3 Things: You Don’t Know About Me


Seeing as a chunk of my life was broadcast on television, you would think that most people know all there is to know about me. But you would be wrong. Today, I thought it would be fun to share three small things you don’t know about me… Or as the old MTV show Diary would say: “You think you know, but you have no idea.” Enjoy!

  1. I have a small chip on one of my front teeth.
  2. When I’m in my car alone, I love to sing…loudly.
  3. I haven’t checked my voicemail in over 4 years.

Tell me three fun facts about yourself in the comments below!

XO Lauren

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  • Annette Falt

    Same here, I sing my heart out in the car! πŸ˜€ That’s why I love road trips, even sometimes just alone πŸ˜‰

  • karly goins

    1. I have a barely visible birthmark on my left thigh that you can only see when I get tan (weird I know).

    2. I can’t whistle.

    3. I love tuna, but only raw not out of the can :p

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Those are so cool, Lauren! lol. I don’t know how you can go w/o checking your VM so long!! Hmmm, Let me think. My 3 are:

    1) I can be pretty OCD about how I eat certain foods… Like, I always separate my Skittles, and eat anything w/a crust or edge (like a sandwich) first– then the middle.

    2) I know how to make balloon animals… Weird, I know…

    3) I’m going into a meeting in 2mins, so… Gotta go!lol

  • Melissa Panici

    I love it!! Here are my 3 things:

    1. I also have a small chip on one of my front teeth.

    2. I’m absolutely TERRIFIED of spiders. Even fake ones. lol

    3. I’m obsessed with grape nuts and Whips Yogurt. (combined)

    Thanks Lauren!

  • Lauren Hoffman

    I also sing at the top of my lungs in my car and never check voicemail. My dad gets so mad at me, you’d think he’d know by now.

    <3 Lauren

    Get to know the best primers around…

  • Shivangi Patel

    4+ years without checking your VM, that’s insane! Lol..

    my three are…

    1. LOVE bananas.

    2. I like to dance in the shower :)

    3. i have watched Laugna Beach season 1-2, and The Hills season 1-6 7+ times.

  • Leonnie Prangnell

    1. I have a scar on my head that makes me look like Harry Potter.
    2. I paint a smile on my face most days when I’m honestly worrying about a million different things.
    3. My iTunes consists of the strangest mix of music genres.


  • Amanda Klein

    1) I had open heart surgery

    2) I’m afraid of hair cuts

    3) I’m a D1 Cheerleader, but I’ve never cheered before this

  • Amanda Klein


  • Rose Adams

    Haha love them :)

    My three:

    1. My laugh is like when a witch is laughing

    2. I’d love to make cupcakes, even though I’m pretty skinny πŸ˜›

    3. I haven’t dyed my hair ever

  • Karleigh Sergio

    1. I have a scar on my forehead

    2. I also have a chip in one of my front teeth

    3. I was born with an extra finger!

  • beck1478

    Lauren, can I just say that I LOVE you and your style! Here are my 3:

    1. I hate ground beef…no matter how it is flavored

    2. I have a convertible and I, too, love to sing VERY loudly in the car…even when the top is down

    3. I love to write, but don’t think my life is interesting enough to write about, and I don’t have the mind to think up a fictional story.

    PS, I started L.A. Candy last week and so far I LOVE it! Can’t wait to read all of your other novels!

  • Melissa Burke

    1. I have a chip in my CHIN from an accident in Greece

    2. I love leaning out of my window at night to look at the stars, and first thing in the morning to look out at the sunrise

    3. I like to make a new email address about every year :s


  • Smgrimes13

    How have you not checked your voicemail in 4 years??? I hate it when I have voicemails! Or what if there was an important message on there? The not knowing would kill me even if it was stupid, hahaha.

  • Gabriela Mina

    1. I have a chip on my left front tooth!!

    2. I have flat feet

    3. My favorite animal are penguins :)

  • Rachel Moltz

    1. I have no feeling in the top of my forehead due to nerve damage from a skiing accident.

    2. I’ve been driving the same car for 10 years – the same one I owned in high school!

    3. I hate cucumbers with an undying passion.

  • aviana wyall

    1) I’m left handed

    2) My family has had exchange students from Italy and Germany and they are like my sisters :)

    3) I’m terrified of lady bugs. like deathly!!

  • Alba Cuci

    OMG 4 years???? Is this your personal phone? That’s nuts!

    3 fun facts about me

    1) I too love to sing in the car when I’m alone…loudly!

    2) I had a huge gap between my front teeth that I got filled about 5 years ago.

    3) For 3 months after I had LASIC, I had to remind myself every morning and every night to not take out or put in contacts.

  • Melissa Farley

    1) I am OBSESSED with golden retrievers, and therefore, am in LOVE with this photo!!

    2) The LC line at Kohl’s is by far and away where lots of my money goes : )

    3) My all time favorite TV show is “”I Love Lucy””; always good for a laugh!

  • Sarah Heckle

    I really dislike when people leave me voicemails — send it as a text, please! :) But I do check them when I get them.

    bow blouse + light pink pants = my new outfit post!

  • Kellie Norton

    I love this blog!!

    1) I used to have a chip on my front tooth but now I have a covering over it, no one knows :)

    2) In order to figure out if an outfit is right for me to wear out on a Friday night, I have to dance in front of the mirror in it… it’s my favorite ritual

    3) I always have to wipe my grocery carts with germX before I shop, I’m such a germ-a-phobe!!

  • Cristina Zorc

    1) i prefer much more vanilla than chocolate

    2) i don’t use phon for over a year

    3) i never been in hospital

    love your blog and everything Lauren (: *

  • celspethj

    A. I cannot sleep unless my flat is clean all the way through, even if this means I won’t sleep until 5am.

    B. I am trying to love my body for the first time in my life, and I am currently the heaviest I have ever been.

    C. I have three citizenships, but I can only speak English.

  • Stephanie McDonnell

    1: I’m kind of boring. I don’t go out much. I am content with my sewing machine or a book.

    2: My face is crooked! I was born with a slight hairlip, which makes my nose crooked, my upper lip slightly off and my eyes sit at two different angles.

    3: I lie about my pants size.


  • Aparna Bankston

    1. I really, really like pickles. They’re probably one of my favorite foods.

    2. I have a beauty mark on my lower lid on my left eye

    3. I’ve been to every state in the U.S. except for two: Hawaii and Utah

  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    Love it! 3 things about me:

    1. I love romantic gestures even if they are sappy.

    2. My ears itch when I’m sleepy.

    3. I love Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, but only from Baskin Robbins!

    XO Kelley


  • Agata Kalinowska

    1. I wear different nailpolishes almost every day

    2. I’ve never seen Titanic

    3. I’ve seen FRIENDS (the whole series) 5 times and still love to watch it (don’t know if it’s funny or creepy)

  • Gina Mackey

    3 Things about me:

    1) I take two showers a day. Love to start and end my day clean! :)

    2) I speak French, Gaelic, and English. Gramma was from Paris so she taught me French; Daddy was Irish so he taught me Gaelic. Since they’ve passed, I’m not as fluent as I was once. :)

    3) I HATE seafood. All seafood. Not allergic, but I don’t like the taste of seafood. :(


    About me:

    1. I also sing in my car!

    2. I love dark chocolate!

    3. My family and friends mean everything to me!

  • Kaitlyn Lammers

    1. Like someone stated above, I also like pickles. To the extreme. You know the cookie monster? When I was little my family called me the pickle monster.

    2. I treat my teacup Yorkipoo more like a member of the family than as a dog.

    3. I really dislike folding socks.

  • Stephanie Turco

    1. I have an obsessive need to shop

    2. I trust everyone until the give me a reason not to (usualy gets me hurt in the end)

    3. I want to travel somewhere new 2 times every year, I’ve only ever been to Italy

  • Susanna Hall

    1- I don’t eat chicken.

    2- I prefer to use plastic utensils, I hate the taste of metal in my mouth and when you’re eating hot food like soup or cold food like ice cream, the tempature on metal utensils gets too extreme!

    3- I’m a bit of a beer snob, I love craft beers and micro-brews!

  • Leasha Ann

    1. I have a birth mark in my eye so it looks as though one of my eyes is a different colour. Doesnt effect my vision at all, just looks weird.

    2. I make up my own songs all the time and sing them very loudly.

    3. I really like listening to other peoples problems.

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    1. I can’t cross my eyes. They just shake really fast.

    2. I’m allergic to nickel. It makes wearing jewelry and jeans difficult sometimes

    3. I was born with underdeveloped heels and really high arches so none of my shoes fit perfectly


  • Karolina Cz

    1. I have a chip too!

    2.I have a little scar on my cheek that you can see under the sunlight that I win in my fight with my brother when we were kids

    3. I’m 25 and never had coffee. shocker !

  • Erin Tannehill

    1. I have a birth mark in my eye.

    2. I’m a pretty good singer in the car such as yourself! and it’s very loud as well!

    3. I am pursuing a college degree in business. However, I have been chosen for management with my current career as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, so I will stick with that instead. :)

  • Louise OHare

    1. I am a redhead and very very proud of it.

    2. I am crazy obsessed with Bruce Springsteen ( I once dreamt I met him in a Supermarket/Grocery Store)

    3. I love to sing and sang karaoke in The Horseshoe Bar (A famous bar in Glasgow, Scotland where they will “”booooo”” you off if you are no good……. I got a standing ovation)


  • Kayla Wachtel

    1. I have never been to Disneyland. (and I am 22 years old!)

    2. I adore the TV show “”Friends””. It is my absolute favorite. I own all ten seasons- plus I visited Central Perk on the Warner Brothers studio set and got to sit on the signature orange couch :)

    3. When I smile, I only have one dimple.

  • Saskia Jansen

    First I’m stalking chester sees twitter account!

    Second I love to wear the high heels from my mom ( but that’s a secret!!!)

    And last but not least I love to eat pasta with ketchup :)

    xoxo S

    Follow me on twitter :


  • Megan Babin

    1. I am crazy afraid of bugs…even ladybugs

    2. I am a redhead with blue eyes..

    3.I enjoy crafts, and I love the thought of making crafts to sale or give away…but I can’t stand the thought of other people owning my “”things””

    (so I have a drawer full of crafts I have created for other people that never got them)

  • Brittni Hicks

    1. I’m a workaholic

    2. I have the world’s worst sweet tooth

    3. I love to work out!

  • baylie crank

    1. i have a birth mark on the palm on my hand

    2. I dance in public when i think no one is looking

    3. I am a true fan of Duke baksetball. #GTHC haha you would only know this if you know the rivary

  • Micaela Luis

    1. I might seem like a cold person, but in fact I’m really sensitive.

    2. I need to watch at least one episode of ‘The Simpson’ everyday.

    3. I don’t like alcohol at all.

  • k8tbaird

    1. I have a heart shaped birthmark on my arm.

    2. Always use two straws instead of one.

    3. Even though I’m 18, I am still a sucker for Disney movies!

  • Maria Rosa Herrera

    1. i dont like coffee at all not even on ice cream,chocolate not at all.

    2. i love to watch my cats doing cat things and i talk to them πŸ˜€

    3. i have to eat sweet stuff like everyday :) its a must!

  • Shellz

    whoooa…the 3rd fact is crazy ..lol…Check out my Feb Faves…includes some pretty coool hair stuff:


  • Enchanted Glamour

    1) I am double jointed.

    2) I have almost perfect instinct about people/events.

    3) I am a huge, huge animal lover — of all kinds.

  • Cecilia Rollen

    1. I hate touching things made out of wood. It’s so bad I pull down my sleeves to cover my hands with when I have to.

    2. My top front teeth slightly overlap.

    3. I have four brown spots in my right eye.

  • Alexandra Viau

    1. I’m born February 29 and I’m sooo excited when I have my real birthday !

    2. I love Hilary Duff, I think shes the most down-to-earth celebrity

    3. I would have love to be a professional ice skater

  • heidi kokborg

    1. I love to watch Disney movies

    2. I have a big scar on my knee because I once feel while skiing :)

    3. I am terrified of cats!

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Stephanie Schauer

    Those are some interesting facts. :)

    1. I have won the title of “”Miss Congeniality”” in four different pageants. :)

    2. I am a magazine junkie. I have about 8 subscriptions. (Trust me, it use to be alot worse. lol.)

    3. I co-host a radio show called “”The Weekly Bubble”” on KCR College Radio at San Diego State!

  • Sarah Teutsch

    1) Velvet makes me cringe and get chills that run throughout my body

    2) I love BIG teeth–like Ben Affleck’s, I’d take great teeth over a 6 pack haha

    3) I sometimes wish I had decided to major in Anthropology over Business…but not really sure what I would be able to do with that major later on!


  • Berenice del Carpio

    1. I don’t like ice cream

    2. I met two of my best friends through twitter!

    3. I love boxes. I have a lot of them. Pretty ones, of course :) Most of them have pictures of places or collages.

  • Rosely C

    1. My nickname growing up was shelly. (dont know why)

    2. I just started a blog and I am working on a story.

    3. I love chocolate.

  • Jenna West

    1. I donated 11 inches of my hair to locks of love a few summers ago (First time in my life I ever had short hair! But it felt good to help others out)

    2. I’m a sucker for nerds both the people and the candy…mainly the candy!

    3. I still trying to find my niche in the world but I am taking my first step through writing, http://headheldhighhh.wordpress.com/

  • Elyssa Jones

    Hey, Lauren!!! I could definately picture you singing in the car, lol :)

    Here are three things most people don’t know about me:

    1. I’m a Fashionista, or rather a Ressionista since I have a very small budget. My fave designers are Elie Saab, Monique Lhullier, Zac Posen, Calvin Klein, and Paper Crown (and this is not just because I’m on your site Lauren, I genuinely love your designs. I especially love your line at Kohl’s).

    2. Sometimes I like to dance around the room with my iPod blasting my favorite tunes (when no one is watching, of course).

    3. I love to bake. This is a talent I learned from my parents, they had their own cake baking and decorating business when I was little. I like to bake cookies, whoopie pies, cupcakes, etc.

  • Renata Flanigan

    1. I am in love with Seth Cohen from the O.C. his character is just perfect.

    2. I’m such a book worm, I love the smell of old library books.

    3. I love watching old 80’s movies on rainy days.

  • Stephanie

    1) I love the rain, and when it doesnt rain I pretend to sit in the rain in mu tub.

    2) I cant smile to save my life

    3) and I’ve always been afraid of a real committed relationship. (Guess I have Trust Issues)

  • Erin Wheeler

    1) I’m obsessed with office supplies.

    2) I talk to the tv on occassion…slightly embarrassing.

    3) Lasagna is repusling to me.

  • Catherine Tyndall

    1. I’m afraid that my grandparents will pass away soon (I dont know what i would do with out them!)

    2. Listening to my “”Calm Playlist”” on my ipod puts me in my happy place :)

    3. I would give anything in the world to live in California!

  • Amanda Pfeifer

    1.) I have a small chip on one of my front teeth also!

    2.) I’m obsessed with making other people happy before myself. Seeing others smile first makes me smile. So I don’t care it what order it happens.

    3.) Cooking is my new favorite hobby – thanks to Pinterest.

  • Constanza Galleguillos

    1. when I was little my worst insult according to me was “”mugre”” that means “”dirt”” in english

    2. If I only could eat something for the rest of my life is french fries

    3. I’m 23 but I look younger than my little sister who’s 17

  • Nika Primc

    1. sometimes i talk to myself,lol:D
    2. when i

  • Lily Asawapornmongkol

    1. I get the willies when I see ferns with spores.

    2. I have a weakness to french fries.

    3. My guilty pleasure: all the real housewives, but my fav is the OG OC!

  • Nika Primc

    correction, care for my hair*

  • Kelly Hogervorst

    1) I love the library and the smell of the books they got there.

    2) I sing in the shower, but always the same songs. Like Jason Mraz I’m yours.

    3) I would really, but really like to have a boyfriend. I am really ashamed of how bad I want one.

  • Pri Brocovich

    1. I

  • Angie

    1. I dyed my hair a few days ago (from dark brown to a light brown color with golden shimmer). Now the fun fact here is that I’m 22 and it was the first time EVER that I dyed my hair.. so I was very, very excited πŸ˜‰

    2. I enjoy movies which make me cry… especially when I (and the characters) cry out of happiness

    3. I link certain music (songs) and smells to special people.. memories and pictures immediately come up in my head and emotions/feelings arise in me even if I don’t want them to (because often I don’t want to remember)


  • Crystal Posner

    1. I’m a hopeless romantic and feel like the luckiest person in the world to have found my soulmate. He is from Turkey and i’m from Tennessee. We live in Studio City, CA and have been married five years which is like a life time in Los Angeles ha!

    2. I dream of being able to play the piano!

    3. I like watching toddlers & tiarras (guilty pleasure) sooo much drama ha!

  • melissa cowie

    i want to be just likeyou when im older,
    i want to live in america with my bestfriend,
    and i look at your website at least 345 times every day :)

  • Christine Duckhorn

    Well, Lauren, if I’ll tell you three things, most people don’t know about me, it wouldn’t be the same afterwards, wouldn’t it? Don’t you think, there is a tiny little sense in the fact, that most peoΓΌle don’t know, that I don’t like cleaning, whom I named Pimby and that I dreamed to be a star, when I was young … upppsss πŸ˜‰

  • Jen

    1. I like being single! Everyone wants a boyfriend, but I like being independent.

    2. You’re one of my fashion idols and overall role model! I LOVE your style so much!

    3. It’s not really much of a secret to my close friends, but my whole outfit always has to match. Nails and everything too!

  • Isabella g.

    this post is so cute! here are my 3:

    1- im obsessed with california because of you, im waiting until 21 to go with a friend.

    2- im easily made happy, just put me on the sun or sing out lound with me

    3- ive never seen snow cause i live in Brasil and i prefere travelling to hot places!

  • veerle mennen

    – Everyday I look in the mirror and say to myself: You are you, and that’s good.

    – I love to smell clean laundry

    – I always know who’s coming down the stairs, because of the way they walk

  • Joseph DeBone

    My three things that LC doesn’t know about me:

    1. I’m going to be a youth pastor

    2. I’m only a neat freak when I live by myself

    3. Justin Bieber is awesome

  • Yassine Zaabat

    3 fun facts:

    I’ve never broken up with any of my girlfriends.

    I’ve seen the magic of night parties with fireworks and tents.

    I’m good at playing soccer but can’t juggle for my life’s sake…

  • pearadise

    1.) I’m a licensed bartender (but have yet to job hunt for a position)

    2.) I lived in London for 3 years when I was little and almost developed a British accent!

    3.) My mom own’s a Thai and Sushi Restaurant in Houston, Texas (called GINGER THAI & SUSHI, you should stop by when you’re in town for your book tour :))

  • Gokcee’xo


    1. im a very sensitive person

    2. im very good at analysing fashion

    3. im obssesed over lauren conrad and justin bieber :$

  • Leanne

    1 I have a birthmark on my back

    2 I have a ridiculous memory

    3 I don’t like calling people I don’t know.

    Love from South Africa


  • Kayla Brennan

    1. I am not a natural blonde

    2. I started whistling when I was 2 years old

    3. I won a contest to have lunch with Lauren Conrad


  • Margaret Stewart

    1) I am constantly writing lists. And if I don’t like my handwriting, I start over.

    2) I have to hidden talents: I can make three taco tongues at once and can wiggle my ears (and I can do this at the same time, I know you were going to ask)

    3) When spliting the check at dinner or drinks or something, if the amount is an odd number, I always have the extra penny on my check.

  • Stephanie

    1. I can’t whistle.

    2. I HATE the way cottonballs feel. It gives me shivers down my spine !!

    3. I also sing loudly in the car…. when I’m alone….

  • Kara Santa Ana

    1. I have not a single regret in my life.

    2. I find peace in being alone, but I love being surrounded by good people and great friends.

    3. I get extremely home sick.

    <3 Thanks, Lauren for sharing this! It made me take a moment to reflect about some qualities of myself that I often forget.

  • jessi mccormick

    I will be 25 on Saturday! haha Pisces!

    I love horror flicks: stephen king baby!

    I am obsessed with mason jars

  • Amy Breckenridge

    1) i have an odd shaped birthmark on the inside of my right upper arm. noone ever notices it!
    2) i always leave a little bit of food on my plate. the ends of french fries, bread crusts…it drives my boyfriend nuts.
    3) i feel more comfortable around animals than i do with most people!


  • Kelly Burt

    1) I am currently wearing braces for the second time in my life

    2) I recently got myself hooked on watching re-runs of Beverly Hills, 90210

    3) In my bedroom hanging from my mirror is a valentine that my best friend gave me for Valentines Day in 2004. It’s a fake rose made from 2 hershey’s kisses wrapped in pink plastic wrap and a green paper stem.

  • Katrin Ahrens

    1.) I am Trilingual (English, German and French)

    2.) I have a tendency to leave books around the house when i’m done reading them, this drives my roomate crazy. (In the Kitchen, Living room, on the Dining table, In my bedroom, Everywhere!)

    3.) I am allergic to a certain dye which can be found in things like glue or candles, which makes me break out in a red rash leaving a lighter discolouration on my arms and stomach.

  • Laura Salminen

    1. I have to brush my teeth every night, it’s an absolute must.

    2. I love singing in the car too when I’m driving alone!

    3. I have a huge birth mark in my lower back, which looks like a coffee stain to me.

  • Maggie Carbiener

    1) All of my brothers and sisters joined the marines right out of college, except for me! (But I am super proud of them!)

    2) I got married at Disney world!!

    3) I am 22, but still love shows that are geared towards 13 year olds! I refuse to officially “”grow up””!

  • Stephanie

    1. I know how to knit

    2.I have beauty mark in shape 5 of a dice

    3. I dont like hearing people snoring

  • maud wetering

    1. addicted to H&M fashion..

    2. addicted watching the hills, everybody gets tired of listening to my story’s about it.

    3. time is a healer and i’m an believer in that.

    Lots of love to you Lauren!

  • Andrea Bartell

    1. I’m a neat freak! I have to have the house clean at all times even with a four month old baby boy

    2. I am (SECRETLY) starting to love the color pink;)

    3. On my free time, I love looking up fashion tips that you have and I try them out

  • Ann-Sophie Debras

    1. I’m neurotic, it’s even driving me insane

    2. I never finish things

    3. I always try to hard looking like a girl I see walking down the street instead ofjust being me

  • Dallas Montpetit

    1. I have a little freckle on my lip that looks like chocolate

    2. When I am bored I like to make those little lucky paper stars

    3. I love bubble baths!

  • Sana Fazal

    1. I am terrified of ballons

    2. I am multi-lingual (English, French, Urdu, Swahili and Hindi)

    3. I sing and dance in boxers and tanks when I am home alone. Sing at the top of my lungs and dance usually with a broom

    I’M A DORK πŸ˜€

  • Sana kay

    1. I have two beauty marks on my nose.

    2. I absolutely love chocolate, it’s a sick obsession.

    3. I have OCD about my finger nails, they have to be filed/trimmed perfectly.

  • Haleigh Conard

    1. The only time I clean is when I’m REALLY mad.

    2. Just got hunter-safety certified and am trying my hand at bow-hunting this year!

    3. I have a style blog: http://www.soulstitches.blogspot.com/

  • Brooke Corbin

    i love to hunt, i like to pretend im dancing sometimes when lip signing to a song, and i like to relax around a big bonfire with some friends also i love to play volleyball

  • Lucy Waldon

    1. The only time you’ll hear me sing is when I get ready for a night out.

    2. I’ve suffered with weight problems for the last 10 years.

    3. I find stacking/unstacking the dishwasher really therapeutic, so I’ll do it whenever possible.

  • Amber Phelps

    1. I’ve watched every season of The Hills over 3 times.

    2. I also have a small chip on my front tooth!

    3. I am obsessed with LaurenConrad.com and Instagram.

  • Ana Castilho

    1. I have flat feet

    2. When I’m in my car I dance

    3. And I sing too


  • Stacy H.Costello

    1. I want to start a book.. but whenever I start.. I never finish and I do a hole different story

    2.I never eat a hole gum.. I always cut it in half and sometimes ( often) I forget to eat the other half

    3.I’m always smiling( not in a oh-my-god-look-at-this-crazy-person way).. im happy and when im really sda …. You ACTUALLY KNOW!

  • Kalie Henry

    1: I love spiders but I’m terrified of mosquitos. :(

    2: I took a year off of school after I graduated highschool to decide if I wanted to continue a career of art at a university or join the Air Force.

    3: when I take a bath turn on classical music and pretend I’m the conductor while I lay back and relax and close my eyes.

  • Stacie Christopoulos

    1. I love nutella 2. I hate eggs. 3. I am obsessed with Jamberry Nail Shields! http://www.trendynails.jamberrynails.com

  • Kimmy S

    1. I was born in Italy

    2. I speak French

    3. One of my favorite foods is dill pickels : )

  • Amanda Schroeder

    1. I have an odd obsession with Q-Tips! I always have an extra pack under my sink! I mean- you can clean your ears, remove makeup, pop zits- SO practical!

    2. I always have to have all my makeup layed out on my counter. I cant even remember what my counter looks like!

    3. If I don’t bake at least 3 times a month, I’ll get really upset! It’s such a stress realiizer-especially when you’re devouring a cake…!

  • Maggie Morgan

    I sing loudly in the car too specially when I am alone. I got into a car crash so driving stresses me and singing is a stress reliever.

  • laura sacco

    my favorite quote is lauren’s “”guys are like purses”” quote…i want to write for glamour magazine but im terrified to find out where i have to get started…i already have 2 of my future kid’s names picked out (and my boyfriend doesnt think im crazy- success!)

  • Shelaine Morrison

    1. I am missing a rib

    2. I have to go to bed with a cup of water by my side

    3. My biggest pet peeve is when people complain too much (or are just rude in general!)

  • Candice Maniga

    1. We have the same birthday, but mine is 8 years later(:

    2. I can talk in Stitch’s voice from Lilo and Stitch.

    3. I’m really goofy and loud in front of friends, but after being so outgoing for a while, I like to relax and be quiet and just stay at home to read a book, or maybe even go to a movie by myself.

  • michelle woodstock

    1. I’m obbessed with makeup.

    2. I’m going to school for fashion design and merchandising.

    3. I have a bad habbit of biting my nails when their not painted.

  • Laura Jewison

    1. I sing alone in my car loudly too!

    2. I am dying to have a career in fashion, not designing just somewhere in fashion!

    3. My secret hobby is embroidering dish towels, it is relaxing but makes me feel like I am about 80

  • Emily Bailey

    Haha! That is so weird, my three are the same!

  • Kasandra McAloon

    1. I am a sports addict.

    2. My all-time favorite book is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I read it ever Christmas.

    3. I dance around my room while getting ready every morning.

  • Elizabeth Bailey Surrett

    1.) I hate cereal

    2.) I’ve broken both my wrists 4 times

    3.) I watched Mary Kate and Ashley movies until I was like 17 years old (hahah wow!)

  • Hagit Wong

    1. I sing in my car veery loudly too LC!

    2. I give kisses to my roses

    3. Love to cook with style

  • cherry_07

    your picture is sooooo cute! and i do 2 and 3 haha

  • Emma Grimble

    1. I have a bad habit of biting my nails when I’m nervous.

    2. I doodle all over my notebooks when I’m supposed to be taking notes in class.

    3. I have to sleep with a fan on in the room for the noise.

  • laura heath

    1) i have a freckle on the palm of my left hand and in between my second and third toe.

    2) im very left side dominant, cant do much using my right hand or foot like kicking or holding stuff.

    3) i love red heads, and Rupert Grint is one of my biggest celeb crushes

  • Erin Allard

    1. I adore a fabulous girls night IN rather than going out. This is probably because I love entertaining.

    2. I eat sushi for breakfast on occasion. It’s lean protein, great way to start the day.

    3. I get a little obsessed with organization in my closet: color coding, lining things up neatly. It makes me feel so good seeing a clean and well organized wardrobe.

  • Brenda Bowman

    1. I paint my nails so I can pick it off

    2. I drive around the block so I can finish singing the current song on the radio

    and 3…. I need to think about that

  • Elizabeth LaBrasca

    1. I commute 4 hrs a day to my internship and genuinely love every minute of my ‘me’ time

    2. I love being on the beach to watch the sunrise

    3. I have always secretly wanted King’s Harvest ‘dancing in the moonlight’ playing in the background if I ever am proposed to haha

    i loved your three things! and i am guilty of #2 and #3 as well =)

    xo Elizabeth


  • Kerr

    1)i sing really loud in the car too :)

    2) i have no idea what my natural hair color is lol (ive fyed it so many times )

    3) i love laurens quote “”guys are like purses “” lol :)

  • Heather Seiring

    1: i have a chip on my right tooth a little one

    2: i also sing in the car lol and in the shower

    3: i hate to be woke up i only like to wake up on my own

  • Anna Cummings

    1. When I’m nervous, I laugh & clap at the same time.

    2. I’m a dancing fool & opera singer in the shower.

    3. I have a small gap between my two front teeth.

  • Christina Brandon

    1. Want to be Giuliana Rancic

    2. Have Laguna Beach on DVD

    3. Give my dog a bite of every meal and snack

  • tonya tuttle

    Three things No One else knows about me … I’m an open book, this might be hard:

    1. I hate going to the movies (I only do it for my friends, they all love it)

    2. I spend more time at home doing crossword puzzles than I do watching tv, listening to music, reading, etc…

    3. I day dream like crazy!

  • sari meester

    You have a chip on your teeth??!.. What kind of chip? some kind of track chip?, like we can locate u through GPS..? It’s very weird, or it’s a common thing in U.S? *confuse*

  • Leanka Whatman

    1. I’m scared of bananas, if one is in the room I have to leave till its gone.

    2. I damaged my ankle so badly that I can’t wear high heels for now and it will take about another year or so until it strong again to be able to handle it :(

    3. I have the best passion and love for art. I think it is one of the most beautful things in the world.

  • Maggie Crowson

    love this post!

    1. I read the labels on the shampoo bottle every time I shower (even if it’s the same bottle)

    2. I cannot stand feet (they freak me out)

    3. I love singing in the car or when I’m cooking

  • Jacqueline Chan

    1. Every single time I plan what to wear or go shopping, I ask myself: “”What Would Lauren Do?”” (WWLD)

    2. Every summer when I come home, I stay up all night watching every box set of Laguna Beach and The Hills I own. No exaggeration there.

    3. I still have yours and Talan’s autograph from the book signing at South Coast Plaza for the Laguna Beach book that came out on my birthday 6 years ago. I also still have your autograph from when I first met you at your first book signing at The Grove for the first LA Candy book.

  • sari meester

    1. I don’t like insects and reptile, they’re freaking me out!

    2. I’m obsessed with Hollywood

    3. And i have a very sensitive feeling :p

  • Liesl

    1. I hate hate hate “”Text Language“” when it’s not in a text.

    2. I have some really weird quirks and habits. Freak much?

    3. So far I’ve stuck with all my New Year’s Resolutions for 2012.

    Liesl xxx


  • linzekas

    1. I have two webbed toes on my right foot, and no… they do NOT make me swim faster. :)

    2. I have been to 16 different countries thus far in my life, and lived in three different countries (USA, England, Germany).

    3. I was the only white kid on my High School African Step Team.

  • Amanda Cheairs

    1. I enjoy my own company. (I like to do things like read, go to the movies, and have lunch; by myself and I often turn off my phone so I am not disturbed.)

    2. I have a photographic memory and am sensitive so I think back to moments I have been hurt to make my writing more true but it causes me to go into seclusion because the pain is so real to me still. (Knowing this I should stop doing it but I feel my emotions make the scenes better.)

    3. I can become really great friends with people I have never met and when I do meet them in person it’s hard to imagine that we have never been in the same room before.

  • Lindsey Cratin

    I couldn’t imagine a day without music. The soundtrack to my life…. and yes i sing along, dance and act silly but who cares, its fun!

    I can draw, create or write anything that I set my mind to do. Fashion and crafts influences everything I do.

    My father passed away when I was 18 and even now, seven years later I still hear the sound of his voice whenever I listen to a song he would sing….

  • Claudia Merrill

    1. I love to sing loudly when no-one’s around..even though i can’t sing.

    2. I love those sweet things guys do that they’re embarrassed about.

    3. My mum beat breast cancer!

  • Aimee Major

    love this post :)

    1. I love singing and dancing around my room very loudly

    2. Im crazy about those indie geeky guys who love music but love a good giggle to doctor who.

    3. Im getting over a emotional breakdown but smiling every day :) life is beautiful xx

  • Diane Marie

    1. I loooove music and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

    2. “”Paulie”” is a movie that makes me cry (I know it’s a movie for children πŸ˜‰ )

    3. French is my mothertongue

  • Stephanie Harper

    1. Music is my obsession, I also like to sing loudly when I’m in my car alone(; ha

    2. I never watch tv series while they’re actually on tv, I always buy the dvds and spend a whole day watching the complete season!lol

    3. I LOVE the Kardashians, I am a Reality Show junkie honestly. haha!

  • Alexandra Dadisman

    I love these posts, Lauren! Please do more!

    1. I went sky diving with my mom and friends before high school graduation.

    2. There is a good chance I eat chocolate every single day.

    3. I run races at Disney at cut off 40 minutes from my Princess Half Marathon time this year compared to last year’s race time!


    Adventures With Alexandra

  • Maria Ayala

    1. I have a horrible lip biting habit. I do it almost all the time now.

    2. I have about 25 winnie the pooh stuff animals in my room [my obsession]

    3. I have another obsession with bows. I always wear a bow in my hair everyday. I probably own over 30 bows as well. It’s my signature look at school. People and friends call me “”Minnie Mouse””

  • Gigi

    1- I love singing and dancing around my room very loudly !!!

    2- I love my grandmother

  • tinamarie

    1. i talk to myself, like i’m insane. even in public. *red cheeks*

    2. i hate to sneeze.

    3. i’ve been to the west coast.

  • Hannah Kinney

    1. I want to be a singer, but won’t sing in front of anyone.

    2. I grew up playing hockey and softball, but have a super girly side.

    3. I moved to FLorida (from WI) because I love the beach… but I’m deathly afraid of the ocean!

  • Missy Cunningham Csonka

    1. I love sledding w/ my kiddos! It’s so much fun and I get a great workout @ the same time! Who knew that trucking up that hill burns so many calories!

    2. I sing @ my church w/ our worship team

    3. I talk to myself all the time when I drive….

  • Arleen Xayasone

    1. I love to sing in the shower, in the car, even while I’m having a conversation.

    2. I hate using public restrooms.

    3. I talk to my dog (;

  • Vonae Deyshawn

    1. I hate for people to stare at me.

    2. Most people think I’m extroverted but I’m really not. : )

    3. I love to write YA novels and get caught up in the characters’ world.

    Vonae Deyshawn


  • Megan Malewich

    Three Things:

    1. I talk with my hands

    2. I don’t really like pizza

    3. I love to watch Good Eats


  • sofis

    1. i love reading gay manga

    2. im a incredibly lazy person and if i could i would just lie in bed all day long

    3. i love gossip and is extremly curious to the extent that people get mad at me for asking to many questions

  • Janice Campbell

    1. I love vegetables
    2. I love to laugh
    3. I like to sing while I exercise

  • Mallory Howell

    1. I’m an extremely nervous person.

    2. I love the Spanish language and cannot wait until I’m fluent. :)

    3. I can’t look people in the eye when speaking to them.

  • Skylar Renfro

    1. My dad is a hairdresser, but has never styled my hair.

    2. When I turn 18, I plan on dropping my last name and taking my great grandmother’s maiden name.

    3. I want to adopt two children, opposed to having my own bilogical ones; there are plenty of children in the world who need a home and heart to nurture them.

  • Alyssa

    1- OBSESSED with kalamata olives! (even though i’m italian not greek)

    2- can’t touch my TOES :( (even though i do yoga like 3x a week!)

    3- am SUPER emotional! (even cry during cartoon movies)

    haha i’m a mess lol :)

  • Ocean C.

    I fart when in the mornings

    I rush through showers in summer

    I eat a lot after midnight


  • Marian Beltran

    1. i love sweet things

    2. im obsessed with your clothes collection

    3. i can’t watch horror films :(

  • Kayla Rowe

    when im home alone, i dont do the dishes!

    I pig out on homemade Iceblocks instead of smoking and to relieve anxiety! (quit 2 years now)

    I hate wet hands, and condesation on my water bottle.

  • Bethany Jones

    1. I love it when people smell like hemp. it makes me feel like I should go outside. lol

    2. I could eat olives, any kind, at any time of the day or night, after or before eating anything else. always. without exception.

    3. I like the look of unpainted nails better than painted nails. the natural look is just so pretty to me.

  • Vanessa R

    Omg, I use to love that MTV show! I forgot all about it haha! I love your #3 as well… made me laugh. I know a friend that’s the same way! As for my 3? That’s a touch one but…

    1. My dream is to have my own children and also adopt.

    2. I really dislike when people hug me… especially if I don’t know them very well.

    3. I love trying new wines!

  • MelLY

    I like your second one, it’s kinda funny lol n the third one as well.

    1. Sick kids hospital used to be my second home

    2. I’m really sensitive

    3. I love lupini if you don’t know what it is it’s an italian snack, you just pop it in your mouth and throw out the skin they’re so good. You should try it.

  • Daniela Ellero

    I eat ice cubes like its my job

    I play the recorder like a Boss

    I’m in love with authentic decorative nutcrakers

  • Suzy Zhang

    you haven’t checked your voicemail in 4 years?! :-O

    my facts:

    1. i too love to sing loudly when no one’s home

    2. i was named after a rugrats character (suzie charmichael :P)

    3. i love the smell of camp fire wood. it’s so good! lol


  • Lauren Davis

    1) I’m really weird with what I eat. No… like really weird.

    2) I can’t have any type of unread message on my phone.

    3) I cannot go a SINGLE! day without washing my hair.

  • Christina Dragan

    Three fun facts about me are:
    1. I change around my room every 3 days or so, place items in different locations. Don’t know why I do it.
    2. I sing with my sister everytime she comes home and I think my neighbours can probably hear me lol.
    3. I badly want a dog!

  • Samantha Sugarman

    1. You and I are identicle when it comes to friends! I’ve been screwed over left and right by friends and find that being able to count my good friends on one hand is all I need!

    2. I’m only 16 and I’m about to launch my own business in April.

    3. I’m an old soul and have a hard time dealing with people my own age (because they’re as mature as a group of 6 year olds…)

  • Metka Strukelj

    1. I love sewing my Uholinas handbags

    2. I hate being so sensitive

    3. I live in Slovenia, anybody knows where that is? :)

  • candyheyn

    3 Things you dont know about me:

    1. I am a total Disney Addict

    2. I absolutly love black nailpolish

    3. I have one ring that i never take off, not even in the shower or in bed ( even though i have no idea where i got it from or since when i have it)!

  • Gabby Castellano

    3 things…

    Im scared of the dark… I specially dont like my children knowing this!

    I too have a small chip on my front tooth

    I dont like going a day with no nail polish on my nails… erks me!

  • LillyElla

    1. I sleep with a night light.

    2. Gangster rap is my fav music, esp rappers from Houston.

    3. I love cleaing but hate doing the dishes!!!

  • Erica Jennings

    I cry when a spider gets too close to me

    I have a faux dimple (not a dimple but when I angle my head it looks like one)

    Sometimes, I can’t count

  • Catherine Ellis

    three things you dont know about moi:

    1. I am a music fanatic and everything I do is about music.

    2. I have two jobs so that I can afford to go on a girls holiday next year.

    3. I love reading and I’m a massive book nerd. I even have a list of books that I really want to read before I die. NERD ALRET.

  • seyma ozer

    Three fun facts about me are:

    1) I love singing while I dry my hair

    2) I do things in the last minute

    3) I

  • Stephanie McDonnell

    He he. Thanks for sharing you!

    1. My nose is crooked (I have a slight hair lip)

    2. I also do not check my voice mail

    3. People look at me and think giving birth is impossible with my size, but on the contrary I make it look easy. Blessed to have given birth to three beautiful, healthy babies. :)


  • Gabriela Caracas

    1. I have a gap between my teeth, which I sometimes hate.
    2. I am 18 already and haven’t started taking driving lessons haha
    3. I hug my friends too much, all the time. Makes me feel safe :)

  • Sarah Gizzi

    1. I have horrible vision and terrified of becoming blind.

    2. I have an irrational fear of finding a dead body in an elevator!

    3. I wasn’t comfortable with my curves until “”Baby Got Back”” came out lol

  • Danielle Winningham

    Let’s see..

    1. I’m obsessed with birds, like OBSESSED! Especially with my jenday conure Chico!

    2. I don’t like having the window blinds open at night because I feel like someone is watching me..

    3.I’m obsessed with the idea of have long long hair but find it near impossible for me to grow it. I will stalk my long haired facebook friends out of jealousy all the time and sometimes save their pictures as “”hair inspiration”” instead of some people with “”thinspiration””

  • Kimberly Reed

    1. I LOVE my stuffed animals, I talk to them

    2. I wear contact lenses

    3. I’m hollistic in my healthcare

  • kristen michelle


    1. I like to put on perfume before my fiance takes a photo for my blog (http://platformsandpearls.com/).

    2. I secretly miss my gembroidery machine. It was my all time favorite Christmas present. The bedazzaling options were endless.

    3. I’m obsessed with eye cream. I smear that luxury goo on my eye area about five times a day. It is my most expensive habit that I just can’t seem to quit.

    Please tell me what you all think of my blog, http://platformsandpearls.com/ , any comments or feedback is greatly appreciative!

    xoxo miss kriss


  • Martin M
  • Kelley DIoguardi

    1. when i used to work with horse, while grooming them i would talk to them.

    2. I’m in love with Dr. Pepper

    3. I couldnt live without my truck :)

  • Ashley Irene

    -i live by this one quote””Our Actions Are What Set Things In Motion””

    -Im a class clown :)

    -i love to go on nature runs and walks , its relaxing

  • Alexandra Kiladjian

    1. I am 100% Armenian, which people never guess

    2. I am obsessed with the Ocean/Beach

    3. My Goal in life is to help people in third world contries see

  • Felicity Lydia Summerfield

    1. I’m very Anaemic which makes me very pale

    2. I’m VERY self conscious,even down to me dancing in a club,i have to be quite drunk to dance as i feel like everybody is watching/judging me…

    3. I’m always hungry

  • Martin M

    1.: 10 years ago I lost 30kg

    2.: at my first model job I fell on my knees :)

    3.: no one know that I only have one kidney :)



  • Kaylin Plontz

    1. I’m nineteen, engaged and have a son.

    2. I’m obsessed with lip glosses.

    3. I have enough clothes to take up 7 closets.

  • Madi

    1. Like collecting little angel figures 2.quoate funny movie lines sometimes 3.hardly know how to swim :)

  • Tori Van Winkle

    My 3 things:

    1. I hate the word “”Yup”” or “”Yep””.

    2. One of my mom’s pet peeves is chiped nail polish. And now its my pet peeve lol.

    3. My favorite band ever is Rascal Flatts. Could never get annoyed or tired listening too them. Own almost every cd by them, except for their first cd.

  • Kaitlin Murray

    1. I’ve never been out of the South East US.

    2. I had my first kiss at a football stadium..under the bleachers.

    3. I still have my wisdom teeth.

  • Rosa Castillo

    1) My viision is terrible!

    2) Im a secret nerd like Harry Potter obssessed rather be in a library than out for the night nerdy!

    3) Im very insecrue about my body and am trying to lose weight.

  • Joseph DeBone

    1. I tend to roll my ankles to much

    2. I’m going to be a Pastor

    3. I am moving to Laguna beach in 18 days

  • Ashley Rush

    1. I am an only child.

    2. The last time I rode a rollercoster was over 6 years ago!!!

    3. I have never been out of the country!!

  • Samantha DelValle

    1. I want to be a high school principal within a year

    2. I gained 20 pounds when I went to college and then lost 30 my junior year

    3. I love to eat healthy during the week because it makes happy hour on Friday so rewarding!

  • Michael Thomas

    1. I am a very shy person until I get to know you then I open up and talk more.

    2. I am an old fashion guy I always open the door for women and pull out thier chair for them and bring flowers on dates.

    3. I have a huge crush on Lauren Conrad and would love a chance to take her out on a date.

  • Chaz de Vera – Galang

    1. I have a large white birthmark that looks like a treasure map.

    2. I enjoy talking to my car, his name is “”muymuy””. :)

    3. Im a vintage addict.

  • Ryan McKenzie

    1. My favorite TV show has to be True Blood… It’s diverse, controversial, thrilling, and even a little funny.

    2. I’m in the process of co-writing an episodic drama for my school’s TV network.

    3. The beach is my favorite place to be.

  • Jessie

    1. I love blasting my favorite song in my car and singing along to it.

    2. I have never had so much free time on my hands…now i am graduated from college and miss my “”college days””.

    3. I wanna get fit and healthy just have a hard time motivating myself.

  • Jodie Stammers

    1. I am the most romatic person ever, but I tell no one this!

    2. I am obsessed with skin care products.

    3. When I’m unsure as to how to handle a situation I ask myself…””what would Lauren Conrad do””…it’s true….it’s now a secret code between my female friends!

  • Lizz Geerling

    1. I remember things from years and years ago that are so small, they don’t even matter.

    2. if I’m home alone I sing like I’m giving a concert – and my puppy likes to bark along (:

    3. I really wanna go to LA or New York, but it’s so hard to get a greencard (when you’re under 20 years old) so I’ll just have to stay in Holland I guess :(

  • David

    1. I watch shows normal guys wouldnt watch.. (Laguna Beach, The Hills, etc.)

    2. I’m a sucker for fashion…
    3. It takes me 45 minutes to get ready every morning…

  • Laura

    1. I had a liver transplant almost 7 years ago.
    2. I am going to school to be a nurse
    3. I LOVE traveling :)

  • AnselSf

    Hey, Lizz! A greencard is a permanent resident permit, but I believe that being a UE citizen, you don’t need a visa to enter the US for vacations! Maybe you can go visit and know LA an NYC!! :) :)

  • cassie vaughn

    Hi lauren!

    I was adopted.
    Im 24 and still watch reruns of the hills.
    Im addicted to buying lipstick.

    Ps i love everything you..your.such an inspiration.

  • cassie vaughn

    Hellz yea!

  • Savannah Adair


    1) I have an obsession with cinderella
    2) I’m studying fashion merchandising (inspired by you)
    3) I have been cheerleading ever since I could walk

  • Carlen

    1.) I have a fraternal twin sister who has served in the United States Army going on 7 years and made it safely home from Afghanistan.

    2.) I intentionally delete voicemails/don’t listen to them also.

    3.) I have a beauty mark that resembles Marilyn Monroe’s (But makeup does the trick in covering it).

  • Andy

    1. I also love to sing loudly in the car!

    2. I have an adopted brother, I love him, he is hilarious!

    3. I was a big tomboy when I was a lot younger, that changed when I got a little older :)

  • Gabby Perez

    1. I’ve always wanted to be a pinup model.

    2. You have been someone I aspire ever since your first MTV show.

    3. Even though sociology is my major, I dream of some day opening my own boutique.

  • Alexandra Hamer

    1, I have one pupil bigger than the other
    2, My main goal in life is to move to, and work in SoCal (I’m from Wales in the UK :)..)
    3, I lived in Fullerton for 6 months last year, and fell head over heels for LA… Mostly the people. There’s no lie in ‘the city if angels’ <3

  • Ashlie

    1. I always sing in the car as loud as possible and sing to the other cars beside me.

    2. I love monster trucks but that doesn’t exclude me from being a lady.

    3. One day out of the week I make sure I pamper myself by taking a long shower, cleaning myself up, watching two of my favorite movies, and eat a bit of chocolate.

  • Lilybug

    1. I have a mole on my check. I think its beautiful
    2. My dog is one of my best friends
    3. My fav. food is sushi!

  • tiffany newman

    im a very shy person
    i love classic style
    i giggle or simile every time I’m nerves about something

  • Anna

    Where’s your favorite place to get basic t-shirts? My favorite used to be forever 21 but they lose their shape and shade so quickly you have to buy a new one every few wears. I LOVE everlane’s tees and have been ordering them ever since Lo Bosworth tweeted about them last winter. They’re sustain their color and are relatively cheap ($15) compared to constantly repurchasing F21 ones.


    Have you found good tees and from where?!

  • Gabrielle

    1. I too, have a small chip on one of my front teeth.

    2. I don’t like rated R movies. They’re too much for me.

    3. I day dream a lot about making it big with my career after I graduate.

  • GPS

    Hi Lauren!

    1. I like to sketch/draw
    2. I come off shy but I really enjoy getting to know people.
    3. Came close to cervical cancer. Now I can’t wait to get married and have children some day.

    Btw,Thanks for being you!


  • Sarah

    1. I have two crooked bottom teeth, but nobody ever notices it because of my overbite!
    2. I am scared of the dark.. I sleep with my closet light on..
    3. When I like a song, I literally play it over and over and over.


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