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I hope everyone found my last How To Wear post about maxi skirts helpful! Today I am going to teach you how to wear the newest trend in skirt style: Midi skirts! Designers including Rodarte, Celine, Prada and Louis Vuitton featured them on their spring 2012 ready-to-wear catwalks making tea length skirts all the rage for winter and spring. The trend was originally popularized in the early 1970s as fashions transitioned from flower power to seventies sleek. As always, fashion has repeated itself and the midi is the must-have piece for 2012. (Personally, I attribute its revival to the continued success of Mad Men, but that’s just me) What do you think?)

Unfortunately, these trendy skirts are not the easiest things to wear. I’m sure many of you have noticed them, but have been skirting the subject (pun intended… I couldn’t help myself). Wear one that’s too short and you look squat. Wear one that’s too long and you look like a bag lady. Fortunately, I’ve put together a few foolproof tips to help you master the midi:

  1. Consider your height. If you are short, stick to a skirt that hits just above or below the knee. For taller ladies, any length will do so long as it doesn’t go below your ankles (otherwise you will be in maxi territory).
  2. Length is everything! You can totally ruin the midi look if your skirt is just 2 inches too long or too short. Ideally, you want a midi to hit mid shin, where you leg begins to thin out. If a skirt hits at the thicker part of you leg, it will make you look stalky. If need be, get it hemmed to an appropriate length. Trips to the tailor are always worth it!
  3. Perfect pairings. If you wear a bold color midi, temper it with a neutral blouse. As for pleated or fuller options, keep the top simple. I like to wear my midi with a silk button down, a knotted crewneck sweater, or a closer fitting top.

Β What do you think about the midi look?

XO Lauren

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Photo: Marie Claire France
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  • Lauren Hoffman

    Gotta admit, I’m not a fan of maxi skirts at all, even on models I find them repulsive. But midi? Now you’re talking!! I love pairing an ultra fem skirt with a boyfriend inspired article of clothing (check out my faves here: )


  • Randi Crace

    Thank you so much Lauren! I received a pleated, cream, midi skirt for Christmas and I adore it but I have been lost as to how to wear it, and this post has helped me so much!!

  • Vanessa Gatlin

    Like Lauren, the retro-feel of a midi skirt adds instant class and sophistication to an outfit. Pair with a blazer for more formality or a cardigan/ wrap if you’re going more informal.

    These skirts are a great addition to any closet as long as you follow Lauren’s simple rules :)

    Speaking of spring 2012 catwalks, what’s the future of animal print in 2012? Check it out here:

  • Sarah Heckle

    I’ve never really tried on a midi! But I’m not really a fan of short skirts, so I should go try one on. I’m pretty tall though, so I always have a hard time finding skirts that are the perfect length for me.


    9 Things >New post!

  • Melissa Panici

    Thanks for this tip Lauren! I’m not a huge fan of the midi skirt. I think I would look silly in it! I don’t know how some people pull this look off but good for them!:) Haha.

  • Stacie Grissom

    I love midi skirts too– they are so classy yet you don’t have to worry about showing your bum in public. πŸ˜‰

    How to draw on photos –> my blog :)

  • Saskia Mes


  • Tiffani Stuart

    So excited that “”Classy”” is making a come back! You don’t have to be skin tight & short skirt w/your A** hanging out to be “”In style””, anymore!!

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • baylie crank

    I love this skirt.

  • Kellie Norton

    I love this style! It’s so feminine :) I will be on the look out!!

  • Beth P

    I really like it! I think I need to try on a few and see what works for my body type since I’m a bit petite, but I love this trend (and I’m a big Mad Men fan… Is there anyone chicer than Betty Draper?!) Anyway, thanks so much for these helpful tips! Can’t wait to give it a try!

  • Elixabete Blanco Salcedo


    ese lock, me gusta mucho, una pena ser bajita y esas faldas me sientan fatal.

    Te pido un favor,

  • Elisa Alvarez Puertas

    Like the trend

  • Tamina Schuster

    I’d honestly prefer the maxi look

    midi skirts make me look like a roly-poly or something like that πŸ˜€ at least I bet they would, I haven’t already tried them on

  • Monica Cunha

    LOve the midi skirts! So Ladylike…

  • Amy Breckenridge

    i love this look but i think i’d be scared to try it out! i love how classy and polished it is.


  • Shellz

    Like it on other people.. just not on

  • Amy Townsend

    I really love this look. It’s so classic and feminine. If only there were more places that had these skirts designed for short women.

  • Melissa Panici

    @Tiffani Stuart LMAO! You crack me up girl!

  • Morrie Hudiburg

    I always feel like I’m too short for these skirts but I love them!

  • Megan Alvarado

    I love this! You can bet I pinned it & tweeted!!

  • Tati Takos

    I love your style and your fashion tips. I’m a huge fan and customer (usually buying your line at Kohls and mixing with my jewels). Super cool post. I’ll take the tips and try tomorrow. Thanks again, Tati from

  • Kaitlyn Blackwood

    Awesome post! Usually wearing skirts with my scrawny little legs just makes me look terrible, but now that I now the rules for my size, maybe I can pull off the look :)

  • Alexx Bukovac

    I think it’s adorable, I wear this style all the time. :)

  • Brittany nora

    I’m wearing this trend today at work! absolutely love it. perfect for the office :)

  • faith wafford

    Do you think the guy is checking out her bum or her purse?

  • Laura Schnur

    Love the midi skirt! Thanks for the tips. Can you please do a post on handbags? I am wanting to buy a new handbag but not sure what will be in for the spring/summer. I find your posts so helpful and would love to see what you suggest for all price points. Thanks!

  • Anikeeva Maria

    wish i was taller !

  • Kate W

    amazing tips! thank you Lauren!

  • Rebecca Lawson

    awesome Lauren! I have been thinking of trying the midi skirt, but havent been sure how to make it work for me as a tall girl. Any suggestions on best places to shop?? Thanks!!! :)

  • Jasmine Matthews

    I absolutely adore the skirt so trendy !

  • fashionfoodfeminism

    The midi skirt is adorable especially once you find the length that works on you. Then the big question is what kind of coat to wear with the midi? Many of us are in winter weather and can’t just add on a blazer. We have to wear a coat or we’ll freeze! Is a shorter coat ok or would knee length be or is to the floor best?

    P.S.-in tip #2 line 4 there is a lil typo, you should be your. If you ever need a proofreader, haha.

  • Martin M

    Its always such a thin line to wear a midi skirt in a perfect combination!!! Think the best way is it to combine it with a classy piece.

  • Kimberly Reed

    The this length!

  • jennifer

    Midi skirt is also known as a mid calf length skirt. Midi Skirts are comfortable and easy to wear. These types of skirts are more useful for tall girls.

  • Lotus

    I am short and plump….
    the thing is my lengs and arms are so ugly, dark and very big for shorts …
    so i always wear something that cover my knees….
    so I am planning to wear a midi and heel

    I look good when my appendages are covered. i think I have a pear body shape, do u think its a good idea to try midi cos i don’t have anything that suits me….

    :'( pl help. i am just 19

    • Audrey

      omygod i have the exact same problem:(

  • Yogi

    The midi skirt is adorable especially once you find the length that works on you



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