ID Me: My Vegas Birthday Look


This past weekend I celebrated my 26th birthday at Hyde, which is a great club in the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Seeing as the celebration took place in the city of lights, I felt that sequins or sparkles were a must. I wore a sparkly little Alice + Olivia number with black LC Lauren Conrad pumps. Since the dress was a statement in and of itself, I kept my accessories minimal and pulled my hair into a high ponytail to complement the higher neckline.

Shop my look! The dress and heels are both available online:

Alice + Olivia Vista Sequined Tunic Dress
LC Lauren Conrad Black Platform Heels

Style Tip: When wearing a dress that is completely sequined or beaded, remember to temper it with simple or minimal accessories. It’s never a good idea to have too many competing elements in one outfit. Let the dress be the statement. Also, don’t be afraid to pull your hair up. A simple ponytail is not only sexy, but it shows strength and confidence too.

How do you wear sparkle?

XO Lauren

P.S. Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Click here to listen to my V-Day mix and click here to read about my best and worst Valentine’s Day dates too.

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  • Tiffani Stuart

    Love this look, Lauren!! Hope you had a good time & have more pics!! ;0) XO!

  • Amanda Meyrick

    I love that you wear your own line out! That really shows that you value your brand and that ANYONE can wear it!! <3

  • Sarah Heckle

    Gorgeous! So simple, yet glat at the same time.


    spring wish list > my new post

  • Amy Breckenridge

    you look beautiful! i love that you let the dress stand out and kept your accessories minimal. i am thinking about buying those LC lauren conrad pumps!


  • Alba Cuci

    That looked amazing Luaren! I agree on the accesories. There is such a thing as too much bling – as we all learned from your ex-bbf’s wedding.

  • Stacie Grissom

    So cute! And I always love those black heels. :)

    My latest project– how to make a zipper into a headband!

  • Emily Hanson

    Cuuuuuute! And I love the tip about letting the dress be the statement! Too many times have I seen girls wear a gorgeous dress, only to ruin it by wearing accessories galore!

  • Renos Fy

    Love this look, Lauren!! Hope you had a good time & have more pics

  • Tiffani Stuart

    LOL @Alba remembering Heidi’s over-accessorized wedding attire! She took a beautiful dress & turned it into something Circa Madonna 1984! All she needed was some fishnet gloves!

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    Love the A + O dress… they make great party dresses! – Cherie

    In need of a new bronzer? Check this out.

  • anna sautter

    I did the same thing for new years! My dress was by backstage with open back and my pumps were dolce vita! Love this look for fun events!

  • Kyra Rooney

    love love love!! the back of the dress is also so pretty! hope you had a great birthday :)

  • Melissa Panici

    I love the whole look Lauren! You look very classy and pretty. I hardly own anything with sparkle but I absolutely love this dress! Thank you for sharing!

  • Melissa mould

    Love this look :) Looks really good. Happy birthday too.

    I have a new outfit post on my UK style blog too

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    OMG i love this dress! it’s so so pretty! gorgeous as always:)

  • Jeni Jones

    LOOOOVE your LC collection at Kohl’s. Stylish yet affordable!!! I can FILL my closet! :)

  • Annemerel de Jongh

    + Sequin dresses & your hair down is waiting for disaster to happen 😉

    The Alice & Olivia dress looks absolutely stunning on you.

  • Janella Haf

    i once wore a gorgeous sequin dress to new year’s eve (: looked adorable (:
    but the blue of yours is way way prettier (:

    xo J

  • Corinna S.

    Great look, Lauren!! I love the dresses from Alicia + Olivia, never fail to amaze!

  • sweet_hunnybee

    I was there! Great party darlin! :)

  • Mariella

    I really like the blue dress and i love ponytails, they are an excelent option for parties. A ponytail is so comfortable and feminine!


    What a cute dress! Check out a cute way to fix up your simple flats on our blog today!

  • Melissa Panici

    By the way Lauren I love the new pics on the cover of this website. You look so pretty and I love the ponytail:)

  • Melissa Morgan

    You’re gorgeous and I love you.

  • Vivien Harmat

    lookin’ amazing as always :)

  • Ana Castilho

    So beautiful your dress! I loved!

  • Cate McLaughlin

    you are so so pretty.

  • karly goins

    Lauren I love this look! Our dresss are so similar,you look stunning as ever, happy birthday <3

  • Christine Rosko

    I absolutely love what you’re wearing. That dress is gorgeous and is the perfect color for you. Please check out my fashion post from today!

  • Renata Maria Touhy

    Stunning honey! xx

  • Susie Leckie

    WOW! you make this dress look amazing!!! I just clicked the link and saw it on the model on shopbop and based off just that I would never buy it. You make it work so well and it looks great on you! Thanks for sharing!

  • kemi subulade

    love it.

  • Nancy Tao

    The dress reminds me of a pink/rose sparkly dress you had in the LC Lauren Conrad line which I wore at my bachelorette pary in Vegas and paired it with the LC black pumps as well.

    I love the fact that you actually wear your own LC line!! Gorgeous look & thanks for the inspiration!

  • Caren Halsey

    I love the Alice and Oliva piece! I’m always intrigued by their collections but I feel like the fit is often too boxy, which is a huge shame. Did you make any alterations to the dress before you wore it, because if so I would love to know the best way to wear their stuff. Tasteful sequins can be the best accessories.

    Anyways, I love the outfit and as always am envious of your impeccable style.

  • Kate Swan

    I love sequins for birthdays! I pulled off the same style for my 22nd birthday in early February as well with a silver sequin dress, black tights, and black suede pumps… with minimal accessories (however I was coerced into wearing mardi gras beads as the night progressed)! It was perfect! Thanks for the tips :)

  • Petra Zeller

    Wow thats a amazing dress. I love the colour. You look really gorgeous in that outfit.

    xoxo, Petra

    Check out my new Post about Carnival:

  • Yannmaris Zambrano

    My birthday is close, actually is the next sat 18th. I have been thinking what to wear that day after I read your post about the B-day Look. I have a LBD that I will wear. The dress also has a little bit of pink animal print. What do you think? Should I wear it with black or pink shoes? PD: I love pink!

  • Jodie Bale


    please follow me on tumblr ladies…

  • Carly S

    Lauren, I love the dress. Unfortunately, its way out of my budget. If you find any dresses similiar for a cheaper price, could you post any? Thank you! Also, I started a blog under “”What to Wear”” and tweeted a picture of you rockin a blazer and skirt combo in March’s Cosmo! Where is that skirt from?

  • Katie Lee

    LOVE this look!! That dress looks great on you!

  • ilovemakeup5

    Beautiful! :)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    @Susie Leckie– I totally agree! I, too, clicked on the link, and was unimpressed by their styling. They over-accessorized w/that bib necklace. And people wonder why there are so many fashion victims!

  • champagne pearls

    I love the sparkles! I am such a huge fan, it always makes every outfit seem so much fancier! You looked fantastic.

  • Laura Ledesma

    its gorgeous !!!

  • LillyElla

    You are so lovely! Cant wait to meet you in Austin when you stop by for the book signing!!! xoxo

  • Julia Renkert

    What a beautiful look! I absolutely love it!!

    I recently wore sparkle out for MY birthday too! Mine was a little more subtle, but it’s still a fun way to shine up the night! You can see my sparkle look on my blog here:

    Hope you had fun! :)


  • Ella Den

    That dress looks great on you! I absolutely love it!!

    Clicked on the link, and was unimpressed by their styling. And people wonder why there are so many fashion victims!

  • Kimberly Soda

    you look Amazing…!

  • Suzy Zhang

    i love alice + olivia! and that dress looks amazing on you :)

  • Carolina navarro

    Your dress is realy pretty! I myself Is Vegas rigth now I wished I could have met you. I came to the magi show in mandalay bay and vegas convention center for platform. I also got to meet Betty Johnson she is so lovely and nice!! Hopefully you had a lot of fun! :)

  • Tatjana Kisler

    Lauren, u look so great!

    love it!

    xoxox Tatjana

  • tania aslam

    hey lauren

    could you please do a post on prom outfits? thanks xxx

  • Shellz

    You looks lovely!! and thanks for the great tip!

    Learn how to apply foundation and concealer correctly…

  • lorena duarte

    simple and beautiful :*

  • Emma Fox

    Lauren, you look truly stunning. When don’t you? I think of you as a real inspiration in terms of everything!

  • Rebecca Lawson

    So beautiful! I love the look! :)

  • Ally Nolan

    You look so beautiful, as always! I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration! We love you Lauren xo

  • Carmella

    Hey Lauren (or any other member of!

    Could you ID the watch and/or sweater you’re wearing in this picture? I’ve been looking for watch like this or something similar to it and I’m definitely in love with the one you’re wearing. Thanks!

  • Carmella

    Can anyone ID the watch Lauren’s wearing in this photo?

  • Carmella

    Can anyone ID the watch Lauren’s wearing in this photo?

  • carena klerkx

    you look always so beautiful, i hope you’re birthday in Vegas was wonderful!! XO

  • melissa cowie

    you look soooo beautiful!

  • Tanya McAndrew

    Lauren you look AMAZING!!! i love the dress and heels!!

  • Rebecca Lawson

    Love love love love love the dress!!!! :)



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