Tuesday Ten: Gifts for Him

Boys, boys, boys… I always find men to be the most difficult creatures to shop for. Whether it’s my dad, brother or a boyfriend, I usually like to get them something they wouldn’t typically buy for themselves, but really want. So what do men want this holiday season? I’ve put together 10 foolproof gifts that are sure to please any man…

1. The Art of Shaving. Give him the most luxurious at-home shave money can buy. If he travels a lot, get him the Carry On Kit. ($50)



2. Photojojo Lenses. If he’s into photography, this is the perfect gift. These mini pro-style lenses add some serious punch to cell phone photos. ($20)


3. Pergolina “Salut!” Flask. Perfect for the sports spectator or a chilly night, these flasks are perfect for anyone within drinking age. ($22)


4. iPod Shuffle. This is a great gift for any guy that likes to work out or listen to music while working. The compact Shuffle clips-on and the new VoiceOver feature allows you to hear the song title, playlist name and the battery status. ($49)


5. Tickets. No, I don’t mean speeding tickets (even though it would be nice if someone else could take care of them). Get him tickets to a sporting event, comedy show or a concert he’s been dying to go to. Stubhub, Ticket Master and Live Nation are all great places to shop. (Prices vary)


6. Kindle Fire. It’s not just an e-reader, but also a fully functioning tablet with apps, movies, music, games and even a web browser. ($199)


7. Kenton Sorenson Wallet. These slim leather crafted wallets are great for guys who detest the ever unpopular “bulging-wallet-pocket.” It’s the wallet’s answer to the money clip. ($85+)


8. Rein-Beer! I thought this was the cutest idea. Buy him his favorite specialty beer (or make it “rein-booze”–I hear Johnnie Walker Blue Label goes over well with the men folk) and dress it up a bit. (Prices vary)


9. A Good Book. Whether it’s a classic, a new best seller or a great coffee table book, books make for excellent man gifts. Personalize it by picking something that aligns with his interests such as music, sports, art or architecture. (Prices vary)


10. iPhone upgrade. Men are always after the latest and greatest. Why not upgrade his phone to the newest and most amazing iPhone yet? ($150+)


What’s the best gift you’ve ever given to a guy?

XO Lauren

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  • Melissa Panici

    Yes! Thank you so much for these ideas! I can never figure out what to get my dad! Thank you thank you! The best gift I ever gave to my boyfriend was a Harley Davidson robe. He loved it!

  • Jordan Bulbrook

    Boyfriends can be the best to pick out gifts for and I usually can pick out a pretty decent gift for the guy in my life. A couple Christmases ago I bought my boyfriend a really nice watch because I knew he needed one. I especially liked it because it is easy to dress up or down and I think it is always a good sign if a boy in wearing a watch!

    A few years before that I had bought an ex-boyfriend a beautiful leather bound sketchbook (he is an artist) and a special edition DVD of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

  • Lauren Hoffman

    These are all great ideas! Guys are always the toughest to buy for!

    Check out our suggestions for brothers here : http://eyeblinkfashion.wordpress.com/2011/11/18/all-i-want-for-christmas-siblings/ and fathers here: http://eyeblinkfashion.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/all-i-want-for-christmas-fathers/.

    This friday’s post will be on boyfriends. <3 Lauren

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Very nice selection! I agree, men are so difficult to buy for.

    I got my husband a very nice electric razor one year which he loved.

    Another year my was a GPS, video games or various movies he likes.

    Anything ipod for my dad or really nice Woolrich clothing….they have the best quality shirts.

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    Great post, Lauren! I love buying for the men in my life! My boyfriend will be getting tickets of some sort (maybe to the Bahamas, double bonus for me!).

    Check out our post today on holiday party outfits (be warned: there is LOTS of sparkle in these picks!): http://eyeblinkfashion.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/its-party-time/

    - Cher

  • Kelly Wuyscik

    Sephora has an amazing cologne sampler for men too. It comes with (I think) 12 samples and a ‘scent certificate’ to trade in for a full size. Perfect for a guy that needs a new scent. It’s something you can pick together without being overwhelmed by the perfume counter!

  • Emily OShea

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years and it’s a struggle each year to get him something different!!This year I’m going with Flyers tickets because it’s the only Philly sports team we haven’t seen together!

  • paypat

    Dear Lauren, You just solved two Christmas gift dilemmas for me. Those phot lenses are so cool! Thanks for the tip!

  • Petra Zeller

    Thank you so much Lauren for the really good ideas. I love the idea with the Rein-Beer :) My Boyfriend likes Beer and that is a really creativ idea :) thanks xoxo


  • Shabnam Ahmed

    I love the lenses for the camera phone! My boyfriend has a DSLR camera but also has a camera phone and unfortunately it’s an iPhone 3GS which means the camera quality isn’t brilliant! Hope it delivers to the UK?!
    Best present I’ve ever bought was a photo album for my boyfriend, it had pics of his late father and his mother when she was younger, pictures of all of his family (he lives 300 miles away from family) when I gave it he was so happy- his mum looked like she was going to cry! It was definitely a hit! X

  • Sarah Thaman

    Those cameras are totally awesome! I think the hubs would love it!



  • Stacie Grissom

    You can always get your guy a vintage Polaroid camera so he can take Polaroid photos! :D

  • Erica Kelly
  • Gingerjac

    I have bought those wallets for my BF before and he LOVES it. Its still one of his favorites.

    I will say, keep an eye on Group ons, Living Social, etc…they have great gifts. For example, for 60% off I was able to get the the NASCAR experience much cheaper. Even if your man isn’t into NASCAR (mine isn’t) all guys like to drive fast cars!

    Other than that, I am really into doing stuff for presents. Go to a really nice steak dinner, etc…

  • jessi mccormick

    hahaha being crafty with beer! peeerfect!

  • Lucie

    My boyfriend is big on travelling round the world, but not so great at documenting his journeys. So I took one of the most striking photos he had taken during a recent trip to Thailand, and had it enlarged and printed onto a large canvas for him to hang on his apartment wall. It was a gift with a really personal story to him, and helped to spruce up his bachelor pad at the same time! x

  • Sarah K

    The Rein-Beer is too cute! I’m going to have to make those for our Christmas party!

  • Nicole Mathew

    My boyfriend is a hardcore video gamer, so he keeps his Steam and Amazon wish lists fully stocked – I know exactly what games he wants, and it’s still a surprise, because he never knows what he’s going to get! What he doesn’t have on his list this year is a tool box… and his old one desperately needs replaced, so I think I’ll do that for him as a bonus. :)

    Like me on Facebook! http://facebook.com/nmathew.musings

  • Julie Haugan

    The best thing I have ever gotten my boyfriend for christmas was his navigation-system for his car!

    This year I`m clueless..

  • Helen Le

    The best gift I’ve given my husband was tickets to the Saints and Green Bay game before Thanksgiving in 2008. It was an amazing game in the Superdome. The Saints won and they set a home game record that night. It was amazing and he loved it.

  • Kaitlyn Curci

    I seriously LOVE these gift ideas!!! ESPECIALLY the iPhone lenses for the camera. sooo cool.

  • Stacie

    I always get my brother clothes. He always spends his money on his car, so he generally appreciates having things to wear. And it’s easy – he has a pretty relaxed style, so jeans and a couple funny tshirts will suit him.

  • Richelle Baker

    I got my man for Christmas the new Steve Jobs Book, Lord of the Rings-extended addition Blue Ray, Photo from his favorite gallery in Galena, IL and an Apple Track Pad Mouse! I am going to be the best fiancee ever!

  • Kelby Peachey

    This really help clarify what my hubby wants!! Thanks for always lending a helping hand!!

  • GabyE

    I got my boyfriend an xbox with the kinect so I could use it too, and for christmas I got him a jersey with his name on the back for his favorite hockey team. I’m really excited for that! I love the wallet idea though he hates bulging wallets!

  • Shellz

    #2 and 4 i love… i agree.. men are difficult to shop for! but us ladies can always treat ourselves to these beautiful nail polishes:


  • Tiffani Stuart

    OMG!! Lauren! I heart your idea for “”Rein-Beer”” haha!! Men love silly gifts like that!! ;0) Awesome! I might bring that to a holiday party just for fun! Thanks for the tip!!

  • Mary Lauren

    This is going to sound so strange but I am getting my boyfriend Beer Soap this christmas! It’s all natural stuff that’s actually really good for thier skin, face too! AND it’s made from BEER, what better way to disguis something good for him? haha

    PLUS they’re not expensive! $6 with shipping for something that will last multiple months!

    Here’s a link if anyone is interested:http://www.etsy.com/shop/WoodsyWitchSoaps?ref=seller_info

  • Kellie Norton

    My boyfriend is from Germany, and his favorite soccer team is Hannover 96 and their jerseys that they sell are extremely pricey so I thought it would be a good Christmas present. I gave it to him last year and he LOVED it, he wears it every saturday when Hannover plays. I never thought a jersey would be such a hit but hey, most guys are simple :)

  • DancesWithHooves

    I bought my man a vintage snowmobile for Christmas this year and am doing the wrenching on it myself to get it running before I give it to him. This particular one is a snowmobile he always gawked over as a little kid, and still thinks it is neat… I searched for three months straight to locate one!

  • Alba Cuci

    ugh, my boyfrined is soooo hard to shop for. I think this year I may do a set of ski gloves and hat for him since he lost his old one last year. These are great suggestions though! I gave him a flask last year and he loved it.

  • Jessica Trudell

    I love those phone camera lenses! I think I may have to get some (for myself!) :)

  • danya shaikh

    Love these ideas! Thanks so much. I think i’m going to get those phone camera lenses and maybe tickets to kanye as well !

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    Those lenses are so cool and conveinent! I always have such a hard time shopping for men.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Nicole

    I don’t know about the best gift, but I got my boyfriend a Citizen Eco-Drive watch for Christmas this year. It was pretty reasonable too.

  • Bethel Trask

    The beer project is too cute. I know what all of my guy friends are getting this year!

    In regards to the best present I gave my then boyfriend (now husband) was 12 days of Christmas presents. My husband’s hobby is cooking and he’s into all of the crazy gourmet stuff. So the 12 days of Christmas was food inspired. The various gifts included: high quality spices: vanilla beans (which are cheaper online than at the store), super nice cooking utensils, “”The Art of French Cooking”” by Julia Childs, a manly apron with his name embroidered on it, a chef’s coat with his name embroidered on it, a high quality stainless steel saute pan, etc., etc.

    Honestly, I just thought about the things he loved and made it fun by giving him a present everyday for 12 days. You don’t even have to theme the 12 days of Christmas. Give him his favorite candy one day, socks, underwear, a goofy tie, school supplies (if he’s still going to school), a picture, a nice bottle of his favorite alcohol, and the list goes on. Just think of your man’s favorite things and end the series of gifts with something special…like you, in wrapping paper topped with a gift bow :p

  • Kimmy S

    LOVE all of these ideas–thank you so much for the great suggestions! I am def going to get my BF the Art of Shaving kit and maybe some tickets to the Lakers once they start playing again : ) Then again, he could use one of those wallets…

    Does anyone know where I can find a similar wallet for a little cheaper??

  • Corryn Batykefer

    I like the beer and the flask… hmm.. maybe i shouldn’t encourage his drinking though! lol… jk jkj kj

    Anyways I am stumped on what to get my guy this year – the shaving kit is a great idea though :)

    Best gift I ever got him way a jar full of coupons that he could pull out at any point during the year. He would have to throw it away afterward. But It is really fun. the gift that keeps on giving. such as a massage, or servant for a day.. get creative. fill it up and decorate the jar. Just be ready to at any point in time fulfill the coupon :) oh yeah.. its free! hahah


  • Julia TothaG

    the iphone lenses are great! i just ordered one for my brother, maybe i get them for my boyfriend & me too :)))

    great idea, i would never have thought about this! thx lauren!!!

  • Leila Abuelhawa

    I’m single, so I think I will by myself the second gift! I love photography and my iPhone!! Thank you :)

  • sofis

    I usually buy clothes for my boyfriend. We have been together for 8 years now and in the begining he didn’t have that much of a taste for clothes so during these 8 years i’ve slowly but surely changed his way of dressing.

    In the beginning he wore like sweatpants and big t-shirts. Nowadays its jeans and a nice shirt. I always buy stuff that i want to see him in and things that i know he can pull off. Im very proud of my work ;)

  • Amie Davis

    My boyfriend is a little more small town country boy. I am totally not small town, nor am I country. I am a city girl, so I am having a hard time shopping for him. Any suggestions?

  • fiorela vorpsi

    i like the ideas,because there are plenty of it.i never thought i could buy the specialty beer.thanks a lot for sharing these above

  • Stephanie Harper

    These are all such good ideas! The “”Rein-Beer”” idea is my favorite, my mom & dad will definitely be getting some :) for my boyfriend, I’m basically done shopping for him, but he could DEFINITELY use that shaving kit! I have already gotten him: a Fossil Watch, Walter Haagen Pull Over, a TON of Golf Balls & a TON of Golf T’s! lol(:

  • Sarah McCormick

    These are great ideas! I love the rein-beer because my boyfriend loves beer and the whole brewery industry.

    The best gift I ever got my boyfriend was a trip to NYC for our anniversary. I had him open a bunch of clues to make him guess. I made him a playlist with Billy Joel’s “”new york state of mind””, Frank Sinatra’s “”new york, new york”” and Alicia Keys. I wrapped up a red gala apple to represent “”the big apple””. I created a postcard with the skyline on the front. And also gave him a bunch of maps of the city. He loved it! :) I’d much rather have an experience like a vacation, than receive a gift and so does he.

  • michelle cannizzaro

    I love the photography lens’ for the iPhone!

    The best gift i’ve given a guy is most likely Yankee tickets on his actual birthday. After complaining for months about never getting anything worth while for his bday, this definitely exceeded his expectations :) He loved every minute of it!

  • madeline tackeberrry

    My boyfriend is without a doubt the hardest person to shop for! He comes from a very well-off family, yet he is not a little brat and is very thankful for everything. However what do you buy a guy that has everything and wants nothing!! IDKK!

  • michAlexandra

    I love the cell phone camera lenses. such a cool idea! and the rein-beer is freaking adorable! I was thinking about doing the iphone upgrade for my boyfriend. He loves Siri.


  • Melina Aranda

    These ideas helped me alot! was having a hard time figuring out what to get the men in my life! love the lenses! never knew they existed. Thanks lauren=)

  • mask

    i bought him an xbox360 when they first came out and ive wanted to take it back ever since lol

  • Giulia De Luca

    good ideas… thanks!

  • Dana

    I did the beer idea once for a guy I was casually seeing. The only difference is I made sure to get him ridiculous beers. I found some called Butthead, Wooly Booger, and Moose Drool. (Among others with names I probably shouldn’t post!) Just check out the single beer selection at your local liquor store and customize a six pack! It was a great low key gift!

    Now that I’m actually dating this guy I bought him a guitar. What man doesn’t want to be a rockstar? You can find great brands for under $100 on Amazon!

  • Amanda PeQueen

    Those Photojojo lenses are rad! My mom was trying to come up with something original to get my boyfriend this year and I’ve already passed that idea on along to her–thanks!

  • Monica Castillo

    Best gift for guys are sports jersies!

  • Carlitz Luevanos


  • carena klerkx

    i give a guy i like perfume. X

  • Kaitlyn Lammers

    I took your advice and got my man a new leather wallet for Christmas this year! I can’t wait for him to open it! He is going to love it! Thanks!

  • laura sacco

    Besides one expensive gift, try several thoughtful inexpensive gifts. This year I’m giving my boyfriend a scarf from express ($24), 2 shirts from H&M ($15), manly moccassins from tj maxx ($14), and a book on World War II w/ 30 minute dvd from Barnes&Noble ($12)…all things he asked for, and needed! 5 gifts for the price of 1 expensive gift :)

  • Desirae Chavez

    what do you do for someone you JUST started dating?!….

  • Hanna

    I have been seeing the same guy for a little over a month and I really wanted to get him something for Christmas. I decided to go for something that we could do together that also promised to be a fun time. I bought us each a ticket to a hockey game. Although the game isn’t until January, I think this is going to be the perfect gift for him and a great opportunity for us to spend some time together. If your guy is into sports, you can’t go wrong with tickets to a game!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    I also created a gift guide for the guys in your life! Like Lauren, I also think tickets are a fabulous gift idea.

    All gifts on my list are under $100…check it out! http://cupcakes-n-couture.blogspot.com/2011/12/last-minute-gift-guide-guys.html

  • Denise Flores

    Im 16 and my boyfriend and I just began dating last week. What would be a good Christmas Present for him without overdue-ing it?! Help!

  • cindy johnson

    Wow that is so sweet. One of the most amazing gift too are personalized jewelry such as Necklaces (http://messageonanecklace.com). There is this site that specializes on Personalised Jewellery, I love how you can put a personalized message in the necklace and the choices are magnificient.

  • Amy Breckenridge

    hi everyone! i have a new 2012 gift guide up for the guys! :)
    xo amy

  • Nury

    what about a perfume?


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