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How does everyone like The Hunger Games so far? I have to admit that I’ve been so enthralled I already read past Part 1! I suppose it’s safe to say it’s a real page-tuner. Nevertheless, today’s Book Club Q&A will focus on Part 1 of the book.

Here are a few reading questions for you to answer. These questions only cover Part 1 of the book, so if you’ve read beyond Part 1, please be sure to mark comments that might spoil the book for others with “SPOILER ALERT.”


  1. Who is your favorite character so far?
  2. Why do you think Katniss holds so much resentment towards her mother?
  3. Do you think Peeta is really friend or foe to Katniss?

My Answers

  1. My favorite character is Katniss (I’m sure that is the popular answer). I like that while she is a guarded person, as the reader we are allowed a unique view into her thoughts.
  2. I think Katniss resented her mother because she has been forced to take over her role as care taker. Her mother seems emotionally unstable and unable to care for her children while Katniss is much more logical and isn’t controlled by her emotions.
  3. I think whether Peeta is a friend or foe is unclear at this point. The story from their past where he gives Katniss the bread indicated that he is a kind person so I want to believe he is a friend. However, the circumstances are difficult and might change their relationship.

Leave your answers in the comments below!

Also, our Live Book Chat will be on December 19th at 4pm PST, so mark your calendar and be sure to finish reading the book by then! During my Book Chat you will have the opportunity to talk directly with me about the book. It’s very fun! I’ll provide more details soon.

XO Lauren

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  • Anna James

    I haven’t started reading it yet but the book sounds fabulous. I can’t wait to start reading it! So happy you started a book club! <3

    Today I’m modeling your polka dot pleated dress from your LC by Lauren Conrad collection on my fashion blog. All of the pictures were shot in front of Dionne’s house from Clueless. I absolutely adore your designs and would love if you could check out my latest post. Xo

  • Melissa Panici

    So far I’m really enjoying this book! Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. Katniss is my favorite character. I think she has a stong head on her shoulders and she always keeps her guard. I enjoy reading her thoughts on life and the game.

    2. I think Katniss resents her mother because she has done a lot of the hunting for food, and caring for her sister when that is clearly something the parent should be doing. Katniss can put her emotions aside when need be while her mother just cannot.

    3. I have to agree that I’m not sure if Peeta is a friend or not at this point. In this situation, he could very well be playing her along. But some of the things he has done shows that he has good intentions and is indeed a kind person. It could go both ways for now.

    Thanks Lauren!

  • paige mcnabb

    1. My Favorite character in part one is Katniss. Just the fact that she would risk her life for her sister, not only during the reaping but everyday when she goes to hunt to support her family is an amazing thing.

    2. I think that it is the fact that her mother stopped being her mother once her father died. Katniss never got to grieve his death because she had to take over to keep her family alive.

    3. In part 1 I wasn’t sure about Peeta’s friendship towards Katniss. I was guarded with letting myself even like him while reading Part 1.

  • Autumn Cheyenne

    I’ve read The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire, but I haven’t finished Mockingjay. I love these books. I am beyond excited for the movie. I’m anxious to see how well the actors portray the characters. From what I can tell, the movie is going to be very good!

  • Susan Westrell

    I…am not entirely sure I should answer these, since I’ve read the whole series. But…oh well. I’ll try limiting myself down to the first book (though…maybe not the first part…I don’t even remember where the divisions are…)

    1. I’m pretty sure Cinna is in by now, and he’s my faavorite for the entire series. The whole leadup of the rest of the prep team’s weird fabulousness to ‘all-black clothing, gold eyeliner’ Cinna is well done, and his relation to the other characters is amazing. He’s got great advice, he’s very committed to helping Katniss…and his clothes aren’t just pretty eyecandy. They have a message to communicate, a specific persona to play to people. Innocent, dangerous and unforgiving… He’s not just a costume designer or even entirely a stylist. He’s a psychologist at his finest, working to manipulate perceptions.

    2. Katniss resents her mother because her mother abandoned them. Mental abandonment is worse than physical abandonment; you still have to deal with the person and their shell. She could see the pain her mother was in, but couldn’t do anything to help. Worse still, her mother could not see the pain that her children were going through. Katniss had to become the parental figure and provider for her family. She couldn’t trust her mother.

    3. I…will shut up to avoid spoilers. (Though I have a few wonderful jokes about foes, friends, and which side of the bed you sleep on…but somehow, I don’t think those really answer the question). I seem to remember arbitrarily thinking of him as ‘foe’ when I started, though.

  • Amy Scofield

    1. I love Katniss because I identify with her. While my mother didn’t check out the way hers did and my father didn’t die, they both worked a ton and I took on sort of a parent role to my younger siblings as well and I’ve always felt older than I am because of it. However, I also love Peeta. I love when he talks about wanting to have a moment to himself that the Capitol can’t take away from him on the roof with Katniss before the competition starts. He’s different than Katniss, but he is a fighter in his own way.

    2. Mrs. Everdeen abandoned her children for a while. She got lost in her sorrow and grief and forced her child to take care of herself and her younger sibling. Katniss was still a child too so she probably felt incredibly betrayed by the situation.

    3. I definitely think Peeta is a friend. From what we’ve seen so far, he is geniuine and I don’t think he has it in him to betray her.

  • Jenifer Myers

    1. Katniss is my favorite character so far because she is so independant. I like her wanting to help her family attitude.

    2. Because her mother wasn’t there for her and her sister during and after her father’s death.

    3. At this point I think Peeta is a foe. I don’t think he has Katniss best intentions at heart.

  • Megan Broeren

    Loved these books. I read all three of them in a week this past summer. Great pick.

  • Kortney Spaeth

    I started reading the Hunger Games the day before Lauren announced this would be the next book. Then I finished the whole series in three days. Woops… I’ll try to keep my answers short and sweet so I don’t give anything away unintentionally.

    1. I also really love Cinna. I think it is obvious that he’s in this for more than just the job. He wants District 12 to actually have a name for itself in the Games.

    2. Katniss resents her mother because when her father died, her mother sort of checked out. This made Katniss mature early and become the head of the household. It was Katniss who had to hunt, cook, and take care of her mother and sister.

    3. I think at this point there’s too much speculation with Peeta to decide if he is a friend or foe. He seems to be genuine, but the fact that Katniss is still extremely suspicious of him is worrisome.

    If anyone has finished the series and wants to chat, send me a message! :)

  • Sofia Jordan Quevedo

    At first I wasn’t really interested in the book. When I finished the first part I couldn’t stop reading!! I finished the firts book yesterday and I’m reading the second book right now!
    Love it β™₯

    I can’t answer the questios beacuse I’ll tell the whole book and that’s not fair. The only thing that I can say is that I’m loving it!

    Hope you all enjoy it =)

  • Carolina Chaves

    1. Katniss, she’s a strong, independant girl.

    2. I think Katniss resented her mother because when her father died she was kind absent. She was there, but no there. Her mother let Katniss take all the “”grown up”” responsabilities.

    3. I actually never saw Peeta as a foe, I’ve always seen him as a friend, for no particular reason. I think he really cares about her.

  • Kaylea Bidwell

    1. My favorite character is Katniss because she is so very strong and independent. I think it shows a lot about her character that she’s been providing for her Mother and Sister since her father passed.

    2. I think Katniss holds so much resentment toward her mother because she completely shut down after her father’s death leaving Katniss no choice but to become an adult and take care of their family to keep them all alive. She went through so much as a young girl to do this.

    3. This is hard to answer since i’ve read the whole book already :) (couldn’t put it down!) Through Part 1 I think it’s hard to tell whether he is a friend or foe at this point.

  • Kathleen Kelly

    1. Katniss because she’s such a strong character.

    2. She resents her mother because she deserted her and her sister when they needed her the most. Before she had relied on her parents to take care of the both of them and look out for them, like parents do. But then her mother was pretty much left right after her father. She was no longer reachable to to her girls. Katniss felt abandon.

    3. I’ve actually read through the book a couple times, so I obviously know how to turns out. But I remember during this part that I had no idea if Peeta was friend or foe. But I was hoping that he was friend.

  • Michael Woodson

    I’ve read the entire series twice through, so I’ll do my best in staying within the confines of Part 1 of Hunger Games.

    1. At this point, my favorite character was also Katniss. There are so many reasons. Comparing her to other female characters in young adult (or even adult) fiction, she is one of the strongest, most compelling characters I’ve read. She is internally and externally so complicated, but we understand her.

    2. At this point in the story, Katniss’s resentment towards her mother is strictly based off the fact that she’s only her mother by title, not by her devotion to her family. Yes, she has had to deal with some serious emotional turmoil, but so has Katniss, except Katniss had to take the title of care-give to both Prim and her mother. Katniss wasn’t allowed to grieve, because her mother never stopped grieving, and they literally would not survive if they all spent their days and nights crying together. She had to grow up so quickly in order to save her family.

    3. I had my speculations of Peeta throughout the entire book, so don’t expect to get straightforward answers at this point. I thought, at this point, that Peeta was ultimately a good person, and was more willing to accept the possibility of dying, but his motives toward Katniss confused me, as do her motives towards him at this point.

    The book gets pretty graphic from here on out, be prepared!

  • Michelle Rossman

    1. My favorite character would be Katniss becasue she is brave and willing to fight for the safety of her family. She is strong willed and independent.

    2. Katniss has so much resentment towards her mother because she has had to take over he rmother’s role. She has had to act like a mother her whole life, not getting the experience of really being a kid or teen.

    3. I think Peeta is not a foe, but at the moment doesn’t have Katniss’s best interests in mind. I think he is confused and scared.

  • Sarah Shelton

    Oh my goodness. This is the best series ever!

    1. My favorite character is probably Cinna. I think he’s very smart and caring. On the outside it looked like he was just doing his job by preparing Katniss and Peeta for the fight, but in reality he was saving her lives and was selfless in the act of doing this.

    2. Katniss and her mother have a weird relationship. She was obviously close with her father and she feels that she must carry on that role.

    3. It’s hard to tell at this point how Peeta feels for Katniss or vice versa. But Peeta is such a kind person and so is Katniss. They need to find trust with their relationship.

  • Caroline Hozza

    1. I like Katniss, of course. She is such a strong person and she is very driven. She dug deep when her family was in trouble and made such selfless sacrifices to carry the burdens of her family on her shoulders. For all of her hardness she is a loving older sister, which really helped me to relate to her character. My younger sister and I remind me of Katniss and Prim in our disositions and because we have the same age gap. I am protective of her as well and would rather place burdens upon myself than ever see anything bad happen to her.

    2. I think Katniss felt betrayed by her mother. Her mother sort of “”checked out”” when their father died, so it was as if Katniss lost both of her parents. Katniss had to take on the job of supporting the family all by herself and received no help from her mother.

    3. From Peeta’s past action in giving Katniss bread at his own expense, I think that Peeta is a friend to Katniss. He may be distancing himself from her emotionally because he knows that under the rules of the game they cannot both make it out of the competition alive.

  • Kaitlin Moore

    1. My favorite character is Gale. Katniss can be sort of whiny, in my opinion. Gale’s levelheaded and only wants the best for Katniss and her family.

    2. Katniss is bitter towards her mother because she isn’t really an ideal motherly figure, so Katniss has to be both her own mother and Prim’s mother. This causes Katniss to resent her mother because she is deprived of her childhood, and instead has to protect and take care of her younger sister and her mother. She has been forced into adulthood.

    3. I’ve read all three books, so I know how their relationship ends. :) Judging from how he’s acted thus far, though, I’d say he is a friend.

  • Keeler

    1. Katniss is my favorite character because she is such a strong person, and even though she is flawed she is still doing the best she can in her unusual and horrible circumstances. She is also driven by her love for her sister and I admire her family values.

    2. I think Katniss resents her mother because after her father died, it was almost as if her mother died as wel and Katniss was forced to take over the role of parent for both her sister and her mother, and that is not fair for a child. This forced Katniss to grow up far to quickly and left her with a cut short childhood.

    3. SPOILER ALERT I have read this book (and the rest of the series) before so I know the outcome. At this point in the book, the first time I read it, I was so back and forth between whether Peeta was a friend or not, but I wanted to believe in the good of a person. Peeta is a complex character and is battling very difficult emotions, which is why his actions are hard to read. Its obvious that the games are going to change any relationships that were made in the past, but whether or not its for good is the question.

  • Andrea Carrera

    1. Katniss for sure! She is definitly unlike many other heroines. She is extremly independent and caring (even though she likes to come across otherwise). She is also very passionate and giving.

    2. I think Katniss resents her mother because instead of trying to make the best out of such a bad situation, her mother only made thigs more difficult. In a way her mothers behavior foreshadows Katniss come the end of the series.

    3. I didn’t know what to think of Peeta in the begining. Up to this point of the book I thought that maybe he was milikng on Katniss’ score so that he too could get more sponsers but in an attempt not to give anything away. At this point in the novel if I was Katniss I would consider him one of may biggest threats.

  • Mallory Powell Powell

    I just had my college Thanksgiving Break and I read all 3 books in the trilogy in 3 days! They were ahhmnazing.

    1) My favorite character is Peeta actually. The way he responds through the whole book just surprises me at every turn.

    2) I think that Katniss resents her mother so much because she had to grow up so fast in order to take care of her family. She was 11 years old and was capable of taking care of her family better than her mother and I think it really made that relationship seem useless to Katniss…just another mouth to feed.

    3) I know what happens, but during this whole part I was just praying that they would work together and beat the stupid capitol and bother survive. I didn’t want anyone to die, but someone has to.

  • Sarah Kichefski

    I am absolutely obsessed with these books. I had to find something to replace Harry Potter now that it is over, and this was a gracious recipient. I am in love with these books. I have read them all multiple times, so I will try to not give anything away.

    Peeta is my favorite character. He just has so much heart and is such a good person that I never thought his intentions were bad.Mothers are supposed to care for their children, and she essentially left a 12 year old to fend for their family. Katniss was left to deal with all of this. While it made her a stronger person, it was something she wasn’t supposed to deal with.Peeta is definitely friend. I thought this all along.

  • Katie N

    1) My favorite character is definitely Katniss…she’s obviously the most relatable character in the book at this point.

    2) I think Katniss felt her mother should have been stronger for her children when they needed her. It was hard for me to not feel some resentment for her so it’s only natural that Katniss would resent her, as well.

    3) I think Peeta is her friend. He seems to really love her and care for her. The author does put just the right amount of doubt in though so it is kind of hard to tell at this point.

  • Nicole Vaz

    1. My favorite character is katniss, i love how she expres her self and the point of view that she has in life

    2. She recents her mother because when her father died, she was the one looking for food and taking care of her sister. it seems that her mother went in a coma

    3. I think he is a friend, a little misterious but im pretty sure he is a friend.

  • Coraline Girard

    1# My favorite character is Peeta because (SPOILER ALERT) he loves Katniss with such a pure and true love. He tries to do everything he can to help and save her. That’s beautiful.
    2# I think Katniss holds resentment towards her mother because she lost her father very yound and her mother was so devastated that she didn’t help her daughters to get over it and Katniss had to take her mother’s role to raise her little sister. But I also think that Katniss love her mother a lot and admire her because of her medical skills.
    3# (SPOILER ALERT) I think Peeta is a friend to Katniss because even if he didn’t prove it yet he will be a really good help to her. Indeed, he has loved her for so long that he just cannot be a foe to her.

  • Amber Schwartz

    I’m loving this book so sar far! I especially love how the book is broken down into parts, it makes the climax in my opinion

    My favorite charactor so far has to be Gale, I love Katniss and Gales relationship from the start even when they meet. They count on each other to survive which then grows into something that even Katniss can’t explain. It’s a special bond, knowing that he’ll take care of her mother and Prim and not let them break down.

    Her mother fell apart when her dad died and at the age of 12 Katniss and her family were starving because of her mother’s inability to pull herself back together. I thing Katniss was resentful because to grow up fast, she had to put herself in danger so they can eat, be the mother to Prim and not have them be sent away to a community home. Basically the weight of the world on her shoulders for a 12 year old.

    I think Peeta secretly has had a crush on Katniss but I do think he is playing with her, when Katniss finally thought they were friends he asked for seperate training. Katniss needs to have her guard up around Peeta at all times. I think Peeta is a generally good guy though, he showed that when he took a beating for Katniss earlier on even before the Hunger Games.

  • Savannah Landis

    1. Of course my favorite character is Katniss. She’s very mature and level-headed and is also vey resourceful under any circumstances that’s she encounters. She’s also very loving and protective of her sister and I think thtat’s really sweet.

    2. I think that she resents her mother because it seemed like her mother just gave up on life when Katniss’s father died and maybe Katniss was angry because she felt like her mother didn’t care enough about her and Prim to continue living so she in a way abandoned them when she retreated to her bed and never left there.

    3. At this point in the book, Peeta could be either. He could be a genuinely nice person because he did help Haymitch out but this could all be an act like Katniss thought and he could be just pretending to be a nice guy so people will look over him before the Games start.

  • Elisha Robinson

    1. My favorite character is Katniss because she is smart, knows herself very well and is strong. She is a very good literary role model for young women.

    2. Katniss learned strength and stability from her Father and when he died, her mother could not handle the loss. Katniss holds strength as a very important value in her life that she does not see come through in her mother.

    3. I love the relationship the Katniss and Peeta have. I think that he will be her ally in the end and that he will help her learn more about herself and help her develop other feelings.

  • shoppingelgends

    I saw the trailer for the film when I went to watch Breaking Dawn and had to read it immediately! (Friends have been persuading me to read it for so long!) Finished this book in 2 days on top of all the school work I had! Absolutely loved it and now onto the second one : Catching Fire. Anyways reply to your questions :

    1. For me absolutely impossible to choose but its probably between Katniss, Peeta and Cinna.

    2. Probably because she blamed her mother for pulling away and becoming completely irresponsible for the family and Katniss had to take over and she blamed her mother for not trying even though it wasn’t her mothers fault that she went into depression after her fathers death.

    3. Well considering I know the ending of the book (SPOILER) you can really tell Peeta was a true friend to Katniss through it all. I expected this throughout reading the book but was still suprising the extent he went to help Katniss.

    Hope everyone is enjoying them just as much as I am!

  • Chelcie Johnston

    so i loved this book so much i finished all three over the break…loved them all and Katniss is a strong courageous figure she gives girls inspiration.

  • yoduh

    1. Well, I would have to say that Katniss is my favorite character. She is such a strong character and I absolutely love her! But I think I loved most of the main characters! I get so attached to them while reading.

    2. Katniss resented her mother because after her father died, she broke down and did not try to help the family survive. Katniss had to step up as a young girl and make all the sacrifices.

    3. I know the answer to this question since I’ve read the entire book. But while I was reading it I didn’t know what to think. I would think he was her friend one minute and later think he was her enemy. And that is all I will say in response to that! πŸ˜›

  • Kimmy S

    1. My favorite character is definitely Katniss. I totally agree with you Lauren…It’s really cool to understand her since she is such a guarded person and I feel like I can identify with her.

    2. Her mother has turned away from her family and isn’t being the strong female example she should be.

    3. I’m not sure yet, I honestly think he really is in love with Katniss but was too embarassed to admit it. He seems like he is kind, but I just can’t put my finger on it yet.

    Can’t wait for the book chat!! xoxo

  • Melanie Weisman

    1. My favorite character is Katniss. She is a women who shows strength and boldness. She took the place of her baby sister and works as the mom and dad in their family. I love that she tries to show how strong she is, but she has the occasional breakdown to show that she is still human.

    2.Katniss’s mother seems to have given up since her father died. Katniss had to step in and become the provider for the family. She probably resents her mother because she gives up and that is something Katniss would never do.

    3.Peeta definitely has a crush on Katniss and has always believed in her. It seems like he is hiding something though. He is underestimating his strength and how well he can perform in the games. It seems he wants to be close to Katniss, but is scared at the same time. I do not think this is an act, but I think he will realize he needs to let go of his feelings if he wants to win.

  • Stephanie Harper

    I have to admit, I have never even read a book all the way through (not even the ones in school, that we had to read for a grade!) lol but I decided to give this one a shot. I LOVE it! It’s so hard to put down! here are my Answers:

    1. Obviously my favorite Character is Katniss, simply because I admire her strong willed personality. She has had to mature a lot quicker than most kids her age! It amazes me how strong she is able to stay, as a girl myself, I know how hard it can be to hide emotions & power through hard times!Although Katniss is my favorite character, I want to know more about Peeta! (I too have read past Part 1) and I just can’t figure him out!

    2. As for Katniss’ resentment towards her mother, I can definitely see why. A parent is supposed to stay strong and be the rock of the family no matter what. And her mother has not done that since her father’s death. Katniss has had to fully take over all responsibilties of the household. And for a 16 year old, that is NOT easy. But it’s something that has to be done, especially for her younger sister Prim. Again, I admire her will to pull through, and do what needs to be done.

    3. Like I said, I have read past Part 1. Peeta is beyond confusing. One minute I think he is her friend, then something happens or Katniss mentions another way of thinking, and I’m back to thinking maybe she can’t trust him. If I had to give an answer, I would say he is a foe to Katniss. He is just dang good at making everybody else think otherwise! However, I would love for him to really be INLOVE with Katniss and really be on her side in all of this. But something tells me, my mind will keep going back and forth on that subject! lol(:

  • Georgina Hopkin

    I find I can’t answer these questions without giving away the whole plot because I enjoyed this book so much that I have already finished it and moved on to book 2. Seriously though.. (SPOILER) get the tissues ready, it’s a bumpy ride!

  • Rachel Woods

    1. My favorite character is Haymitch. I’ve read the whole series so I’m not going to give anything away but there’s more to him than you really know at this point, he’s a very key character.

    2. This is obvious, her mother abandoned them both mentally and physically when Katniss and Prim needed her the most. They were almost taken away and almost starved to death. Had Katniss not started hunting they would have.

    3. I’m not going to answer this because I’ve read the series and I know what Peeta is. I really can’t remember my first thoughts of him, I read The Hunger Games when it first came out a few years ago.

  • Sarah Anne

    I have read all 3 books and can’t wait for the movie! My favorite character is Peeta. Katniss resents her mother because she feels that she shutdown when the girls needed her the most. Peeta is a friend to Katniss and wants to protect her.

  • all111291

    First off I absolutely love this books and I cannot wait for the movie!

    1. Some people may question this but I really like Gale. Although he doesn’t play a huge part in the first book and is upset with the fact that Katniss chooses to go into the hunger games for Prim, he makes sure that Katniss’ family is taken care of and he is truly a great friend that wants to make sure that Katniss ends up okay in the long run. I mean how would you feel if your best friend was going into something that required them to fight to the death.

    2. I think that Katniss hold resentment over her mother because she has not been a great mother since her father had died. I also think that Katniss was much closer to her father so she holds resentment that her mother is the one that is alive and her father is dead. Finally Katniss is the sole provider for her family, which in most cases would be the parent’s job, so I think that she resents her mother for not stepping up.

    3. I do not want to answer this one fully because I have finished the series but I think that Peeta is confused at what he should be. I think when I first read book one that I saw Peeta as someone that wanted to survive but he was unsure of how to do it. I think that he wants to be friends with Katniss but he does not want to get to close to her because he knows that only one of them can survive and if it came down to the two of them how hard it would be.

    For those of you that are just starting get ready for the ride of your lives!!

    And as they say may the odds ever be in your favor

  • candyheyn

    1. my favorite character so far is katniss.. i like her attitude and the fact that she learned from a very young age to take care of her own… i can very much relate to that.

    2. i think she resents her mother because she forced her to stop being a child at a very young age. when her dad died she had to completely take care of her family, which is hard on anyone especially a kid. she saw her mother as weak and never forgave her for that

    3. i agree with you lauren… its not possible to tell right now.. there where moments when i thought he was friend and then some where i was sure he was just playing her..

    btw: thank you lauren for selecting this book, i couldnt put it down… i already ordered the 2nd volume!

  • Kiwi

    MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IS PEETA!! well i read all the books so my love for peeta is big! Hes so sweet and kind and you will fal in love with him by the end of the book! But he’s MINE!! haha

  • Genevieve Garcia

    1. my favorite character is katniss. i love her strength that she has and her nurturing nature.

    2. I think there is alot of feelings katniss has towards her mother and they are not the best ones.

    3.I think peeta is a friend to her but i get mixed feelings about him so I m not to sure yet.

  • Mia Bepko

    I read all 3 books last year with my fiance while he was deployed, and we both pretty much became obsessed. They’re the best books i’ve ever read. I’m not going to give anything away, but my favorite character was Peeta right from the start. I’m totally going to have a big crush on Josh Hutcherson after the movie comes out!

  • Ashley Summers

    1) My favorite character is definitely Katniss even though Peeta killed me with the last line of Part 1. Made my eyes tear up. I’m really loving both characters in their own ways so it’s going to be difficult when one or the other dies. All that Katniss has done for her family and taken on the role of “”mother”” in the sense of providing and making sure everyone has food on the table has made her very admirable. Peeta burning the bread for Katniss and taking a beating for his attempt to help her also gave me a very soft spot in my heart for him.

    2) I think she holds so much resentment for her mother because her mother just disappeared after her fathers death and I think it is very hard for her to get over the fact that her mom has to be very selfish to let her children fend for themselves without a care. Katniss is obviously very strong willed and she knows her mother isn’t in the slightest but and I think she definitely fears the life of her sister if she doesn’t make it through ‘The Games’ to come back and take care of her.

    3) I definitely think he is a friend. I really think he has always had a crush on Katniss and he’s just so shy so it has never showed. I really hate to think that people have other intentions in mind so I like to think he’s being genuine and honest but I guess only the rest of the book will tell the truth.

  • Jane Finucane

    I have now read all three books and am so sad that there aren’t anymore!

    My favourite character would have to be Katniss, she is such a genuine character and even when faced with such extreme decisions and situations she still stays true to herself.

    Katniss holds resentment towards her mother because they all lost their father, I know it would be heart-breaking for her mum to loose her husband but Katniss and Prim lost their dad but yet Katniss had to step in and look after the family, feed them all and make sure they were all okay. She became an adult at a very young age, not how it is supposed to be.

    I have read all the books and all the way through I had trouble deciding if they were friend or foe, the are obviously friends but while reading the books I never really felt like it was a true friendship, even when they say they love each other it feels forced and not quite right. They want to protect each other but is it because they have spent so much time together so they feel obligated or do they really have true feelings for each other?

  • Stephanie Paul

    1. I like Katniss I think she is a girl who is very brave and will do anything to help her family by taking her sister’s place. I actually read all three books in about 2 days and I was always thinking she is so brave for doing what shes doing.

    2. I think Katniss is upset with her mom because she misses her dad and she feels like she had to raise Prim. I think she feels that her mom should have dealt with the situation in a better wat. They live in hard times so she had to help provide for her family.

    3. I think Peeta is a friend. I think he has always cared about her from the begining. I think many parts show that he truly loves her. He is that guy that likes the girl but she never likes him back. Even though deep inside I think she loves him and it is hidden. Peeta is just a nice guy who helps her out when she truly need him.

    I love the books and I can’t wait for the movie!!!

  • Maddie Pine

    1. My favorite character is Peeta. I can’t go in to too much detail as to why because I loved the books so much, I finished the fisrt anad went tright on to the second, but from the very minute he was introduced as a character, I could just tell he was going to be an important part the Games and Katniss’s life in general. He’s seems very sincere and strong willed.

    2. I think Katniss resents her mother because of all the responsibilty she had to take on while her mother grieved. It was a hard thing for everyone in the family to deal with and I think Katniss felt it was unfair for her mother to drop everyhting while Katniss took on the responsibilty of providing for Prim’ taking care of her mom and keep the househol in tact and still carry around the saddness felt about her father’s death.

    3. Peeta is definitely a friend. But it may be hard to tell in the beginning of the story becasue he’s in the same boat as every other tribute. He is facing the same fears as Katniss so it’s understandable for him to be calculating or suspiciuous and for Katniss to doubt him.

  • Danielle Bibbs

    1) My favorite character right now is Gale. We don’t know a lot about him, but we know that he is important to Katniss. I love how she thinks about him when she thinks about home. He is her friend and maybe something deeper than that. He seems mysterious but also dangerous and girls LOVE guys like that.

    2) I think Katniss holds a lot of resentment towards her mother because her mom failed to be a parent after the death of Katniss’ father. I can only imagine how depressing it must be to lose a loved one but Katniss’ mother failed take care of her children in a time of need. She wasn’t the only one hurting and she wasn’t the only one who needed support.

    3)I think that Peeta is amazing. He is probably a friend of Katniss. I think he’s really genuine in everything he says but it’s hard to believe because Katniss isn’t very open or trusting of people.

  • Kyra Rooney

    1. Although Katniss has to be in my top 3 favorite charaters, Prim is my ultimate favorite. It is clear that Prim motivates Katniss throughout her “”Hunger Games”” experiences thus far.

    2. I think that Katniss is very resentful of her mother because once losing her father, Katniss was forced to take over and take care of the family. Katniss’ mother was emotionally unavailable and Katniss does not understand how she could, in a sense, “”abandon”” her children at such a tragic time in their lives.

    3. I think that Peeta is a friend. Although Katniss has a right to be suspicious of everyone around her, in a way, I think she his thinking way too much into Peeta’s motives. Peeta was, like Katniss, thrown into the Hunger Games completely blindsided and trying to find support from anyone possible.

  • Ashley

    1. My favorite charecter is Katniss cause shes aweessoommeee.

    2. She resents her mother because she stopped caring for them once her father died which only made it harder for Katniss cause at the time it probobly felt like she lost both of her parents.

    3. SPOILER ALERT! Hes not a foe<3

    I read the whole book in 2 days and im so obsessed its ridiculous!

  • Baily Green

    1. I absolutely love Gale! I feel like they’re the best friends that are always meant to be but, probably don’t ever get together. I just love how great they are together and how tough but sweet he is to Kat.

    2. I definitely agree with Katniss resenting her mother because she had to take over the mother role and how her mom just stopped caring once her father died.

    3. I think he’s both. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. I think he truely cares for Katniss, but at the same time I think that he doesn’t want to get too close to her because he knows it has to be him or her in the end.

  • Heather Vink

    1. My favorite character would have to be Katniss, she seems very well grounded

    2. I think she resents her mother because Katniss had to grow up so fast. Taking care of her mother and little sister at such a young age and doing what her mother should have done.

    3. I am very indifferent about their relationship. I think that he does care about her but doesnt want to get close to her because he is going to have to fight against her.

  • Patty Rivera

    1. My favorite character is “”Catnip””! I love her nickname. She seems like a very strong person and a fighter.

    2. She might resent her mother because she had to grow up in a short period of time to be able to care for her and her sister.

    3. I can’t really tell what Peeta’s intentions are yet. Got to keep reading to see what happens!!!!

  • Courtney Fallon

    AHHHHH I love this book! I tried really hard to just read one chapter a night, but it was way to hard to I actually wound up finishing the book! I can’t wait to start the next two books!

    1. My favorite character so far would be Gale. I know it is an odd choice, but he is so sweet to Katniss and I feel like their relationship is more than just friends and hunting partners.

    2. I believe Katniss resents her mother because of the way she shut down after her father’s death. Even when her children were starving to death she still did nothing to better their lives. She was too young to left alone to raise her younger sister. I would be too afraid that when Katniss leaves she would do the same thing to Prim by herself.

    3. I think that Peeta is genuine in what he says at the interview, I think the whole reason why he wanted to train alone was so that he would be able to tell Haymitch in private. So I will say Peeta is friend to Katniss!!!

  • ashleyb38

    1. Katniss is definatly my favorite character. I like, Idol this girl and shes not even real…Is that bad? :) She’s strong and smart, but she can also be sensitive and caring.

    2. I think that Katniss was more attached to her dad than her mom, and when her dad was killed, her mom went through a phase where she did nothing and thats when Katness knew that she couldnt depend on her mom and she had to take care of herself and Prim. She can’t trust her.


    I thought at first Peeta was a great person and her was so sweet, but when they started the games and he joined the careers, I couldn’t stand him. THEN he was attacked by Cato, and Katniss helped him out….I love them together, its so cute :)

  • rinn-rinn

    1: I favorite character is Katniss of course; however, I am very intrigued by the characters of Haymitch and Rue. I really want to know more about both characters. Haymitch was obviously a fierce competitor in his day for winning the Hunger Games, so why is he now the village drunk? Also I am looking forward to learning what makes Rue so special in the story.

    2: Katniss’ resentment is more so a form of disappointment. I feel as if Katniss has had to mature very rapidly for her age, assuming the role of provider. She takes care of the family as a parent and therefore the relationship between daughter and mother has been almost reversed.

    3: Peeta is a friend. We already know he’s a genuine person from his childhood, and I believe what he said in the interview is very true. I think he requested separate training because he knew he got on Katniss’ nerves and he wants her to do well in the competition.

    Started this book last night:) will definitely be finished by tomorrow. sorry physics test. lol

  • Katie Bettelyoun

    1. It is a tie between Peeta & Katniss. I like how Peeta is not as grounded as the other members and is his own person. Same with Katniss, she is big hearted and determined to win for Prim.

    2. I think Katniss holds resent to her mother because she had to be the parent that her mother couldn’t be, meaning she had to grow up and mature rather than be a kid. Instead she has to watch out for her sister and her mom and watch out for her life (Their laws are so strict and they have barley any food and supplies). Her mom seems helpless and would like some respect and help.

    3. Peeta is really a friend. Despite all the bad things said about him. His family is really close to Katniss’s and Peeta is a down to earth, warm hearted caring guy who wants the districs to vanish and for him to be a tough person, unlike the other districs who think they are the top notch, and he wants to express that anyway he can.

  • gillian newcum

    1. Of course, my favorite character is Katniss. She’s so strong and has had to overcome so much in such little time. It’s very brave of her to volunteer for something like the hunger games and it’s even more inspiring that she did it to save her little sister.

    2. Katniss resents her mother because she feels she would have reacted differently in the given situation. However, I think Katniss is basing this on her own strength and character. She kind of fails to see that not everyone may have that kind of resolve within themselves.

    3. I think Peeta is definitely a friend. There seems to be a deep rooted connection between them. I hope he doesn’t betray Katniss!

  • Lauren Davis

    1) Katniss! I feel like everyone likes her. But she is a stong and brave , determined women.

    2) I feel like she resents her mother for not really being a mother. She had to step up and be a mother figure to Prim. She Lost out on her childhood having to hunt and support her family.

    3) I believe he wants to be friends with katniss because of what he said in the interview. I think he requested to be trained seprately because he fears getting closer to katniss when in the end only one of them will outlast the other.

  • Joanne Kim

    1) My favorite character is Peeta(but i still love Katniss). I like Peeta because when he and Katniss were kids, he burned the bread on purpose even though he knew he was going to get beaten badly by his mom. And even though Peeta’s love confession was supposedly an act, I truly believe that he feels that way about Katniss.

    2) I think Katniss feels resentment towards her mother because of the way she neglected her own children, even when they were starving. Katniss was forced to take matters into her own hands, and to be honest, I would feel the same way as she did if that ever happened to me.

    3) I believe that Peeta is a friend to Katniss, one of the reasons being the story from their past. He risked getting beaten really badly, and although he really is a genuine and warm-hearted person, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have done that for just anybody.

  • cassafrass

    This was such a great choice! I can’t wait for the next discussion :)

    1. My favorite character is Katniss because she is so smart and fearless. She takes on responsibilities she knows isn’t really her own, but she uses her head to get through tough times. I like how she’s one of those people who others tend to overlook. What people don’t see is how compassionate and great she is and how many things she’s capable of doing.

    2. I think Katniss resents her mother because she was forced to take the role of the mother. Not only did she have to step up and take that position, I feel she didn’t have the time she needed to grieve for her father because her mom wasn’t there mentally to allow her. Since Pim is so young, someone has to set some example and some stability so she wouldn’t be deprived of things Katniss was able to have and the things Pim should have. The roles have reversed between mother and child and I don’t think Katniss sees it fair for she and her sister, but her sister especially.

    3. I think Peeta is really a friend to Katniss because he has such a soft spot for her that he really can’t ignore. He and Katniss are both in a tough position that I think he can’t be too friendly that will make him vulnerable to things that could destroy him.

  • Kacie Trimble

    1. My favorite character is Katniss. I love the way that she is so guarded, but brave. She is always three steps ahead of everyone else and looks out for family first.

    2. Katniss resents her mother because she feels that she has failed to be a true provider for the family. Katniss is basically the mother in the household so she bears the brunt of making sure they always have food and now she is risking her life to care for her younger sister. She might also resent her mother becasue if her mother would step up like KAtniss thinks she should, Prim would be better cared for, especially in Katniss’ absence.

    3. I think as hard as Peeta tried to be a foe, he is a friend to Katniss. I like that there is some mystery to whether they can trust each other because on their journey to figure that out they reveals more about themselves.

  • Jennifer Sercia

    1. My favorite character is definitely Katniss. She is a strong brave woman who not only has been taking care of her family but took her sister’s place in the games. I also loved it when she shot the arrow at the gamemakers.

    2. I think Katniss resents her mother because her mom is supposed to be the loving nurtering parent she’s supposed to be. Katniss takes care of them, feeds them, when her mom should be doing that. And her younger sister deserves to have her sister be her sister and her mom be her mom and provide for them.

    3. I feel Peeta is a friend to Katniss but on the other hand I feel like he could change sides once the games start. I hope not, I’m torn because I think he is honest with his feelings and I almost feel like he would tell Katniss to kill him to win. I can’t wait to finish this book though!

  • Sarah Fagan

    I already read all 3 books and loved them so I’m not going to answer in case I spoil anything but I am really enjoying reading what you girls think of it so far! Also, can’t wait til the first movie comes out in March!

  • Liz Fales

    1. Peeta Mellark has to be my favorite so far. He has a heart of gold that is still being questioned by Katniss, but all of the Capital is loving the heartthrob is playing. He is also creating a love story for the games instead of killing. He has also defended Katniss in the games losing his team of tributes and got beaten when he was younger to save her from starving.

    2. Katniss has to hold resentment for her mother because her mother sat mourning the father’s death while Katniss and Prim were starving to death before her eyes. Katniss became the primary caregiver, had to break laws to go hunt illegally, sign her name up for the reaping so they could get that much more food, and take care of Prim without anybody knowing so they wouldn’t be taken away. This was all instead of her mourning her own father, she became harder & more distant.

    3. Friend. I truly believe Peeta has the right intentions with Katniss, it’s a shame this is coming forward only when the games have started and that’s why they started talking. It could seem that it is for sponsorship and victory, but maybe he knows it’s a way to keep them both alive. Haymitch has a good sense about what is going to keep them alive and have another victor in District 12.

  • Natasha Hussain

    Funny thing is, I started reading book 1 not more than a week ago, and I’ve already finished the first AND second books and started on the third. Yep.. THAT good.


    Who is your favorite character so far? [SPOILER] I think many people will agree that Katniss is the popular choice, and how could you not love her? But my favorite probably has to be Peeta, for his undying determination to protect Katniss and for his pure innocence. Also, I love that he wants to retain his identity in the arena and not just be a pawn in the Games. [/SPOILER]Why do you think Katniss holds so much resentment towards her mother? I think it’s rare for a child to ever want to realize their parent isn’t “”Superman”” or “”Superwoman,”” and though they may step up and become the man or woman of the household and take care of business, I think it would be hard to let go of the resentment for having to let go of their childhood so quickly, and for the realization that their parents are not the superheroes they were thought to be.Do you think Peeta is really friend or foe to Katniss? :)

  • Priscilla Novak

    These questions are a little hard because I have read the series twice now. I tried really hard to stop at part 1 of the first book but couldn’t because Petta!

    1. Peeta is my favorite so far. Katniss is great but certain things about her rub me wrong and don’t impress me as much as Peeta does. How can anyone dislike the boy with the bread? This along with his confession of loving Katniss is just beautiful. Peeta meeting with Haymitch alone does make me a little suspicious if he is lying or not. But the conversation on the roof top where Peeta states that he wants to die as himself not as a part of the games lets me know that this kid is AMAZING! Love him!

    2. Katniss has issues with her mom because it this awful world they live in where they have lost their father Katniss has to become the parent. Katniss basically loses both her parents at the same time as has to find for not only herself and Prim but for her mother as well. I feel that Katniss is frustrated because her mother should have stepped up after her husband died knowing it would have been hard on the kids but instead only thought of herself and allowed her kids to fend for themselves.

    3. While Peeta is suspicious I believed that he means is when he tells Cesar that he is in love with Katniss. He knows that is can get him ahead in the games and mine as well tell her since death looks like it’s coming sooner than later.

  • Kristen Hall

    1) My personal favorite character would probably be inbetween Katniss and Peeta. I really admire Katniss for how strong she is and how much she cares and loves her family. She has an extremely strong personality which I also like, she keeps her guard up because shes aware of what people are capable of, something I wish I was better with at times! I really like Peeta because of his friendly personality and his genuinity. He’s unaware of what he is really capable of, and being shy about those things is very admirable.

    2) Katniss obviously resents her mother for the reason that although she is supposed to be holding a very strong position in her life, she lacks in her department to care for her children. Katniss was forced to care for her whole family after her father died (already horrifying for a child) because her mother was emotionally unstable. Katniss expects more out of her mother and wishes she had less responsibiltiy at her young age.

    3) I have very strong belief in Peeta and that he is a genuine character. I believe his feelings for Katniss are very real and he really does care very much about her. This is first introduced to me when he gives her bread reguardless of his very strict mother’s wishes, and when he shows his kind personality to her throughout the time they spend together in the beginning of the reaping. He notices many things about Katniss that she does not give herself credit for. He obviously has taken notice to her in the past for a reason.

  • kelsey marshall

    Peeta is my favorite hands down. His heart is pure, golden, and true.

    Katniss’s hostility towards her mom, I think, comes from her coping with the loss of her father. While her mom does have difficulties coping, I think Katniss channels alot of her inner hurts towards her mother.

    Peeta is a great friend. His dedication to Katniss is unquestionable, even if he does not show it in the proper ways towards the beginning.

  • Alma Garcia

    Peeta has to be favorite character so far. Even in the worst situations he’s so full of life.

    Katniss holds resentment towards her mother because since very young she’s been forced to take her place; i guess she didn’t get the cheace to feel protection from her mother.

    Peets is definitely a friend i guess because ive read all 3 books already but shh i wont tell! :)

    love you lauren just got my Lauren Conrad lace up boots!! wear them all the time!

  • Rachel Hancock

    My favorite is Katniss, she is really guarded.

    Katniss has so much resentment towards her mother since she was a child and she had to grow up and take care of Prim and she didnt have time to be a child becuase her mom didnt help or support them in any-way and the fact that she just zoned out.

    I dont know if Peeta is a friend or a foe but his intention might be good or bad who knows.


    My favorite character is Katniss. I love that she is a survivor and a rational thinker. She makes sure she assess everything before she makes a decision.
    I believe that Katniss holds so much resentment towards her mother because she left her to be the one in charge of the family. Katniss was unable to be a child and had to step in right away as an adult.
    I want to believe that Peeta is a friend but I am unsure because he is being so sneaky.

  • Alexandra Lemley

    1. For me I’m terribly intrigued by Gale. As the book has progressed I’ve grown disappointed in his lack of involvement or detailed backstory of Gale and Katniss’ relationship. I almost feel like Gale should be in Peeta’s place. I’d find it more compelling! I find Peeta weak and average. I just hope as the series continues Gale’s character comes more to the forefront.

    2. Obvious reasons point toward Katniss’ resentment towards her mother. A mother is supposed to be a beacon and example, especially in mourning, for children. And what Katniss’ mother did was selfish- as if she were the only one hurting, she was the only one who truly loved Katniss’ father.

    3. I do think Peeta genuinely likes Katniss. Which is going to be a really big weakness of his.

  • Jen J

    I just started the book while on the ferry today and finished part 1. I can’t get enough!

    My favorite character is Katniss. i like that she is strong, rational and has balls.

    I think Katniss resents her mother because she has had to take on the role of ‘the mother’ in order to keep the family alive. She also worries about her mother’s ability to take care of her younger sister while she’s away.

    I think Peeta is genuine….but who knows what’ll happen when the games begin….

  • Sabah Williams

    Love this book!!!!!!!!! I finished it in two reading sessions, so I definitely agree that it is a real page turner.

    My favorite character is Katniss! I always love a fierce, independent woman/ okay young woman role!!!

    I think that Peeta has a real crush on Katniss, but she is a bit clueless about it!

    I can’t wait to see the film. I really hope that they don’t screw it up!

  • Elizabeth Royster

    Ok, I couldn’t stop reading the book, so needless to say I’m done. I read the last few chapters out loud to my bf bc he got tired of me gasping and screaming, “”oh my goodness!””. I plan to start the second book this weekend. Its definitely an excellent book!

    Who is your favorite character so far? My favorite character is Rue. I love her connection with nature, District 11, and music. I also liked how she was able to bring out the softer side of Katniss. Why do you think Katniss holds so much resentment towards her mother? I think Katniss’ pain allows her to harbor so much resentment towards her mother. As a younger person, Katniss may not have understood the pain her mother must have felt losing the love of her life. I think Katniss was super protective of Prim, because she couldn’t find a way to deal/protect herself from the pain of her mother mentally checking out. Do you think Peeta is really friend or foe to Katniss? I would say he’s more than just a friend to Katniss. I can’t expand on this, since I’ve finished the book.

  • laoise marie powell lavin

    How are you getting on with your book Lauren..?? :)

  • Emily OShea

    I could not put this book down! So addicting and I loved it. I am so excited to start the second one!!

    I would have to say my favorite character is actually Peeta. I love how in love he is with Katniss and I think his sharpness during the games is so appealing. He has a very secretive way about him that I think makes the book so interesting and I love the relationship between the two.

  • Justine Estoesta

    1. My favorite character is Peeta. I think he’s just really creative and smart. Even though he has no experience with battle or hunting, he can definitely think fast and knows how to handle any situation. His fascination with Katniss is just impressive and I think he’s really sweet. He’s the kind of guy who will do anything for her, and I admire him for that. I like his mysteriousness too.

    2. I think Katniss and her Mom had this certain misunderstanding that just took over Katniss in a tremendous level. Katniss, despite her eagerness to survive, needed help from her Mom more than ever and as someone who is still growing up, it’s becoming quite a struggle for Katniss to not just take care of her Mom, but also her little sister Prim.

    3. Peeta is more of a friend to Katniss, and I think because of the games, Katniss sort of struggled to notice that fact.

  • sari meester

    I already read past Part I too and i liked to answer your questions :)

    1. My favorite character is also Katniss. Because she willingly to take care of her family when her father died ( although i know she doesn’t have much choice about that :( ), she’s strong, independent, confident, loving and i believe she’s pretty too. :)

    2. Katniss hold so much resentment toward her mother because her mother couldn’t do her responsibilites as a parent, while the condition in District 12 itself is very impossible for a young girl to survive moreover have to fend a sister and mother. Lucky for Katniss her father taught her so well about haunting in the wood and given her knowledge about plants.

    3. On part 1 i only can see Peeta as a friend to Katniss, he’s so kind from the very beginning remembered he is the one who gave Katniss hope to survive from her unfortunate fate. But i agree with you Lauren this hunger games could change their relationship.

  • Kate

    1. My favorite character is Katniss because she is such a strong person throughout the book and although you can see some of her emotions she never really complains about all the hardships of being in the arena

    2. I think Katniss resents her mother because she had to take over as the ‘mother figure’ of the house while her mother was dealing with the loss of her dad. Although her mom did not intentionally hurt Katniss she put a lot of responsibility on Katniss’s shoulders.

    3. I think Peeta truly has a crush on Katniss. He had is eye on her before they even enetered the arena and the hunger games presented an opportunity for Peeta to get to know Katniss and truly like her.

    I am so excited for the movie to come out in March. Here is the link to a fan made trailer that was produced before the official trailer came out. I personally think its way better than the official trailer…

  • Christina Palmer

    I am so excited to be a part of the Book Club :) and I am loving The Hunger Games so far.. and LC, I am sure you’re getting this from all us girls, but I love your new line at Kohls! I told my dad all I wanted for Christmas was Lauren Conrad sweaters and jeans from Kohls, and he was like, “”that’s all?”” If he only knew πŸ˜‰

    1. Katniss is my favorite, and I think she is everyones favorite just because we are closest to her. I like that while she is motivated and strong, she is also insecure, and even though she claims not to be.. vulnerable. She is very much like many women ages 14-34! and I can relate to her feelings of unsurity and anxiety.

    2. There’s the obvious reasons Katniss resents her mother, but I think there could be more to it. Her mother was very affected by the loss of her father, and never being in love before, I think it is impossible for Katniss to relate to her mother’s feelings of loss. Maybe she resents her mother because she hasnt been able to live a normal life in her teens, maybe she blames her mother for her fathers death, i dunno… or maybe she is just taking the pain out on her mother.

    3. I was shocked to hear Peeta say he has had a crush on Katniss for years. He adored her from afar, and I believe it’s genuine. Katniss has trust issues, so she probably wont ever let Peeta in, and I think she is in love with Gale.



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