Holiday Special: Bake Your Dream Man



We all know a good man is hard to come by. So what’s a girl to do when she’s left solo under the mistletoe? Many of us turn to one of two things: cats or chocolate. But I say no! not this year! Instead, let’s try a new fallback…like gingerbread!

Making your dream (gingerbread) man is simple. Mix up the ingredients, bake him for an hour at 350-degrees…and voila, he’s yours! Dress him in your favorite frosted attire (he can’t say no) or go ahead and eat him right up (literally) under the mistletoe. If all else fails, at least you can break his legs. It’s like gingerbread voodoo… But don’t feel too bad. He deserves it for all those unnecessary calories!

Better yet? Bake a dozen or so and invite your girlfriends over for a wine and design night… I promise, it’s sure to be a good time.

Click here for an easy to follow gingerbread man recipe.

What are the stats of your dream guy?

XO Lauren

Photo: Weheartit

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  • Tiffani Stuart

    Ok, Lauren, I’m Dying laughing!! I think some gingerbread men might be getting their legs broken this year, haha. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Melissa Panici

    Such a cute post Lauren!! I haven’t made a Gingerbread man in a long time! Can’t wait to make these and show you:)

  • Melissa Panici

    My boyfriend is my dream guy. Makes me feel special, doesn’t pay other girls attention, good to my son, treats his mom with respect, cooks, cleans, and the list goes on!! lol. What more could I ask for?

  • Lauren Hoffman

    This saturday a bunch of my girlfriends are doing a cookies and cocktail swap. I’m bringing chocolate chunk cookies and peppermint mocha cocktails! I’m so excited!

    Know what trend I’m currently obsessed with?? Cold Shoulder Blouses… check out my faves here!


  • Sarah Heckle

    Haha! Will I’m married to my dream guy, but I do love a good gingerbread man!


    PS — check out our Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf!

  • Stacie Grissom

    Wine night and gingerbread men. :)

    My latest post: Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf!

  • veronicag

    Thats awesome I am actually having a vino night this weekend with the girlies! It will be a surprise activities :)

  • Kellie Norton

    My boyfriend is definitely my dream man :) He’s exremely polite and respectful but has enough edge to keep me interested. He’s extremely athletic (#2 doubles tennis player in the nation) almost too intelligent 😉 He’s so handsome AND he’s foreign and has an accent. Try not to drool ladies 😉 haha

  • Lauren Conrad

    Can’t wait to see the gingerbread men you guys make! Be sure to upload a photo so I can see :-) Click here to learn how to upload/submit photos:

  • Shelbs

    Mmmm, gingerbread cookies so sound so yummy right now! I like your suggestion on breaking his legs, haha. Definitely gonna devour him quickly!

  • Petra Zeller

    I dont need to bake the perfect man because I found it :) but I love Gingerbread man. I bake some next week for Christmas :) so thank you for the recipe.
    xoxo, Petra

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  • Team LC

    Does anyone know what they mean for the first step, when they are talking about the pudding- the way that im reading it says 2 different things…is this a already prepared pudding mixture or just a straight dry mixture ?

  • Melissa Panici

    @Team LC- It means the mix that is in the box!:)

  • Melissa Panici

    @Team LC- (dry mix) sorry:/

  • Team LC

    Melissa P, thanks a bunch !!

  • Kristen Haddick

    this is hilarious. i love it!“”>mikie and kristen

  • Jacqueline W

    LOL! This is funny! <3

  • PN

    love the idea<3...i always wanted to chew off a man's head;)

  • Momo

    My dream man is hondsomes, loves me, and loves the Lord.

  • Anastasia

    Lauren, thanks for the recipe. I did these cookies today and they were so delicious and nice!

  • Brigita

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