Inspired Idea: Booking It


This is a photo of one of the walls in my office at Paper Crown. When we first moved in we had a lot of blank, white walls and a few brick ones too. I wanted to infuse the space with creativity so decided to decorate accordingly…by booking it! To add a textural yet whimsical vibe to the room, I tore out pages from an old book and layered them onto my wall in lieu of traditional wallpaper. This was an inexpensive way to not only add personality to the room, but provide wall cover as well.

Do you have a creative decor idea using non-traditional materials?

XO Lauren

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  • Carly Clydesdale

    Amazing idea Lauren!!!

  • Melissa Panici

    Clever idea Lauren! I have seen people use sticky notes to decorate boring walls in there house but I have never tried it! I think it’s a cool idea though!

  • Sina M

    I love to hang decorative carpets on the wall

  • Judeeboodie

    Here is a “”Fabric”” wall in my house

  • EllaGrace

    This is beautiful. Once my kids are older and less “”grabby”” I would love to do this : )

  • EllaGrace

    oh and making this a pinterest post ; )

  • Amy Breckenridge

    very unique idea – i’ve never seen that before! i recently blogged about the wall decals i put up in my apartment. they’re perfect because i rent and i can’t paint the walls, so they add nice pops of color!

  • Emma Chorley

    I collect quotations in a little book I carry in my handbag, adding to it whenever I come across a phrase or sentence that inspires me.

    I shared my room with my sister forever, but she moved out to move in with her fiance, so I wanted to make the room my own. I picked two of my favourite quotations: “”We are such stuff as dreams are made on”” and “”Love the live you live, live the life you love”” and found a website which prints the words in a sticker form. These words line my walls now and are the first thing I see when I wake up every day and continue to inspire me.


  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    One cool way to decorate is by using fabrics! I love using lace in particular!

    XO Kelley

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Sorry, Lauren… But I’m not a fan. I’m a neat freak when it comes to my work area, and I think I’d feel really claustrophobic with all that around. It is a great idea, so I definitely give you points on creativity & also props for doing this for just a small portion of the wall, as opposed to an entire side. You’re so fun!

  • Dee- Deelightful Studios

    Nice! Perfect for an office, bookstore, or cozy coffee shop! It has the vibe of being a very artsy, high-end installation piece :)

    My favorite thing to cover the walls with on the cheap is Washi tape! It’s like temporary wallpaper & the possibilities are ENDLESS (especially for us renters!). Here is a look at the simple stripes I made in my otherwise bright white bathroom:

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I want to cover a section of a wall w/peacock plumes!! …. I also like when people use that chalkboard paint… I also like taping Fortune cookie messages to my door. I tape them flat, so they become a collage of inspiration…

  • Karolina Marta

    I love it & great idea !:)

  • Lucy Springett

    At college we had to manipulate wallpaper so I created origami pinwheels out of old book pages and wallpaper and it looks like this: :) xxx

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    haha this reminds me of my walls during midterms and finals

  • Emma Chorley

    The website is:

    So nice to hear when someone else has a shared love of quotations :)

  • Amanda Pajak

    This is such a clever and adorable idea, Lauren! Another idea that would take a really long time is to find your favorite quotes from certain books and rip out those pages and highlighting them! It would be time consuming but just an idea!

  • Shannon Dorris

    I used Annie Sloan chalk paint, my new obsession, to stencil paint the back of white, bulit in bookcases in my den. I painted the back with a grey color, used a pale pink stencil on top, and then covered in a clear and dark wax to give it an antique french look. It looks just like wallpaper, but so much easier! Here’s the link….

  • fashionsontop

    Such a creative idea! It looks amazing and adorable:)

  • AnselSf

    I have my bedroom walls in salmon pink, and bought some chalk to make a board out of one wall. I’ll fill it with cooh quotes and phrases, and things I want to be reminded fo. I’ll upload it to my profile when I’m done! :)

  • Krista Gray

    This is awesome! Just added to my list of ideas for how to style and decorate at home:

  • Christina

    They actually did this at my church, the end of last year and it is still up! It looks very cool, and it makes for a cute, trendy space!

  • Isabella g.

    this is cool !! i have washable crayolas, when my friends come to my bedroom they write messages on the wall or i write cool quotes, theres a tic tac toe too hahaha and its great to write things that i need to remember or my schedule too ! its really cheap funny and cute !

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    my walls will look like this next week–midterms! they’ll be covered with school work haha

  • Shellz

    wow how long did that take? pretty cool….

  • Suzy Zhang

    that’s really clever and chic at the same time! :)

  • Claire Coppersmith

    I redid my room this summer because I was ready for something new, and while I was reading magazines, I had begun to rip out pages that I really liked or that inspired me. I ended up narrowing down the ripped out pages and putting my favorites up on my wall! I am going to switch out some of them for new ones this summer.

  • Alexx Bukovac

    So cute. I love it. 😀

  • laura sacco

    for my bedroom i chose to do a spin off of the traditional paint and picture idea! the color of my walls are white and lavendar; i have 3 different prints hanging up (one of audrey hepburn, one of london, and a long print with positive, influential, adorable phrases that my mom tells me everyday). i have some magazine clippings of different kinds of fashion, and in sharpie (yes, sharpie) on some of my walls, i have free-handed a variety of quotes and song lyrics (all positive and inspiring of course!)

  • Petra Zeller

    Lovely idea <3

    xoxo, Petra
    Check it out 😉

  • tinamarie

    great idea. i would love to try this is my studio, that i will one day have.

  • Pamela Poldrugac

    I used a bunch of old CDs and glued them to one of my walls.. and than i put a fun/smart/memorable quote on each of the CDs.. its my wall of inspiration.. :)

  • Diana M.

    that reminds me of somethng i have been wanting to do to my bedroom. i have all of these beautiful pictures that i have take over the years and i want to display them all but i do not want to buy frames for all the pictures. any one have any ideas????(i was thinking about doing something with ribbon but i dont know how to start)

  • Morgan Cook

    want fashion or beauty advice? check out my blog

  • xeskita Flores Cabala

    cd viejos, y tambien hice un mural con fotos especiales para mi 😀

  • Fernanda Webster

    So I had been waiting on an opportunity to use this idea… I added a little spin to it though and rather than doing a wall, I ‘booked’ an old painting in my daughter’s room. Check out the photo in my album:

  • SpookyJess

    I might have enjoyed this more if the papers were more intentionally placed. The random placement looks more messy, than designed. Perhaps making the pages tightly close together, evenly would have given a super textured/uniform look that’s also unique?

  • Kimberly Zamora

    i am going to do this but i am going to make a heart shape ♥



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