Giveaway: Win Emily Post’s Etiquette

Now that I’ve started the Ladylike Laws series, I have been reading up on all things etiquette. In fact, during a recent vacation, I brought along my copy of Emily Post’s 18th Edition of Etiquette. Not exactly your typical beach read, but I am enjoying every minute of it. It’s fascinating stuff!

This is a photo I tweeted from my trip comparing books with my friend Jilly.

I think Etiquette is a book everyone must read. This 18th Edition of Etiquette was written by the new generation of Posts: Peggy Post, Anna, Lizzie and Dan. It’s informative, interesting and surprisingly easy to get lost in. Luckily for you, the Posts were kind enough to provide me with three copies of their great-grandmother Emily Post’s 18th Edition of Etiquette to giveaway!



Want to win a copy of my beach read?

Here’s how to enter…

  1. Comment. Leave 1 comment below telling me about an occasion when proper etiquette helped get you out of a sticky social situation.
  2. Tweet. Click here and tweet the following: Be a lady & follow @LaurenConrad’s #LCLadylikeLaws
  3. Wait. I will announce the three winners next Monday, November 21st!

Good luck!

And a special thank you to the Posts for providing me with the books for this giveaway–it’s greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: We have our winners…

Congrats to Ginny Clair Hitt, Sally Marinucci and Alex Novak!

Here are the ladies’ comments about occasions where proper etiquette helped them out:

Ginny said, “I was having dinner with my best guy friends family for the first time. They had a full meal and I had to use my best manners because it was important to me to not only impress them but want them to have me over again. By using the proper table etiquette i was able to win them over.”

Sally said, “Gosh, when hasn’t proper etiquette helped me out in sticky situations?! I work in Guest Services at a salon and sometimes there are women who are less then happy with their results. Proper etiquette is so important to use while I am trying to find a remedy for the situation at hand. When people see that you are courteous and you genuinely care, it eases everyone’s nerves and I am able to to reach a reasonable solution for everyone.”

Alex said, “I was at a fundraiser for my university, all the board members there. There was one lady came to me and knew my name but i did not know hers, I quickly said “this is my friend Jillian” and they shook hands while she lady said her name. I was then able to use her name in the conversation, she never even realized i didn’t know it.”

Thank you again to everyone who entered this giveaway! There will be plenty more for you to enter soon. And thanks again to everyone at Emily Post & the Post Institute for making this giveaway possible!

Ginny, Sally and Alex: Please be sure to repsond to the message we sent you via email and/or your inbox with shipping information ASAP.

XO Lauren

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  • Anna James

    Etiquette pretty much gets my out of every situation with my future mother in law. This book could save my life. lol. Totally entering. I’ve heard great things about it. Oh, and I featured you on my fashion blog today. Love if you’d check it out. xo

  • Kristin H

    Every time I have an important phone call to make, I always remind myself the 9 to 9 rule…No calls before 9am or after 9pm. It’s amazing how many people have never heard of this!

  • Kimmy S

    @Kristin H- I love that rule!!

    I used to work a lot of fashion photo shoots and I kept getting asked back to work them because the photographer appreciated my manners : ) I always thought that was nice.

  • Adrienne Hull

    Etiquette is so important in many situations, mainly job interviews, interactions with my college professors, and meeting my friends’ parents. There are many different aspects of my life which a person could have prejudice against. However, by using etiquete, I can make sure my conduct is not one of those aspects.

  • Jessica Sanchez

    Etiquette, oh etiquette. I use etiquette everyday, I am a student and I work in an office. I attended a marking mixer not too long ago for one of my classes. There were so many professionals there and so many business students so, it was hard for me to stand out. This to me was a sticky situation because I was the youngest one there and I needed to stand out. My etiquette tools helped me mingle with the professionals and receive a handful of compliments for putting myself out there in a professional and proper way. So, thank you etiquette. I would love this book for more help. <3

  • Madison Finney

    I am helping my roommate plan her wedding and etiquette has helped me in suggesting how she incorporate stepfamily and who to send invites too and other simple things that go along with a wedding.

  • Nicole Messner

    I work at an icecream shop and it’s crazy how important manners are to keep customers coming back for more deliciousness! Manners matter!

  • Megan R.

    Little rules of etiquette from Emily post always make my day and somehow are always in my head. One that came up most recently was when I was planning a party and there is the rules on save-the-dates (4-6 months) and invitations (6-8 weeks) on when they are to be sent out. Luckily Emily’s rules helped me in pursuading others on the staff as to when all of that should be done. :)

  • Maria de la luz Mara

    I could use the book for my next job interview, and I really want the job.

  • Jewel Medley

    Etiquette is really important especially with me. I really strive for respect and men have no choice but to respect you with proper etiquette. Etiquette is actually really important wherever you go!!!

  • Casey Leister

    I constantly have to use proper etiquette because I am an army girlfriend. It’s crazy how uptight this higher ranking soldiers are so to make my boyfriend and I look like respectable young adults I have to be on my A game. One instance is when I had to sign out my friend and his friend for a family weekend during his basic training. His specialist was not going to let me sign him out because I was not his wife or immediate family, but I showed my proper Army etiquette allowed me to sign the boys out. Needless to say this book would certainly help me because I have a feeling these scenarios are just beginning :)

  • Chloe Camilla Frey

    Etiquette has most certainly helped me get away in many situations. My smile, charm and good manners get me far. For example one the day of the Coldplay concert I was in a huge rush to get there and I was speaking on my phone to my friend. A cop drove in front of me and stopped dead, causing me to stop and everyone else. I knew I was about to get the biggest fine. But I appologized profusely and flashed him my big grin and he let me go! Never will I ever speak on my phone again as the humilation was greater then paying the price of the ticket. (Bbm can’t watch face)

  • Melissa Panici

    I worked at Lowes once and a customer brought an item to my register that is usually $100. When I scanned it, the price read $5.00. I knew then and there that some barcode switching went on because the description didn’t match either. I politely told the woman, that the wrong barcode was on the item and it was actually $100. She acted like she wanted to argue but then just said she didn’t want it. That saved the company money and I felt like it was handled the right way. Thanks for this opportunity Lauren! I will send the tweet now:)

  • Kelly Ragle

    Etiquette is so important for earning and keeping respect! I always say please and thank you in every situation where appropriate, whether it be in a text to my roommate asking her to please grab my mail that day, or saying thank you after dinner with my boyfriend (where he paid the entire bill for the hundreth time). Saying please and thank you will never hurt you, and it definitely goes a long way!!

  • Summergirl96

    One thing my parents always taught us kids was to shake hands everytime we met someone new, and most kids my age are always shocked when i go to shake their hand…it makes me laugh but also makes me a little sad to think that one of the most common rules of etiquette is becoming foreign to this generation. i would love this book, i think i would be so interesting to read and definitely something that everyone, teenagers especially, should read :)

  • Christie M

    I work in retail and I always have to remember proper etiquette and manners when dealing with not so nice customers. No matter how impolite and rude they might be I always have to remember to smile while giving them great customer service.

  • Krupa Patel

    When I was co-hosting a bridal/bachlorette party. I made sure we didnt trash the location by creating a lady-like atmosphere. Everything was presented nicely.

  • Christina Brandon

    Last summer I was pulled over for speeding. Instead of acting annoyed or rudely towards the authority I simply smiled when I rolled down my window and said “”good evening officer!”” and brightly started a conversation about the road work on another section of the highway. He let me off with a warning. :)

  • Cherry Abdou

    You know how when youre having a convo with a group of friends and you make a harsh comment that is made harsher because the comment actually applies to one of your friends. For example my friend, my friend’s mom, and I were talking about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore and how Demi is older than Ashton by 16 years. And I said that I thought 16 years was a huge age difference even though Demi and Ashton make a great couple. My friend smiled and said my mom and dad were 16 years apart (they’re divorced now)…and her mom was right there! It was embarassing but I didn’t really mean anything by it. Usually the guy’s the one that’s a older. Nonetheless it was pretty embarassing so now I dont make any extreme remarks like that or before I do, I do what I found a lot of people do…ask if a certain topic applies to someone in the group before putting it to shame. The other day, my friend was talking about majors and asked if anyone was a certain major before complete bashing the major. It’s still not right to do but it’s a little more tolerable if it doesnt directly apply to someone.

    I’ve always been into etiquette and have always wondered what certain courtesy rules are and I’d love to read Post’s book! Seems super interesting. Thanks Lauren!



  • Sara Hafenbreadl

    Having proper etiquitte can get me through any tough situation. I worked at a sub shop, and whenever there were rude customers, I just kept my cool and was polite to everybody. I felt like if people were having a bad day, being treated as a respectable adult would help them feel more important, so that’s what I did, treated everybody with dignity and respect.

  • diana

    Proper etiquette helped me in planning my son’s 1st birthday party. I wanted as many close friends and family members near and far to come. Sent out save the dates at least 6 months ahead of time and then the b-day invites, two months before. Luckily because i practiced almost everyone showed up. My son’s b-day was great! Am also looking forward to teaching my son proper etiquette, because now a day’s it seems to have vanished from people heads.

  • Erica Imergoot

    I feel like proper etiquette is important to me in so many ways. I’m an education major, and for a lot of my school work I have to go to schools for observations and to teach lessons. Believe it or not, the most common time to lose that properness is in the teachers lounge for lunch. I think of it as a time for small chit-chat between teachers and to get a quick bite in before the kids get out of recess, but some see it as gossip time. So I politely excuse myself or offer a change of subject if a situation gets a bit catty. Clearly dress code is an issue as well. You wouldn’t believe some of the outfits I see in schools these days. I’ve used Lauren’s blogs about proper business casual attire to help me dress for success!

    xo Erica

  • Cherry Abdou

    Oh yeah and one more thing about etiquette……if you have a sniffle or a cough and are going to be in a silent study area or in class, you should probably stack up on cough drops and water or go blow your nose so you wont have to constantly sniffle.

    Cherry :)

  • Brenna Feeney

    Proper etiquette totally saved me at a recent speed networking event I attended. I made sure I dressed for the job I wanted (not the job I had!) which I think helped me from the beginning.

    There were Human Resources representatives from various companies that we sat down with in groups. The first company my group sat down with had two representatives who ended up turning what was meant to be a ten-minute information session into an intense group interview, which made me even more nervous than I already was. I knew that anything I said definitely wouldn’t come out right.

    I made sure to recall everything I’d learned about interview etiquette- I made sure to keep my responses brief and concise in order to give the other girls enough time to answer questions as well (which would also prevent me from rambling myself into oblivion), I gave both reps a firm handshake before I left, and made sure to thank them afterwards. I think this etiquette prevented me from making an awkward situation even worse!

  • Erika Sovs

    Once I was invited to a party that did not clearly identify what the proper dress would be for the occasion. The mystery of the party attire began to stress me out because I did not want to look silly while everyone else looked appropriate. I decided that it was necessary for me to wear a dress that was slightly fancy, but easily dressed down if I brought a nice jacket and wore the right jewelry and shoes. I made sure that my hair was cute, but not overdone so that if the party was not formal I would not stand out too much. It turned out that the party was casual- some people even wore jeans! Luckily I wore the right accessories to dress down my outfit, while still looking cute. A girl who I don’t typically get along with rudely commented when she saw me, “”Why are you wearing THAT..? This isn’t a dance or anything.”” Her comments annoyed me, but instead of lashing back at her and having her shut her mouth I politely said, “”I prefer to always look my best,”” as I smiled and walked away.

  • Kevin Pham

    A time where proper etiquette helped is during auditions haha, I’m not saying that I’m don’t have proper etiquette but when I’m at a audition I just turn up the notch 60 % lol

  • Alice Almond

    The rules of etiquette have helped me on many occassions! I have to go to a lot of formal dinners and it is so helpful to know how to act in a respectful and ladylike manner!

  • Ashley Battista

    Every time I have attended a family function with my boyfriends family. Proper etiquette: smile and nod, look happy to be there, when really you’re dreaming about comfy pajama’s and your bed :)

  • Sarah Lack

    Something that has always stuck with me regarding etiquette: When ordering something, say “”May I have…”” instead of “”Can I have”” or “”Can I get.”” My parents contstantly reminded my sister and I when we were little to say that, and I think it sounds nicer and more polite. I was making an order at Starbucks once and the barista actually thanked me for ordering that way!

  • Rae Towse

    Dates for sure. I went on a date this past weekend and used your ‘Navigating First Dates’ tips. They saved me and now there is a second date! Thanks Lauren

  • Chelsea Hall

    I work Girl Scout camps and events and I am a sophomore in college, I love these camps and I have grown up with these girls. I am expected to be a role model to the younger girls that attend the camps, so I always have to use proper etiquette. I am a leader in a sense so I am supposed to act like one and to some of the girls I am like a big sister so I am also a teacher to them. You have to learn to stay calm and not blow a fuse, even when you are in a terribly frustrating situation. Also, simple things such as table manners and how to act towards others are always important for Girl Scout Events.

    Chelsea (:

  • justmar

    Etiquette has helped me a lot of times in difficult situations! it is good to know that there is a ladylike side of me !!

  • Jillianne Liotta

    These days it is so easy to hide behind your computer and send nasty e-mails (nasty-grams as my boss calls it!) because no one wants to actually have a confrontation! Not to mentioned no one can tell what kind of a tone you are using. So now when I get a nasty e-mail from someone who copied the entire universe on it, I actually pick up the phone and call them to work it out instead of sending something rude back for the world to see.


  • Raquel M

    Etiquette is important is everything we do (in my opinion) and it is not about being all formal, it’s about being polite and knowing how to behave properly :)

    I always appreciate lady-like manners :)

    thx for this giveaway Lauren!!

    xx Raquel :)

  • set817

    My daily use of etiquette is on the subway. People are in such as rush, as am I, but it does everyone good to be polite and patient. Makes the commuting a much most pleasant experience.

  • Lauren White

    My mother has always been the one to give us a bad look when we slouch or put our elbows on the table. She even once hit my sister on the forehead with a fork for licking her fingers! In our family, proper table etiquette is everything. My aunt has very important friends in Hawaii and one Summer, about three years ago (I was 19), she had an extra ticket to a huge event where there was dinner to be served. She chose me to attend the event where I had to rub elbows with political people and Hawaiian Celebrities alike. It was intense but I remembered everything my mother taught me. They absolutely loved me and some commented about my table etiquette being quite good for a teenager. So althought it wasn’t a sticky social situation, I did get out of having to spend the entire day inside a hotel room, playing cards!

  • Kathryn Heater

    Proper etiquette is a must for me always. It is always a saver in job interviews. I’ve have gotten all but one job I have ever interviewed for thanks to acting and looking professional. It is also a huge saver when meeting the boyfriends parents. You have to dress appropriately or they might think as though you are a slob or a little loosey goosey. Speech is also incredibly important, you want to speak as though you are intelligent but not a know-it-all. I also teach dance lessons at a dance studio and come in contact far more with the children I teach than with their parents so I always go to work dressed appropriately in case of having to speak with a parent. I always smile and greet them and I never try to answer questions I do not know, because I am just a teacher and I do not have access to a lot of the things that my boss handles I just politely and appropriately let them know all the I know and let them know when the best time is to call and speak to my boss.

  • Roberta Melim

    i had a broyfriend whose mother didn’t like me so much… then, at the christmas dinne i went to his house and brought a wonderful gift to her – she was shaken by that cause she didn’t buy anything for me for christmas… then she just gave me whatever she found in her closet – a little pair of earings. from that day on, she would treat me so well… =D

  • Kristin Albrecht

    I have never been in a sticky social situation where etiquette is what saved me, but I have been in situations where etiquette has helped me!

    I am 19 and I was applying for my first office job with a law firm. I figured it was a million in one chance of getting the job because more qualified people had applied. People who had degrees. A degree is something I am lacking, but in the process of getting. I was told that it was the way I carried myself and the absolutely wonderful etiquette I sported that made me the obvious choice! :)

  • Nicole Taylor

    Hi Lauren! :)

    A situation I remember quite clearly is back when i first started dating my husband, I was visiting a church one of his friend’s invited us both to. After the service, his friend asked for us to stay for lunch. My husband started to decline the invitation to stay. But, being that his friend is a Hispanic and I come from a very Latin cultural background, I am very aware that is poor etiquette to decline an invitation to eat when visiting someone else’s home or gathering. When the friend’s wife then asked us in a 2nd attempt, I politely asked my husband in front of them If it was OK to stay just for a little while. He saw that I wanted to be respectful with the manner I chose to ask, and so we stayed. I then later explained to him in the car when we were alone that it is improper etiquette to refuse to eat at someone’s home or a place where you are invited in Latino culture. It is seen as rude.

    I’m sure that in a lot of different ethnic cultures this is seen as such not only Latino. But, this is definitely proper etiquette.

  • Desarae Benavides

    I come from a family who who burps at the table, and its suppose to mean a commpliment for good food. When I started working in corporate offices, my first job was working for a Japanese company. We had many lunch meeting and I could not figure out what fork was what and what spoon was what, what the proper way to sit and where to place your napkin, and most importantly how to hold a conversation at the table in dead silence. I was so confused. Luckly my co-working sitting next to me helped me out. From that point forward I started ready etiquitte books on how to hold discussions, what fork is what and so on. I personally like the older published books about etiquette, because it makes you feel much more like a woman. Thanks to those special readings, that have helped me out tremendously, I now look forward to those lunch meetings. I now help the other assistants out, who are as unfamiliar as I was.

  • Alexandra Osfalg

    I’m completely obsessed with stationary!!!! I really love writing and sending little notes to friends and family- I think it is much more personal and special than a tweet or a writing on somebody’s fb wall or emailing. I also enjoy writing Thank You notes. I think it is so important to thank somebody if they have given you something or helped you with you something. It has definitely given me a leg up with friend’s parents (If I go to a visit a friend and stay at their family’s home, I also send a Thank You note to let them know I appreciated their hospitality), it has also helped me to make a good impression and continue to be well liked in my boyfriend’s family…. after spending numerous holidays with my boyfriend and his family (after a few years of dating) I STILL write thank you notes to his family everytime I visit, if they take me on a family vacation, if they send me an amazing birthday present etc etc… It has made a huge impact on my relationship with them, not to mention some serious brownie points with his mom πŸ˜‰

  • Lindsay Advincula

    I’ve always tried to remember the etiquette rules when meeting new people. I get extremely nervous and self-conscious when I’m in those type of situations, but remembering to be polite and act like a lady has always pulled through and put me more at ease. This has especially helped me whenever I was meeting a boyfriend’s family for the first time. A completely nerve-wracking situation, right? What do you say? How do you act? Will they like me? Best answer: put on your etiquette face and you’ll come off as classy as ever!

  • Cassie H

    this is a wonderful book! every lady should have it in her library!

  • Emily Rickard

    Always sending thank you notes right away has been beneficial for me. Even for small gestures of kindness and not just for gifts. Showing that you care enough to put a note in the mail is a little gesture with a big impact! The first time I met my fiance’s parents they took me out to dinner and I sent them a card the next day. My soon to be mother in law called me to say how much she appreciated the thank you note!

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    When I was 17 I got a job at a small fast food chain in my hometown, and would have daily encounters with people who would never smile or say “”Please and thank you,”” and raise their voices at me when an order was taking too long to fill. I actually had one customer pull up to the drive-through window and THROW HIS CHANGE at me. But no matter how unpleasant my experience with the customers were, I would always smile and say, “”Have a nice day”” when I was finished talking with them. My boss definitely noticed this and let me know that I was one of her friendliest workers, and that she was very proud of the way I handled some of the rude customers!

  • Meredith Chapman

    My Mom taught me from a young age to always bring the lady of the house a little something when paying a visit. This has always stuck with me and I never show up to someone’s home empty handed.

    This advice helped a lot when meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time! I brought his mother tulips and haven’t shown up to their house empty handed since. This actually scored me double brownie points with my boyfriend’s Dad and let’s just say it made a great impression…Thanks Mom!

  • Codi Reyes

    Once while waiting tables during one of my college jobs, I had a couple as customers that got into a HUGE fight during their meal. There were muliple accusations voiced through screaming and yelling from both sides, as well as tears from the young woman. Everyone in the restaurant immediately quieted and of course stared… I polietly asked her to step away from the situation and helped her in the bathroom to regain her composure (and clean up ruined makeup). I then quickly got boxes and a check for the young man, and the arguement was moved outside, as if nothing had happened. Used quick thinking and very lady-like politeness to stop a situation that could have gotten a lot worse, (no one wants to air their dirty laundry in public!) all while looking very professional on my end.

    Cheers to etiquette!


  • Cherie LaFlamme

    Something I always do is bring a gift for my hostess when I attend a party. I think it’s important to show that person your appreciation for all the hard work they put into an event or gathering. It could be as simple as a bottle of wine, beautiful smelling candle, a coffee table book they will enjoy, or some fresh flowers.

    – Cher

  • Amanda Silva

    As students, my bf and I cant afford to do fancy things regularly, but every once in a while we will treat ourselves to a nice dinner at an upscale restaurant. Between my stylish (Lauren Conrad Inspired) outfit and our use of ettiquette, we always look like we belong in the posh setting!

  • Natasha Hussain

    My parents are very traditional and have always raised me to be polite and respectful at all times. The very first time I met my fiancees parents, he was extremely nervous and kept saying how his mother never liked any of his previous relationships and instructing me on little do’s and don’ts. I did my best, arriving early with a dessert and offering to help set and clear the table. Turns out, his family loved me and are excited that I’m joining the family. His mother said I was the first to really make an effort and try to spend time with her and get to know the family, so I’m glad my parents taught me well =]!/eatsleepattack

  • Brittany Mesing

    It seems so simple, but the other day on the bus I offered my seat to an older lady. It was pathetic to see all the young and older gentlemen (or should I say lack there of gentlemen) sitting comfortably in their seats without batting an eyelash at the woman struggling!

  • Emma C.

    I work with the public, day in and day out. Being polite and respectful in the face of challenging individuals and situations has kept me from getting into stickier circumstances many times. And when it comes to social situations, I always try to bring something… I’d rather be over-prepared and the under-prepared!

  • Miss Ci

    Love it! Definitely looks like a must-read! Thanks Lauren!

  • Michele Kim

    A daily act of etiquette that has become a habit for me is to keep holding the door open for the people behind me. It’s a small gesture that not only helps a fellow stranger out physicially (some doors are so heavy it takes great application of force to move!), but it also shows a little awareness of one’s surroundings, that you’re not completely walking around like an automaton. That person might feel inclined to extend a similar polite gesture and that can only benefit us.

  • Sarah Kichefski

    I am from the South, and we pride ourselves on our etiquette. Growing up, I have always been taught to be respectful. However, I have the most horrible time with remembering names. Since I know how to properly introduce people to each other, not only do I repeat names (bettering my chances of remembering it), if I happen to forget, people fill in the blanks while I am introducing! It is actually a lifesaver so I don’t feel incredibly awkward).

  • Emily Chien

    Whenever I am invited to a friend’s house for dinner I am sure to bring something, or at least extend the offer, help in any way I can and be just a little early so I can chat a little and not be one to eat and run. Once, I was having Easter dinner at my best friend’s family’s house and a guy I was dating was going to join me. Turns out he was super sick and didn’t let me know until he was already an hour late–don’t worry, we are no longer dating–but the entire family was waiting on him! It was horrible and I felt like such a jerk. Luckily because I was so nice to help cook and set the table they weren’t bothered at all and just glad that at least I could come for dinner. I was mortified, but my kindness helped them return the favor.

  • Jessica Whitmire

    I was the Maid of Honor for my best friend last summer. Unfortunately about three weeks after the wedding the couple decided to have it annulled. I was very disappointed to find that two weeks after the split nothing had been done with wedding gifts. So, I rounded up the bridesmaid to help return each gift with a card to wedding guest. It help me friend during an emotional time and it was just a nice southern gesture and use of proper etiquette.

  • Kelby Peachey

    Whenever I’m frustrated with an individual, I always remind myself to “”kill them with kindess.”” A simple smile, great eye contact, and repeating the situation to let them know you understand it from their perspective. This always makes the situation less stressful and you’re able to feel like you did something to help the situation, not damage it.

  • Dreama Jeantet

    Writing thank you notes has always been nice, especially if it’s a gift that I didn’t get to thank the person for in person.!/dreamajeantet/status/136152490893783040

  • Lindsay Taylor

    Etiquette comes quite in handy in any professional situation. As a new young professional, being well versed in social etiquette has allowed me to feel comfortable in meetings and presentations.

  • Nicola Merkle

    When i had first met my husband when we were dating we went to his grandparents house for dinner and she is big on manners and etiquette no elbows at the dinner table. By being very friendly and saying thank you and even knowing which fork went with what meal helped out a lot she couldn’t believe that someone could be so polite being so young, so she loved me. It was a great impression.

  • Lauren Kowalik

    The best thing I have learned is to bring something, even small, to a friend when I stay with them as well as following up with a thank you note via snail mail to show my appreciation for their hospitality. It is so simple and hand written notes are so much more personal. I like to send along pictures of my time there as well (if I get them printed fast enough).

  • Shannon Page

    I have a very good friend who happens to have Aspergers. He is so sweet, but can be socially awkward at times. Etiquette helped me when he asked me to an important, fancy dinner function. The event was held at a ritzy place and there were so many times that he said something or did something that was awkward for the group of people around us, as well as ourselves, and I had to use my etiquette to remain as patient and as poised as possible. I ended up having a wonderful time. I mostly have to thank my grandmothers for what I know. They taught me so many things.

  • Christee Glass

    I am getting married in the spring and we have been working on wording for invitations and the guest lists. In today’s society with things more relaxed there seems to be no “”correct”” way to do things. There are the traditional rules but most have been thrown out the window as people plan for smaller more intimate events. Having the correct ettiquette on how to handle situations with in the family and work place reguarding invites has been a big help, so as not to hurt feelings and to make sure that everything comes across clear and easy to understand.

  • Emma Berkowitz

    My aunt and uncle are extremely prim, proper and judgmental. Over the past few years I’ve made some changes in my life that they have not agreed with. So to protect myself from their criticism, I’ve limited my contact with them.

    My dad is getting married this weekend and I will be seeing said aunt and uncle for the first time in over two years. I wrote them a note a few weeks ago letting them know how much I miss them and how much I am looking forward to seeing them at the wedding – which I know will make the encounter a lot less awkard – for everyone!

  • Chelsea Bengal

    I’ve gotten invited several times to Scholarship Recognition dinners through my University and having proper knowledge of how to dine in business settings has been extremely helpful.

  • Danielle Gray

    Proper etiquette helped me at my prom when most of my friends didn’t know the table sittings I did and I ate like a lady when most of my girl friends and guy friends didn’t, I found that proper etiquette helps me in my day to day as well I open the door for people, most of them older or with children as well as use my manners all the time as my parents taught me and I smile when I am smiled at by people. I feel like a lot of people have forgot proper etuquette also how to be ladies or geltman. The only people I meet that still love there proper etiquette is the people of London. As well as my passed great grandparents. My monther learned a lot from them and has pasted down the proper etiquette to my brothers and I.!/ImDanielleEGray

  • Allyson Gilbert

    In my line of work, I talk to busy managers of different restaurants who barely have two seconds to convey what they need from my department. When returning voicemails, I try to already have as much information as to not waste their time repeating it to me. If the customer is rude or short-tempered with me, I let it roll off my back and do not retort.

  • Heather Goodwill

    I’ve had the opportunity to speak in various different capacities over the last couple of years. Being gracious and well mannered has helped me in a variety of different ways both professional and personally.

  • Jodie Shurtleff

    Manners are always the best defense to get you out of a sticky situation or get you into a good situation. Something as simple as please and thank you got me one of the best jobs I could’ve ask for. I had wanted this job for quite some time and I was so nervous when I walked in to my interview. My interviewer asked me if I would like some water and I replied “”yes please””. Throughout the interview I genuinely replied with (yes) please, (yes, no) thank you’s. I got the call a few days later that I had gotten the job from my boss, she went on to tell me that it was my manners and politeness that got me the job. I am lucky, my parents always taught me to mind my manners and mostly to just be compassionate towards others I just put it to use.

  • Katie N

    When I was planning my wedding, wedding etiquette books were a must-have! It’s such an important day and we had over 300 guests…how embarrassing would it have been if we had made some HUGE etiquette slip-up in front of everyone!

  • Katie N

    PS…my twitter name is katiebethcav and I tweeted that message!

  • Karen Wapinski

    I have a horribly bitchy cousin that I see a handful of times a year. She doesn’t care about being insulting during family events, but I don’t want to cause a drama while getting revenge for me or my sister. It sounds kind of funny, but by proper etiquette I can smile and give barbed compliments without anyone else noticing and at the same time I give her absolutely no ammunition for her to try to turn the others against me.

  • LC Watson

    I’m a wedding coordinator – so etiquette saves not only myself, but my clients from committing major faux-paus! I’m pretty sure I’m asked about something etiquette-wise every day. I have to be extremely up-to-date on modern rules as well as know traditional rules.

    I think a great rule for this holiday season is to always bring a gift for the hostess and send them a thank-you card. Hosts put a lot of effort into their holiday gatherings, and it is important to show your gratitude for that effort – especially so you can be invited back the next year! Not to mention, spread some of that warmth and cheer of the season :)

    *see my tweet @lc_weddings while i wait with fingers crossed!

  • Ginny Clair Hitt

    I was having dinner with my best guy friends family for the first time. They had a full meal and I had to use my best mannors because it was important to me to not only impress them but want them to have me over again. By using the proper table etiquette i was able to win them over.

  • laroyal06

    Always send follow-up thank you notes

  • Falynn Derderian

    Etiquette saved me numerous times at weddings. The biggest time it saved me was at my own though…I hired a wedding coordinator but she happened to be running late to my rehearsal. Luckily I knew exactly how the wedding should go and corraled everyone into their proper positions. Thank goodness or I would have been one stressed out bride!

    Tweet: @alanafalynn

  • Samantha Kotfer

    I used to work at this sotre called Swoozies, it was the cutest little store! This is where I learned that etiquette is very important. While doing special orders for invitations you must know all the proper language etiquette to put on your invite! Swoozies was also the best place to get hostess gifts, which is always important! Also, using your manners is very important when dealing with customers who are not getting what they want right away. If a customer is being rude and you are polite to them and tend to their needs as best as you can, you can usually win them over!! Which was very helpful in some of the sticky situations at the Swooz! :)

  • Shanna Waldrop

    Proper etiquette has saved me numerous times at work! I often deal with clients who are rude, “”shoot the messenger,”” and sometimes even insult my ability to do my job! I always handle myself with class. I let them know that their concerns are heard and will be dealt with properly. It would hurt the company I worked for if I didn’t obey eqiuette rules!


  • Brianna Fischer

    At an evening wedding this summer, the only people I knew were the bride and 3 other guests I had arrived with. Thanks to an amazing summer together, the 4 of us were pretty close. But as we all know with weddings, we hardly saw the bride! Thankfully, using the etiquettte my mother taught me I was able to seamlessly introduce our small group to the larger groups of family at the wedding. What was an initially nerve-racking situation turned into a night that rivaled our weekends abroad!

  • Nadine Roman

    the first time i went on a date with my boyfriend he was using the proper etiquette and I was glad I actually knew what to do or else i would’ve made a fool out of myself. thank goodness!

  • Samantha Garbellotto

    Being a college student you do a lot of presentations and at the end of the semester you go for interviews for interneships. Etiquette is must in situations like these. Being a person who is’nt much of a public speaker I looked for books to help me improve. I also try to reccomend books on etiquette to friends and family seeing that it helped me greatly. This could definitely help in any situations for anyone. Thank you lauren for this post.

    Your true inspiration.

  • Megan Goodell

    When you get married, you are constantly looking for etiquette rules – and then deciding whether you will follow them or not! I’m such an etiquette book lover – I especially love the old ones from the 50’s like “”how to make a home”” etc. So funny!! Would love this book…

  • Anne Mc Gilligan

    As a secondary school student I have to speak a lot in front of the whole school. Being etiquette comes in handy for whenever it comes to talking, as I have to speak loud and clear.

  • Emily Willey

    Out of my grandmothers 10 grandchildren I am the only one who always sent thank you notes. My parents taught me to always send hand written thank yous after receiving gifts. Now I am the only grandchild left that gets christmas money, at least for a couple years, until the rest of the kids start saying thank you :)

  • Tash

    Situations when i feel uncomfortable, the only thing i can do is show proper manners and politeness which i don’t realy ever forget maybe its a British thing i don’t really know but mostly its my saviour when i am being awkward, and feeling uncomfortable because everyone over looks it for a curteous nice well mannered person, I am pretty certain a conversation on something sublimely gross would go down well if ther person talking away could hold themself well.

    So yeah for me its situations that make me feel uncomfortable it always gets me out of them unscathed.

  • Cassi Deremo

    Proper etiquette and professionalism go hand-in-hand. As a recent college graduate trying to gain experience in the corporate world, I’ve recently had to deal with the stress and intimidation of interviews–where talking about yourself to strangers can seem awkward. Manners and proper etiquette really go a long way if you trying to impress a future employer and I’ve found they are always pleasantly surprised to come across someone who practices proper etiquette.

  • Jennifer T

    I went to an etiquette dinner at my college and found out that when at a dinner party or restaurant you should always fold your napkin over the top of the chair’s back when leaving the table – It was nice to know this tip for when I go to the bathroom and such and don’t know where to put my napkin for those few minutes before I return!

  • Emily Wells

    After graduating from college I began the job application process; I sent a handwritten thank you note to each person who interviewed me. When I was hired by one of the advertising agencies, my current boss told me that one of the things that set me apart from the other applicants was my handwritten thank you note. I firmly believe that it help me get my current job.

  • Iveth

    etiquette is very important. Specially when people look down on you like customers. I have never being rude to anyone even when I am shopping myself. I try to be polite. Once a customer was telling me bad words, things I won’t repeat myself. But come on we don’t always have everything we don’t take care of our delivery and customers have to understand. I gave a smile to the customer and said thank you.

  • Kayla Queen

    Love this giveaway. :) There have been awkward situations at dinners where I knew to just remain polite even when other people weren’t. Also, it always proper to use a knife and fork on a nice dinner date with a boy, or anyone for that matter. Poking at your food with just a fork is never nice, especially at nice restaurants.

  • Sarah Kinsler

    The first time I meet my boyfriends grandmother was at a benefit. She is a southern bell who always has very proper etiquette. Thankfuly I knew how to act because my grandmotehr had taught me! I ended up making a great first impression and she liked me so much that she invited me to go to another benefit with her.

  • faith wafford

    Most of the time a simple “”I’m sorry”” will work wonders

  • Veronica Lopez

    I honestly can’t narrow it down to just one situation! Proper etiquette is essential in social environments. It’s even more important to keep your cool when others aren’t being polite to you. As someone told me “”Kill them with a smile””.

  • Jenna Beef

    During my time living in New England, I have discovered that my manners and etiquette is what brought others and I closer together. I am from the south and was taught well (although I cannot speak for every resident in southern Louisiana). Manners help to stimulate articulate conversation and help loosen the barrier between two people. Manners take out the unecessary to make way for stimulating conversation. :]

  • Jennifer Sellen

    I am trying to get into the planning business and the main key is customer service in this industry. I have been helping out at a winery with their events. And I remember helping out at a wedding and I was being very polite to the parents of the bride and groom and the grandparents (respect your elders) and they kept tell the main planner (I am only an apprentice) what a great staff she has and how nice and approachable we were for being so kind and generous to them. It made me feel good, even though I was just being kind and my usual self, I was still perfoming lady like etiquette. :)

  • Janine Nicole

    I was in a sorority and they went through all the etiquette we would need for the formal dinner we would be having. I learned everything from which bread plate and water glass belongs to you, to which way to pass the bread around the table and how to toast the Queen. This has been probably one of the most valuable things I have learned as for life lessons and has saved me from embarrassing myself on numerous occasions.

  • Bonnie Schanck

    I have found that dressing like a lady and always being hospitable has gotten me very far in my current job. My bosses are always giving me compliments on how hospitable I am to their clients when they come in and have to wait and I chat with them, take their coats and hang them, shake their hand, and in a meeting setting always offering a beverage or refreshment before and a little ways into the meeting popping my head in to make sure no one wants anything. They say I’m “”professional, a go getter, but very classy at the same time””. Huge compliment :)

  • Emily Weissenberger

    I went to dinner with my boyfriend and many of his family members. Being first served, I waited until everyone else at the table had their dinner infront of them before I began to dig in. I got a few weird looks and a couple “”why aren’t you eating?”” before I told them that I wait for everyone to be served before eating. Many compliments came my way after that!

  • Laura Fink

    I don’t know if this would qualify as a “”sticky situation,”” but I was able to have the opportunity to have lunch with a prominent judge in my city during a law school banquet. We had a lovely discussion, and I was very thankful for all the lessons that my mom gave me when I was younger about conversations while eating. I may have thought the lectures were totally boring then, but dining etiquette can help you stick out, in a good way!

  • Heather MacLean

    I once went to a very sophisticated social event for my town during my high school internship, i had remembered what grandmother had taught me about proper etiquette, and with her in my mind she guided me through the evening flawlessly (almost

  • Jimena Talamantes Legorreta

    Everytime im at a table i feel more comfortable with my elbows on the table !!!! I dont know why ???? So ok…. this is really bad in any ocassion, so every day i have to remember my self that elbows on the table are really bad manners, otherwise when i go to my boyfriend (i dont have right now) house it will become a habit and i dont make a fool of myself !

  • Jenna Anderson

    Offering up your seat isn’t always for guys. A group of elderly couples locked their keys in their car after a football game. We all gave them our chairs and blankets until AAA came to let them in.

  • yamine malacon

    I been invited to different events with the Director of an important Institute of Psychiatry in my town, and we get the chance to discuss different approaches of intervention tecniques, thank God I knew ways to discuss topics in public and good manners in an cocktail party from a course that I took when I was a teenager at the Club we assisted back then.

  • Hannah Derreth

    Knowing proper and polite etiquette has helped me tremendously in the workplace. As a college student, I am employed for only seasonal help (over the summer and then over the winter break). This past summer I worked for a very large, important company and because of my polite and professional manner I was asked to fill in for the CEO’s personal assistant. This led to building relationships and contacts for further employment. You can never go wrong with good manners!

  • Sophia Coldren

    I believe that proper etiquette can get you to anywhere you’d like to go in life. In fact, I make a point of practicing it everyday, everywhere I go. But, one specific time that proper etiquette helped me get through an occassion was when I had an interview for my current place of employment. I was applying for a hostess position and the restaurant made it very clear of the type of environment as well as the proper feel they tried to portray. With proper etiquette I was able to get the job and am very happy with the respect I am given from the entire staff!

  • Tricia Garrett

    My best friend’s father passed away a couple years ago. I was given a lot of responsibility in the preparations, including informing friends of what had happened. Good etiquette helped me explain the circumstances without revealing personal information about the situation, no matter how hard I was pushed, and without rudeness.

  • LT

    i am rubbish on the phone, i never know what to say, or how to say it. i usually end up saying the wrong thing or stuttering.
    but i remebered what my grandmothers friend always used to say, and that was to not think over things so much, this helped when i almost ruind my work experience placement, i relaxed and had a nice conversation with the employer.

  • Casey Dougan

    Earlier this semester, I applied to be on the board for Fashion Industries Association at my school. 18 girls applied, and there was only one spot. The current board members watched the applicants from afar to see if we did things such as holding the door for the people behind us, saying please and thank-you, and throwing our trash in the garbage can instead of littering. Using proper ettique at all times definitely helped my chances of getting picked, and even though I didn’t win I am now recgonized as a respectable and proper girl.

  • Sasi We

    I remember the day, the parents of my first boyfriend invited me to have dinner with them in a really fancy restaurant. I was totally nervous. In there, first, I was shocked! There was more than one fork, spoon and knife, more plates, … But I remembered, that I read once, that you eat from the outside to the inside and so did I. And, of course, I placed the napkin on my lap. Good I read that once, the family was totally amazed with me, and liked me. I’m still sad that my boyfriend broke up with me, not because of him, but because of his family.

  • yara nehme

    i was invited to my friend’s place for dinner with his familly so i wanted to impress them so i followed almost all the table manners like how to sit, how to eat, when u should talk, how to drink even how to dress up :) it was a very good dinner n i guess it worked :)

  • Lauren Ashlee

    Knowing proper etiquette was very important as I planned my wedding. Between the parties, thank you notes, showers, and the actual ceremony and reception- there is a lot of room for error or a breach of etiquette. I’m also building a library of books about etiquette, manners, and old fashioned skills and this book would fit in perfectly! Thanks!

  • C Clark

    I always try to live by the “”do onto others”” rule. I don’t believe that it should matter if the person is the CEO of your company or the receptionist at the front desk. Every person is deserving of a warm smile and a geniune interest in how they’re doing. Will that 10 second conversation really ruin your schedule? I found out after staring my new job that the way I spoke with the receptionist when I arrived on my day of interviews caused her to contact the manager of my position to let her know how kind I was to her upon arrival and how small talk while I waited was more than she’d seen from hundreds of other candidates. Being a polite and nice person always wins out.

  • Jessica Morales

    I was at a scholarship dinner with the President of the University and the Governor of Texas. I was completely nervous about eating with people of such high influence. I was able to use good dinner table conversation and lady like poise to get into the good graces with the President and the Governor and his wife.

  • Madison Broadway

    I live in North Carolina, so cotillion was something I loved to do. My senior year I was actually an assistant. The most help I have ever gained from cotillion was learning to carry a cup, plate, napkin, and silverware all in the same hand. I also love going to a social event and not looking like a fool when it is time for a dance. I sometimes get embarrassed when I go and eat with my friends that never took cotillion, or did and didn’t pay attention, and I am always so thankful that I am not ‘that girl’. I always try to correct them politely and brush off their actions with poise.

  • Katie Goss

    Proper etiquette is something my mom has always emphisized as being one of the most important qualities one could have. There are countless situations where it has been helpful but specifically my etiquette has helped me when meeting a boys parents and in my search for a job! I am a senior in college and have been interviewing for a few jobs and have attended some pre-interview dinners where I was shocked at how horrible manners some of the other interviewees had. I feel that I have good manners but am always eager to learn more to make sure I am coming off as I want others to see me. When I saw your post about etiquette I got so excited as I am eager to know more! Now I know to never bring left overs home on the first date πŸ˜‰

  • Heather E

    Proper etiquette is something all girls should be conscious of, but sometimes it is easy to forget in relaxed situations. At this point in my life, with my new job, my personality and demeanor are crucial to my success. Remembering that you never get a second chance to make a first impression will take you far in life. It has helped me both professionally and socially.

  • Claire Coppersmith

    At family reuions, I always have to be on my best etiquette because I rarely see them and it is important to my mom for us to be respectful and use proper etiquette. It also comes in use when meeting new people and I think I will use it even more when I’m in college and interviewing for jobs. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  • Sarah Fagan

    While my boyfriend was out of town I was invited to dinner with his parents. it was my first time to see them without him and I had only met them a few times so I was pretty nervous. I got to the restaurant early and was very polite, respectful, and friendly. I remembered to ask questions and show interest in them more than talking about myself. These little bits of etiquette that I remembered were helpful and his parents told me that they had gained respect for me so that made me happy.

  • iheartfashion

    I don’t really remeber a time where it helped me out in a sticky situations. I just believe being etiquette is very important to a girl. I learned that from my dad. I always try to have good manners and a gread personality. I try my best.

    Thank you for the consideration,

    Amber Millan

  • Cheryl Lam

    Whenever I’m at a fancy restaurant, it’s always nice to know which utensil is used for which course and so on. It saves me from the embarrasment of using the wrong utensil for the wrong course :)

  • chloe frew

    When I was rushing for my sorority, and many of the other sororities on campus I had to know how to act like a lady in the hottest weather of the year. Although, you are drenching in sweat you can’t sit and talk about how sweaty you are… you have to power through it and make polite conversation, but now I’m in the best sorority on campus! I believe etiquette had something to do with that.

  • Stephanie Ann

    I use etiquette all the time! It is so important to have proper etiquette for business events.

  • Stephanie Ann

    I tweeted about this giveaway.

  • Estefani Rodriguez

    Everytime I meet a new boyfriend’s parent I always try to be well proppered. I never talk to them like I would talk to my friends or online. Like “”OMG like that it like the cutest thang eva”” If I am going to their house for dinner I would help out as much as possible and compliment them. But most importantly I never cuss in front of them. That’s a big no no in my book.

  • alejandra juarez

    It helps me at my job were everything is quite laid back and basically I am surrounded by men who tend to forget ettiquete, so when it comes for all to have formal business meetings and dinners, if I act properly and following the basics on ettiquete, It reminds me all the time to be in touch with my lady/feminine side and it also reminds men around me not to forget I am a girl!….

  • chickky311

    Often times, I’m best served by the old saying…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

  • Mary Lauren

    I’m currently on a job search so I have been in multiple situations where etiquet is so essential to not make anything awkward! Socially, I can remember a time when my friend had a really upset stomach and we were at another friends house, whom she had just met for the first time. She politely excused herself from the table and searched for a far away bathroom where she could not cause a scene. I was so embarasing for her when she came walking back out of the bathroom but I remember just being polite and not mentioning anything even when she was out of the room. I know that helped her confidence because she mentioned it later when we had left and the two of them are still friends today! Talk about a weird first impression!

  • Misty Rose

    I was out to dinner with a large group of people, some of which were friends, but one person at the dinner in particular was a potential employer at a company that I was dying to work for. As the meals started to come out as they were ready, I was given my plate of food before a lot of other people at the table. A few friends of mine just started eating and continued with their conversations, while I didn’t touch my food. Finally everyone had their meals, with the exception of the Potential employer. When he looked and noticed that I wasn’t touching my food he asked “”Why don’t you dig in?”” I responded by telling him that I was raised to behave like a lady and to respectfully wait until everyone at the table was served their food before eating. He was very impressed with the level of respect I displayed at a simple dinner out and offered me a job interview at his company… I ended up getting the job :)

  • Julianne

    Last December, my parents were hosting a Christmas party. I felt a bump in my stocking as I was walking around and greeting all of our guests. I didn’t want to be rude so I finished a conversation and excused myself to the ladies room. I knew what the bump was but instead of announcing it aloud and embarrassing myself, I quitely went to the bathroom. Low and behold… there was a sock in my stocking. I removed it in private, nobody noticed and I got right back to the party!

  • Sabiii.R

    I always use etiquette epecially around people older than me and my parents friends. It’s important to make good impression :) I always use etiquette and it also help you get far in life πŸ˜€

  • Sara Hankins

    I think etiquette always helps. It can definitely provide a level of grace in a less than gracious situation!

    I’ll tweet too, hope to win!

  • CaityBecky

    My husband and I just got married in October and brushing up on good etiquette was a must! Learning the details so that all of our family members were properly honored and no one’s toes were stepped on made everything so much smoother. My mother even purchased an Emily Post wedding etiquette book for the occasion and is holding on to it unil my sister gets married. =)

  • karly goins

    I was invited last Thanksgiving to meet my boyfriend’s grandparents, and I impressed them so much with my manners that to this day my boyfriend’s mom is constantly reminding him to “”put his napkin in his lap!”” :) It always pays to be a lady, now they can’t wait for me to be their daughter-in-law!

  • Marissa Garcia

    I am personally fascinated with people who use etiquette and who are proper. I often wish that I could have been born in another time, so that it would not be such a lost art form. Being proper and using etiquette is so adorable, and not only do I strive to incorporate it into my day, but I think more people should as well. On multiple occasions I have been asked why I am so polite or considerate, and I just don’t understand how people think it’s something special, but the reality is that it’s rare.

  • Kelly Kapoor

    My father used to be a local political figure and my siblings and I would always have to go show face at events and such. It was not uncommon that I would find myself talking with a group of older adults about current events and it was always crucial to have proper etiquette. No one will take you seriously if you do not act the part. Also, as a graduate student I am constantly networking and I know that the opportunities that have been presented to me would have have happened had I not known any rules of etiquette. The way you present yourself tells a lot about your character.

  • Megan Hoel

    Like my grandma always told me: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! :)

  • Amber Schwartz

    The first thing that popped into my head when you say an occasion when proper etiquette helped get you out of a sticky social situation. Well always, socially; such as job interviews, meeting my boyfriends family for the first time or I remember some times in high school that proper etiquette helped me out the most.

  • Erin Dolan

    i’ve always heard “”don’t put your elbows on the table”” and followed it religiously since. when i was out to dinner with this guy, he said how he hated when people put their elbows on the table….thank god i learned this!

  • Amanda Jenkins

    mom always tells me to be a lady! Now I can learn the more modern way of being a lady! and stylish at the same time?

  • Kyle Boutte

    Whenever I date someone it is IMPARITIVE that they have good table manners. It’s something so simple that people should learn and it is traumatizing when they are slerping their soup and chewig with their mouths open in a fancy restuarant on a date. Not flattering gentlemen.

  • Morgan W.

    It’s always nice to learn some etiquette:)

  • andrea may

    My step father’s cousin, who is also his best friend, lost his 21 year old son in a single person car crash in September. I had a lot of anxiety about the funeral – not only because I was coping with my own feelings (I am 23 myself and have never had to attend a funeral for someone so young before), but because I could not imagine facing his poor parents. I think that practicing proper funeral etiquette is what helped me get through that day. I offered my condolences to the immediate members of the family, commented on what a beautiful service it was, and shared fond memories. I also did my best to keep myself composed when speaking to my step father’s cousin, and when his girlfriend’s mother was waiting outside for her husband I kept her company so his girlfriend could stay by his side. They were small gestures, but I felt less awkward and less afraid of facing other people’s pain.

  • ashley paclebar

    My Dad has always told me that when you are meeting someone new, especially at a job interview, you always have a firm handshake and strong eye contact. A firm handshake shows that you are confident and firm eye contact shows that you are interested in what they have to say. I have always had successful interviews because of this helpful advice.

  • Annie Phan

    The common one we learned ever since we were little, “”If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.””

    But I would like to point out the one that says, “”Don’t chew with your mouth open, chew like you have a secret!”” (:

  • Lacey Scott

    Proper etiquette helps me out daily as it is part of my job! I work at a fine dining restaurant and you would not believe how helpful proper etiquette can be. Everything from how to set a table (you wouldn’t believe how many people sit down at a table in between two settings with their fork on ther right and next they take the other persons bread plate, etc.) to knowing that when you place your silverware at the 3 o’clock position, it means you’re finished with you’re meal (knife blade towards you, you liked your meal; blade away, you didn’t). I also love learning new napkin folds because a pretty fleur-di-lis or bird of paradise always spruces up a ordinary table setting!!!

  • Gemma savis

    ‘treat others, the way you would like to be treated.’ being sophisticated, well manered, loyal and respectful to others will help you earn all of that back. Its simply stepping up and being a lady.

  • makeupbuzz

    My dad brought me along on a business trip with him about two years ago and one night I got dragged to a very important corporate dinner. It was all going swell (I stayed mostly silent the whole time) until my dad excused himself to go to the restroom. Then I was left with three of my dad’s executive bosses! However I stayed very polite and we all actually had a rather nice conversation about school and such for a few minutes until my dad came back. Thank goodness I knew my manners!

  • Shelyn Rodriguez

    Proper etiquette helped me for a job interview. I made sure I came into the job 20-30 mins early before my scheduled interview to make sure I could pamper myself before the interview. I always said please and thank you for good manners when they gave me any paperwork to fill. I made sure I looked at the person when she was talking to me, because nobody wants to give a job to someone who is not paying attention. I asked questions repeatedly if I didn’t understand anything to prevent any confusion and mishaps in the future. Eventually, I got the job!

  • Alice X

    After a close friend of my buddy’s passed away suddenly, I was tongue tied. However I remembered to stay very polite in such a sombre situation and comforted her <3

    I tweeted here:!/Alliegal101/status/136250801227186176

  • Maria Padilla

    Etiquette has taught me to stay calm and collected, no matter what happens, and also has taught me to be courteous, helpful, and respectful to others.

  • christina

    One of the most important things I learned from a teacher last year was to simply learn how to control yourself, mainly with the ever-tempting cell phone. If you get a text or a call during a class, conversation, or anything, just learn to leave it be before its over. You’ll have time. The phone isn’t going anywhere. And how sloppy does it look when you’re just talking to someone, then they pick up their cell phone? If you can learn to control yourself and just leave the phone be, then you’ll be so much more proper than any other girl who was probably texting, tweeting, or e-mailing!

  • Emily Russell

    I was at a dinner dance with some of my irish dance friends, and some of the girls were being very obnoxious and obsessive to their waiter, who was very attractive! However, my friends and I were all practicing proper etiquette and being very polite and kind, and the cute waiter ended up switching to serve out table! The nice girls always win :)

  • Stephanie Rapaglia

    Etiquette has taught me how to act and be like a lady, and how to treat others the way id like to be treated. i always keep it in the back of my mind. to be respectuful, polite and kind! if your at an important dinner, or just any dinner you dont want to be seen texting, talking with your mouth full, or playing games! you want to be seen as a proper lady!

  • Daniela Montalvo

    To make a powerful first impression in a job intervew!

  • Macmakeuplover

    To impress my grandparents who are very proper!

  • Erin Allard

    Learning the art of LISTENING with eye contact is pure and simple ladylike etiquette. Don’t interrupt, don’t interject, don’t impose, just LISTEN. Easier said than done, but it is a gem of a tool in every aspect of life no matter who you are listening to: family, friend, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, co-worker. IT WORKS!

  • Alyssa

    My boyfriend brought me along to his formal company party where the theme was a casino night. There were plenty of characters that had a little too much to drink and whose dates were dressed a little too inappropriately. I had on the cutest black dress from H&M and made sure to sip on my one glass of Pinot Grigio. They ended up picking a grand prize for the night for a trip to St Thomas and the winner ended up being my boyfriend! I was at the center of attention with him and thanked my lucky etiquette stars I had dressed and acted appropriately :)

  • Shawna Williams

    On a date! I feel its so important to always remember that even if you don’t like the guy you are on a date with, you still need to act like a lady! Be respectful and have manners. When you walk away from the date feeling like he’s not the one, rememeber that he should walk away feeling highly impressed by you.

  • Samantha Luciano

    Proper ettiquite helped me get out of a sticky situation when my friends and I went out for my birthday and I was dressed in my gray skinny jeans, a nice white blouse, black ballet flats, and black leather jacket and we were at Applebee’s and I was pretty much the comfortable one there while everyone was trying to fix their dresses and all. I felt confident and loved every minute of that night.

  • Brianna Medaris

    Proper etiquette helped me make a great first impression while inquiring about an internship at The Image Studios in Chicago with the lovely Kali Evans-Raoul at an etiquette dinner she was hosting at my college campus for fashion students. Needless to say, she offered me a position on the spot! I only have my proper etiquette to credit.

  • Samantha Delaney

    I’ve found that making a strong effort to remember people’s names when you are first introduced, and using them often, really helps when starting a new job, going for an interview, joining a new class., etc. People notice and appreciate, and you’re more likely to stick in their minds as a friendly person.

  • Amanda Ramsdell

    After a long night of partying out at the bars my friends, boyfriend and I went to a local late night diner for some much need munchies. All my friends were so loud and rude, rude to the waiter…I was mortified! As we were leaving I went up to the waiter and manager on duty and apologized for the rude behavior of my friends and even give the waiter a $15 tip for the trouble. The manager said he was impressed with the apology even though I hadn’t done anything. He gave me a free cookie for my kindess! Even after a night of drinking there is never a reason to be rude or have horrible manners!

  • Elena Del Castillo

    This was actually 2 hours before a big-formal party at one of my family friend’s: I prepared egg whites that was stored in a small container in the fridge, applied the egg whites smoothly on my face, waited for about 15-20 minutes to let it dry, and then washed my face with water and a face cleanser. My face was clean and illuminating that I didn’t need any makeup for the party! :)

  • Sara Sawasaki

    Proper etiquette always comes into play when you are meeting the boyfriends family. I am usually very loud and outgoing, but the first impression is the most important. I remembered all of the everyday manners us a young ladies should follow and more. Every girl should have proper etiquette in any situation <3

  • Patrick Crouch

    umm Need this for me and my boo! He is soo bad πŸ˜‰ jaja

  • Jessica Radtke

    Proper etiquette allowed me to reacquaint myself with a family friend from when I was mere child, after having been told, “”You probably don’t remember me….”” I was able to reply with, “”Oh I do have such a horrible memory from those years, would you mind refreshing my memory with your recollection of some times we shared together?””

  • tinamarie

    i had to have proper etiquette when i was studying abroad in Italy. we had an 8 course meal from appetizer to dessert. at the dinner, presidents from the university where we stayed and had to act appropriately. it was exciting especially before the dinner where we had cocktails. being in a foreign country & trying to learn how their dinner manners was not easy, but a learning experience.

  • Emma Jesson

    I remember the first time my father ever taught me the importance of proper etiquette. I was 10 years old and my parents took my sister and I on a family trip to England to visit our relatives. We had just arrived and my parents had reserved a dinner for us at this place called Castlecomb. Needless to say it was far beyond our social class however my parents wanted to make sure that both my sister and I were well behaved. Once we got to the restauarant the hostesses gave my parents a condescending look for brining in young girls to this fancy restaurant. I suppose this isn’t quite a sticky situation, but the 1 hour crash course my dad taught me and my sister definitely helped the promptness and kindness of the waiters serving us.

  • Emily Taylor Avia Hu

    I was in England this past Spring and my aunt and uncle live there. They are real old fashioned and invited some people as a birthday party for my mother. Now, the English especially the old-fashioned were real prim and proper and as classy as I am I’m not English. Thankfully I was able to get my Ladylike Laws down and act very classy! :)

  • kimberly zepeda

    Just recently, I attended this award’s ceremony because I was being gifted a certificate. Unfortunately, I had to sit in the very first row facing hundreds of people in the front stage while wearing a dress right above the knee (very proper). To my advantage, though, I not only dressed to the occasion, but I sat as a proper lady should. That is very difficult to do nowadays as you learn these insanely vulgure habits. Thankfully, there weren’t any Britney Spears moments (if you know what I mean). (:

  • Alex Novak

    I was at a fundraiser for my university, all the board memebers there. There was one lady came to me and knew my name but i did not know hers, I quickly said “”this is my friend Jillian”” and they shook hands while she lady said her name. I was then able to use her name in the convercation, she never even realzed i didn’t know it.

  • Jermaine Reid

    I am an event panner for a vey old University in the Northeast. Large academic events are often chaired by distinguished faculty. One faculty member for an event I was planning would not speak to me. So in all of the planning, meetings and preparation this person would never address me directly in person or via email. This made completing tasks very difficult. The event arrived. The faculty member was speaking at the front of the room – addressing all of the attendees and I am in the back of the room like all good event planners hoping and praying everything will go well. This woman walks up to me and whispers “”hi I am not supposed to be here but is it okay if I stand in the the back of the room?”” I had no idea who this person was but knowing I should be kind to strangers we engaged in conversation about the event for about an hour. The next day the faculty member that had for months ignored that I existed in the world walked up to me and said “”thank you for being do kind to my wife people rarely speak to her””. This experience reaffirmed how important it is to be kind to everyone you meet.

  • dee

    I went home for Christmas with my boyfriend. One night I was told that he and I were to go meet his friend. So I dressed casually and didn’t do much in terms of my looks. :p So, when we arrived there was a bunch of people. Apparently it was a dressy event for his friends birthday. To make matters worse, there were girls dressed in skimpy clothes looking like they belonged on a stage with polls. They gave me the stink eye but I kept my attitude to myself. What made it really hard was when the girls were all “”omg! is that him? is that him?”” It made me furious but I didn’t know any of them and did not want to start a scene. So, I kept posed and asked my bf to take me home. It was not a good experience and I never want to be around them again.

  • Thais M.

    Well, a few months ago I went to a trip with my family and we get a little lost, so we find in a restaurant but we didin’t know how expensive and classy was the restaurant. So I used all that i knew about etiquette and… in the end of the day, the most importante social man was in the next tabble said that we are a beautiful and polite family… So it was too nice for us.

  • Valentina Celeste

    My family (specially my grandmother) has always been pretty strict with table manners and how a lady should always behave. Knowing how to behave during dinner has been really helpful in first dates and first date dinners. And acting like a lady has really helped me during job interviews. I just wish our generation knew more about them, I truly believe that we do not give them enough importance in our fast paced lives.

  • Tiffanee Lawlor

    When I was younger, I was given the amazing oppurtunity to attend boarding school in England. Etiquette was a very important part of our education. When I moved back to America, I found that having proper etiquette and knowing how to behave around adults helped me to be able to gain their trust and more oppurtunities for myself. However, at one of my past jobs, there were a few mean girls I worked with. They constantly tried to push mine and my friends’ buttons to try to get into a fight with us. I found that the more polite I was to them, the harder it was for them to be mean to me, and the easier it was for me to deal with there annoying behavior. After that I learned how to deal with the “”mean girls”” without putting my job or position on the line and also maintaining my dignity.

  • isahrangme isahrangme

    i actually can really only think of a sticky situation where i WISH i had known proper etiquette!

    it happened years ago, when i was in high school. i was chatting with my friends in the hallway of an office building where my tutoring center was. an older woman on her cell phone started shushing me, rudely, and telling us to shut up. initially, i felt bad, so i left, but then all-of-a-sudden, i was so enraged at this woman telling us to SHUT UP that i stormed back to where she was and started yelling at HER.

    it was definitely not my finest moment. if the woman had been polite about asking us to quiet down in a public space, it would not have been a problem.

    i need an etiquette book so i know how to behave when i feel i have been wronged!

  • Sarah Allen

    I work for a nonprofit where I travel for my job, and my teammates and I usually crash with host families. Usually the accomodations are comfy and, well, accomodating. But I’ve certainly seen my share of squeaky couches, hard futons, and leaky air matresses.
    But posessing the finesse to genuinely smile and thank my hosts for their generous hospitality comes from a quality (Southern, I might add πŸ˜‰ upbringing and great organizational leadership. Uncomfortable situations keep you humble! :)

    p.s. I read & enjoyed “”How to Be a Lady”” by Candace Simpson Giles in college. I recommend it as a rescource!

  • Bridget Beck

    Interview dinners are the most nerve-wracking encounter for me these days. Straight out of college and looking for the best job opportunities out there. I came into one of my very first formal dinners not giving much thought to the proper etiquette I would be needing to execute (except for my attire of course!). Luckily there was a limited menu so I didn’t have to analyze which entrees would be super messy or wayyy to macho! whewww, check 1! Next, the alcohol! To drink, or not to drink. I went with the classy ONE glass of wine to complement my filet. Using the proper utensils, posture, and slow pace accompanied all of the above. My unpreparedness turned out to be great thanks to my minute etiquette knowledge! Now all I need is a great reference to expand my knowledge πŸ˜‰

  • nicale

    I think the most important part when etiquette helps you out is when your meet your new boyfriend’s parents the first time.

    I think the most impotant part of using etiquette is for the first impression. It helps you in every situation of life (job, leisure time,…)

    Hopefully I’m the winner!

  • Berthille Vannetzel

    I recently started my first real job in an online advertising company.

    There are a lot of young people in the team and the company decided to throw a diner party to welcome the newcomers (like me). During the party, the boss kept filling everyone’s glasses and making everyone do shots.

    Although I’m usually a big fan of drinking and dancing, I was very careful when it came to my drinking speed and kept taking small sips on my glass of champagne. I was very cordial and friendly the whole night but kept a very ladylike attitude, especially with the boys. That was not the case of one of my colleagues, who obviously hit the boose pretty hard and danced and screamed all the time during the party.

    The next day, I discovered that everyone in the company (including the people who weren’t at the actual diner) knew about her exploits from the previous night and everyone made fun of her behind her back when she arrived very late the next day. There were even pictures of her taken with the boss’s camera.

    Bottom line: a ladylike attitude is especially handy when you’re in a working situation because news travel fast and you could easily be judged.

  • michelle cannizzaro

    One day over the summer I had to visit my boyfriend’s family (which are kind of snobby) at a graduation party. Having the proper etiquette such as greeting, eating, and talking really gave me an good advantage. It turned out that his family loved me and wanted me back for the next family occasion :) Hopefully these lady like laws will help in future sticky situations!


    When my friend and I came back froim a trip to Orlando she was very tired and kept ocmplaining for a while.I kept quite because I knew she was tired.Finally she had some coffee to drink and felt better.I was glad I didn’t say anything inaproppropreate because I know its important to keep your friendship and say the right thing at the right time.

  • Alba Cuci

    At an out of town work dinner, about a month ago, a conversation took a very uncomfortable turn. It is important to note that I was the only woman in the table, and I was also the youngest.

    While talking about global events, some of the guys started arguing politics. Among other etiquette lessons, my mom has always told me never to discuss politics or religion in work environments. When asked for my thoughts, I politely replied that no political parties had hired me to promote them so I was not interested in defending either. I immediately turned the conversation back to our company and felt a sigh or relief when nobody brought it up again.

  • makeup_lovexo

    Etiquette, more specifically, dinner etiquette has helped with numerous business interviews! in school, they taught us that everything down to ordering the right wine can make or break your interview!

  • natalia herrera


    .. haha.. that’s all i got!

  • Lindsey Hager

    Proper etiquette helped me tremendously when I had dinner meetings with potential investors. The investor’s WIFE asked me which spoon to use to dive into her soup! It definitely caught his attention and he asked me which wine we should get for the table. GREAT success!

    I have friends who have this book and I’ve been meaning to purchase a copy myself!!! I’d LOVE to win this 18th Edition!

    My twitter is lindseyhager8.

  • Alicia k

    My first day at my “”big girl”” job everyone took me out to lunch. I had no idea how to act around my new coworkers and when we went to lunch it was good to know good etiquette or else I probably would have been a mess and not calm at all

  • Hannah Rhian

    I was at a dinner party and my mum’ friends had some kid daughters.

    I had to supervise them. And let me say they were out of control. I was going to pull my hair out or something!

    But then I remembered that kids are human to and they deserve to be treaten well.

    So i was polite, sweet and kind πŸ˜€

    Turns out they loved me (:


  • Jessica Uczarczyk

    Meeting the parents. It’s so important to make a good first impression with the people who could be your future in-laws. This could make or break your relationship; with your guy & the obvously with parents. It’s hard to think of any one situation. It’s so important to know how to act properly in all situations!

  • Pika.Chu

    One day at work I was super busy and frustrated because it was almost time to go home and I still had like a million things left to do (I work at a clinic.) My work HAD to get done before the end of the day so I was really stressing out. I got a phone call, five minutes before it was time to leave, and it was a very old lady telling me that another doctor’s office would not return her call and she really needed to speak to the doctor. I felt bad for her, so I told her I would personally call that other doctor’s office and ask them to call the lady back, and when I told her that, she cried. She told me how nowadays, it is so hard for people to do nice things for other people and she was very glad I was willing to help her. At that moment, I didn’t care about all the work I had unfinished. All that mattered was how something so simple as to just being nice and polite, could make such a difference to another person.

  • Jenn Phillips

    On my boyfriend’s 21st birthday last week, his parents gave him a gift card for Cinema Delux so we could get tickets and a meal and a couple drinks (ladylike cocktails of course) and the card machine in the restaurant was broken. So when the waitress asked if we had cash, I smiled politely and nodded, and i reached for my purse (as it was my boyfriends birthday)-even though i didn’t actually have any money on me, as i waiting to get paid, and thankfully my boyfriend said “”i got it”” :)

  • Kara Pretorius

    If I am in a crowded shopping mall, I always try to be patient with those walking in front of me and say “”Excuse me,”” if I accidentally knock someone with my bag. It always helps to stay calm and poised even if you feel uncomfortable.

  • Shannon T

    When I was pulled over a few summers ago for speeding I used proper etiquette to avoid getting a ticket. As soon as I was pulled over I immediately got my license and registration ready. I made sure to sit up straight and to avoid fidgeting while speaking the policemen. I also made eye contact when speaking and addressed him as officer. Needless to say I received only a written warning! Proper etiquette saved me from getting a speeding ticket.

  • Laura Martin Hernandez

    I was invited to the Opera once, me and my friend used his grandparents tickets. Yhe seats were really expensive and well located, so it was important to act the right way. It was really helpful for me to know a bit of ettiquete: it’s not just about how you dress, it’s about the way you act and how your presence is in a social act like that.

    I really enjoyed and I made it throught the night without feeling out of place!

  • Camila Lopez

    Meeting the parents! I don’t have a personal situation that I needed help with but having proper manners is always helpful should something come up!

  • Samantha Foster

    Proper etiquette is necessary 100% of the time in my family. I have been raised by my grandparents my whole life, and they are the most British people you can find that don’t live in England anymore. It means that I need to use proper etiquette all of the time. One specific way that is evident is even when I am making tea. Proper tea etiquette is to put your milk and sugar in the glass before you add the tea. A teabag should also never be put directly into your cup – always in a teapot ! So now when I am with friends or my fiance’s family, I find myself educating others on the proper way to make tea !

  • Maya Alvarez

    One time I was working and a fellow co-worker tried to blame me for her mistake. It was very awkward but I followed my instinct and etiquette and politely reminded her that she had made the mistake, after she rudely tried to persuade me to not inform our boss of her error, I contacted my boss and explained to him what had happened, he thanked me for correcting her error. She was not happy but I felt better that he was aware of what had happened and that I honestly wasn’t trying to throw her under the bus, just informing him of what took place.

    Honesty is always the best policy,

  • daniela palma ramos

    stay sane at all times is difficult, especially when some co-workers do not do their jobs properly, but a lady always maintains. I am finishing my career and the truth is that there is no are many situations that use etiquette, but that’s because in my country Chile is not used much. however, as I am finishing my career, I have to meet many scientists or people of high rank, and some help would not do anything wrong =)

  • Nile Lily

    This is probably boring and lame but being on time has saved me from so much embarassment and awkward-ness in so many situations!

  • Hols

    I made a huge blunder at work. When I realized my mistake, instead of pretending like it didn’t happen or working on a blame-game story, I alerted my superior and apologized to the team. I also had a plan prepared to fix the situation. Although I already felt like I was doing the right thing, it felt even better that everyone rallied with me to move to the solution.

  • Emily Bailey

    My friend’s parents always end up not liking their friends because they find them rude, but I make sure to bring food with me to their houses and sometimes pick up little presents for their families and always send thank you notes! Parents end up loving me when I show them I know how to appreciate their kindness and return favors.

  • Megan Malewich

    I went on a family vaction with a friend and her parents. It was a wonderful week and my friend’s parents were gracious and kind. I followed their rule and always was respectful. After the week was down and i was perfectly taned from being on the beach with them I sent them a thank you note in the mail, not by email. Now they want me to come with them every year.

  • emilie macfie

    I’m not sure if treating people with dignity and respect falls directly under etiquette, but I believe that it is something that everyone should exercise daily. Treating people properly and respectfully contributes to being a good person and being well-liked, so I’d say it is relevant to etiquette.

    My situation is when someone gets very angry at you and is yelling or saying insulting things to you. Instead of getting worked up and firing disrespectful words or yelling back at them, you speak calmly and respectfully back to them. For example, tell them you are glad that they expressed their concern because you wouldn’t want to displease them again (not sarcastically, though, this is genuine). I have done this and instead of the fight escalating, it stops calmly and the other person usually walks away actually feeling like they did the right thing coming to you, and not like they were angry. They feel like they helped you, and you know that you avoided a fight.

  • Robyn Riggs

    I like the basics. Please and Thank you. Not to mention you’re welcome. I see and hear so many people being rude telling people anything they want. My sister included. People take these rules for granted when in fact are the simplist ways to show respect and make yourself look good also. =D

  • Jayrin Reyes

    I try to use “”proper etiquette”” as much as I can but I probably use it most during school when my professors are giving me a hard time! I just remember to be as polite as possible when that happens.

  • Donna F.

    Whenever people are being nasty or rude, I try to hold my own. The saying that you attract more bees with honey is so true. Even if someone is being mean, I try to have a sweet disposition as if nothing is wrong. Sometimes, it even gets the other person to change their attitude without realizing it and it totally reduces the risk of confrontation.

  • Caitlin McGillicuddy

    Hi Lauren! I went to an evening movie with some family friends. Once the movie let out and we were waiting on some of our group to use the restroom, I looked over to see my ex-boyfriend standing against the wall. We caught eyes and I walked over to say hello in a cheerful and polite voice (to ease the tension a bit!). After talking for a couple minutes, his girlfriend saw us and walked over. You could tell she was very uncomfortable and I felt bad… so I reached out my hand and smiled to tell her it was very nice meeting her and that she was very pretty! Then I told them both that I should get going. I avoided hugging my ex-boyfriend to make sure that I didn’t make the girlfriend uncomfortable and waved at them both. It was definitely an awkward social situation, but I think my proper etiquette helped immensely!!

  • Jen J

    call me old fashioned but in my serving days, when serving a couple, i would never take a plate away until both people were done their meals. i think that’s good etiquette. who wants to be the only one with a plate in front of them at a dinner table? especially on a date. to this day i believe that those who noticed this, tipped more πŸ˜‰

  • Simone Araujo

    Proper etiquette came in handy when I had to throw a bridal shower for my cousing, she had some guests with restrictions to some type of foods and we were able to make everybody happy serving a variety of foods that would accomodate each restriction, it was a little of work but everybody seemed very pleased!

  • mary1024

    Some occasions when proper etiquette really helped me were during job interviews, eating out and meeting the boyfriend’s family. During interviews, etiquette is very important especially if the job requires dealing with customers because you want to show the interviewer that you are a respectful polite person who can assist people.

    I think when eating out, proper etiquette is needed also… Not just the usual such as no slurping or no elbows on the table but a few other things are being polite to the servers and other customers close by.

    Of course we all know proper etiquette plays a big role when meeting the boyfriend’s family as well, that way we make a good impression and show respect.

  • Jenica Dela Cruz

    It was very helpful when I was having dinner on a very formal restaurant in a hotel. There were so many forks and spoons and good thing I read about the proper ways to handle those things and which one goes first otherwise I would be lost. Etiquette helps everybody not just on those occasions but also in everyday life that we might not be even aware of.

  • DancesWithHooves

    Proper etiquette helps tremendously in public situations when I have chosen not to follow poor examples set by those I may be with, such as in their treatment of a check-out clerk at a store. If I notice those checking out in front of me being particularly difficult, I make a point to be particularly nice and kind to the clerk. It never pays to be a jerk!

    @dancswifhooves on Twitter :)

  • janna Hubbard

    I got to witness some bold etiquette when I was out shopping with my 1 and a half year old daugther. There was a gentleman, I mean boy, who was saying profanity pretty loud when a protective grandmother spoke up and said “”Excuse me, you need to watch your language there are woman and children around here!”” He didn’t hear her the first time so she a bit louder repeated herself. Thankful to benefit from proper etiquette :)

  • Kaitie Acres

    Just this past weekend I went to my cousins baby shower :) I didn’t know a lot of the ladies that were there besides the family members. My cousin introduce me to all of her friends, however two of her friends had come late. Since they showed up later they missed the introducing of everyone. I noticed they kept looking at me and asking each other whether or not they knew who I was. So I thought the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself. I walked up to them and said hello and told them my name and my relation to Phoebe (my cousin). They really appreciated me doing that because they felt more “”in the loop”” as they say.

    I would love this book because it seems so interesting and I think it would be the perfect thing to bring to one of the book clubs I’m in.

    Thanks Lauren! xo

  • Jaye

    Proper etiquette has recently helped me during my job interivews. For starters, you always wait for the interview to offer you a seat before sitting down. Second, it is a must that you always make eye contact, and look engaged in the conversation. Last, and most important, it is impertative that you send your interviewer a personal (but professional) thank you letter. I believe that proper etiquette can open many doors, both personally and professionally.

  • Connie Renee Boudreaux

    Just yesterday at a awards dinner I shared with my tablemate the trick of putting your fingers and thumbs together on each hand. Your left hand makes a “”b”” and your right hand makes a “”d”” so you can be reminded that your bread goes on the left and your drink goes on the right… this can save you from accidentally sipping your neighbor’s iced tea! #awkward

  • Jennifer Sercia

    I see proper etiquette as not only the way you carry yourself day to day but how you treat others. It’s so important to treat others as you would want to be treated. I walked to starbucks last week and noticed an older man laying down on the sidewalk. He was keeping to himself, not bothering anyone, obviously homeless. Something stuck with me though about him. He had a broken foot, and was curled up in a ball. I walked passed him to get my starbucks, and just kept thinking about him laying there in the middle of the sidewalk. So I decided to buy him food. If he can’t walk what good is money to him. I walked right up to him, knelt down and said sir, this is for you ok…..He took it and said thank you. As I walked away I felt better about myself, and hoped he felt better too, just to have something to eat. He could be a grandfather to someone out there. He is older and helpless, and the proper thing to do or at least try to do was to offer him some sort of peace that day.

  • linda jada

    lol i’m bad at remembering peoples name that i meet first time but i studyed being lady like in school overseas for 3 years but i dont now how to start a converation with new people ,,im very funny person but i feel the wrong word and they will always take that id of u so i let them start the talking ,,,,,,,,

  • Jenn

    Working in the restaurant business, proper etiquette has helped me become a better server. It’s also helped me with social situations.

  • Maryfer

    I’m actually a foreign exchange student in the United States. In my country we normally greet people with a kiss on the cheek, even if we just met them, but when you live abroad it can sometimes get quite tricky to know how to greet people. Before I came to America, I search all the different etiquette’s rules from here, including greeting, and I found out that Americans don’t usually kiss on the cheek. It was very helpful for me to know it because when I first came here I knew exactly what to do and i didn’t have to get through that awkward moment when people look at you like “”what in the world is she doing?!””. That’s why I believe etiquette it’s important and necessary in our daily life.. it makes you give a good impression of yourself and that feels great!

  • DD

    I’m a young mom of 3. Its not uncommon to have the older moms constantly eyeing me up and waiting for me to speak like a teenager. We were at a meeting of all the class moms and they were having discussions on school board things etc completely excluding me from the topic with the assumption I had no clue what was going on. I politely budged myself into the conversation and floored them with my knowledge of the topic and how politely and properly i spoke! I have to admit, I left there with a big smile on my face. Though a young mom doesn’t mean i’m uneducated!

  • Merchelle Jackson

    When I was younger, my mom thought I should go to an Etiquette Class over summer. I thought she was crazy. The first day of class I saw the overview of the things we were going to learn, and I thought it was a joke. I was the kind of girl who hung out with guys and did nothing but played basketball. Half way through the class I was starting to like it, I was focusing on my appearance and my teacher would notice that I would have make up on right and clean. One thing that stuck with me was what my teacher told me “”There is always someone watching.”” Manners are a must. At the end of the class I graduated! I had to wear a dress, heels, and make up. I also had to write a paper on the things I learned. I still have that paper to this day. It reminds me of the things I have learned. Now I am a mom of two girls and I will be sure to share this with them some day.

  • Dominique Ducloux

    I recently went to a yard party with my grandmother. While we ate, talked and walked around I displayed different acts of etiquette where I received many compliments from my grandmothers friends. Not that manners are second nature to me, but I grew up in a home where we had to practice them daily. Although it was annoying to me at the time, I’m so thankful for a mom who taught us the right manners. They’ve come in handy throughout college and for future job interview! I’d love to keep learing about manners and etiquette though!

  • Danielle Benton

    One evening my friend’s mother took some of us to a nice steak house in Dallas. My best friend, who had also been invited, does not have very good manners. Throughout the night I found myself a little embarrassed at the things she was doing at this formal restaurant. She sat on her knees most of the night, had her elbows on the table, talked and gestured with her knife, and even talked with food in her mouth. I was very happy that my mother had taught me there is one way to act in a Chilis and another way to act at a 5 star restaurant.

  • Michelle Le

    I was shopping in the city with my family and as much as I can remember, I was mad at my parents because they didn’t let buy me a pair of shoes and I was giving everybody the silent treatment and I have to admit, it was immature and rude. But once I walked into a shop, I saw a famous news reporter and my mum grabbed my arm and just went nuts. I quickly put a smile on my face, walked up to the news reporter and used proper etiquette to ask for an autograph and picture. :)

  • Amanda Bradica

    I am a bar scene kind of gal, but I find it very inappropriate for ladies to “”get wasted”” in public. Yes, when you are younger, it takes time to learn when enough is enough, but this behavioral rule of thumb has saved me from countless bad decisions.

  • susan roberson

    I frequently work with patrons of the High Museum of Atlanta. Being able to quickly and gracefully accommodate their needs has been a huge triumph – thanks to social and ettiquette classes I took as a pre-teen. Now I am responsible for passing along crucial information and etiquette to the next generation. Having the book around will certainly help me achieve that!

  • Sarah Downs

    Proper etiquette helped me score a spot in a prestigous Leadership fellowship, in L.A. I flew through the interview with flying colors and was told I was very properly mannered and mature for my age.

  • Rachel Mcclain

    Well it was over christmas break, i had spent the weekend at a friends house. I remember we were watching ‘Teen Mom””, one of the girls on the show mentioned that the fathers name wasnt in the birth certificate. Then without thinking i blurted out “”thats stupid he has a dad even though you don’t get along with him it should be on the birth certificate””. Then my friends mom said ‘ my dads name isnt in my birth certificate.”” I was like omg what did i just do. Quickly i thought of something to say and said “” yeah but im sure you have a dad you just don’t talk to him””. Then the mom said “”yep couldn’t tell you where he is.”” I was so relieved i was able to safe my self and my big mouth and not offend my friends mom.

  • sizzlyshell

    I was invited to two parties. One of my friends, sent a save a date magnet for her wedding. Later, I was invited to my other friend’s child first birthday. To complicate things, I am the child’s godmother. Which one to go to? I had to find the proper etiquette on how to show regret going to one of their important events.

  • Allyson Kuentz

    I love your Ladylike Laws series! You should check out Jordan Christy’s book “”How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World.”” She isn’t quite Emily Post, but it’s still got some good tips!

  • Bel Gandolfo

    Manners helped me all over my life, since I’ve been raised that way, but they recently showed me how important they are. I’m now working as a turist agent, and I owe it all to manners. I was trying for the job with another girl who was 2 years older and had experience. I was really nervous because we were head to head for the job. One day an annoying woman came to plan her honeymoon, and she was really irritating. I stayed calmed and helped her in everything I could. Later, I found out the same woman came the next day and the other girl applying for the job treated her really bad (which I thought was strange, but I didn’t payed too much atention to it). It turned out to be that the woman was an actress our boss hired to discover who was the best for the job. Being polite and patient has helped me get the job of my dreams (:

  • Chelsea Badgerow-Osterquist

    Often times proper ettiquete is associated with being a snob. This couldn’t be further from the truth. My grandmother, who was the absolute portrait of the lady, always taught me that you can know better without making everyone feel like you are superior. This knowledge has helped me countless times throughout life.

  • Olivia Swanson

    I went sailing over this summer, it is one of the quickest, most peaceful thing ever! Everyone thinks it is so hard…but it is so easy. I went on this cute little lake. It as in perfect day. I steered for the first time, it was a lot scary but so fun. Everyone with me eventually flipped it and we all got so soaked, but it was worth it. The thrill of being stuck in the middle of a lake is the best part. I cannot wait to go again next year(-: You should try it, too!

  • Jamie ONeil

    I’m not sure it makes the cut for Emily Post’s book, but when I come across grumpy or rude people, I always try to “”kill them with kindess”” which usually wins them over eventually!

  • Sara Hiltz

    Proper etiquette and manners started from childhood with my parents as great examples to follow. I am now in my last year of my bachelor of nursing degree to become an RN. Nurses often get a bad reputation for impatience, poor manners and improper etiquette towards patient’s and their families. I believe that with the example of proper etiquette in mine and other’s practice we will gain back the respect of the patient’s and families we care for. Each shift I go to, proper etiquette has gotten me through awkward and tough situations. I currently work on the palliative care unit. Each shift can be hard when dealing with a family of a loved one who is dying. Explaining to them what is happening and being there to console them and be a shoulder to cry on whenever they need takes proper etiquette to know what to say and how to act when you and them are completely exhausted and the situation is difficult. Carrying myself in this manner towards others has gotten me further in this profession and I look forward to being the reliable nurse that every patient deserves to have!

  • Rachel Gervais

    I had to use proper etiquette when I had to meet my (now) husband’s grandparents and family for the first time. They grew up in a very proper manner and did everything in the proper way and proper order. I did not grow up in this kind of family – we were a lot more relaxed. I had to learn how to eat with proper etiquette for the first time I had a 5 course dinner with them. It was not hard to learn and I have learned a lot and applied it to many areas in my life.

  • andrea romero

    I think that there is not occasion for a proper etiquette because we have it all the time wherever we are we have to get to know how can we eat and behave, but one of the relevants ocassions i think is when we are with a date and thats when that moment we want look good and have the proper way to drink and have a proper way to eat.

  • Hannah Reynolds

    One way that etiquette has helped me in a sticky situation was when I had my very first audition. The casting director was from California and had just moved to Texas. I was so nervous to audition for the part, but once I was finished and she told me “”Thank you,”” I told her “”Thank you so much for your time!”” She told me it was the first time she had heard that all day, and throughout most of her career while working with actors. She was so flattered by my kindness that she gave me the part! Even since then I have realized how important it is to treat others better than yourself, and to use proper etiquette, even when you aren’t trying to impress them.

  • Jennifer Branch

    I feel as though proper etiquette can help anyone out in any situation. Being polite and kind will always get you further than being rude and obnoxious. Most of the time my etiquette helps me out when talking to my professors. Having the decency to go and see them in person during office hours and discuss the problems I’m having in class has always got me further than my classmates who send angry emails or rudely confront them during class.

  • Clarisse Cadio de Champsavin

    I used to work in a luxury brand and we had a famous artist coming to prepare a special event. I was the one, thanks to my good manners (and my fluent English), who was chosen to help him during his tour of the department, to help him getting what he needs. I had no special reason to be chosen since I was not a boss but I did it and did it well. He said a real “”thank you”” at the end and I was feeling thrilled. my good manners helped me in this special occasion but if course I use it every day! and tought them to my daughters now!

  • Jennifer Moor

    I work at a supermarket at the checkout and mostly my etiquette helps me to treat every customer equally even if they`re not nice, annoyed or if their hygiene isn`t so good. I pretend that it wouldn`t be a problem for me, so I`m very kind to every one.

  • Jennifer Olland

    I have a quick, easy and discreet way to remember where my bread and drink settings when I attend formal dinners and events. It’s an easy mistake to make grabbing the wrong glass or bread plate, but it can be pretty embarrassing. So I remember to make (Now I just visualize it in my head) “”ok”” signs with my hands….the one shaped like a “”b”” which is my left hand is my bread plate, and the one the makes the “”d”” aka my right side is my glass….so yes….to avoid the “”Who grabbed my glass snafoo”” I rely on this :)

  • Natasha P

    Not one situation jumps out at me; however, I feel so many of my acquaintances should read it. I’ve had many people RSVP to a party and not show up. I’ve planned LBD dinners and have people cancel last minute. I’ve been to dinner or out on the town where servers/bartenders were treated terribly and I could really use the guidance. ESPECIALLY, with Facebook!

  • Mindee Krymer

    I was told one time by my mentor, someone who I look up to very much, that she is always impressed by how polite and grateful I am with waiters, cashiers, and all other kinds of employees. I never really thought about it before, it is just something that comes naturally to me. When a waiter does something for me, even something as simple as taking my order or refilling my water, I always say “”Thank you so much.”” When leaving a store, I always tell whoever has been helping me to “”Have a great day.”” I guess it comes from having worked both in retail and at restaurants in the past. I treat people who help me the way I liked to be treated when I was working. Like I said, I never thought much of it until someone who’s opinion is important to me brought it up. I guess that means my manners stand out!

  • Lourdes Montoya

    Proper Etiquette is very important in every culture especially on formal social occassions.One of my bestfriends did a dinner for her birthday,we used different plates,forks,knifes,spoons and glasses but Thank God I have read on internet which one we use for that and for this,I could manage the situation but I would like to learn more especially because of the career I am studying that is about reunions of business or parties so I will to prepate a lot.

  • Lourdes Montoya

    sorry I mean prepare a lot.

  • Sarah

    When my sister got married this summer, my mom pulled out an extremely old version of Emily Post Etiquette for some pointers! We had some good laughs at some of the rules, such as hats off and bowing! But other tips were very helpful in our modern day world.

  • Melissa Panici

    Congrats to the winners!!!



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