Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to you! I hope you had a wonderful week. I’m still in Tanzania right now, but I put together a collection of favorite finds for you before I left. Enjoy!

Favorite Use of Paint (love the wide stripes):

Favorite Party Decor Idea:

Favorite Convenience (wouldn’t this be nice?): 6839806714:Yahoo:photo

Favorite Daydream:

Favorite Hunger Games Inspired Cocktail (It’s the Effie Trinket! Click here for the recipe):

Are you going to see The Hunger Games this weekend?

Wishing all of you a relaxing weekend!

XO Lauren

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  • Sarah Heckle

    Ooooh, the party decor and the cocktail would be perfect for the bachelorette party I’m planning for my BFF!


    life lately photos – I got a new camera!

  • Wendy San

    The party decor, daydream and quote a definitely inspiring! And guess what! I just came back from seeing the Hunger Games. It was great! The way they produced it was fantabulous! Are you going to watch it soon?? :)


  • Tiffani Stuart

    Ok, I’m loving the Champagne button!! That’s definitely a favorite of mine, lol… I also like the hammock w/the view & use of paint! So cute!

    I haven’t decided if I’ll see the Hunger Games, at all. I didn’t read the book, either. It just doesn’t really intrigue me that much. However, I don’t usually watch/see things while everyone else is raving about them. I feel like I always end up disappointed b/c I expected too much [from all the prior hype build-up]. Maybe one day, though…

  • radz b

    I am going with my friend today afternoon for Hunger Games! The trailers look really good !

  • Liesl

    I just got The Hunger Games book, so I need to finish it before I go to watch the movie, even though I really don’t know if I can wait!

    Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

    Liesl xxx

  • Jessica Galfo

    I loveee that pink martini!!

  • Stephanie McDonnell

    Not seeing it. I can’t see a movie without reading the book first. It always ruins the book. I have the books amongst my heeping stack, I just haven’t gotten to them yet. I have nearly 75 new books that I am working my through.

  • Susanna Hall

    I always love Lauren’s Friday Favorites but this week’s is especially fun! I love the wide stripes on the walls, the mirrors and balloons look fabulous for party decor, the press for champagne button is fun- wish it was real, the quote is amazing, the daydream looks like one and I’m curous about the cocktail!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    this is one of the best friday favorites to date – i love it all! :) i am going to see the hunger games tomorrow with some friends and i can’t wait!

    i hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  • Raya Radoslavova

    yeah yeah I will.Do you like The Hunger Games?What you think about books?

  • Melissa Panici

    Wow I love the daydream photo! How cool is that? I don’t think I’m going to see The Hunger Games this weekend but I will definately have to buy it when it comes out! Have a wonderful weekend Lauren!

  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    My fave is the party decor, I love it! The daydream photo is definitely dreamy!

    XO Kelley

  • Christine Rosko

    Love these. The favorite convenience is defintely my favorite. Please check out my Friday Faves if you have a minute!

  • Chelsea Heintschel

    Omg I love all of these. I had to choose one though my favorite would probably be the wide stripes paint or the party decor, just because I am on a home decorating kick right now.

  • Carey N

    Love the gold balloons!!! I’m going to see Hunger Games with my mom and niece this weekend! I’m so excited that we read the books together and are going to see the movie together. Such a fun thing to share with them!!

  • Abby

    So cute! I saw the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games! I got home at about 4am and I’m a WRECK at work today! But it was worth it… :)

  • Michelle-Queenie Marie Connors

    I’m going to see The Hunger Games tonight with my 2 best friends for my birthday :) And I’ve made that cocktail, it’s lush!!

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Tina Rush

    I’m in love with The Hunger Games! I am super excited and can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  • fashionsontop

    Love the gold balloons!!

  • Rachael Yanta

    That daydream shot is gorgeous! How fun would that be?! Can.not.wait to see the Hunger Games!!!

    Check out my “”Fab Friday Beauty Tip””!

  • Sharrich Scott

    I too saw The Hunger Games at midnight and it was amazing!!! I am struggling now, but it was well worth it. At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to think as I hadn’t read the book like so many of my friends, but I can’t wait to add it to my movie collection. It has all the emotions you can imagine and then some….I cried, I laughed, I feel in love, I fought with the characters and I even jumped out of my seat once.

  • Leanne

    Gorgeous!!! I love it all!

    Love from South Africa

  • Julia Barashk

    I loven the champagne button! It should totally be mass produced

  • Stephanie DiMaggio
  • Ana Castilho

    Everything so cute!

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I saw The Hunger Games at the midnight showing! It was ah-mazing! I’m so sad I left my book at home, because I am really needing to re-read it!

  • Serendipity Sky

    I’m totally going to see it tonight! I’ll be wearing this when I go! :)

  • Brigid of Small Town Fabulous

    The balloons and the walls are so cute!


  • Michelle LaPorte

    I want to try the cocktail! Looks delish can’t wait for happy hour after work now!

  • Marielle van Gorkum

    Love it!! <3

  • Petra Zeller

    I love the party decoration and the cocktail :)
    Have a great weekend :)
    xoxo, Petra Check out the look of the week ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • PattyChung


  • Melissa Riollano

    oh how fun an Effie drink! :) just went to see the Hunger Games today. loved it!

    maybe there should be a post on their fashions..

  • Stacy H.Costello

    YES of course.. Sunday afternoon with my bro , my BFF and her bro…. cant wait

    May the odds ever be in your favor

  • Eliza Zamora

    o the drink looks delish!

    please check out –

  • tinamarie

    omg. love the daydream. and i HAVE to try this drink.

  • Chariz Nicdao

    I want to see the Hunger Games, but I’m waiting for my cousins to have a day off so we can see it together. The daydream one would be amazing to really do :) I’m so happy Spring Break is approaching! :)

  • Kiwi


  • Amanda Senkbeil

    This Needs to be Next Week’s Friday’s Favorite Laugh:

  • Shellz

    that drink looks good! love….

  • Karie Montgomery

    aw, that drink looks tasty!

  • ellie grogan

    I saw the hunger games yesterday, it is like the best movie ever! some parts made me cringe, like when people were getting stabbed. that part where the scary dog thing jumped out, scared the hell out of me and my friends. like, i almost jumped out of my seat. and my friend started having a spaz shaking lolol i love u lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    Yes, I really want to see the Hunger Games!! Xx

  • Miriam Gronli

    I love the hammock, though I could never actualy use one. I would be too freaked out that I’m would fall, or something.

    I’ve actually been to the resturant with the champange button. It’s a really nice place in London, near Picadilly Circus if I remember correctly, called Bob Bob Ricard. It has this amazing rich art deco interiour. I went there for tea (which can be like a whole small meal in England), and it was all really good. Defintly a place to stop by in my oppion. ( (And yes they do have a button in each boot you can press for Champange. It is incredibly temping, but I didn’t actually do it.)

  • Pepsi Reed

    Saw The Hunger Games it was a great movie, I just felt as if it needed more insight on Katniss. Alot of things get skipped or left out but overall great movie.

  • nw1810


  • Heather Henderson

    OMG! That thing hanging from the tree is so cool!

  • neeca duncil

    I did! yey! :)

  • Emilie

    Yes I went to see the hunger games! I love the effie trinket cocktail haha.

    How amazing would it be to be in that tent ๐Ÿ˜€

    xo Emilie

    ps check out my blog @

  • Hannah Wylie

    I hope you had a great time in Tanzania, I went last summer and I had such an amazing! The people are so inspirational! :)

    The Hunger Games was really good, although I thought the book was better

    hannah xxx

  • Karen Silva

    I’d like to have that “”press for champaing”” <3 hahah



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