L.A. Candy: Behind the Cover

A few days ago, I found a sketchpad while organizing. And you wouldn’t believe what I uncovered… Inside was one of the original concepts I had sketched for my first L.A. Candy cover (below).



Before we settled on using candy for the cover image, we considered photographing a girl instead. Needless to say, I’m really pleased with our decision to use the candy; it leaves more to the imagination. But there is a part of me that loved this idea as well. Anyway, I just thought you guys might enjoy seeing the alternative cover idea!

What do you think about the original cover concept?

XO Lauren

P.S. I just posted a new fashion blog! Find out which winter trend I can’t get enough of by clicking here!

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  • Paola Gozalo

    woww i love that drawing!!!

  • luciamp

    i love it aswell as the other cover image but, this cover reminds me more of the hills

  • Sofiya Jee

    Love it! I definitely portrays what the book is about!

  • brynn hammer

    Wow that is so good! Your a good little sketcher!

  • Melissa Panici

    I love this idea Lauren!! It is so cute and creative and the girl is adorable! I LOVE it!!

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Bronwyn Arthurs

    captures the ensence of the book too perfectly!

  • marissa pawlak

    This is a really great sketch!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    wow! i didn’t realize you were such a great artist! that’s super cute. :)


  • AshleyShay29

    I like that idea too. Reminds me of your Entertainment Weekly cover.

  • Xuan-An Nguyen

    That is such a nice sketch! Very cute!

  • debora f

    Nice design, I‘d love to read your books ….. why are not translated and sold in Italy ????????????????

  • Anta Grinvalde

    This is very nice. and I think this is more personal.

  • Karleigh Sergio

    Wow I never knew you were amazing at drawing! I love the sketch! I like the idea you were going for, but the candy does lave the mind to wonder.

  • Petra Zeller

    Its a really cute sketch. I like it :)


  • Heidi Culverwell

    So Cute! :-)

  • Eva S.

    waaaw, this is beautiful, i didn`t know you`re so talented!

  • Susanna Hall

    It’s definitely cute, you’re a great artist. I love the candy concept way more though. Like you said, it leaves more to the imagination. If you had photographed a girl for the cover, we would have been forced to imagine Jane looking like that girl. Plus the candy is just tantalizing!

  • Ennr

    Wow, love it! It looks so like your Entertainment Weekly cover! I love the candy though, and it’s carried on throughout the books which is great too! x

  • jennifer madison

    I love this cover but I think your right the candy gives more imagination
    I still read your books again and again
    It’s amazing :)

  • Sarah Perreault

    i think its a great idea because it really reflects the story of the book, but i preffer the actual cover with the candy , like you said, it leaves moreto the imagination

  • Shellz

    i like the sketch.. u did good!x0


  • Andrea Rodriguez Soler

    I like the concept, but I would love it more if the girl is smiling hehehehe, anyway you are so talented and this is such a great idea! Hugs

  • melissa cowie

    L.A Candy was amazing Lauren, your so good at drawing and coming up with amazing ideas, love all of your books!

  • Yonca Yildirim

    Woow how cute!!! you can really draw so good! Continue with drawing like you said in your 2012 list before

  • Alexandra Vavrdova

    The sketch is amazing! =) 2 weeks ago I just bought 2 of your books a was missing, now I have all of them =) it would be great to see your own sktches in your next books =) or somewhere =)

  • Anood Lari

    Wow! I’m amazed! Did you draw this?

    However, I do love that the candy theme is used thru out all of the books. [=

  • Jasmine Matthews

    I love the original but I think the cover now goes better with the book!

  • Katie Nethercoat

    I love this, but then i do love the theme of all three books with the candy :)

  • Kimmy S

    I totally agree with you–it’s super cute, but I like the current covers. By the way, you’re a really good artist!!

  • Natasha Haman

    I love the original idea and the one you went with. Both covers have an interesting story and concept that are behind each one. If you would’ve gone with the original idea what other sketches would you have done for Sweet Little Lies &&& Sugar and Spice?

  • Valeria Rivera

    I love the original idea. But i like this one too! you should write another book so that you can ise this sketche or i dont know… something else bc is very pretty

  • Monica Cunha

    Love the original idea, but at the same time is too literal… is best to read the book and find find out that the caracter is filmed every day than looking at the cover and know right away!

  • Kristi Vance

    I do love the original concept so cute and totally fits the story (obviously)!! It kind of reminds me of the A-List Novels – which I became obsessed with when I first moved to LA, since I think each cover has a girl on it. I love the candy though, it’s so different and awesome.

  • tinamarie

    ooohh. i really like this sketch too. i think i like the candy idea better; the candy connects all the books together.

  • Ashley Curtin

    It’s really fun to see your original concept! I enjoy the cover you chose, with the heart candy, I think it is fun, girly, and attracts the eye. I also really enjoy this original concept, there is something quirky and personal about it that I am really attracted to. Either way, they are both good designs!

  • Kimberly

    I like the original covers, but I think you’re a good drawer!! Maybe you could draw a cover for your Beauty. :) Xx

  • elffy munoz

    love it <3

  • Stephanie

    I like that you are sticking with the candy theme! but this is a cute drawing!

  • Bonnie Schanck

    wicked cute! :) i should probably read those books :)

  • marianne garcia

    …very nice love the drawing Very effective


    It’s super cute but the candy cover does leave more to the imagination!


  • marianne garcia

    ..the candy is perfect though :)

  • Diamenrose

    Aww lauren this cover is soo cute! I like the way you sketched it :) HOwever you are right the L.A Candy cover (now) is better for imagination. But i really like it. Maybe you coud use such kind of sketching for your beauty book!

  • Chloe Gooch

    love this so much! xoxox

  • Smgrimes13

    Ohh!! I love the original idea way better!

  • Kelly Burt

    This is great :) I would love to learn how to sketch like this. You are so talented!! I also am dying to read your books very soon :)

  • Lauren Lance

    aw i love the sketch lauren Its so great!!!!! & when I saw the camera’s I like that concept bc of the tv parts in the book, But I wish this would go into a movie sometime soon! Id love to see that if it ever happened! :)

  • Jessica Kimbrell

    The pink heart candy is wayyyyyyyyyyyy cuter!!

  • Cathy Bui

    Love it…!!! I love both ideas…

  • nadine

    This is a super cute sketch!!!

  • Michelle Le

    great drawing! love it

  • liselotte haitsma

    love it and verry cute!

  • Kaitlyn H

    I like the idea here and i agree the candy leaves more room for the imagnation! Although i like how this explains what the book is more so about. Mabye in a few years have a re-release with that cover!

  • Megan Fisette

    It’s cute but I like the current covers better.

  • Chaima el Kaddouri

    Just like u said the candy leaves more to the imagination.

  • Christina von Claparede-Crola

    I love the sketch! its a great drawing! i def agree that you should do a re-release and do this idea! but i really like the candy too, its super cute

  • Valesca Haveman

    I like it a lot.

  • Maria Abbruscato

    This is sooooooo beautiful!!!! Wow πŸ˜‰ i want to draw like that <3

  • Danielle B.

    I like it those are the kind of sketches I like both covers are really intresting!!!

  • Stacie

    Amazing drawing! You’re so talented. But I agree, the candy cover is perfect.

  • Isabella g.

    yeah i agree, it leaves more to the imagination, i like to imagine you and other ppl when im reading it, i like even to imagine me in the place of scar hahahaha so a real woman in the cover would ruin that hahahaha.

  • Isabella g.

    and yesss i was really cool that u showed this i loved !

  • mysuperidol

    vous Γͺtes un trΓ¨s bon artiste!! j’adore le dessin!!!

  • Veronica Lopez

    You’re very talented! Writer- Check. Designer- Check. Artist- Check. Blogger- Check.

  • Katie Bettelyoun

    It is cute! I like it A LOT!!

  • Lisa

    I really like the orignal one! :)

  • Heba Angel

    Nice drawing… love it<3

  • Anikeeva Maria

    i kinda like this alternative cover more. with candy idea seems like you used gettyimages instead of doing something creative

  • Vanessa R

    I love your idea but the one you went with is great as well! :)

  • David Johnson

    I really like the fact that you aren’t just a clothing designer, author and tv personality/cover girl, your an artist. I didn’t know you could draw, or sketch, that’s really cool. I LOVE to draw, and sketch too, every once in a while. Maybe we could get together sometime, and make some “”artwork.”” :)

  • David Johnson

    To be perfectly honest, I’m not a big fan of the candy, I think it’s kind of boring. But the artwork you exhibited is VERY CREATIVE and EXCITING. It shows more of an expressive side of you, which I really like, the inner part of you that really wants to be heard. The somewhat shy/reserved girl, in the spotlight, in front of the cameras, just wondering what the future holds…..

  • Klaudia Klanyi

    This is a very nice picture :)

  • Alexis Ann Delaey

    It would’ve been a nice cover as wel. This cover or the cover it has now; it would buy it anyway ^_^

  • Jess Lawlis

    Lauren, I must have misheard you an interview before when you said you couldn’t sketch! This is great talent-unless you meant you had someone else sketch it?

  • Nicole Lee

    the candy idea is better and if i would’ve saw this and not the candy i would’ve been dissapointed!

  • Brittany Reece

    I like the candy, but if your books are ever made into a movie, I think this would make a great movie poster! It reminds me of the your cover on EW (which I thought was an amazing magazine cover!)

  • Jofus Lock

    I Love this, I love the LA Candy novels, and I agree this would be an amazing Movie Poster:)

  • Dexter Kimble

    interesting title, sounds familiar. where and how did you come up with it? Did you come up with it yourself, or what. Your so talented, it’s not fair.

  • madelaine barrett

    yea this one is great i personaly think the candy was a funny play on words and gave you the chance to choose what the charaters talked like. i think you should make them all into movies because they were amazing and i dont think people who dont read should have to miss out of these books because they have great story lines

  • madelaine barrett

    whoops ment looked not talked like haha

  • robyn e

    I really do like this cover, although the cover chosen in the end also works!

  • Spiffy

    DAMMMMN! you can draw!

  • Ashley Pohl

    Were your books insipred from your life on the hills????

  • Stephanie

    I love the Idea, and the sketch… But the Candy on the front cover left it descreet and it gave us as readers a chance to wonder.

  • Katie McClaine

    I love the talent that you display in your original sketch, but I LOVE the Candy on the cover! It catches the eye and leaves the reader curious about what is behind the cover and on the pages!

  • typically lulabella

    take a look at my blog post which talks about me wanting this book for my holiday!:) This draft looks cool, but I think we all create this person in our mind to be an idol kind of image, so if the girl didn’t look like someone that we’d aspire to be like or could relate to; I don’t think as many people would enjoy the books having a picture of the main character in our head as the cover girl. The sketch is lovely though xxxx


  • Adriana Lopez

    Love it , but it seems like it would have of been too predictable .

    Still gotta read it ! Gonna buy the first book Wednesday , and then get the next one every time I finish one .

    Hope I love it ! (:

  • Cristina Ramos

    I have the LC Style book and it’s GREAT! It definitely helped me out in the jean dept and where to buy what. The talent continues in LA Candy with this spotlight sketch describing the book. I was thinking about taking drawing classes to enhance my fashion career. We’ll see where it takes me :)

  • Hannah

    LOVE it

  • Shelby Subry

    Lauren i just love your webpage and i just finished the L.A. candy series and loved them! i couldn’t put them down finished them each in one day. I am really excited to start the fame game! I love the style book too! its great. thanks for all you do!!


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