Tuesday Ten: The Best Medicine…


A wise man once said, “The most wasted of days is a day without laughter.” I couldn’t agree more. Laughter is the best medicine. That’s why I am sharing 10 things that made me laugh over the weekend. Sometimes all you need to turn your day around is a good laugh. Not only does it bring you closer to others, it increases your level of happiness and physical well-being. Laughing has major health benefits too, which include boosting your energy levels, strengthening your immune system, reducing pain and even helping you to cope with stress better. Some studies show laughter can even helps fight disease. Crazy. The best part? It’s free!

Without further ado, here are 10 surefire things to make you giggle…

1. Patty cake cats. Gotta love ‘em…

2. This is so true!


3. For my fellow Twilight fans…


4. Love this.


5. Yep.


6. I wonder if Chloe likes Taco Bell…?


7. She’s gone to the dark side!

8. True…


9. Couldn’t agree more.


10. And last but not least… Marcel the Shell (and the new Marcel the Shell video)!

Laughter is contagious. There’s no doubt about it. Spread a few smiles by retweeting this post, liking it, pinning it or emailing it to your friends and family. I promise they will thank you for the chuckle.

Which one is your favorite?

Have a lovely Tuesday!

XO Lauren

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  • Melissa Panici

    I love laughing!! My favorite was the dog taking a sip. So cute!! They were all really funny though! Thanks for sharing Lauren and I will be sure to share these with others as well:)

  • Lana Lanaa

    I like to laugh otherwise I am a person who laugh a lot … all are so cute,,, with cats somehow in the first place thanks for the wonderful posts ….

  • Sarah Heckle

    Laughing baby videos always get me giggling! So cute!



  • Stacie Grissom

    Hahahahhahaha! I love those patty cake cats. My friend also sent me these kittens on a Roomba. Hahahha :D


    DIY Glitter Shirt < -- my blog :)

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    These are great! Loved them all, especially the cat video! Thanks for the laugh =) I needed it.

  • Megan Sommer

    Thanks for sharing!!!! The cake one is oh so very true :)

  • Charlotte Hill

    Point 4 = lol I can’t stop laughing, I have a couple of very close friends that know more than they should haha

  • Sol Sol

    wwwoooowwww lauren!!! thank you so much!!! this couple of days have been sooo difficult for me!!! i just need it to smile a bit!!!

    Thank you so much!!! =)

  • Jerri Fitz

    Guess why I smile a lot? ‘Cause it’s worth it…

    LOVE. Thanks Lauren!

  • Stephanie Ball

    I want that pillow!!!

  • ilovemakeup5

    A few of these are hysterical! Thanks for the laugh! You have no idea how much I needed to laugh today. :)

  • Morven MacKenzie

    Giggling away in the office when marcel yells….READ ON! Love him :)

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    Aww, Chloe! So adorable!

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    - Cher

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Ok, I’m in love with Marcel the Shell!!! Hilarious! Thanks, Lauren!! XOXO!!

  • Clare Kessler

    Marcel the Shell for sure…but that little girl going to the dark side is so cute!

  • Shellz

    lol…what a fun post!


  • C. Sosby

    Marcel the Shell was HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for sharing Lauren!!

  • Lizzy

    Omg this was hilarious! I was almost crying I was laughing so hard at the patty-cake cats and Marcel the Shell. Thanks for sharing, Lauren! I needed a good laugh today.

  • tinamarie

    love the toddler going to the dark side. that’s great!! bahahahaha

  • Kimmy S

    haha I LOVE this post so much!! I’m sending this on to all my BFFs for a good laugh : )

  • Stephanie

    you should do more of these!! haha they were silly!!

  • BananaBread

    guess why i smile alot.

    cause its worth it

  • Petra Zeller

    That Post is really fun :) Love it!


  • Kellie Norton

    I seriously loved all of them but definitely the Marcel the Shell videos because my boyfriend’s name is Marcel and he LOVES those videos :) Thanks for the laughs today Lauren!!

  • Julie Rico

    I LOVE Marcel!! I want him! Thanks for the post Lauren!:)

  • Renee Bijnens

    I absolutely LOVE those cats!
    They made my day!

    Thanks Lauren! XO

  • Kimberly

    I really like this post! I like number 2. Xx

  • Stefanie Wills

    I have never seen the marcel the shell before and I love it! I liked the first one the best :)

  • Melissa Riollano

    Love them all, especially the cats! funniest post ever :)

  • Juliette Peguet

    Maybe because i already knew him, but Marcel the shell is the winner ! he’s so hilarious hahaha

  • Samantha Winowsky

    if anyone watches the show New Girl with Zoey Deschanel then they need to see this! its sooooo funny! and borrows something from The Hills!!! WATCH WATCH WATCH!!!!


  • Emily Pohlman

    My favorite was definitely between the cats and the daughter who has gone to the dark side, definitely a couple favorite:)

    here is a video I watched, just before I saw this post. It definitely made me laugh:)

  • Stephanie Schauer

    I posted that cat video onto my Facebook wall about 3 hours ago… it was so perfect! :)

  • Mariella

    OMG the mini vader is great! i can

  • Lauren Black

    Oh my goodness!

    I’m so glad you like Marcel the Shell, too! I love him! He is so adorable!

  • Casey Cohen
  • Leah G.

    These were HILARIOUS. Thanks for sharing Lauren. I can’t wait to forward this one to my friends!

  • paola nvr

    Aww this one has been one of my fave posts till today!!! It really made my day!! :D Thank u!!

  • torreypines

    Definitely needed these laughs after a hard few days of work and exams. Thank you for posting! And thanks @Samantha Winowsky for the new girl video. Laughed so hard!

  • Melinda Smith

    That evil kid is halarious!

  • Katjusha Bricman

    Hahahahahahaha thank you so much for those posts Lauren!!!!!

    Yea… it’s so important to stop in this every day’s rush, take some time to breathe and smile… I try to… When I’m walking thru the city, I often give a smile to strangers :) Especially those who look worried and said and too busy to see the surrounding. And when I get a smile back, it really makes my day! ;)


  • Emily Hobbs

    I LOVE the cats! I couldn’t stop laughing! :D totally made my day! Thanks Lauren (:

  • Huaira Castro

    #5 SO TRUE! I do that all the time lol
    Great post Lauren.

  • Kylie Miller

    This made me smile, thanks! Check out my blog: http://thechicstreetblog.blogspot.com/

  • Rafael Centenera

    exoteric comedy….actually esoteric fallen man damage control retrospective…mahalo….

  • NathachaS

    The funny thing is that someone posted the French version of this pattycake video this morning and it cracked me up. It’s nice to have seen both!

  • Yadirita Elizabeth Villarruel Gonz

    The girl is so funny !! She’s gone to the dark side! lol :)


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