DIY Halloween: The Carrie Bradshaw Costume


The first winner of my DIY Halloween Costume Guest Blogger Series is… Laura Pifer! Congrats Laura! I loved your Carrie Bradshaw costume tutorial. It’s spot-on and oh-so-chic. Thank you to everyone that entered the contest. I had a blast reviewing all of your entries. They were all fabulous and picking three was not an easy task. Needless to say, I think all of you will be pleased with the three winners I have selected…

Without further ado, here is Laura’s Carrie Bradshaw costume tutorial on how to make Carrie’s iconic Sex & the City tutu skirt. Enjoy!

XO Lauren

“People had reservations about the tutu in the opening sequence,” Sarah Jessica Parker told EW in 2003. But she and costume designer Patricia Field “stuck to [their] guns.” And so it was that even before her first scene, Carrie Bradshaw and her $5 vintage tulle skirt became an instant fashion classic. Fittingly, the tutu, from Parker’s personal collection, makes a cameo in the movie.”



  • liner, such as a vintage slip (you can easily recycle and use a vintage slip from any thrift store; 2$ is the most they should cost)
  • 3-6 yards of white tulle depending on the fullness you want
  • white satin ribbon (2 yards)
  • light pink tank (Old Navy has perfect ones for $5)
  • sewing machine (needle and thread)


1. Start by ironing even lines into the slip for the layers.


2. Roll out tulle and fold into an even tube (best way to cut tulle evenly).


3. Measure the layers from the slip. (I usually go about 3-4 inches below the lines.) The bottom should be shorter. Mine was about 6 inches.


4. Cut the tube of tulle in even strips according to measurements in the previous step.


5. Gather each cut tube of tulle into ruffles with a sewing machine.


6. Topstitch around each ironed line with the ruffled tulle. If you want more fullness, just add layers.


7. Attach the ribbon by topstitching along the waistline. Make sure you leave enough slack on the ribbon so you can tie the ribbon into a bow.


8. Add the pink tank…and you’re Carrie Bradshaw!



XO Laura

P.S. Be sure to check out Laura’s amazing blog Trash to Couture where she transforms old rags to beautifully crafted “couture” worthy pieces. And she sews everything herself. How’s that for talent? Thanks again Laura! XO Lauren

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  • Kimmy S

    LOVE this! Def have to give this a try. And she has a cool website too- wish I was that crafty : )

  • Anna James

    Love this. so cute. I’ve got a new post on my fashion blog where I’m wearing a skirt from your Kohls collection. check it out. xo

  • Mariah Richards

    Great Job Laura!!! Love it! You’re very talented. I visited your blog, it’s really neat!

  • Amanda Lehrke

    I love the outfit, it looks super cute but I don’t think it’s that great for a Halloween costume, I don’t think anyone would get it. Fabulous party dress though!

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    How glam! I’ll bookmark it to link up on my blog!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Elliot Taylor

    obsessed!!!! i love love love this idea! i have a wedding to go to in the summer and it will work perfectly, the wedding is a quirky one so it will be a hit :)

  • Efthymia Pavlopoulou

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job laura!!!!!!!!! It is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I just found my costume!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenn Socarras

    This is beautiful, very talented!! I would definitely use it for other occasions other than Halloween!

  • Jennifer Sellen

    omg this is such a cool idea… its so chic and looks easy to make. i’m gonna have to try this for a girl’s night out… that would be fun!!!

  • Shellz

    wow!! u’re awesome! i realllly like this!

  • Jacalyn Johnson-Alviza

    That’s awesome! Great idea!

  • Kellie Norton

    This is cute and a great idea but a little hard to accomplish, seeing as I don’t own a sewing machine ha! :-)

  • samah AS

    wow, great idea! and i absolutely looove laura’s blog it’s sooo helpful and filled with amazing ideas! xoxo

  • Gabriela Cruzat

    I think Laura’s dress is prettier than Carrie’s haha awesome!

  • Georgina Hernandez

    Love it!

  • tinamarie

    oohh, LOVE. i need some inspirations for Halloween!

  • Junko Ogawa

    Can I just DIE? This is too cute.

  • Anna Gorbacheva


  • Melissa Panici

    This is such a good idea! Great job!

  • Soo Kim

    yeah i agree with Kellie Norton. it would seem difficult to replicate without a sewing machine.

  • sweetdreamsxo

    Sooooo in love with her website!

  • Monica Cunha

    I love a ballerina skirt! But I love it even more in a nude tone and very fluffy!

  • Cecilia Brush

    i love it

  • Christian Girrl

    Hi Laura,

    Congrats!! What a lovely idea and a fab blog, I love your eye for redesign!

  • Lea Gabriel

    Amazing !
    I think I’m gonna try to do this skirt ! :)
    & you’re very talented Laura ! Congrats ! :)

  • Yvette Celaya

    Superrrr CUTE!!!!! Very talented and beautiful. =)

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Great idea. Love Carrie and anything Ballerina!

  • kyra westmaas

    oh my gosh I love it!

  • Kat Ellis

    I think its cute. But the directions are confusing! they seem over simplified. Like something is missing between steps or something….

  • carena klerkx


  • Susanna Hall

    This is defintely creative, I love it! I don’t have a sewing machine so I don’t think I could pull this off but it’s awesome!

  • Isa Reynoso

    the tutu is so adorable!! The whole Carrie Bradshaw look is very elegant and classy :) a great party costume, I must say :)

  • Laurie-Estelle Miquel

    I love Carrie Bradshaw

  • SUzannah, Adventures in Dressmaking blog

    That’s cute enough, I’d wear that for fun occasions other than Halloween!

  • Megan Chansler

    Finished my Carrie Bradshaw costume tonight!! pics to be posted after Halloween!! I used a very very light pink tulle with a light pink tank and white satin ribbon…I’ve definitely been “”Carried”” away this Halloween!!!

  • Barb Venema

    How are you finishing this? It isn’t elastic at the top….how do you get into the skirt? Are you leaving the side seam open?

  • Jennifer Shortridge

    This is cute but I don’t know how many would would know what you were at a costume party. I am sure there would be a lot of “”Are you a ballerina?”” comments.

  • Josephine Falcon

    This is a very cute Tutu, however I agree with Barb Venema, which I see no reply to it. How is the finishing? Clearly there has to be an opening since you are not using elastic nor a stretch material for the under layer. Also it looks like you cut the slip since there are thread edgings. It seems a bit confusing cause there seems to be steps missing especially for those who are first time sewers. I video with these step by step instructions would have been more informative. I will be making this skirt for my daughter. Will let you know how it comes out. The finishing would be helpful so I could know how to seal the finishing look.

    • Andrea

      Josephine, I have just realised some of the same frustrations as you but just found this tutorial on another site that might make it easier for both of us:

      I will be adjusting it slightly but think it answers your questions so hope it helps :-)

  • Andrea Thomas

    I just worked out the dimensions for my daughter but as you can’t get slips for kids I was going to make one using dress lining and inserting elastic for the waistband….but then I too realised that I top stitch the top layer of tulle it will be stitched onto the elastic but not stretch with it as she put it on! Any suggestions on how to get round this problem please?

  • Emily

    This was very misleading. The directions are extremely vague. This looks simple but it took us 15 hours to make two. Never become a teacher. We like the finished product (even though it looks nothing like the picture).

  • Lisette Jost

    I’m having a difficult time sewing the ribbon onto the top of the skirt. I used a slip that has elastic. Any tips on how to sew the ribbon on and keep it looking smooth?



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