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I started doing kickboxing a few years ago and I absolutely love it! It’s really fun and it works everything from my core to my buns. My trainer, Jarett Del Bene, likes to make it a full-body workout. According to Jarett, “Kickboxing is a full body cardio intensive workout that tones the whole body. It is a workout that you can mix in 2 to 3 times a week with your weight training routine to get optimal results.” Aside from the cardiovascular benefits, it “helps improve balance and coordination.” And those are never bad things to work on. Jarett also told me that kickboxing is a “great stress reliever as the punches and kicks being performed help loosen nerves and release anger.” Talk about a fun way to fight your way through life. Additionally, kickboxing burns calories (you can burn up to 300 calories in only 30 minutes) and tones muscles since the act of kicking activates large muscle groups such as your abdominals and arms.

Personally, I think kickboxing is a great way to amp up your regular cardio routine. One minute you’re lunging-squatting-lunging-squatting, and the next thing you know you’re punching-kicking-punching-kicking. Not only does kickboxing literally keep me on my toes, it’s helps me zone out and focus on the movement at hand. I suppose you could say I’m a kickboxing junkie. I’m a total devotee. I do it about 2 to 3 times a week for a half-hour or so and then I hit the weights. Since I started kickboxing, I’ve watched my body transform. I feel leaner, stronger and more energetic. For me, nothing beats the post-workout high I get after a serious round of kicking butt. I feel invincible and ready to take on the world.

Have you tried kickboxing?

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XO Lauren

P.S. I noticed a lot of you do Zumba. I’ll have to give that try! If you are a Zumba lover, check out the Zumba thread in the Forum.

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  • Melissa Panici

    I haven’t tried kickboxing yet but it looks so fun!! I mostly run on the tred but for toning, I do Tae-bo with Billy Blanks. This works!!:)

  • Julie Haugan

    I do zumba 3 times a week and i love it! This summer I tryed outdoor zumba with some og my friends and my trainer. We made it into a 3 times a week-hike and included halv hour zumba when we reached the top of the hill. With loud music,the sun and outdoor,it was AMAZING!

  • tinamarie

    i used to do zumba, but moved on to kickboxing. it’s amazing, it gets me motivated and it the BEST stress reliever! when i can’t make it to the gym, i pull out my dvds! can’t get enough.

  • Kimberly

    I love doing Zumba. But my mother and I quited a few months ago :(. And I want to do it again. It’s so fun. :)

  • Federica Valente

    I do fitbox 3 times a week and I love the sensation after the training , I’m so relaxed !

  • Kellie Norton

    I absolutely love kickboxing!! My university offers classes 3 times a week at the rec center on campus. I’ve never thought I could feel so good after a workout! I recommend for everyone to try it at least once, you won’t be bored 😉

  • Jaclyn S

    I take a cardio kickboxing class once a week. I love the class and I agree that it is a great stress reliever.

    I also attend a zumba class 3 times a week… I never took any type of dance before this… I played soccer for 12 years so I was afraid that I would look ridiculous going into a dance based class and trying to learn a dance sequence… and I did for the first couple classes but it does not matter because it is so much fun! Any one out there who hasn’t… you should try it. :)

  • Finn

    ya i love any workout that requires dancing :) i havent gotten into zumba or kickboxing. but i was leaning toward zumba :)

  • Shellz

    i havent tried kickboxing but thats gonna be next on ma list! thanx Lc

  • Michela Garau

    I would try it!

  • Isabel Cuypers

    Lauren, maybe you have to ask Jarrett Del Bene to start a website as well with tips, video’s, exercices .. . I think that would be nice!

  • Kimmy S

    I LOVE kickboxing! So much fun…. I also really like BoYah!

  • Gina Kim
  • Danielle Gray

    No, I have not done kickboxing but I have always wanted to try it.

  • Erin

    My friends have been trying to take me to a kickboxing class for months, but I wasn’t sure about it. After this post, I’m definitely going to give it a try! Thanks, Lauren!

  • Danielle Gray

    No, I have not done kickboxing but I have always wanted to try it.

  • Sarah Dam

    No this has never appealed to me! I know I might love it though. One day 😉

  • ashlee michie

    i LOVE my boxing class! its the best workout!!

  • Mawii Armengol

    Been wanting to try but can’t reallly find a good place I do Pilates though and I love it exercising really does make your body feel great

  • Erika Lam

    I LOVE kickboxing! I started regularly going to a class two years ago and I can’t get enough of it – such a great stress reliever. There’s nothing like getting your butt kicked at work and then getting your butt kicked at the gym 😉

  • Bev

    OMG you HAVE to try Zumba!! It’s amazing, FUN and I swear I sweat as much as I do in kickboxing!! Dance party of a lifetime 😉

  • Julia Renkert

    I recently got a groupon for a local kickboxing gym, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to! And I’m looking forward to it! :)

    Cup of Tea

  • Megan Hall

    I’ve been wanting to do kickboxing for a couple weeks so it’s funny that you posted this! As soon as I convince my friend to do it with me, I’m there!

  • Ali Peterson

    Bad ass picture choice Lauren, love it!

    But seriously, you MUST try zumba. I’ve done it since High School and I’m obsessed with it!

  • Kayla Rowe

    I have been doing this for the past few years also…. i love it…. here in Australia they have it as a “”class”” for an hour, a little running, combinations of punching and kicking like a pattern almost…. it REALLY kicks ya ass!! haha :)

  • Parisbluepizza

    Haven’t tried kickboxing but now that you shared the benefits of it, I might try one of these days. I do hiphop abs at home as I am so lazy going to the gym. Can you suggest other workouts that involves dancing. I love dancing. :)

  • Dani Hawkins

    I tried it for the first time tonight! I looked up some videos on YouTube and had a blast!

  • Marsi Marquez

    I practice Tae Kwon Do, which is kind of similar and I love it, it is great excirse and competing gives me the motivation to train hard =)

  • liz

    I really would love to try Zumba and Kickboxing for that. I love to dance and I love the idea of kickboxing. My problem is finding time :( I guess both those would be fun for the boys as well. We love to dance in the morning :)

  • Mellie

    I love kickboxing. My first college had a great gym with cardio classes. I did kickboxing at least twice a week my freshman year. My body was amazing! Need to find another class in NYC!

  • Charley Galicia

    I do kickboxing in Eagle Rock, CA at a gym called Extreme Training Center ( and I love it. It’s an hour long and it’s toned me up so much. I’ve improved so much, I’m featured in their pictures for the kickboxing class! Best thing ever, hands down and an ever better stress reliever!!

  • Lindsay Belle

    My instructor incorporates kickboxing into my taekwondo class! It’s so much fun! I was in ballet for 15 years, and I thought I’d try something new! I was never the girl in high school who enjoyed playing contact sports, so I was extremely surprised when I had the guts to try kickboxing and taekwondo! It’s awesome if you’re in school too..such a good stress reliever! Also the self defense practice that goes with it is a bonus!

  • Erin

    I just started a kickboxing class and I love it! It’s really tough, but it is worth it!

  • lala123

    A good physical workout is great, but I’ve found that setting time aside for meditation first thing in the morning helps to build my spiritual muscle! By shutting down the physical senses and going within,not only do I feel refreshed but inspiration comes and my day comes together in more harmony.

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    It’s the most important thing that has made all the difference in my life.

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  • Renos Fy

    i used to do zumba, but moved on to kickboxing. it’s amazing, it gets me motivated and it the BEST stress reliever! when i can’t make it to the gym, i pull out my dvds! can’t get enough.

  • Briana Coons

    Have you tried Bikram yoga? I started going to classes a few weeks ago and I am hooked! It’s a great workout for both your body and your mind.

  • Mindee Krymer

    I tried a kickboxing class once and it kickboxed my butt! I know it’s really good for you, but an hour long class is just a little bit much for me.

    I do love zumba, but my favorite class at the gym is step sculpt. It’s half an hour of intense step/cardio, 15 minutes of upper body weights, and 15 minutes of butt and gut. I always feel so good after I leave that class!

  • Anjali Raman

    At my college they have plenty of classes, FREE! I try to do a different one every day of the week. My favorites are turbokick and zumba, they also have yoga, spin, and a lot of other options.

  • Kelsey Brownfield

    I wanna do kickboxing so bad but I can’t seem to find any classes here where I live, so that sucks a lot cause it’s something I really wanna do. I got tired of playing soccer so I wanted to try kickboxing and no joke I looked for like a month for a class and I still can’t find one ):

  • Skye Lively

    I do kickboxing and its so great! I just go on exercise TV On Demand and there are lots of videos! In addition to basketball practice it keeps me in good shape

  • Amy Alexander

    Ok I’m going to puchase a kick boxing dvd, an early xmas pressie to myself. I like the idea that it releases nerves and anger sounds fantastic! Thanks Lauren and members x

  • Melly Myrans

    Who does not enjoy Kickboxing classes huh? Haha. It is just an amazing weekly workout!

  • Marvin C.

    I’ve never tried kickboxing……but it seems cool… =] …Hope You’re Okay Lauren – have Great days…X

  • Martin M

    I love kickboxing and to it twice a week. It always frees my mind :)



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