• Kimberly

    I don’t know… I’m curious!

  • Glorietta88

    Could you be Minnie???

  • Kamilla Perleczky

    50’s Pin UP LAdy? :)))

  • Emily Hanson

    My guess was Minnie too! That would be super cute!

  • debora f

    Maybe a sailor girl??

  • Laura Timmer

    I was also thinking Minnie Mouse, haha.

  • redheadrachel

    Minnie Mouse?

  • Amanda Ebersole

    Minnie Mouse!

  • Kellie Norton

    I think either Minnie Mouse, Ragedy Anne, or a clown :) I can’t wait to see what you are!!

  • Melissa Panici

    Hmmm….A clown or minnie mouse! Can’t wait to see!:)

  • Alejandra Giron

    I think Minnie Mouse aswell or maybe Betty Bop




  • Jasmine Espinal

    Minne Mouseee!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Toby Younis

    Lucy, from I Love Lucy!

  • tasha gaddis

    Lucy, from I love Lucy?

  • Lindsay Compton


  • Stephanie Ann

    Gotta be minnie mouse!

  • Stacie

    Strawberry Shortcake?

  • Sara Lindhe

    Minnie Mouse! Aww, cute! :)

  • Fernanda Ehrhardt

    I say you’re going to be Marilyn Monroe.

  • Finn

    first guess was def minnie mouse! i was minnie mouse two years ago :)

  • Shell Peterson

    I’m going to say Minnie Mouse! That’s what I plan on being! :)

  • Anna Wood

    Minnie mouse was my first thought, but could it be Rosie the Riveter?

  • Natalie Bowman

    minnie mouse for sure!

  • Natacha Tjoernholm

    Little Red Ridinghood?

  • Alba Cuci

    50’s poodle skirt outfit?

  • Lindsay Cook

    I’m gonna guess Minnie Mouse… or maybe Betty Boop!!

  • Shannonmarie

    I was also thinking Minnie Mouse, but now I think that might be too obvious. It would be cute on you, though.

  • Mimi

    little red riding hood !!

  • Yuly Pazo

    i would have to agree with everyone… Minnie Mouse… but then i thought Pin up girl! … lol

  • kmal9er

    Minnie Mouse, Strawberry Shortcake, or a 50s housewife

  • Haleigh Conard

    betty boop of course!

  • Lacey Scott

    I think either little red riding hood or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

  • Jessica Kutok

    minnie mouse! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lacey Scott

    Or… Lichtenstein girl…

  • Stephanie Vasquez


  • Alexandra Viau

    A fifity rocker lady or a lady bug!

  • Mariella

    Minnie Mouse or a little bug?

  • GabbyV

    Minnie Mouse for sure! It’s the perfect print for it.

  • JoJo Beauty

    minnie mouse

  • Lucie Gill

    Little red riding hood or Minnie Mouse? :)

  • Naureen Bukhari

    I definitely thought Minnie Mouse! Every year I think of being her but just never do! Can’t wait to see your costume, I’m sure its going to be fabulous!

  • Giulia De Luca


  • Lucie Gill

    Little red riding hood or Minnie Mouse? :)

  • Stella Stylianou

    Well, Minnie Mouse, Red Riding Hood, Ladybird, or a 50’s girl?!?! xoxo

  • Sulamita lima

    a 50’s girl!!!

  • Heather Herring

    Minnie Mouse

  • Emily Gordon

    I’m shocked no one has guessed I Love Lucy yet!

  • ELEE

    Lucy Belle from I love lucy!!

  • Kierra Lagervall-Adams

    Minnie or a 50’s pin up!

  • Maral Zohrabian

    If you are gonna be minnie mouse thats amazing cuz i am gonna be her too xD

  • Julia TothaG

    maybe you’re gonna be a fly agaric ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (for those who don’t know what a fly agaric is: http://listverse.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/fly-agaric.jpg )

  • Nichole Marie

    a Pin Up girl ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Elliot Taylor


  • Jenn Socarras

    I agree with Lexie..first character that came to mind was Minnie Mouse!…Lucy is a great guess too!!

  • Michelle Wong

    I was totally gonna say Lucille Ball LOL

  • Jessica Borden

    Minnie Mouse! which would be rather amazing since i was her at a fancy dress party last week! :)

  • Andrea Dyck

    after reading the comments minnie makes more sense… but i was going for lucy :)

  • Ashley Dodge

    Definitely Minnie Mouse!

  • Jennifer Sellen

    Looks like your either gonna be Mickey Mouse and/or a Rockabilly Pin-up Girl. I was Mickey Mouse a while back… got these cute yellow heels at Forever 21 and then wore the Disney slippers to work =)

  • Denise Reyes

    Minnie :)

  • Jennifer Sellen

    I’m sorry i meant Minnie Mouse lol…

  • Drew Duran

    Minnie Mouse! :)

  • Sara Hafenbreadl

    minnie mouse!

  • Marine Boussage

    Minnie Mouse :)

  • Deany
  • Veronica Olarte

    Minnie of course! i was her a couple of years ago… Pretties Costume Ever! Lauren for this year im gonna dress as Marilyn Monroe, allready have the dress but i have very long hair and im not sure about wearing a wig, do you have any tips on how can i have my hair done to resemble her. Thanx!

  • Coral V

    50’s pin-up? That’s what I’m doing

  • Glamour Wonderland

    Minnie Mouse!!! I was Minnie Mouse last year and I have a makeup tutorial on Youtube and DIY ears for it too :) One of my favorite costumes!!!

  • branka cacic

    I would use that fabric for Red riding hood….for dress….and with white socks…and red shoes..red lipstick.. basket for food…

  • Leonore Jurado

    I automatically think oh Lucy! but then Minnie Mouse…but if I wanted to be out of this world cool and unique I would honestly have to choose … Lichtenstein girl….thats ony because I would love to see you look like one…I love your face and you would make a kick-arse comic book character

  • joannaxleigh

    Minnie Mouse?

  • Mithra

    immediately when I saw the fabric knew it was minnie mouse! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If you are going to make that costume it’s such a great idea Lauren! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Maeve Guinan

    maybe a 50s girl?

  • Sue Calderon

    Minnie Mouse!

  • Pinja

    Minnie Mouse! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mary Bates

  • Rachel Civ

    Probably Minnie Mouse! That’s cute :)

  • Sophia Coldren

    The strong woman?! The pattern matches her bandana perfectly!

  • Karolina Cz

    mini mouse

  • Amanda Lamb

    Everyone else says Mini Mouse, but my guess was Dorthy…from the Wizard of Oz.

  • Raya Radoslavova

    and i think like Amanda Lamb…Dorthy from Wizard of Oz.And that will be good…

  • Samantha Meyer

    My first guess was Minnie Mouse but how about Lucy Ricardo.

  • Danielle Gray

    Dorthy from Wizard of Oz

  • Susanna Hall

    My original guess was Lucy from I Love Lucy but I see other people have mentioned Minie Mouse and I can see that too! Others have mentioned a pin up girl which would work with that fabric as well. I love Halloween and seeing everyone’s take on different costumes. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Veronica Lopez

    Minnie Mouse? Either way I love the fabric!

  • EmNede

    Minnie Mouse is my guess.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Cherie LaFlamme

    Minnie Mouse or something totally out of the 1950s!

    – Cher


  • Jamie Goodall

    Minnie mouse is what instantly popped into my head, so I’m going with it.

  • Payton Bradley

    Minnie Mouse

  • Sarah Little

    This fabric is definitely reminiscent of Minnie Mouse, but I also think it could go retro pin-up. I know whatever you’re dressing up as, it’ll be glam-azing!

  • Lindsay Advincula

    I’d say Minnie Mouse. Or a pinup girl?

  • laraine margate

    minnie mouse..

  • Kaitlyn Blackwood

    I’d say either Minnie Mouse, a lady bug, or Lucy from I Love Lucy. Although her dress was blue polka dots, I think.

    So I guess Minnie Mouse :)

  • mendy moeller


  • torreypines

    Lucille Ball!

  • Hayley Medina

    A bow is my guess. But then again I could be wrong, there really is so many good costume ideas. Halloween is not very big in Australia. Yes we do have some parties, but nothing like in America.

  • Chantel Mancini

    Its definitely Minnie Mouse

  • Stephanie Regalado

    I say Minnie Mouse :)

  • Emily Hanson

    Minnie Mouse is my guess too. That woudl be super cute!!!

  • Nicola Merkle

    little red riding hood

  • Valamica Grigoriadis

    minnie mouse!!

  • Catie Bell

    Minnie Mouse! :)

  • mask

    minnie mouse?

  • Elizabeth Jurado

    minnie mouse, red ridding hood :)

  • Diana Galdamez

    Gotta be Minnie Mouse!! aww your gonna look so cute!

  • Amy Collins

    Lucille Ball?

  • Nicole Cedeno

    I would say Minnie Mouse too… whats it going to be I can’t wait to know

  • Arrive Chic

    Lucille Ball!

  • Monica

    I’m being Minnie Mouse, and my outfit looks similar to this fabric :)

  • Andrea Quintana Lopez

    Minnie Mouse!! or Lucille B. <3 <3 the fabric is so cute =)

  • TayNaz

    Dorothy from wizard of Oz :)

  • Cinthia Gonzalez

    I also thought of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz! ๐Ÿ˜€ You’d look amazing in any look.

  • Cinthia Gonzalez

    I don’t know why I thought of that… isn’t Dorothy’s dress in light blue anyway?… I guess it was the slippers.

  • seyma ozer

    Little Red Riding Hood maybe?? or Minnie Mouse??

  • Juliana Rojas

    minnie mouse :) ? lovely!

  • Jillian K

    minnie mouse

  • Filipa Salgueiro

    I would guess maybe a sort of ladybug or something 50’s or grease’s Olivia Newton John

  • mihiri gajanayake


  • Shelaine Morrison

    A vargas girl

  • Alexis Ann Delaey

    I was thinking Red Riding Hood to…

  • Tasha Brown

    i thought of dorthy as well lol

  • Rachel Renaud

    Minnie mouse or like a old house wife??

  • edna herrera

    Minnie Mouse!? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kate Gallagher

    Raggity Ann < --- did I spell that right. If its not you should do it or Pippy Longstocking

  • Melinda Robinson

    I would say either Lucille Ball or Minnie Mouse

  • Nicole

    Minnie Mouse :)

  • Ellen OShea


    how cute :)

  • Mackenzie Swanhart

    Minnie Mouse!

  • Kimberlee LeVasseur

    Minnie mouse! if this is it..that is what i’m going to be too! im making mine as well.

  • Kiwi

    A doll??? Trying to day something other than Minnie mouse!!!

  • Pretty in Pink

    My best guess would be Minnie Mouse! ….although if you were hosting something @ home it would be cute to do your own version of Annie and your pup could be Sandy *^_^*

  • Linh Ly

    Minnie Mouse? or Betty Boop? = )

  • Kayla Blanton

    MINNIE!! I’m making my own Minnie Mouse costume for Halloween this year! :)

  • Mariah Richards

    raggedy ann?

  • Katherine R Behring

    Lucuile Ball or Minnie Mouse?

  • caroline Deutsch

    Minnie Mouse, Betty Boop or a lady Bug!!!!!!!

  • Marie Ngo

    I think Minnie Mouse!!

  • melissa lacey

    mini mouse or a old fashion pin up girl

  • bri nicole

    I’m going to go with Minnie Mouse

  • lauren smith

    minnie mouse =)

  • Georgina Hopkin

    Red riding Hood?

  • Diya Darwich


  • Ruth Arrington

    Minnie Mouse!!

  • Penguin person

    Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

  • Penguin person


  • Beth Cameron

    Mini Mouse

  • Caitlin Kelley

    either minnie mouse or lucy from i love lucy!! :)

  • Jamie Vega

    Minnie Mouse or Little Red Riding Hood? I thought Dorothy at first too, but her outfit is blue.

  • Madison Roberts

    Minnie Mouse!!!!

  • Taylor Chryst

    Minnie Mouse is my vote!

  • Annette Rutherford

    As soon as I saw the fabric I though, “”Minnie Mouse!””. It seems a lot of people have the same idea!

    God Bless xx

  • Heather E

    First thought was Minnie Mouse. Second thought was Lucy from I Love Lucy.

  • nicole barton

    Minie Mouse or a clown.

  • nicole barton

    Minie Mouse or a clown?

  • Kayla Vopat

    minie mouse

  • Marie Fournier

    Minie Mouse !!! :)

  • Beth

    The Classic Minnie Mouse, or a Vintage Pin Up Girl?

  • Marisol Patino

    Definitely Minnie Mouse (:

  • Kristin Albrecht

    my guess was something 50’s inspired, or little red riding hood, or something to do with a farm.

  • Maria Padilla

    Minnie Mouse. :)

  • Natalia Herrera

    minnie mouse! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Maimuna Begum

    Minnie mouse! <3

  • ruby barajas

    Minnie Mouse or Pin up girl.

  • Katherine Zambrano

    minnie mouse!

  • Alex O

    minnie mouse

  • Donna Vitan

    Minnie Mouse for sure!

  • Isabel Cloutier

    I say pin up girl!! That’s what I was going for a for Halloween as well!

  • Joanne Kim

    minnie mouse!!

  • Vivian De La Cruz

    Betty Boop? jk minnie mouse or a girl from the 1920’s

  • tinamarie

    little red riding hood or mini mouse?

  • bballin129

    Polka dots remind me of Rosie the Riveter’s bandana. :)

  • Constanza Galleguillos

    minnie mouse!

  • Kimberly Reed

    Marilyn Monroe?

  • Rana Khalil

    A Pin-Up girl

  • Leilani Faialaga

    Either Minnie Mouse, 50s pin up girl or Lucille Ball ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ange Z

    Minnie Mouse, for sure ! :)

  • Susannah Williams

    mini mouse :)

  • Maggie Morgan

    mini mouse!

  • Jacqueline Calamaro

    I’m going with minnie mouse or betty boop!!

  • Emily

    Minnie Mouse!

  • Michelle Le

    red riding hood :)

  • Shellz
  • Karen Armstrong

    Minnine Mouse

  • tania suarez

    minnie mouse :)

    omg it’d be weird because i’m gonna be minnie mouse too <3

  • BellaM


  • Mackenzie Stacy

    Minnie Mouse Flapper Girl : )

  • iskra delic

    Lichtenstein girl???

  • Artistlove

    Quirkie Minnie Mouse! or some Vintage hot Momma

  • Alexx Bukovac

    A vintage 1950s lady! Too cute.

  • semen ozgunes

    It will be Minni mouse or a Spanish dress

  • Efthymia Pavlopoulou

    Red polka dot? Let me think….. Hmmm….. I would say Hello kitty!!! It is so cute!!!!

  • Katie StHilaire

    Minnie Mouse is a great guess…but I think Lucille Ball :)

  • Shaden Abu-Hammad

    Minnie Mouse :)

  • Candice Maniga

    Minnie Mouse. Betty Boop. or a girl from the 50s? :)

  • Samantha Barfield

    The obvious answers are my first thought, but I’m with Katie! I hope it’s Lucille Ball!!

  • Kortney Foust

    I would have to say minnie mouse or lucille ball :)

  • Clarisse Cadio de Champsavin

    my daughter! her favortite dress is red with white spots! http://www.laurenconrad.com/photo/view/20474/2532/11428/1

  • ChocoMonkey1

    Maybe Little Red Riding Hood?

  • Sophie Hayes

    Minnie Mouse ? xoxo

  • Madison Hughes

    Lucille Ball!

  • christina

    Minnie Mouse or Lucille Ball! So adorable :)

  • Emily MacMillan

    lucille ball or red riding hood

  • Cynthia Fu

    Minnie Mouse, Lucille Ball, or Little Red Riding Hood!

  • Beatrice

    for some reason that fabric reminds me of rosie the riveter

  • Erica Love

    I would guess the same as every one else – I like the fabric, it is pretty!

  • Kay Tee

    Betty Boop?

  • Katherine R Behring

    I’m going to guess Lucy again! Especially when I remembered that LC is coloring her hair peach? But maybe not…

  • Ash Elia

    minnie mouse!!

  • Dannon K. Collard

    Minnie Mouse!

  • Cxtinee

    pin up girl?

  • Michela Garau


  • Abby Knuckles

    Minnie Mouse for sure!!!

  • nehal el bakhshawangy

    minnie mouse !!!

  • Amy Yang

    I’m guessing it’s Minnie Mouse.

  • Vesna S.

    Hey Laruen! My guess would be either a clown, Minnie Mouse, or a 50’s costume.

  • Marina Plessy

    my guess would be a 50’s costume

  • michaela hernandez

    Rosie the Riveter???

    Minnie Mouse


    50’s House Mom:)

  • Jennifer Lucey

    Minnie Mouse????

  • Heather MacLean

    minnie mouse

  • candigirl

    maybe marilyn monroe

  • Bobbie Avena

    Audrey Hepburn…Not sure why but that was the first thing that came to mind.

  • Erin Mattoon

    minnie mouse

  • Erin Coltharp

    Minnie Mouse?

  • Amanda Coughlin

    I Love Lucy <3

  • livlab14

    Maybe Minnie Mouse??????………. :)

  • Cruz Barajas

    It looks like you might be a Flamenco dancer. I can picture you with your Flamenco dress , your cute bun and red lips? I can be , maybe : )!

  • carena klerkx

    Minnie mouse or something?:$


  • G Weaver

    That fabric immediately makes me think of Lucy. I can see your make-up and hair now.

  • kelli osteen

    pin up girl. american style

  • Tammi Cruise

    Minnie Mouse!

  • Katelyn Jones

    minnie mouse!!!! :)

  • Lauren Conrad

    I’ll be revealing my Halloween costume tomorrow :-)

    In the meantime, I hope everyone has a happy Halloween tonight!

  • Kia

    minni mouse or i love lucy! :)

  • Shannon

    Rosie the riveter

  • Victoria

    minnie mouse, Lucy Ball, Betty Boop


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