Kohl’s Craving: Ruffles & Tulle


When I design for each season of my LC Lauren Conrad collection, there is always a story behind it–an inspiration. We put together “trend pages” that are essentially inspiration boards. For March, the idea was summed up as “Malibu doll.” Think dressed up but with a girly and flirty innocence. Lots of delicate lace and tulle details, bows, vintage prints and ruffles. If I had to pick one piece that embodies “Malibu doll” it would be the Ruffles and Tulle Dress.

Here’s a peek at my March 2012 inspiration board:


I absolutely adore the Ruffles and Tulle Dress. It’s one of my favorite pieces in the March collection–it’s just so pretty! The ruffled front adds a light feminine flair that’s contrasted by the flirty cut and vintage-inspired print. I particularly love how we blended two materials, chiffon and tulle, to give the dress a bit more depth.

I designed the Ruffles and Tulle Dress because I always have a tough time dressing up for daytime occasions. While it’s easy to dress up for night, it’s tough to do for day! Whether it’s a wedding shower, a special brunch, graduation or something that requires you to dress up a bit more during the daytime, I think the Ruffles and Tulle Dress is perfect. Simply pair it with a neutral shoe like I did (see photo at top) and you’re ready to go. Needless to say, the Ruffles and Tulle Dress is not solely for dressed up daytime wear–it is very versatile. I also like to wear it with ballet flats and a cardigan for more casual outings. Or I pair it with neutral heels and an ivory blazer, which is perfect for a breezy spring or summer night.

If you love the Ruffles and Tulle Dress as much as I do, click here to snag your own and order today!

What’s your Kohl’s craving this week? Tell me in the comments below for a chance to win a $50 Kohl’s gift certificate. I’ll announce the winner next week.

The winner of last week’s $50 Kohl’s card is Kristin Albrecht. Congrats!

XO Lauren

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  • Melissa Panici

    I am in love with this dress Lauren! Definately going to buy it now. My Kohls craving is now this dress and also these shoes! http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/shoes/PRD~971243/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Platform+High+Heels.jspThank you so much:)

  • Heather Lay

    I think the dress is very pretty!

  • Liesl

    Want that dress for sure! So pretty!

    Liesl xxx


  • Sarah Heckle

    I think I NEED this dress. My blog is called Tulle and Trinkets — and I don’t think I actually have much tulle. Haha

  • Kinz

    I am for sure craving the bright colors. I can’t get enough of them! You look gorgeous! love you

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I am in love with this dress. I bought it 2 weeks ago and it’s so cute. When I first saw it, I knew I had to buy it. I also bought the heels that are in the pic and I’m so glad I did. Thanks for designing wonderful things Lauren!


  • Marielisa Gomez

    Absolutely LOVE the dress! It’s so feminine!! My current cravings are this beautiful Pleated Mixed-Media Tank and this Lace Mixed-Media Top. Both of them are very much my style.



  • Stephanie McDonnell

    Sweet! I was thinking I needed those pink pumps you are wearing for spring. Low and behold, you sell them! I think I will snatch those soon for an upcoming photo shoot I am doing. Thank you!


  • Richelle Baker

    I love those shoes in the picture above! I am really craving ruffles, Maxi skirts & pink fushua colors.

  • Ashley S Wilson

    I have really been craving some neutral flowy tops to go with all of my new spring colored skinnies! And I’m on the hunt for the perfect springy dress for a wedding in May. The Ruffles and Tulle dress will be absolutely perfect for the event!!

  • Lainey McLellan

    I love the floral denim shorts and the scalloped denim shorts. You did a great job with picking nice floral prints this season. They are femine without being too juneville. thanks for making great clothes at affordable prices!

  • Eileen OConnor

    I’ve been craving colored skinny jeans lately and I love your mint colored ones!

  • Danielle

    I love the dress above, but I’m also kind of in love with this hi-low one of yours! I’ve been wanting to try this style out for a while now but hadn’t found one I loved until now! http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/dresses/PRD~1002733/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Floral+Ruffle+HiLow+Dress.jsp

  • LeslieBell

    I love this dress..perfect for spring.

  • Kylee Kozisek
  • Shelby Rector

    I LOVE this look! I already have the shoes, I just need to purchase this fabulous dress!!

    Right now my current craving is this chiffon pleated cardigan–it’s perfect to put over a dress with some heels or pair it with skinny jeans & ballet flats.. I have to have it!! http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/whatsnew/PRD~1002638/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Chiffon+Pleated+OpenFront+Cardigan.jsp

  • Ktd Marie

    My current Kohl’s Craving is your Floral Ruffle Hi-Low Dress. The hem line is incredibly flattering. I love the versatility of this piece as well. Looks amazing with a white fitted blazer and wedges for the office or by itself with a pair of flats on those warm spring days we’ve been having in upstate NY! LOVE! http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/apparel/dresses/PRD~1002733/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Floral+Ruffle+HiLow+Dress.jsp

  • Jaclyn Schler

    Bright colored skinny jeans! Especially loving mint colored denim right now.

  • Amie Grzesik

    I just bought a few new tops yesterday from the LC line at Kohl’s! One is a coral, short sleeve, floral v-neck. The other is a blue, long sleeve with the shoulders out! I can’t wait to get them and wear them! The LC line is absolutely my style and I LOVE it! :)

  • Jessica Gonzalez

    I really want color block wedges to match my colored jeans. I’ve been meaning to get them but I just haven’t gotten to it yet!

  • CChrist

    i LOVE that dress! I’m in desperate need of a cream/white blazor for a great summer look.

  • Robin

    I am craving these floral denim shorts!! I love the girly print and I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer again so I can start wearing shorts like these:


    …SO CUTE! I already have jean capris, pants, tank tops and a blazer from your collection and honestly I always look forward to going to Kohls to shop your line specifically because they always fit me so well. I can tell that you make clothes you would wear because of how they fit me! Thank you for that :)

  • Diana Peralta

    Im craving the Bow pleated ponte dress and the chiffon pleated open-front cardigan. I might be placing an order today!

  • Carly DiBraccio

    This is my Kohl’s craving this week! I recently bought this dress and I love how it can be casual, yet you can also dress it up. Plus, I love the way it flows when you move :)


  • Stacie

    I’m really loving the LC Lauren Conrad Polka-Dot Pleated Dress – I’m thinking about getting it to wear to my little sister’s HS graduation in June.

  • Danielle English

    My current Kohl’s craving is your Skinny Ankle jeans in Mint Green! Very springy, happy, and I love the way your jeans fit me perfectly! I can’t get enough of the colored jean craze!


  • Kelby Peachey

    This dress is very beautiful. I think this would go well at a baby shower too. :) Your spring collection is STUNNING!! I never, ever say this, but I want everything in the collection. I love your LC Lauren Conrad Cable-Knit Pointelle Sweater and the LC Lauren Conrad Silver Tone Simulated Crystal & Simulated Pearl Flower Ring

    Not quite sure how you’re going to top this season!! Just stunning!!!!

  • Stephanie DiMaggio

    I am loving the white jeans and brown platform shoes from the LC line! It is an amazing and easy combo for the spring and summer weather!


  • Rach

    LC Lauren Conrad Bow Pleated Ponte Dress in Crysanthemum!

  • Karie Obremski

    I just love your ideas and whimsical, yet neutral and pastel prints. Your Kohl’s line is wonderful! I have 2 current Kohl’s cravings (:

    The LC Lauren Conrad Floral Accordion- Pleat Dress http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/apparel/dresses/PRD~1009617/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Floral+AccordionPleat+Dress.jsp


    the LC Lauren Conrad Butterfly Shift Dress Set http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/apparel/dresses/PRD~1013948/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Butterfly+Shift+Dress+Set.jsp

    These 2 dresses will both be my summer staples!!! (:

  • Karie Obremski

    (: (: (: My TWO current Kohl’s cravings are

    The LC Lauren Conrad Floral Accordion- Pleat Dress


    the LC Lauren Conrad Butterfly Shift Dress Set

    These 2 dresses will both be my summer staples!!! (:

  • Karie Obremski

    How is a girl to choose just one craving from your Kohl’s line?! (: Love alllll the pieces!

  • Karen Silva

    Lauren, you look amazing as always :)


  • Tamie Konzier

    Totally craving the white flared jeans to wear with a chambray shirt!


  • Elisee prummel

    Those dresses are amazing!
    I Love the way you’re wearing him at the pic.

  • Elizabeth Edwards

    I am absolutelyyyy loving your platform dress sandal in cognac!! i got paid today an am going to get them after work because im completely obsessed and have been looking for something just like it :)

  • Morgan Hohbein
  • julief

    Definitely craving those adorable skinny ankle jeans in the mint color! They are so perfect for spring!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I love that dress, too!! And I love even more, that you’re so thoughtful about what you design. Basically, “”if I’m [Lauren Conrad] having issues w/finding appropriate things for daytime occasions, maybe others do as well.”” Then you put it into your line. That’s wonderful! I’d love to hear more stories about where your inspirations come from, in you line.

  • tmd636

    I love that dress…fun, flirty, and a little bit romantic.

  • A.Lowell

    Love the cognac platform sandals! keep up the good work!!!

  • Tina Rush

    I’m craving your Butterfly Chiffon top set! I love the pale peachy color and the multicolored butterflies. I think this color would look great on anyone and the cutout bow sleeves are so feminine and pretty! I’d pair it with some cropped white pants or some skinny jeans and a nude heel or your platform dress sandals.

  • Sha Kang

    I absolutely love this piece “”LC scalloped open-front jacket””, lovely baby pink colour <3

  • Catherine McDade

    oh I can NOT decide between the Ruffles and Tulle dress or the Colorblock Scalloped dress. they are both so cute!!! I’ve been dying to add some cute, fun dresses to my wardrobe…especially since I only have like none lol you did a fantastic job on your new line!

  • Lenae Souza

    I actually really like the Ruffles and Tulle dress. Without thinking about it, I tend to lean toward buying a lot of darker-colored clothes, so I’ve been looking to add some feminie pieces to my wardrobe. I also have about 4 bridal showers to go to this summer, and “”Tea Party”” is a popular theme. I think the Ruffles and Tulle dress would be perfect.

  • Rachael Yanta

    I am currently craving the Floral Shirred Dress


    SOOO adorable and could be worn during the day or night! Love your line Lauren and love hearing about your inspiration to come up with your pieces.


  • Cara Fries

    the only reason I ever go to kohl’s is to get stuff from your collection! EVERYTHING is so cute!!

  • Lacie Blake

    Well I was craving the floral chiffon blouse that you posted a little while ago, but they don’t carry it anymore :( But i am obsessing over the Floral Ruffle Hi-Low Dress. I’m in LOVE!!!


  • Helen Le
  • Tiffani Stuart

    PS- I also love how you showed us the Trend Board!

  • Christine Rosko

    I’m in love with these flats! I’ve been trying to find them in my size for a week now! I am determined to get them.


  • Ang

    I am craving the Hi-Low Chiffon Maxi Skirt. I love everything about it, the color, the cut, the style!!

  • steadydreamer

    My Kohl’s Craving: Light, airy colors patterned with brighter floral prints and solid patterns. Solid platform heels with springy dresses and clean cut skinny jeans with a ruffled tank top and a denim jacket! It’s perfect for all the spring showers and events I have coming up! Plus, what’s a better collection than LC for all that, right?

  • Anabel O

    Hi Lauren,

    Hope that youre great!

    Im currently craving your red skinny jeans from the Beautiffuly Bold look!! I already bought the poncho blouse, the elephant necklace and the wooden heels (I can send pics) and the only thing missing to complete the look are the jeans!! I really love your line and the looks you suggest!!

    P.S. Im so excited to meet you here in Naperville, IL, cant wait!!!!

  • Smgrimes13

    I just bought the mint colored skinny jeans from your Spring Collection yesterday and I’m color blocking today with a coral colored top and tan shoes! It’s soooo cute! Love the colors you put out!

  • chelsea lee bennett

    Gorgeous, such a perfect dress for sooo many occasions!! I love pieces that easily translate from day to night by switching shoes or adding jackets or cardigans! I am currently super obsessed with blazers, I just love the touch of class they give any outfit. I am in LOVE with the white open-front blazer from the LC collection. I can’t stop thinking about all the things I’d pair it with.. Bright colored skinnies.. Flowy summer dresses.. I’ve even got a nice high waisted pencil skirt in a light khaki color that would look amaaaazing with a flowy pink blouse and that white blazer…. Haha could go on for daaays creating outfits, I’m jealous that that’s part of what you guys do for a living!

  • Lyndsey Meek

    I’ve been a member for what seems like forever and always try to win the give aways and still have never won! About to give up! But to answer your question Lauren, I love your Khol’s line and am still obsessed with this hi-low maxi dress. http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/dresses/PRD~1009960/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Floral+Empire+HiLow+Maxi+Dress.jsp SO I COULD REALLY USE THE GIFT CARD! :)

  • LizR

    The Hi-Low Chiffon Maxi Skirt is great.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I love this dress – I’ve been trying to find a great Easter outfit that is not only appropriate but fits my style/personality as well, and this is perfect. :)

  • Nikole Sylvester

    The LC vented big sunglasses are on sale and as soon as payday comes around I’m snagging those! I’ve also been obsessing over the Dana Buchman coral colored blazer. I think I need to buy that for my internship interview next week!

  • Jessica Petti

    I’m craving clothes I can wear to the office and out, my new money saving plan!

  • Zoe g. Bullard

    The Ruffles and Tulle dress is so pretty! Perfect for summer parties. I’m currently loving the Peep Toe Wedges, Butterfly Shirtdress, and all the maxis!

  • Kaitland Hunter

    Such a pretty and feminine collection. Well done, I love this round (and may have to pick up a few pieces from it)!

  • Erin Smith
  • Lizzie

    Lauren such a great post! It is great to see where your inspiration comes from! I personally adore your Kohls line!

    One of my many Kohl’s craving is mint Skinny Ankle Jeans. Colored jeans are so popular this season and so easy to accesorize!


  • Janice Campbell

    That’s such a pretty dress! :)


    I live in Canada and we don’t have any Kohl’s stores here. I’ve looked on the website more than once and have found items that I would love to buy, but they also don’t ship to Canada.

    Is there any place in Canada or online that I can buy your clothes from?

    If anyone could help answer my question that would be greatly appreciated . Thanks! :)

  • Victoria Peacock

    I am absolutely in love with the pleated maxi dress. It’s versatile enough for a prom or a wedding which makes it a great investment as a key staple in any wardrobe! And the pleats and colors are very flattering for a variety of girls which is one of the best features of this gorgeous dress. http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/apparel/dresses/PRD~1009619/LC+Lauren+Conrad+AccordionPleat+Maxi+Dress.jsp

  • Elly IEOB

    LC Lauren Conrad Pointelle Chiffon Cardigan! So so amazing<3

  • Connie Moore

    definitely your accordion pleat maxi dress!

  • Kellie Norton

    I’m currently craving the cold-shoulder details that you’ve added to some of your shirts and dresses! I’m even thinking about wearing your cold shoulder dress on my double date tonight :-) I have a picture of me in it on my profile :-) love your collection!!

    -Kellie N

  • Kanev

    I love the LC Lauren Conrad Bow Ruched blazer. It makes it easier to go from day to night during the Springtime.

  • Summergirl96

    Oh my gosh im loving the lace chiffon top in muted clay! Sooo gorgeous for spring and definitely one of my top favorite colors!

  • Julia Paul

    I need more spring dresses, and your line this season perfectly reflects my style! I can’t wait to try them on!

  • Gii

    I love everything about Kohls and you – Lauren Conrad.

    But if I had to pick..

    my craving THIS week would be the Polka-Dot pleated Dress. SO cute & just under 50$ 😉


  • Shannon Sampsel

    My current Kohl’s craving is the Floral Empire Hi-Low Maxi Dress! I would love to wear it to Coachella in a couple weeks! It looks perfectly comfortable for all the walking and long days spent at the festival. Plus the fit is very flattering and would add a chic spin to my outfit choices for the weekend :)

    Would loooove to win!


    Shannon Sampsel

  • Stevie Caldarola

    I’m craving a simple and chic wardrobe that I can wear around the office and on my upcoming trip to England (first time outside of the country and first time meeting my boyfriend’s family!) The Fan Ruffle Peplum Blouse and Pleated Mixed Media tank would be perfect for layering with the Chiffon Blazer!

    (Where’d that super adorable chiffon colorblock dress with belt that you’re wearing in the header photo on Kohl’s website go? SO sad if I missed out on that one!)

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    I JUST bought this dress last weekend!! :) I thought it would be great to wear for Easter next Sunday, and now I will definitely be wearing it to meet you at your book signing in Kansas City in a few weeks! :)

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    I love Kohl’s! I really love the dress you’re wearing!! :)


  • makeup_lovexo

    I completely agree with the idea behind this dress!

    I’m not very fashion forward or trendy, so finding a cute daytime dress is a struggle for me!

    I would definitely love to purchase this dress!

  • carly curtis

    I love the Floral Ruffle Dress and am so excited it just went on sale! It will be perfect for an upcoming wedding.

  • Megan Crouse

    My current Kohls Craving is LC Lauren Conrad Cuffed Cropped Jacket in Black! First it’s a gorgeous piece of clothing that can really make an outfit. I could wear it with my jeans or over one of Lauren Conrad dresses. This jacket is so versatile you could wear it with anything. I can’t wait to have it! :)

  • Carrie Ross

    My craving right now.. is something soft and spring appropriate for family portraits next week! Shopping Kohls Sunday!

  • Jennifer Sellen

    i love all of your flora designs… but i especially love the designs you have with birds. i am a huge fan of sparrows so i try to by any of your pieces that has birds and that looks good on me 😉 can’t wait to see this new collection

  • Ashton S.

    Twitter @Ash_Dash21

    My craving would be the Hi-Low Chiffon Maxi Skirt because it reminds me of my ballerina days, and I love the free and flowly look of it!

  • Katie Lyons

    I am craving the Lace Poncho Top Set. It would be great to wear to teach in becasue it’s flowy and doesn’t need a sweater (we can’t wear sleeveless). I also love the platform strapy sandels, they are adorable and I might need to have thoes before summer. =)

  • Franci Gire

    There’s this blush faux leather jacket that you have at Kohls, I’m just in love with it! It would look great over pretty little dresses like the one you are wearing here.

  • Ashley Truett

    I am craving the LC floral denim shorts! So perfect for spring/summer!

  • Kristin Albrecht

    I adore this dress! thank you so much for the kohl’s gift card!! I cannot wait to spend it this weekend :)

  • Jennifer Shirley

    My Kohl’s craving is your Cuffed Crop Jacket (in Blush)! The color is so pretty, and perfect for Spring!

  • mercedes f

    my kohl’s craving for this week is the eyelet open-front cardigan in maple sugar. as we enter into the spring season this is the perfect alternative to the heavier coats & jackets we can finally start to put away. whether it over a dress or paired with jeans i think this is a spring must have. :)

  • Sarah Horst

    I am dying to buy the skinny ankle jeans and the white blazer. I love everything in the LC collection!But those two are the pick of the week for me.

  • michele richardson

    My khols cravings are DRESSES! All types of dresses this season : Casual, beachwear, girly, glitz and glam and that go to dress for the perfect night out look. Dresses are the best because there is no need to put together an outfit. Slap on a jacket or cardigan and some jewerly, a cute pair of shoes and you are good to go! Plus the weather is getting warm enough to show of our cute legs :)

  • Alexandra Dadisman

    While the Ruffles and Toulle dress is gorgeous (and all of the dresses in the collection are flirty, feminine, and fun), I must say that the Butterfly Shift Dress is my absolute favorite! I must get it!


    Adventures with Alexandra

  • Sara

    I LOVE The Laced Pleasted Shorts and The Peep-toe heels!

    I love floral print <3

  • Elizabeth LaBrasca

    Currently craving the white open front blazer! My black blazer was a staple to my wardrobe this fall/winter and now I think I need an update for spring/summer!

    xo Elizabeth


  • StyleAt30

    I’m all about crochets this spring so my craving is this cute crochet top… genius idea :) LC Lauren Conrad Crochet Top

  • minniemariss

    I’m loving the Butterfly Chifon top set! I have this top styled in pink and white already (is that bad? haha), and I got compliments all winter long! I love the bright butterflies for spring time! :)


  • Julia Barashk

    Wow the dress is gorgeous!

    Lately I’ve been loving the LC Lauren Conrad Floral Denim Shorts: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/whatsnew/PRD~1006304/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Floral+Denim+Shorts.jsp

  • Emma Kathleen

    All the LC Lauren Conrad Jackets especially the Blazer. I am obssessedddd. They are so cute and versatile. I love them all

  • Danielle Anderson

    I love all of the collection. I can’t wait to get my hand on the leaf embroidered top.

  • Michelle LaPorte

    I am crazy for ruffles and anything girly!


  • Rachel M.

    I have a work function next week that I help plan and must attend (an annual dinner we hold in recognition of our donors; I work at a library) and it’s always a great excuse for me to buy a new Spring dress. I’m totally in love with your dresses and hope to get one for the work event! I’m especially loving the floral ruffle chiffon dress or maybe one of the maxi dresses. It’s hard to choose! And then of course the decision on what shoes to get…. :)

  • candyheyn

    I am totally craving the LC Lauren Conrad Floral Dolman Top… it’s simple, cute, i absolutely adore the cut and its perfect for spring… plus it goes with almost everything! I NEEEEEEEEEEED to have it!


  • Kiwi

    This dress is just perfect for me! I mean Lauren this is stunning! It’s so girly and flirty but in the right way. I mean I LOVE the ruffles! Plus the material seems like it’s made of silk! On a hot summer day this is an essential piece to have in my closet! Thanks Lauren!

  • Krystin

    Having lost my most favorite and sentimental pair of sunglasses given to me from a long time friend while we were in LA, I have been on the hunt for new pair! I have always wanted LC style sunglasses so here is my pick:


  • Stacy H.Costello

    I absolutely love the Cherry Surplice Chiffon Dress. I love it because it’s a bright color and Spring is here. I love the cherry patterns and the dress is really girly and i’m girly. I like the feminine charm the ruffles gives it!


    I also like the fact that you can wear this dress in so many ways :)

  • Karmele Garcia


    This dress is just perfect for me. It has so many ways to used it just playing with the accessories and the shoes. This would be the piece I HAD to have.

  • Rachael Tyburski

    I’m craving the ruffles and tulle dress. It will be so cute for a rehersal dinner I’m going to!

  • Nieszka

    I love ruffles and all that flowy, lacy, girly stuff!

    My current KOHL’s craving are some new SHOES! I like the LC platform heels – in peach AND black!


  • Ashley Elmore

    I love the Bow Pleated Ponte dress in Chrysanthemum. It’s perfect for a spring wedding!


  • Eliza Zamora

    Very cute I love it all!

    PLease take the time to follow my blog! I will do the same for you



  • Grace Tien

    So beautiful!!!! I would honestly love anything from the LC Lauren collection! Everything is beyond gorgeous and soooo stunning :)

  • Tracy Brown

    “”LC Lauren Conrad Lace Chiffon Top””!

    It’s simple, gorgeous, and great for an everyday outing. Every girl wants to feel beautiful, and less is more:)

    p.s. I adore your style!

  • Emilie

    What an adorable dress! So fun and girly :)

    xo Emilie

    PS check out my blog @ http://www.hungrydelights.com/

  • J

    I love the LC Floral Shirred dress in daisy purple!

  • TT

    I’m craving the “”Ruffles and Tulle Dress!”” Not only does it work for several occasions, but it’s also perfect for my upcoming trip to Florida!! :)

  • Chelsey Nisbet

    I was just in Kohl’s yesterday checking out the collection :) I’m trying to find the perfect white spring cardigan right now.

  • Totoro

    Craving the “”LC Lauren Conrad Floral Surplice Chiffon Dress””! SOOOO CUTE. the ribbon really brings the dress together. A-DOOR-A-BOWL!

  • Megan R.
  • Mia Stanley

    I love the LC collection at Kohls! I just the line came in a size smaller than the XS that is available because it is slightly too big for me.

  • eileenjennifer

    I like the Tiered Chiffon Dress!

  • angela roti

    I’m craving spring colors and spring dresses from the LC collection at Kohls!!!

  • Becca Waldron

    My current Kohls craving is this jacket: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/apparel/jacketsandblazers/PRD~1002646/LC+Lauren+Conrad+OpenFront+Crop+Jacket.jsp

    Seeing as spring has just begun I feel that it’s perfect to wear during the day to class or work. And I can throw it over a tank at night with skinnies & heels! I love to wear comfy clothes but I feel my most beautiful rocking a killer outfit. This jacket would complete a lot of my looks I love! Thanks so much Lauren…it’s definitely on my wish list!

  • Anita Voraphet

    The ruffles in that dress is perfect! I am drooling over it! Seems like I need to make a trip to check out the collection this weekend!! Loving it!

  • Donna F.

    I am craving the dress shown above, as well as the Floral Ruffle Chiffon Maxi Dress…both are perfect for spring!

  • Adele Fiorino

    For spring, I am craving the adorable LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Simulated Crystal Butterfly Pendant!

  • Jessica Dang

    i just went to kohl’s a few days ago and saw the new floral denim jeans in your collection and absolutely fell in love!

  • Kilee Van Gundy
  • Jennifer Chin

    I have two! Totally craving the “”Asymmetrical Ruffle Camisole”” in “”Muted Clay.”” 1. I love anything with ruffles! 2. This color is perfect for Spring, and 3. I can pair any of my blazers with it to create a perfect outfit to wear to work or my student-internship.


    The second Kohl’s item I’m craving is this “”Bow Pleated Ponte Dress.”” It’s a dark pink, yet bright springy color. I don’t have any dresses I can wear to work or internship, so this looks like it’d be perfect for that! And any semi-formal spring event! :)


  • Lisa Schapira

    I am craving the Floral Shirred Dress dress. I love dresses that don’t have all the same length across the bottom and designers don’t make enough that are like that so I was super excited to see several in your collection! I think the bottom gives off a fun, flirty look to my style.

  • Chariz Nicdao

    I’m in love with the maxi dresses and the floral strapless empire dress :) I also like the color of the ruffle and tulle dress!

  • Danny

    I love this dress! It reminds me of the Elizabeth and James Monet floral dress. It looks gorgeous on you!



    http://www.mademoisellemeese.blogspot.com“”>Mademoiselle Meese (blog)


    http://www.facebook.com/mademoisellemeese“”>Facebook Page

  • Jazmin Fiscal

    Recently found out you had a clothing line… recently as in 3 days ago, but I think I’m pretty much caught up considering I bought 8 blouses on the day I discovered it, and 2 dresses today! I love all the pastels and flow-y, soft, delicate material your pieces are made with. Definitely my style and I’m obsessed!!

    Really, really craving the Polka-dot Pintuck Top in dark gray. I found an XXS today in the store and although I made myself squeeze into it because it was so cute, I knew I wouldn’t be able to breathe wearing it down the street :( Then I came online to buy and there are only XXSmalls left. So that is my current Kohl’s craving! Please, please make more of those. And keep up the great work, seriously! Absolutely beautiful clothing line.

  • Emily Pohlman

    I want your shoes! They are so cute with that dress<3

  • Amany

    The floral empire hi-low maxi dress is to die for! I am soo in love with this trend and I love the way this piece is designed! This is dress is versatile and perfect for the warm season coming up!


  • Leanne

    absolutely gorgeous!

    Love from South Africa

  • cherry_07

    i make an inspiration board too! 😀 alws helps when idk what to wear!

  • Martin M

    The dress is amazing!! Love the print as well as the color. So perfect and summerlike! :)



  • Tatjana Kisler
  • Elmo

    I absolutely love your LC by Lauren Conrad collection! I bought your Ruffles and Tulle dress that you are wearing in the picture, and I got 2 compliments right away! Everything in your collection is effortless and chic. I love everything you do, and wish I could own everything in your collection! The colors and cuts are so flattering. I wonder how you do it!

  • Annie

    Hi Lauren,

    I crave all of your Kohl’s clothing and constantly have my online shopping cart filled with my list of items that I want in order. :) I am in love with all of your dresses and especially love the 1920’s inspiration that has been in a lot of the pieces recently!!! Currently, my craving is the Bird Chiffon Overlay Racerback tank. I love the colors and am so into bird prints right now! I am also craving the Open-Front Crop Jacket to go with it. Very modern with a 20’s twist, right? Thank you for all of your beautiful designs! I go crazy everytime I see a new one hit the site or store!



    I am also craving the grey dress with the sparkle strap overlay you are wearing in a lot of the new pictures on your website…is it one of your designs?

  • alexia gilman

    I am currently craving the Platform Dress Sandals from your LC Lauren Conrad collection! It is a must have in my spring/summer wardrobe!

    LC Lauren Conrad Platform Dress Sandals

  • LillyElla
  • Katherine Elise

    love those mint green skinny ankle jeans… to bad they aren’t in my size!

  • Emily S

    My Kohls craving that never goes away is anything in your collection of course! That really is the only reason I go there, I just wish I had more money to spend and buy more things. I would love to win the gift card!

    Keep inspiring people! You’re amazing.

    Emily <3

  • Britt Keeton

    I love EVERYTHING in our collection!! My favorites are the chiffon blazer, floral razer back, floral chiffon henley tunic, butterfly shirtdress, your platform heels, peel toe wedges, and all your jewlary!!!! I would love a gift card!

  • Shellz

    IM craving the LC Bow pleated ponte dress! so cute!

  • Kathryn Watson

    I would heart a kohls gift card as im from the uk and am vacationing in orlando april 20th for one week and making a special trip to kohls just to stock up on your collection. I normally have to get things from the collection from ebay where sellers add a higher price to things they got off clearance :( xx

  • Abbie Nguyen

    I love all your dresses at kohls! (:

  • Jacy Tilton

    My Kohls craving this week is the LC Lauren Conrad Floral Empire Hi-Low Maxi Dress. The floral print is so “”it”” right now for spring and summer, the cut and cinched waistline are super flattering, and I’m obsessed with asymmetrical hemlines right now!

    ~Jacy (of laviedelenore.blogspot.com)


  • melanie mourt

    I am loving the Floral Ruffle Chiffon Dress! I am dying to go buy it. I love the mix of materials, and the girly style of the dress. It just looks like a dress that you would feel like a princess in or want to go to a garden tea party. Perfect for a hot day, where you just want to wear something cool and breezy. Definitely my Kohl’s Craving this week. :)

  • Jay Tee

    My Kohl’s craving this week is the Ruffles and Tulle dress that Lauren is pictures wearing in this post. I have just started planning my graduate this May (getting my M.S. in Psychology…woo hoo!) and I think the floral pattern and fluttery material would match perfectly with my personal style, the outdoor grad party I plan on throwing, and the sunny weather Los Angeles will be having by that time. Friends describe my stle as girly, feminine, and flirty. I would love to be able to don Lauren’s Ruffles and Tulle dress during my graduation ceremony and to be able to add the lovely piece to my collection! 😀

  • Suzy Zhang

    i love this! please comment on my newest post :)


  • Suzy Zhang

    i love this! please comment on my newest post :)


  • Kayla Queen

    I’m loving the Butterfly Shirtdress in the pale pink color. But basically I’m obsessed with all the LC dresses! 😉


  • Annemerel –

    I really love the Lauren Conrad Colorblock pleated shift dress. I’m actually looking for a pleated dress and this one just seems perfect. I love the colors, I love the fit…

    I would wear it with a grey leather jacket and flats for a day of shopping or work, for a dinnerdate I would style it with a neutral color blazer and some nude colored heels.

  • Jessica LIOU

    I love love love lace :) It’s my favorite!

  • marsipaani

    oh my! I just love those tops and dresses and ALL in kohls.com!!! And i

  • Torrie Maas

    My Kohl’s craving is Lauren Conrad lace & ruffles!!! I am loving the spring items that you designed.

  • Claudia Caramantin

    I love the LC Lauren Conrad Skinny Ankle Jeans in Mint!!! They’re totally scream at your spring!!!! I love your line and your style Lauren, you’re such an amazing, so well put together person…and that’s why people love you!

  • Liz Chavez

    Lauren, When I saw this post last week, I went right to Kohls and bought this dress. It’s so pretty! I love the colors. They are so girly! I had a baby shower to go to this past weekend and I received lots of compliments! Awesome job in designing this!

  • Ana Barreras

    I too love this Ruffles and Tulle dress and purchased it just before you posted this. My favorite pieces from your March collection are the Black and White Butterfly top with the slit sleeves. I wear it at least once a week and get so many compliments. I think I may go back for the same shirt in pink.

  • Cathy Trinh

    You look STUNNING in that dress! 😀

  • Reed Diane

    I purchased your weave flats long ago, both in grey and blush and also purchased your grey Ponitelle sweater vest and have worn it out! One of my greatest LC wishes was to have you design that same vest in blush to match the other pair of shoes and was so happy when I saw it there yesterday and I snagged it in Medium! Sooo happy! Your line is my favorite! It has made me feel young again and want to look better! Any chance of those weave flats coming back in more colors? They are the most comfy I own!!!!

  • Taylor Jardine

    I get soo sad everytime I see your new collections at Kohls I love the clothes and they’re soooo affordable .. yet I cannot get them here in Canada :((( ut looove the dress @tay0528

  • Sara Neely

    I love this floral dress- it’s perfect for spring!

  • Denise Cox

    I would like a new scarf to wear this spring or something to match a new pair of shoes that have some green alligator pattern with gray patent toes.

  • Jen N

    I would love a pair of your aqua ballet flats. So cute! Good luck everyone! :)

  • Emily Wunderlich

    I am in love with all things lace and ruffles right now! Your spring line is so great. I am a 23 year old who is only a little taller than 5 feet so some of the clothing you design is a little big for me (Especially the jeans. So one of my greatest wishes is that you would have a petite line at Kohls.

  • michele richardson

    My Kohls craving this week has to be ankle strapped shoes. They are so perfect for spring and you can dress them up or down.

  • Sunshine Girl

    I am in love with your ruffles and tulle dress!! It’s flirty and fresh, perfect for spring! That would be my Kohl’s craving. :) Lauren Conrad you really outdid yourself with that dress! It’s so gorgeous… But, then again, all of your outfits are terribly cute. ;D

  • Sunshine Girl

    You look so beautiful in the ruffles and tulle dress, Lauren!!


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