3 Things: You Will Always Find in My Purse

3 Things: You Will Always Find in My Purse

Every girl has a few tried and true items she must have with her at all times. No questions asked. If you were to take a peek into my bag, these are the three things you’d find:

  1. Lip balm. I might be addicted…or is that an old wives’ tale? (More on this later.)
  2. Red lipstick. You never know where the day will take you! (Click here for more about my favorite lip products.)
  3. Loose face powder. It’s the worst when you need it and don’t have it.

What three things do you keep on-hand at all times?

XO Lauren


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  • Michelle LaPorte

    I’m addicted to lip balm also. I have every kind imaginable! I also always have a nude pink lipstick and perfume.


  • Melissa Panici

    Thanks for sharing Lauren! The 3 things you will find in my purse always are:

    Lip Gloss- always need lip therapy

    Perfume- I like to have this on hand in case it wears off!

    Pen- I absolutely HAVE to have a pen in my purse. I hate going to the bank drive-thru or grocery store and finding out I forgot a pen.

  • karly goins
  • Sarah Heckle

    Dior lipstick, hand lotion, sunnies :) I did a what’s in my bag post the other week!

  • Lupsie

    1. Rosebud salve lip balm

    2. Clean & Clear shine control pad things whatever they are

    3. Mini mirror

    4. (I know, 3 but…) I must always have a tweezer!

  • Alexandra Arreola

    I always have covergirl nature luxe lipbalm, gum, and hair ties or bobby pins.

  • heatherwhenever

    I always have:

    1. my sunglasses! i do live in California after all :)
    2. a snack. if i’m between meals, a baggie of almonds takes care of tummy growls in a healthy way
    3. a pretty cocktail ring, like this one: http://www.rubybag.com/rings/created-pink-teardrop-sapphire-genuine-diamond-ring- to transition from day to night, and add extra sparkle!

  • samantha crowe

    Hang cream!!

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    1. Chapstick – I can’t go anywhere without any

    2. Gum – fresh breath is a must, plus it keeps me from snacking too much

    3. Post-its/pen – I’m a list girl πŸ˜‰


  • Richelle Baker

    I always carry Baby Lips Quenched, Tweasors & A roll of Quaters. Never know when there is going to be a park meter or a hair out of place.

  • Aparna Bankston

    -Chapstick (I still love my Lipsmackers!)

    -Hand lotion

    -Hair ties/bobby pins

  • Melissa mould

    I’ve just invested in red lippy – i’ve been trying to find the right shade for so long.

    I usually wear pink – you can see in all my outfit posts on my blog mediamarmalade.com but so ready to try red :)

    You can follow my UK fashion blog here: http://www.blogger.com/follow-blog.g?blogID=5498279048180405784

  • Donna Hup

    cover up, chapstick, and ipod (never know when there will be a line and/or cranky child that needs a game or movie)

  • laura sacco

    3 things always in my purse:

    -makeup bag (loose powder, lip gloss, hand sanitizer)


    -a snack/drink (long classes..no breaks)

  • Catherine Tyndall

    Lip Balm!

    Hair Brush!


  • Laura Duijvestijn

    Hand cream



  • Rachael Yanta

    Clinique lip gloss
    Eye drops (I have bad allergies)
    Clinique cream blush (applying a little to the apples of you cheeks is the perfect little touch up.. brightens up your whole face!)


  • Eliza Zamora

    lip balm, hand moisterizer and bobby pins!

    Please girls check out my blog and support. I will return the favor!! <3


  • soupforthegirlysoul

    mine are chapstick, my phone and hand lotion!


  • Philippa Levitt-Harwood

    – No7 Foundation
    – Nivea lipbalm
    – Perfume – usually Britney Spear’s Candyfloss.

    Please check out my blogs :)




  • ElEhYouAreEh

    Lip balm (Rosebud Salve)

    My sunglasses (Ray Bans! Bought my first pair last year)

    An umbrella (because I live on the West Coast of Canada, and you never know with the weather).

  • Giselle Escamilla

    3 things I have in my purse are:

    I would say wallet but everybody haves that in there purse so I will put that to the side

    But I always have my sunnies!!! :)

    Lip stick (pink lipstick with gloss is my favorite combination)

    Gum (I’m obsess with gum)

    thats my 3 things I have in my purse, and I always carry!

  • Chrissy Myers

    1. Old school calendar/address book (I learned the hard way getting emitted into the hospital and having my phone die & not knowing anyone’s numbers!!)

    2. Hand lotion OR Sanitizer (at least one or the other)

    3. Burt’s Bees Chapstick

  • Lizzy Spence

    Red lipstick, Cell phone, and my cute red polka dot change purse which holds my cards and money:)

  • Emma Kershaw

    In my purse you’ll find lip balm, nude lipstick and hand cream cus my hands are always dry.

    I think I actually am addicted to lip balm and I’ve done a post about it on my blog! Please check it out!


  • heidi kokborg

    1. Lip balm

    2. Hand lotion

    3. A notebook :)

  • Allyson Gilbert

    My wallet, lip gloss, pen/small spiral notebook

  • StyleAt30

    Red lipstick, face powder and cheek tint. β™₯


  • The Budget Maven

    My 3 Things:

    1. Aveeno Lip Balm

    2. A pen

    3. A Ponytail holder


  • Saimiris

    I always have my Lip Balm, a pair of sunglasses and a couple of elastics.

  • Rebekah W

    adorable products :) i always have a nude lipstick, a mirror and translucent powder with me!

    xoxo http://www.flirting-with-fashion.blogspot.com/“”>FlirtingwithFashion

  • Kelby Peachey

    My three must have beauty items in my purse are:

    1) Chapstick, 2) Lotion, and 3) Sunglasses!

    For my infusion bag, well that’s a different story and you can check it out here:


  • Taylore Wilson

    Only 3 things…I carry a ton of stuff with me everyday!

    My top 3 would be…

    1) Lotion…like three bottles (I need different scents!)
    2) Chapstick (I love baby lips!)

    3) Hand Sanny (You never know…I’m a freak who always needs my hands washed. I even have a bottle on my desk at work.)

  • Johanna Thiessen

    1.) Deodorant

    2.) Lipbalm

    3.) Face powder

  • Jessica Galfo

    lip gloss, a compact mirror, and gum!! always have all three :) even when I am at the beach!

  • Elizabeth LaBrasca

    burt’s bees lifeguard lip balm, trident white (has to be wintergreen!) gum, and bobby-pins! If I have at least those three I know i am ok :)

    xo Elizabeth


  • Pepsi Reed

    1. Lip Gloss.

    2. Bobby PIns

    3. Sunglasses.

  • Elizabeth L

    1) Cell Phone

    2) Wallet

    3) Keys

    others: chapstick

  • Blair Arms

    Nivea Hydrating lipcare with SPF

    Hair tie (usually I keep one on my finger)


    other: sunglasses

  • Merel Godhelp

    The three things in my purse: Always lip balm (also addicted to it ;-)), mascara and sunglasses….

  • tanisha landers

    1.) of course Lipstick
    2.) facial powder
    and 3.) hair pins i like to change my hair style through the day!!!

  • Petra Zeller

    My three things I always find in my Purse are: My Chanel Poudre, Lip Balm (Strawberry) and my Hand cream

    xoxo, Petra


  • Brooke Corbin

    1. cell phone

    2. keys

    3. lipbalm

  • Joy Swan

    I always have blistex, my lancom red lipstick and my dior black khol eyeliner, i can dress up my face up quickly with that incase i end up out for drinks after work

  • AnselSf

    1. Wallet

    2. Blush

    3. Wipes

  • Enrica V.

    Hi everyone! I am a new user, a fan from Italy, from the sunny Naples! :) Well well, 1. Face Powder 2. Lip balm 3. Chewing-gums! And of course ID Card, money and my mobile hehe :)

  • Martin M
  • Amy Breckenridge

    aside from the regular items like my cell phone, wallet and keys, the three things i always keep in my purse are:

    1) l’occitane shea butter hand cream
    2) smith’s rosebud salve
    3) chloe eau de parfume rollerball


  • Naomi Galea

    3 things you find in my purse are:

    1. concealer

    2. black liner

    3. lipgloss


  • fashionsontop


    My Wallet

    Cell Phone


  • Stephanie DiMaggio

    1. chapstick

    2. hand sanitizer

    3. wallet


  • Monica Herrera

    I don’t go out without this;

    1. Loose face powder,

    2. Lip gloss

    3. Blush, I have a tendancy too look a little wash out, so Blush is always a good solution to look more like a live person instead of a Zoombie!!

  • Gina Mackey

    The 3 things I ALWAYS carry in my purse are:

    1) Deoderant. Being from the South you tend to sweat a lot during the summer and for those times I thought I put on deo, but didn’t. LIFE SAVER! :)

    2) Hand sanitizer. I’m a real germaphobe so this makes me feel ‘safe’.

    3) Perfume (or body spray) because I fear not smelling good!

  • Martin M

    I would never never go out without my glasses. So many situations at which you need them :)



  • Erin Allard

    1. Palmers Coco Butter lip balm- so soothing and yummy scent
    2. Advil- just in case I get hit with a headache or cramps
    3. Nars lip gloss in Turkish Delight- it’s the perfect pink/peach nude sexy lip gloss

  • Emilie

    Lip balm is always a must have.

    My phone


    xo Emilie

    ps check out my blog @ http://www.hungrydelights.com/

  • Brigid of Small Town Fabulous

    I always have my phone, my lip gloss that smells like watermelons and isn’t sticky (its a lifesaver!, and my liquid eyeliner for touch ups.


    I follow back almost always! :)

  • Allison Swarts

    Bottled water – I try to drink a few bottles a day. I hate being thirsty!
    Burt’s bees wax – I’m addicted, really. There’s got to be something addicting in that stuff.
    Work keys – I never know when if the girls at work may need me to come in!

  • Becca Waldron

    1. Hand sanitizer

    2. Chap Stick

    3. Sunglasses!

    and a # 4. Tide-to-go!

  • Liesl

    I ALWAYS have:

    1. lip balm (also an addict!)

    2. my iPhone

    3. my toothbrush! (I have braces…)

    What’s in my Bag?


    Liesl xxx


  • Francesca Rizzo

    What shade of MAC red is that?

  • Kelly Fox

    Carmex moisture plus in pink, eye lash curler, and of course my 3-in1 sheer pink lip, eye and cheek makeup!

  • Leanne

    I love MAC lipsticks!!! Pretty Please is my favourite colour.

    Love from South Africa

  • Chris

    There are so many things in bag! I can’t narrow it down to 3. SO i just emptied my bag on the table to see what’s inside. Because this morning i thought about taking only the necessary (and it’s already a loooooot!)

    What you always find: – My Blackberry, – My ipod, – Wallet, -Transport card, – Office badge, – A magazine and a book, – My agenda, – my external drive, – my keys

    – A tiny purse with all necessary things: aspirin and pills for anything that could happen, a lip balm, hand sanitizer, hand cream, perfume sample, vitamin C, magnesium, eye drop, invisible gel blister plasters, tiny nail cutter, plasters of all size and shape (wow there are many things in that tiny thing)

    – another purse with other necessary: my cheque book, a city plan of each districts, a mini mirror, blackberry headset, gym card, hello kitty pen, 2 scrunches, a BB cable for the computer (same one as the external drive), a phone charger

    if i had to choose just 3 it would be my transport card, my wallet and my phone (but then it’s only in case of extreme emergency)

  • Diane Marie

    – A book

    – my iPhone

    – a pen and a notebook

  • Karina Zajac

    Every girl should have red lipstick! :)

    I usually have an ipod, telephone and calendar in my bag <3

  • Renos Fy
  • kemi subulade

    Three things I all ways have with me is
    Lip balm
    Travel size body scent

  • Emmeline Staelens

    I always have my wallet, my sunblock and a great book with me… (summer)

  • Alexa Orr

    1. Hand Sanitizer

    2. Lipgloss

    3. A pair of earrings!

  • Lot Franken

    The things i always have in my purse are:

    – my phone

    – calvin klein lipstick

    – keys

    – my wallet

  • maud wetering

    i’m also addicted to lip balm, i don’t know if you know labello, but i use is every day and i actually love it!

  • Ashleigh Westmoreland

    Aside from the obvious wallet, iPhone and keys:


    -a book


  • Kelly Burt

    I always keep red lipstick in my purse too! I also always have oil blotting sheets and sunglasses.

  • brianna winnie

    the 3 things that i keep in my purse are chapstick (can’t have ashy lips), headphones (because i love my music) and my cell phone. those are a MUST!

  • Rroosh Nikac

    1. Lip balm

    2. My Planner (i know so oldschool but I LOVE IT)

    3. Phone

  • Erin Wiggins
  • Heather Henderson

    I always always always have chapstick with me!


  • omgitzyazzi Yasmine

    1. hand sanitiser (I’m a germ freak!)

    2. my phone

    3. cashhhhh

  • Britney Sinclair

    1) my phome

    2) hand sanitizer(germaphobe)

    3) bath & body work’s black rasberry vanilla lotion and perfume

  • lynnlib810

    I always keep my iPod, my Hollister Malibu Beach body lotion, and my Avon plump pout lip gloss in sheer pink. Always a must!

  • Ivana Hargasova

    I always need my lip balm (I apply it every 15 minutes :) on hand, pressed powder (Chanel or Clarins are my favorites) and my iPhone – I don’t go anywhere without it!

    xx Ivana
    http://www.macaronsandpearls.com/“”>Macarons and Pearls

  • Gaby Flute

    1. Mango Butter lip balm from Burt’s bees

    2. Nivea Sof Moisturizing hand cream

    3. Phone :)

  • Karen Silva

    1. Dior Forever Skin Compact <3

    2. Khol power eye pencil MAC

    3. Iphone


  • Shellz

    Blistex lip balm,My MAC Blot Powder and a pink lippie!


  • Kayla Pomroy

    1.) Phone

    2.) Hand Sanitizer

    3.) Cards

  • Janice Campbell

    1. Camera – You never know when you will need it.
    2. Loose face powder – Exactly what Lauren said.
    3. Sunglasses – Can always hide those sleepy eyes.

  • maha

    EOS lipbalm

    my camera

    hand sanitizer (a must have)


  • Casey Lynn

    1. Face Sunscreen (right now I have Neutrogena).

    2. Chapstick

    3. Mascara (I find it has the biggest impact if I want to freshen up my face quickly)

  • Melanie Jong

    1. Lip balm

    2. Phone

    3. Sun Glasses


  • Jesuai Deborah

    Hi Lauren ! I love your article (I’m french sorry for my english!!) i wanted to know what number of your chanel powder did you use. byyye!

  • Vanessa R

    I always have face powder, gum or mints and my camera!

  • Chastity Martin

    A makeup case with several types of lip products, face powder, mini brush, ponytail holder and hair clip



  • Karina Boluarte

    – ipod

    – blackberry

    – pepper spray

    – perfume

  • Kasia Lichota

    In my handbag makeup bag you can find: Blistex lip balm, face powder, lipgloss, mints, brow duo stick (color & highlighter), concelear. Tissues as well :)

  • sophie richardson

    makeup bag with everything in , thats simply because im so lazy to take everything out of it, but for days when i have no fce makeup on ill carry concealer mascara and moisteriser

  • Morgan Cook

    need fashion or beauty advice? check out my blog! http://thecurlyq.wordpress.com/advice/

  • kayla thomas

    Cell phone, lip balm and wallet!


  • beck1478

    iPad, phone and small makeup bag w/ lip gloss/tinted Carmex and face powder. Always!


  • Lauren Grimsley

    I always carry:

    1. a pocket hanky

    2.Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Luscious Honey

    3. My Compact Mirror my boyfriend gave my for Valentines Day. It’s engrave with my name and this quote “”May you see the beauty I see everytime I look at you.”” πŸ˜€

  • Raychill




  • MelLY

    3 things I always have in my purse is my mac mirror, lip gloss, and my phone.

  • Kimberly Reed

    3 Things I Always find in MY purse…are….Rose Cologne….smells like “”heaven:…..Concealer……eye liner and shadow…go together!

  • Gianella Chinchilla



    Lip Gloss


  • Nikki.Anne




  • Georgia Johnson

    Make up, fashion and beauty blog :)

    http://justagirlwithcoinsinherpockets.blogspot.co.uk/ xo

  • Rachael

    Three things you will almost always find in my purse are gum, lip gloss (you never know who you might meet), and my phone. : D

  • Morgan Cook

    need fashion or beauty advice check out my blog! http://thecurlyq.wordpress.com/

  • Ximena Gomez




  • Krista West

    sample size of my fav perfume

    neosporin lip moisturizer

    my glasses

  • Carmela Albanese

    Nude Lipstick and a lipgloss to go along with it

    Small compact mirror

    Bronzer and of course a makeup brush


  • Sarah Cornett

    Mints, (I have an addiction to icebreakers,) my favorite cherry chapstick so that my lips do not dry out when I apply my fav Skirt PR lipgloss, (which was surprisingly free,) and of course a compact mirror so I can apply it and not make a mess!

  • Sare

    This is a fantastic post! I always have a few items in my handbag, but the main essentials (and reasons why) are:

    *Concealor- for blemishes, dark circles if I am in a rush in the morning or need a touch up. But as the concealor I keep in my bag is a stick I also use it as a backup foundation! *Lipgloss- I prefer light or hot pink. Keep lips smooth and shiny-you never know who is falling in love with your smile! Also if pressed it can be used as a gel blush to add colour over cheeks, put over concealor on eyelids or lips for a matte effect. *Mascara- essential for awake eyes and to make sure my long eyelashes are nice and curled. Also if I don’t have my trusty eyebrow brush (which I constantly have) a mascara wand makes a good back up.



  • Melissa mould

    I love love love Mac Lippy – such nice shades and keeps my lips hydrated too.

    I reviewed Speed Dial on my UK style blog http://www.mediamarmalade.com a while ago :)


  • Antoniya Todorova

    Usually you would find Chanel Red Lipgloss, Bare Minerals Foundation Powder and my Hello Kitty Blush;)!

  • lol

    1. My Phone 2. My Key 3. My Lip balm

  • Mimi Montoya

    camera, red lipstick, clear lipgloss

  • Larelle Brown

    Three things

    1) Lucas Papaw Ointment
    2) Nivea Lip Care – Pearl & Shine
    3) A coloured Lipstick

  • Ashley Walker

    Chapstick is a necessity… In my room I took some Velcro and put a little piece on my wall next to my bed and a little piece on my chapstick. When I wake up in the middle of the night I don’t have to find it. I am always loosing my chapstick. Another item I always have is lotion and gum.

  • Jenae Kopf

    The 3 things you will always find in my purse are:

    1. Chapstick: Chapped lips are the worst and when you don’t even have chapstick it puts a damper on the whole day!

    2. Lip Gloss: I like to add some shine/glimmer to my lips during the day or at night. It adds to the fullness of my lips.

    3. Eyeliner: I tend to get sleepy and rub my eyeliner off at times and I have found it is just always a good idea to have some in your purse! You never know when you need bold eyes for a photo or a night out!

  • Cluny Grey

    3 things:

    1. Lipstick – Estee Lauder

    2. Estee Lauder gold compact

    3. MONEY


    The Daily Fashion and/or Beauty Tip


  • Derelyn



    SPF 15 moisturizer

  • Derelyn

    Hi Lauren – Just read your wrinkle blog and thank you for that quote that you included. I’m 29 turning 30 this year sooo yeah, it was encouraging for me to read. I’ve read your first two books…need to get caught up!

  • Caroline

    Hi Lauren:

    Number 1’s gotta be Lip Gloss (I’ve got quite the collection going right now, so I usually just throw one in my purse on my way out). I just think it kinda makes the look seem more finished, but now its becoming my security blanket as I’m putting it on as more of a nervous habit. lol

    Number 2 is whatever my current perfume obsession is. Right now I’m loving Gucci Guilty. I take the smallest bottle the brand sells with me and spray/roll onto my pulse points before I go out. I usually will do this until I completely run out.

    Number 3 is mint flavored gum or mint Altoids. Enough said :) Bad breath isnt cute on anybody!

    Anyway-that’s my deal, and good gracious, I’m realizing just how neurotic I’ve become with these silly habits haha!


  • Roshelle S

    Mac clear gloss, forever21 or Clear blot papers and Mac mineral powder

  • Katie Y

    I always have to have my chapstick, some form of hand lotion, and hand sanitizer :)

  • Georgia Johnson

    Fashion, make-up and beauty blog from a girl in the UK :)



  • kristen michelle

    The three things I keep on hand at all times depend on the season. Since we are in SPRING (ah! I love it, mostly because I can indulge in my fav color of pastel) I tend to keep a shimmery lipgloss (my favorite is Estee Lauder’s electric ginger right now, perfect balance of nude and peach), eye cream (I literally slather this on all day), and blotting papers. Being realistic, my purse houses about five pounds of essentials but this is the narrowed down top three. :)


    <3 Kristen Michelle

  • miranda ross

    1. Lip balm
    2. Mascara
    3. Hairbrush

  • Becca

    my purse litaerally contains my whole world!, but the three must haves that i i care in my purse at all times are lip gloss/lipstick you always need it and i feel like i am unfinshed with out it, blotting papers and compact powder for the mid day touch ups!

  • Shaye Wiberg

    1. Smith’s Rosebud Salve in a Tube. I have a slight addiction to buying lipsticks/glosses, but this is the one that I keep having to buy because I use it all! It is my favorite.

    2. Rouge Pur Couture lipstick by YSL in 1 Le Rouge. I have dubbed this shade to be THE perfect red. 35 Rouge Vernis is great, as well (it’s a little darker).

    3. A rollerball perfume. I currently have the Chlo

  • Rebecca Jackson

    my purse litaerally contains my whole world!, but the three must haves that i i care in my purse at all times are lip gloss/lipstick you always need it and i feel like i am unfinshed with out it, blotting papers and compact powder for the mid day touch ups

  • Lauren Zabroske

    My wallet
    My Phone
    My Car Keys

  • Morgan Cook

    need fashion or beauty advice? check out my blog! http://thecurlyq.wordpress.com/advice/

  • Elaine Riordan

    1) Liquid/Gel eyeliner

    2) Blush

    3) Deodrant

  • Lynette Benkenstein

    Without a doubt lipbalm (also addicted), hand lotion & house keys.

  • Katie Catalogna

    Chapstick, Tide to go, and Hand sanitizer lol…..

    Concerning beauty my foundation compact, some concealer, and lip gloss :)

  • Rebecca Bakofsky

    Three things I always carry:

    1. Coco Butter Lip Balm (chapped lips are the worst!)

    2. Sunglasses (I’m addicted, always need them!)

    3. Nail File (I hate when my nail snags and I end up breaking it because I don’t have a file!)


  • Coach Alexandrea J.

    The three things I always have in my purse are (besides my keys…)

    1. My wallet

    2. My cell phone

    3. My chapstick

    Check out my site! ajwilson412.blogspot.com

  • Carolyn Koch

    Well… Besides the obvious… here are my “”3″”

    Red Stain Gloss by Maybeline (an easy sexy fix!)

    Listerine Tabs (keep the breath fresh!)

    Hand Sanitizer (you just never know)

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    I agree, i like to keep a red tinted chapstick in my purse because you never know when you will need a red lip. I use Baby Lips because Im young and dont want it to look too harsh on me. But at home I do have a red lipstick that I loooove.

  • Carol S

    Looks like what I am carrying with me… xoxo


  • C Hayes

    Well phone, keys, wallet is a given…even if I don’t carry my purse out, I always have those three.

    So other than that:

    1-My business cards; never know who you’re going to meet, even at the market

    2-Baby Lips lip balm

    3-My emergency pack. Contents-tampons, mini-travel sized toilletries, comb and brush,etc.



  • Chelsea Beck

    My Kate Spade Wallet (also my favorite possession), BABY LIPS chapstick in mint, and Lip Butter in a nude shade.


  • tee_cupcakes

    Three things you will always find in my purse <3

    Burt’s Bees (Peppermint Chapstick)



  • Patty CatCake

    The 3 things which are always in my purse are:
    1. Lip Balm, as well.

    2. Hand Cream ( There is nothing I hate more than to have dry hands and no hand cream near me!)

    3. BlackBerry (I cannot live without it).

  • danielle millar

    Beauty supplies in hand:

    1. lip balm

    2. moblie phone

    3. tissues


  • Ambi s

    Great post, love that Kiehls balm! Here’s my make up essentials:

    Bombay Rose: What’s in my Make-up Bag?

  • Joanna Kim

    Love these items very much!
    Also, the nail lacquers is necessary
    Read this:

  • Tiara

    1. Spot on acne treatment
    2. Chapstick
    3. Lip gloss

  • Emilie Clarke

    1. A MAC lip-gloss
    2. DIOR lip balm
    3. Hand lotion

  • http://susanmauldin.com/ Susan Nagy

    #1) Face powder – my current favorite is MAC skinfinish natural in medium plus; #2) lip product usually lipstick but sometimes gloss or balm and my current favorite is Pixi lip cheek duos #3) dental floss because stuff stuck in teeth is definitely not attractive


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