Chic Peek: The Fame Game Cover + Another Surprise!

I have two very exciting things to tell you about today…

First off, I am so excited to reveal the cover of my new novel, The Fame Game!

Drumroll please…Voila!



What do you think?

If you’ve read my L.A. Candy series, then you know bad girl Madison Parker. In The Fame Game, Madison is ready to claim the spotlight at last. The only problem? Carmen, who has grown up in Hollywood, and might just be better at playing the game than Madison…. Get ready for some dishy, drama-filled fun.

The Fame Game comes out April 3, 2012 so stay tuned!

But, that’s not all… I said there would be a surprise, didn’t I?

Well ladies, in addition to The Fame Game series, I am also working on another book: Lauren Conrad BEAUTY! Like Lauren Conrad Style, my beauty book will be your ultimate guide for all things beauty. In it, I’ll provide my personal insights, instructions and tips to keep you looking glamorous 365 days a year. I’ll address everything from how your diet affects skincare and fun hairstyles for a night out to one simple thing you can do each day to freshen up your look.

I am currently working on Lauren Conrad Beauty and I want to make sure I address all of your questions, because this book is for you. Got questions about hair, makeup, skincare, manicures … or anything else beauty-related? Leave them in the comments below and I will check out all of your questions and work with my team to answer your beauty conundrums in the pages of my new book! How’s that sound?

Leave all your beauty questions you would like to see answered in my new book, Lauren Conrad BEAUTY, in the comments below!

XO Lauren

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  • Newyork Girl

    Wow, Lauren,

    that’s sound wonderfull!
    Is it also able to order your new book at April 3, 2012 and let it deliver to the Netherlands? Or do i have to wait a couple of months then?
    Beauty tips I would like to see is, how to do a beautifull, but classic make-up for a party. Less is more!

    For hair-styles I would like to know how you could curl your hair when you have very thick, long and heavy hair, ’cause when I want to curl it, it stays in for only 5 minutes, because my hair just weighs way to much!

    Good luck with the writing! :)


  • Sherin Malick

    Exciting news!! I’d love more tips on how to apply false eye lashes, or the best way to protect hair from constant heat.

  • Anna James

    Hello Ms. New York Times best seller! Ahh. SO AMAZING! This cover is incredible and dramatic. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks Lauren. Can’t wait for the beauty book, Style is on my coffee table year round. xo

  • Diamenrose

    OOOH LAUREN what for exciting and goood news! i cant wait and will post my questions as soon as possible WOW !

  • Kimberly

    OMG!! I am so happy with the news!! I can’t wait.

    The cover for The Fame Game looks so amazing!!

    I love Lauren Conrad Style, and I can’t wait for the Beauty book!!

    My question is: What is the best way to remove makeup?


  • Meghan Baker

    Lauren! i am so excited for your new book to come out in April. I read the other 3 in like a matter of a week :)

    For your beauty book, for a girl who doesnt wear none to little makeup how do they do it with still making themself look beautiful. Cause most girls i know where tons of makeup and that isnt me.

  • Kimmy S

    OMG OMG OMG. I am TOO excited about this!! First, I adore the cover and am so excited to read The Fame Game… And secondly, OMG (!!!!) a beauty book!? So happy you’re doing this!

    Here’s my question:

    What shampoo and conditioner do you use? How often do you wash your hair?

    Any tips for dry cuticles? I use oil, but nothing helps…

  • Carina Kresic

    SO EXCITED FOR TH NEW BOOK! loved all the LA Candy series :)

    I do have some questions that would be amazing if you were able to answer them in your new book!

    How do you treat acne scars? What kind of cream or treatment works best for it? Also, why do some foundations turn orange after a couple hours of being worn on your face? I always have a huge problem with lots of foundations turning orange and I need to find one that stays true to the real colour.

    Good luck writing the book!


  • Samantha Conforti

    I’m sooo excited for The Fame Game!! I’ve read all of your books and live by Style, in your beauty book will you have step by step instructions on how to do the high bun you rock on the over of Style? I’ve tried to figure it out, but it doesn’t come out looking as great as yours!

  • mary1024

    I can’t wait until your books come out! I would like to know how to keep nails healthy since I like to do nail art often like you, and what affordable beauty brands you would recommend for thos of us who can’t afford high end products all the time. Thanks Lauren!

  • C. Sosby

    I absolutely love all of your books! I cannot wait to get these as well! I love everything you have shared so far with your beauty and fashion and I am so ready to learn more!!!

    Love & Lipgloss,


  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    So awesome! I can’t wait to read it. I’m on the last novel from LA Candy right now.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Anni

    Ahhh I’m so happy to hear about that :D:D <3

    I would love to hear about your hair care routine and how my hair grows faster :)

    looove Anna <3

  • Stephanie

    I’d love to see specific products that you love and why.

  • Libby Uglesich

    So excited for both! I love all your books. The style book is amazing and is totally going to help me with my personal style. I am in need of changing my wardrobe now that I am a mom and I am losing weight. So the style book is perfect for that!

    My biggest question that I have always had is how in the world do I figure out what shape my face is? There are all these haircuts for the heart shaped face, round shaped face, etc. and I don’t know what my face shape is and I don’t know how to figure it out. I want to be able to know what haircuts will look good on my before I go out and do it then hate it! So to have that in the book would be so fantastic.

    Second question is about makeup. How do you figure out what works best for your face color, eye shape, etc. I want to expand my knowledge of how to do makeup better on myself. I am not very savvy when it comes to that. So to have your help in your book would be amazing.

  • Amanda Ebersole

    I absolutely loveeee the cover!!! I ready the LA Candy series & loved all of them, once I heard you were continuing the series a bit, I got extremely excited!!! April cannot come soon enough!!! Congrats!

  • Jackie

    So excited about the Beauty book!! Can you talk about what type and Brand of foundation you use and how you apply it. And any tricks you have for concealing blemishes!!! Can’t wait for the beauty book to come out!!

  • ilovemakeup5

    YAY! I love the LA Candy series so I can’t wait for The Fame Game. I am equally, if not more, excited for your beauty book to be released. My biggest beauty concern is hereditary acne because I cannot seem to get rid of it and the vast amount of information out there seems to be so confusing and contradictory. Also, I am always interested in learning tricks/tips for making make up look as natural as possible especially for eye make up. I hate to look too made up.

    Happy writing, Lauren! :)

  • Melanie Thornton

    Would love love love advice on two things…
    1. creating magic with fine hair. where is it beautiful, it is not thick and flowing, hair bands dent it and styles are hard to maintain. Any suggestions… PLEASE!!!
    2. How to apply make-up for all day wear that still looks natural. Throughout the day it wears away and running to a dinner post work I alway slook weathered…

  • Esli van Westerop

    Hi Lauren,

    I would like to know how you can make a good smokey eye.. Because if they do it in tutorials I go always mis by me :(


  • laurenconrad love

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah can’t wait!!! I’m soooo excited! i have been waiting for sooo long to here this news! THE FAME GAME and LAUREN CONRAD BEAUTY!!! yes yes yes! :)

  • Sarah Heckle

    Love the LA Candy series — and so excited for your beauty book as well! I’mexcited to have some good reads coming up!

    Sarah at Tulle and Trinkets

  • Katie Nolan

    I loved your LA candy series :) they were a great read. I really hope you put non-animal tested products in the your beauty book, here’s a site with many products that are and aren’t tested on animals:

    Can’t wait for you new books :)

  • lauren keys

    my question is: for blondes who highlight their hair year round, how can they change it up to go darker for fall/winter months?


  • Dominika Pojtingerova

    Amazing news!!! I can wait when I buy your new books!!! The cover is perfect!!!

  • Sharareh Drury

    My biggest beauty question is about hair.

    I’m very interested in learning about different techniques and ways to approach having long, pretty hair.

    I’ve heard about everything from taking prenatal vitamins to keratin to just going and getting extensions or a weave.

    I’m honestly jealous of seeing celebs like Nicole Scherzinger or Kim Kardashian with their gorgeous locks…I’m sure part of it is fake/weave…but I’d love to know what it is they’re doing to maintain it?

    If you could answer this…and help give tips to make this all affordable, I’d be so grateful!!!

  • Willianne Smit

    Awesome! I really loved your book ‘Style’. Looking forward to your new book ‘Beauty’. Wow! Can’t wait :) Good luck!

  • Susanna Hall

    I’m so excited to get another piece of the LA Candy story! I can’t wait to read the Fame Game and find out more about Madison! I also hope that there will be some future books so we can check back in on Jane and Scarlett :) I’m also excited about the beauty book! I think some key basics are necessary like tips on eyeliner, mascara, how to properly blow dry, curl and straigthen your hair, morning and nighttime skin routines, safest ways to get a healthy looking tan, etc.

  • Elisee prummel

    this is amazing, i love all your books and i read them all!

    i’d love to see the products that you use and how?

    and i love to hear about your hair and skin care!

    you’re awesome!!

  • Alicia

    By the end of the day I always have a black line in my crease, from my eyeshadow and my eyeliner. How can I prevent this from happening?!? Please address this in your new book, which I cannot wait to buy :)

  • Sophie Turner

    AH! I’m too excited, my stack of your books is getting rather tall! My face doesn’t suit a braid at the front and I absolutely love that look!! Any tips? xXx

  • Kristin Albrecht

    what are some tricks i can use to style my short hair?

    I feel like it always looks the same because its so short and i never know what to do with it :(

  • Valley Fields

    Congrats on your newest book. Although I’m a Mom of a 16 year old daughter-I try to stay current on what the younger set is wearing. We both like your style. And have bought some of your collection at Kohls. I recently bought a red cami like top at Kohls for my daughter. She has Homecoming on Saturday and is going to be super busy. First going to pick up dates flower for his lapet, then on to hair and make up and finally back home to get dressed. Good Luck with your new book Lauren. Happy Halloween

  • Danielle Gray

    Hi Lauren, do you mind putting in your book how to take care of and style black textured hair please, it would mean so much to being biracal its hard to have someone who can help with my style hair all year round, I hope you say yes.

    Danielle XO

  • luiseth contreras

    heyyy congrats so happy 4u… well i have a question, the problem is how is the best way to reduce the eyes bag? and how to put proper make up? hpe you can help me.. Thanks and continue the good work πŸ˜‰

  • Rachael Moorhouse

    I am soooo excited to read your new book The Fame Game!! I have read the whole series and I wanna find out what’s next! :)
    I also have your Style book and that helped me a lot, so I will definitely be getting the Beauty book. My question is …. As a working college student, I can’t really afford MAC all year long, so what “”less expensive”” or cheap makeup do you suggest? Like what mascara, foundation, blush, lipstick, etc. that I can find at Target or the drugstore.

  • danielle haines

    I’m almost at 50 subscribers! I only need 15 more will you please help me out?

  • Lauren Hardt

    I have the followin skin care questions:

    1. I have some subtle freckles that I love to shine through with some shear make-up. But, I end up putting on a lot of concealor to cover up red spots, which covers the freckles. Any tips?

    2. I have dark spots (melasma) around my eyes from too much sun exposure. Most concealors do not cover this up adequately. Should I just learn to live with it or is there a product you recommend?

    3. By the end of the day my bronzer has turned slightly orange. I use fairly expensive/good quality make-up products, but have difficulty finding a shade that will stay the same color throughout the day.

    Thank you! I can’t wait to have some help with this!


  • Marine Boussage

    Can’t wait to read ‘Beauty’ and ‘The Fame Game’ πŸ˜€

  • danielle haines

    I’m trying to get my beauty channel out there because I am about to have a giveaway and I dont have that many subscribers! Please sub to my channel and follow me on twitter it would mean the world to me seriously. It really really really would. thank you so much.

  • Ali Stevens

    i would definitely like to know how you apply liquid liner without it looking like a 3 year old do it! i CANNOT wait for this book!!

  • DMichelle

    Cover looks great! Can’t wait to continue reading the series. Here are a couple hair questions?

    How does one get great wavy looking long hair that holds its shape without having a stylist do it and without taking 30 minutes to do?

    With my straight and only semi-thick hair, I’ve been trying to find a way to (quickly) make my hair wavy and professional looking. Do those “” wave wands”” actually work?

  • Kelly Limon

    OMG a beauty book… how exciting!! You always look flawless and I cannot wait to read all about your beauty secrets! :-)

  • Jessica Kutok

    Wow awesome Lauren! Very proud of you!!!!!

    My beauty question would be HOW in the world do you get ur mascara to NOT smudge half way through the day??? At around 12 o clock in my work day, I always end up looking like I just had a night of binge drinking. HELP!:(


  • Stefanie Ioannides

    I have a really hard time covering up my dark circles. I know you talked about it in Style, but I would love if there were pictures or a step-by-step guide on how to. Also I have white heads and I wonder if there’s anything I can do to cover them up better without looking caked?

    Thanks :)


  • Carolyn Drover

    The book cover looks amazing! Love the black and pink :)

    My beauty questions…
    1. How do you keep a flawless summer glow year-round?
    2. Remedies for puffy eyes/dark under eye circles?
    3. What are some tips to keeping your hair healthy and shiny?

  • Janelle McNeal

    I am stumped as to how to do the perfect smoky eye! Can you provide pics as well as a step by step guide. Thanks! :)

  • paula volpato

    Hiii Lauren I would love to hear about your daily care with hair, skin and it would be great if you could list your favorite products!! Thank you and congrats!

  • ElEhYouAreEh

    Hi Lauren,

    I’m SO excited about this news!! I did a little dance at my desk at work

    My question for you is: I have a bad habit of biting my nails, I was wondering if you have any great (and cheap) tips for breaking this habit.

    Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get The Fame Game and Beauty when they come out.

  • Gwen Teixeira

    I am so excited for the new Novel and the beauty book :) I already have all of your other books and can’t wait or the new ones.

    My beauty question is how to do your hair and makeup whenyou are running late? Like when you woke up a little late and now you are in a hurry to go to work or school.

    Because I am always late. I need to work on this.


  • Madison Mitchell

    Hi, Lauren! For one, pumped for the new book. And two, as far as questions go, I’m always wondering how to keep my skin looking fresh and flawless. I’m a college student, and stress a lot, making my face break out and my pores huge. I’m always looking for new facial products, and I’d love to know what you would recommend. Thanks so much!

  • Jocelynn Faye Sagh

    Lauren I would like to know how or what i can use to clean my mark. makeup brush set, any tips? also skin care tips, the weather causes my face to be oily.

  • Alicia k

    YAYYYYYY!!! I was just wondering the other day when you were going to come out with the new novel!! I can’t wait to read it. I read the LA Candy series and loved it so I’m really looking forward to reading The Fame Game. Also can’t wait to get Lauren Conrad Beauty. LOOOOOVVVVED Style, it is definitley one of my fave books of all time!!! It really gave me great ideas and advice on how to update my look!! I hope you go on another book tour and come back to Kansas City. it was so exciting to meet you and I would love some more of my books to be signed!!!

  • Alba Cuci

    I’m super excited for both books. I’d love your advice on doind that flawless eye liner which you seem to have perfected.

  • ElEhYouAreEh

    I just thought of another question that has been bugging me lately.

    When I wake up in the morning my hair is always staticy and frizzy. I have wavy/straight hair and use a gentle shampoo/conditioner plus John Freida Frizz Ease but I can’t get rid of this (all year long) static! It makes me feel unkempt. Any advice on this would be wonderful.

    Thank you.

  • Cupcakegirl

    Please write about nail care! your nails are always so cute, how can we upkeep ours?

    Also, hair care for growth?

    So excited for your new books!

  • Theresa Gonzalez

    Ahh! This is amazing news! Congrats!! I can’t wait for it!

    One question I’ve been dying to have answered is what types of hairstyles and haircuts are good for your face shape?

  • Alaina Tarver

    I would like to know how to make my face look like it has color. I use plenty of bronzer and blush, yet I still feel washed out.

  • Anna-Frances Bainbridge

    The new cover looks fab :-) Id love some tips in your new book about how to keep blonde hair glossy and how you get such amazing natural looking highlights x

  • Jamie Holdeman

    I would love tips for eye makeup on deep-set eyes. Also, makeup and skin-care tips for very sensitive skin and skin conditions like psoriasis.

  • Allyson Kuentz

    Super excited for your new book! I would love tips for up-dos and maintaining curly hair. I have curly hair and absolutely love it. Some people try to hide it, I own it and would love creative ways to show it off!

  • Ellie

    Yay! so excited! In lauren conrad beauty, could you do somehting about makeup/hairstyles that suit different coloured eyes and hair! :) that’d be awesome, thankyou xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lauren Hoffman

    How about some tips on taking work day time make up to a great night look without having to redo your entire face?

  • Melissa Martin

    LOVE the cover, can’t wait to see what Madison is up to, I love to hate her haha. So excited about the Beauty book too!! I guess mymain question would be on hair, I chopped mine off and now it just wont grow, what can I do to help it along, and what might be causing lack of growth. THANKS!

  • Izzy Feeney

    Oh wow, Style was amazing so I’m very excited for Beauty πŸ˜€ I’d just want to know how you get your hair to look like that! :’) It’s always really healthy looking and perfect! But congrats on the new books, I CAN’T WAIT!

  • Sonia Kim

    i’m always in awe of how celebrities keep their hair in such good condition! what is your secret with perfectly smooth hair? do you use treatments or is it just a matter of not doing a million processes to your hair?

  • FlipFlopGurl

    Cool cover! Congrats on the new book! I would love to hear some advice for dealing with acne. So many girls and women suffer from this. Some advice and make up tips would be great. Not just covering that one zit but for those that have serious acne and want a natural make up look while healing. Thanks!!!

  • Karolina Cz

    Oh Lauren I love it ! I would love to know something about Home Mani/Pedi, products such as e.g.cuticle oil? Everything skincare and haircare will do and make it personal not general, as you always look so glowing I want to steal you so you can make my days better !
    AND your favourite nailpolishes ! (but don’t say “”nude”” or “”red””, you know what I mean :)) take care and can’t wait for the books !

  • Caroline Paredes

    So excited and looking forward to your beauty book! IT will be a lot of help too!

  • Marissa Parra

    im so excited for the new book! ive read all of them and i cant wait for the new one to hit stores! :)

    im also excited about the new beauty book you are working on….one of the questions i’ve always had is about the liquid eyeliner and the different styles there are to eyeline the upper part of the eyes and which style would look better with certain type of eyes. (:

  • Michelle LaPorte

    AHH!! So excited!!

  • Vanessa Orozco

    I’m so excited!! I am in an upcoming wedding and I want nice glowy/tan skin without having to shell out the big bucks to get my body professionally tanned. what are some tips to make my skin look perfect on that day? Thanks!!

  • Hanna Ollivier de Leth

    I really like the idea of reading both of those books! About Beauty, I would like some advice about how to you use your base, foundation, concealer, powders, bronzers and blushes in the right way and a clear explanation of them all, that would be very helpful! :-)

  • FlipFlopGurl

    Now that I think about it, it might be nice to have a chapter that addresses special skin concerns. I mentioned acne but maybe also covering birth marks, leg imperfectons, psoriasis, etc. I know you will do a great job!

  • Emilee Smith

    I can wait for the new book being that I lover your style book! My questions would pertain to natural red hair, how to maintain and highlight it. Also how to maintain curly hair, the best cuts and such. How to treat dry scalp and skin. How to get rid of blackheads and lastly how to get rid a frizz. Looking forward to the book!

  • Christine Rosko

    I loved the LA Candy novels so much and can’t wait for the new one! I also have Style and love it.

    Question: I have really fine hair but it’s also thick and get’s frizzy really easy. I have a really hard time finding products that will control the rough texture without weighing down my hair. Any styling tips or products for this problem would be amazing!

  • Michele Savinsky

    Congrats on your new book. Hi Lauren, I think you have the most gorgeous mane of hair, can you share your favorite shampoos, conditioners and hair masks? How often do you trim your hair? And do you wear tape in extensions off and on? Do you give your hair a break from the tape in extensions too? Love you girl

  • Lauren Dumas

    I am not sure if this qualifies as a beauty question but can you give tips getting smooth legs even in the winter?

  • Janine B.

    Lauren, what a great idea..there is such a need for a GOOD beauty book, something that is more in depth than the average beauty book. I have done my research, and what I have found is lacking in the books out there is when the makeup artist does a “”look””, they never share exactly WHAT products were used. So you basically have to go out and find similar products, which doesn’t always work out. Any way you can do this in your book with out making any sponsors upset? :)

    Janine B.

  • Janine B.

    or should you just start your own beauty line too!!! :)

  • Ashley Ball

    How do you curl your hair? It looks more wavy than curled. Mine always comes out way too curly, I like how yours looks natural. How do you do it!? XOX

  • Kate Gallagher

    like the cover….I think making it black was a good choice.

  • Brooke Bailey

    Congrats! Thats very exciting :-)

    Q: Whats your go to skin moisturizer and foundation? your skin always looks so flawless! Do you ever run into skin issues?

  • Laura Pifer

    skin is a great one because most girls/women will deal with it at one point or another (acne, uneven skin tone, ect.). Most girls are a fan of your hair styles so that would be great, just different styles that are easy to do…I also like your eye makeup…the liquid liner on top…how to perhaps do that! I have longer hair like yours and just fun tips on styling it without spending much time…

  • Kellie Norton

    AHHH!!! Lauren this is so exciting!! Congratulations!!! I’m so excited to add these books to my Conrad Collection :) April is too far away but I’m still so excited!! CAN’T WAIT :)


  • Lindsey Rosati

    The L.A. Candy series were so fun to read, and I’m excited for your new book. Also, the cover is awesome… I’m a graphic designer and I love the clean looks that still pack a punch and the cover art is so cool!

    I also have a question for your upcoming Beauty book… I have long natural curly hair and I always have trouble finding new ways to style my hair and I always have trouble. All my friends have straight hair and they style their hair so cute with side braids, etc. Do you or your team have any tips or ideas?!

    Thanks :)

  • Emily Hannah

    My question for the beauty book is how to (i know many people don’t like them) take care of your feet. I hate mine and im sure i am not alone in this. I would love some tips on how to take care of them, and which are the best spa treatments and lotions for them. I want advice on making them love fab for the summer seasons, and to not be showing cracked heels :-)

  • LuLu

    There is nothing I don’t love about this entire post! Congratulations on your new books Lauren!

    I am especially excited about Beauty! I am always looking for how to do a MILD smokey eye, how to do new and fun low up-dos, and hw to add something special and new to everyday looks!

    Can’t wait to add these books to my library!

    -LuLu :)


  • Samantha Luciano

    Can’t wait! <3

  • Andrea Alvarez

    lauren im so excited for this book! i loved your last one. so here are some of my ideas of what i think you should put in your book!

    1. how to blow dry hair! i knoww drying straight hair and curly hair are different. i need help!!! real professional tips on how to seperate the hair into sections, which diirection to bloww dry the hair, and how to create tension.

    2. the versace blow dry is the most beautiful hair i have seen that would go great for daytime and nighttime. its clean, chic, and sexy. i would like to know how to achieve that with exactly what products for my hair type (latina curly)

    3. tips for a foot facial! i always take care of my face but my feet get such a beating day to day i would love to know real rituals i can do to make the apperance of my feet improve. texture and tone wise of the skin.

    4. what are some chic wet hair styles? i sometimes have no time to do my hair. all i can do is take a shower, put on my clothes, but there is no time for me to blowww dry my hair. i am no a fan of the scrunched hair look because my curls are tight so my hair gets very short. i desperatly need help for this and im sure many other curly girl haired girls have this issue. we dont feel as confident if we have frizzy curly hair.

    thank you lauren for everything and best of look to your new books!!!

  • Robin

    I am always thinking about what color to paint my nails and what colors are appropriate for what event or situation (weddings, interviews). Also, if acrylic nails are good/bad for you.

  • Katie

    What are products that you really need to invest in, and which ones can you get away with not spending as much?

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    For your beauty book….anything about acne. The best foundations/concelears to use. How to get rid of it or the best way to care for it. Things like that! Congrats on both books…i’m very excited!

  • Jessica Gyllenskepp

    omg! I’m SO exited! My question is: Can you show us how to make your face look thinner, more rounded, less rectangular or longer with make up ? That’s something I’ve always wondered because my face shape is round and I want it to look thinner or longer!! :)

  • Kimberly Pinney

    OMG Lauren I love the style book,and I cant wait for the beauty book to come out! Will that be out in april as well? Well I have tons of beauty questions.. One is the eyeliner, how do you do it? I just cant pull it off? Hair? how do u get the relaxed wavy curls? Just love them. What eye shadows do you use?

    Love ya


  • Emily Hanson

    I’d love more info on having healthy hair, basically what to do and not to do to maintain healthy hair :)

  • suzanne harlaar

    Yaay! πŸ˜€ I’m so excited, i’m gonna buy them both!
    Love you Lauren! <3

  • Melissa Panici

    Oh my god I am so excited about your new books Lauren!! This cover is beautiful:)Can’t wait to buy them!!! I’m so proud of you girl! I have a problem with little bumps on the back of my arms and would like to know how to keep your skin soft and smoothe. So I guess anything on skin care would be great! Also, how to keep your hair from breaking all the time! Thanks Lauren and I love you bunches!! xoxo

  • Julia Renkert

    Here’s a beauty question, how do you find the right shade of red lipstick for your skin tone? I’ve been wasting a lot of money because I keep buying the wrong shade :/

    Cup of Tea

  • Rachel Civ

    What a pretty cover!! And I’m so exited about your new book!!! I’m gonna but it for sure!

    I have naturally curly hair, and I’d love to know how to keep it without frizz and how to style it! Pleaaaase that would be so helpful!

    Thanks, Lauren! xoxo

  • Jennifer Sellen

    OMG this just made my day… i am so excited about your 2 books. i loved the LA Candy series i didn’t want it to end. and i absolutely loved your Style book. i can’t wait till your Beauty book comes out.

    i have a couple beauty questions:

    (1) i have blemishes on my cheeks and in between my brows. i try to cover it up with my foundation but by the end of the day it still shows through. what’s a good way to cover up blemishes??

    (2) how do you cover up dark circles?? i’ve used concealer but i don’t think i’m doing it right

  • Danielle van Balen


    My nails always break and are really soft. How can I make them stronger, and no longer have layers of my nails coming off?

    Xoxo, Danielle

  • Rachael Cunningham

    Questions!! <3

    what is your favourite liquid/gel/cream eyeliner?

    Do you use fake tan?

    How do you look after your hair?

    Do you have any special food things that you swear by to make your skin healthy ?

  • Katelyn Sheppard

    My question is how do u get ur hair to twist and come together in the back. I’ve tried and it always comes untwisted.

  • Amber Boo

    Hey Lauren,

    I have a few beauty questions.

    I’m a college student so I don’t get much sleep. Lately, I have circles under my eyes and I was wondering if there was anyway to make them less puffy and dark. I try to cover it up, but you can still tell.

    I love the way you do your eyeliner with the wing. I’ve tried to do that, but it always ends up looking different on one side. What’s your tip in getting the perfect winged look?

    Are there any tips on how to get wavy locks without spending too much time?

    Thank you so much!

    I can’t wait to get this book.

  • Liz

    Best makeup to use for oily skin?!

  • Katrina Rivera

    Although you don’t have curly hair, do you think you could write about how to manage curly hair/make the best out of it/keep it defrizzed in humidity. Basic stuff like that.

    Thank you <333

  • Diana Lopez

    So excited for your new book Lauren!

    But I want to know

    Thanks Lauren you

  • Catherine Jones

    Hi Lauren!

    I would love some tips on how to take a look (outfit, accessories, and makeup) from day to night easily. For we 9 to 5 girls always on the go, it’s sometimes hard to switch it up on a dime so we look work appropriate for day and happy hour appropriate for night without having to change the whole ensemble!

    Any help would be appreciated :)

  • Holly Benton

    Hey Lauren

    I have naturally very straight hair and it is very hard to curl, or even hold a curl. I was wondering if you have any tips or suggestions.

    Can’t wait for the Beauty book!

  • diana

    What can you do or which product can you use to get our eyelashes to grow back. MIne have been falling out like crazy and i have patches of missing eyeslashes.

    Advise anyone??

  • Sarah Childress

    How do you apply eyeliner and mascara on bottom lid/eyelashes without having it smudge under eyes. I always have it look like I’m a racoon or it’s completely worn off after a few hours.

  • Madison Buis

    I have really deep set eyes…

    What eye shadow can I use that will bring my eyes out and not get all smudged from my eyes being open all day?

  • Amanda DeWitt

    ahhh! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  • Diana Lopez

    No my message its not complete! My question was how to keep your hair shiny and strong, and also how to make it grow without spending too much!! Thanks Lauren!!

  • Elisabeth File

    wow I

  • Manrae

    would love to know what top coat ACTUALLY works to extend the life of your mani!

  • Amanda Lehrke

    Yayy this is so exciting!!! I cant wait!

    1. I’d like to know different ways to style hair without heat!

    2. How to get a FLAWLESS face! What products do you recommend that will cover any blemish?

    3. How to prevent mascara for smudging, I’m always getting racoon eyes!


  • Diamenrose

    My questions :

    whats the secret of healthy thick long hair? (everyone has different hair )

    Whats the secret of strong nails?

    What face products shouldn’t you use ? For example glycerin. Is it bad or not?

    Whats the best thing you can do to cover up a pimple ?

    What happens when you go out and your hair doesn’t look that neat anymore how you left your house? What comb should you use ?

    Why is bleaching soo dangerous. I think its important to clear that question :)

  • Elisabeth File

    wow I

  • Karleigh Sergio

    I have very few eyelashes and I wish I had more. Is there a way to have full lashes!? Serum, growth products, or magical mascaras?

    p.s I am very excited for your new books!

  • Nellushka


  • Paige Denis

    I’m so excited for Lauren Conrad: Beauty!

    You should include how to figure out what your skin tone/face shape is, and all the colors that go with certain skin tones and eye colors.

    Also, makeup! How to keep it on, what stuff clogs your pores, etc.

    Hopefully their will be a section on skin care; what ingredients are best in skin care products.

  • Laurie-Estelle Miquel

    Great i’m so excited for your new Book !!

    P.s : Lauren your books will never be in French ?

  • keys76

    awesome news!

    i’d love to know how to prevent/treat harsh razor burns in the bikini area


    how to get perfect wavy/tousled hair without it looking to ‘done up’


  • Keeler

    I love the cover of The Fame Game!


    Best way to do hair in 5 mins (running late sort of thing), unique ways to change up your make up (I am sick of doing the same thing every day, but not sure how else to do it), how to promote healthy skin (face and body), best products or routine for strong healthy nails.

    Thanks! Can’t wait for both books!

  • Edna Guzman

    Lauren, One thing i went craxy googling about you was your eyebrows. In laguna Beach they were waay thinner. I know you had a how to on style but how did you get them so thick? please be honest, even if you got the inplant hairs.

    also alot of your fans are short an curvy. Nobody ever writes about the style for us, can you help?

  • Giulia De Luca

    I MUST have ALL your books!!

  • Margaret Rose

    I woulod love to see more hair styles for shorter hair (mine usually chin to shoulder length and unfortunately not “”fun bun”” friendly)

    I would also like to see makeup to accentuate different parts of the face and how to match makeup to appropriate outfits/situations. I am an elementary teacher and am looking for functional ideas.

    Otherwise I love your books! They are fantastic!

  • Cheryl Lam

    Ah, this is amazing news. I’m so excited for your new books! I love your LA candy series :) and your style book, and now more books coming out by you! I can’t contain my excitement!

  • Johanna Thiessen

    i’m so excited! :) :) :) : ):) i would like to hear basic tips like how do you lighten up your hair natuarlly with things you probaly have already on hand and at home! :-) greets from germany! :)

  • luisina caceres

    Lauren! I wish your books would come to Argentina! Pretty please!

    my question:

    What is the best natural way to keep your hair blond?

    How can I improve the rosacea in my cheeks, is not bad I dont want it to get worse!?

  • Gina Oddi

    I would love to see you include all yout nail polish tips!!! I have loved all the manicures you have posted so far and to have those in a book would be amazing!!!

  • Karie Obremski

    THIS MADE MY DAY COMPLETELY!!! I love your L.A. Candy series and I keep ‘Style’ on my dresser! ‘Beauty’ will be so good, I cannot wait!!

    I guess I do have a few questions…

    What are the best hair remedies for after a high intensity workout? ; How much is too much /not enough when it comes to washing your hair?

    What is your go-to makeup item? ; What is one makeup item that can give someone a ‘glowing’ look with only a small amount of time to get ready?


  • Brittany Henry

    Lauren-Please include in your Friday Favorites or a quick tweet-What is your favorite, cannot live without brand of V-neck tees/tank tops?

  • Lauren.

    i know someone asked, but i abslolutely love love love wavy hair (like when you go the beach and its has that “”effortless”” look) but my hair is pin straght and i can never get anything to work. herbal essence “”tousel me softly”” doesnt work neither days crunch cream. if you could give a tip about that, i would lovee it, thankss

  • Leonore Jurado

    yay to new books! Congrats Lauren!!

    Questions that I find myself googling and with no real answers to..or atleast helpful do it yourself answers. For instance,

    -What to do when acne attacks your face? esp.cystic acne …how to treat it if you can without a dermatologist mainly because no medical insurance lol I sound so lame

    -What are beauty must-haves when it comes to budget…or a dupe list …I can understand if you cant list brands in your book but if you could…provide a Dupe List…for those who cant afford the big dept. store brands. Or possibly a list of looks that can be achieved by using simple items…a fresh look, evening look, etc. I’m sure you will have something like that have it on your site as it is. I’d like to be able to own it though. or even some info like Kevin Aucoin has in his books.

    I can’t wait to see what information you put together and share

  • Katya Shields

    I absolutely LOVE your style book and use it all the time so am very very excited for your beauty one πŸ˜€

    i would love to know if you know of any home-made face masks as all the ones i’ve tried from stores have made my skin worse :/ Also, i would like to know how to highlight cheekbones?? As mine do not have much definition naturally and so would like to know how makeup can emphasize them more :)

    Thank you πŸ˜€

  • Christina Lo

    Some beauty concerns.

    I have really oily skin, so are there any ways to keep my make-up intact the whole day? ‘Cause it usually seems to melt off by noon.

    Also, I find it on really sunny days, my foundation actually turns a few shades darker.

    And how to keep red lipstick on the whole night.

    And since I have a lot of hair, and long hair too, how to keep it healthy and still full of life…and I don’t know if it’s just my hair, but my hair gets tangled really easily!

    Thanks, Lauren! :)

  • SeaAnna Gibson

    Ahhh I am SO excited!! So my questions tend to usually be about hair. I know that you used to color your hair really light “”back in the day”” and I am definitely guilty of bleaching my hair. My natural color is extremely similar to yours, so I’m wondering how you did the transition from light to darker without the dreaded dark on top and light halfway down your head look. Do you have any suggestions for going back to your natural color a little more seemlessly than just going cold-turkey?

    Also, I’m sure you have gotten this commercial a million times… but I remeber the season in The Hills when you cut your hair short – so I know you had to battle with growing your hair out at one point. Do you have any tips to make your hair grow faster?

    Thank you SO much for considering my questions, I think it’s so sweet that you asked us what we want to see in your new book.

  • Kayla Nace

    Yay! SO SO excited for this book to come out!

    -i have red hair and pale skin. I’m good with day to day looks that compliment my skin tone but when I want to go a little more dramatic for night, I’m clueless! I feel like all color is just too much for my skin tone to handle. Any suggestions?

    -How many times a day should you wash your face? I find myself washing in the morning and night always. But, if i take a shower in the middle of the day or at night before going out I feel like I should wash my face too. Is this too much?

  • Stephanie

    Could you include a section on skin care products and makeup for different skin types?

  • Jennifer P

    I’m super excited about the beauty book!!! YAY : )

  • Amy S

    I am very excited about you new books! I can’t wait to buy them when they come out! A few beauty realted problems I have come across are, how to really master that daytime cat eye without looking trashy and hair ideas that can accomadate people with thin hair.

  • Agata Kalinowska

    I’m so glad that you are writing new books! I literally absorbed LA candy series and Stylebook and I still want more! I would love to read how to do eye-make up. It is quite ridiculous question, but my eyes are deeply embedded and my lids are fully hidden when I open my eyes and everything that I have on them is gone after an hour or less. Eyeliner, eyeshadows etc..nothing works. Any advice? :)

  • Michela Garau

    OMG!!! It’s a wonderful news, I can’t wait to have both books.

    In Lauren Conrad Beauty I would read how to use make up to hide the big size of my nose. It isn’t long, but it is large

  • Crystal Cierlak

    Cannot wait for a beauty book! I’d love it if Style were available to read on my iPad. I bet the photos would just pop.

    One of my biggest beauty problems is broken capillaries under the skin/roseacea and acne scars. I’d like to see something about that in your new book.

  • Deany

    Oh em gee, I’m so excited! :)

    In Lauren Conrad Beauty I would love to see some answers about repairing your hair, prevent split ends and stuff like that! That would be awesome! Thanks! :)

  • Laura Tolstrup

    Curls! I would love some text about how to get the different styles and whats best for your hair!

  • Morgan Janes

    so excited for the new books!!! could you add a section about what specific brands of shampoo and conditioner would be good for various hair types? thanks! i cant wait!!

  • Lauren Orlowski

    I can’t wait for the new beauty book to come out! I think a section about different types of skin care products and thier benefits, would be great! Also maybe in the book there can be some recipes to make homemade facial masks.

  • samah AS

    so exciiiiited! can’t wait to read them! xoxo

  • samah AS

    and love love the cover it’s so pretty! xo

  • Yaz

    When I read about the beauty book I litterally screamed ! I love the idea! And the fact that we can throw in requests is just amazing! I was wondering if you could write about how to do the signature lauren conrad braid, how to file nails ( because I am horrible at it ) how to take care of your hair and the products that don’t damage your hair.

  • Callie Fried

    When does the beauty book come out? I’m going to order the style book so i might as well get both. So excited

  • Claudia Wollnik

    I love your books!

    I’m so excited to read the new ones.

  • Isabella

    Great!! This is so amazing!

    My question is this: how do you moisturize your hair without making it greasy? I’ve tried only washing it every other day but the top of my head gets very greasy when I do that. I’ve tried the Label M leave in conditioner – which is the most expensive I’ve ever gone with hair products – and I get my hair cut every six weeks but it still doesn’t seem to work. Any other products? I’m willing to pay for an expensive product because it’s gotten so out of control. I appreciate everything! And anyone else who happens to read this and wants to offer advice, don’t hesitate to message me! Thanks!

  • Sabiii.R

    I can’t wait to see the Beauty book :) I would love to see how to do beautiful hair in the morning before leaving for school :)

  • mika

    So excited! For the beauty book it would be awesome if you could incorporate healthy snacks and meals to eat on a daily basis.

  • DancesWithHooves

    Oh, how wonderful! I haven’t bought Style yet but I’ve had it on my wishlist for quite some time now! What has kept me from purchasing it is that many of the pieces suggested are way out of my price range. Hence, my main request is that your Beauty book offer cheaper, “”drugstore”” alternatives to any pricier products you may recommend.

  • KatieSaysThis

    WOW!!Thats two things added to my wishlist:) I can’t wait to see what Madison gets up to next!I’d love to see similar things to what you put on because they are always helpful:) xo

  • Jessica Rice

    I can’t wait!!!:)

  • michelle cannizzaro

    Yay! So excited :-)

  • Maeve Aquino

    Hey Lauren!

    So I always have a major problem of keeping my skin moisturized but at the same time not greasy…I end up having parts of my face be oily, especially my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin and then I’ll have random dry patches. Do you have any reccommendatons or any products and routines that work really well?! Thanks!

  • Shellz

    yayy! this is sooo exciting! i cant wait for the beauty book!

  • Anne Mc Gilligan

    Any tips on how to apply natural makeup in the morning before school when I’m in a rush?? Xx

  • Kiwi

    How do you make beach waves that last all day long?

    What are some fun nail polish designs?

    How to make a school outfit fasionable?

    How to put on makeuo for a school day?

    Lots of easy and quick hairstyles! (I love changing my hair but I wish they would show pictures instead of words!

    How to chose the perfect lipgloss or lipcolor?

    How to get the perfect smile? (White teeth and perfect lips)

    How to get tanned, moisturized skin?

    Keeping curls for thick hair lasting all day!

    **And I think you should add some excercise routines to get a perfect body! Especially for summer! That’s considered beauty, right???***

    Can’t wait for the book! Totally buying it!

  • Misha

    Congrats on the great success! As for the Beauty Book I would love to see some info regarding vitamins and which ones really make a difference. For instance is it really worth it to take vitamins to strengthen hair… The second topic I would love to see covered is advice on timeless wardrobe staples. Which items do you feel every gal should be willing to spend money on? Can’t wait!

  • sarina ramos

    Aw! I’m super excited for you Lauren! There is ONE ultimate thing I really would love to read about in your new book your writing! I want you to do a page on how to get that “”surfer girl look”” I want to know everythig from makeup to hair; the “”sunkissed skin”” to the beachy girl color! I would love to hear your tips on that!


  • makeupfaerie14

    Could you have a section for natural/organic makeup and beauty?, those are the only ones I use. I have you style book and love it so much! I know your book will be amazing, I’d really like to see hair tutorials , and makeup.

  • Dee

    HI Lauren!

    Can you please make sure to cover other ethnicites :)

    That would be greatly apprecited. Your fans come in all shapes and shades πŸ˜‰

  • Emily.

    You should add how to apply eyeliner! I am so terrible at it. Your eyeliner looks amazing in the Style book, but I don’t know how to even apply it well.

  • Jess
  • veronicag

    How to have more hair volume with thin long hair ! Omg i am so excited for that beauty book :) Youre style book was amazing! I used it all the time for advices

  • Veronique Hoang

    I’d like to know more about DIY face and hair masks.

    And I agree with ”how to apply eyeliner”…I still can’t manage to do that.

    I’m so excited about this book! :)

  • Marie

    Yes! I am so excited for your new books! In your beauty book (or for, I would love you to show some tricks to go from summer to winter in terms of hair and makeup. What I mean is that you can’t have summer ways and a tanned glow all year, especially when you are not tan. :) I am totally goint to buy both books!

  • Jeni Jones

    Sooo excited! :)

  • Naomi Gunn

    Could you please add something about hair removal tips. It’s my biggest bet peeve and I can’t seem to get a straight answer about it. Thank u. xx

  • Brittany M

    I have natural, almost-platinum blonde hair that is extremely fine. What are some products I can use to get some volume without making my hair look greasy? And any tips for applying eyeliner and which eyeliner tips are always helpful. =)

  • Michelle Sampson

    I agree with how to apply eyeliner, both liquid and otherwise. Also how to rock lipstick if you don’t have the whitest teeth in the world. andd the best ways to cover a blemish well!

  • Heather Warner

    Hi Lauren!

    This is really exciting! I cannot wait for either book to be released! I would love to know how to get my loose curls to stay. I always end up with one side looking amazing and the other side- well… looks like I forgot to curl it. Also, how can I pick out what blush is best for me? I do not have the natural California glow, as I live in Washington. I want my blush to give my face some color. Thank you, Lauren! I live by your beauty details! :)))

  • ana mantovani

    Love the cover!!!!!! So pretty!

  • Hallie Goehner

    I’m soooo glad that you’re doing a beauty book! You have no idea how glad I am!

    I would love to learn how to take care of my nails better, I’d love to learn how a proper diet can affect your appearence (i.e. skin, hair etc.) and definitey how to maintain long hair.

  • Eugenia Morgado

    I would love to get some specificantions about hair care (with recommended products) for different types of hair. Mine is wavy and I live in the north of South America, so pretty much all year round is summer time. I would love to get some tips related to this

  • Christie Ou Yang

    Hi Lauren!

    I can’t wait to read your beauty book! I hope you could include how to stand out at all times (beauty-wise). for example – how’s your everyday like? what to eat/do for exercise/ stay fit/ etc… to shape who you are? bc you’re by far the most stunning girl I admire! :)

    Thank you πŸ˜€

  • Maryse P

    Hi Lauren!

    Love the new cover of your book, can’t wait to read it. I read your last book in one night! I also can’t wait for you beauty book.
    I want to know if you can include a section on how to add volume to hair (after washing) I find mid-day my hair starts to look flat on the top (whether I straighten, blow dry or curl).

    Much love xox!

  • Katie Reeder

    So excited about the new beauty book, can’t wait to find out when it’ll be out! And as far as questions for it I would really love some no-heat inspired hair ideas, and also tips on how to get your hair back to good health after it’s been heat-damaged. I just like to give my hair a break from all the straightening and curling for a couple weeks here and there but I haven’t had much luck finding natural hairstyles that look nice and put together.


  • Chastity Martin

    Hi Lauren,

    Any advice you can give on this subject is much appreciated, but my big problem would be finding the right hairstyle for different face shapes. I have a round face and have been getting “”a lob”” (according to Instyle hair) for my cuts. I saw a pic. of you in a magazine about a year ago with a style that I really liked and tried and got a lot of compliments.


  • Jaki

    I would really love to know about your day-to-day routines. What you do to get yourself going in the morning, how you wind down at night, tips you have for our routines, etc.

  • kiley hunter

    Hey Lauren! So excited about Your new beauty book coming out! Make sure to add how to do a smokey eye (evening and day time) if you can and of course your signature liquid eye liner wing :) I have most of your dresses from your kohls line and I am saving up money to buy something from your Paper Crown line. Your work is incredible and it would make me the happiest girl in the world if you would respond to this :) I am 16 years old and I live in Arizona. I think you are so naturally beautiful and i wish i was even half as pretty as you! Thank you so much for being such a huge inspiration in my life!

  • Mariella

    Hi Lauren!

    I’m still shocked!! I love your books, I have all the novels and also the Style book. I find it hard to get because in my country Argentina are not on sale so when I go on vacations to the US I go shopping to the nearest bookstore!

    I’m glad you keep writing, you do really well. I imagine each character,place and situations as if I were there. And your Style book helps me every day for any occasion, I have it on my night table!

    And now comes a new book!I would like to find on it makeup tips, how to apply a base correctly, such as giving light to the face, the different types of skin tones, how to care it. Also tricks to give volume to the hair and lasts all night without crushing! Ah!and other basic clothing that can be tailored for different events!


  • Maria Abbruscato

    OMG!!!!!! Lauren congratulations!!!! First of all your my role model in life and I love you so much! And style was the best book I’ve ever read! I still refer to it often! I am so excited for Beauty! May God bless you forever :)

  • Samantha Pongia

    I’d love to know how to freshen your makeup when you don’t have time to completely re-do it. I am often in this predicament when I am in school all day and then want to go out without getting all made up all over again but I often look like I am just caking on the face!

    Also, for a fashion random question. How could I manage to look cute in college without looking like I’m trying to hard? My school is a place where sweats take over and so I dont want to stick out like a sore thumb but the sweatshirts day to day are dull!

    So excited for your new book!!

  • shaylyn

    Hi! I can’t wait to read the beauty book! Something that I’d like help with is ways to feel most beautiful because even in my best outfit sometimes I just don’t feel as good as I’d like to, Thanks for the consideration!!

  • Magi Salinas

    Can’t wait to get the books! Can you help out with some ideas for girls with thin hair? Like how to make it look thicker and fuller and hairstyles? Thanks Lauren.! <3

  • lex

    yay! im very excited about the beauty book! i would really like to have some more ideas for how to fix my hair. I have long, mildly curly hair and don’t know a lot of ways to fix it

    good luck!

  • Lyndsey Marie

    LAUREN!! so so so excited about the beauty book. i love your style book! i will be getting the beauty one THE day it comes out!! one thing i know i always look for is beautiful every day make-up. would love to see how you would achive that look.

  • Greta Gabriel

    Ahhh I’m so excited for your new books!!

    I was wondering what I can do with my hair when I have little time to do it in the morning. I always end up putting it in a bun because it is fast and easy, but not the most attractive. Any solutions?

  • Laura Jewison

    One of my favorite things to use is baby powder on my roots between shampoo’s, very inexpensive and quick, my hair looks clean and fresh! Would love to hear more on how to keep hair fresh looking between shampoos.

    Another is nail polish, and inexpensive one that I use is Avon Nailwear in Tweed, does not chip easily and is less than 5.00 per bottle. Also love there UV guard top coat!

    Also a question would be how often can u color your hair using dye from a department store and doing it at home.



  • Katie Brougher

    Lauren you are honestly the best!! One thing I would love to know is how to get over biting your nails and how to get them to grow long and healthy I’m so excited for your new book! and your beauty book I have your style book i adore it!! Love you lauren!

    <3 Katie

  • Suzany Komoda

    What’s the secret to have wavy hair like you have on Kohl’s Spring 2010 pictures (especially in the one with the black boyfriend blazer)?? Could you do some tutorial??

    btw, you are amazing! =)

  • Chantele Robinson

    I am so so excited for you new book Beauty. I’m also asking for your series for Christmas this year. My question would be: I have really long eye lashes and when I put mascara on it looks creepy, so what would be the best way for me to make my lashes stand out more besides their length?

  • Katherine Kugelman

    Hey Lauren!

    I have really thick hair, and sometimes it is such a pain to style. I have had my hair highlighted, colored, cut, styled, everything you could imagine to my hair, so it’s got some damage. I have used different shampoos, and found they worked for only so long. I used to use this Shampoo/Conditioner set called Mane and Tail Shampoo. I recently started using it again, and fell in love with it. My hair has never felt so soft and smooth, and I am using the detangler too. But since my hair has grown out, it’s also going flat. Any ideas on a fresh new do, that I could get where I can keep my hair soft and shiny with this shampoo/conditioner set, but also get the volume back in my naturally thick hair? I’ve tried all sorts of cuts and styles, and I really need something new!

    Thanks! :)


  • Katie Bettelyoun

    I really like the cover of the book!

  • jazmin lopez

    I loved Style and im sure beauty is going to be just as great! I have a few questions..

    I’d love to know how to curl hair, my curls never seem to hold :/

    Also, How to use a curling wand?

    Any simple up-do’s?


  • Sarah Taub

    Lauren! I am totally totally wondering how to do the perfect blow out, with any specific products? And also, I have pretty curly hair so would it be different for my texture? Thank you so much, beautiful! :)

    -Sarah <3

  • Casey G.

    I own every single one of your books and will definitely be picking up these two when they come out! Counting down the days. I would love if you could do a section or chapter on how to rock the “”natural”” look. When I’m running to class I don’t always have time to get my eyes and lips absolutely perfect, but I still want to look put together and pretty- and as a California girl, you pull off that laid-back, yet sophisticated style so well!

    I have a huge favor to ask of you- PLEASE do a book tour and make a stop in NY! I couldn’t make your last signing because of college and to this day I am still upset about it.

    Looking forward to reading the books and hopefully getting to see you on tour!


  • Janice Guan

    omg i can’t wait for Lauren Conrad Style!!! i still haven’t had a chance to read your novels yet but i’ve been wanting to for SO LONG! for your new book, you should include all of your favorite makeup and hair products! your daily routine! πŸ˜€ can’t wait! <3

  • Nicole Rutledge

    I would absolultly love to see in the book, how to get your red carpet dewy/glowy makeup look! You always look so bright and youthfull! I was at your Dallas Barnes and Noble signing the last time you were there and i doubt you remeber me haha but i was the one asking you about all the make up you wear! ( And i was also showing you my vintage chanel bag, that i got at a thrift store!) But i would love to see how you get your beautiful glow!

    Nicole :)

  • ana mantovani

    I would like to know how to maintain the same hair color even when you only diyed or make hightlights on the root.

    Thank you! Hope to learn from this book as much as the Style one.

  • Joanne Kim

    sounds gr8!

    Lauren, for your beauty book, you should include quick hairstyles for those who want to keep their look updated but dnt have much time, or some hair tutorials for more formal events. Also, maybe share your skincare regimen w/ us. Oh, btw, will you be holding a book signing for The Fame Game?

  • Ashley Dodge

    Congrats on your books!! I read the LA Candy series and loved it:)

  • Nina Kallas

    I’m so excited! I can’t wait until it comes out! yayyyyy:-)

  • Lourdes Montoya

    Hi Lauren,Thanks for giving us this big opportunity to ask you about our concerns,you are my role model,and I like everything you wear,you have an awesome taste in clothes,shoes,purses etc.I just have two questions,first one is about my hair,unfortunately I have curly hair(is pretty but I like more staight hair)so I get stress because I can’t fix my hair,I only use a ponytail and I’m tired of using it so what products do you recommend me that can help me wear my hair without a ponytail and doesnt look messy and my second and last question is about my skin,I remove the hair of my legs with an electric razor after that it appears a little bit of allergy so do you know how I can make it dissappear from my skin.

    Sorry for this long message,by the way I’m definitely going to buy those books,I have all of your books,only the one of Style I don’t have it :( I hope I get it soon :) Take care Lauren,God bless you! XOXO πŸ˜‰

  • Christina Greiner

    I’m having a hard time with my hair. I’ve long hair but it’s very thin and straight. Curling it for example takes first of all forever and second the curls won’t really last for long. Same with updos. Because my hair is so thin they look aweful. I wish I had as thick hair as you do !!

    Any updos or ideas how I can style my hair even if I have thin hair?

    Xo Christina

    PS: Or and in the winter my hair gets static all the time. Is there a trick to prevent this?

  • Liz Ashbaugh

    I can’t wait for the new Beauty book! The Style book inspired me so much to try new things with fashion and makeup, so I am excited to see what the new one will bring! I would love step-by-step tutorials on your favorite hair and makeup styles… including how to work with different skin and hair types. For example, I have fair skin and fine hair, so a lot of the things that work great for you (with your sun-kissed looking skin and thick, long, gorgeous hair) don’t work as well for me without a little extra help. Can’t wait!!!

  • saynur isaret

    Hi , I want to read your book but Turkey(in Istanbul) haven’t your books I can’t find your books but realy want to read :( When come in Turkey your books ?

  • Sheila Christie

    omg! i cant wait for it! i really like your style, your book, and the novels..! they’re easy to read, fun, inspiring and make me feel more beautiful… i visit your website everyday and also thebeautydept. its so inspiring.. im waiting for the new update and ideas from you everyday.. ure so creative and inspiring.. thank you for that..
    cant wait for your new book coming! soo excited!

  • veerletje

    please put some tutorials in the book for people with short to shoulder length hair. Would be great! Very excited for the book!

  • Ms. NC

    Hi Lauren,

    V. Excited about the new beauty book, I loved Style. I have a few beauty questions:
    1. What do you recommend to minimise a breakout?
    2. How do you stop dry skin from affecting your foundation?
    3. How to minimise/aid bags underneath the eyes?
    4. What foods would you recommend the boost/repair the skin?
    5. I know from the Beauty Department website that you sometimes make your own masks/conditioners? I would love to see that in the new book.

    Sorry for the list but sure most of this will be covered in your book!


  • Anastasiya Shinkarenko

    Hi Lauren. What can you advice to do with thin hair?

    Can i bought your books in some on-line store?


    Yes !

    I love the cover.

    One question, consider you to translate your books ? In french for exemple !!!

  • Koceva Tamara

    WOW! This sounds amazing! I would like to see some advices about hair care, because your hair looks amazing! I would also like to see some creative ideas about skin care, and creative tips for manicure…. Thank you soo much for giving us a chance to be a part of your book, you care so much about us and what we say!

    P.S The cover of The Fame Game looks aaamazing!!!!

  • Eliza Supe

    It is a great accomplishment. It should be amazing feeling to have your own books published and sold as bestsellers. Congratulations!

    I would love to read about meduim lenght hairstyles as i had short hair and now i am trying to grow them longer again. And this moment in between is really annoying as i cant do much with them but if i let them as they are i dont feel beautiful. Right now i can take them in little ponnytail in back but it has to be low that hair above my neck do not come out. :) I dont know how to explain it in English correctly but i hope you understood. When this book will be published my hair will be longer but as i like to experiment with my hair once in 10 years πŸ˜‰ i believe this will be actual after some time also.

    Have a nice day!

  • Marie Luise

    You once said in an interview that you are wearing extensions. And i would love to know who your hair looks so healthy with extensions in it and how they are fixed, because i heard a lot about good ways to fix them and bad ways. Here in germany they have only three ways to fix them i think. In a ‘afroshop’ they braid them in, in a cheap hairdressershop they weld (? is that the right english word?) them in and i read something about ultrasonic, but i don’t know how this should work. So i would like to know how your extensions are done :)

  • Marie Luise

    Oh and i looooove the book cover!

  • Aminah Ahmad

    -well done for getting the book finished! :)

    -for your Lauren Conrad Beauty, could you do some things on how to tame long curly|frizzy hair without paying to much for something that actually works?

    Thanks :)

  • Charlotte Keelan

    Lauren I have two questions. The first one is that whenever I straighten my hair it stays frizzy and not a silky, smooth straight & it also curls back up very easily. Do you have any tips on how to make it sleek and smooth and stay straight? And also, what do you recommend for foundation that covers well but doesn’t ever look cakey? x

  • Elizabeth Podolak

    Hi Lauren! My question resolves around our skin!… Now that the Fall/Winter months are here, how can I continue to keep a summer glow? The past couple years I have been trying to stay away from the tanning beds knowing how damaging they can be to the skin, but I can’t find the right product that will allow me to maintain a summer glow year round. Do you know of any products or tricks that will help give you a NATURAL looking tan without actually tanning?!
    PS – I’m SO excited for the new books! :)

  • Joanna ryland

    Hi Lauren, Love the book cover, Congratulations on your continued success, It couldnt happen to a nicer person.. Things I would love to see included in your beauty book are as follows:

    Everyday styles & Evening styles for differnt length hair
    Products used for shampooing, conditioning, styling, masks, blowdrying tips, tips on how to grow your hair.
    The importance of sunscreen :)
    Organic products Vs scientific products
    Cleansers,toners,moisturisers – bests for diffent skin types , daily routine.
    Best lightweight day time foundation
    Best evening glam foundation
    Eyebrows- Different shapes for differnt face shapes, the best way to get the shape you want.
    Eye make up for day looks, beach looks, evening looks.
    Cheeks- Blush powders Vs creams, colours for diffent skin tones.
    Lips- Balms to Which are the best Red lipsticks, Coral lipsticks, Pinks each for differnt skin tones.
    Bathing products
    Best body scrub, tinted moisturisers, fake tan, body oils, body creams, favouite luxury products from budget to luxury.
    General beauty Tips
    How do you cover/ treat dark eye circles?
    Fragrances – day fragrancre/ evening fragrance/summer fragrance/winter fragrance.
    Hair Removal- Best tips for leg hair removal , face, body etc.
    Nails- Treatments used, colours, patterns to try out.

    Thanks Lauren,
    Much love, Joanna xxxx

  • Gabriela Mina

    I absolutely love this cover!!!!!

    I truely admire you and am so happy for you and your success. You are my inspiration. Thank you so much for what you do.



  • debora f

    lauren is great! but why not translate your books into Italian? would be great

  • Sabrinchen

    Will there also be a chapter about nutrition/exercising? That would be so great! Concerning this, I would love to know your favorite recipes as well as your workout plan for one week. And maybe a plan of what you eat on a usual day – you have always been very honest with your fans and I guess many of them would love to know how to live healthy like you! Also, did you have to struggle with your weight when you came to LA?

    Then I also want to know if you use a flat iron from time to time and if yes, which one?

    I am very excited and happy for you and can’t wait to see your new book! Have to add that I love the cover of “”Fame Game””!

  • Christine Falconi

    I absolutely love the cover! I am also very excited for the Beauty book!

    My questions would be more about how to take care of your face properly. I feel like I try all sorts of products and regimens. Do you have a specific skin care regimine? If so, what is it? :]

  • Morgan Rogers

    Congrats Lauren!

    I have two questions surrounding hair! 1. I am in the process of growing my hair out after I cut it really short- is there anything I can take to speed up the process? 2. What are some cute styles I can try with my hair while it is in the awkward growth stage? I am having trouble finding cute ways to wear my hair because it is too short to wear up, but long enough to look silly when its down!

  • candra womack

    I absolutely love the cover. My 2 questions are could you do something how to tame straight hair?

    Also, Will there be anything about exercising.

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    Oh my goodness! I am so excited for both of these! Especially the Beauty book because I need as much help as I can get! Thanks Lauren!

  • Holly Homes

    I cant wait for them to come out!!! Your Style book hasnt left my coffee table since I bought it!!!

  • eafs

    I love love love the book cover, and I’m totally getting both of the books when they’re released. Your books are just great!
    I would like to read about makeup-removing, ’cause to me that’s the tricky part of having makeup. My skin is really a mix between dry, sensitive and oily and it’s kind of a pain in the … to remove facial makeup. Would love it if you guys could put up some alternatives of simple, gentle and easy ways to get rid of your make up every night. Also I’d love some experimental eye makeup ideas for different styles for different occasions and maybe with inspiration for looks to wear for different seasons and feasts. How to match different colors in one eyemakeup, what lipcolors fits with what looks and so on.
    One more thing.. My hair is a complete mess, it’s really curly, frizzy and supertangled all the time. It drives me crazy that I can’t control what it looks like if I’m not having it in an updo. Is there a specific product I can use to make it more controllable and.. well even able to fix other than having it in a ponytail or braids? It takes hours to comb so therefore I never do it.. Pleeease help!

    You’re truly a great inspiration and I love that you want to share your and your colleagues knowledge and tips about things we mere mortals don’t know as much about. thank you!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Also, anything with highlighting and contouring/bronzing. The proper way to apply, what the best products to use are…powder or cream? The best cost affective products since many of us are on a budget. The best brushes to use to apply. Any info would be great!

  • Helene Sweetsome

    OMG Lauren, I’m soooo happy that you are writing some new books! Especially the beauty book because i’m a hugde fan from the style book and would like to know abou thoose things!

    The things you could include in your new beauty book is how to apply foundation quickly or more about mixing eyeshadows to make one beautiful piece! This and all you also could include some budget tips too save some money!

    kisses xx

  • Anna Kay

    Lauren- i absolutely love the book cover! I cannot wait to pre-order it! ❀

    As for beauty tips, I do have a couple surrounding make-up. The first is how to choose a great lipstick shade for your skin/ hair. I always feel like my lipstick shades could complement me better, but I don’t know how to choose a better color. The second question is if you could show us some different everyday makeup styles, using both neutral and colored eyes.

    I can’t wait to see it all. ❀

  • Chelcie Johnston


    I can not wait for both of these books. Your series is amazing and i read all 3 of them in 3 days. Just saying that these were very addicting but your beauty book will also be amazing im sure! I have acne prone skin and it is so hard to find the perfect skin care regimine. Also, what is the best type of make up for oily skin because my make up always comes off halfway through the day. Budget tips would be amazing because being a college student it is hard to be able to splurge on some of the more expensive brands.

    Thanks Lauren you truely are an amazing inspiration to young women

    -Chelcie J <3-

  • Holly Young

    Ahhhh so excited! My question for the beauty book is what are the best leave in conditioners or any other products that help boost your hair? Mines in in pretty bad condition from all the heat and dying it all the time. Thankyouu xo

  • BeeLips

    I couldn’t be more excited about your beauty book! Just make it as amazing as Style. :)

    I have a big beauty problem that has to do with my under-eye area. I have clearly detectable eye circles and I really don’t know how to hide them properly. Concealer doesn’t help too much, in fact it sometimes makes things worse. Do you have a solution to this everyday problem that I battle with? If so, please include some good tips in the book.

  • Anisa Mohammed

    I really do admire your healthy looking skin , I was wondering if there could be a feature on how to achieve that dewy healthy glow or make up tricks, usually by the time I put my powder on there’s a matte effect rather than a glow.

    I know you have done articles on drinking lots of water and using HA, but is there anything else that you would recommend

  • Stefania Vergara

    OMG!! I honestly cant be more excited about Lauren Conrad Beauty!!….Congratss!!

  • Maria Ayala

    I’m so excited for the lauren conrad beauty! but I’d like to know how to make my hair more softer and not so dry. but the ironic part is my hair is easily oily but that doesn’t seem to help with it being so dry and not soft. So, if you could help me with that, that would great!

    I want to know how to curl my hair in different curling styles. Like ringlets almost? people say use a 5inch curler but then people also say a straightener. So, I’m not sure which one to use or how to use it if it’s the straightener.

    Also, how to make my hair have more volume?

    I can’t wait for you new books to come out!!! I hope you have a book tour again(:

  • Jesslyn Du

    Hi Lauren!

    I’m really excited for this Beauty book and i can’t wait to get it but i know you don’t like using eyeshadow and you rarely wear it but can you give a few pointers and tutorials in the book and eyeshadow? It would be so great if you do!

    Thankyou xx

  • Kelly

    Yay!! I’ve been looking for a new book to look forward to reading! Can’t wait, and congrats!

  • Jenna Beef

    I am SO glad you’re pushing the skin care! Some people just won’t understand that, what you eat does, in fact, affect your skin! I know from personal experience.

  • Elina Peyda

    Wow, awesome! I look really forward to borrow it by the library! They just have to buy it!

    God for you! ^^

  • Jenna Beef

    I forgot to ask my question! I have crazy thick hair and, while others see that as a blessing, it’s difficult to find a conditioner that CONTINUOUSLY conditions until the next wash. The only product that worked well with my hair was the sulfate-free L’Oreal line, although I’m used to buying more expensive hair products. If there is something more appropriate for my hair type that you could suggest, that would be wonderful!

  • Lindsey Logan

    I am ALWAYS looking for easy to do, but cute hairstyles!

  • Desarae Benavides

    I am so excited about The Fame Game!!!! I have been waiting forever for the next book. Congrates Lauren on all of your success and for keeping us intrigued!!!!! LOVE YOU !!!!

  • ashley tucker

    What is a Great Mosturizer i can use frm day to night and Also for make-up so it can last.?

    And Also what is one good nude lipstick that’s great for all skin tones.?

    Thank You Lauren your amazing im excited for both of your books. :)

  • Katja Anni

    Love love love the book cover! So excitied about your new books! Can’t wait :)

  • rachael shepler

    so excited for both books!! will you put tips on the hair products you use? I’m dieing to have your long, shiny hair! can’t wait!!

  • Cynthia Fu

    OMG!!! I am freaking out right now! Two things to add to my wish list. Seriously can’t wait for them to come out! Love the cover by the way.

  • Nati Ruiz Olivera

    I am so excited about The Fame Game!!!! But I

  • Nati Ruiz Olivera

    I have a very oily hair and I don

  • Bethany Burriss

    SO excited for the new books

  • Elana Ross

    I have a question: I don’t really wear make-up, how can I wear concealer without looking over done/what is the most natual looking concealer?


  • Chloe Camilla Frey

    I cannot wait for your new book to come out! Love them!

  • Yke Wierda

    Nice cover! Love your book Style, can’t wait to buy both books!

  • Silvanchen Hofmeister

    Maybe you could write how your typical day starts? What do you eat all day and wich make-up do you wear .. things like that! Have a nice day .. Silvana from Germany

  • Muriel Burghard

    I can’t wait to read both of your new books! I really loved Style and I think Beauty is going to be as great as Style! I would like to know something about exercising. Like which exercises you do to keep your body toned, so we can do them too :). And I would like to know which make-up brushes are really necessary for my make-up.

    XOXO Muriel! have a lovely day!

    BTW the cover looks beautiful!

  • Lauren Simpson

    when will it be released in the UK?

  • Mariana E

    I’ve got a question, I’m a university student and I don’t really have much time to worry about fashion, hair and make up, well I can say I look a bit geek (without glasses though!) how do I look geek yet chic in a very short time?! ?! πŸ˜€

    thanks! p.s. love the cover ! :)

  • Camila Bovi

    Beauty Question: What do to leave the beautiful hair during pregnancy because you can not do any type of cosmetic procedure at this time?


  • LisaBee

    Two areas I would like addressed:

    Skin care, makeup tips for those with combo to very oily skin. Most mattifiers are not long lasting. Eyeshadows slip off and sting my eyes after a few hours. I do not like to wear heavy makeup or a lot of makeup because of this and yet I want a put together look.

    Hair styles – real hair styles for those with naturally curly to a strong wave hair — not just those with waves or fake waves created by perms and curlers. I would love to see styles and tips that would look great when I want to wear my hair curly and when I want to blow it out straight.

  • Thais M.

    Loved the cover! I love this mix of colors with black and hot pink!

    I am so proud, Lauren!!!

    I can’t wait to have this one in my hands!


  • Em Walker

    Burning issue that I would love a resolution for: blackheads! I get them everywhere, chin, forehead, nose, even my jaw. I’ve tried the strips and they’re OK, but they never seem to get rid of everything and they’re expensive to buy all the time when they don’t always work. I have also tried homemade scrubs with baking powder & olive oil, but again, they don’t get rid of the really deep down clogged pores. A product that really works (plenty claim to) or an at-home recipe would be fabulous! I want my skin to be close-up clear. Thanks!

  • Ashley Gravett

    Hey Lauren,

    I love your website and all of your books. I was wondering if you could have a section on your beauty book that has to do with travel..what to pack whats not worth packing..etc..what works in cold environments and hot ones..

    Cant wait to read the new book xcoxo

  • Amelia Rose

    The cover of the book is very attractive. It should bring in lots of new readers! I am loving it. <3

    Most celebrties and magazines tell us about beauty but expect us to drop a lot of cash for products. I would like to know what drug store products are worth dropping cash for instead. Not all of us can afford Mac or the other popular brands that celeberties use. Also, how much face product should we use daily? A lot of people go through a routine of 4 different products a day, and that is just to clean and mousturize. How much should we really be doing to our face?

    Thank you, and I can not wait to read both books.

  • Maura Lydon

    Love the book cover, and can’t wait to read it!

    I have a beauty question…what is the best way to style bangs without them looking pouffy?

  • ashlee michie


    sOoOoo excited!!!!!!!!!

  • Mcak

    First of all how do you get your hair so glossy? Do you do any special treatments like Brazillian blowouts? Also what anti aging skincare products do you recommend? And i would like to see any tips you have for applying makeup because yours always looks flawless!

  • Jennifer Orr

    The Style book was so helpful! I’d love to see something about natural beauty products vs. mainstream (and the damages they can cause).

    Thanks!! Looking forward to the books!

  • Jenn Phillips

    definiltely add some healthy recipes good for your body, skin, figure, and overall health :)

  • Eugenia Morgado

    also, it would be really nice to have a detailed skincare routine for all skin types =)

  • luuuucce

    homemade hair masques!!! x

  • Gisselle Gil

    It would be awesome to have a How-to section for ways to shrink pores. Also, best eyeliner application for small eyes, or generally best eye makeup for small eyes. Thanks!


  • mysuperidol

    I would LOVE it if you write a section about home-made maskes and your daily skincare routine!!

  • Caroline Db

    What are your High Street/Drugstore make-up favourites?

  • jessg

    i would like to know some info on hair extensions

  • Sarah Meatyard

    When will the Beauty book be out, will it be before christmas, if so it’s going straight to the top of my christmas list! <3

  • Sarah Meatyard

    manicure guides and nail deco/art ??xx

  • Alexandra Cole

    how to look after hair which is straightened alot and what to wear to a prom :)xxx

  • michelle cannizzaro

    I would love to learn how to do homemade facials and how to curl long hair; simple but tricky! :-)

  • Mariah Mohr

    major must haves for each season

  • Amanda McCarty

    Cant wait for the next book, I want to lnow How to shape nails and keep them looking healthy!!

  • Emily Brazeau


  • Emily Brazeau

    So excited, lauren!

  • Emily Brazeau


  • Leonnie Prangnell

    Hey lauren, i love your style book & i am so excited for your beauty book.

    Everytime i look at another girl & i see they have perfect skin i envy them, i dont reallyget spots however my skin tone is very un even and washed out. If i dont apply make up i look seriously ill. Even when i go on holiday i look funny because my whole body goes extremely dark brown and my face stays a drained pale colour.

    When i was a baby i was in hospital for along time with many ilnesses one of them which was yellow jaundice, im not too sure if this has had an effect on the colour tone of my face.

    Do you have any advice as to how i can even my skin tone out and maybe not look so ill without make up on?

    Even if you do not add this to your book i would really apreciate your help

    Thankyou xxx

  • Madison Stroud

    Do you have a date for when your beauty book will come out?

  • Kayla

    Your beauty book will be the next best thing of my life! I want to know more about how to do homemade facials to really cleanse the skin, and tricks on how to cover up blemishes better by evening out the tone, and basically make it look like there aren’t any blemishes to begin with.

  • Jimena Talamantes Legorreta

    congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley Blake

    Hi Lauren,

    You always look gorgeous, I would love to know what your daily skin care routine is and what products you think work best. Also, how do you keep your hair in such good condition and always looking so sleek and silky, as well as avoiding the frizz?

    One last question (not sure if it’s related to beauty) – any tips for wearing heels? Tips on how to avoid pain and always look fab would be great :)

    Thanks Lauren x

    Can’t wait to buy your new book! :)

  • cathryn gawthorpe

    when will the book be out??? by christmas i hope as I want it :)

    p.s what curlers do you use in your tutorials. i emailed and go no responses.

  • Katerina Kearley Last name

    2 beauty questions; What type of product is neccessary for different hairstyles? How do one find parfume when there is so many to choose from and one have never used any before?

  • Brooke Parker

    What?! I gotta get that book. Not only does it sound interesting but my real name is Madison Parker believe it or not :-) I just go by my middle name.

  • Anne Straub

    I loved reading the books. The Style-Book was and still is a big help. I can’t wait for the new books!

  • Taylor Andrews

    Dear Lauren Conrad.

    My Name is Taylor Andrews,

    I live in a small town called Nambucca Heads (Australia, NSW)

    I have just finished reading your book Style. I own every single dvd of the hills.

    When i was reading the book style as soon and i got to the make up tip and hair tips.

    I went straight to the Bathroom and tried doing my hair in a up style, Red Lips.

    I would really like to meet you or for you to come toAustralia.

    Please write back to me, or respond in someway.

    XO Taylor.

  • Shannon T

    Hi Lauren!!

    I am so excited for both books. I loved LA Candy and your book Style. I love the too so the Beauty book is something I am really looking forward too. Lately I have been wondering what the appropriate age to begin using anti-aging creams was? I’m only 21 but I’ve heard that you should begin using these creams in your 20s to prevent future aging. I dread the day I will get wrinkles and am trying to put it off as long as I can. I was also wondering if it is safe to take prenatal vitamins when your not pregnant in order to make your hair and nails grow? And if so, are there any you would recommend?

    Thank you!! I’m so excited for Beauty and to learn what happens to Madison!

    <3 Shannon

  • carena klerkx

    i like it that you gonna write a book again.


  • juju

    OMH yay i cant wait for this book to come out so excitied !!

  • Misskate88

    Congrats Lauren!!!!

    What I would really like to know in your book is how you make your waves perfect and how you keep them in for long periods of time. I’ve tried and i really have a hard time doing it. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Dess

    OMG!! i can’t wait for your new books!!!
    and i am dying to see them as movies or a show!

    i have soooo many questions but i just can’t think of one right now..
    like .. wtf?

    i do have a favour to ask:

    PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE COME TO AUSTRALIA!! i would be the first one in line to get my book signed in sydney.

    (: you are amazing. <3

  • Daria Rutkowska

    Hello Lauren. I’m so sorry, because in my country (Warsaw, Poland) doesn’t have your books. And I want to say that I adore you and I think you’re the prettiest women around the world, really. And your style’s awesome!

  • achait

    Hey Lauren!

    My name is Atlee and I have naturally really curly hair! I love it very much but I am always looking for different ways to wear it! Magazines and most books use wavy hair at the least or curled straight hair but natural curly hair has a mind of its own! I hope in your next book you can include some different ways to style natrually very curly hair!!!! I wuld love to be able to braid my hair and somehow make the braid be visible hahahah!

    Thank you!

  • Nikki Batchellor

    Hi Lauren,

    This is really exciting. Have you considered starting a magazine? With your style and great tips I think it would be a total success. Also, you could put book excerpts or stories in it. Despite the surge in digital and social media, women still love reading magazines.

    Something to consider!

  • Shelley Jarvis


    i would love to know what products are the best for your hair (and how you make it look sooo gorgeous all the time!) and some mini tutorials of simple yet classic and sexy hair do’s :) for example the faux bob and your boho waves :) and obviously your classic winged eyeliner look! i never know whether to put eyeliner on the bottom too! (nightmaaarreee) :)

    lots of love :)

  • Leanka Whatman

    YAY!!!! I cant wait to get the new books :) I love reading them and my style book goes everywhere with me. PLEASE could you do a book tour in Australia. It would be great to meet you :) xx

  • Brianna vanDuyvendyk

    I could not be more excited! My favourite novel series by far :)

    As for your beauty book, could you leave some tips on how to make/keep your hair looking healthy? that’s something I’m always aiming for, and yours always looks great!

    -Thank you!

  • Claire Coppersmith

    Congrats on the books! and my beauty question is: how do you get waves like yours and how do you get them to stay moveable?

  • Terance

    I adore your books Lauren <333 can not wait to read all about Madison ! Keep up the amazing work !!!!

  • Sian Rogers

    Wow I am so excited for this!! Please include a lot of how to take care of your hair and different hair styles.. your hair seems to grow so quickly and I’ve been trying to grow mine forever, but at one point it did flow down my back! That would be great, I’ve gotten every book you’ve published thus far and CANNOT wait for these two! :)

  • Olyvia Gaytan

    Hello! my name is Olyvia Gaytan and after cutting my hair im am trying to grow it out and i was wanting maybe some tips on other hair styles I feel like I can only wear it down and in a side messy bun so what are some other things you an do with short hair! that would be awesome!

  • Liv D.

    *********Please Read**************

    My youtube channel is all about beauty, makeup, hair, fashion and much more :)

    Please check it out, by clicking the link below! It would mean so much to me, and don’t be afraid to subscribe and comment on videos :)

    Also follow me on twitter :)


  • Jade Michelle Ghaleb

    I would like to know which make up products you use on your face, eyeliner, foundation, bronzer etc eyewear… your make up always looks fresh and and natural and i would love to know how you apply it and what brands you wear the most, etc…:)

    thank you <3

  • Emily Pohlman

    Do another book tour to Phoenix, Az and let us take pictures this timee<3

  • Mariah Elizabeth

    First off, I can’t wait!!!!! So excited. Secondly, please do another book tour and stop by NorCal :) Lastly, I would like to know the best tips for a nail biter. I am one (SIGH!) and I’m having difficulty breaking the habit. Any tips? I also have long hair and I’m tired of doing my hair the typical bun or pony or completely down, I need fast looks for school! Finally, I have a major problem with skirts. They don’t look right on me! I’m short and I have short legs as well. I find the cutest skirts but they make me look pugy and like the Pilsburry Dough Boy! I need help!! Thanks Lauren, xo.

  • bsully_87

    Hello LC.

    first of all, your amazing, and i love your clothes, books and everything you have created. its all amazing.

    My beauty question is what are some ways when you in a rush in the morning to style your hair in a quick, easy, fun way that is still stylish and trendy?

    Also, What make-up applying tips do you have?

    Thanks again for being so awesome!

    keep up the great work!

  • sophie carter

    Love your books, cant wait :)

    I’d like to see what skincare products you recommend, and what self tan and body products you use.

    Also, maybe diet tips, things that affect your skin, etc..

    Thanks <3 :)

  • Mina Mina


    My question is how to get rid of a shiny face. During the day I always have a shiny nose. I don’t want to use foundation or powder to cover my face. Could you recommend a product or something else?

    I also got frizzy/fuzzy hair. Don’t like to use products, because my hair will be very greazy *Yuk*. Any tips for frizzy/fuzzy hair?

    Thank you!!

  • Mina Mina


    My question is how to get rid of a shiny face. During the day I always have a shiny nose. I don’t want to use foundation or powder to cover my face. Could you recommend a product or something else?

    I also got frizzy/fuzzy hair. Don’t like to use products, because my hair will be very greazy *Yuk*. Any tips for frizzy/fuzzy hair?

    Thank you!!

  • Mina Mina

    How to make small eyes look bigger?

    How to get rid of dark armpits?

    The best low budget curl irons under $30?

    The best low budget flat irons under $30?

    Love to read your books! Thank you!

  • Mina Mina

    Best low budget Hair Blowers under $30?

  • april darensbourg

    i am sooooo excited for your new book! that will be added to my birthday wishlist, because my birthday is April 9th !!!!!!! love you lauren :))))))))

  • Madalyn Titus

    I seriously cannot wait until The Fame Game comes out!

  • Ally Aiello

    hi LC !

    First off i love everything that you have done ! i am huge fan ! i just one question that my friend and me are dieing to know.. please tell you are going to have another book signing ? we really want to have the chance to met you <3 so if your allowed to spill the beans please do it you can :)


  • Sunshine

    Hey Lauren!

    I’m so excited, can’t wait for your new books! I have all of your previous books, Style was a lifesaver for me as I was organizing my wardrobe.

    Your skin is beautiful, what skincare products do you use for it (face and body)?

  • Mishi

    Hey Lauren!

    I’m so excited, I can’t wait for your new books to come out. I can add them to my collection of your books.

    For the beauty book, my questions are: how do you keep your skin glowing all the time? Also what hair products would you recommend?

  • Carson K.

    Hi Lauren!

    COuld you do a part on step-by-step instructions on how to do a perfect salon manicure, also one on contouring tips. Also, one on sports and how to stay fit. To add to that, could you add badminton? i do it and my arms are perfectly toned. It’s fun and easy, too!

  • Janey Last name

    I am so excited for Fame Game! its being released on my birthday!!!

    Lauren – could you do instructions on the different ways to do liquid winged eyeliner?

  • Phoebe Watkins

    Ahhhh :) I can’t wait, but why can’t it be out for christmas :( that would be first on my list!!

    And I was wondering how do you do your really nice natural waves?


  • Sabine Joling

    I would love a subject on tanning. Products, ways and tips on a nice glow the whole year. You are a icon with your california tan, but I live in the Netherlands so not that much… I hope this can be a part of your new book!!!!


  • Deany

    I would love to see something in it.. like: “”how to transform into more ladylike”” (if you always were a tomboy & want to be more ladylike)

  • Chloe Riley

    Hey Lauren!

    I love love love the cover of The Fame Game. I cant wait to read it. I havent picked up ur beauty book yet. I might have to pick that up next time im in the book store

  • Allisyn Shindle

    I can’t wait for your new books Lauren! You always have great ideas. My question is, what are some secrets to getting your lipstick, gloss, stain, etc. to last? Sometimes all I need is a little pop of color, but it comes off so quickly. Also, do you have any tips for fake eye lashes? Which are the best to use, what’s the appropriate length, and how do you apply them easily? Thanks so much!

  • Faz

    woooooww! i love the front cover! cant wait to read it! : )

  • Faz

    could you put in the book how to do winged eyeliner as it is your signature look, but its quite hard!

  • Nicole Ginnis

    Lauren I am so excited for The Fame Game Release!!! I have read all of your other books and love them. More importantly, I can’t wait for the beauty book. I have a really hard time getting my hair to grow out and I want it to be long! I wear clip in extensions frequently but I feel like they are stopping my hair from growing :( Any suggestions?

  • Kimmy S

    OMG! Too excited about the Beauty book!

    Question: Any recs for shaping brows?

  • Nicole Lee

    how do you do your eye makeup? how do you get the bottom so dark and make them look bigger?

  • Joanna Motylek

    I would like to know which exactly conditioner and shampoo you are using to keep your hair helthy and long.

    ***I love Your Style**** You are awsome !!


  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    Hi Lauren!! :)

    Here are some questions from me for your book:

    1. What are some tips for reducing stray hairs/fly-aways when our hair is pulled up?

    2. What are some tips for reducing stray hairs/fly-aways when we have our hair down?

    3. Could you provide some different pictures/layouts for applying several colors/shades of eye shadow at once?

    4. What is your favorite eye makeup remover?

    5. What is your daily step-by-step skincare routine?

    6. How do you keep your hair looking so strong and healthy with the amount of straightening/curling/styling?

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    Also, what are your favorite brands/colors of nail polish? :)

  • Kara Branstetter

    How do you deal with cellulite? How do you get your skin to look so amazing?

  • Nadine Pattinson

    OMG I am so excited to read your new beauty book!! I loved the Lauren Conrad style book πŸ˜€ xxxxxxx

  • Maddie May

    I am so excited for yet another L.A Candy thrive ride. The first three books were good (although the second wasn’t my favorite-the third was) I’m am so excited for a fourth. I think Madison can be a snappy bitch but hey we all have our moments that’s why im excited that this book is on her, but I think Gabby should get her our book next. She kind of lives a secret life as well, alothough it has yet to be revealed. :) Keep up the good work Lauren!

  • Eve Buchanan

    hey lauren. so exciting about both books!

    in regards to your beauty book, i’m was a chronic acne sufferer in my younger teen years and now that i’m twenty, the acne itself is gone but the scars aren’t… maybe some remedies on acne scars, or just facial scars in general ? πŸ˜€

  • amr


    COuld you go thu a hand full of brands– Bobbi Brown, MAC, Estee Lauder, Laura Mericier, Lancome, NARS, CHanel, Makeup Forever, Mally Beauty, Tarte, etc, and do your “”favorites list”” so with each one say your fave products– blushes, eyeshadows, brushes, lips, etc. but with specific names!

    Can you do a section on EASY but pretty hair like loose waves, poneytails, braids, etc. And like alternative ways so like how to use hot rollers or something.

    Also tutorials of everyday/night looks– you could do a section of how to (maybe somme of these ideas with cute names: look like a bronze goddess, how to get a champagne glow, how to take on taupe, look better than a victorias secret model, purple eye shadows etc.. And again, when your doing these tuts. coul dyou please list the specific products you used.

    And also how to set/make a cute vanity with all your makeup. Like could you take a picture of your makeup collection and so we (either with large or small collections) can model our space like yours or other options– like classy, girly, modern techniquess and how to display and organize all your beauty products. Because i am runnign out of space and its driving me crazing and its not pretty!! Also could you use specifc names of furn, or storage used and how to do little feminine touches??

    Thanks so much Lauren!! I am so happy your doing a book on this. I wanna work in the cosmetics industry– with marketing and managing and stuff and go to FIT with their program. Thanks!! hope you read and take in these suggestionss!! :) have a great day !! your a great role model and beautfiul and my beauty iconn!!

  • Analaura Rivero

    Let me just start off by saying that I can’t wait for your books!!!! :DDDDD <33 Now my question is, for the Lauren Conrad Beauty,how do you do the braids on your hair? not the Goddess braids that you mention in your Lauren Conrad Style book..I can’t explain it but I’ll provide a picture (: I’ve tried && I can’t get it right ): please include this in your book <33 it would mean a lot :DD

  • Lauren Farrell

    Hey Lauren!!! i am counting down the days till I can get my hands on bothe of your new amazing books!! I ahve all your other books and I love them to pieces! I always refere to Style if im stuck on what to wear, what to pack or what to buy! My questions are: 1)HOW CAN I MAKE MY MAKEUP LAST ALL DAY?, 2) HOW CAN I KEEP MY EYEBROWS LOOKING NICE? 3) HOW CAN I STOP MY PORES GETTING BLOCKED? 4) HOW DO I KNOW WHICH SKIN TYPE I HAVE AND WHAT PRODUCTS SHOULD I USE FOR THAT CERTAIN TYPE OF SKIN? Lauren, you are so talented and one of my role-models, i admire your style, creativity and enthusiasum! you are so beautiful, and dont listen to anyone that says otherwise! I know that these books are going to be your best yet!

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Aline Iurk

    I loved the cover of The Fame Game is very cute. I have not had chance to read L.A. Candy series, because the book comes only in April in my city.

  • Lili Cui

    I am really excited for your new book!

    As I do not have much time in the morning, can you may provide tips for an easy hair styling which is quick and useable for the office? In addition to this: Any make-up tips against the heat in the summer (it is horrible when you are sweat with make-up on) but also for the winter?

    However, I would like to see more about a casual “”styling”” for the gym?!

    xo Lili

  • Katie Sturino

    I know this question might be a little late, but I am definitely on planning on getting your beauty book! Very excited.

    My question is what are your tips on hair and make up for going to the gym?

    Thank you!

  • Stacy H.Costello

    what should I do to make my hair grow longer…faster?

  • Megan Wattles

    What is a great foundation that has medium coverage, doens’t feel or look thick/cakey, but looks like a natural pretty glow, and doesn’t rub off onto clothes?

  • Claudia Perez

    hello lauren!

    I’ve noticed that you really like photography as well as creative and innovative pictures so I would like advices in your book like how to pose in the “”red carpet”” (to pose for pictures applied with your friends) as tricks for your pictures have more lighting … etc.

    thank you for being you! you are my inspiration

    xo from Spain


  • Jordan White

    Can you please include a little chapter for men. Dressing up for dates, nights out with friends, dinner with family, casual – for like college and just hanging out. xx

  • anettem96

    Love the cover, looks very cool!

    You definitely have to include all of your hairstyles in your book – I love yours. Maybe you could put pictures of some of your hairstyles over the past few years in the book and put instructions with them so that people can have great a great ‘do!

    Also, you can include a dating-chapter; how to look your best (but not overly dressed and in makeup) on a (first)date!!

  • Ally

    Hi Team Lauren,

    I have a skincare question that may be good to include in your beauty book. Do you switch your skin regimen from winter to summer? I know that LA doesn’t get as cold as places on the east coast, but wondered if you had any suggestions for us cold winter girls?


    Your cold East Coast girls =]

  • Stephanie Boeckmann

    Hi Lauren, One question I have been dying to figure out is how you make the new sock bun that everyone seems to be trending these days? Thank you! xXx

  • RTurnerxo

    Really looking forward to your beauty book! I’d really like to know how you can make your skin really glow and how to get whiter teeth, as well as how to do some funky up-dos :) xoxo

  • Elien Wouters

    What are your favorite beauty products and which is something essential in your beautykit that everyone needs to have? Is there really a big difference between designer products or non-designer(cheaper) products? THANKS xoxo

  • Ocean C.

    So buying the Lauren Conrad BEAUTY!

  • Chelsea White

    im so excited that i found this site and about your new beauty book. i read your style book once a month i love it. some things i wonder or have a hard time with is finding out the right skin care products for your 20s and soon 30s. also buying beauty products on a budget. is buying a pallet of eyeshadows better or just get them singles. how do you get that perfect eyeliner wing. what staple beauty products should or do you keep close.

    i cannot wait to get this book!!!!!!!

  • Monique Pereira

    PLEASE please pleasee have a bit about HOW TO MAKE YOUR HAIR GROW LONGER and stronger.

    i really want my hair super sexy and long (: pleasee

    i cant wait for the books, im having a LA Candy marathon during my upcoming holidays from uni (: yayy!


  • TiniAdoreGlam

    OMG, SO EXCITED!!! <3 Already have all of your books, but my favorite one of all is Style, so I can't wait for Beauty to come out!
    The question is: Which hairspray is best to prevent your hair of curling after you flat iron it??? Cause I have a problem when I iron my hair and go out on rainy day or on a day with high humidity, my hair starts to curl and I don’t even have curly hair… hate when that happens!:( Tnx.

  • Lauren Black

    Hi Lauren,

    I feel like I am constantly fighting my split ends! I never color my hair but I do use a hair dryer everyday. I have routine haircuts and I use leave-in conditioner and a heat protector spray and, to my dismay, they are still there! What can/should I do?

    Thanks! -Lauren

  • Emily Whiteford

    I would like to know how to keep your makeup from getting so oily. I hate how half way through the day I look a mirror from all the shine.

  • Emily Whiteford

    I would like to know how to keep your makeup from getting so oily. I hate how half way through the day I look a mirror from all the shine.

  • lelia

    must-have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love ur books lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steadydreamer

    What is the best treatment for damage-prone hair for a girl on a budget?

  • SusannaS

    Just got the Fame Game and really excited for the Beauty book (I will definetly buy it as soon as it comes out)!! It would be nice to have some sort of a short chapter/ list for ingridients to look for or to avoid in beauty products. And related to that subject: on which products should I spend on and where could i save. I often wonder on what products does it really matter if they’re high end or drugstore (if the high end ones really have better ingridients or if the drugstore ones have some ingridients that are bad for you etc). Love your style and the way you present yourself!

  • Lauren Dumas

    When does the beauty book come out?! I have extremely dry skin and sometimes get exzema break outs [extremely unfortunate] can you provide some DIY tips to keeping skin hydrated year round?!

  • danielle millar

    hi, my nails are weak, dry and soft they just peel and flake. I tried strengthers and didn’t do much to improve it and I use cuicle oil on nails but I think some improvement. Also if I catch the nail surface then it goes like powerdy like.

  • Shannon Cahalan

    My hair is long, straight, fine, thick, and perpetually limp. No matter what I do, I can’t get any volume at all. I’ve tried volumizing shampoos, but nothing works. What can I do to give some voume to some seriously volume-lacking hair?



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