Tuesday Ten: Let’s Get Crafty…

If you’re anything like me, you usually spend your lunch break mulling over brilliant crafty creations on Pinterest. All of which you think, “I will definitely make this some day.” Emphasis on “some day.” Well, ladies, the time to make those fun fall crafts is now! I’ve put together ten simple yet festive fall creations for you to try this week.ย Here we go…

1. Caramel Apples



2. Mini Pumpkin Vase


3. Leaf Wreath


4. Mini Glitter Pumpkins


5. Apple Cider Float


6. Fall Flower Arrangement


7. Pumpkin Candy Dish


8. Leaf-Bound Candle Holders


9. Autumn Potpourri


10. Pumpkin Votive


Which one are you going to try first?

I’m thinking the apple cider float sounds like a pretty good way to kick off the fall season…

XO Lauren

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  • Melissa Panici

    Awesome ideas Lauren! I am going to try the Pumpkin Candy Dish first! Can’t wait to do this and submit my photo to you!:)

  • Finn

    these are soo adorable!!! i def wanna try the pumpkin vase! thank uu xoxo

  • Iris Johnson

    The pumpkin vases and votive are adorable! I just stocked up on little decorative pumpkins at the market this weekend so I will definitely put those at the top of my list!

  • Kerensa de Jong

    I just adore the Leaf-Bound Candle Holder!

  • Erin Dennard

    I made the Glitter Pumpkins last year and I stored them in a box! they are still GORG!!!!!!! Can’t wait to try more things!!

  • lilybee

    These are so adorable! That apple cider float is genius. Small Kitchen College has some really good http://college.biggirlssmallkitchen.com/2011/08/pimp-my-root-beer-float.html“”>variations on root beer floats here, too.

  • Michela Garau

    I love the mini pumpkin vase

  • Amanda Lehrke

    These are freaking adorable ideas!!! Pumpkin vase…so cute…leaf candles…amazing! Maybe my work will let me decorate my desk with something!

  • Kristi Bucksbarg

    LOVE the glitter pumpkins! I plan on doing those for sure!



  • Kortney Spaeth

    This might be my favorite post yet. I plan on doing all of these.

  • Heather Kidd

    aw, this gets me in the mood for Fall! Love them all! Just bought some apple cider yesterday, so I can’t wait to try the float!

    also, made the sour cream apple pie from another post and it’s great!

  • Shellz

    mini pumpkin vase


  • Christine Rosko

    I love the mini pumpkin vase and mini glitter pumpkins. I’m going to try them this weekend~

  • Jennifer Olland

    I love that you included Little Miss Momma!!! I love her!! She has so much to offer on her blog!!

  • kimberlymaryb

    Lauren I love your blog, I have an icon on my iPad just for it :) thank you for showing me Pinterest I am addicted it is amazing!! I want to try all these fun decorative ideas. Question: when doing e ideas with the pumpkin how doyoukeep the pumpkin from rotting and smelling up your house ?!

  • Carly yeo

    I love the Leaf-Bound candle holders & the mini glitter pumpkins!

  • Erin

    These all look amazing! I can’t wait to try the glitter pumpkins and the pumpkin vase. Thanks for all of the ideas!

  • Georgina Hopkin

    I love those leaf-bound candle holders, they’re such beautiful colours!! :)

  • JoJo Beauty

    this post has given me some ideas

  • Marita Hambek

    Carmel Apple & Apple Cider Float!?! Yes, please!

  • Kristin Albrecht

    i love the mini pumpkin vase and the glitter pumpkins! how festive! those caramel apples and apple cider float look absolutely to die for! can’t wait to start trying these fun ideas out.

  • Lizzie

    I love the pumpkin vase and the pumpkin candy dish is a great idea for a Halloween party! Always sad when summer ends but these cute fall ideas help to ease the pain!

  • Kimmy S

    What fun ideas! I am going going to try the leaf-bound candle holders– I’m having the parents over this weekend. I’ll take a pic of the finished product to share over the weekend : ) Thanks, Lauren!

  • Abby Knuckles

    I love this idea!! I can’t wait to make the pumpkin vase!! So cute! :)

  • Binx

    i love the pintrest website!! definitely gonna be doing crafts this year!!

  • tinamarie

    too many to try, maybe the pumpkin glitters with the apple cider floats (:

  • Allison

    Wonderful ideas, I’m dying to try the float ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Shelaine Morrison

    I love the glitter pumpkins! I just did a blog on painting pumpkins take a look at my blog to see =)


  • Savannah Savage

    definitelyyyyyy the caramel apples

  • michelle woodstock

    I adore fall!

  • Betsy Borst

    LOVE LOVE LOVE “”thrifty decor chicks”” blog!!!! DOn’t know how you found it but THANKS!!

  • Kelsey Bird

    I’m going to try the candy dish!!! Oober cute….

  • Megan Babin

    these are all some awesome crafts….i love me some craftiness ideas…I am currently working on a crochet blanket, its actually gonna be christmas gifts this year, so i decided i better start on it soon. The one im working on my mom accidentally seen the other day and said it was gonna be beautiful when finished, little did she know, it was hers :)..always gotta make moms gift first to insure that it gets done…happy crafting ladies…

  • Di

    all so cute! love it *

  • Ashtyn Karachristos

    I would love to try the glitter pumpkins! They are soo cute!

  • Sarah Dam

    cute cute cute! I wish england was into halloween as much as you Americanos!! hehe


  • Sarah Thrifty Decor Chick

    Thanks so much for the mention! :)

  • Jennifer Sellen

    omg these are awesome craft ideas… i especially like all the pumpkin ones. i like pumpkins but they never last as long as i wish they would. any suggestions??

    and yes the apple cide float looks good. i’m thinking about making spice cupcakes with dark chocolate chunks and cream cheese frosting as the dessert for our family thanksgiving feast. of course this is all out of a box i don’t know how to do homemade recipes yet… anyone have any suggestions??

  • Stephanie Prior

    mmmmmm apple cider float!!! with a touch of cinnamon! lush :)

  • Kayla Brennan

    Everything is absolutely adorable! I love them all…thanks for sharing Lauren:-)!

  • Kelsey Spillers

    I cannot wait to try the mini glitter pumpkins!

  • Kiwi

    Lauren, these are THE BEST fall decorations I’ve seen so far! I am going to try them ALL! i love the ideas! Especially the candle holder, pumpkin full of leaves, and the GLITTER PUMPKINS!

  • paty ricaud

    the pumpkin candy dish! :) yum yum yum

  • Becca D

    I made mini caramel apples for a party last year, they were a huge hit because they are easy to make, eat, and they are a little sweet treat that won’t ruin your day of healty eating! I love this recipe, the peanut butter was a healthier swap for caramel, which I loved. However, a little caramel never hurt! Hope you love them too!


  • Maria Abbruscato

    I want to try the apple cider float!!!! Totally spiffy!

  • Alexx Bukovac

    I love the mini glitter pumpkins and the pumpkin vase. They are top of my list! :)

  • Vivian De La Cruz

    I really like the flower arrangement and the pumpkins:)

  • Susannah Williams

    mini pumpkin vase

  • Amber Cheney

    I love the fall flower arrangments!! I love this time of year for all the beautiful colors!!! ahhh so excited to try some of these!

  • Gina

    I am so going out and buying material for the leaf wreath! It looks super cute!

  • Emily Travis

    Do you make pins on pinterest, Lauren? I looked for you, but all I found were other people’s pins of photos of you!

  • Stephanie

    definitely the glitter pumpkins! so cute!

    also, i loved the paper flower gardlands, it’d be awesome if you could post a “”fall-esque”” one of similar flavour!

  • saffy bt

    i like them all,although i will make first the pumpkin votive @ the leafbount candle holder,so easy,simple but pretty to look.i like all the i dea.thanks Lauren.

  • Linda Huang

    Apple cider float sounds delicious!

    LC what’s your Pinterest??

  • Brittani Dunn

    Fall is definately my favorite season.. Can’t wait to decorate with pumpkins! These are all great ideas and I can’t wait to try them all out!!

  • Aja Doe

    Mmmm caramel apples :) I definitely want to try those and the apple cider floats, and the pumpkin candle.

  • cherry_07

    the pumpkin as a flower vase is sooo cute :)

  • Danielle Bibbs

    Those glittered pumkins are super cute and they look really easy! I think I might make those instead of trying to carve something this year!!

  • Maggie Morgan

    When you posted the costums up from Martha Steward.com, I was checking out the rest of her site and saw pumpkins with bling on them so this year I’m going to do something along the line of this:


  • mary1024

    Would love to try some of these nifty ideas!

  • Ness S.

    Absolutely love all of these ideas!

  • Renos Fy

    I just adore the Leaf-Bound Candle Holder!


  • Beth

    I love pumpkins so I think they’re just so cute! So I’ll just do all the pumpkin things!

  • Deb

    I’m planning on making a glitter pumpkin or two, and those cider floats look awesome!

  • Aminah Ahmad

    i love all of the halloween|autumn based things, can’t wait too try making some of them! it’s great that they’re so easy too make and you don’t have too spend loads on them, thanks for putting them up! :)

  • Amanda Ebersole

    i love anything pumpkin! thos glitter pumpkings are freekin adorable! i love the pumpkin vase too!!! :) such great ideas!

  • Kristen Hepler

    The mini pumpkin vase really caught my eye! Love the colors!

  • Kayla Vopat

    i love the little leaf candles… soo cute!

  • Ryann Waldman

    I love the glitter pumpkins! So cute and will add a homey fall feeling to any home!

  • Eunji Williams

    great ideas!! thank you!!

  • Bianca C

    I think these are so cute! Can’t wait to try them! :)

  • beatrice bazzoni

    The mini pumpkin vase is so cute!!

  • Katie Hamilton

    Definitely the Mini Pumpkin Vase!!

  • Dana Omari

    Definitely doing the pumpkin dish, vase, and leaf candle holders for my birthday decorations since my birthday is October 30th!

  • Melissa Panici

    Here is my candy dish I made!:) Hope you like it Lauren!


  • sarah bacchus

    loving the apple cider float and mini pumpkin vase.

  • Lexi Sarradet

    i adore fall, and you now have give me a ton more work/ideas to get cracking too xxo, lexi !!!

  • Nichole Marie

    I actually made my own mini pumpkin vase that I added my own little twist too. Can’t wait to do some more ideas that you posted to celebrate the season!

  • Laura Timmer

    I cannot wait to try out the mini glitter pumpkins! So cute!

  • Hana ElFallah

    the decor is simple and elegant and accents any part of the house

  • Susanna Hall

    I love all of these! I’m definitely going to try the pumpkin vase. Thanks for mentioning Pinterest as well, I hadn’t heard of it before this post and now I am totally “”pin-dicted!””

  • mask

    caramel apples ohh myyy.. they look amazing. Then the glitter pumpkin because i really dont feel like carving mine this year!

  • Tasha Brown

    gee the pumpkin candy dish is the cutest idea!!!

  • Amy

    i will try the glitter pumpkins!

  • Angela Domenico

    I love the candy dish!!

  • Kimberly Reed

    I made this rock garden with rocks and succulents on my patio!!

  • ashleyb38

    OhMyGosh those glitter pumpkins are going to look AMAZING in my room :)))

  • ashleyb38

    I love the idea of the glittery pumpkins so much! Can’t wait to try it! I also tried these and looove them!


  • Lauren Hardt

    Thank you so much for the craft idea. I threw a fall craft party for some girlfriends this weekend and they loved it! We made glittery pumpkins, fall wreaths, caramel apples, and oragami bats! Check out the pictures I posted in my fall craft party album for the results!!

  • Candice Meadows

    I love all of these ideas! It’s making me fall in love with Fall:)

  • michAlexandra

    I was looking for more inexpensive ideas on fall decor, all of these are super cute!


  • Ashley Owens

    I made a really cute Yarn Wreath for Fall! They are very easy to make and super cute! You can also add felt flowers :)

  • Jessica Griffin

    Makes me wish I lived in a state where there was color change!

  • Isa Reynoso

    apple cider float sounds great!! :)

  • Ewa Adamek

    I’m in love with the pumpkin candy dish. Simple, creative, and super cute.

  • Winnie

    thank you SO much for the glitter pumpkins idea! i found great stands for them at ikea. it was so easy to make them and inexpensive too! pumpkins at our local farmer’s market were only $1!

  • sydney drake

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the glitter pumpkins!!! think i’ll make some this weekend!

  • Fatima Lai


    The Apple Cider Float looks delicious…Great idea for our dinner this Thanksgiving Holiday!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks Lauren<3

  • mrsellieroop

    I absolutely love the “”caramel apple”” and the “”glitter pumpkin”” ideas! I’m definitely going to be trying that in the near future.. Most likely near Thanksgiving celebrations!

  • Zulaika Hernandez

    Mmm… I MUST make that apple cider float one of these days for dessert. Love that and the Leaf Wreath – especially the take on making it any shape. Round is so old fashioned. So simple!!

    My blog has the latest creation at our home tinyurl.com/HallowFun

  • Kate Noto

    I made a center piece with a cake dish with stones and a butterskoch sented candle in the middle. I still have some of the stones and I have a contaner of river rocks mixed togther and a leopard print paper bag. I was wondering if any one had ideas for these items.

  • Lisa G.

    the leaf candle votives are cute but they seem a bit flammable ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Alice Pasquini

    I am completely in love with


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