Kohl’s Craving: Conversational Prints


I’ve always been a big fan of prints. Whether it’s floral, geometric, abstract or conversational. Now you’re probably wondering what a “conversational” print is… I bet you’ve worn them more than you would think. By definition, conversational prints are classified as any print with a recognizable picture in it, such as cats, birds, stars or even pies! It can be anything. In the case of the Bow Sleeve Dress I designed for my LC Lauren Conrad line, I went with butterflies!

Butterflies and birds are a common theme in my newest collection. When put in print, they feel soft but still fun and flirty.

The dress is an update to one of my favorite tops we did a few seasons ago for my LC Lauren Conrad collection with Kohl’s. I’m especially fond of the Bow Sleeve Dress because I love the tiny slits and bow detailing along the sleeves. As most of you know, I have a minor obsession with bows… Aside from the bow-factor, I like the black and white. Since most of the prints in the collection are softer, I felt black and white made the most sense for the stronger butterfly print. The bold contrasting color scheme works because it’s tempered by the feminine shape and bow details.


To be honest, I can’t stop wearing this dress. The nice thing about it is that it doesn’t require a lot of thought. You can just throw it on and the styling possibilities are endless. Because it’s black and white, you can wear it with a pop color shoe, or you can opt for something more neutral. It also looks great alone, with a cardigan or even smart blazer. As far as accessories, I think that when you have a lot of embellishment–whether it’s a bow, a rosette, or sequins–you should keep your trimmings simple. In this case, I prefer to let the conversational print of the dress do the talking (no pun intended)!

Do you have any conversational prints in your closet? Or want to snag your very own Bow Sleeve Dress? Click here!

Better yet, if you comment below (or on any of my Kohl’s posts), you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Kohl’s! So leave some love if you’re feeling lucky…

XO Lauren

P.S. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be spotlighting my very favorite pieces from my LC Lauren Conrad collection with Kohl’s. I’ll share styling tips for each item as well as a few notes about what inspired me to design each piece. Get excited!

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  • Rebecca Bliss

    This is an adorable dress! I love black and white, especially with all the bright shoes that are available this spring.


  • Melissa Panici

    Excellent post Lauren! I love that dress and am definately getting it! I would have to double check my closet to see if I have any conversational prints! LOL. So excited about you spotlighting your favorite pieces. Keep it coming!:)

  • karly goins

    I am in love with this dress and I think I’m going to go and buy it! I haven’t seen one thing from the LC collection that I don’t love though :p

  • Shannonmarie

    Very cute dress. I actually have that boyfriend blazer you linked to in this post. It goes with everything.

  • J Ewers

    Great post, and cool to learn about what conversational prints really mean! Love the dress, it’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to purchase it and start wearing for the summer!

  • Sarah Heckle

    LOVE prints! And love the dress!

    So funny, because I wrote about cat prints on my blog today!

  • Emma Jesson

    I can’t express how badly I need this dress! I have the perfect event to wear it to this summer…. GAH! Regardless of the gift card, I will be purchasing it!

  • Gabriela Mina

    that dress is sooooo pretty!!!! I love it!!!!! I need this in my closet!!! :O

  • heidi kokborg

    I love the dress! :) And I love prints too!

  • DMichelle

    This is so cute! I love the simplicity of not having to think too much when incorporating this into an outfit! Thanks Lauren :)

  • Angela Christianson

    This dress is adorable! And the bows are so precious! I want it!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    love that dress! i went to kohl’s this past saturday and bought 2 dresses, 3 tops, a pair of pink pumps and a pair of lace shorts from your new collection! :) everything looks so cute on – thank you for creating a stylish, flattering, affordable line! :)


  • Allison Culpepper

    I have this in the black and white butterfly shirt and love it! I love how it has slits down the side of the arm. It is very feminine and dresses up a long sleeve shirt. I just wanted to tell you that I love your Kohls line. I have the hardest time finding cute stuff these days at regular stores such as Forever 21, but every time I shop your line I always find the cutest stuff! I love your taste! :)

  • Danika G

    I love this! Sooooooo pretty and feminine!

  • Irina Monroy

    i love it!!! i love butterflies and this drees is what my closet needs!!

  • Shawna Walker

    I love this dress the color and fabric of these dress makes it so versitile. I could wear it to work with a blazer, site seeing or out to dinner with friend. Suite piece!


  • Gaby Flute

    I love this dress!!! The butterflies look so cute!!!

  • Jessica Weed

    I have to have this dress in my closet! I love the black and white, the bows, everything! I would love to pair this with a fun purse or colorful heels. I have a pair of super cute bow tie heels that would look adorable with it as well. I also love the idea of a black blazer. The possibilities are endless! I love these posts. Your favorite pieces are always a fashion inspiration :)

  • Shelby Rector

    I absolutely LOVE this dress!! I am obsessed with bows as well & this is definitely a great fashion staple.. making a trip to get it today!

  • lkokotan

    Such a cute dress and love that its priced affordably!

  • Stephanie DiMaggio

    I love that dress!! I will have to pick that dress up this weekend! You have a great eye for fashion!!


  • Alysia Gruenstern

    I LOVE this dress!! I’m not usually a fan of prints, I tend to lean towards solids more, but this is so pretty!

  • Stephanie Boeckmann

    I am usually not a fan of conversational prints as I usually find them to be tacky, personally. However I surprisingly really love this dress! It’s a lot more classy, really easy going and fun! Cute :)

  • Emilie Jordan

    I’m not sure I have any conversational prints, but I’d love to win the gift card so I could purchase that beautiful dress!

  • Elisabeth Bender

    Love this dress and I love your Kohl’s line! I just recently bought a shirt It has the tiny slits and bow detailing along the sleeves. It’s like a mauve pink color. I love love love it!!!

  • Claire Corbett

    This dress is adorable! I can’t wait to see what else you are going to feature. I need to go to my local kohl’s and check out all of your new pieces. I just love your line!

  • gatorgirl7

    I actually have the butterfly bow top from your LC Kohl’s line and I love it! I always get tons of compliments on it. I’ve worn it with skinny jeans and heels out w/ friends and to work as well. This dress is adorable and I *might* have to purchase it too (though I’ve been coveting the yellow bow top so we’ll just wait and see;-) )


  • Ashlie Karns

    What a lovely dress!! The print is very feminine and the black + white is perfect to add the bright accent colors from this spring’s trends. :)

  • Jordan Bulbrook

    I love this dress. I pinned it a few days ago on Pinterest because I just loved the flirty and feminine feel of it matched with a simple, but pretty bird print. I wish we had your line in Canada! Fortunately I live a few hours from the border, so a shopping trip in Buffalo at the end of the school year might be needed!

  • talula88

    I LOVE this dress! And I’m in love with the shirt in your new Kohl’s ad! I went and picked it up in pink yesterday because they didn’t have the yellow. It’s my favorite!!!!

  • Savannah Savage


  • Jordan Bulbrook

    Oops! I meant butterfly print!! I had birds on the mind :)

  • Erika Lam

    Such a fun and easy dress! I’m even imagining it looking great with a bright and bold chunky necklace (turquoise or chartreuse!).

  • Laysea B

    love this dress! $50 GC to Kohls would be awesome!

  • heathers1

    loving this dress, perfection

  • Katie StHilaire

    I love this dress and the whole entire kohls line! i ahve bought so many sweaters and pants from it over the last few months and would love to be able to get this AMAZING dress!

  • makeup_lovexo

    I’m usually afraid of prints, but this inspires me to definitely start trying it! I actually fell in love with this particular dress though, and I’ll be buying it this weekend!

  • Shivani Kapoor

    I can’t wait… it’s finally getting warmer where I live which means I’m going to go crazy buying dresses! This one is so cute! :)

  • Caitlin Heaney

    very cute dress!! I may have to stop at Kohls later today

  • Clare Kessler

    Love this dress! I just bought a super cute turquoise clutch for spring…bring on the sunshine :)

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    love this dress! it’s adorable!! :)


  • alexandra b

    Very cute. I can’t wait to break out my spring dresses again!

  • Marin Butterworth

    Love the bow sleeves! Such a simple way to add a feminine and flirty touch to a dress!

    XO Marin

  • Tina Rush

    I LOVE this dress! It’s so feminine and flirty and the black and white color makes it so versatile! I would be thrilled to have this in my closet :)

  • Lauren Hoffman

    The dress is darling! I’m obsessed with prints, one of my fave going into spring and summer is tie dye! Check out my fave pieces.

    <3 Lauren

  • Christina Shumway

    I have so many LC Lauren Conrad pieces. My favorites – the black blazer, my grey and white maxi dress, and there are tons of skirts I have on constant rotation. Heading their soon to see all the new pieces

  • Delia Adriana Daza

    Your LC line at Kohl’s never fails to make me look like a fashionista!

  • Jennifer Shirley

    Love this dress!

  • Megan Yellowhorse

    This is very cute Lauren. Im excited to wear summer dresses this year. I live in Arizona so they always come in handy. I will definately add this to my closet :)

  • Summergirl96

    looove that dress…in fact im completely in love with your entire Kohls collection. All of the pieces are so lovely!

  • Monica

    The dress is adorable and will be purchased :) I am also obsessed with print shirts. I just bought a navy blouse with small white cats! LOVE

  • Rachel Trampel

    I adore this dress! And you look gorgeous! Love the bow in your hair too :) :) :) I don’t have any conversational prints, but I wouuld love to own one… stars, butterflies, foxes, horses, something of that sort! I think I would style this with black wedges and a bright lipstick shade when it get’s a bit warmer, for now I’d throw on a blazer, a chain necklace and some pumps!

  • Krista Cook

    Love your line at Kohl’s & butterflies have a special meaning for me, so will definitely be keeping a lookout for this dress!

  • Cara Fries

    I love this dress!! I have the top from Kohl’s in this same print! I really want the dress too!

  • Haleigh Adams

    I too have a slight obsession with bows and this dress uses them so tastefully. The minimalistic approach to them gives the girly, flirty affect in the simplest way. Super cute LC!

  • Laura May C

    I adore that dress! I’m in the process of taking off some weight I’ve gained recently. I can’t wait to reward myself with cute clothes from your collection in a new size!

  • Joy Hardy

    I LOVE this dress! Butterflies have always been my “”thing.”” I got the blouse in this same print for Christmas this year and it’s my go-to piece!

  • tmd636

    I love this dress, but I don’t like to wear dresses that short!! I’m just not comfortable in them. This would make a cute shirt to pair with jeans though.

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I am in love with this dress and the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls line. That’s basically where my paycheck goes to. I was just browsing yesterday at your line online and I am so extremely excited about all the new pieces. Can’t wait to do some Spring shopping!

  • Rachel Sanders

    You look so beautiful wearing this line! xx

  • Laura Higgins

    So much love for Kohls! <3<3<3

  • Kenna Jasa

    I absolutley love your Kohls line. I have many many of your pieces and will need to go out for this dress! I really love that your line is so affordable, besides being very fun and always stylish! I love your blog, it has really helped me dress for many nights and many different occasions!

  • Alexandra Arreola

    I love this dress! I try to buy as many pieces from your Kohls collection as I can. I will have to look for this dress next.

  • Lyndsey Meek

    I really, really adore this dress. It’s so feminine and soft. This would get worn a ton in my wardrobe. It would be perfect for work with a blazer or gorgeous on a date night with my boyfriend. I love your line at Khols, but since my funds are low right this opportunity to win a Khols gift certificate for your line would be perfect! Pick me Lauren! Please!

  • Catherine Love

    I absolutely love your Khols line. Especially because its really affordable. You have so many options and endless opportunities to style things different ways. Love this dress and the whole prints being big again! Don’t stop doing what you love Lauren!

  • Karolina Pawlak

    http://aguana-junkkouture.blogspot.com/ > fashion competition entry

    please vote for my 100% recycled dress made from plastic bottles :)

    seguana> manor house

  • Amanda OBrien

    LOVE this dress! Fingers are crossed because I’d love to get my hands on one!

  • Aly Roundy

    I must have this dress! It has been pinned for future reminder 😉

  • candyheyn

    I absolutely love the butterflys on this…. i need this dress!

  • Jaclyn Last name

    This dress is gorgeous and perfect for all those special spring occasions!

    Thank you to Lauren and Kohl’s for making such a fun and affordable line of clothing for young women today!


  • Kellie Norton

    Lauren, can you please help spread the word about KONY 2012?! We need everyone to participate in this to end the killings/abductions in Africa! Watch the video, and spread the word!!


  • Kelby Peachey

    I absolutely adore this dress!! Its definitely on my wish list and will be posted on my next blog outfit inspiration. I love your smart blazers, especially the boyfriend style. You can see how I paired it on these two blog posts! I can’t wait to go shopping!! :)



  • Erin Wheeler

    I normally don’t like butterflies, but I LOVE this dress.

  • Stephanie Ann

    Love this look! I will have to go check it out.

  • Beth P

    I absolutely love this dress and am def going to buy it! It really reasonably priced too, which is why I’m obsessed with all of your Kohl’s stuff. It’s nice to see a celeb that actually wears their own stuff, I feel like so many don’t do that–but your stuff is so great!

    I had no clue about conversational prints, but you’re right–I have SO many in my closet. Love! Xx

  • Bethany Kreiter

    I could totally see myself wearing this dress! Super cute! Will have to check it out in the stores soon!

  • Shelaine Morrison

    I don’t have a lot of print in my closet beside floral, but I do have the bow sleeve top and it is one of my favorites! I love that the butterflies are not too in peoples faces… and sometimes butterflies for a print reminds me of middle school when everyone wore butterfly clips in their hair, so I usually avoid them. This top really caught my eye though and it always catches others too. I always hear, “”That’s a cute top! Wait… are those butterflies? I LOVE IT!””

  • Andrea Tabor

    I saw this dress at Kohls and I LOVE it! I also think it could look really cute with black tights or leggings. Hope I win the $50 gift card!

  • Meeri Lee

    I love your spring line! I can’t wait to hit the stores to add some to my spring wardrobe!

  • Kelsey Bird

    For the first time in my life, I have found a designer that i am truely in love with. and thats your line at kohls. Everytime i stop by there, I buy a peice and i am in love with everyone. Thank you for becoming my ultimate favorite!

  • Christina Graci
  • Esther Garcia

    beautiful as always! Thank you for sharing! 😀

  • alexia gilman

    This dress is adorable! I can’t wait to go try it on! Adorable!

  • Lizzie

    I actually have the top and love it! I love butterflies and the bow sleeves are so feminine! Since I have the top I probably won’t buy the dress. But I have been looking through your Kohls line trying to find something to wear for my engagement pictures next month! While I’m normally down for prints I want to wear a solid color dress. Love your Kohls line!

  • sugarmitten

    Such a pretty dress! I absolutely adore the bows on the sleeves!

  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    I LOVE this dress! Love your style Lauren!

    XO Kelley


  • Stephanie Ball

    I love that dress! I also love horses for conversational prints!

  • Emma Andersen

    wow you are so creative. When I see the things you design, all i want to be is a fashion designer like you. You inspire me like crazy!!

  • Brenna Gray

    This dress is just fabulous! I would wear this all the time since it’s not revealing and has sleeves, but still light and feminine. Perfect for New England weather! I love the cut outs on the sleeves with the cute little bows as well as the butterfly print! I hope I have a chance at winning this! I buy a ton of your Kohl’s line clothing! Your jeans are just short enough for me to fit in them, which is so hard to find since I’m only 5′ tall. I would look so cute!!!! Love it Lauren and if I don’t in I will be on the lookout for this dress anyways and save up to get it.



  • SLMorrow

    I have to admit, I’m a sucker for your ENTIRE line at Kohls! That’s actually all I asked for this past Christmas…Kohls gift cards!

  • Stephanie Valvano

    I absolutely love this dress! It is so adorable and feminine!

  • Stephanie A Escamilla

    Kudos to you LC for making such a cute, airy spring-ready dress! I want to go try it on! Favorite part: it’s on sale! =)

  • Katie Pigott

    I have several items from your Kohls collection and always get so many compliments. May need to add this to my closet!

  • Sassy

    LOVE that dress!! especially the sleeve slit snd bows! :)

  • Katelyn Versen

    I LOVE this dress! So perfect for that in-between Spring and Summer weather! I just picture wearing it on some nice dates 😉

  • Ashley R

    There hasn’t been a time when I went to kohl’s and didn’t buy something out of the LC Lauren Conrad Line!!! All of the different prints and colors go with something in everyones wardrobe. I love the fact that you incorporate so much into your line to make everything cute & feminine!!!

  • Ashley Campbell

    Im actually headed to Kohls this weekend to shop your spring collection!!!!

  • Lissette Sarti

    I love this dress, and I would love a gift card!

  • Hannah Fellows

    LOVE this dress!!!

  • k8tbaird

    This dress is so gorgeous! Fun and flirty. Love it!

  • Kathleen Kerkhoff

    LOVE this dress.

  • Kimberly Breugelen.van

    Oeee I like it..
    Nah.. I want it..
    That doesn’t sound well…
    I NEED IT !

    Loving it! So beautiful.

  • KC Uthus

    love love love

  • Debbie Liu

    I love your pieces. I am ashamed to say I’ve only recently discovered it though!

  • Petra Zeller

    I love the dress and I Love the Spring collection. They are so many pretty pieces.

    xoxo, Petra

    http://www.sweetsoflife86.blogspot.com Check it out 😉

  • Joella N Sacks

    i just bought a cream dress with a tail that has gold apple detailing! definitely different than anything i own…love the dress LC! xx

  • kko

    Love this dress. I’m going online now to see the full spring collection.

  • Meredith Brown

    so cute!! and you look great in it of course!

  • Susanna Hall

    The dress you posted above is fantstic, I love the whole collection! I think my favorite is this dress though: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/dresses/PRD~1013976/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Bow+Pleated+Ponte+Dress.jsp It’s a great color and super cute style with the bow.

  • Riah

    i’m going to buy this dress next week during the friends and family sale! i’m so excited. it’s so cute. thanks for making such an amazing line. I know you’ve been dreaming about it since before the Laguna Beach days lol. Thanks so much for sharing a piece of you throughout every piece. :)

  • Elizabeth Lopez

    Beautiful dress, I definatly want!

  • Julia Paul

    I haven’t bought a dress from LC Lauren Conrad yet (although I’ve bought plenty of jeans and tops), and this one looks like the perfect first one! I love the cut of it!

  • Kimberly Breugelen.van

    It’s such a pity Kohl’s only sends within America. Be international, add Europe.

  • Chariz Nicdao

    I like this dress too, and if I had it, I would also be guilty of wearing it a lot! It looks classy and girly at the same time, just like me.

  • Theresa Moriarty

    Such a cute dress!

  • Becca P

    this is so pretty! i cant wait to snag it!

  • Lenka

    I love this dress! I’m going to buy it! :)

  • Samantha Ng

    I love this dress! Definitely going to buy it at Kohl’s. Woot Woot!

  • Allison Young

    I have the top of this print and love it! I get so many compliments on the sleeves!

  • Liz

    OMG i love this dress! I love all you looks, I am wearing a dress designed by you right now at work! love it.

  • SarahE

    You’ve mixed two of my favorite things – butterfiles and bows! I LOVE this dress!

  • Ashley Perry

    I love this dress! Can’t wait to go to Kohl’s to try it on!

  • Nicole Latona

    could you also add styling tips for the colorblock accordion pleat dress? so cute but i think some tips would help!

  • Alina Force

    I have a lot of “”cravings”” from your Kohl’s line..but a must have for me are your dress sandal…love them :)

  • Malgorzata Janusz

    Butterflies are cute! :)

  • Stephanie Perez

    I love your style! And your Kohl’s line is very affordable :)

  • Meg

    This is so cute! Love the print!

  • sarah craig

    I absolutely love this dress. I am a big fan of black and white, and the print is just so cute. I bought my sister the rose coloured top that has the sleeves with the bows, like on this dress. She loves it and says that it is so effortless and comfortable, but stylish just the same!

  • Brit Lantzakis

    I love it! Its so cute and feminine

  • Jessica Minch

    I am loving the colorblock 3/4 sleeve dress, buying one right now!!

  • Christina Engel

    So cute! I want all the dresses from LC’s Kohl’s collection!

  • Kathrin Mary

    Love shopping at Kohls for your clothing! Beautiful! I want everything <3

  • Stefanie Ioannides

    LOVE IT!

  • Rachael Yanta

    LOVE this dress! And you look gorg in it :) Love your line and can’t wait to see more pieces featured!


  • Kristine Guiang

    I love all the spring dresses.

  • sizzlyshell

    I LOVE this dress…Off to go to my local Kohl’s to purchase it on my lunch break…Can’t wait to wear it.

  • tina

    love this dress… and lovin’ these LC peep toe wedges!!

  • Danielle Duerr

    This dress is adorable! I haven’t really looked at the Kohl’s collection before, but I might have to now!

  • SIRIPA Shimada

    My favorite is Lauren Conrad Floral Shirred Dress. So cute and chic perfect for spring. :)

  • Anny Gamez

    I love Conversational Prints, I have some pieces of my own, in fact I am wearing on of them right now, a coral shiffon blouse with heart shapes, Love it

  • Bridget Borth

    Hi LC! The original top is the reason I LOVE your collection for Kohl’s! I am so happy to see that there is now a dress. The shape is flattering and the fit is spot on. I would love to see more of this style (in tops and dresses) in different colors and patterns. It should be a continuative style for your future collections! I never shopped at Kohl’s before trying on your collection and think it is a great addition to the market. Please keep up the great work! Love the FIT, femininity, and variety!

  • Monica Castillo

    Love this dress Lauren! Your LC line is the only reason I go to Kohls!! Such a fan of all that you do!

  • Haritini Dimalexi

    what a BEUTYFUUUL dress!!!!looooooove it…!!!

  • Alexandra Huber

    This dress is so cute! I am obsessed with the Kohl’s collection.

  • minniemariss

    I love all of the LC line! More than half of my closet is LC, and I always get lots of compliments. :)

  • Liz D

    I love this dress!! So cute :)

  • Marie

    This dress is so cute! I already have a few pieces from the LC Lauren Conrad line, and this one will be added to my collection

  • krstnwllms

    So lovely :)

  • Sar90

    This dress is adorable! I have a couple of shirts with butterfly patterns.

  • Jenna T

    I love the LC collection at Kohls! I own waaay too many pieces!

  • Veronica Lopez

    I am in love with the dress. It’s detailed enough that a few simple accesories are all you need to finish the look.

  • Kiwi

    That dress is just soo adorable! I’ve been wanting a light flirty dress for spring that can match with anything and this just fits my taste! Thanks Lauren!

  • Elizabeth Crum

    I love prints and I love Kohls! My closet is overflowing with LC’s clothing and pajama sets. The spring collection is my favorite so far and I actually ordered a few things this morning. Can never have too many dresses, right? haha

  • Saskia Mes

    Please.. Im looking for this dress to buy but kohls deliver not in the netherlands :(
    I really really want to buy your clothes..
    I hope you have time to leave a message on my account or something about the delivering.
    Sorry for my english!

  • Cynthia

    I adore this dress! If only Kohls shipped international… :(

    Is there anywhere I can buy this in Mexico City?!?!

  • Joslyn Johnson

    I love how detailed this dress is! It is such a pretty print and I also love how it is a fair price.

  • Stephanie Lyon

    This is such a charming dress, whether dressed up or dressed down day or night it could be perfect for work or for a day of shopping!! I love your line, Lauren style with affordable prices!

  • Claire Coppersmith

    So pretty!

  • Shannon Witte

    I like the butterflies. They’re whimsical.

  • Ali

    Perfect! My best friend’s birthday is coming up and she’s obsessed with butterflies!

  • Danielle B.

    O my gosh i just adroe that dress!! I hope I can get it!! its so pretty!!:DD

  • Melanie Ann Summers

    Love it!!! The butterflies are too sweet :)

  • Sandra Chang

    super cute dress!! def a conversational piece!!

  • Shellz

    that dress looks great on you! so cuteee!!


  • Dy Shiny

    I like butterflies and this dress!! I also pin it in my pinterest’s board!! :)

  • karly goins

    Hey ladies! I know everyone on here is promoting their blogs right now, but this post I just made on my beauty blog is about an amazing young woman we could all learn the true value of beauty from. Please take a moment to check it out:


  • LuLu

    I love this dress! I have the shirt and I may still need to buy this dress! I love bows and butterflies so having them together in one garment is perfection!


  • tinamarie

    i LOVE birds and butterflies. they are my favorite conversational print!! i have your racer back tank with ruffle on back with the butterfly print!! wear it AALLL the time (:

  • Becca Waldron

    I want this dress SO bad!!!! It’s so beautiful. I love the butterflies & bows as well! I like when you do posts on your LC Lauren Conrad line because it is so stunning as well as super affordable. Thanks a lot Lauren

  • michelle woodstock

    I love these tops! I have one with hearts on it, I usually wear it with a purple bead necklace and a bow in my hair.

  • Jennifer Manis

    Such a beautiful dress!! Love your Kohl’s collection!

  • Chloee Drews

    I adore! So so much

  • Tara

    I was in Kohls recently and loved one of the blouse-y tanks with bird cages on it! Can’t wait to wear it when it’s warmer :) The butterfly dress is super cute too! would love to go back to Kohls and buy it!!

  • Marina Dimitrova

    So great! Love it! I have one controversial print cute top in my closet right now, and I absolutely love it! Gotta get me some more! : )

  • fashionluver1

    i love the dress i want it so bad!!! i love your collection! everytime i go to kohl’s i always go there first :) Thanks so much for creating such an amazing line and being a great role model for me hahaha

  • Jessica Lopez

    Love the cut of the dress. Perfect for summer! 😀

  • alliexcat

    We JUST got a Kohls in my town (opened March 4th) and I’m LOVING the coral jeans in your latest collection. And I tried on this dress… shopping on a budget, I’m looking for staples and solids to mix and match, but that dress is so flattering it’s insane!

  • Laura DeVouge

    I am feeling lucky lauren!! Serious question though…how do Canadian’s get a hold of your clothing line?! Kohl’s doesn’t ship to Canada! :(

  • Amanda Nissen

    I need that dress! So cute:)

  • Alicia Trelles

    I love that dress! Totally my style! I would be wearing it as much as I could also! Love you Lauren!

  • Brooke Branch

    Love the conversational print and bow details on this dress. Adorable.

  • Jessica H

    I love your collection at Kohls for a celebrity line it is one of the best I have seen. Very classy and classic items for ladies to add to their wardrobe. The peices will last a lifetime! LOVE LOVE LOVE! <3 http://www.fashionatabargain.blogspot.com

  • Britt Keeton

    OMGs I love your whole collection!!!!!

  • fashionluvr

    I love this dress & your whole line at Kohl’s! I love how classic the items are and they fit perfectly with my whole wardrobe and sense of style. Pure love for your LC collection. It’s perfection. :)

  • Willow

    I’ve checked out the LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohls and it reflects an affordable collection that exudes a contemporary, romantic, and most of all, comfort. If I win the $50 Kohls gc, it would definitely go towards the blush LC Lauren Conrad flats that I have been eyeing on and wanting. It looks prettier in person.

    The Paper Crown collection is a higher end collection which is simply beautiful too. It is more expensive, but what high end isn’t expensive? Lauren has given us versitile pieces ranging from affordable to luxury. You can tell that she has given a lot of thought into her designs and it styles me beautifully.

  • Sasi We

    OMG I love this dress! It is soooooo cute!! I really like the print, since I really love butterflies in the stuff I wear and how gorgeous are these sleeves? I can’t wait to get one of this!

  • Kristy Whippo

    Loving this dress! Such a great transition piece into Spring!!!

  • Sugar00

    I’ve had my eye on this dress & your Platform Dress Sandals for a few weeks now, so a Kohl’s giftcard would be ideal:)

  • crazygurl

    I love this dress!!!! 😀 it’s definitely something i can see myself wearing…

  • Sadie Little

    Love the whole collection. Super cute, and super affordable. Therefore, exactly my style. :)

  • Ashley Curtin

    Love that dress! So pretty and classic.

  • brianna geeslin

    Love it! I have the blouse from a few seasons ago, in the blush tone–one of my favorite blouses, ever :) I may just have to pick up this dress as well!

  • Brianna Padilla

    Love that you model your own line!

  • mij sacal

    love u!

  • Suzy Zhang

    this dress is stunning! and floral has always been my favourite pattern :)


  • Cristy Stone

    The dress screams “”fun and flirty””. I love the fact that you mention there’s not a thought process to the dress, you just slip it on and add to the dress by accessorizing or that pop of color in your favorite shoe or keep is simple!!!

    Your line is the main reason I shop at Kohls!

    xo Cristy Elizabeth

  • Rachel Bonello

    I just stopped by Kohles the other day just to look at your line! I am loving this dress, so cute! The bow trousers were also a favorite of mine, keep up the great work lauren!

  • Megan Morett

    I don’t like all controversial prints, but a simple butterfly makes for a cute dress. I love the detailing of the bows and flowiness on the arms of the dress! I have a top with little flowers and I actually just wore it today. Pick me! Pick me! I want to go buy this dress with a Kohl’s gift card!

  • Donna F.

    What a cute dress! I love the bow detail and the sheerness on the sleeves. I also think the sweetness of the bows is perfectly balanced by the choice of black & white! This line is the reason I shop at Kohl’s! I would definitely use the gift card on one of your pieces!

  • Adele Fiorino

    This is such a lovely dress! I am also a big fan of bows!

  • Maggie Crowson

    I have the top and love it, but I’m curious as to how you wear it as a dress with it being a chiffon material?? Is it made with a slip that is dark enough to cover undergarments?

  • Michelle Weger

    I love you cloths. When I get the money I am going to get me some. Keep up the great work.

  • Morgan Paterson

    i went to Kohl’s today and bought the white new flare jeans, three tops, a blaser, and the black bow dress. I wanted to buy more but they didn’t have it at the store so i am going to buy it online :) I love love love all the clothes. I actually wore a top and the blaser to dinner tonight with my boyfriend :)

  • Leanne

    Absolutely beautiful! Great way to liven up your day :)

    Love from South Africa


  • Carole Jamet

    I love it!!!! Think I’m going to buy it, it’s super stylish for the spring but stays casual :)
    xx from France!

  • Carole Jamet

    Boooo, apparently they don’t ship to France :(

  • Claudia Miuccio

    I’m in love with your collection for Kohl’s!! I wish it was sold in Spain as well :(

  • Ana Castilho

    SO cute Lauren! Loved it!


  • Marielisa Gomez

    I love the Kohls collection! It’s so flirty and fun, and affordable! Can’t wait to read the next Kohls posts! The butterfly pattern is beautiful, it has a sense of elegance that I love! Congratulations Lauren on your collection! Perfect as usual!

  • Sarah Phillips

    I’m obsessed with bows as well!!! and that dress is so cute!

  • Dot

    I love your clothes and I have a few pieces. I wish I could get more, especially the dresses but I am very petite, size 0 and they look big :S

    Is there any chance you would offer smaller size than 2? Cant wait to hear back from you.

    All the best!!

  • Jenny James

    Super cute dress, Lauren!

  • Margot

    Anytime I walk into Kohls (and thats quite often) I head STRAIGHT for your collection. I try on pretty everything because your line is everything I look for in clothes, so it saves me a lot of trouble thinking about what goes with what. Now, I just need that nice big ol’ tax return so I can buy it all :)

  • Tricia Castellano

    Love this! Need a dress for a bridal shower next month!!

  • Claire DAVIES


    I love your clothing collection, is there anyway I can purchase anything if I live in the UK? I’ve been onto Kohl’s website and they don’t ship to the UK…. Help !!!

  • kirsty beaman

    wish it delivered to the uk. i love your stuff ! x

  • Brittni

    I love your collection at Kohl’s! Last Christmas, I told my dad that all I wanted for Christmas was Lauren Conrad clothing! I didn’t even tell him what pieces to buy; I just told him to get anything from the collection! By the way, I love this dress. :)

  • Alexandra Dadisman

    This dress is gorgeous! Come to think of it I don’t have any conversational prints in my closet. I really wanted this apple dress once (because I’m a teacher), but it didn’t fit right. I love the butterflies though…very spring and whimsical!


    Adventures With Alexandra

    PS. Today’s post is all about Miss Lauren Conrad herself!

  • Larlar

    i’ve been obsessed with your kohls line since it came out. its all i wear. love you black platform heels. love everything you make!!

  • Pchygrl17

    I NEED this dress! butterflies are my thing :)

  • Alexandra Franco

    I love prints and this dress is so lovely. I will definitely will be trying it on the next time I head over to Kohls!

  • Ana Veronica Bracho

    I’m in love with this print. I bought the shirt a while back and it is one of my favorite pieces from all your collections. Even though its a really strong print, i think i might have to get it as a dress also 😉

  • LillyElla

    Love this dress! I have been a big fan of the Kohl’s collection since day one! Xo

  • Vivien Harmat

    Love this dress. I’m more like a short type but this is charming. I also love it’s black and white. I’m not a color fan :)

  • Sara Yordan

    This dress is great. I stop into Kohl’s on occasion to check out all the different new and exciting pieces you have in your Kohl’s line.

  • Nat B

    love love love this dress! perfect for an Australian autumn!

  • Kaitlyn Goff

    I really love conversational pieces, especially dresses. There are so many options like you said (butterflies, birds, etc.) and they just add a pop of sass. :)

  • mayt

    i love everything you wear and design :’)

  • Tiffany Shinn

    Love that your style is accessible at Kohls!

  • mary1024

    How beautiful (you and the dress!) I’m eyeing some earrings from your Kohl’s line to get for my niece and myself :-)

  • Shelbs

    I was perusing through the Kohl’s website a few days ago and this dress caught my eye the minute I saw it! There’s so many pieces of yours I can see myself rocking this summer. I don’t have a Kohl’s in my town, but it’d totally be worth a road trip to snag a few items!

  • Andrea Tam

    Hey Lauren! I absolutly love your line of clothes. I actually tried on the shirt version of that a while back! Although I felt like it looked kind of funny on me, I’m excited to try out the dress! You inspire me so much :)

    – Andrea

  • Luisa Rivas

    I absolutely love controversial prints!! they are different and fun! BTW I love the butterfly dress, I would pair it up red pumps :)

  • Amber Hankinson

    I have a really cute flowy top that has a bunch of little giraffes on it, and a cute gray skirt with a bunch of white birds :)

  • Pam. Polanco

    i cant stop staring at this dress is so beautiful, so flawless. its very very interesting, im in process of expanding my dress collection. this is perfect for any season, i would love to have it, i like it a lot. lauren you are genious with everyone of your designs. congratss :*

    lots of love,


  • Tiffani Stuart

    So in love w/that dress!!! I love that you’re adding more bold colors this season! What a great conversational dress!

  • Jessica Gonzalez

    So pretty! I love all of your styles and looks.. and on top of that they always fit so perfectly on me!

  • cherry_07

    That is so cute! i cant wait to go see it at kohls :)

  • Amany


  • Laura M

    funny.. i have a “”minor”” obsession with bows too.. it never fails to aamaze me how alike we are.. crazy

  • Maureen Feltz

    This dress is gorgeous! Normally, I would be intimidated to wear a print that had a ton of butterflies or birds on it, but the black and white makes this print look so classic and subtle that it isn’t overdone. Love it! :)

  • Selena Martinez

    I love love love this dress! It is soo pretty!

  • Caroline Paredes

    Cute! Cute! Cute! Never thought conversational prints could look so good! I do not own anything in conversational prints but now I am thinking maybe I should.

  • Shannon Burke

    Can not wait to go shopping for this spring, love the fashion season! Love prints

  • Chloe L

    would love to get the butterfly shirt dress!

  • Kym Ducharme

    This butterfly dress is super cute. I wear a lot of prints. I’ve actually been trying to add some more basic pieces to my closet to even it out. The one dress from the LC line at Khol’s that I CAN NOT get over is the color block accordion-pleat dress. I love the pink hues and sheer matrial, I can’t wait to buy it! I’m going to wear it to church as my Easter dress, and probably find myself in it all summer, every chance I get!!!

  • Kym Ducharme

    This butterfly dress is super cute. I wear a lot of prints. I’ve actually been trying to add some more basic pieces to my closet to even it out. The one dress from the LC line at Khol’s that I CAN NOT get over is the color block accordion-pleat dress. I love the pink hues and sheer matrial, I can’t wait to buy it! I’m going to wear it to church as my Easter dress, and probably find myself in it all summer, every chance I get!!!

  • Nisha Ahir

    I absolutely love this dress! So cute!

  • elizabeth gar

    love this dress! its a dress you can wear all year long <3

  • TiniAdoreGlam

    IN LOVE with floral prints right now & always looking something with a print to make my outfit stand out! :)


  • Elisee prummel

    I love it, i love it!!
    Yes i’ve these in my closet but this one is so amazing!

  • Edna Barrett

    Another adorable outfit! Lauren, I’m so glad you took your career into fashion, you create beautiful things!

  • Tyra Taylor

    Love this dress! Would love to buy it with a free gift card!

  • LizR


  • Khyrsten Mieras

    Love this dress! It’s so cute!

  • Stephanie Areizaga

    I can’t wait for the Bow Sleeved Dresses to come to the store. I was just shopping LC’s line at a Kohl’s today and they didn’t have them yet :(

    They butterfly print is gorgeous! I’ll be snatching it up as soon as I see it in stores.

  • lol

    I have lots of ‘conversational’ socks! I have different coloured cats on them and stars etc, and I have fabric shorts which are dark blue and have pink love hearts on them.

  • Hannah von Campe

    Love love love this dress! So wearable

  • Dee Dub

    I have purchased several items from the Lauren Conrad Kohl’s collection, and I love each and every one of them! From the clothing to the jewelry, I get so many compliments, and everything is priced so reasonably. I love LC’s fashion sense and element of elegance and sweet style in everything she designs. You just can’t go wrong with this line!

  • Alicia Gutierrez

    NEED THIS DRESS! Omg! I have the perfect shoes to go with it


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