Fearless February: Into the Blue


During a trip to the Bahamas with my family over the holidays, I went scuba diving. I have gone a couple times with my family. I am not certified because I don’t go often enough so I normally just do the quick resort certification and do a shallower day. On my most recent trip, we dove around a small reef and a small sunken ship. It was really fun…until I spotted a giant Barracuda! Seriously. Those things terrify me. Needless to say, it was a great experience and I cannot wait to do it again!

Have you been scuba diving? Or done any snorkeling?

XO Lauren

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  • Louna Charaf

    I’ve been scuba diving twice, in Turkey and in Egypt. It was amazing !

  • Kiwi

    Yay 2nd response!!! I REALLY SO WANT TO GO SCUBA DIVING!!! I have been snorkling twice in Mexico and Florida! Scuba diving is especially somthing I want to do in my life!

  • Melissa Panici

    That looks like a lot of fun! I have never been scuba diving or snorkeling but I definately wouldn’t turn it down. Thanks for sharing Lauren!

  • Melissa mould

    I’ve been scuba diving in the barrier reef and found the experience amazing. I love doing new things and I actually just got back from Madrid too :)

    I’ve got outfit posts and my vintage finds on my blog http://www.mediamarmalade.comxx

  • Stacie Grissom

    Cool!! I went snorkeling in Puerto Rico– it is such a fun adventure. Love seeing all the fish and avoiding the coral. :)

    My latest post– Tips on finding a Polaroid camera! :) :)

  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    I’ve never went snorkeling or scuba diving, but I want to go so bad!

    ~XO Kelley


  • Rachel Trampel

    I have never been scuba diving, but it looks like a ton of fun!

  • Marvin C.

    No I have not…

  • Heather W

    Yes! I was qualified when I spent a year backpacking around Australia. We got to dive in the Great Barrier Reef! Amazing experience! I even met Nemo! :)

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving! It sounds like such a blast!


  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Stephanie McDonnell
  • Cherie LaFlamme

    Looks amaze, I’d love to try it but I’m super afraid of really deep water. I’m a snorkel kind of girl!


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  • Berenice del Carpio

    I’ve never done it, but I would kill to try!!! Underwater life sounds amazing!!

  • tinamarie

    oh wow. i would love to do this. the ocean is so beautiful underwater. it’s whole another adventure.

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    I love snorkeling! Whenever my family goes on vacation we make sure to do some sort of snorkeling excursion!! :) I’ve never been scuba diving, but have always wanted to! Definitely will have to try it out sometime in the future :D

  • Suzy Zhang

    i’ve never done either, but i’d love to do it one day! :)


  • Suzy Zhang

    i’ve never done either, but i’d love to try it someday :)


  • Caroline Wiechers

    This is so cool! It’s my dream to get to go scuba diving someday! And the Barracuda…well you conquered a fear that day!

  • sofis

    I don’t have a picture of my most resent fearless adventure but for about 3 years ago me and my sister and a cousin was out taking a walk nearby our summerhouse when a bear came running out of the woods.

    I have never been so scared in my whole life and tought for sure that i was going to die. We dove into the woods on the other side of the road and fell like lumber. You know in those scary movies when you think the girls are assholes because they fall over every little root there is. We where those girls… but luckily for us the bear was equally scared and disappeard on the other side of the road. Lucky us!

  • Lorna Scribner

    I got Scuba certified when I was 16. I’m a Marine Science major, so it is basically a necessity. This semester I’ll be working to get my advanced certification and doing a study abroad Maymester at Discovery Bay, Jamaica where we will be doing coral reed ecology and directed undergraduate research projects during the month that we’re there. Scuba is definitely worth the time for a certification… it’s just so calming to be in the water and be away from all the pressures and stress of everyday life.

  • Julia Mattis

    I have never been scuba diving, but cannot wait to go! I don””t know when I will be venturing into the beautiful water, but I will in my life time. I love doing activities outdoors.

  • Charlotte MW

    Yeah scuba diving can be cool. But I thing everybody should thing about the risk. A friend died during scuba dive. so i am not a fan anymore. before this happend i thought it is s amazing. but now…. i don’t know. maybe i change my mind some time.

  • Erika Bassaraba

    I have an I have been certified for 3 years :) But i’ve been diving in the Sea of Cortez since I was about 10 and snorkling ever since I could swim :). I actually want to go get my Masters degree in Maritime Archaeology.

  • melissa cowie

    i went scuba diving last summer in Florida, it was the first time and the best experience of my life! want to go again when we go Mexico this summer! cant wait x x x

  • Kelly Burt

    This looks like so much fun!! I have never gone but would LOVE to in the future.

  • MelLY

    I have never been scuba diving but it looks like fun and I would love to go one day. I need to learn how to swim first though. Good for you for conquering your fear that day!

  • Karleigh Sergio

    I am in the Bahamas right now!!!!! So funny that you just posted this! Hahaha I mentioned the Baraccudas as well! Terrifying! I know!

  • FlipFlopGurl

    Your picture is adorable! This is me SCUBA diving in Cozumel, Mexico which is a great place to dive. It is drift diving so you just float along with the current. I certified in Monterey, CA and my first real dive was the next month in Cozumel. It was scary for me at first when I did the certification dives because I felt claustrophobic in the wet suit. But, once I got to dive in warm water in Mexico I was fine becauase we only wore light weight dive skins. Have not been diving in years but need to get back out there! http://www.laurenconrad.com/photo/view/16976/4156/19820/1

  • Katrin Ahrens

    I got certified this past summer in Newfoundland, Canada which has rather cold water. I love the natural beauty and silence of scuba diving. My dad has been diving for over 30 years and from him I got the push to start diving, he taught me to appreciate the silent beauty of the ocean and to preserve it as much as possible. I can’t wait to dive again.

  • Alexandra Dadisman

    So cool, Lauren! My parents and my boyfriend are really into scuba diving. It looks like fun (minus the fact that I am assuming you get a lot of yucky salt water in you mouth, no?) I need to get on this because swimming in a reef with a sunken ship sounds amazing!


    Adventures With Alexandra

    PS. Please check out my blog today because I am really excited about the post I wrote today about my experience as an extra on The Vampire Diaries!

  • Anna Cummings

    You look so legit!

  • Miriam Gronli

    Going for the first time in two or three days nearby Byron Bay in Australia. :D So excited.

  • Michelle Brodie

    I have only been scuba diving twice, both times in the Great Barrier Reef. I really enjoyed the shallow dive but when we went into the deep, DARK water, I freaked out! It was amazing to see so much coral, fish and giant clams. My favourite experience was snorkeling in Fiji though, 100s of fish surrounded us!! The secret, a couple told us before going in to get a coke bottle and fill it with small pieces of bread… the fish LOVED it.

    As for other ideas… I convince my friends every couple of months to do something ‘bucket list’ type. This month we hired scooters/ vespas and went down along the beach… once i got the hang of the handle controls, it was a lot of fun.

    Past activities we have done include; snow mobiling over a frozen lake, Ice/glacier walking, Absailing, dog sledding, hovercraft rides, going to a gun range, being a passanger on a 2 wheel stunt car and walking on water (in a bubble). :) Here are some of the photos:


  • Vanessa R

    I’ve never been but I’m actually going to the Bahamas in April and this is on my to do list! Let’s hope I don’t see a Barracude though! Yikes…

  • Crystal Posner

    I have always wanted to go scuba diving!! Maybe this summer ;)

  • kemi subulade

    no but i would love too!!!

  • Maureen Feltz

    My husband and I rented some snorkeling gear when we took a cruise to the Bahamas last fall… We used it at the Blue Lagoon! Very beautiful and fun… except for the occassional swallow of salt water, haha.

  • fashionsontop

    Ive never been scuba diving! But I would love to go sometime!


  • Brittni Hicks

    For Fearless February (a little late, I know) I decided to go blonde last night!

  • daniela palma ramos

    future Marine Biologist here! :D so, yes! i’ve got the oportunity to do a course of specialist diver, it was awesome to see all that life with your own eyes


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