Tuesday Ten: Falling for Fall Flowers

It’s no secret I adore having fresh cut flowers in my home. Whether they’re on my bedside table or in the kitchen, flowers add a nice breath of fresh air to an otherwise stale space. However, what you probably don’t know is that I really enjoy putting together flower arrangements. So when an occasion calls for centerpieces, I’m your girl. Instead of calling a florist and spending a fortune on pricy arrangements, I like to head down to the local flower mart and put them together myself. Now that it’s fall I’ve decided to educate myself on the seasonal pickings for my next flower mart trip…

When you buy flowers that are in season they’re typically cheaper, so be sure to find out what blooms in your hemisphere before putting together your arrangement. In California, hydrangeas, lilies, daises, chrysanthemums, acacia and other popular wild flowers are in peak season so I’ll be working those into the arrangements I’m putting together for Thanksgiving.

Interestingly enough, flower arranging is very therapeutic and calming. In fact, I think it’s a great way to shake off the pre-holiday jitters. If you’re up to the task, take a look at these 10 beautiful fall flower arrangements I found and get inspired… Enjoy!












What’s your favorite fall flower?

If you decide to make a fall flower arrangement, snap a photo and post it to your LaurenConrad.com profile page. Who knows…your photograph could end up in a Friday Favorites.

XO Lauren

P.S. If you’re ever curious as to where I find my photos, check the very bottom of my posts for citation information.

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  • Sarah Heckle

    Mums are so cute during fall — they’re great for dressing up a front stoop!

    :) Sarah

    gals gone glitter

  • Melissa Panici

    Such beautiful arrangements. I love them all! I especially loved the arrangement on the chair. So cute:) I guess I don’t really have a favorite fall flower but I love daisies. They have always been my favorite:) Thanks for these ideas Lauren! xoxo

  • Lauren Hoffman

    Love the last arrangement. Gerebra daisies are always a fave! I love fall arrangements because you get to mix different color families and they make sense. My step mom used to own a flower shop, so there were always huge, beautiful arrangements throughout the house.


  • Raya Cates


  • Nik F.

    Love the last centerpiece with the gutted and painted pumpkin as a holder. So clever and pretty!

  • Corryn Batykefer

    I love fresh flowers too! They smell up the house and add a rustic natural glow to your houses decor!! fall flowers are my favorite!


  • Juicy

    I love the first and last centerpiece!! I’ve reciently been attempting to put flower combinations together with hydrangeas and they never seem to come out right so this is really going to help me out next time i put something together!!!

  • Stacie Grissom

    Ahh I love fresh flowers. Don’t they just brighten your day and make a room feel so much nicer? :)

    Check out my DIY Anthropologie Scarf Flats!

  • Shellz

    what a pretty post! flowers make me happy! lol.. i did a post on the LBD if anyone is interested:)


  • Georgina Hopkin

    The last five are so beautiful! I love the little acorns and basket details :)

  • Sarah Iles

    Amazing flower arrangements! I want to put some in my house!


  • Leila Abuelhawa

    Oh my Gosh!! I love this idea!!! All the pictures are so creative. Can’t wait to make my own for the holidays! :)

  • heidi kokborg

    I love flowers!! They are so nice to have around the house and they always make me smile! :)

  • Janet Almeida

    I truly adore those flower arrangements. I’ll definitely be creative and will post one. Thanks for the inspiration <3

  • Kimmy S

    Love these! They are so beautiful!

    Does anyone know where I can find the flower mart in Los Angeles??

  • Kiwi

    I’m gonna post photos!

  • Karen Vasco

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m trying to liven up my room in student housing & make it a little more “”me”” and so I wanted to do a floral arrangement. I find that buying artifical flowers is a little bit more reasonable for me though, because they last longer and it’s easier on my student budget lol Thanks for all these pretty pictures, definitely getting some great ideas! :)

  • Cluny Grey

    To make fresh flowers really affordable, get to know your closest florist and buy every week. Get 2 or 3 in season flowers that are larger blooms and fill in with inexpensive baby’s breath and/or other fillers that don’t cost much. It will really add to the overall look of the room’s elegance and will also be reasonable.

    Hugs, Cluny


  • Melissa mould

    aww they look so pretty. I’ve been making stuff recently, have a new article going live today about creating and designing unique one off clothing items.



  • Shelby Stallsmith

    I loved the second and fifth photo! Absolutely stunning!

  • carena klerkx

    i like the flowers XO

  • Lotte

    I love flowers! i have so many flowers in my apartment. but these pic. are so pretty. omg, i love them! πŸ˜€

  • Cesie Alvarez

    So pretty! Every week or so my office gets new flowers and I love seeing the arrangements.

    (Click for some fashion inspiration!)

  • Shoegal Out In The World

    Amazing flower arrangements…

    xo, Violeta


  • Serena miele

    I love roses :) all your photos are beautiful xo :)


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