2012: My New Year’s Resolutions

6539797429:Yahoo:photo At the beginning of each New Year, I pick a few things I want to accomplish or work on throughout the year. Below are my New Year’s resolutions for 2012:

  1. Send more thank you notes.
  2. Make an effort to plan a dinner with my friends once a week.
  3. Organize my closet once a month.

What are your resolutions for 2012? XO Lauren You might also like… Dress Coding: Meet the Parents Friday Favorites 3 Ways to Make Him Fall for You DIY: Karly’s Fall Facial

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  • Elisee prummel

    1. Organize my closet once a month that’s a good one:)!
    2. Do more nice things out of town
    3. Plan more meetings with friends.


  • Julia TothaG

    1. enjoy life

    2. take more photos

    3. make sport regularly

  • Nicole Mathew

    I made goals instead of resolutions this year. :)

    Write a little (or a lot!) every single day.Get to the halfway point of my grad work.Celebrate another year with my sweetheart.See a bunch of DMB! And make it to The Gorge! Work harder to land more freelance gigs, eventually enough to solely support myself doing so.Finish my novel — or at least get very close!Love more.Think of others more than myself.Lose 40lbs (by summertime!).Keep saving money.

    Happy 2012!! :)


  • Kelly

    1. become more healthy

    2. appreciate life more- the good days and even the bad and learn from everyday

    3. spend more time with family

    4. take 15 mins. a day for me time, and do something i love

    5. do new things

    Happy new year everyone hope 2012 brings you everything you hope for!

  • jf

    ohh that resolution about organising the closet is a really good idea, might add that to my list

  • Rebecca Burchnall

    1) See friends more often

    2) Run or swim most days

    3) Become friends with Jazz music

    4) Visit more European cities

  • Fabio Ribeiro

    1. pray more

    2. be more generous

    3. be more thankful to God

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    Love all of these! Mine are to get rid of clothes i dont use anymore, keep up with my school work, keep my apartment clean, spend time with those that i love <3



  • Valda Bebre

    I will do only things that I like, and that I want. All just for me not for somebody else, I wont sacrifice myself for somebody else.

  • Amanda Vojvodin

    -Donate all the clothes in my closet that I have not worn in 2011

    -Eat healthier foods, and make time to exercise

    -Smile & Laugh more <3

  • Els Jeuris

    - Be less of a drama queen :)

    - Take up jogging (and sticking with it)

    - Finish my last year at the university, get my diploma and a job

  • Agata Kalinowska

    -eat less salt (seriously)

    -appreciate what i have

    -be better best friend

  • Stephanie Harper

    1. Work harder at work, in my relationship, and with my family.

    2. Drink more water & take a little more care of myself (like not so much fast food!lol)

    3. Try to be more organized, and clean my car & room once a month or as often as it actually needs it!

  • Stacie Grissom

    1. Take a photo every day. :)

    2. Write in my planner.

    3. Donate more to Goodwill! :)

  • Apolline C.

    What I want to accomplish in 2012 :

    - Take care of my face skin

    - Read more books

    - Succeed to my exam in June

    - Have a nice picture for my new passport (is that even possible ?)

    - Go skiing in the Alpes

    - Go back to London

    - Visit Paris (I live in Paris but a know only a few place …)

  • Casey Cohen

    1. Care less about “”how many calories”” and more about the nutritional value of my diet

    2. Keep better track of my money

    3. Spend less money on make-up and more on good skin care

    4. Clean my closet and donate things I don’t wear, no matter how sentimental value they have

    5. Focus more at work

  • Melissa Panici

    Love your resolution goals Lauren! My New Year’s Resolution is to work harder on exercising every day. I want to get in my bikini this summer with confidence!

  • Emmy Wong

    I’ll incorporate your #3 into mine as well:) Getting rid of clothes I don’t wear sounds like a great plan.

  • Jillian Ballantyne

    to not wait for New years to make a resolution

  • Sarah Heckle

    Mine are to:

    1. take vitamins

    2. do yoga videos so I can sign up for classes at the studio down the street

    faux fur jacket outfit >> new post!

  • Shellz

    I think you should try to do the things you want to do and change everyday..you dont have to wait for a new year to be a better person…Anyhoos, here’s a post on my recent purchases from THE BODY SHOP:


  • Janella Haf

    OMG i have almost the same as Lauren (:

    Happy New Year everyone !!

    Here are my resolutions for 2012 !http://janelladaydreamin.blogspot.com/2011/12/our-new-years-resolutions.html

  • karly goins

    1. read the ingredients of every beauty product I purchase ( yucky chemicals are in almost EVERY product!)

    2. make time for yoga

    3. wear my retainers at night


  • laura sacco

    1. Go to the gym atleast twice a week

    2. Get better grades

    3. Purge my room once a month…i did it last night and will finish this morning (feels amazing to let clutter stuff go!)

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I definitely need to organize my closet once a month, too. Mine are:

    1. Push myself in my workouts

    2. Have fun

    3. also organize my closet/room once a month

    Have a Happy New Year everyone!


  • Christine Rosko

    Organizing your closet is a really good one that I may steal. I want to start a healthier lifestyle and make some more time for myself. If you have a sec please check out my new years blog post!



    Good for you Lauren, keep your closet organized save’s time and give you more chance to play and wear all clothes. Making time for special pple and friends is very important ,specially when you have a busy schedule im sure that will keep you close to them “” stay in touch””.

    this are few of My resolutions this year : Stick on my healthy regimen ( no sugars and carbs) , save $$ , build my credit, Vegas with my hunnie ,sister and my mom. Happy New year to all xoxo

  • MandyLouWho

    1) Finish graduate school in May

    2) Lose. the. weight.

    3) Take an epic road trip.


  • Marissa Lopez

    I have too many. Maybe I should narrow them down and change the smaller resolutions into things that just need to get done.

    1. Go hiking on a weekly basis

    2. Get more creative with my wardrobe by shopping my own closet anhd accesories. No more boring casual outfits!

    3. Organize my life

  • Jessica Galfo

    My resolution is to stay positive and rid my life of all negativity! :-)

  • Ashley Thomson

    mine are

    1. Write a note or take a picture of something that makes you happy. And make a book out of it!

    2. Hit the gym at least three times a week.

    3. Keep telling myself everyday; “”i am better than this’ till i am better. Motivation!

  • Elisabeth File

    1. go more to the gym

    3. eat hopefully healthier

    4. be well at school

    5. complet stuff now and not in a week ;)

    6. motivation myself

  • Georgina Hopkin

    Cute resolutions! Mine are the usual:

    1. Lose weight

    2. Try harder at college, be more motivated

    3. Meet deadlines / do work the day it is set

    4. Socialise more.

    5. Achieve something incredible for me, whether that’s get a boyfriend, finally go to my favourite band’s concert, or put more effort into my photography: http://www.flickr.com/photos/georginahopkin/

  • Amanda Kelley

    So often by dinner time my fiance and I are just lazy and tired, so we eat on the couch in front of the TV.

    Together, in 2012 we’ve resolved to eat at our dinner table with the TV off!

  • Marie

    This year I vow to

    1. read 20 books, at least half of those new ones that I have not read yet (I tend to re-read my favorites multiple times)

    2. Cook acutal meals more instead of bake (I have a weakness for making cupcakes)

    3. Make an effort to go out more instead of staying at home alone, and studying on friday night

  • sofis

    My resolutions for 2012 are:

    1. Take better care of myself (that means eating healthier, exercise more frequent, drink/party less etc.)

    2. Appreciate my friends and family more and be more supportive and be less egoistic.

    3. Learn a new langugage (i have started to study japanese and is currently learning the alphabetic for it.)

  • Monica Cunha

    1. Make an effort so see myfriends more often

    2. Go to the GYM

    3. Find a job related to comunication (hard to find in Portugal)

  • Laura Jewison

    1.Continue to eat healthy and prepare for my first race on St. Patricks day!!

    2. To not the so much abouth the what if’s and roll with life and not be afraid to be in a relationship.

  • Kelby Peachey

    I have 27!! You can check them out on my bloggy! http://peachypains.com/2011/12/30/27-resolutions-before-2013/


  • Petra Zeller

    My 3 resolutions are:

    1. make more Posts for my Blog http://www.sweetsoflife86.blogspot.com

    2. Make more fitness, go swimming, walking

    3. be more punctual at work

    xoxo, Petra

  • Chelsie Hansen

    Growing my fashion and positive lifestyle blog. Read my New Years Resoultions post here…


  • Katja Anni

    Here are mine:

    1) really drink 2 ltrs of water a day & have my 5-a-day of veggies/fruits

    2) do at least 100 minutes of exercise per week

    3) Travel to minimum 5 new countries

    4) …finally work on my own style ;-)

    Happy new year everybody!


  • Kellie Norton

    I love those!! I just did a blog blost on my new years resolution’s :)

    http://stumblingwithkellie.tumblr.com/ :)

  • Christina Palmer

    Great resolutions everybody ;)

    I am fairly good at keep my closet organized, and I am a gym junkie, so my resolution this year is in regards to my relationship.

    Boys and girls are so different, and my man and I are figuring that out the tough way! My resolution is to be patient and understanding and not always trying to be in control of everything all the time! I think alot of us would make better partners if we could exercise this kinda behavior, but much easier said than done!!

    Happy New Year!

  • noelia garrido

    ahorrar!! definitivamente esa si que tiene que ser mi meta este 2012 feliz año LC :)

  • scarvesandrockets

    My resolutions are to get in the habit of working out and eating healthy and to smile more! :D

    xx Meghan


  • Sam

    my resolutions- 1. excersize and eat healthier. I have a cruise coming up in June and it’s never too early to start getting back into shape, i really need to

    2. develop a new style and go shopping more

    3. not care what others think of me, be a happier person

    and a few more :)

  • Walter Robbins

    my resolution is to find a better job and lose weight and break bad habits like eating late

  • Helen Le

    For 2012,

    1. Drink more water.

    2. Eat less greasy, fried foods.

    3. Spend more time with family.

    4. Be more careful with money.

    5. Motivate myself to be more successful.

  • Kristin Albrecht

    My new years resolutions are to eat healthier, stay fit, and get more organized!


  • Nini

    My New Year’s resolutions are to : work out at least four times a week, eat at least 1 piece of fruit a day, and to NOT be such a people pleaser. Also, I am going to try to give back more to the community through charities.

    Everybody had great resolutions that I will probably add to my list.

    Happy 2012!

  • Ashley Isom

    If there is anything in your closet you don’t want, I’d be happy to take it!!!

  • Francesca Brescia

    This new year i vow to treat my body right, such as a few examples like wearing SPF 15 everyday, learn to love my hair for how it is, work- out but not over do it, never- ever smoke a cigarette, always wash my make-up off before bed, where i will hopefully get 6-8 hours sleep everynight, and smile while telling myself I am beautiful everymorning of everyday.

  • Sarah Fagan

    My resolutions are to start doing group exercise classes, eat healthier, and get organized

    I also want to look for a new job.

    Here are some of my beauty resoltions too:


  • marina Leps

    My goal is to go on a vacay every 6 mnths & my resoultion is to do things tht furfill me , NOT WASTE TIME! happy new yr lauren :)

  • Avec Sofie


    Those sounds quite good resolutions!

    My resolutions include also that I promised myself to organize my closets once a month as well :)

    I also promised myself that I will write my Master’s Thesis in the upcoming spring.

    Here is a link to our New Year’s Eve pictures that I took from our New Year’s Eve party.


  • Filipa Salgueiro

    My new year’s resolution are being happy, taking the best out of every situation, and be with my best friends at least once a week, we all live apart from each other.

    - Happy New Year everybody!!

  • Maria Ayala

    - Graduate High School

    - Go to Prom

    - Get a job

    - Take Dance Classes

    - Make an effort to see my friends more and buy them presents

    - Make an effort to buy my family presents more

    - Go to my writing club frequently/ Write my story I am writing

    - Solve things with my ex

  • Sarah Douglass
  • wonderwife

    2012 Resolutions:

    1. Create more art. (I bought a drawing table but haven’t done much since my son was born 10 months ago)

    2. Judge people less. (There are so many imperfect people in this world, and I am one of them)

    3. Write “”just because”” notes to people for no reason other than to encourage.

    4. Run the Shamrock Half Marathon in March with my sister.

  • Kimmy S

    you have great resolutions! here are mine:

    1. drink more water

    2. take a cooking class once a month (first up, thai food!!)

    3. save up for a trip to bali

  • Apple

    I just try to take one day at a time, but I celebrate by using up all the bath salts, etc. I have got from people throughout the year. And cleaning out my inbox

  • Monica Castillo

    1. Be more spontaneous
    2. Stop being such a “”tourist””…revel in where I’m at instead of snapping pictures
    3. Stop holding on to a past relationship
    4. Start only dream of one day being published

  • Angela Domenico

    My two resolutions are 1. Love myself and 2. Get into shape and be healthy again

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Stacie Grissom

    That’s a cute bow ring! :)

    What my mom gave me for Christmas– a suitcase table! :)

  • Amy Christine

    Great list! I read this as I am sending out thank you notes, which is on my new years resolution list too! Some of my others are: -Travel more -Cook more -Ace my classes (I’m in medical school;) -Be more decisive. Happy 2012!

  • Amy Christine

    And make more fun plans (brewery’s, new restaurant dinner dates, bowling, hiking…:) as well as finding something athletic i like that will keep me in shape (it’s down to swimming or biking!)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    My New Year’s Resolutions:

    1) Take One day at a time

    2) Don’t let last year’s heartache ruin what this year has to offer

    3) Take more vacation/stay-cations

    4) Have Mimosas every Saturday morning.

    5) Stay with reading the Bible & keep striving to do what God wants & have a deeper relationship w/Him.

    6) Of course- Get back on track & lose weight again… Get over the pain of gaining it back b/c of a guy… (Ya’ll know what Im talking about ha ha)

    7) Get & maintain the classic “”Staples”” of my wardrobe. Pretty much everyone says it’s the same things (LBD, white button down shirt,Nice blazer…etc) but I’ve never had them all at once.

    8) Spend more money on clothes & food.

    9) Be more balanced as far as putting myself ahead of others. I’m notorious about putting others first; but sometimes its to my own detriment. I love to give, but half the time I’d never spend as much on myself, as I spend on other people.

    10) Get organized in my apartment, as in cleaning & decorating.

    Blessings this year, everyone


  • Tiffani Stuart

    ** # 8) Spend more money on clothes, THAN on food… I buy lots of good food, eat at nice restaurants, but waaaay too much! I need to spend more money on clothes, instead of eating out as much!

  • mystylevita.com

    I love these resolutions. I’ve become a big fan of Thank you notes. I think they’re great to receive and always make my day, so why shouldn’t i send more! I also want to send more cards in general. A gf of mine just started college in her late 20′s and I know her first week isgoing to be crazy. Sending her a pick me up card will make her day!

    And brunch with the girls at home is my new project. I love entertaining at home!

    xoxo Jessica


  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Kimberly Reed

    My New Years resolutions are to get a new job in Medical Sales,..spend less, save, save, save more for retirement. Work out more!

  • Aja Doe

    2011 was pretty hard on me, to say the least (new job, moving, first year of marriage with physical separation due to job…etc etc).

    Here are my resolutions for this year:

    1. Spend as much time as possible with spouse (he’s moving up with me next month :D)

    2. Rent a new place where it’s peaceful and quiet ( hope this horse farm is still available when my lease is up)

    3. Read more books (I didn’t actually read many books for fun at all in 2011)

    4. Try a new hobby (I’m going to try muy thai tomorrow actually, I’ve always wanted to try martial arts)

    5. Travel (I love it so much, and never got to do as much as I would like in 2011)

    6. Eat at least 2 servings of veggies daily (I normally eat quite healthy but lack in the veggie area)

    So cheers to 2012 :D

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    Good luck with your resolutions!! I hope you’re successful with them! :)



  • Michelle Vinther

    1. Be better at pickin up the phone.

    2. Buy less clothes (I usually use almost all my money on clothes every month, and therefore I don’t really have money for anything else.)

    3. Eat healthier.

    4. Get in shape.

    Hope your resolutions come true Lauren! :-)

  • Lisa

    1. Read more books for fun.

    2. Workout more consistently/eat more veggies.

    3. Sleep more.

    4. Learn French.

    5. Find really cute decor for my future dorm room!

  • Mrs. C

    To take better care of myself and family.


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