Tuesday Ten: The Working Girl’s Style Staples


Topshop White Button Down, H&M Trousers, LC Lauren Conrad Platform Heels, Acne Angora Sweater, LC Lauren Conrad Open-Front Boyfriend Blazer, J.Crew Newsstand Tote, Paper Crown Renoir Blouse + Hudson Short, Elizabeth & James Quincey Blouse


Calling all working ladies! Get your 9 to 5 chic on with these ten style staples for fall…

  1. White Button Down Shirt.
  2. Black Pants.
  3. Black Pumps.
  4. Neutral Sweater.
  5. Simple Flats.
  6. Long Sleeve Silk Blouse.
  7. Basic Blazer.
  8. Black Tights.
  9. Black Tote Bag.
  10. Colored Silk Crepe Top.

They may seem basic, but these ten pieces are easy to wear in a variety of work environments. Whether you’re headed to the boardroom or your first internship–every working gal should have these go-to items on hand.

Share links to your favorite budget friendly office fashions in the comments below!

For more general office dressing tips, click here.

What’s your must-have style essential for work?

XO Lauren

P.S. My first Dress Coding blog about business formal work attire will be up next week!

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  • Finn

    i wear my black pants everyday usually with flats and a cute top :)

  • Alexandra Steinmetz

    I have found most of my silk work blouses at vintage shops for uder $15 each- it’s a great way to save money and stand out from co-workers a bit.

  • Casey Stanke

    Thanks, Lauren! I’m planning on shopping the LC collection at Kohl’s this week for my fall wardrobe :) I like the idea from @Finn too – simple and classic!

  • Catalina Solis

    Thank you so much Lauren! I

  • Amanda K.

    Love everything! Where can I purchase the flats? I have been searching everywhere!

  • Laurenda Dosenberry

    I also think a black pin skirt should be in a working girls wardrobe! I have and LOVE this one frome Express! I might buy it in red too! http://www.express.com/high-waist-banded-skirt-22416-366/control/show/3/index.pro

  • Melissa Panici

    I love all of those pieces! My must-have is all of my blazers (all of them from your line!) But this one I bought recently is my favorite! http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/lclaurenconrad/apparel/tops/PRD~913561/LC+Lauren+Conrad+Ruched+OpenFront+Boyfriend+Blazer.jsp


    They go so well with jeans and nice pants which I can wear either or to work. These are wonderful tips Lauren and I will have these items in mind when I shop in a couple of days! Thank you Lauren!!

  • Diana Mainieri

    Love everything, especially the blazer! About to buy it right now!!

  • Jessica Kutok

    you can find out my fashion craves at my blog:


  • tinamarie

    i love your basic platform heel from your kohls collection! they’re soo comfortable.

  • Michela Garau

    Thanks for your helpful advice. I’m working in a office and I love your choices… I don’t have these griffes in Italy, but I’ll try to copy the looks


  • Nikki mount

    Hey Lauren! I just wanted to say that I am loving your site! I just made the blueberry boy bait last week and brought it in for my co workers :) They loved it!!! Also I jsut read this post about work essentials and I am overjoyed to say that I just bought the boyfriend blazer in black last night! Im in loveeeeee! I never wore a blazer before. Now Im hooked. I love all of your clothes especially your kohls collection!! Your basically the only brand Ive been wearing now a days! I keep recomending this site to my friends as well! Keep up the great work! – Nikki.

  • Sofia Bazan

    OMG…love all your post….tx …xoxo Sofi..

  • valerie bastian

    love these ideas! I really like the idea of having work clothes that are “”simple”” and “”neutral””. thanks!

    maybe you can do a piece about what kinds of accessories are appropriate for a work environment?

  • Kellie Norton

    I love this post!! But I’d love to see a blog about tips for staying calm in an interview or what to expect and how to look your best :) I’ll be graduating in a few months and would love any advice I can get on what to expect before going into an interview!! Thanks Lauren!

  • Nicole

    Such a helpful post! Thanks Lauren.

  • Kimmy S

    THIS is awesome. Thank you, thank you! I love those flats and the jacket too… Buying the jacket now! xo

  • Jennifer Waddell

    Love it! Love having more ideas of things to wear to my office. Things that are comfortable, sutible for my office enviroment & in style for the season. So helpful. Thank you!

  • Vivian De La Cruz

    Good advice! and really simple.

  • Kristin Albrecht

    I go to school certain days in the morning before heading into the office. So, on those days to be practical (wearing heels at school seems rather ridiculous, I mean you are walking across a large campus) I wear black pants, tucked in button down in usually a white or a pink, and a pair of flats. Depending on how accessorized my outfit is I wear embellished flats, but if I am already wearing jewlery I will stick with a simply flat. However, if I am not in a flats mood for the office I always have a pair of heels in my car!

  • xoxostaceya

    where can we find those two toned flats or similar ones??? LOVE THEM!

  • Love these Clothes. Wish I could wear them at work. Sigh!

  • Glorietta88

    Lovely post!!!I’ll take your advice for my job’s outfits…thanks Lauren..:D

  • debora f

    I love this post!!!!this look is very beauty

  • BeeLips

    I Love the fact that you’re including some budget friendly pieces in your post like those H&M trousers.

  • Leesa Looshner Andersen

    I like all the staples, but the outfit on the girl doesn’t work, in my opinion.

  • PattyChung

    i like this post !

  • aneesa.o

    This is perfect for me as i have work experience for a week commencing the week of 26th sept. and I have no clue of what to wear! this helps as I’m going to work in an architect firm for a mini high school compulsory internship style thing

    amazing please do more LC as your amazing!!

  • diana seitanidou

    i love blazers and wear them all the time even though i dont work hah!

  • Renos Fy

    i like this post


  • Sol Sol

    loved the idea!!!! but i dont like how the girl is dressed up… shorts with black tights are not my fav… loved de neutral sweter!!!! i

  • Jennifer Sellen

    OMG i love these “”key”” pieces… i will defintiely keep my eye out for these when i go shopping. i especially love your boyfriend blazer at Kohl’s. can’t wait to buy it…

  • Maria Elgaard

    The flats on the above picture – where can one find these? I dont see them mentioned in the text below the picture… or maybe, I need glasses :-)

  • Amanda K.

    PLEASE tell us where to purchase the flats. I want

  • Y.A.L.

    Black pants, heels, blouse, and cardigan. I don’t dare wear flats to work because I’m 5’7 and I work with men who are 6’4 (if not taller)- but I’m sure my company is unusual in that sense. I’m really enjoying your work-related posts!

  • Kai Kumalae

    Could you do a post for those of us who are forced to wear strictly black to work?? Thanks

  • Erin Maree

    When I did work experience at a university (in the student support centre) I made sure to wear heels and dress up a bit more as I didn’t want to confused as a student (I am 18 almost 19) while running errands. Black pants are a must as is a black skirt as with these you can experiment with fun prints and trends while still looking professional. I am one of those girls who never switches bags so will use the same one until it wears out or I need a change. I currently have a black bag that is big enough to hold everything I could need (lunch, water bottle, make up,e-reader, phone, sunglasses and glasses, umbrella ect) but not to big or bulky so it can stashed in a draw or under a desk.
    Royal colours (blue, purple ect) are good for the office too, as they are classics.

  • massiel

    Hi! Where can I find flats that are posture friendly? I have a spinal injury and normal flats have began to hurt. Any suggestions on how to modify or where to look? Thank you!


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