Tuesday Ten: A Taste of Fall

Earlier this year I shared 10 of my favorite seasonal spring ingredients along with delicious recipes for each one. Now that it’s fall, I thought I’d share a few fall flavors to incorporate into your dining routine…

1. Apples {recipe: simple apple tart}


2. Pumpkin {recipe: lisa eam’s maple-roasted pumpkin salad}


3. Butternut Squash {recipe: butternut squash flatbread}


4. Green Beans {recipe: liz ashbaugh’s signature green beans}


5. Carrots {recipe: emily macmillin’s best carrot cake in the world}


6. Cranberries {recipe: cranberry squares}


7. Sweet Potatoes {recipe: karine kerr-gillespie’s oven roasted sweet potatoes}


8. Dates {recipe: bacon wrapped dates}


9. Pears {recipe: poached pear crumble}


10. Cauliflower {recipe: cauliflower crust pizza}


What’s your favorite fall food?

Upload and submit your best fall recipe for a chance to be featured in the Dine Gallery. Plus, one lucky member will have their recipe included in a Member Spotlight post! Click here to learn how to upload and submit recipes.

XO Lauren

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Photos: Carrot Cake (The Girl Who Ate Everything) and Sweet Potatoes (Thai Medical News)
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  • Melissa Panici

    Oh wow that carrot cake looks delicious!! I’m making that! Yummy:) I absolutely love apple cidar and apple pie. It’s so good on a cold fall day. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us! Love you bunches!

  • Lacey Scott

    I can’t wait to try the cauliflower crust pizza!! I saw it on a previous post you did and it sounds too delicious to be carb free!!

  • Naureen Bukhari

    It all look delicious! I just went apple picking and have been making a different apple dessert every night! (And of course inviting everyone over so that I don’t eat it all my self) I love anything fall! Its the best season for food and fashion!

  • Michela Garau


  • Lauren Hoffman

    Yum to everything! It’s not a food but my fave part about fall is hot apple cider, esp. the one from Starbies!



  • Sprinkling Sugar

    Lauren i JUST made that apple tart!!!! It’s amazing! Here’s my version of it: http://www.sprinklingofsugar.com/2011/10/apple-pie-sweet-and-simple-reminder.html

    Thanks for another great post!

  • Erika Lam

    So excited that you featured cauliflower. I saw this recipe on the NYT recently and plan to make it tonight – cauliflower and pasta – so simple! http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/30/the-minimalist-pasta-with-cauliflower/?ref=theminimalist

  • Kellie Norton

    Oh I just love those green beans and sweet potatoes :) we eat those year round here in the south!! But those are definitely my favorite :)

  • Giulia De Luca


  • Ashley Dodge

    I’m definitely going to be trying the apple, pear and butternut squash recipes! They look amazing, and there’s just something about apples in the fall:)

  • Heather Goodwill

    I am excited about the apple recipe! Yummy!

  • Rachel Civ

    I’m absolutely doing the apple one! Looks so yummy!

    Thanks for sharing! I love cooking :)

  • Shellz

    that carrot cake looks so good!haha


  • Parisdiorcherie

    Those cranberry squares look so yummy!

  • Kimberly

    I love cranberries!! It looks so delicious!!

  • Mary Lauren

    OH my goodness all of these recipes look wonderful!

    My favorite fall food has to be anything with apples. Apple butter, apple pie, apple tart, or just the apples themselves! They are always the best in the fall, especially from an orchard!!



  • Jennifer Sellen

    omg i love the apple tart recipe… and the carrot cake recipe (i like to add nuts to mine)… and the cranberry squares look like an awesome breakfast go-to. i also like green beans… what my mom likes to do is add pieces of turkey bacon with the green beans. its really good.

  • Kimmy S

    Yum! All of these look so delicious : ) My favorite fall recipe is this one: http://www.visionsofsugarplum.com/2011/05/carrot-cake.html

  • carena klerkx

    apples and cranberries, looks delicious.

  • Efthymia Pavlopoulou

    So original recipies!!!!!!!!!! They look really yummy!!!!!!!!

    I already made the cranberry squares, cause they looked so delicious and I have to confirm that they are!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I am trying the apple pie!!!!!

    Thanx Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shaden Abu-Hammad

    Mouth-watery!! <3

  • Mel

    OMG everything looks so tasty. especially the carrot cake

  • Jordan Bulbrook

    Bacon wrapped dates (or figs) are even more delicious (and indulgent) if you stuff them with either blue cheese or goats cheese. The blue cheese adds a whole new element to the flavour, but if blue cheese isn’t your thing, the goats cheese makes for an added texture and yummy creaminess.

  • tinamarie

    they all look soo tasty! i’ve also heard of dates wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with cheese. here’s the recipe!

  • Sulamita lima

    All kinds of pies!!!

  • Hana ElFallah

    pumpkin spice latte is my favorite pick-me-up in the fall!

  • Jenna Beef

    That cauliflower idea is extremely genius; still stunned over it!

  • Stephanie Kuhlman

    Mmm!! that apple pie sounds so good! My favorite fall food would probably be Pumpkin Pie! so delicious! i love anything flavored pumpkin!

  • Tasha Brown

    i sooo wanna try the cauliflower crust pizza! my favorite fall food: Sweet potatoe pie! this is the only time my mom cooks it

  • Madison Roberts

    They all look sooooooo good i am going to school for culinary too so these look yummy!!

  • Emily Knauer


  • Ruaa ELhejazi

    love the pumpkin salade ! <3

  • Maureen Feltz

    Apple Cider with a cinnamon-sugar donut is the ultimate fall snack that reminds me of my childhood :)

  • Megan Babin

    I made the cauliflower crust pizza…my pizza wasn’t as pretty as the picture, but it was definitely delish!!

  • Sarah Morley

    Loving the cauliflower pizza! Passed on the recipe to a friend too. Really good x

  • Isa Reynoso

    the poached pear crumble is a must-try! I love pears :)

  • Karine Kerr-Gillespie

    Oh my god, I can’t believe my recipe got chosen!! :)

  • Lotte

    i get hungry by looking at this. i have to make some of these someday. yummy!

  • Cambric

    i cant get the carrot cake link to work. help please.


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