank tops haha!

  • Miss Ci

    Don’t forget the puka shells, Lauren! =) This post is awesome.

  • Amy S

    I have sooo many of those butterfly clips kicking around! I really should get rid of those…

  • Liv Birch

    I always wanted the Spice Girls shoes. So one day my mom and I went to the store. While I was trying on a pair of purple plastic platforms, my mom asked the salesgirl — with a little wink, that is: “”You probably don’t have these in her size, do you??”” And nope, they didn’t.

    It’s probably a little mean. But now, thirteen years later, I couldn’t be more thankful to my mom for not letting me wear these things, because know on all my childhood photos there is a little five-year-old with really cute sandals.

    But then again, it probably would’ve been amazingly cute to be a five-year-old WITH these purple plastic platforms..

  • Tiffani Stuart

    @Marci Gallun– I think, “”BECAUSE”” it was from Bath & Body Works, it was so epic…. We were JR. High kids w/limited funds (most of us, at least, lol). If it was a “”Brand Name”” or found in a Mall, it was a huge deal, lol.

  • Zoe g. Bullard

    These are bringing back so many memories! I actually found a pair of jellies flats at a consignment store a few years ago and they were pretty cute πŸ˜‰ Super flared jeans and Sketchers combat boots were also very cool at my middle school!

  • Martin M

    Love the best friend necklace…Oldie but Goldie I think. Just perfect.



  • Tiffani Stuart

    @Emmy Wong- Your blog was great! I didn’t laugh too hard… Well, at some points, I did, lol. I do want to say, that the Monochromatic look is coming back, so you may be able to bring back your Pink on Pink on Pink, lol…. except no Yellow hair, ok? lol

  • Brittany Knight

    Yes! HAhah everything you said, plus a rolly bookbag and Gel pens!

  • Christine Rosko

    Hahahaha I had most of these! I remember jelly shoes used to give me blisters but I wore them anyway. I loved the slap bracelets and glitter though. It was awful but I have no regrets haha

    Please check out my spring fashion post when you have a minute!


  • Miranda Worsley

    Don’t forget LISA FREAKIN FRANK! She was my first favorite designer πŸ˜‰

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Anyone remember those horizontal striped Union Bay cotton t-shirts (which I always had the urge to call “”Onion Bay””– b/c I’m dyslexic, lol) ??? We used to wear those in every color, lol. With Jeans, a courdoroy skirt, or jean skirt… Man… And I was going to say Combat boots, too… Which reminds me of my FAVORITE LAUREN quote… Ahem…

    “”Homeboy wore Combat boots to the Beach… I know you don’t wanna call that your boyfriend. “” ha ha ha

  • Katjusha Bricman

    So funny how some of those things were popular here in Slovenija as well :)

    I used a lot of roll on glitter, had Scrunchies to match my outfit, I still have those butterfly clips somewhere :)) Tattoo style choakers were popular here as well, I think I had 2 only.

    Hahaha spice girl inspired footwear, I had that too :))

    Best friends pendants :I yep, I had those too, but those friends aren’t best friends anymore.

    I had jelly shoes too, but rarely had them on, I was jumping around bare feet and I got Echinoderms needles in my feet all the time

  • Ruth Bethany

    Hahaha! I laughed out loud remembering these oh-so-fun-and-terrible-fads!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane and here’s to never wearing butterfly clips and scrunchies ever again:)

  • laura sacco

    old fads that went through my tween years:

    -roll on glitter


    -lisa frank lunch pals (with the thermos!)

    -any clothes from childrens place or KOHLS! (kohls is still a favorite though:) )

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Oh — and Kristin Cavallari used to wear the stupid Tattoo Chokers in Laguna Beach, and I used to think she was sooooo out of fashion, lol. It was well past that trend. You see our Lauren wasn’t sporting them, anymore, lol.

  • Jules

    Gel pens were awesome but they never worked! I don’t know what it is with gel’s in the 90s but they were always a fail. jelly’s were extremely painful on the jungle gym, but everyone worn them anyways! I guess we all knew at an early age that pain is beauty? hahah

  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    I was obessed with butterfly clips and jelly shoes! LOL this is so funny, I was an avid user of roll on glitter and scrunchies as well!

    XO Kelley


  • catherine Abou Rjeily

    i used to collect posters and stickers of my fav stars like BS, and listen to their cassetes..

  • Megan Yellowhorse

    I use to love N’Sync and wear tons of glitter to match my outfit. Also, I me and my friends were into the JNCO jeans. What was I thinking, LOL. This was a great post Lauren :) Made me laugh!

  • Margit Doerner

    I looooved slap bracelets when I was young :-) And did you have chewing gum cigarettes in the U.S.? We all felt like the coolest in the world. HAHA

  • Petra Zeller

    Haha thats really funny. I wear a lot of Tattoo Style Chockers :) now I think that was really bad :)

    xoxo, Petra


  • Rachel Sanders

    haha this made me laugh so hard! I think I followed all of these trends at one time or anouther- how ridiculous it seems now! Funny thing is we may be looking back in 10 years time thinking how ridiculous the trends just now are!


  • Amy

    Overalls. Remember those?!

  • Jessica Poole

    Feather pens like they had on Clueless were all the rage!!

  • Emmeline Staelens

    This is hilarious!

    I can vision myself years ago… πŸ˜‰

  • Alexa Orr

    I’ll never forget my infatuation wiht platform sneakers, N*SYNC cassetes, butterfly clips, and my obsession with tatoo chokers- I had one in multi-color! We grew up in a great era.

  • Jordan Bulbrook

    I LOVED my bell-bottom jeans that were embroidered with designs like flowers and butterflies. Pre-dating middle school all my friends had clothes from a store called Northern Getaway that featured things like the “”Catstreet Boys”” and “”Mice Girls”” with little cartoons on the front. I only wish that I never got rid of them!

  • Shelaine Morrison

    I was so into the butterfly clips. It was ridiculous! I can’t believe I wore those “”skater”” vans with the big V on them…. I had to have them… they made my feet look even bigger than they already are!

  • Lissette Sarti

    this post gave me a good laugh. haha. i suffered from some of the same trends.

  • Lizzie

    I love this post! Brings me back to childhood! I think I followed each of these trends at some point! Ah the good old days hahaha

  • Lauren Conrad

    So glad you guys like my list! I had the best time putting this blog together :-) A few items that almost made the list: overalls, feather pens, lip smackers…

  • Usha Ohwoisi

    Jelly Shoes were amazing and then just generally glitter anything! At my school we also had a think for clip in coloured hair with gems, we thought they looked great probably not so much haha

  • Joseph DeBone

    Hi Lauren!

  • Usha Ohwoisi

    And hey from the UK Lauren :)

  • Alexandra Avril

    Hey Lauren πŸ˜€

    candy or soda flavored chapsticks… and home-made friendship bracelets!

    Much Love!

  • Carly DiBraccio

    Wearing Bra straps as a necklace was a fad too!

  • Carly DiBraccio

    Wearing Bra straps as a necklace was a fad too!

  • Joseph DeBone

    Lauren! I just have to tell you that I love you! I have gotten all of my friends to watch all your stuff! Please like this post so you know I exist! and please follow me on twitter @joedebone

  • aranya keo

    This definitely brings me back! lol…Remember the Nanopets?!


  • Amanda Ebersole

    omg, feather pens made me think of gel pens.. those were big when i was in middle school! haha all the teachers hated them b/c they were so bright!

  • Lesne Hernandez

    soo many memories thank u LC u are the best

  • Lauren Conrad

    HA! @Aranya Keo- Yes! Nanopets! Oh wow… That really brings me back! How about Frubies!?

    What about movies…? What were your favorite movies from your tween years?

    I was obsessed with “”10 Things I Hate About You”” and “”She’s All That.””

  • Joseph DeBone

    Jurassic Park, Titanic, and Forrest Gump

  • marcipanvd

    my 90s: baseball cap turned backwards, bib jeans, overall, and my mum says: don’t forget about “”the Rachel hair”” :) and everyone in my class had a 3-level-Disney-pencil case…

  • Joseph DeBone

    Hey Lauren! Isn’t it funny how when you look at a pictures you can usually tell what year they were taken just because of the style of clothes. I just think about how bad I use to dress when I was like 13 and how embarrassing it was… can’t believe my parents let me out of the house looking like that!

  • Usha Ohwoisi

    Down To You was also a good movie it was all about Freddie Prince Jr in the 90s

  • Susie Leckie

    Does anyone remember Dunkaroo’s?! The cracker / cookie thing you would dunk into frosting??? Someone reminded me about that just the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it…. Or the TV show “”Action League Now”” oh why did we have to grow up?!

  • marla

    those smelly pens, casette/cd walkman, tamagotchis! ahhh the 90’s

  • Tessa Reynolds

    I definitely rocked just about all of these when i was young, epecially the chokers!

  • aranya keo

    LOL, yes! Those were classic 90’s movies! Ah, so nostalgic!! :) I liked Never Been Kissed!

  • Tessa Reynolds

    Tamagotchis anyone?

  • Tessa Reynolds

    loved titanic. classic! Lion king…

  • Lauren Sybert

    @LAuren Conrad

    I was trying to explain furies to my coworker who had NEVERheard of them before last week! The more I tried to explain what they were, the crazier I sounded! Haha

  • Lauren Conrad

    @Susie- Dunkaroos were my favorite! A few years ago me and my friends went hunting for them… ended up finding them at Gelson’s randomly :-)

    @Tessa- Oh yes, Titanic was the best!

  • Sina Stetzelberg

    Haha, in Germany we had totally the same stuff in this age, like you american. AWESOME!!! But we only had one song from the Hansons and I am so happy that I figured out since I live in the states, that they are still making music! Love it!
    Thank you Lauren for all the great posts! I love to read them!
    Greeting sina

  • Tessa Reynolds
  • Lauren Conrad

    Need to get back to my Paper Crown fitting! XO

  • Lot Franken

    Lol! I used to wear those butterfly clips all the time. I must still have them somewere.

  • Stephanie DiMaggio

    ohhh the 90’s were such a great time!!


  • Lauren Sybert

    @ Lot Franken -me too! :)

  • Elizabeth LaBrasca

    hahaha i loved reading this list, i would have to say mood rings were a daily staple to my fashion routine for awhile, definitely with the choker necklace and jellies! also wore those mini-backpacks that drawstring shut with the flap over? or there were those purses that were see-thru and plastic or furry haha def all from Claire’s. Now I have upgraded my jellies to J.Crew’s rainboot flats <3

    xo Elizabeth


  • Mandy Sikder

    OMG I DID ALL OF THAT and I still love jelly shoes!!!!

  • Reese Edgel

    Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren along with doc martins

    and even earlier the big jeans

  • Mariya Petrosyan

    OMG!!!! soooo true!!!!!))))))))))))))))) I did almost all of thaaat!!!!!

  • AnselSf

    Hahaha, all these were sooo cool!! I used to have a tatoo like bracelet that I wore in my right foot all the time, no matter how much my parents hated it and I just lost it on 2008 on the beach… those waves. B-)

  • Jerri Fitz

    @Susie: ACTION LEAGUE NOW!!!!! Quite possibly the most hilarious show of my childhood – I used to watch that alllllll of the time!

    And Lauren, so glad to hear I’m not the only one who wore that horrid brown lipstick! I was just talking about that with an old friend this weekend and we were cracking up over this picture of us going to our first “”party”” wearing spice girl platform shoes, metallic brown lipstick, and green & pink highlights in our hair. Ohhhhh the 90s……..

  • Jerri Fitz

    Not to mention, once I found out Justin Timberlake’s favorite color was baby blue I only bought and wore baby blue clothes. My blue obsession got so bad that the boys in my class started secretly saying “”Code Blue”” everytime I walked into a room. A guy friend told me that a few years ago and I still shake my head in shame. The things we did for *NSYNC!

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    Oh my goodness! I used to love jelly shoes so much! I went through all of these fads as well and I can’t believe I went out of the house.


  • Jessica E

    LOL… Oh sweet memories.

    As ashamed as I am to admit this I would strut out of the house with over-alls and clogs. And of course said outfit was completed with the glitter and butterfly clips. Hello hotstuff!! (HA!)

  • mara sofia

    Oh My Good Lord Lauren! My old fads were, Lipgloss with flavors, the Butterfly Clips, and Tattoo Style-Shockers! πŸ˜€ (ahah!)

  • StyleAt30

    OMG! Haha! Great job reminiscin’ Lauren β™₯

    I grew up in Manila and we wore almost ALL of these (except for # 5) there as well!

    I was inspired by your pink blog last week and did one on my own:

    Thanks for sending us style affirmations all over the world. β™₯

  • Blair Arms

    My friends and I were talking about this today!!! We did all of those things too!! I don’t know why, but I remember wanting an arm cuff (Like sporty spice), and a belly chain! I also thought I was so cool wearing the metallic/glittery lip gloss!

  • Holly

    was just talking today about trousers with skirts attatched :-)

  • sofis

    haha so funny! in sweden it was very popular to wear what we called “”jazzpants”” some sort of dancing pants. the most popular colour was of course black but we also had them in grey, blue, pink and red.

    I also wore the tattoo inspierd chocker. the buffalo shoes from spice girls, and we also had the hair mascaras. do anybody remember them?

    love to talk about and look at pictures of what we had on when we were kids :)

  • Eliza Zamora

    I used have all that except the lipstick!

    Check this blog out!


  • Natacha Barbosa

    the best are the tattoo style chockers, we had in brazil too!!!

  • Nathalia

    lol Yes, @sofis, I too remember hair mascaras. I thought it was so cool to have yellow or blue streaks of colour in and @holly I did have pants with skirts attached, even though I wasn’t even a tween anymore then.

    I also remember wearing funny patterned leggings with huge t-shirts (like almost to the knees) with Minni Mouse on them, a lot. And bow-hairaccessories that were made of clear plastic and had colourful pearls in them that rattled as you walked. I was so cool.

  • Bev

    OMG I’m working on a vlog about old school childhood trends, and slap bracelets are soooo in it!! I love the jellies, and YES YES YES to glitter everything!! Remember the glitter gel you can buy in a tub? I used to spread that over my eyebrow lid and eyelids like it was eyeshadow! LOL… AND colored eyeliners were sooo in!!

    Love remonessing!

  • Katie N

    Hahaha roll-on glitter and butterfly cips were to die for! I remember having those little nano-baby games that I would hide in my locker to check on during recess. Too funny!

  • Brigid of Small Town Fabulous

    I remember crying because those jelly shoes cut up my feet but I still wouldn’t take them off.

    Still have a cheetah print slap bracelet by the way!


  • Christina Graci

    colored hair mascara!! soo bad


  • Monica Castillo

    Omg Lauren, thank you for the flashback!! I was a fan of all 10 you posted! Hilarious!!! I remember when I was in jr high being obsessed with anything and everything that had the word “”Princess”” on it!!

  • Kelly Burt

    This was so much fun to look at. Thanks for sharing this Lauren! I used to use the roll-on glitter when I was in 5th grade and I thought it was the greatest thing. I used to wear scrunchies and tattoo-style chokers as well. I also used to have a slap watch instead of a slap bracelet. I wore it all the time in middle school… and of course I had jelly shoes in every color. I also wore those jelly bracelets too, in middle school.. couldn’t get enough. I also had white sneakers very similar to those as well.. and how could I forget those ridiculous platform flip flops?? I thought they were the coolest summer must have.

    I used to wear purple and blue eyeshadow in my middle school years and let me tell you… I did not know a thing about make-up in those days. It looked terrible and I can’t believe my mom would let me leave the house with that on my face. I do however, have to say that those white sneakers were very comfortable to wear. I owned several pairs.

  • brianna winnie

    every item on this list, i’ve made my mom buy for me when i was younger. thank Allah that my fashion style has changed majorly :) it was cool back then but when i look back i realize that it looks beyond tacky :(

  • Emilie

    tattoo style chokers! haha I remember when they were so cool!

    What a fun post. It is a great blast from the past.

    xo Emilie

    ps check out my blog @ http://www.hungrydelights.com/

  • carla gentile

    OMG hahaha this brings back soooo many memories!!

    From all the things you listed above, I had them all except the brown lipstick, the soda can tabs (thou all my friends and schoolmates wore them, I always hated the way they looked!haha) and then the Spice Girl inspired footwear.

  • ilovemakeup5

    Oh my goodness! So many memories. I had them all except the brown lipstick.

  • Ava p

    haha that awkward moment when u see someone wearing jelly shoes in 2012

  • Maria Abbruscato

    I remember these trends! They were around for my preschool through first grade years haha πŸ˜‰ oh and my tween trend I remember was Nike shox and webkinz!!!! I remember EVERYBODY had a webkinz- starting in fifth grade haha! My tween years started in 2006

  • Liesl

    OH GEEZ! Elementary school flashbacks! πŸ˜€ I’m embarressed to say that I had ALL of these items at one stage in my life. Good times!

    Here’s my Top 10 Tuesday: My Favorite TV Shows


    Liesl xxx


  • Barefoot Duchess

    i have owned and worn most of them, except #5 and #6

  • Gina Mackey

    Well, considering my age, I wore some weirder stuff than this! : ) I used to wear Annie overalls (HATED THEM!) and cordoury bell bottoms. Does it get any worse? :) LoL

    If you go to my blog http://fashionablyforty.blogspot.com/ you will see some of my greatest hits! :)


    Unbelievable! I had a blast running down memory lane. Oh how sweet and innocent life was to be the cool kid on the block. Love your selections. I had the biggest sneaker and book bag fetish. They both had to match the outfit that I was wearing.

  • Rroosh Nikac

    OMG this makes me want to go back to my younger days so much! i was obsessed with Jelly Shoes! I think I had like every color

  • Jay

    Such a peeeerfect list =)

  • Shinz H

    Lol the Jelly shoes for sure and the even sold them where I’m from in the Rastafarian colours! Good memories. My sister and I used to fight over the sparkly butterfly clips because we’d always try to get new ones and then lose them lol
    Great list!

  • Heather Henderson

    Omg, I love this post! I totally rocked the butterfly clips, chockers, and definitely the roll on glitter haha. So funny!


  • JennySue Makeup

    oh the beloved scrunchies, def wore the mess out of them. but my personal favorites from the 80’s were “”multiples!”” you could wear these articles of clothing any which way you wanted, a tube waist belt could become a skirt or a tube top!


  • Beth Schilling

    Umm.. I STILL can’t decide which Hanson brother I want to marry. :)

    I wore all of those things on your list!

    Item to add: DOC MARTINS. I had the shoes AND sandals and still was jealous when my friends got a new style!

  • Anne Ligon

    I’m pretty sure I wore/did all of these… hahaha. I’m surprised my mother allowed it either.

  • Jordana

    This is hilarious! Every single one of them! :o) my coworker still wears scrunchies…ewww.

  • lynnlib810

    I was so embarrased because I was guilty of at least 3 of those things..

  • Chloe Santana

    omg! everything on this post! especially butterfly clips!

  • steadydreamer

    I remember all those crazy fads from when I was younger! It’s crazy how much people really change over the years… and mature fashionablly.

  • Ivana Hargasova

    Oh, how I love this post, it reminds me of my own teenage years, when I loved exactly the same things! I mean, roll on glitter? Tattoo necklaces? Scrunchies? Been there, done that, and every time I see a photo from that time, I either laugh out loud or cringe :)

    xx Ivana


  • paola nvr

    Oh my!! I jus didn’t wear the jelly shoes!! and the soda can tabs! but this post totally reminded me the good old days! πŸ˜‰

  • Elisabeth Dydland

    I actually wore (and loved) almost everything on you list when I was young! The funny thing is that Im Norwegian, so these aweful trends were to find all over the world?!

  • Philippa Levitt-Harwood

    I remember those jelly shoes very well! I had sparkly yellow ones. :L

  • Becca Waldron

    Wow I am guilty of like 7 of these as well! Hahahha never got into the brown lipstick though. I was going to say the chokers but then I saw you took care of it! I also got the choker style bracelets & rings! This isn’t an accessory but I used to always wear my hair in a high side ponytail. Looked like I was Kimmy from Full House or something! Oh growing up in the 90s…good memories.

    PS still an obsessed Britney fan!

  • Lizzy Spence

    Jelly shoes! I loveddddd my Jellies. Even as a little little girl i always had a pair of little jelly flats:) I still see them around and i love it! Of course i dont wear them anymore but i still like seeing them.

  • heidi kokborg

    oh my god, I really love this post! I remember the “”friends forever”” necklace, me and my best friend used to wear it every single day when we where kids! :)

  • Karen Silva

    OMG!!! I used many of them hahaha!!!


  • Karen Silva

    OMG!!! I used many of them hahaha!!!


  • LK

    I felt naked if I left the house without glitter on. And I always had a glitter stick in my purse to touch up in-between class.

  • Shellz

    lol a trip down memory lane… i was obsessed with jelly shoes back then.. gosh* I wldnt be caught dead in them now

    New Post ..March Favourites:


  • China

    OMG does anyone remember the stretch pants with the elastic band on the bottom so they didn’t ride up your leg?!! I had EVERY color in those and wore those with KEDS for like a year! LOL…ahhh memories!

  • Sara Sawasaki

    GUILTY of all of these. & My mom wore brown lipstick!! This is one of my FAVORITE Tuesdays Ten!!

  • Susan Westrell

    Not brushing my hair.

    …I don’t know if it was an actual trend, but I thought it was when I was a kid.

    Also, mismatched socks. :p I accidentally turned that one into a trend at my school, just because I was too lazy to match them.

  • Emily Callaghan

    Aww the roll on glitter i definitly agree with! i was addicted to it! and for some reason it never ever ran out!
    Also the tattoo chocker…why i ever thought that looked good ive not idea?

    I also thought little plaits dangling in front of my face looked good- haha i was the height of fashion at the time! :-)

    Cute post!


  • Lisa Berry

    Baggy jeans omg would not even touch them now… It’s skinnies all the way!! xx

  • Vivien Harmat

    God…I had the space girl shoes and I loved them. Had the chokers too. They were fun and it was on every girl in my school πŸ˜€

  • Claudia Merrill

    its funny because even when I was at primary school are 2000 and onwards these trends were still around! haha jelly shoes were my fav when I was 5 :)

  • Vanessa R

    Ah! This really hit home! I’m guilty of all of these things! It’s so funny to look back and think how obsessed with these “”trends”” we were! haha

  • Liz Ashbaugh

    Love, love, LOVE this Tuesday Ten! Probably my favorite one yet. :) It was great to be reminded of some of those silly things that seemed SO important… Thanks for making me smile!

  • Melanie Jong

    hahaha, i had these all when i was younger! so funny :)

  • Casey Lynn

    Oh. my. gosh. BUTTERFLY CLIPS! I was obsessed with those!


  • Chastity Martin

    It’s funny cause I don’t remember jelly shoes after early elementary school, had several pairs. (Yes, I’m an ’80’s kid). I LOVED my scrunchies. Had all types. I thought I heard somewhere they were making a comeback.

  • Mindee Krymer

    Hey hey! Don’t knock Hanson! I’m still a fan! Going to see them in Jamaica next January! :)

    Love the nostalgia of this post though. Despite the bad fashion, I wish I could go back to those years. Life seemed so much more simple!

  • Gabby Castellano

    ALL OF THE ABOVE! lol love it Lauren!!

  • Brittney Gabrielson

    I loved everything about this post! Talk about a blast from the past! It’s interesting to see the same trends that were popular in CA when you grew up, were also popular where other girls grew up as well.

  • Suzy Zhang

    haha! i used to have all of these! xD please comment on my newest post :)


  • Morgan Cook

    need fashion or beauty advice? check out my blog! http://thecurlyq.wordpress.com/advice/

  • lorena duarte

    Im crying this is too funny. Im pretty sure I still have some Spice Girl inspired footwear. Roll-on glitter was the iiish tho hahaha

  • Cathy Trinh

    I had SOOOO many butterfly clips when I was little!

    I also had a lot of those clip in beads you clip onto little strands of your hair! πŸ˜€ LOL.

  • kristen michelle

    I plead guilty to all of these trends! I secretly still wish they sold roll-on caboodles glitter at Target….

    K. <3 http://platformsandpearls.com/

  • lovebby4708

    I agree Lauren, all of the above besides the lipstick and the spice girl shoes. I cannot believe that our parents let us have those different things.

  • Hildystar

    Who made the sparkly, neutral dress Lauren is wearing in the top photos?

  • Alexandra Kiladjian

    I use to love wearing the butterfly clips, but not the ones posted. The clips I wore actually fluttered their wings and were always designed very pretty. I would always get them in blue. Now looking back…I have no idea why. hahaha

  • Amanda Martin

    Just another reason to love you… lol

    Lauren loved and remember all of those :)

    Thanks for bringing back teen years hahaha

    @Alexandra I had the exact same ones…just I would get diff colors haha

  • Sarah Travis

    OH MY GOODNESS! I had ALL of those things!

  • Nina Hilden

    Roll-on glitter, tattoo-style chokers, spice girls inspired footwear and best friend necklaces were a big hit with me and my friends. We all had those especially if we went to disco.


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