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Welcome to my very first Ladylike Laws post! Today I’ll be talking about the do’s and don’ts of first date etiquette. I think it’s safe to say first dates are amongst the most nerve-wracking of social encounters. Everything about a first date is indefinite. The margin for inevitable awkward moments is gaping. To prevent faulty moves on your part, you need to know how to play the first date game. A true lady can navigate even the worst of dates with ease and finesse by knowing what is and isn’t kosher. When you know how to play the game, you’ll be that much more confident and prepared for the unknown. You won’t have to second-guess what to do when the bill comes. And you won’t make yourself look bad by picking the wrong restaurant.

This is where I come in. I’ve put together the basic tenants of first date etiquette for you to keep in your back pocket. Remember these. They will make your next romantic rendezvous seem easy breezy! Here’s what you need to know:

Picking the venue. If you are given the task of selecting a restaurant or activity, pick something that isn’t too over-the-top or expensive. Opt for a something reasonably priced. When it comes to restaurants, pick a place with a wide variety of menu options. (You never know what your mystery man palate requires…he might be vegan or allergic to shellfish!)

Meeting up. Ideally, the guy should pick you up from your home and drive you to the destination of the date. However, if this is not possible, meet at the location and don’t be a second late. It’s also a good idea to give a confirmation call the day before the date to make sure everyone is on the same page. This way you can avoid any confusion.

At the dining table. Throughout the date, sit up straight and maintain good posture. Slouching and leaning on your elbows is considered rude and unladylike. Use your best table manners throughout the meal (I’ll do a blog on restaurant dining etiquette soon!). And absolutely, positively do not look at your cellphone. It communicates boredom and disinterest.

The conversation. Ask questions about your date and listen. It’s in bad taste to talk about yourself the entire time. (Remember that episode of Sex & the City when Carrie nervously blabs on about herself to Aidan throughout their entire date? Don’t do that.) When in doubt, ask him a question. If you’re afraid the conversation will be dull, catch up on current events and pop culture as fallback topics. A few areas of conversation to avoid include politics, religion, money, previous relationships, deep dark secrets and the economy. Most importantly, never be critical in conversation or bad mouth anyone.

Ordering. Be considerate of what you order. Just because you’re on a date doesn’t give you a free pass to order the most expensive thing on the menu. Instead, pick something at midrange price point. If you’re still unsure, take a cue from your date: Ask him what he is ordering and pick something of equivalent or lesser value. If your date orders an appetizer or starter salad, follow suit and order something to start with as well. That way, you will be eating at the same time and can avoid the awkward “Do I dig in?” or “I don’t want to sit here and watch you eat.” This same rule of thumb goes for cocktails as well. If you decide to order an alcoholic drink, keep it to a minimum as they can get pricy and you definitely should not get drunk. Let your date learn about you in a sober state. Lastly, order items that are easy to eat and do not require your hands (no sandwiches, burgers, spaghetti etc.). I also suggest staying away from foods with excessive herbs and leafy greens. It’s not worth risking the embarrassment living through 45 minutes of an intimate dinner with oregano lodged between your front teeth. Finally, take it easy on the garlic and onions too.

Eating. Put your knife to work! As you make your way through your meal, cut each bite into a manageable size to avoid looking like a hungry baby bird. Don’t cut it up into pieces first and then eat, instead cut as you go. If you do not finish your meal, do not take it to go. Doggie bags are considered passè on a first date. (I wish I had known this when I started dating!)

Footing the bill. A gentleman should always pay the bill. It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s proper etiquette. The best way to navigate the bill is to subtly offer to pay. It’s important to make sure your date is aware you didn’t go on the date just for a free meal. The best way to do this is to reach for your purse when the bill comes to the table. Most likely your date will tell you not to worry about it and will take care of paying. If he doesn’t stop you, don’t be hurt. At this point, just split the bill. It should be noted that some guys find it insulting when you offer to pay so this is definitely something you need to feel out. Personally, I suggest sticking with the “subtle offer” since it’s the best way to gauge the situation.

The goodbye. Some dates go really well and the chemistry is on point, while others fail to impress. I suppose the silver lining of a bad date is that you walk away with a great story… Needless to say, for most, “the goodbye” is the most puzzling part of the entire date. By the end you should have a pretty good idea whether or not there will be another date. If you’re hoping to rendezvous again, give him a warm hug, thank him for dinner and imply that you’d love to do it again soon. Save your kisses for date #2 (unless he is a cheek kisser). Otherwise, if you can’t get away from him fast enough, shake his hand, thank him for dinner and leave it at that.
I hope you ladies find this helpful!
Out of curiosity, what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

XO Lauren

P.S. My next Ladylike Laws post will be about restaurant etiquette. Stay tuned!

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  • Anna James

    oh my goodness, the awkward hand shake. i think we’ve all been there. lol. love all of these, Lauren. Great tips for guiding through those sometimes horrid first dates. Excited for what’s to come. I’ve got a brand new outfit post on my fashion blog, I’d love if you’d check it out. Thanks, love. xo

  • Melissa Panici

    Wonderful tips girl! I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years so first date has passed! But I love these tips so I can stay a lady:) My worst experience wasn’t really a date yet but I got his number and we talked on the phone one night to kind of get to know each other better. All he did was talk about himself and how he liked strip clubs. I was done right there. So annoying! Thanks for the tips Lauren:)

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    When I first moved to Boston, I had some super awkward first dates. The weird conversations, the hug/kiss/hand shake odd ending, etc. I’m so glad that I will never go on a first date ever again!

    - Cher

    Check out my fave picks from the Nicki Minaj by OPI line:

  • Stacie Grissom

    Good tips! Once I had a really awkward date where the guy was really stingy and I had to pay for my own meal!

  • veronicag

    I am always going to remember one of my first date… the guy reached to kiss me in the car and all I did was saying “”This is awkward”” and I left the car.. hahaha Horrible memories!!

  • Jerri Fitz

    How’s this for the worst date ever: The guy actually called me two hours before the date to inform me he was running late and then asked me “”if it was alright if he showered before he left to come get me.”” Yes, please! The rest of the date proceeded in that fashion. Needless to say, when it was time for goodbyes I practically jumped out of his car as it was slowing to a stop in front of my house and shouted goodbye without ever looking back!

  • Theresa Gonzalez

    These are great tips!! I was doing so many things wrong! Haha. The worst date I have ever been to was with this guy who would not stop talking about himself. He kept talking about how much he loves CARTOONS and a bunch of other nonsense. After what seemed an endless dinner, I offered to pay and he said “”Are you sure?”” 3 hours, 60 bucks, and a detailed description of pokemon later, I was finally home dreading the awkward hug/handshake thing. I ran inside and ignored him for the rest of my life.

  • Ashley Elizabeth

    The worst date I ever went on:

    The Meet-Cute:
    I was 22 and had just graduated from college. I met this very cute guy at a graduation party and we hit it off really well. He said he was 25, and was going to Wake Forest for his Masters in Biochemistry. As I was leaving the party, we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up for a date that week….

    The Big Fail:
    …You’re never supposed to judge a book by it’s cover but when we met up he was wearing a ratty t-shirt with holes in it. Jeans that should have never left the 1990′s and pointy toed cowboy boots, WITH SPURS. I on the other hand was wearing heels, pearls and an LBD. As we waited for our food, I turned the conversation to him, in a desperate effort to learn more about the man behind the cowboy boots.

    The Nail in the Coffin:
    So, what did I learn? I learned that my 25 year old Masters in Biochem was actually a 19-year-old with a “”really good fake ID!”” and a goal to start at the local community college sometime “”in the next 2 years”” after he gets all the partying out of his system and his fledgling cocaine habit under control. At this point I had the old standby of “”Oh, my best friend just called and I have to leave because her house is both flooded and burning down”” excuse…but NOT SO FAST because my fabulous date had conveniently forgotten his wallet. So, after unsuccessfully cancelling our food orders, I footed the $60 bill (He ordered a $45 entree) and ran out of the restaurant with a top speed of I can’t believe I haven’t snapped a heel yet.

    Shockingly, my Cocaine Casanova called me back for a second date.
    Needless to say, that date never happen.

  • Sarah Fagan

    Good Tips! My worst first date was with a guy I met at a wedding. He asked me out and we had plans to go out for ice cream. He picked me up but he wanted to stop home first for me to meet his family…I didn’t know what to say and felt bad telling him it’s way too soon for that so I went. He introduced me to his entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins included) on our first date! Then if that wasn’t bad enough we went to the ice cream place and he talked about his ex-girlfriend the entire time! When he dropped me off I leaned in to give him a small hug goodbye and he caught me off guard and shoved his tongue down my throat! I said a quick goodbye and ran into my apartment and proceeded to never answer his calls or see him again!

  • Hannah Tyus

    I had just started talking to this guy when he asked me out one Friday night. He told me it was a surpise, but I should bring $20. He picked me up but when I went to sit down, there was another guy in the car. I had sat in the back. The “”surprise”” was that he was taking me (and his friend) to see this band play in this run down building. The $20 was spent two ways: 1) $10 to help him pay for gas, and 2) $10 to by MY OWN TICKET to get into the show. The band was awful and I sat on a stool in the back trying to find a ride home. Then he asked me for more money to help him buy gas so that he could go to work the next day. Worst. Date. Ever.

  • Gingerjac

    My worst date ever definitely did almost all the things you mentioned not doing. He talked about himself the entire date, talked about religion (or lack there of), money and how he hated spending it (he literally bragged that his jeans cost $5 from Goodwill), insulted a friend of mine we discovered we both knew, made me pay for 1/2 (and I am Southern – that is just not okay where I live), and then mauled my face at the end of the date while I was mid sentance.

    I wish I would have eaten whatever I wanted, drank more, and left early to meet up with friends. Ugh.

  • Megan Babin

    My sister decided to hook me up with one of her co-workers, so we went to a mexican restaurant and the whole time we was eating he was non stop talking about his video games. To add to the uncomfortableness, it looked as if he hadn’t taken a shower in a couple days. After 30 mins into the date I just wanted it to end already.

  • Katelyn LaPak

    These are great! Thank you so much for the doggy bag information… I had no idea!

    My worst first date was a “”marathon”” date… First, he took me to see a movie. The movie was great! But it was one of those things where you can’t talk very much, so it was a little awkward. Then, he took me miniature golfing. I am very competitive so this was fun for me. But, my date was letting me win! I did not like that at all. I love when a guy gives it his all and at least makes it a little challenging for me. After that, he took me to Dairy Queen for ice cream. I felt like we combined the first two/three dates into one! By this time, it was only 10 pm. He asked me if I wanted to go “”TP”” his friends house… This was an automatic deal breaker for me. I politely said that I should probably be getting home, saying that I had to wake up early the next morning. I thanked him for the date(s) and he tried kissing me goodnight – I turned my cheek and gave him a hug. It was awkward, but I had to do it.

  • Glorietta88

    Wow…great post!!! :)..and I think that the image is absolutely perfect!!!

  • karly goins

    The worst date I ever went on was a date set up by my mom when I was 13. She now denies that she was “”setting me up”” with him, explaining that she was only trying to find a friend for me to go surfing with. Which is very hard for me to believe considering she gave him and his father a copy of all forms of contact to reach me: our home phone number, my cell phone number, HER cellphone number, my email address, and even our ADDRESS! If that wasn’t bad enough, I did not like him, and did NOT want him to be my first date ever. So I dressed appropriately, wearing sweatpants, my disneyland sweatshirt, and my hair up with no makeup. As we walked up to the movie theatre he asked me if he could hold my hand and I proceeded to scream “”No!””. Inside the theatre there was absolutely no conversation, and my mom dropping him off at home was even more unbearable considering I sat in the front with my mom, while he sat alone in the backseat. The worst part about this story is that three years later he was my boyfriend -_____-

  • Fiona Chartreuse

    WORST DATE EVER… (This could be in a movie)

    My girlfriends still bring up this date everytime they want a great laugh. I showed up to the resturaunt about 10 minutes early, I was nervous, but optimistic that this boy could be a “”potential””. Relying soley on a vague description (brown hair, average height, and nicely dressed) I decided to wait near the door.

    About 5 minutes past our reservation and still no boy, I went outside to call and see if he was still on his way. He informed me that he was running a little late and to be seated, the reservations were under the name “”Mary”” (my name is Katie). Thinking that was a little strange I proceeded to check in and this particluar place would not seat me until my party was complete.

    About 15 minutes later, my date shows up HAMMERED. We procceeded to our table and (NO JOKE) he says (while looking at the menu), “”Ok, what can I do to get you on my level…”” He procceeds to order 3 bottles of wine and 6 tequila shots. I was completely humilified. Not only was he so hammered, he was trying to get me drunk, and ordered all this food for him and I, PRIOR TO TALKING TO ME. I sat there stunned, not knowing if I should leave or just take advantage of the free dinner.

    I decided to stick it out and needless to say I took all the leftovers home and still giggle about it with my girl firends.

    My prince charming was a complete frog.

  • nycgirl01

    This was a great post! First dates are always awkward! My worst date was when I went out with this great guy for tapas, and ended up eating something with mushrooms. I’m very allergic to mushrooms!

  • Jessica Garcia

    I’m married now, so no more first dates for me, but when I was young and prone to crush on losers, I went out with a guy from work. He told me we would go to dinner, and asked me to come to his house first, so I did…

    Upon arriving, he asks if I would rather go to dinner and a movie, or to the Braves game with his friends. Trying to be cool, I say “”it doesn’t matter…””

    So off we go, to which destination I am still unsure. We stop at a convenient store, and he tells me he’ll be right back, and leaves me in the hot car without asking if I would like anything from inside. Once we get back on the road, he smokes a cigarette, and doesn’t even ask if it bothers me (and it does!).

    Eventually, still without telling me where we are going, we end up at his friends apartment. Several guys and girls, none of whom I have ever met, are there drinking and hanging out, and after a little while, we all leave for the game. A friend of the guy rides with us, and is drinking beers in the backseat. We are in traffic, and rear-end someone… then sit on the side of I-75 for almost an hour. Fun.

    Mind you, I haven’t eaten all day in preparation for my big date, so I’m hot, starving, thirsty..everything.

    We continue on to the game, and I mention to the guy that I’m hungry. He then steals a friend’s debit card out of her purse, and asks me if I want him to bring me something back from concessions. Of course I say no, and sit there the entire game, my stomach growling.

    On the way home, I subtly mention that my head is hurting, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I haven’t eaten all day. He tells me he will pull over at a McDonalds, but never does.

    When the date was finally over, he tells me he had a great time, and we should do it again…..

    I went home hungry, and needless to say, there was NO second date.

  • Shellz

    I love this article. I kissed a lot of “”frogs”” before i found my check out my current loves

  • Khloe Roxy

    This is def great advice Lauren! I’ve only just recently started dating again for the first time in like 7 years and I seem to be particularly bad at maneuvering through the good bye without completely embarrassing myself. I actually blogged about the worst date Ive ever had here

    Take a look and you’ll prob get a good laugh.

    :) Cheers, Khloe

  • juju

    my worse date ever !! phew i would have to say i was 16 and there was this really cute guy in my school and he noticed me and ask me on a date i was SO EXCITIED he was sooo cute .however when i first met him he suggested a movie and a date. i was so excitie because this was my first date ever now. we decided to go to TGI FRIDAY i loved eating there because of the steak and mashed potatoe.however as the date went on i was feeling a little something werid in my stomahce at first i though i had to go to the bathroom. i just waitied out go to know him some more then finally i started notice a cramping feeling then i felt a little werid. so as he kept talking i could really focus cause i wasnt feeling good. so towards the end of dinner i barely finished my food then we got up to leave when i noticed a trail let behind me on my SEAT ! i suddenly rushed to the bathroom only to find out i had gotten myy …… well yu know … thanx god we took seperate cars i ended the night at 9 o clock , he never asked me out again ):

  • Nicole

    I won’t go into to too much detail- but a guy that I was on a date with was going very well. We couldn’t stop laughing at everything and conversation was wonderful. Then out of nowhere he started crying. This guy was also 6’2 and rather muscular. I was so shocked and had no idea what to do. He told me that he was crying because the last time he went on a nice date like this was with his ex-girlfriend of four years who just broke up with him. We finished the date, but needless to say he’s not exactly what I was hoping for; at least not until he gets handle on his emotions.

  • Lupsie

    I’m married now, so fortunately for me, no more worst dates. But the worst date for me was when I was 20 years old…this guy I had class with asked me out on a date, so being as open minded as I am, I agreed. Well, I had to meet him in the city for this date and we were going to a bar (yeah I know, Iwas underage). I thought we would be going alone, but no, we were meeting at this bar for a friend’s birthday…mind you, I don’t know this friend. So he proceeds to guzzle beer the whole night, act like a fool and order things off the menu which were WAY overpriced and then at the the end of the night…tells me he doesn’t have enough money for all the beer and food he inhaled so I end up paying the damn tab. That’s not even the kicker, the kicker is I had to take the train home from the city at 2:00 am BY MYSELF. Let’s just say, class was awkward after that.

  • Mallory Ferraro

    I, hands down, win for the worst date ever. I meet this guy at a bar where I’m almost positive I bought him a drink because he wasn’t jumping to buy me one. We talked for a few hours exchanged numbers a said we’d meet up later that week. About a week later he send me a text and asked me to meet him at some sleazy bar. I get there and he’s already at the bar with 3 drinks under his belt. He orders me a drink and then precedes to make fun of my outfit, saying I looked like a little southern rich girl. So sweet, I know. 45 minutes into this terribly bad date he asks me how many serious boyfriends I’d had. “”Probably like 5 or 6 right””? I decline to answer and he says “”OK fine, how many people have you had sex with””? I literally thought I was in a dream! Oh yeah, all those things you’re not suppose to talk about on a date; money, religion, politics. Well he brings up all of them and wants to argue about them. I was getting really annoyed at this point, so why not start drinking lots of alcohol? I went up to get my own drink and he said “”oh great these next rounds are on you because I’m broke””. How lovely. While still wanting to argue about things he then says “”I don’t understand, are we on a date or what. I mean, you’re sitting across the table, why don’t you come sit over by me? Well never mind this doesn’t even feel like a date anyway.”” I was so mortified I called him an asshole and went to leave. He convinced me to stay -I don’t know why!- and About an hour later he asked to make out. He then started an argument 40 minutes later and said I started the argument and said he was just going to take me home – But he had no car- I had just moved to Chicago and I was so bored I went out with him a few more times, because you know, maybe he was just having an off night! I was wrong! We split the bills and he said more and more obnoxious things each time. Best month of my life! ……Not!

  • Maggie Keng

    definite worst first date was being invited to a concert. I thought it would be lawn tickets, relaxing & being able to talk to get to know eachother. WRONG! I was invited to the family values tour concert, which at the time I had no idea was an ALL DAY event, and was not my genre on music (KORN was the headliner). Which is fine, we can go and see bands he likes even if I don’t know who they are or care for them, I was getting a better idea what he was about. The kicker of this story is… no lawn seats.. MOSH PIT tickets and people really mosh at these things. I did not fit in at all, i wore low pig tails, a tank with rhinestones all over it, an abercrombie skirt and new balance tennis shoes. As you would expect, I was the first to get moshed. HA!… you’re right, it is a good story now.. at the time I was miserable.

  • Kellie Norton

    WORST DATE EVER: I was 15 so I had no clue what kind of guy I wanted to date, so I went on a date with this “”bad boy”” (totally bad idea). He picked me up to go to the mall, but he texted me to come outside first, he didn’t want to meet my parents. We got to the mall and met up with all of his guy friends, totally awkward. THEN he took me to McDonalds (totally romantic, I know), didn’t pay for my meal because you know McDonalds is just so expensive and then when I tried to sit down next to him he made me move so he could sit by his best friend. And to make it all worse, I dated him for 6 months after that… You live and you learn haha!


  • Christine Lile

    One of my first dates was actually caught on tape for a dating series. It is now published on youtube and I have awkward footage of it for the rest of my life :) I think everyone else will agree this is pretty horrible.

  • Alba Cuci

    These are great tips Lauren. Worst date I’ve been on was with a guy who got really offended that I asked for no onions. I’m usually not picky about my food but I didn’t stick around long after that date to tell him that.

  • Sara Hankins

    worst dates ever happened to a friend of mine, and would be a tie. one ordered ‘sweet breads’ (shes a vegetarian) and then laughed at her when she ran to the bathroom to puke when he told her what it was (she was 19), the other took out porn that his ex took of him, tried to make out with her and then took of his WOODEN LEG to get more comfy. at least she didn’t have to worry about him chasing her down. HA!

  • Marisabel Riera Cubillan

    Hi LC! first want you to know I love your website, I look excellent all your tips ..
    I’m from Venezuela and speak and write English no very well I want to know but they plan to make an edition of your books in Spanish for your Hispanic followers?

  • Kristi Vance

    I love this. I swear first dates just stress me out because I never know the right thing to do.

    Worst Date… So this last year I got out of a 5yr relationship and I’ve been tryign to date again…dating in LA I find to be almost impossible, so I went the online route… I met the guy at this bar near his place and it was a sports bar, he came in a button down shirt, slacks, and a tie straight from work. He proceeded to talk about himself for 3 hours about what he’s looking for, how his parents and family blame him for his grandmothers death since she was in a coma and he told her to let go and die and she did. TMI. I had never experienced being tired of listening to someone talk before. I see how guys must feel now. THEN he ended the date saying how glad he was that he met someone “”normal”” on the site. REALLY?! *haha

  • Cupcakegirl

    My worst date, out of MANY bad first dates, happened when I was in High School. There was a boy in my English class who constantly flirted and asked me out, he was slightly cute, but then I found out he had a girlfriend at a different school, and so I kept declining. After a while they broke up and he asked me out again saying I should finally cut him a break since he was now single. Against my better judgment I said yes, and we met up for ice cream.

    At first it was your typical date, until I asked him about his family. He told me he had 2 younger brothers and an older sister, who was 18. Then he told me that she had recently been kicked out of his house, literally. His father had beaten his sister because she was engaged, and had decided to elope with her fianc

  • Sarah Pauline

    The worst date I’ve ever been on was with this guy from high school. We seemed to have great chemistry in high school, we’d flirt all the time and hang out at parties together, but we both ended up dating different people. A couple years after graduation we ran into each other and we were both single so he asked me on a date. He picked me up and the first thing he said to me was “”the radio’s broken””. I’ve never wished a car radio worked more in my entire life! The drive was silent, every question I asked him was answered with one word and he never asked me any questions. The only sentence I got out of him was that he saw his ex girlfriend at the bar the night before. Once we got to the theatre he paid with a coupon he cut out of a cereal box and then bought himself a Pepsi which he told me I could have a sip of. I have no problem paying for myself, but he didn’t even give me the chance since he bolted to the theatre before I even had a chance to order my own drink! I was so thankful that the movie started right away so I wouldn’t have to make anymore small talk. After the movie ended the only thing he said to me was “”that was funny””. When he dropped me off he tried to kiss me but I gave the cheek and ran inside. A couple nights later I was out with friends and he showed up with his ex. A few days after that I saw him at the bar where he asked me why we weren’t going to have a second date and grabbed my face and stuck his tongue down my throat! Needless to say, there was no second date and we haven’t talked much since!

  • Ida

    Christine, you were a cute teenager! And your Dad’s cool :-).

    I haven’t had any really bad dates that I’ve actively chosen to go on but one guy in college did try to turn walking me home in to one. He invited himself in to our common room and WOULD NOT LEAVE for literally hours! After a while of horribly awkward conversation and wondering why he wasn’t going away, I cottoned on to what he was after (so innocent in those days!) and loudly declared that I was going to bed, and would he like me to walk him out (in the same breath. Didn’t want to raise any hopes!). He the asked for my number, I pretended I couldn’t remmeber it, so he insisted on giving me his and said, ‘you will call me, won’t you? You promise you’ll call’ (EEP!).

    Needless to say that call never came! Small town though, so I did bump in to him a few times after that and got reproachful stares! I’d probably handle that situation better if it happened again but, hey, I was young!

  • Monica Cunha

    Thanks for this post Lauren! I must say that dating for me always was a crazy thing for me, but with this post I reallized that I am not bad at it! LOL

    The Last date I had was with my currently boyfriend and it went smoodly, the chemistry was very present! But it is important for girls to know what to do on a date, because I have some friends that simply expects that the guy pays for everything and that they need to be like she wants and nothing more, and talks about her self all the time!

    XO Mónica

  • Betsy Nohavitza

    For my first real car date the guy picked me up and drove me to Bass Pro Shop at the mall. We walked around the golf section for about 10 minutes before he got over it and decided it was time to leave. When we got in the car he called his best friend and said we were on the way to pick him up. When we got to his friend’s house I got shoved into the tiny back seat (of a 2 door scion) and the three of us went to Burger King where I had to buy my own food and the two boys made faces at the people in the drive thru the whole time. Worst date ever.

  • Sophia Coldren

    My first date had to have been my worst! I had met a guy at a party over the summer, and he told me to FB him. I was into him, so I was definitely going to. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t find him for about 2 months. When I added him he immediately recognized me & asked me to go to the movies with him. This ended up being a double date with my best friend. We were supposed to all meet there, but instead I ended up having to drive 20 miles in a different direction to pick him up, he smelled like beer and axe, I had to pay for my own movie ticket, he hardly talked, and then I had to go take him home. Needless to say, I’m definitely got over that guy.

  • Jennifer Critchfield

    I actually just experienced my worst date ever this past weekend! I met him on a dating website and we had met for a drink one time before, he seemed pretty normal, so I agreed to go out with him again. I met him at his apartment(which was my idea and worked out better)…first thing he asked was if I could drive, then explained that he had just had 3 shots of vodka(who admits that?!?)…we get in the car, he starts changing my radio station and adjusting the volume(I don’t even do this in my friend’s cars)…when I asked where we should go eat, he suggested a place that has a 2 for $20 special…omg! At this point I was waiting for one of my friends to pop out of the bushes and say, “”gotcha””, followed by a camera man! What a joke, I rolled with it though, all he talked about was himself and how hot he is(he was hot, until he opened his mouth!!)…so let’s just say, there will NOT be a second date and this is definitely a “”dating disaster”” story I will share for the rest of my life!!

  • laura sacco

    worst date: in high school, i’d been on a couple dates with the same guy. I really wanted him to ask me to prom, however nothing ever came of these dates so i let it go. 3 months before prom he asked me to go to lunch, at a pizza shop (how romantic). We got our food, didn’t say a word until 10 minutes before we were going to leave, and acting like i hadn’t already been asked 2 different times and like i didnt have anything planned, he asked me to prom! Terrible timing, and terrible lunch. I had to say no, and we’ve only talked 2 times since.

  • Dhara Bhuptani

    My worst date would have to be in high school. This really sweet, shy guy asked me out and I said yes, we went out for dinner. I only went on one date with this guy. When we went out for dinner he was beyond awkward and barely said I word. I was the one doing all the talking. How fun:(

  • Brenna Feeney

    My worst date ever was my senior year of high school. I went to dinner with a guy I was pretty interested in. I got to the restaurant early, and he showed up 10 minutes late. He strolled in while talking on his cell phone. He stopped dead in his tracks, said “”Hey I gotta go kbye””, hung up, and started screaming HI HELLO at the top of his lungs (which was pretty off-putting).

    Turns out he was drunk and high. We sat down to dinner and he spent all 2 hours eating a ridiculous amount of food and talking constantly about all the times he had drank/partied/smoked weed and all the times his friends had drank/partied/smoked weed. All of this with excruciating detail.

    Afterwards he asked if I could foot the (over $70) bill. I told him I had only brought enough to cover myself, paid my part of the bill, thanked him, and left.

    Haven’t talked to him since!

  • Ana Gaby Mb

    It was in highschool like two years ago, he was this senior popular guy every girl had a crush on.. and i was a sophomore. we were going to the movies, he picked me up, let me choose the songs on his ipod.. everything was going just perfect, we get to the mall.. he bought both tickets for the movies.. and then he told me that he hasnt eaten and he was so hungry so he told me if i could go with him to BURKER KING (seriously? like i had a choice..) then he orders some big burger and fries and LOOOTS of ketchup.. so there i was sitting right infront of him watchin him eat his big fat disgustin burger, he had absolutely no manners.. he had ketchup all over his hands and face.. it was just so grose and awkward me just watching him chew his food.. and worst part: it took him like an hour! then after he finally finished, it was time for the movie so we went there and we started watching the movie and then he grabbed my hand and all i could think of is the ketchup, the burger and the fries he had before in his hands and now hes touching me (because he didnt even washed his hands, he just used napkings).. it was grose. when he dropped me off he parked like 4 houses away from mine (yea sure, like if was gonna do something with him) and i swear he smelled like ketchup onions and meat.. of course he didnt walked me to my house. it was the most awkward thing e v e r in my life!

  • Sarah Heckle

    I love this post! I recently got married, so no more first dates for me, but even when you’re married or in a long-term relationship it’s still good to go on dates and follow these rules — it’ keeps the romance alive! :)


  • Ashley Isom

    I LOOOOVE this post Lauren!! Super helpful!!!

    My worst date would have to be when I was a sophmore in high school, this boy i had a crush on asked me on a date to the movies to see tron. Of course, I accepted. I get there and find out he brought another girl with him!!!! What on earth was he thinking?! Then, as if it wasn’t bad enough, he made me sit in the very back corner of the theater with a tall fence in front of it so I couldn’t see any of the movie!!! Then, he asks me to share a seat with him, talk about uncomfortable. The other girl was on the other side of him! What a jerk!

  • Kiana McClanahan

    Hi Lauren!

    Ok so the worst date ever was when my college friend sent me on a date with her brother that was a star athelete. I was so nervous because I had recently came out of a draining 3 year relationship with my ex. Anyways, I waited all day to eat so by the time we went I was starving! We went to PJ Changs and I ordered one entree and he ordered one entree and I had the sharing idea in mind, cuz its chinese food right? Well I was talking so much out of my nerves I realized I asked to try his food and the next thing you know, I ate all of my food and his food!!! lmao I was so nervous and it was horrible because he said I was going to take some home for my sister, but I talked so much i didn’t realize I ate his food! hahaha worst date ever cuz he thought i was a pig! lol. nvr took me out again. I apologized over and over. but o well.

  • M Rod

    Lauren, I really enjoyed reading this post. I love your website, I check it daily. My worst date occured last month. I don’t usually go on dates often, I dislike the awakardness and not knowing what to do or say, especially if the guy is quiet. Anyways I am in medical school and this guy who I thought was totally cute and a second year med student asked me out (over chat lamee) but to his favorite restaurant in one of my favorite places, so I said yes. We decided to meet up in school. The ride to the restaurant was kind of quiet so to fill in the silence gaps I asked him so questions and let him talk. At the end I made the gesture to pay my part and he totally accepted. I’m not materialistic but I have to admit this was the biggest turn off. Shotly after I texted my friend telling her how the date had gone. Her response? She told me that the guy I had just been on a date with was in her apartment with her roommate having drinks and smoking. What’s worst I have to see him in school.

  • Jennifer Haring

    My worst date was a blind/double date. My friend and her boyfriend (who she is now married to and he is sooo sweet) wanted me to go out with his best friend. We drove to the restaurant in 2 different cars, me and my friend Jaime, and her boyfriend and my “”date””. When we got to the restaurant we had to wait 20 minutes before we got a table during which my lovely date decided to tell me about this one time at football practice he felt really sick and the bathrooms were locked and he crapped his pants in front of everyone…all before we sat down at a table. We eat dinner where he talks to Jaime’s boyfriend or Jaime and I just chime in when the opportunity arrises or when Jaime asks me a question. Then we go to a bar, where the only person who talked to me was Jaime. And at the end, I got a high five. For the rest of the summer when I saw him, he got really jealous if I talked to other guys, HELLO you talked about pooping your pants and high fived me…yes I am allowed to talk to other guys.

  • Lacey Lewis

    My worst date happened right around the time I was graduating from high school. I had just gotten out of a 3 year relationship and my friend was trying to cheer me up. She set me up on a blind date with a guy she worked with. I’ve heard horror stories about blind dating, but I’m willing to try new things, so I tried to stay optimistic. Needless to say, it didn’t go so well. We went way beyond the boundaries of personal. He told me about how he had spent time in jail, was formerly engaged, and had a daughter that his “”bitch of an ex”” wouldn’t let him see because she thought he was unstable. I’ll spare all of the details of his stories. The only good thing I can say is that he payed for the lunch that we had at my favorite restraunt. Thankfully, I was smart enough to suggest that we drive there seperately, so as we walked to our cars, I told him thank you for lunch and I never spoke to him again. I wasn’t too happy with my friend, but she made up for it by setting me up with her boyfriend’s friend who I have now been dating for over 4 months and I couldn’t be happier. :)

  • Andrea Fichtel

    What great advice! I just reentered the dating force after taking time off to focus on school and work after a bad break-up.

    My worst date ever was just recently. It was date number three, and we were going to a halloween party. First we were going together, then he changed it to meeting me there and finally ended up being 2 1/2 hours late! AND he brought party crashers with him. The party crashers got a little beligerant and his friends date ended up drinking too much and had to run to the bathroom to throw up.

    By the end of the night, I just wanted to go home, but they weren’t ready to leave. I even warned them 20min before 1am that I had to work at 830 in the morning and wanted to be leaving soon. At 1, they all got another drink.

    Needless to say, I was mortified at their imaturity, had to apologize to the host, and didn’t get to bed until almost 3am.

    We haven’t spoken since!

  • lucy s

    I was 16 and my mom hooked me up with this guy that was way too old for me. This was our second date and he decided to take me out to hooters… Okay well i never ate there before so i thought i would give it a shot, regardless of what i thought. I thought it would be fun to get desert for dinner. He immediedtly commented on how unhealthy my choice was and how i will end up fat if i keep eating like that; I went for it anyways. During our meal he ordered beer after beer… after beer. When i excused myself to go to the bathroom he told me to do a “”spin”” for him so he could check if i had a nice behind. Now i was just insulted. I came back and he them proceeded to talk about the waitress’ boobs. FANTASTIC… He was drunk. He told me he couldnt drive me home yet so he was going to take me to a movie. Free movie where i didnt have to talk? That didnt sound so bad at this point. He decided on an animated film… not what i had in mind at all, not to mention i didnt even want to see this. He slept through the whole movie! I was so happy this date was finally over but as we were leaving my phone fell and the screen shattered. Nooo nothing else could possibly go wrong at this point right? Well he dropped me off at my house and decided to grab my head and stick his tounge dont my throat. I freed myself from his grasp and made my way inside as quickly as possible. Never saw him again and NEVER letting my mom set me up with anyone.

  • Rachel Savord

    What do you think about guys opening the passenger car door? especially for high schoolers? but also young adults… is that too old fashioned?

  • Amina Kirkland

    thank you Lauren! :) makes navigating first dates correctly look like a breeze! i’ll be putting this all to use!

  • Valera Ved

    I like it

    my favourite advice is

    never be critical in conversation or bad mouth anyone.

  • Megan M

    Great Advice! OMG I had a horrible date last year. It was a blind date and we went to this little Italian restaurant so all of the tables were close together and there was a large table with an entire family next to us – grandparents, parents, kids from 2 – 11, etc. While we were talking and getting to know each other a bit he loudly says that he wants to start doing jobs on the side to make a lot of money and one of his ideas is to have a sex phone line and have gay men call in. I almost died!! He said it so loud that everyone heard at the next table and looked over – I have never been so embarrassed in my life! He thought it was better to say gay men bc then I wouldn’t have to worry about him doing that with other women – he actually thought I would date him! After that he proceeded to say maybe he should run a porn company to make extra money b/c he wants to be a millionare by the time he’s 40. I am sure my face was bright red and I couldn’t wait to get out of there — needless to say I never spoke to him again!

  • Catharina Andersen

    My worst date was three years ago. The guy was not even close to intelligent (all he could talk about were movies, tv-sets and headsets), did not consider his words before he spoke them (tried to be funny and failed, said things I would never even dream of saying on a first date), and the most horrible kisser I have ever encountered (we’re talking tongue EVERYwhere – YUCK!).

  • Susannah Williams

    With my current boyfriend now i don’t believe these things applied completely. I mean most of them, most of them always should. However we have known eachother since he was 10 and i was 8 and gone out a couple times before. During our first real date this past July we did get into some deep topics like religion because we meet at church.

    My worst first date was when the guy took me to Mcdonalds and i got all dressed up becasue i thought we were going to the Olive Garden. Then he took me back to his house just because he thought I was gonna have sex with him afterwards. I only swipe the cheek with a kiss if they are lucky. i save any real kissing for the 3rd or 4th date. That boy was an idiot.

  • mysuperidol

    My friend asked my to go on a date with him…it would be our first date.but we are going to a football game an not a restaurant…maybe we will do that on our second date!

  • Tressa Collado

    Worst first date ever was several years ago, and the guy seemed like he would be nice. We had talked and met several times before he finally asked me out, so I assumed that it would go well. He did not know how to treat a lady at all! He wanted to start out the night at his place to watch a movie, and since I had known him before this, I didn’t think it would be a big deal. He picked the movie, and not that it’s necessarily a bad movie, it’s just not first date worthy, Harold and Kumar. I had never seen it before and while trying to feel romantic and lady like, I was horrified by this choice. Next he took me to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and the food was wonderful, unfortunately, he had leaned about 2 inches from his plate and shoveled the food into his mouth. I was disgusted by the poor manners which he was displaying. Manners are very important to me and my etiquette teacher would have been horrified! He also decided that we needed to do what the restaurant called a “”Mexican Bomb”” which was a Corona with a shot of tequila dropped in. I don’t drink that much, and when I do, I don’t drink tequila. I had to keep myself from gagging or making a face as I tried to drink it with him. After that he continued to order himself drinks and get louder and more abrasive as the night continued. When we finally walked back to his apartment, on a cold Chicago night because he didn’t want to get a cab, he tried to force me to make out with him on a busy street. I had had enough! Before this date, we had scheduled a time to hang out again, but after this horrible evening I called and cancelled and was harassed by him calling incessantly and insulting me, until I finally was able to block his number.

  • karen chaidez

    My worst date was a couple years ago, when the guy showed up drunk and in his work uniform…. like if that wasnt bad enough he took me to applebees, which i dont mind at all but all his friends were there… it turns out he had been watching the basketball game and drinking with them since he got out of work! So we ended up sitting at the bar with all his friends. My dates brother kept hitting on me but my date was too drunk to notice… Oh but the highlight of the night was when my guy started getting into a fight with the guys next to us and we ended up getting kicked out….. and i did not know this at the beginnig but the guy had borrowed his friends car to go pick me up so he had to find a ride to go drop me off…. never again did i speak to him or answer his txt…

  • Heather Proctor

    I’ve had my share of bad dates. The worst one by far was about 4 years ago. First of all, I had to pick him up. I don’t remember why he couldn’t meet me there, but needless to say that was mistake number one! He paid for dinner, which I thought was nice enough. After, we met up with my brother and his friends for a free comedy show downtown. While waiting in line, he kept trying to hold my hand and touch me. At the show, he ordered alcohol. I didn’t drink at the time and he kept pushing me to get a drink. On the drive home, he had the gall to ask me to drive to my place so we can hang out more… I was so angry with him at this point that I just took him home and later told him flat out it wouldn’t work. Turns out he knew my other brother and kept calling my him trying to hook up with me. This guy was relentless. I don’t know how many different ways I had to explain to him that I would not date him.

  • Kate Tibbett

    Here’s a rule of thumb ladies: If the guy doesn’t pick you up, he’s just not that interested. My worst date happened last football season. Here at Alabama you have football game dates. My date told me he would meet me in his fraternity section at the stadium, and for him, I made an exception for my “”he must pick me up”” rule. When I got there, he was sharing nachos with another girl and surrounded by three others. He saw me and tried to hide! It was humiliating! Take my advice girls, it doesn’t matter whether you’re old fashioned or not, the guy still must come get you. It says a lot when they take the time to see that you get to the destination safely and it reassures you that he doesn’t have 4 other dates ;)

  • Samantha Garbellotto


    I can not tell you how much this post helped me ! I’m sure it inspired many people keep on posting !

    Thank you !

  • Alyssa

    I loved when you said to avoid looking like a hungry baby bird!! I laughed outloud! That’s so funny because it’s so true. :)

  • carena klerkx

    Thank you lauren! You have totally right! X

  • Amanda Bradica

    I use to take the train to school, and I ended up always talking with this guy who had a similar schedule to me. We finally exchanged numbers one day, and he offered to take me to dinner. He was so romantic, intelligent, and funny until I figured out he was married!! Loser.

  • Dana

    Worst Date: The guys car broke down so I drove. He had no plans so I decided to go to a place with quick service since I already knew that the date was going to be a disaster! Add in answering his phone, rolling a cigarette, and asking for a ride to the liquor store to complete the worst first (and last) date ever! I’ve made a new rule since then. No matter how long it’s been since my last date, I will never lower my standards that much again!

  • SKL1

    Thank you sooo much for posting this!!

  • Ale Colmenero

    Perfect etiquette

  • Jennifer Skuse

    I recently went on a date at a local pub, after a while my friends appeared from nowhere, it was not going well anyway! He then as we departed said how much he like my friend, asked for her Facebook and telephone number! Left me with major insecurities for weeks! Shocking behaviour. X

  • Elle Kay

    I was set up on a date years ago and he was late to pick me up, for starters. Then forgot my name TWICE! After he drank too much to drive me home I decided to call it a night. :)

  • Meghan Hohman

    Thanks for the tips :)

  • Jenna Gable

    The worst first date I’ve ever been on looked a little something like this…

    Date comes to my college dorm to pick me up at 4:00 pm (which is a weird and, worst of all, unexpected time) and insists upon me giving him a tour of my dorm. Naturally, he ends up meeting most of my friends and has a conversation with all of them. He finally decides he’s seen enough, and as we’re walking out he admits that he was wasting time because it wasn’t a valid enough time to go to dinner. Well thanks for showing up 2 hours early, buddy. He then insists that I drive us to the restaurant because his car has been acting up. Ok, what was the point of you driving to “”pick me up”” if you’re gonna force me into driving? But I just maintain a smile and go with it. When we get in my car, he pulls out a mix CD that he has made (and labeled “”Jenna G’s Mix,”” mind you) and puts it in. It’s full of horrible British techno music that I have never heard of, and he proceeds to belt the words and dance the whole way to the restaurant.

    So we get to the restaurant and have to park a mile away because it’s on a very busy street with limited parking directly in front of the restaurant, and naturally it starts pouring rain. We have to run inside, complete with wet clothes and hair that I wasted my time fixing earlier in the day. Fantastic. So we’re looking over the menus, and the waiter comes to take our orders. Before I can even speak, he orders for himself AND ME without even asking my permission. And he had the nerve to order me some lame fruit and vegetable plate, while he got himself a hearty burger and sweet potato fries. Thanks, man. After he ordered, he said “”Oh, I figured it would be fun to order for you, as a surprise.”” Well thanks, and excuse me while I go nibble on my dinner of grapes and celery. But I maintained my composure as a true lady would, and suffered through the normal get-to-know-you conversation. It wasn’t terrible, but at this point I knew this prospect would never get past this date.

    After dinner and dessert at the bakery down the street, it’s still only about 7:00 and he doesn’t wanna call it a day yet. He wants me to look up movie theater showings on my phone and read them aloud to him. So as I’m reading, he stops me when I say “”Love Happens.”” He admits that he’s a chick flick kind of guy, which really translates into his hoping the title of this Jen Aniston movie will reflect tonight’s date. Fat chance. But I agree to this idea, hoping that the movie will at least be good and make up a little bit for the tragedy of this date. Well, unfortunately for me the movie was terrible. PLUS, during the movie, he asks if he can “”remove the barrier between us”” and lifts up the arm rest so he can put his arm around me. By the way, that is THE most uncomfortable situation because those theater seats’ head rests are extremely high, so his arm was just resting heavily on my neck for the rest of the movie. Ouch.

    So finally the movie is over and he admits to having shed a tear or two at the end, which I took to be sarcasm and laughed. He wasn’t joking. His eyes were a little red and puffy. He was somehow MOVED TO TEARS by this terrible movie. Yikes.

    So we drive back to my dorm and he insists upon walking me all the way back up there, which includes a very long sidewalk and three flights of stairs. Why, God, why? My roommate is back in the room at this point and she’s watching tv in her pajamas. In bed. He sees this and even after I say goodnight to him, he still has the nerve to walk in and sit down to watch the football game on tv. My poor roommate looks horrified because she has never met this guy and she’s got pj’s, no make-up, and messy hair going on. 10:00pm finally approaches, and he asks me to walk him out to his car. Huh??? Strange but okay, whatever gets him to leave. At his car he goes on and on about what a great time he had and how we should do it again soon, while I avoid eye contact like the plague and just keep smiling politely. I can see that he’s about to go in for the kill with a goodnight kiss (while on the inside I’m screaming and visualizing myself slapping him across the face). So I dodge it and try to swing to the side for a hug, but he ends up kissing my eye on accident. And, no joke, some of my hair gets stuck in his mouth, so when we pull apart we are still attached by like 10 strands of my hair. He laughs awkwardly, pulls the hair from his mouth, apologizes and says goodnight. Praise the Lord, he is finally gone and the worst date ever is OVER!!!

    I hope some of you will get a laugh out of my horrible first date experience, because I sure did! It turns out that this guy had very little dating experience and he was 24 year old, so that definitely shed some light on the situation. Ha. :)

  • Lui

    I once was on a date with a really nice and fun guy.. we know each other for a while, because we are actually good friends and there always seemed to be some chemistry going on between us.. So I decided to give it all a try and date him after he broke up with his long term girlfriend. We went out in a nice greek restaurant. He picked me up with his car at home, everything seemed to be like this is going to be a great night. When we reached at the restaurant there it was: the first ERROR sound in my head.. he didnt open the car for me, nor he held the restaurant door open for me, which actually was a very heavy door and I must have looked ridiculous in my highheels, trying to open the door with all my body-weight. I know its all etiquette and maybe not important for other girls, but I really like the guy to be gentlemen, at least when it comes to dates and dinner nights. Helping a lady out of her coat or open doors for her, is a really nice behaviour… Then we went inside, picked our menue and started talking.. suddenly his phone constantly showed that little “”you have a new message”” sign.. his ex girl constantly texted him via bbm, because she obviously knew he`s out on a date and wanted to ruin it all.. he then texted with her, like all the time.. he apologized many times to me while doing it, explaining me, that she is in a really bad state at the moment and that she`s sad and heart-broken and all.. So I smiled politely while I actually thought: WTF?! Put this f***** phone down and give me our attention!! When this whole akward message thing didnt stop I politely asked him if he wants to go home (he and his ex still lived in a same appartment at this time, because the break-up was very fresh), and look after her, hoping he would realize how rude this whole situation is and ignoring the phone finally. But no! He actually took my words as an invitation and said something like: `oh really? thanks you are so kind and warm, I think it would be really better if I go home and look after her.` So I quickly gobbled down my meal and a full glas of wine in like 5 minutes. I felt dizzy afterwards and finally lied in my bed feeling a bit drunk and unsattisfied. What a shame night! So whats the moral? Never date a guy, who just broke up with his long term relationship!

  • typicallytali

    what foods should you eat on a first date?

  • Meg

    This are refreshingly traditional, and very ladylike. Thanks, Lauren! :)

    I have been very lucky to not have gone on very many bad dates, but I enjoy commiserating with the other ladies here. My goodness! There are some terrible ones. I hope you are all laughing about them now!

  • Jewels132

    I Love your dad lol that’s how mine was too… and you were such a cute teenager!

  • AnselSf

    Great moral!

  • Namaste Cassie

    The worst date I have ever been on was a few years ago with a guy I had gone on a couple dates with previously. He told me the date was a surprise, which I thought was sweet, until the surprise ended up being meeting his mom AND grandma. I had no idea if I even liked him at that point; I barely knew him! I felt so awkward the entire time and it blew my mind he didn’t even think to ask me if I’d feel comfortable meeting them when we far from being in a relationship!

  • Twyla


  • Michelle Kowalchuk

    I had a date once with a guy who i had met a couple weeks before on New Years. We had also gone on a date right after New Years that went great. So this would be our third time hanging out, second date. He told me to come pick him up. When i got there he was pretty drunk and he revealed the place he wanted to take me was already closed for the night. So he said we would go to this bar and that they would have food. This was already starting to be 8pm and i didnt eat anything before, expecting to go out for dinner. We get there and the restaurant is closed. And he says i just have to start drinking with him now and i say i cant because i drove and i have no food in my stomach so i will be quite the light weight. He then asks me to be his girlfriend (after only knowing me for a couple weeks) i say its a little to soon for that. Then he goes into saying he was at this exact bar a couple days ago making out with another girl and that he just likes me sooo much and that is why he just needed to tell me. I drive him home and then go home myself not wanting to see this guy ever again. After not talking to him for like 4 months he started texting me and calling me repeatedly and adding/following me on Facbook and begging for me to give him another chance after i told him iv moved on and i thought he should do the same.

  • Deb M

    hahahahahaha. oh my gosh, i’m laughing hysterically! this actually sounds like something that would be in an episode of some sitcom! oh my gosh, i’m so sorry you had to endure that torture, but yes, now you have an amazing story!!

  • Jenna Gable

    Bahaha I’m SO glad you got a laugh out of reading that! I was cracking up just writing about it. You’re right, gotta love having good stories like that! :)

  • Camille

    What a story! I can totally relate. I’ve learned that a major red flag for a first date is when the guy wants YOU to drive. One year for my high school homecoming dance, I had to drive my date and I…and he had a brand spanking new red mustang sitting in his driveway! I looked like a lady, but felt so manly the entire night because I was the chauffeur haha. Needless to say, I never went out with him after that!

  • Camille

    McDonalds, really?! yikes!

  • lisanicole22

    I had THE worst date a couple years back.
    Everything seemed to be going great, he picked me up, open the car door for me, and we headed to dinner. On the way there he started mentioning how his ex gf and him had “”sex”” on a vacation and how wonderful it was.
    Umm EWWW! Moron! What makes you think I want to hear about you and your ex??

    so we go to dinner, and have a few drinks, when the bill came I grabbed it to pay clearly not expecting him to let me. So I payed for it, which is fine but eww!

    Third, he traps me into going to his house to watch a “”movie,”” come to find out he tries to get freaky and I “”pretend”” i’m tired. He doesn’t offer to take me home, he offers me “”pajama clothes.””
    What the heck makes you think I want to stay here?

    So I was up the entire night, waiting for the next morning for him to take me home.

    WORST most miserable time ever!

  • Nicole Maria

    Follow for ladylike tips and rules. It my fave :) Xx

  • kATE

    OMG the worst date was meeting a guy I had chatted with a few times online a few years ago, when online dating was just starting out. The moment he picked me up I knew it would be a disaster. He did not dress the part at all. It was like he had come back from working in his garage. He took me a general place for dinner, a place my girlfriends and I frequent after a day of shopping. Then, he decided he would take me to look for tools as a gift for his dad from Sears of all places. Total put-off from the get-go. Needless to say I never saw him again. I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. I was probably rude by the end of it.

  • Hannah Cobler

    I have 4 HORRIBLE date stories. However this one takes the lead.this was just a few years back, but I went on a first date with this guy . We had a mutual friend, he was going to acting school and is obsessed with becoming an actor one day, so he takes movies seriously… So after getting all ready for the movies he comes to pick me up… All to find that it’s not just him and I … It’s his mom, dad, and two 8 year old brothers . So as if this weren’t bad enough we get to the theater and he doesn’t even pay for my ticket, while proceeding to get his own pop corn for him and his family with all this other crap. Still doesn’t offer me a thing. After I just feel mortified and ready to go home he chooses to watch x men . Horrible date ready for it to be done… We all finally to sit in the theater wait for the movie to start.. As I’m texting my best friend how HORRIBLE my date was going he says ‘don’t be disrespectful turn your phone off’… So I just glare and continue texting. As the movie gets started I try saying something to make the awkwardness a little less awkward… Until he raises his voice saying ‘ this is going to be my career.. My family was nice enough to bring you stop talking during the movie’ finally the movie is done I call my mom immediately walking ahead of him and his family ready to slap the dude. When we get in the car his family continues to all talk while ignoring me then his mom finally asks so Hannah how did you like the movie? Before I could answer this douche bag says like she would know she was constantly texting, talking and looking away… Looks like she’s not getting a second date… All I could do is shake my head laugh and say is that a promise?! NEVER AGAIN did I talk to this freak. His rich snobby family is ridiculous . That was the first I had conversation with them and the last!!!!!

  • Jezza689

    My worst date ever just happened last night!

    After not dating for over a year, I agreed to a second date with a guy I met through a mutual friend a few months back. Our 1st “”date”” was a spontaneous concert during the middle of the week – he happened to have an extra ticket, so it wasn’t really a date (I think he wanted to go and didn’t want to go alone). He insisted I go, so in the effort to be a spontaneous recently single girl, I agreed – he paid and I got him a drink.

    Now the real date in question – Last Night:
    After our concert “”date”” I felt like he was really into me, texted me a lot and was eager to hear the plans for our date (last night) he was even text flirting me all week, if that’s a thing. I got to choose a spot, kept it reasonably priced, in a neighborhood he had wanted to go to, he seemed excited all week for this date. To keep this brief, he was kind of awkward and quiet to start, then we began to shoot off questions to each other and it was going decently well. After dinner he said, “”where to next?”” I took him to a great jazz bar, he seemed into it and he got me a drink. We sat and kind of chatted but I quickly realized “”shit, I’m board!”” And he’s not even engaging with me what so ever, seemed more interested in the pianist and even yawned once – it was like he had given up.

    After that, we decide to go to another bar, we play pool b/c that’s his thing and I enjoy it (thought I’m not good). This is the part that really got to me, after he schooled me, he played another guy while I just sat there….watching (well on my phone by this point). He ended up winning again but forfeited the table to sit with me, which I thought was nice. It was downhill from there. He launched into this talk about his career aspirations, his current job and his family & friends (details about these people I don’t know and really didn’t care) … anytime I would try to respond (pretend I cared) or make it a back and forth conversation, he just kept talking. Hell, I’m not looking for anything right now and I was not impressed with this guy, who’s 3 years my junior (a 1st for me), so I was tuned out by this point. I gave up too, done and done. I said, “”I’m going to walk home now, have work tomorrow.”” He then walked me home, barely speaking (talk about awkward) and give me a high school type side hug, and says “”well, I’m off to the Marina.”” Which if you know San Francisco, you know the type the Marina brings. Anyway, I was completely over it and expect to never hear from him again, FUUFE!!!

    I hope this was entertaining to read as much as it was to write. I love a good/bad date story!

  • Jezza689

    My worst date ever just happened last night!

    After not dating for over a year, I agreed to a second date with a guy I met through a mutual friend a few months back. Our 1st “”date”” was a spontaneous concert during the middle of the week – he happened to have an extra ticket, so it wasn’t really a date (I think he wanted to go and didn’t want to go alone). He insisted I go, so in the effort to be a spontaneous recently single girl, I agreed – he paid and I got him a drink.

    Now the real date in question – Last Night:
    After our concert “”date”” I felt like he was really into me, texted me a lot and was eager to hear the plans for our date (last night) he was even text flirting me all week, if that’s a thing. I got to choose a spot, kept it reasonably priced, in a neighborhood he had wanted to go to, he seemed excited all week for this date. To keep this brief, he was kind of awkward and quiet to start, then we began to shoot off questions to each other and it was going decently well. After dinner he said, “”where to next?”” I took him to a great jazz bar, he seemed into it and he got me a drink. We sat and kind of chatted but I quickly realized “”shit, I’m board!”” And he’s not even engaging with me what so ever, seemed more interested in the pianist and even yawned once – it was like he had given up.

    After that, we decide to go to another bar, we play pool b/c that’s his thing and I enjoy it (thought I’m not good). This is the part that really got to me, after he schooled me, he played another guy while I just sat there….watching (well on my phone by this point). He ended up winning again but forfeited the table to sit with me, which I thought was nice. It was downhill from there. He launched into this talk about his career aspirations, his current job and his family & friends (details about these people I don’t know and really didn’t care) … anytime I would try to respond (pretend I cared) or make it a back and forth conversation, he just kept talking. Hell, I’m not looking for anything right now and I was not impressed with this guy, who’s 3 years my junior (a 1st for me), so I was tuned out by this point. I gave up too, done and done. I said, “”I’m going to walk home now, have work tomorrow.”” He then walked me home, barely speaking (talk about awkward) and give me a high school type side hug, and says “”well, I’m off to the Marina.”” Which if you know San Francisco, you know the type the Marina brings. Anyway, I was completely over it and expect to never hear from him again, FUUFE!!!

    I hope this was entertaining to read as much as it was to write. I love a good/bad date story!

  • Heather

    I went on a blind date last weekend and they guy already informed me before hand that he was paying. So when the bill came I did the reach for my handbag thing and he said, “”Don’t worry, I got this”” as to be expected.. What I didn’t expect was when I excused myself to the restroom, I can back to him waiting for me to pay the tip. Having no bill at the table and no idea how much the total was, I was sorta stuck. I left what I hope was not cheap, but how was I to know, as he never let me see the bill? How do you get out of that one?

  • Fa

    I think the worst date I ever had was some months ago when I decided to accept the invitation of my ex of going to have dinner and some drinks… I remember he used to be a gentleman with me and he was the best boyfriend I ever had… Anyways, everything started just fine I had to pick the restaurant so all the dinner was good, the conversation and everything were fine until the bill came… I thought we were spliting the bill so I took my wallet and he just watched me paying… I felt wierd but I did it, then we went to a bar obviously I didn’t ask for more than 2 drinks and he decided to ask for some cocktails by the time the bill came I decided to give him half of the money but he did the same and I payed everything by the end of the night we had to take a taxi to go home and I had to pay again…. He asked me to go out again some weeks after that date and I just ignored him it was awful I don’t know what heppened with him but honestly I didn’t want to see him again after that… everytime he was calling to go out I said I was to busy or that I didn’t have money, probably that was rude but I didn’t want him to think I was going to pay for everything every time we were going out… in fact I wasn’t thinking about going out again with him after that…

  • lovespell

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  • Bianca

    I realize this could have gone much worse, BUT…

    I met him at a mutual friend’s party. She lives 3 hours away, he lives near by her house. A couple days go by & he texts to say “Would you like to have dinner with me this weekend?” At this point I’m thinking “Wow, I don’t know if I would drive 3 hours to see someone that I just meet… I think I’d text & call a bit more first to see if they were worth the drive and the money it cost to drive that far… but hey, whatever. To each his own” Since we were in my town, I picked the restaurant and dinner went real good- food, conversation and all of that went well.

    Then we get back to my place. My main comments: who tries to take a girl’s pants off on the first date (after knowing her for a grand total of ONE WEEK), asks her to be his girlfriend a couple of days later (VIA TEXT MESSAGE!!!) and then wonders why she doesn’t want to keep seeing him?, How long can sucking on some’s neck possibly be entertaining for? I was literally laying there trying to think of a polite way to get him to leave for HOURS. And last but not least, how is it even possible for you to think somebody “can’t get enough” of it and wants more when the only thought running through their head is “While if he puts his head there, at least I can watch the Duck Dynasty reruns….”? Yeah, let’s just say that I got the impression that if he did want a relationship, it wasn’t for the whole mutual love and respect thing…

  • LG

    Good advice but it’s catered to an entirely straight audience. Some ladies like to be picked up by ladies.

  • Melissa Hanson

    Wost date I’ve been on would have to be a guy i met online.He seem nice by the way he talked I can tell me we a different type of lifestyle but he seemed nice and he was educated so i decided to give him a chance.Our first date he picks this congested crappy coffee place.We sit and talk seems okay so we decided to go play pool.He then proceeded to attempt to feel me up as we played pool. Soo i left. Waste of time!



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